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New And Improved. Mostly

Busy day for me. I have to go do another bathroom repair, then I’ll be spending the rest of the day helping out an old friend who is temporarily house bound. Errr, not what I wanted to do today (must clean garage by Friday for the new door installation!), but what can you do? At least I’ll get some lunch and some free bowling out of it. Update: 10:40pm I just walked in the door. Nearly 9 hours for this errand, 225 miles driven, mostly at about 40mph. Oy yoy yoy. Never again!!

Here’s something I find interesting ... an old manufacturer brings out a new product which is a better made version of an existing product which itself is one of the improved versions of an old and nearly universal product with a number of known shortcomings. This latest version seems to be better and cheaper than other aftermarket versions, but is it really up to snuff with the official government issued, “you can’t get this at home” version? Time will tell.

Razor Core 5.56 From IMI

Only 78¢ each in lots of 1000


Not what I’d call a name chosen to endear the product with the hoplophobic public, but what the heck.

Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI) recently announced a new 5.56 NATO load called the Razor Core.  The load is designed to improve stopping power, accuracy and range when compared to standard NATO ball ammo.
...  the bullet is a 77 grain Sierra HPBT MatchKing.  Some are suggesting the Razor Core is a less expensive duplication of the MK 262 load from Black Hills.

For those in the know, a 70+ grain bullet in a 5.56 NATO ( aka .223 Remington, plus some freebore in the throat ) requires one of the newer, super fast twist barrels (1:7 - 1:8) to properly stabilize it. Given that, the longer, heavier 77gr bullet has a much better BC (.372) and SD (.219) which gives you far better long range performance. Accuracy is vastly increased compared to standard issue BALL ammo, with a dispersion barely 1/5 as much at 300 meters. No surprise there: this is the Sierra Matchking bullet with a cannelure added.

For those really in the know, Black Hills makes the MK262 Mod 1 ammo, which is a bit below full military spec, being around 100fps slower. But at much lower pressures, so I hear.

The point is, this is as close to genuine military sniper ammo as us regular folks can buy. And you can actually buy this one, $390 for 500 rounds.

[advertising blurb, emphasis theirs:] This is the EXACT new MK262 clone ammunition made to the DEMANDING specs for the IDF (Israel Defense Force). This ammunition is NOT seconds or surplus, IT IS THE REAL DEAL and it came off the exact line that produces the IDF ammunition. IMI has just introduced this fully checked, COMBAT tested round under the IMI “RAZOR CORE” brand name.

It features the world famous IMI brass case. This case is made to exacting IMI milspec and is checked for all dimensions before proceeding to the loading area. This brass has a case wall concentricity second to none which helps insure accuracy. The web is thick and the case is designed to be reloaded many times over.
It features the SIERRA 77gr HPBT MatchKing bullet with cannelure. BUT, the bullet is special loaded in the case with waterproof sealant like NOTHING ELSE on the market ANYWHERE. In addition to the tar seal, the final application of a clear sealant made by Loctite is applied to the OUTSIDE of the case mouth to insure a COMPLETE waterproof seal. This ammo is the very best you can buy.

The Black Hills product gives a muzzle velocity of about 2650fps in shorter barrels. Actual military issue MK262 gives a muzzle velocity of about 2750fps, barrel length unknown (and it makes a big difference!). Either way, this new cartridge loading is what’s called “making a silk purse from a sow’s ear” and creates a round with significantly better long range terminal ballistics.


ordnance gelatin test results show impressive performance


A variety of .224 bullets used by the military. The long orange one is the one in this loading

The downside, of course, is that such a long shanked bullet sits very deep in the case body in order to fit into the tiny 2.26” allowable length. Which means a lot less room for powder, which means lower velocity, which means a more arcing trajectory, which means shorter point blank range. Once again, the best solution would be to have a rifle that could handle 2.55” ammo, which would let the long bullet seat much further out. More powder space, more velocity, better everything. Oh heck, while we’re at it, let’s just dump the paltry 5.56 NATO and use an “Ackley” .22-250 parent case, which could easily push this “heavier” (original military 5.56 bullet weighed only 55gr) bullet another 1000fps faster, and turn it into a 700-800 meter monster. 


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politically correct? the BBC?  nah …. not them

There’s been much said lately about too many males on panel shows.  Where are the ladies it’s asked.
It never dawned on me that they were intentionally excluded. But to read and hear what some folks are saying, you could come away with that impression.
So far, nobody that I heard or read has asked anyone at the Beeb, not that I’m aware anyway, why that is.  Why so many guys?
So changes are now in the works to right a wrong that until now, nobody knew wrong was being done.
I don’t know where you folks might stand on the issue but, better to correct things now than wait 1200 years for an apology.
WTF am I talking about?
You will love this little digression.

In the year 793 .... the Vikings raided a tidal island off the coast of England, did what Vikings did back then and destroyed the abbey for good measure along with the people.
Well dear readers .... in 1993 a Norwegian bishop made a formal apology for the bloodshed which you can read should you visit. It’s on a plaque.
I’ve no idea if the good bishop actually thought anyone would hear his heart felt apology, but I guess it seemed a good idea at the time.


Well anyway ... back to the BBC where I started this thing. 

Just to show how non pc the BEEB is ... 
For 39 hours this weekend, BBC Radio 1 is banishing all male on air personalities (referred to here as presenters), in an effort to celebrate International Woman’s Day. 

From 7pm Fri. until 10 am Sunday, Radio1 will have only female hosts.  I guess it’s a nice idea. Doesn’t hurt anyone. Thing is, I didn’t even know it was Woman’s Day this weekend. Gee ... do I buy the wife a gift?  Say happy ladies day to a neighbor when I see her? 

Well then, in case I don’t see you on Saturday ...

Happy Woman’s Day


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bottoms up, to your health… as dictated by the state and the WHO

The cover of one morning paper.
The next drug war. The enemy is ...


And Dame Sally Davies, The country’s Medical honcho, shown here, is gonna lead the charge.


Speaking to the Health Select Committee yesterday, the Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies said that “sugar has become addictive” and that we have “normalised being overweight”. But is taxing the answer? If it really is addictive, surely it will just hit the consumer in the pocket, topping up the Treasury coffers in the process.

The food industry says that it has been working hard to reduce sugar in products – something which can’t really be disputed, even if much of it has been accidental. Manufacturers have long been raising prices while quietly shrinking the size of their chocolate bars. But, of course, this isn’t just about chocolate.

Sugary foods and drinks not only cause tooth decay, they contribute to your risk of diabetes and being overweight or obese.

So therein lies the answer. While causing financial pain may be a short-term answer, education provides a more sustainable solution. Do the two have to work in conjunction? The choices are out there – the incentive of living a longer, healthier life should be enough.

The above is an edited version of an editorial from a pink and liberal newspaper, which we do read. And why not?  Sometimes they have have a reasonably conservative voice here, or even a lib. who says something that strikes a logical chord.  Alright so not everyday. But once in awhile. Besides all that, someone here has to do the hard and dirty work. It often isn’t easy let me tell ya. Interesting as well, to read and see what they leave out of a story that I’ve just read in our more conservative paper.  Contrasts.

What I really hate about subjects like this is the nanny state of mind so prevelant everywhere.

The idea of a sugar tax isn’t the whole story. And it isn’t just the UK although Sally Davies, who is England’s chief medical officer, has said that sugar is addictive.  This story didn’t just appear today.  It continues but the anti sugar thing cropped up at least a week ago under the usual sky is falling health headlines.

Heaven forbid that a free people should be given information and then allow them to preceed as they want to. But no. Manufacturers are being bullied to alter and or lower the things that make the products taste so good, or else do away with them (sugar for a start) altogether.

The Government could be forced to bring in a tax on sugar to help combat growing levels of obesity, the Chief Medical Officer for England has warned.

Dame Sally Davies told the Health Select Committee she expected ongoing research to establish that sugar is addictive. And she said that being overweight had become “normalised” in the UK and feared that today’s children would live shorter lives than her parents’ generation.

Responding to Dame Sally’s remarks, a leading food industry body insisted sugar was not a cause of obesity - when eaten as part of a balanced diet - and said a tax would hit “the poorest families hardest”.

She was speaking ahead of an expected announcement by the World Health Organisation today that the recommended level of sugar in people’s diet be reduced dramatically. A well-placed source told The Independent that the current recommended figure of 10 per cent of total energy intake from “free sugars” - mainly refined and fruit sugars - would be cut in half to 5 per cent.

In September, sugar was described as “the most dangerous drug of the times” by Paul van der Velpen, head of Amsterdam’s health service.

Professor Terence Stephenson, chairman of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, which produced a report last year calling for a tax on sugary drinks, welcomed the idea of a more general tax.

“We would be entirely supportive of the principle,” he said.

And speaking of health, I found this.

Protein-rich diet ‘just as bad as smoking’, scientists claim

MUNICH, GERMANY - OKTOBERFEST This year some caterers offer vegetarian and vegan meals at the Oktoberfest. But as waiters told, most visitors keep ordering the traditionel meat-meals and only some the vegetarian-style. The Munich Oktoberfest, which this year will run from September 21 through October 6, is the world’s largest beer fest and draws millions of visitors.
Middle-aged people who eat diet rich in meat, eggs and dairy are four times more likely to die of cancer than someone who only eats a little, according to a new study

And yet, only late last year we read that eggs were off the killer list. Yeah really. We read (too late for me) that it was now okay to have two eggs at breakfast. Some yrs back we were told they were killers.  I’m all for some moderation, I just don’t care for the state or The World Health Org. (WHO) to do it for me. But no ... info isn’t good enough for these folks and so for my own good, they think a sugar tax that raises the price of food items they don’t want us to overuse, will work in much the same way it has on cigarette consumption.

As for sugar being addictive, for whom? How many?  I’m not addicted to it, hardly use it but not bacause of health. I use it on a few things and not at all on others. But because there are perhaps a number who are, the WHO and Miss Davies want more taxes.

And still with health ... here’s something to ponder.

30,000-year-old virus revived in Siberia – where it could signal return of smallpox
Virus that had lain dormant in permafrost, but has become infectious now thawed.
The cause scientists say, is .... Global Warming. They predict it will cause other more deadly strains to revive.

And there ya have it ppl.

Gorbal Warming in the news again.

?? I thought they’d given up on that and changed it to Climate Change.  Can never quite keep up to the tree huggers.


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Lost In History

Real Steampunk


a full scale recreation of the ship, on display in Barcelona

An 1864 double walled submarine made of olive wood and brass could dive 500 feet, stay under all day long, and was powered by a steam engine that ran underwater. The boiler was fired by a chemical reaction that gave off oxygen as a byproduct. Never designed for warfare, the Ictneo II was built to rescue coral divers. Unfortunately, no government or business was willing to spend the money, so the socialist utopian designer and builder Narcís Monturiol went broke and had to sell it for scrap. But it did exist, and made more than a dozen forays under the sea.

Despite it’s low-tech appearance, the Ictíneo was a marvel of sophisticated technology, decades ahead of its time. The vessel had a double hull - a spherical inner shell that resisted the water pressure, and an outer fish-like shell that protected the submarine and was used for steerage and hydrodynamics.

Between both hulls were four ballast tanks, controlled from within the cabin by valves letting in water or forcing in air. During driving, pitch was controlled by a weight which could be moved along a rail. This micromanagement of buoyancy allowed the Ictíneo to remain at extremely precise depths - a feat which other submarines at that time could not achieve.
Monturiol was a man who had safety in mind. Apart from the protective hull, weights could be dropped immediately to surface quickly in case of an emergency. The glass ports on the side, the top and the nose were designed enabling water pressure to push them inside the hull, rendering leaks virtually impossible.

The interior of the submarine was lit by a candle, using up precious oxygen although serving as an integral indicator when oxygen began to run low.  Monturiol demonstrated his submarine 59 times, without any adverse incident.
The Ictíneo II made almost 20 problem free demonstration drives. It could stay submerged for eight hours and plunge to a depth of 50 meters. Monturiol calculated that the maximum possible depth was 500 meters, but chose not to take the risk of diving to this depth.

The Ictíneo II was equipped with arms to retrieve objects from the sea floor. According to other sources, Monturiol regarded the submarine as a tool for exploring the underworld of the deep sea and as a passenger transportation device.


So it’s the real steampunk deal, at least as far as actual steam power and unusual Victorian Era construction methods and materials. But what about the punk? Turns out that Monturiol was a communist before communism was cool. Hell, he was a communist before communism even existed! How punk is that?

The life of Narcus Monturiol i Estarriol is as interesting as the submarine he built. In his youth, he was educated for the priesthood but preferred the study of medicine and science. Switching to the study of law, at 16 he was an advocate for worker rights and a radical promoter of political change. His associates were imprisoned or exiled while he somehow managed to avoid arrest. In his 30’s, Monturiol assisted in the rescue of a drowning coral diver, an event that brought to his attention the dangers of coral sea mining.  Monturiol designed the Ictineo to make the mining of sea coral safe for the worker. In test runs the Ictineo II was able to dive as far as 90 feet below sea level and spend as long as 7 ½ hours below water. Tragically, debt forced the scrapping of the Ictineo II before it ever saved any lives.

Occupy Barcelona dude! Fight the One Percent! Support the exploited masses! Social justice!!


Eye Sea you! As water pressure increased with depth, the portholes pushed harder into their sockets and actually sealed better. Guess those old barrel makers knew what the were doing!

another page on the nearly forgotten inventor and his subs


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calendar   Tuesday - March 04, 2014

So Cold, Everywhere

Niagra Fall freezes over. Again.

Barely above freezing in NOLA for Mardi Gras. Guess those beads will be ice cubes on strings!

130 year old record for cold broken in Iowa.

More cold records broken in Atlantic City NJ and Wilmington DE.

Great Lakes approaching record levels of ice; Lake Michigan is 90% covered after refreeze.

Washington DC breaks 141 year old cold record.

This almost makes me feel better, since it’s merely in the mid 20s here today. Practically a heat wave.


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just what you’d expect in a loopy world

H/T Littlejohn at the Daily Mail

What’s the Romanian for whisky galore?

Regular readers may remember that I have always imagined there is a secret department somewhere in Whitehall dedicated exclusively to giving me something to write about.

How else do you explain the following two stories? A DHL warehouse in Swindon has installed hole-in-the-ground squat toilets because Eastern Europeans don’t know how to use conventional British lavatories.

Despite signs showing the right and wrong ways to use the loo, foreign staff insisted on standing on the seats and making the most appalling mess.

This little gem comes hot on the heels of news about a Romanian who walked free after being convicted of stealing 54 bottles of whisky from a supermarket in Barrow.

Simon Calin, 37, had been in Britain just seven days when he was caught outside Tesco pushing a trolley loaded with Famous Grouse, worth more than $1600.00. Furness magistrates gave him an eight-week, night-time curfew and ordered him to pay $141.00 costs.

The court was told he couldn’t be sentenced to community service because he had a poor command of English and therefore wasn’t able to read the health and safety instructions.

You couldn’t make it up.

MORE from Littlejohn

Still no word from the Old Bill (Police) on my identity fraud case, which I told you about a couple of weeks ago.

This confirms my initial suspicions that I wouldn’t hear from them because I refused to fill in their impertinent online ‘diversity’ survey.

Obviously, I don’t fit into one of their preferred client groups. If I’d told them I was a Transylvanian transvestite, they’d have scrambled a helicopter.

You can’t even apply for a resident’s parking permit without being expected to complete a multiple-choice interrogation about everything from your ethnicity to your sexuality.

Try getting planning permission for a kitchen extension and the council will ask whether you’re still the same gender as when you were born.

This is a direct consequence of Labour’s ludicrous 2010 Equality Act, which carves up the population into more categories than existed in apartheid South Africa. Since the zealous architect of this legislation was Harriet Harman, I’m astonished there’s not a box for paedophiles to tick.

You won’t get a job in the public sector unless you agree to lay bare the most intimate details of your private life.

This madness is even infecting the security services, which are forced to comply with all the latest ‘diversity’ diktats. MI6 has just published a recruitment advert, drawn up in conjunction with the gay rights pressure group Stonewall.

I don’t know why this was necessary, since a quick look down the list of traitors and defectors over the years would convince you that it was virtually compulsory to be homosexual before you could become a spy.

It’s not just race and sexuality, either. The second question in the selection process asks if you are prepared to protect your country ‘by any means possible’.

Answer ‘yes’ and the interview will come to an abrupt halt. That’s not what they want to hear. I’d have thought a willingness to protect your country by any means possible was part of the job description.

I wonder if the range of sexual predilections on the application form extends to ‘claustrophiliacs’, which is the official term for people who get their jollies from being held in confined spaces.

You may recall that this was one explanation put forward at the inquest into the death of an MI6 agent who was discovered zipped up in a sports bag a couple of years ago.

Although this particular perversion came as something of a revelation to most of us, there was probably a Claustrophiliacs Liberation Front affiliated to the NCCL back in the Seventies.

Still, I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the next round of MI6 recruitment interviews. It could go something like this:

Do come in. You can leave your bag over there. Name?

Bond. James Bond.

Bond will suffice. Your gender doesn’t matter to MI6. Unless, of course, you’re a transsexual. You’re not, are you?

No, madam.

That’s a pity. We’re currently fast-tracking transsexuals, who are shamefully under-represented in the Special Intelligence Service.

I don’t mind dressing up, madam. I was assuming disguise would be part of the job.

That won’t be necessary. And you can call me ‘M’.

Certainly, madam.

Less of the ‘madam’. We have dispensed with sexist nomenclature. But before we proceed, would you mind explaining why you are late for this interview. We may not care about your sexuality, but we put great store on punctuality.

Sorry, mad, er, I mean M. I couldn’t find a parking space.

But there are dozens of disabled parking bays outside.

I’m not disabled.

Oh, dear. We were rather hoping you would be.

And I drive an Aston Martin.

That’ll have to go if your application is successful. All our agents are issued with Boris bikes.

So no DB5, with machine guns and an ejector seat, then?

Certainly not. You do know there’s more to MI6 than fast cars and guns, don’t you?

Yes, indeed, M. But I do get a gun? A Walther PPK is standard issue, or so I believe.

A Taser, actually. But it is only to be used on sheep, not enemy agents or international terrorists.

Why not?

Health and safety. We can’t afford the compensation claims, not after what we’ve had to shell out to the Guantanamo Bay mob. Would you like a Fair Trade coffee?

I’d rather have a vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred.

We operate a strictly ‘no alcohol’ policy, both on and off the premises. All our agents are subject to random substance abuse tests.

The perks do include five-star hotels, though?

I’m afraid not, Bond. There is a small overnight allowance, but luxury hotel suites are not allowed under our current austerity programme.

What about first class air travel, private helicopters, that sort of thing?

Not any more. We are committed to cutting our carbon footprint to combat global warming. And you can put out that e-cigarette.

Link for the rest, it’s worth it. Too bad things really seem to be going this way.



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Obama economy



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Tuesday Eye Candy


I love redheads. 


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you can not make that joke and survive politically. but the police ??

So a non pc conservative bites the dust over a very funny gag.

Is there anything for me to add?

Yes.  Sadly it has come to this.  In a politically correct world, we are no longer allowed to lampoon the ridiculous. Or even the not so if they are members of a protected group.  Which doesn’t include Christians but then, you already knew that.
AND ....  many among the protected special groups VOTE! 

Bottom line.

Conservatives are in the same boat with libs, licking boots for votes and approval.  And for gosh sake, why would the police be involved in any way?
Welcome to the 14th year of the 21 century.

Enjoy the image folks.


Chris Joannides, councillor for Enfield, expelled from party for 12 months
He is also no longer endorsed as a candidate for May’s local elections
He shared an image on Facebook of a woman and child dressed in burkas
Caption on image compared the child to bin bags

By James Rush

A Tory councillor who shared an image on Facebook comparing Muslim children wearing burkas to bin bags has been kicked out of the party.

Chris Joannides, a councillor for Enfield, in north London, has been expelled from the party for 12 months and is no longer endorsed as a candidate for May’s local elections.

Mr Joannides had the whip for the Enfield Conservative Group suspended last year after he shared an image on the social networking site of a woman and child dressed in burkas standing next to two bin bags.

The image included a caption which read: ‘I saw her standing there and I told her she had three beautiful children. She didn’t have to get all p***ed off and threaten me. It was an honest mistake!’

At the time it was also reported he messaged friends during meetings with his constituents asking for updates on football scores and complaining about missing his favourite television programmes.

Mr Joannides, who is of Greek-Cypriot heritage, insisted he took his duties seriously despite the ‘blokeish banter’ written on his Facebook page and denied being Islamophobic.

A Conservative Party spokesman has now told MailOnline: ‘Cllr Chris Joannides is not endorsed as a Conservative Party Candidate in the forthcoming local government elections in the London Borough of Enfield in May 2014.  No Appeal is permitted under Party Rules.

He said he had been investigated and cleared by the local association and the police.

He said: ‘I was reselected to stand in May by the local branch. Then I got an email from Conservative Central Office at the 11th hour telling me they were suspending my membership for 12 months, effectively barring me from standing.

‘The rug has been pulled away from me.’



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calendar   Monday - March 03, 2014


Treated my sisters to lunch today. Baby sis is in from Colorado so we don’t do this often.


From left to riight: Baby sis Rachel, middle child Michelle, and then Christopher, who is busy undressing our cute waitress with his eyes.


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Jersey Girl




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going viral



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if it isn’t april first, then this will be the dumbest thing you will read all year.

Well now ... when I said insanity in a post earlier today ... I did not have this in mind. First, who could possibly imagine this bit of total loony tunes?
I had not yet seen this one or I might have posted it first. Better late than never.

OK wait a minute.

Either this is a very early April 1st send up, or the tea at the kop shop has something illegal in it. Come on. This just can not be real.

Or .... can it?

Police ask the public to identify knife-wielding robber using THIS picture where his face is completely hidden then say they can’t call him a suspect because it would breach his HUMAN RIGHTS


· Dorset Police say naming man as suspect could impede ‘right to a fair trial’
· The man is shown on CCTV gripping a knife in bookies that was robbed
· Dorset residents poke fun at local force’s bizarre appeal

By Martin Robinson

With his face covered by a makeshift balaclava and a knife gripped in his right hand during a robbery at a bookmakers, it is probably safe to say this man is up to no good.

CCTV footage also shows him threatening a cashier at Ladbrokes in the east Dorset village of West Moors before making off with cash from the till.

But today the county’s over-cautious force refused to call him a suspect in the violent crime, in case it breaches his human rights.

And detectives have appealed for the public to help identify him - even though his face is impossible to see - and even hope he might come forward himself.

A force spokesman maintained today the man in the photos is not necessarily the robber, just ‘someone we want to talk to’ in connection with the attack.

This is because Dorset Police believe calling him a wanted man could impact on his ‘right to a fair trial’, and they say they would treat any person potentially involved in a crime in the same way.

They have also failed to issue a description of the robber, leaving out key details such as his height, build and accent.

Members of the public who are being asked to help name the offender took to internet message boards to poke fun at the appeal.

One wrote: ‘This has to be a wind up. Not sure what’s more laughable, the detective asking the man to contact him - errr do you really think that’s likely? - or the CCTV image showing a man with his face completely obscured from view?’

Detective Constable James Lee, the investigating officer, said: ‘I am now able to release CCTV images of the man I wish to speak with.

‘I urge the man pictured - and anyone who recognises him - to contact me, in confidence, as soon as possible.

‘I also would like to hear from anyone who saw this man enter or leave the premises around the time of the incident.’

When asked about the fact that the suspect’s face is hidden, a force spokesman said: ‘We are looking for people to identify the man, not just his face.

‘We are not suggesting the man in the pictures is the suspect, just someone we want to talk to.’

The spokesman confirmed that no arrests have been made in connection to the raid.



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Weather Forecast: Flip A Coin

Here we go again. Or maybe not.


I thought this latest storm pretty much missed us yesterday, dropping barely half an inch of fluff to freshen up our ever-lasting snow cover.  Guess I was wrong; I just saw the plow trucks out salting like mad, and the local forecast is for perhaps half a foot. Or not. Depends where you look. One local forecast is also for nothing at all, but lots more really numbing cold. Low teens, falling into the single digits. And staying there for at least a couple of days. As if we’re in a heat wave right now, baking away in a blistering 17°F.

Spring? Yeah, that’s those round things in mattresses right? Only kind of spring I know about around here anymore. Crivens.

Up to foot of snow is expected to fall in parts of the mid-Atlantic Monday as a massive mid-winter storm canceled flights and gave a snow day to schoolchildren and federal workers alike.

Snow began falling in the nation’s capital early Monday, and officials warned people to stay off treacherous, icy roads — a refrain that has become familiar to residents in the Midwest, East and even Deep South this year.

The latest frigid blow of the harsh winter threatened as much as 10 inches of snow by the end of the day in Washington, Baltimore and elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic region. Up to 6 inches of snow was predicted to the north in Philadelphia, while nearly a foot of snow was expected in parts of New Jersey.

“We’re tired of it. We’re sick of it,” said Martin Peace, a web developer from the Washington suburb of Arlington, Va.

Snow headed to Hunterdon but south Jersey may get more

A significant winter storm will affect the region starting Sunday afternoon, but how much snow Hunterdon ends up with is still up in the air.

The latest weather forecasts suggest that the southern section of New Jersey and the Philadelphia area could have more on the ground when the storm is over Monday night.

Whether this change in the forecast guidance “is the start of a trend or a one-time change remains to be seen,” the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly said in its 4 p.m. Saturday storm briefing.

Its latest forecasts say parts of south Jersey could see as much as 10 to 14 inches of snow, while the Hunterdon region might escape with no more than 6 to 8. But those numbers are all subject to change as the storm develops and moves closer.

The most snow is expected “where the heaviest snow band sets up” but the location is almost impossible to forecast.

The storm has already made a nice mess down south and southwest in the Appalachian states. Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio ... a regular festival of yuck.

If I ever get my hands on that damn groundhog ...


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/03/2014 at 09:05 AM   
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