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calendar   Monday - February 03, 2014

Half A Bowl Game Is Better Than None

Seahawks Trounce Broncos 43-8

What an amazing game. One for the record books I’m sure. The Seattle Seahaks showed up to play football, and I think the Denver Broncos showed up ready to play beer pong. All the media hype turned out to be pure hot air straight from the farmyard. This was the most one sided, laughable game I think I’ve ever seen in the pros. The Broncos seemed dazed, confused, and lethargic throughout most of the game, whereas the Seahawks were wound up and going 120mph all day. This was one of the quickest ball games I’ve seen in a long while, with lots and lots of plays stuck in between the endless blocks of commercials. My God. Stop with all the damn commercials every 90 seconds. PLEASE.

The Hype: Seahawks aces at defense, but maybe not so great on the offense. Broncos super on the offense, but maybe not so marvelous at defense. The reality: Seahawks show that the best defense is a good offense, Broncos show ... not much at all.

The Seahawks were ranked first in the league in pass defense, total defense and scoring defense during the regular season. The Broncos were first in pass offense, total offense and scoring offense. Manning had the most prolific season ever for an NFL quarterback. He set season records with his 5,477 passing yards and 55 touchdown passes and is virtually assured of winning his fifth MVP award. [which he did. Yay.]

I didn’t even get a chance to get all the beers open after the kickoff before Seattle scored, shoveling up a loose ball snapped way over Manning’s head, into the Bronc’s end zone for a fast 2 point safety. WTH? And the ‘hawks were on the board, within 12 seconds of play. Amazing. And the whole game was like that. Relentless. Textbook. A first rank pro team playing a Tier III high school team. Say what? The mighty Broncos, Kings Of Offense, couldn’t connect for beans, couldn’t run the ball anywhere, got intercepted left and right ... actually their best play was on the defensive offense, protecting Manning their QB, who didn’t get sacked once the entire game, and often seemed to have hours per play to figure out who to throw the ball to (so they could drop it, bumble it, get intercepted, or be in the wrong place again). He was extremely well protected; good football right there. But as for the rest ...


I was a little fearful that this year’s Bowl would be a repeat of last years’ game, in which one team would utterly dominate the first half, then suddenly shut off just like a light switch to allow the other team to strut in the second half, going for “the big comeback”. There was no comeback here today, big or small. Seattle closed out the first half with a giant interception, sensational Malcom Smith getting the pigskin and running 3/4 the length of the field while dodging what seemed to be the entire Broncos team.  22-0.

After a short, and rather unimpressive Half Time show, which included an awful lot of yadda-yadda from the Old Guys From Monday Night, play resumed with yet another touchdown run, the ‘hawks Percy Harvin taking the floater kickoff on the 13 and lackadaisically jogging down the whole field for a TD.  I swear I could hear him laughing the whole way. This was play time for him. Extra point made it 29-0. And then, why not, after stopping the Broncos once more, the Seahawks scored another touchdown. 36-0.

Then it was time for a little sympathy sex, a bow to the bookies to make sure no SuperBowl is a complete shutout. The Broncos chugged the ball down the field and finally got across the goal line late in the 3rd. Then in a desperate play to get something on the score board, they went for a 2 point conversion.  This may have been a smart move, because we saw at least once in this game that the ‘hawks could just reach up and block their kicks at will. So a rather lame play gave them an extra 2, 36-8, and that was the first and last scores they had.

Another TD by the Seahawks was just icing on the cake, and by late in the 3rd period they pretty much stopped trying. There was nothing the Broncos could do and they knew it, so the 4th quarter was kind of ploddy and limp. They’d bought into the media hype that there were dominant. They didn’t bring their A game. They seemed hung over and exhausted all night. The ‘hawks utterly psyched them out by playing speedball and by showing the the Great Defenders best defense was a superb offense.

Malcom Smith got MVP, which was well deserved. Personally, the talent that wowed me the most was the Seahawk’s kicker, Steven Hauschka, who has to have one of the best feet in the game. It wasn’t that he made every field goal he attempted, racking up early points for the Seahawks. It’s that the guy has power and accuracy like a new Winchester; those kicks went right down the middle each time. And when it came to kickoffs, the guy consistently put the ball in the enemy end zone from his own 35, time after time, right under the goal posts. At least once he actually bounced the ball off the cross bars; it’s pretty obvious he could make field goals from 65 yards if necessary, maybe 70 with a bit of tailwind. 55-60 yards would be no challenge at all for him. I don’t watch my ‘ball these days, so maybe that’s common nowadays. But it impressed me.

From sharper pens than mine:

Seattle 43, Denver 8. Peyton Manning’s big game legacy: Doomed.

This is perhaps the most telling statistic to emerge from Super Bowl XLVIII and why the Seahawks won it: Denver had the best offense in football but after the first quarter the Broncos had accumulated zero first downs and had run just seven plays for 11 yards. The Seahawks made a statement and that statement was, “We are whipping your butt.”

The Broncos’ response was to let them.

Seattle’s steamrolling proceeded in bloodied and brutal increments: 2-0, then 5-0, then 8-0, and soon it was 22-0 and by the third quarter that Seahawks defense, with some help from special teams and the offense, had a 36-0 lead.

New Jersey cooperated with the weather, heating up for the warmest two days we’ve had since before Christmas. So now all the Super Bowl people have gone home, and we can get back to sub-freezing temps and another snow storm.

A better game recap than I can do, here.


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calendar   Saturday - February 01, 2014

Move For Move


Miami Dolphins cheerleaders make their own video using Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe tune.

Soldiers in Afghanistan answer back, matching them move for move. Plus artillery fire.

Looks like there’s a party waiting to get started.

Ladies, I think you need to make that call!

h/t to Doc Jeff for the find


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Drawn To Crime

Police Sketch Looks Drawn By Toddler

Yet Is Dead Ringer For Suspect

Busted: Glenn Rundles


A police sketch dubbed the ‘worst ever’ has amazingly led to an arrest.

Glenn Rundles from Paris, Texas was arrested on Tuesday after a patrolman from the local sheriff’s department claimed he recognised the man from the cartoon-like depiction.

Lamar County Sheriff’s Department had released the picture last week in the hope of tracking down the mugging suspect and it received lots of publicity… but for all the wrong reasons.

The image went viral, sparking hilarity and outrage among social media users and online news sites with many claiming it was the worst police sketch ever.

Cops said the image of the criminal had been sketched by an experienced police artist with the use of descriptions from two victims and claimed it was a ‘composite sketch’ rather than a likeness.

But it is the police who have had the last laugh as Mr Rundles was charged with aggravated robbery and a host of other crimes including indecent exposure, burglary of a habitation, criminal mischief and evading arrest.

From our friends in the British Press:

Texan women mugged by perplexed-looking cartoon

This drawing of a suspect wanted in connection with the serious robbery of two women in Texas might just be the worst police sketch of all time.

The Lamar County Sheriff’s Department released the drawing – which they stress is a composite sketch, not a likeness – to help track down the man who allegedly mugged two women at knife point on Thursday.

But it seems unlikely that the sketch will aid the police in their inquiries given that it appears to depict a confused-looking cartoon man.
The suspect the police sketcher was trying to draw fits the victims’ description of a man ’6 foot tall or a little taller, approximately 25 to 30 years old with no or very thin facial hair, and a muscular build.’

The description adds: ‘His nose was straight with no flare in the nostrils. He has short black hair and a round face, with tattoos covering both arms and a tattoo on the left side of his neck.’

The authorities also said: ‘The victim was adamant about the tattoo on his neck having a lot of red ink in it.’

Right. So let’s all have a giggle at those silly cowboys in Texas. Those half-civilized Americans. Putting a cartoon character on the local Most Wanted List. Who’s next, Homer Simpson? Egad. Quite. Thank goodness our constabulary have proper descriptive artists. None of this cartoon nonsense!


Meanwhile, in Peiper’s corner of the Realm, the manhunt continues for the notorious criminal known as “lettuce head” from his police sketch.


Police have defended a ‘lettuce-head’ e-fit of a distraction burglar who stole £60 from an elderly woman in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

Despite the offender being described as having wavy blonde/grey hair, Hampshire police released an e-fit of the suspect with bright green hair – earning the character the ‘lettuce-head’ nickname.

Officers have stated that the oddly-coloured hair was a result of a ‘technical error’.

A Hampshire police spokeswoman told The Daily Telegraph: ‘We make every effort to ensure that the e-fits we circulate are as accurate and detailed as they possibly can be from the description provided by the witness.

‘We are, though, currently experiencing technical problems with the quality of the hair and are waiting for an upgrade to the system from the company who provides us with the software.

‘It is important to point out that the suspect in this case is described as having blond-grey hair.’

Funny thing though: so far the local plod’s search has focused around the local Burger Kings and McDonald’s parking lots.


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News From Down Under

Oh those terrible terrible Aussies.

They’ve got all around athlete Ellyse Perry, who seems to be about to become either a professional soccer player, or a professional cricket player, or both, or ...



who looks as fresh and wholesome as a glass of milk, a natural healthy beauty without trying at all ...

... and all they can do is badmouth her as if she’s a two penny upright?

Ellyse Perry meme sparks sexist abuse

Cricket Australia calls Ellyse Perry ”arguably the best female athlete in Australia” and not without merit. She has played for Australia at international level in both soccer and cricket and recently batted the Aussies to victory in the One Day International against England in Hobart with 90 not out from 95 balls.

Some would say that deserves serious respect. Not the cricket fans on the Facebook page ‘Cricket memes’, apparently, who responded to the news with a plethora of comments on January 29 applauding her ‘hotness’ and being ‘extremely bangable’ with not so subtle references to men’s bats and balls and what they would like her to do with them.

Among this abuse are comments referring to why she is out of the kitchen and questions of where to find her naked on the net. Welcome to the world of mad men, literally.

Yeah, she looks good. Healthy strong young animal good. The strength of youth in all it’s glory. Good for her.

But come on. I don’t know cricket from grasshopper, but unless the women’s game is vastly different from the men’s game, then it sounds like her skills are far better than most of the lads. Guess they just can’t stand a little competition?

By 2008, she became the youngest Australian Test Cricket player, debuting against England in Bowral, NSW, and in the same year became a Cricket Australia Ambassador, a position reserved for the utmost respected. Trading the bat for boots later in the year, the swift defender would join the Central Coast Mariners soccer team and cement her name in the Australian W-League. She has since played for Canberra United, and signed with new W-league team, Sydney FC last year. “I’ve got the easiest job of playing two sports that I love and with the support behind me, like that from Red Bull and my teams, they’ve enable me to do that.”

Add a FIFA World Cup appearance in 2011, World Twenty20 victories and most recently a 2013 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup and you’ve got one very crowded list of accolades. At just 22, Ellyse’s achievements are not just incredible, but never-before seen. Throw a university degree into the mix and it’s obvious this young woman has got it together. Studying Economics and Social Science, Perry says the academic commitment is just the escape she needs.

“That ain’t workin’, that’s the way to do it”: go to college and pick up a double BA just for the fun of it. Competition indeed. I think I could be in love.


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just another sign of our times

A very short story that says a heck of a lot about our times.

Councils these days have nothing better to do. 

How the F.  did civilization ever advance this far using these very incorrect words?

Council bans ‘the elderly’: Staff booklet suggests using the term ‘older people’ instead

Rule was revealed in 31-page booklet for Denbighshire County Council staff

North Wales authority also says calling people ‘love’ or ‘pet’ can be offensive

TaxPayers’ Alliance: It’s a waste of time and pointless pontificating

By Daily Mail Reporter

Town Hall chiefs have banned staff from using the term ‘the elderly’ and suggested ‘older people’ as an alternative.

According to Respect, a 31-page booklet handed out to 5,000 employees at Denbighshire County Council in North Wales, the word elderly is an ‘unacceptable’ phrase.

Similarly, an office is not manned but staffed, dinner ladies should be referred to as catering staff, workmen are workers, headmaster is head teacher, chairman is chairperson and a child or youngster is a younger person.

The booklet, produced in Welsh and English, told staff: ‘We should not make assumptions based on someone’s age.

‘Being older in the UK carries views of being worn out and of little use, it is also used as a term of abuse.

‘Youth can be seen as representing inexperience and unreliability.’

It added: ‘The terms love, dear, pet may be considered offensive by some people, particularly women and should not be used.

‘We should always consider whether it is necessary or appropriate to use labels to describe people and we must be careful not to patronise people by undermining their individuality.

National stereotypes: Staff are told to avoid works like ‘Jock’ for Scottish. The guide says labels should be avoided and adds: ‘We must be careful not to patronise people by undermining their individuality’

‘Don’t say “some of my friends are gay,” “you’re just like one of the lads,” “I remember when I was young” or “you might not want to do that at your age”.

Also banned are Paddy or Mick for Irish, Jock for Scots and Taff for Welsh.

And instead of saying Christian name, staff should say ‘first name’ or forename.

Robert Oxley of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: ‘Denbighshire council need to waste less time and less taxpayers’ money producing bureaucratic garbage and instead focus on providing services that residents and the elderly rely on… rather than this ridiculous taxpayer-funded pointless pontificating.



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a sign of our times

A sign of the times.

Little boy age 6, suspended from school for 4 days.
Gee. Four days? Age 6? 
What did the little monster do?  Stab someone?  Make a finger gun?

Ah … well. in fact neither.  Something far more serious actually.

He had some mini cheddar cheese bars in his lunch box.

That’s a crime?

Well, yes. Sort of.

It violates the schools healthy diet for kiddies dictum.

Hey …. rules is rules even if his parents gave it to him. And anyway, who the hell are the damn parents to tell the school or even to suggest to the school, what their little boy may eat at lunch.  One does not act that way in a proper politically correct culture where others, NOT the parents will decide what the kiddies may have in their lunch box.

Next stop ….. the home.  Right?  Of course.  Does no good to enforce healthy eats for kids only at school, so lets have an agency or maybe a school rep. go to homes at mealtime and see what junior is being fed. 
Maybe even bring back the death penalty for parents who don’t follow the pc eating line.

Oh … btw.  Some cereal and candy makers are promising to lower sugar content in products, some drinks too, because of obesity worries in the population.
Not that they volunteered you understand, but pressure brought to bear and all that.

Here ya go. Look at this one.

H/T Metro News

Schoolboy, 6, suspended for having Mini Cheddars in his lunchbox

Metro News Reporter

The parents of a six-year-old boy have slammed his school after the child was suspended for having a packet of Mini Chedders in his lunchbox.

Senior staff at Colnbrook C of E primary school concluded that Riley Pearson should be kept away from lessons for four days for continuously contravening its healthy eating policy.

The school, which is located near Slough, had implemented a healthy eating policy from the beginning of the term, asking parents to provide a balanced meal. Chocolates, sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks were all banned.

However, after meeting with headteacher Jeremy Meek, Riley’s parents Natalie Mardle and Tom Pearson were told that they lacked support for the policy and had ‘continuously’ broken school rules.

Airport shuttle worker Ms Mardle, 24, told the Mail Online: ‘We just do not see how they have the right to tell us what we can feed our son.

‘If anything, Riley is underweight and could do with putting on a few pounds.

‘Having a balanced diet also includes eating some carbohydrates, sugars and fats.’

Riley’s lunch normally contained a sandwich, yogurt tube, Dairylea Dunkers cheese snack, Mini Chedders and a bottle of water.

Headteacher Mr Meek said: ‘We have had a wonderful response and the parents and children are on board and pleased with the way the policy has impacted on our pupils.

‘It is to avoid putting the children in a difficult situation. If the policy is not being abided by, then that potentially harms that pupil.’



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hidden joke somewhere

I am the only one who hears the music for the Latuda TV commercial , an imported drug for treating bipolar depression, and thinks it’s an episode of Downton Abbey about to start?

The tunes are eerily similar. Granted, the Latuda tune doesn’t have the plinky bits the Downton tune has. And it’s completely different. Altogether. But somehow the same.

Yet from the other end of the house, when the pharma ad comes on, a voice says “Hey, which episode?”

And there is some kind of joke in there, if you can allow yourself to make bipolar depression humor. Or Masterpiece Theater humor.  Which are completely different. Altogether. But somehow the same.


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weekend imagination



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In The Middle Of The Night

A quick trip to the PC after a 3am nature’s call.

Ug. Check the email . Peiper, got your letter. Love what you wrote to the NJ post office on the envelope. Hope you spelled things wrong deliberately.

Quick check of Drudge, Fox, CNS, CNN ... oh shut up, I don’t care about Chris Christie and this BS “bridge-gate”. Listen up mayors: get on board with your governor, or eat shit and die. That’s the Jersey way.

What’s this one? A plane full of pot? No. What? Huh? No way!

Bieber released after search of ‘pot-reeking’ party jet

Super Bowl-bound Justin Bieber arrived at a New Jersey airport Friday on a charted jet that reeked of marijuana — and he spent hours in federal custody while the aircraft was searched, law-enforcement sources said.

But the pint-sized pothead, who according to reports burns through $8,000 a week of weed, was released from custody at Teterboro Airport when drug-sniffing canine cops came up empty.

The teen heartthrob’s Gulfstream — with his father, Jeremy, and about 10 other party pals aboard — arrived at 2:53 p.m. from Toronto when federal Customs officials detected a strong odor of pot, sources said.

“He came in, the jet smelled like weed, they were doing preliminary security checks that they don’t usually do as Teterboro is usually pretty relaxed, but because of the ¬Super Bowl they’re doing more security checks,” a Teterboro source said.

“There was a big stir at the airport.”

Ok, this little lost Canuck is doing everything he can to Wig it up and make his “cred” with his homies ... yeah, we be banging and doping, yo ... give me a break.

But how the hell do you smoke up EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS of weed per week?

Once upon a time, when I was 18 or so, a nice fat fluffy ounce went for $40. 15 years later, an “eighth” of an ounce, or what was once called “a nick” sold for the same amount. So if that trend continued, then a single joint - a doob, a spliff, a bone, or whatever a marijuana cigarette of moderate size is called these days - must cost about $20. And the news always tells me how much stronger pot is these days, compared to way back when. Really? Whatever. But a plain old rollup would do the the job for 3 folks for about two hours. So a pinner of super herb will light up the crowd, or can be bonged out to last a single stoner all day? I dunno. But my point is ... you yourself can’t smoke an ounce a day. No, sorry, you can’t. Probably not even half an ounce. Not by yourself, even if you stay in blotto zombie mode for 14 hours.

Ok, net research says that some fine sens or some mackin kind bud goes for about $350 a Z here in NJ. So the price inflation has plateaued. No surprise, given the market impact of those medical mj stores. Conversely, this implies the BIEBS is churning 24 ounces of herb - a pound and a half plus; about a cubicle wastebasket full - in a week. He’s got to be giving away to the crowds. Throwing it out like confetti at a parade.

Wake up Justin. Your “friends” are just riding your tails, sucking you dry.

Ok, back to bed.


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