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calendar   Saturday - March 15, 2014

Hi Jack

Malaysian Official: ‘It Is Conclusive’ Someone Hijacked Missing Jet link

Missing flight’s communications systems ‘disabled’ link

Malaysia Airlines Jet Made ‘Tactical Aviation Maneuvers’: Law Enforcement Officials link

Satellite data shows hijacked MH370 was last seen flying towards Pakistan OR Indian Ocean as investigators search pilots’ luxury homes and reveal one had home-made flight simulator link

There ya go. Not like you need to read the stories or even follow the links. And that radar stuff all the talking heads are going on about? ...


... while they tell you that the military radar at that targeted point is in geosynchronous orbit at 35,800km altitude, it turns out that that exact point in the middle of the Indian Ocean is Diego Garcia. The bat cave. The remote island air base in the middle of salt water nowhere. The place we keep all the B-52s and stealth bombers and stuff. Purest coincidence, I’m sure. Or, maybe not.

All of which feeds my other thesis, my secret hope that those in charge (smarter, better, sneakier people than I) have been aware of where this plane went from the time it was going there, and all this other crap is simply kabuki theater for the sheeple to consume.  Which begs the question, is the Malaysian PM, with all his foot dragging, obfuscation, and denials, one of us or one of them?  And the other question going begging: What is Obama going to do? (with or without China or Malaysia alongside).


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Road Rage

Offensive Driving

Coming home tonight I was behind a car from Washington, DC.  Once in a great while here in the wilds of western NJ I see a diplomatic plate, usually on a limo out on the highway. Sometimes I see a plain vanilla “U.S. Government” plate on some fleet sedan or van. Seeing a regular car registered to a regular person who actually lives in DC is a pretty rare thing up here.

And you know how every state has their little slogan or catchphrase down on the bottom of the plate? Like, Maine’s plate says “the vacation state”; New York’s “Empire State”, Illinois’ “Land of Lincoln” and so on. You know what it says on the DC plate? “Taxation Without Representation”.


Son of a bitch. Instant Road Rage on my part. You hypocritical little cockroach fart. Effin’ victimhood mentality so deeply entrenched it’s even on the friggin’ license plates.

Fuggem. Widda stick.

Hey, I know, let’s jerrymander DC. Draw some lines on the map, and give this slice to Virginia, that slice to Maryland. No backs no takes! And to hell with inside or outside the “beltway”: let’s redefine the concept of Washington DC down to the thinnest of penumbras around a 5 block area where the official permanent government buildings and monuments actually are. And then, maybe for “national security” reasons, we drop a billion or two and buy up every last project tower and ghetto home within a quarter mile of that Official DC Area, and tear them down. Pave it over, put in a parking lot. Naturally, any quality homes owned by whites or other rich people that matter get a bye for “historic reasons”. So we spare the better parts of Georgetown if they’re too close. But doing these three things would cut the actual population of Washington, DC down to a couple hundred. Maybe less. Better to just draw “citizenship lines” on the map so nobody actually lives there. Give the vast majority of governing the land away to the States, redefine the borders down to diddly-doo, then plow under a security zone around the official government area.

And then knock this bullshit off forever. No votes, no mayor, no police force, no electoral vote, no congressweasels. Because anyone who lives in the area is actually a resident of either Virginia or Maryland. DC is not a state. DC is not a protectorate. DC is not a commonwealth. DC is a shit heap, and DC should STFU.

No one was ever actually supposed to live there to being with. That’s why they put the place in a malarial swamp. Because the idea was, that the weather there in the summer is so oppressive, and the concept of limited government was so strong, that having the assembled government in the capital city was only going to be a part time thing anyway. And then for four months of the year everyone would go home to the real world.

I got over my being offended a quarter mile down the road, when I saw the local plod had somebody pulled over for DWB. You can always tell ... white guy gets pulled over, 1 cop. Black folks get pulled over, the whole damn police force shows up. With video cameras. And they were strip searching that minivan too, pulling out the seats and tearing off the door panels. Guess somebody didn’t pass the sniff test. Mr. DC, just ahead of me in traffic, took a quick right into the Sonic Burger parking lot before we got to the po-po scene. Uh. Huh. Must have been real hungry. That’s it. Riiiight.


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I’ve kept silent until now

My Very Own Conspiracy Theory ... shared by thousands of others I’m sure

But I have been watching the developing situation all week long with   Oceanic Air Flight 815   Malaysian Air Flight MH370. Everybody has a thesis; here is mine.

I’m very saddened to say that it now looks like my immediate reaction was right: Al Qaeda did it.

It was an inside job, but not really as complicated as you might think. The airplane took off from a strongly Islamic area, one with their own local crop of violent jihadis. Who had publicly stated they wanted to steal a jetliner.

One of those active Indonesian splinter groups, Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid, is led by radical cleric Abu Bakar Baasyir, the longtime spiritual head of Jemaah Islamiyah.
Jemaah Islamiyah was working with Osama bin-Laden to launch a coordinated strike on 9/11/01 that would hijack and crash planes at the same time as the attacks on the U.S. The Gitmo document says bin Laden found this too difficult to synchronize so he dropped the southeast Asian part of the plan; operatives involved had been mapping out locations of U.S. carriers in the area and staying in Kuala Lumpur during parts of the plotting.

As far back as 1995, Hambali planned to bomb 11 U.S. airliners in southeast Asia. He also explored biological weapons programs and met with current al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri about bioweapons in Kandahar in 2001.

In 2006, Zawahiri released a video announcing that Jemaah Islamiyah and al-Qaeda were, from that point forward, “one line” as strategic and ideological partners facing a mutual enemy.

So, not just local terrorists, but local terrorists directly connected to AQ and OBL, who were actually extras for 9/11. Wonderful.

I’ve watched as the news media has gone on for days, for a solid week now, about the missing airliner, from upset passengers, to prayer vigils, to searches at sea, widening search patterns, false hopes shattered over some low res satellite data about some flotsam in the South China Sea ... all that hopey hope stuff, which is all good. But from the very first day the other story has also been out there, the one that said a large plane was spotted on military radar over far western Malaysia, Pulau Perak island ... and tracked heading westward. Oh no, couldn’t possibly be that. No, not even when the locals there reported a giant airplane flying by at low altitude. All sorts of talking heads on the far side of the world cast doubts on that story. Couldn’t be, let’s go search along the planned flightpath some more.

And then odd little bits of information started to slip out.

* That this long range jet seemed to have enough fuel on board to fly for another 2500 miles. No, for 4 hours. 5. 5 1/2. 7 1/2. All the way to Pakistan. Or Mongolia. Or maybe Somalia. Or Paris?? Granted, this airliner has crazy long range, being capable of flying more than halfway around the planet on a full load of jet fuel. In fact, it’s range is so insanely long, that the flight they sent it on, Malaysia to Beijing, seems almost like a short hop. But while any of us can run out to Wiki, run a calculator, or even plot global distances from a given point, there did seem to be a whole lot of confusion over just how much fuel was on the plane ... without anyone in the media ever saying that directly. Oh no, we just got a series of changing estimates, as this one or that one guessed how far Flight 370 could have gone. Wanna really know? With full tanks, Flight 370 could have landed at O’hare airport in Chicago IL. That’s the real range of this thing.

* Passenger cell phones somehow remained on, but unanswered, for hours after the plane “vanished” at the hand off point between Malaysian and Vietnamese air controller space. Go figure.

* The airliner seemed to vanish just when it crossed the hand off point too. Golly, what a coincidence.

* Hidden transponders on the Rolls Royce engines reported back (or tried to) to England (or a comsat) for at least 5, maybe 7 hours after that magical disappearing act.

* A series of known sensor transponders seem to have all be shut down, manually, within a 15 minute period.  Like they were following protocol and working their way down a To Do list.

And as time went by, the Look To The East plan wore out, as more and more signs pointed to Into The Sunset. As of last night, we now have a little zig-zag in that military radar track that was poo-pooed last week; now that little jiggle is almost being interpreted as a “fight for control” between the real pilots and some would be saboteurs or hijackers.

Oh wait, before that the daily theory was saboteurs. Not hijackers. Couldn’t be hijackers, since nobody had come forward with a ransom demand at that point. So if this wasn’t an accident, then it had to be some mad bomber or something, who brought the plane down.

A couple days later and the saboteur story has morphed into hijackers. An act of air piracy. But still a battle between the real air crew and some outside hostile forces bent on takeover. Even the Malaysian PM is going with the hijacker thesis at this point. Well, at least that it was a “deliberate act”.

And now, finally, the world is getting around to asking what I asked the moment I heard the plane was flying. Because my wife and I were on vacation and flew back to NY area airports the night Egypt Air Flight 800 did an “ackbar” straight into the ocean. And guess what? Duh. No guessing. You already know the answer.

The pilot of Flight 370 was Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah. The co-pilot was 1st Officer Fariq Ab Hamid.

Both were very well trained and had years and years of flying experience. Real pros. But perhaps both vulnerable to the leverages of jihad? Because, gosh, right now these two and the rest of the flight crew are under intense scrutiny.

As of this morning, what “we” “know” is
1. Malaysia has confirmed reports that the diversion of MH370 was a deliberate act.

2. Last signal from MH370 was five hours later than previously thought.

3. The families of those on board have raised their hopes that the plane might have landed somewhere

4. The missing aircraft could be as far north as Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan or as far south as the southern Indian Ocean.

5. China has expressed its anger that Malaysia has only today provided substantive information

Oh, and now folks are looking at an East to West flight path, from Mongolia (North of China) westward to Turkmenistan (near Crimea). Go figure. Never would have guessed you could cross China or North Korea with a massive jet plane and get away with it.

Investigators trying to solve the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines jetliner have sharpened their focus on passengers and crew after concluding that the Boeing 777 had its communications deliberately disabled and was airborne for hours after it vanished, Malaysia’s leader said Saturday.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said at a press conference that investigators now know that the airliner’s communications devices were deliberately disabled and that its last signal came about 7 1/2 hours after takeoff, meaning it could have ended up as far as Kazakhstan or deep in the southern Indian Ocean.

“In view of this latest development, the Malaysian authorities have refocused their investigation into the crew and passengers on board,” Najib said, stressing they were still investigating all possibilities as to why the plane deviated so drastically from its original flight path.

“Clearly the search for (Flight) MH370 has entered a new phase,” Najib told a televised news conference.

Najib also said that authorities are now trying to trace the airplane across two possible “corridors”—a northern corridor from the border of Kazakstan and Turkmenistan through to northern Thailand, and a southern corridor from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.

I guess it will still be some time before they get around to being allowed to mention out loud what was instantly obvious to me. But is media feeding us the real meal even now? Go look up this airplane at Wiki. It flies along at 490 knots (560mph, 905kph). Do that for 7.5 hours, and you’ve gone 3675 nm / 4200 ground miles / 6787 km. Now go find one of those GPS mapper sites, and draw that radius from NW Malaysia ...


... and then realize that on full tanks, the thing could fly for another 8 hours. So maybe it took this long to get those other transponders to shut down. In other words, the plane could be anywhere. Or it could have landed on some well built bit of straight highway in Yemen, or Somalia, or even at any major airport in Iran. And quickly put under wraps, or in a hanger, before the sun came up or the next spysat went over.

So the forces of evil now have the greatest stealth cruise missile the world has ever known. Change the transponders, repaint the plane (I’d paint it up in El Al colors, just because), and the only places on earth you can’t fly to directly from Tehran are Argentina and Tasmania. With a suitcase nuke on board ... or any nuke for that matter, no matter how big and clunky ... you know, the one that the Bush administration said wasn’t being built. The same one the mad mullahs made so many agreements with Obonga to stop working on, that they weren’t working on ... and slip the jet into the regular flight paths anywhere on the planet. Oh plus 150,000 pounds or so of regular explosives. 5 MOABs worth. Whatever. It’s just cargo at that point, but every effective half kiloton counts, right?

So it’s a total game changer. We built the greatest airliner ever in the entire history of wings. So they turned it into a weapon they can use against us. Anywhere, any time. And there pretty much isn’t a damn thing we can do about it, besides being ready to shoot down any and every airplane that is about to enter national airspace. Not that we’ll need to worry this time. The first flight will come in over the mountains onto Tel Aviv, after flying across Jordan at nearly ground level. Flash. Mushroom cloud. When the second long range jumbo jet vanishes into thin air, then WE need to worry. And there won’t be an Allah-be-damned thing we can do about it.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Friday - March 14, 2014

Have A Happy Slice Of Pi


Because, what the heck, we need a bit of cheer right now. Today is Pi Day, because a decimal calendar in American form says today is 3.14. Like the silly 22/7 approximation they taught you to use in school, 3.14 is close enough. Of course, next year it will be 3.14.15 at 9:26:53, aka 3.14159263, which is significantly closer, were I to put things in more precise language. And no, I didn’t round. I truncated. So there.

And being what it is, pi is a completely irrational thing to celebrate. Just like pi itself. So have a bit of silly.

Proper observation of the “holiday” occurs at 1:59:26, both AM and PM.

3.141592653589793 is as much pi as my brain could ever eat and remember properly. It was a challenge by Mr. Anton, my 10th grade Geometry teacher. I won ... a slice of pie, naturally.

If you’re one of those really exacting types, and very patient (of if you wish to really make your PC work for once), you can use the good old infinite Leibniz series formula of Π/4 = 1 - 1/3 + 1/5 - 1/7 + 1/9 - 1/11 + 1/13 ...  which you’ll note is entirely odd (ahem), but wobbles back and forth along an axis in ever decreasing amounts. Add up a few hundred iterations, or a few million, and you’ll arrive at an accurate value. Well, actually you’ll crash your computer from register overflow, so make sure to write your code to display things as it goes along. And naturally quite a few of these fractions are irrationals themselves, so your overall accuracy will only be as good as the largest double length real number your computer can handle (ie double precision floating point). Which is probably 64 bits, in binary; and binary 64 is not at all like decimal 64. Plus you have to deal with all those little endians, so it honestly isn’t that accurate.  And all of this is way too much math, and way too much computerese, for most of us.

So just use this as an excuse to grab a coffee and a slice of pie just before 2 this afternoon. You deserve it.


Apple pie of course. Because, Newton. Who had NOTHING to do with finding pi at all.

But he was a “math guy”, so like everything else here, close enough!


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calendar   Thursday - March 13, 2014

One For The Fans


See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Wednesday - March 12, 2014

Pussified In Portland

Somewhere Kim DuToit is downing a big glass of Kllipdrift, yelling “I told you so! I told you so!!”

Oregon cat that trapped family to get therapy

Unreal, except on the far left coast.

The Oregon owners of a 22-pound house cat who trapped them in their bedroom after attacking their baby say they’re not giving up on their pet and are getting it medical attention and therapy.

Two days after police arrived to subdue the 4-year-old Himalayan cat, owner Lee Palmer of Portland said he’s taking the feline to a veterinarian. A pet psychologist also is due at the house to see the cat, named Lux.

“We’re not getting rid of him right now,” Palmer said. “He’s been part of our family for a long time.”

Palmer says the animal attacked his 7-month-old child after the baby pulled its tail. The child suffered a few scratches on the forehead.

On the 911 call, Palmer tells the dispatcher he kicked the cat “in the rear” to protect his child. Palmer says the animal then “just went off over the edge”—leading Palmer and his girlfriend to barricade themselves, their baby and the family dog in the bedroom for safety.

The cat can be heard screeching in the background of the call as Palmer says in a panicked voice: “He’s charging us. He’s at our bedroom door.” Palmer also tells the dispatcher the cat has been violent in the past.

Holy shiite. HMFS. OMFG. The cat scratched the baby because the baby pulled his tail. Well double duh with a side order of No Shit Sherlock. So Mr. Man swoops in to save teh day, knees the moggy right in the puffs, then runs and hides in teh Safe Room, WITH THE DOG, and CALLS 911. Probably had to have 3 double latte half-caf mochachinos with extra cinnamon and low-fat soy milk whipped cream and a fair trade organic cherry on top after it was all over to regain his composure. And fix his chipped nails.

But it’s the CAT who needs therapy. With a house call.

I hear the dog died from humiliation.


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How Ugly Is It?

Damn, that fish so ugly, it scared my dog.



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thou shall not offend even by mistake or the plod will nail ya.

Think about this ppl.  If the pc left get the world they want somewhere in the future, and it isn’t too far btw, this will be be the world left to your children and grandchildren. And this kind of thinking will be for them, quite normal. It will not even dawn on the many, that they’ve been well and truly brain washed.
And it starts in the schools. You bet.

Businessman who gave vandal who put a brick through his window a very public dressing down is hauled to court after the suspect complained HE was ‘offended’

Nazier Din, 44, had his office in Greater Manchester targeted by a vandal

After police said they did not have enough evidence to arrest the suspect, businessman put up sign calling him ‘a dirty pervert’

But Din was arrested because the suspect complained he was offended

Faces £1,000 legal bill after accepting a police caution to avoid court battle

By Hugo Gye and Jaya Narain

A businessman whose office was vandalised was arrested and hauled through the courts after he put up a poster branding the prime suspect a ‘dirty pervert drug dealing grass’.

Nazier Din, 44, was infuriated when police told him no one would be prosecuted for smashing his office window with a brick.

The name of the suspected culprit was handed to police but they said they could not press charges because of a lack of evidence.

So company director Mr Din put a large sign over the boarded-up window, which expressed his view of the suspect without naming him.

He was astonished when police said the suspect had complained about the sign and warned him he could face arrest for public order offences for causing ‘distress and alarm’.

So then he taped over the word ‘pervert’ and added a disclaimer apologising for any distress to the public.

But police were not satisfied and Mr Din was arrested and later charged with using threatening, abusive or insulting words – behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress.

The father of two then faced two months of legal wrangling over the case in the courts – and a £1,000 legal bill – before finally agreeing to a police caution.

Last night Mr Din, from Bury, Greater Manchester, who has run a successful accident management and car hire firm for 12 years, condemned police and courts for failing to side with victims of crime.

He said he was appalled that the vandal, who caused £2,500 worth of damage, will face no punishment.

And he claimed he put up the sign only after he had been repeatedly goaded by the individual he suspected of committing the crime in the first place.

OK so .... what was on that sign that brought in the plod?  Musta been been pretty bad.  Take a look at this outrageous bit of anti social behavior.




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Oops We Was Wrong

Hotel Workers Union: Obamacare Will Cost Us $5/hour

Well, gosh. Really? You mean even medium low wage folks are going to have to pay through the nose? You don’t say!

The 300,000-member union that was the first to endorse then-Senator Barack Obama has released a devastating Obamacare report that says Obama’s controversial healthcare program will slash worker wages by up to $5 an hour, reduce worker hours, and exacerbate income inequality.

The report by Unite Here--a North American labor union that represents workers in the hotel, gaming, food service, manufacturing, textile, distribution, laundry, and airport industries--is titled: “The Irony of ObamaCare: Making Inequality Worse.”

“Ironically, the Administration’s own signature healthcare victory poses one of the most immediate challenges to redressing inequality,” states the 12-page report. “We take seriously the promise that ‘if you like your health plan, you can keep it. Period.’ UNITE HERE members like their health plans.”

Sounds like the Kool-Aide has almost worn off. Quick, mix up another batch and dose them again!

Last week, Unite Here Donald Taylor discussed the possibility of a union worker strike over Obamacare and said, “Even though the president and Congress promised we could keep our health plan, the reality is, unless the law is fixed, that won’t be true.”
Union members are not alone in opposing Obamacare. According to the latest RealClearPolitics average of polls, just 38% of Americans now support Obamacare.

Long before the hackneyed expression “You’ve got to pass this bill before you can read it” existed, there was another expression with a bit more common sense: “never buy a pig in a poke.” Guess these modern kids don’t know what a poke is. Maybe they thought this whole thing was a gift horse.


No thanks, not this little piggy.


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calendar   Tuesday - March 11, 2014

Mr Consistent

No super scores tonight at Greed League, but I did roll 195-194-192. Very consistent. And I did win the money; two weeks totaling $14. Almost enough for half a tank of gas. Almost. Oh, and we won 5-2 against the next to last place team. The guys who slammed us 0-7 in the position round just 2 weeks ago. So that should just about halve the number of points into last place we are. Someday, maybe, maybe, we’ll fight our way all the way up to next to last. Woo frickin’ hoo.

Crivens, small league can be a pain; it seems every other damn week you’re playing the same guys.  Shee-it; we played M’s team on Monday Late Night League. We’d played them 2 weeks before that on position round in that league. AND I’d played them again on Friday Cheap League. Time after time after time.  We need more folks to bowl. So many of us go from one league to another, 2, 3, even 4 nights a week.

Not to mention the sub-whores who go around sucking up free bowling night after night, week after week. Sure, you’re needed. But you’re getting a whole lot of free bowling in. And I swear I’m bowling against you every darn night in every darn league. Yeah, I’m talking to you Doug. And Bill. And BJ. 


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tickle your brain cells

A link for the not faint of brain.

20 jokes that only well educated smart people with a background in science, math, and the classics will appreciate.

Pavlov is sitting at a pub enjoying a pint, the phone rings, and he jumps up, yelling “Oh shit! I forgot to feed the dog!”

Not brainy enough? Ok, how about

Why do engineers confuse Halloween and Christmas? Because Oct 31 = Dec 25

I guess your response to that one would be ... calculated.

Here’s one I think I improved, given the genius level of those involved in the joke itself:

Einstein, Newton, and Pascal (the other Pascal) are outside playing Hide and Go Seek. It’s Einstein’s turn so he covers his eyes and starts to count to ten. Pascal runs off and hides. Newton stands in front of Einstein, takes a stick, and draws a box around himself one meter on a side. Einstein gets to ten, opens his eyes, see Newton and cries “I got you! Pascal, you’re it!” Because Einstein would know, just like that. That’s why.


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calendar   Monday - March 10, 2014

red cars only


I think my little old red SC2 will be first in line.

No, I didn’t notice that a) they have no hose, b) the bucket is empty, c) they have no soap or sponges, or towels either. And let’s not even go to d) what up with the high heels??

Heck, I’m not even going to complain that at most 2 of them are even real redheads. Like I care.

If they want to wash my car, I’ll gladly fork over $5 and watch the show.

thanks to Kevin B for the Red Alert email


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Better and Better

Today started out pretty rough. Another morning of intense tooth pain. Pop a Vicodin with my coffee and hope for the best; I had a dental appointment in the early afternoon. Got there. It was time to take the stitches out. Guess my gums didn’t like them much, they were all swollen up around them. Cutting and tugging out the several stitches managed to levitate me right up to and through the ceiling. YOW!! OW! OWW! But once they were out it was like a miracle. You know when you get a toothache when you get a caraway seed stuck between your teeth? That’s how I’ve been for 9 days now with the stitches. And now I feel just fine. They gave me a bottle of some kind of disinfectant rinse to swish a couple times a day, and away I went.

I felt so much better when I got home I had a bowl of soup and went to bed. Course, that’s partly the Vicodin talking. Those things tend to put me under. So, carefree nap time for a couple hours, and I didn’t even need an icepack on my face. Sweet.

I woke up in time to get to Late League, and I just treated it as a nice time. No pressure. Have fun. No drinking, but no stressing out either. And I bowled the best series of my life. By far. Pity the rest of my team didn’t have as good a night as I did, but we managed to split the points tonight 8 and 8, so that’s Ok too. But damn, I was on fire 2 games out of 3. I threw 10 strikes in Game 1 for a 267; every frame except frame 2, where I got the dread 6-7-10 split and made 2 but left the open. Game 2 was a bit messed up; I was too straight to the lanes and throwing a bit inside and didn’t notice it until too late. So I rolled a 182. Meh (although a year ago I’d have been perfectly happy with that score. Mostly). Game 3 I had my duckies in a row and marching in lockstep; I opened the game with 6 strikes in a row followed by the another 6-7-10 in the 7th, made 2, then finished the game with X, 8/, XX8, for a 243, 9 strikes overall. Add it all up and that’s a 692 series, just 8 pins - 1 mark - below my magical goal of a 700 series. So close, and yet so far. And I don’t regret just missing it either. I bowled great, and someday I will make that. Just not tonight.

Now it’s time to use my special mouth rinse, and go to bed. 


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Britain is sued by 14 Caribbean nations for the ‘damage’ it did through slavery.

Here we go yet again.
The only reason these vermin engage in this sort of thing, has to be because there might be a real chance of winning, and once again beating the guilty feeling white idiots over their financial heads.
Was a time I’d look at this kind of thing and think, yeah. Right. And maybe get a laugh out of the jerks who try and pull it off. But not anymore because I believe our world has become more, not less, politically correct.  A world dominated by left wing bed wetting, bleeding heart poncy liberals.
While I kind of doubt this will really go anywhere .... I won’t hold my breath either cos these days ... we really can not be certain beyond doubt. Can we?

Britain is sued by 14 Caribbean nations for the ‘damage’ it did through slavery – even though country was first in the world to abolish the trade

The coalition meets in St Vincent today to discuss claim for reparations
Targets are UK, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark
But it says Britain should pay the most because it was most heavily involved
Says slavery’s legacy still lingers with range of issues from poverty to illness
Claim’s being prepared by UK law firm who won millions for Mau Mau victims

By Matt Blake

More than 150 years after Europe abolished slavery, the Caribbean is preparing to sue Britain for its part in the wholesale trade of human beings.

A coalition of Caribbean leaders will meet today in St. Vincent to discuss a landmark legal claim for reparations - that could run into the hundreds of billions of pounds - for a legacy that many say still lingers across the palm-fringed archipelago.

Caricom, a group of 12 former British colonies together with the former French colony Haiti and the Dutch-held Suriname, believes Europe should pay for a range of issues spawned by slavery, from poverty and illiteracy to ill health.

But is says the UK in particular should pay the most even though it was the first to abolish slavery in 1833.

The case has been prepared by a British law firm that recently won almost £20million compensation for hundreds of Kenyans tortured by the British colonial government during the Mau Mau rebellion of the 1950s.

Today’s claim, which also targets Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, comes at a pertinent time for the issue of slavery - just a week after Steve McQueen’s epic 12 Years A Slave won the Oscar for Best Picture in Los Angeles.

‘Over ten million Africans were stolen from their homes and forcefully transported to the Caribbean as the enslaved chattels and property of Europeans,’ the claim says. ‘The transatlantic slave trade is the largest forced migration in human history and has no parallel in terms of man’s inhumanity to man.’

It continues: ‘This trade in enchained bodies was a highly successful commercial business for the nations of Europe.

‘The lives of millions of men, women and children were destroyed in the search of profit. Over ten million Africans were imported into the Caribbean during the 400 years of slavery.

‘At the end of slavery in the late 19th century, less than two million remained. The chronic health condition of Caribbean blacks constitutes the greatest financial risk to sustainability in the region.’

Caricom has not specified how much money they are seeking but senior officials have pointed out that Britain paid slave owners £20 million when it abolished slavery in 1834. That sum would be the equivalent of £200 billion today.

Britain currently contributes about £15million a year in aid to the Caribbean through Department for International Development in a drive to further develop ‘wealth creation’.

The subject of reparations has simmered in the Caribbean for many years and opinions are divided. Some see reparations as delayed justice, while others see it as an empty claim and a distraction from modern social problems in Caribbean societies.

Slavery ended throughout the Caribbean in the 1800s in the wake of slave revolts, and left many of the region’s plantation economies in tatters.

If the leaders decide to go ahead, a legal complaint will be filed against European states, possibly opening the way for formal negotiations.

‘Undoubtedly, Britain faces more claims than anyone else because it was the primary slave power and colonial power in the Caribbean,’ Martyn Day, the British lawyer advising the Caribbean nations, said in an interview. ‘Britain will be very much at the forefront.’

A law firm made up of Brit lawyers. Times have truly changed and for the worst.  I doubt there’s a patriot in the bunch.

Hello England.  This is what you get for ending a profitable trade.
And Haiti too?  What?  Those bottom crawlers who have been getting zillions for how long now, but it wasn’t enough I guess. It never is.

the rest of a lengthy read is HERE.

It may be a long read but it is an interesting one.

‘The transatlantic slave trade is the largest forced migration in human history and has no parallel in terms of man’s inhumanity to man.This trade in enchained bodies was a highly successful commercial business for the nations of Europe’
- As stated on Caricom’s claim

I think that’s debatable.  Bad as it may have been, and I have no doubt about that, at least there was a chance of survival and in some cases, some slaves did manage to escape to a safe haven, or buy themselves out. The numbers who did may not be overwhelming, but there was a chance even if only a slim one.

I notice that no Arab state is mentioned here. Now that’s interesting.  Gee ... I wonder why.


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