When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

calendar   Wednesday - February 12, 2014

If this keeps up …

There are eerie parallels between the stock market’s recent behavior and how it behaved right before the 1929 crash.

That at least is the conclusion reached by a frightening chart that has been making the rounds on Wall Street. The chart superimposes the market’s recent performance on top of a plot of its gyrations in 1928 and 1929.

The picture isn’t pretty. And it’s not as easy as you might think to wriggle out from underneath the bearish significance of this chart.


Full article here.


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22 years later, a picture surfaces



No, that isn’t me. But I built that wheeled equipment closet seen in the background. By myself, with hand tools. Outside in the garage. In the dead of winter. In 1992. Ok, Tom helped a little, and provided his truck to move it. 12 heavy bolts would detach the plywood sides, doors, and lid, neatly stacking up 6 parts on the wheeled base for easy transport in a pickup truck. Shelves inside for masks and scoring machines, and a gorgeous brass coat bar to hold all the jackets and lames. A dozen weapons hung inside each door. Rolled up on top were 2 antique woven bronze pistes that we’d rescued, repaired, and put back in use. And with the box’s massive hasps and screwed and glued 2x4 bracing it was secure, and held all our gear for at least a decade until ... well, never mind. Nothing lasts forever. But that picture is from 2004, so my physical legacy lasted at least that long. Guess nobody ever got around to painting it.

remember when these things were the shizz?
I loved them because they didn’t electrocute you like the antique relay machines did


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Ok, So I Choked

We took 5 points against the 1st place team tonight at Greed League. Which means we won 2 games out of 3, and won them by enough pins so that we had more total pins for all 3 games than our opponents, so we got “total wood” for the night. Which sounds rather gay in a 90s way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 2 points a game X 2 games, plus 1 point for wood. 5.

Anyway, it ought to have been 7 points for a clean sweep. I blew it, or most of it. The pressure got to me and I left the 10th frame of the 3rd game open, so instead of putting up to 60 pins on the scoreboard (or up to 40 in my case, with 9/ in the 9th, which was also a bit “chokey") I put on 17. I concentrated too hard, and what I wanted to be a strike turned into a 7-10 split, of which I made the 7 pin. I hit it hard and pretty wide so that it bounced off the back deck, but instead of staying up and bopping the 10 pin it fell into the pit. The 7-10 is a really hard spare to make.

So we lost that one by 37 or so. Bleh. I hate losing it in the clutch, but it’s so darn hard to shut my mind mostly off and let my body do what it knows how to do. With just a few reminders from the old noggin. “Lock elbow!” “Finger pressure!” “hold, hold, hold, SNAPLIFT” Too much brain and you stiffen up, pull your arm, tuck in your shoulder ... and blow the shot.

Ah well. Back to bed.


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calendar   Tuesday - February 11, 2014


Don’t ask how we got on this topic, but I was talking to a woman on my Facebook page and the subject of the nutritional content of semen came up. Damn me if somebody hasn’t done that work. So here is the result. (hope to never have that conversation again!)



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They’ll Believe Me Citizen!


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and so it goes, and so it snows, and snow it’s woes

South Gets Hammered Again By Ice And Snow

Storm Will Dump A Foot On DC

Then Mess With NE By Thursday

More than 1,000 flights were canceled across the U.S. as a winter storm moved into the South on Tuesday, just two weeks after Atlanta became a national punch line when a few inches of snow crippled the city.

The storm could be a “catastrophic event” reaching “historical proportions,” the National Weather Service said in its warnings. Rain was falling Tuesday morning in Atlanta, with snow in north Georgia, and schools were canceled. Forecasts call for sleet and freezing rain Wednesday.

Downed power lines and icy roads are a major worry. Salt trucks, snow plows were ready to roll and the National Guard has 1,400 four-wheeled drive vehicles to help anyone stranded.

Before a single drop of freezing rain or snow fell, crews with Atlanta’s Department of Public Works were already pre-treating roads and city officials said they were working with state and county officials to coordinate a joint emergency response plan ahead of the storm.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency for nearly a third of the state on Monday, as schools announced early that they would close Tuesday, and tractor-trailer drivers were handed fliers about the weather and a law requiring chains on tires.

Nah, na nah na ... once bitten twice shy baby ...
But they’re getting some extra help from above, so to speak ...

President Barack Obama declared an emergency in Georgia, ordering federal agencies to help with the state and local response.

The quiet streets were a stark contrast to the scene just two weeks earlier when downtown roads were jammed with cars, drivers slept overnight in vehicles or abandoned them on highways. Students camped in school gymnasiums.

It looks like this time it’s not going to be bad until everyone’s home,” said Dustin Wilkes, 36, of Atlanta, who was one of the few people headed to the office.

Atlanta has a painful past of being ill-equipped to deal with snowy weather. Despite officials’ promises after a crippling ice storm in 2011, the Jan. 28 storm proved they still had many kinks to work out.


In their warning, National Weather Service forecasters cited potentially crippling snow and ice accumulations as much as three-quarters of an inch for Atlanta. Wind gusts up to 25 mph could exacerbate problems.

Aaron Strickland, emergency operations director for Georgia Power, said the utility is bringing in crews from Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Michigan. Strickland, who has spent 35 years with Georgia Power, said he’s never seen an inch of ice in metro Atlanta.

“I’ve seen people forecast it, but it’s never come,” Strickland said. “And I’m hoping it don’t this time.”

And then ... and then ... and then

CBS DC: Major Winter Storm ‘Could Be Biggest Of The Season’

A major winter storm is expected to barrel up the East Coast mid-week, bringing a potentially significant snowfall to the already winter weary Washington region.

The powerful Nor’easter will blow into the mid-Atlantic region sometime after dark Wednesday is forecast to dump between 6 inches and a foot of snow on the area before blowing north Thursday afternoon.

“There’s even a chance of more than a foot, especially just north and west of the District,” meteorologist Bill Deger said.

... and then ...

Winter Storm to Take Aim on Northeast by Thursday

A storm set on bringing heavy ice and snow to the interior South Tuesday and Wednesday will reach the Northeast Wednesday night and Thursday with disruptions to travel and daily activities.

A swath of heavy snow is projected by to reach from portions of western and central Virginia, the West Virginia mountains and northern Maryland to southeastern and central Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey, southeastern New York and central New England.

And if the storm shifts just a bit to the East or West, we could get hammered even worse. Gee, wonderful.

So this could be one of the biggest dumps of the season ... and this storm doesn’t yet have a name? Whassup, the weather guys on vacation or something?


meanwhile ... somewhere ...

See More Below The Fold


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Police Brutality

OMG!! As a postman I’ve had to deal with dogs almost daily. That dog was not a threat. All you had to do was kneel down, coax the dog to you and pet him. If it was going to try to bite, I’d have pepper-sprayed it. But that was not a threatening dog. That was a dog excited about a new person.

Warning: Graphic of police shooting a non-threatening dog. Bet their mailman would back me.

Full story here

This is why mailmen aren’t armed. We find other, non-lethal, ways around your pet dogs. We make friends with them, or pepper-spray them if they are aggressive. If they are aggressive, you may have mail delivery curtailed. Shooting the dog should NOT have been the officer’s first choice. That dog was busy barking, not ready to bite.


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A class act gone.  shirley temple rip.

A touch of class .... 

H/T The Telegraph Obit page

Shirley Temple (RIP)

Shirley Temple was film’s most popular child star, with ringlets and dimples that dazzled audiences and studios alike

Shirley Temple, who has died aged 85, was the screen’s most popular child star of the 1930s, receiving at the age of eight 135,000 birthday gifts from fans the world over.


Throughout the Depression years, her sunny disposition helped audiences forget their woes and a special Oscar was presented to her for “bringing more happiness to millions of children and millions of grown-ups than any other child of her years in the history of the world”. It might have turned many a tiny tot’s head, but Shirley had her mother constantly at her side to ensure she was kept on an even keel.

Gertrude Temple was the architect of Shirley’s career, masterminding every aspect, every contract, what she ate, when she slept. Before each take, she would coach her, ignoring the director, and give her last-minute instructions. “Sparkle, Shirley,” she would say. A shrewd businesswoman, she knew instinctively how to manipulate the studios and their publicity machines to her daughter’s advantage. For good or ill, she turned little Shirley into a phenomenon. Everything she did was news. In October 1936, the world gasped as a bulletin flashed over the Reuter wires: “Shirley Temple has been sent to bed with a slight fever resulting from a cold.”

She was acting in pictures from the age of four and rapidly captivated filmgoers with her blond ringlets and dimpled charm. Dolls, books and games were named after her in a merchandising campaign matched only by Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. Yet her talent was modest. She sang off-key and cynics dismissed her dancing as “mere jigging up and down”. She liked to do impersonations but her acting was generally regarded as cute rather than compelling.

She had the child star’s built-in self-destruct mechanism — what had seemed peachy in a moppet became arch in adolescence. Attempts to extend her career into young womanhood were unsuccessful and she made her last film in 1949 — washed up in Hollywood at 21.

Yet that was not the end of the Shirley Temple story. Against all sceptics’ expectations, the little girl who had never had a normal childhood matured into a distinguished politician and diplomat. She stood (unsuccessfully) for Congress before representing America at the United Nations and serving as US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia under her married name of Shirley Temple Black.


She was born on April 23 1928 in Santa Monica, California, the daughter of a bank teller. Like many a proud mother, Gertrude Temple enrolled her child in dancing classes at the age of three and promoted her vigorously. A talent scout from Educational Pictures, a small company specialising in shorts, spotted Shirley and invited her for a screen test, which led to her appearance in 1932-33 in a string of film spoofs known as Baby Burlesks. Among them were The Incomparable More Legs Sweetrick (as Marlene Dietrich), The Pie-Covered Wagon and Polly-Tix in Washington.

She alternated these performances with small parts in now forgotten feature movies such as The Red-Haired Alibi (1932) and To the Last Man (1933), opposite Randolph Scott. While filming a second series of shorts for Educational under the title Frolics of Youth, she and her mother were approached by the much bigger Fox Film Corporation (later Twentieth Century-Fox) with a view to Shirley featuring in the film Stand Up and Cheer (1934). She passed the audition and was signed up for $150 a week. When the film opened, she stole the show with the song and dance routine Baby Take a Bow.

Recognising her star potential, Fox swung its publicity department into action. But it did not have her under exclusive contract. Earlier in the year, the astute Mrs Temple had forged a two-picture deal with Paramount and it was that studio that initially reaped the benefit of her sudden fame. It rushed her into two pictures in 1934 to fulfil the contract — Little Miss Marker, based on a Damon Runyan story, and Now and Forever, in which she was the go-between who reunites an estranged couple played by Gary Cooper and Carole Lombard.

On the strength of these pictures, Shirley’s Fox contract was renegotiated to $1,250 a week. She was cast in Bright Eyes, where she sang one of the songs indelibly associated with her, On the Good Ship Lollipop, and from then on vehicles were written especially for her. By the end of 1934, aged six, she was the eighth biggest draw in America.

A year later, she was number one and held that position four years in a row, attracting more fan mail than Greta Garbo and being photographed more often than the President himself. “I class myself with Rin Tin Tin,” she volunteered brightly.

She churned out pictures at a tremendous lick — sometimes five a year through the late-1930s — and the public clamoured for more. Features included, in 1935, The Little Colonel, Curly Top, a remake of Daddy Long Legs, and The Littlest Rebel, in which she told Abraham Lincoln that he was almost nice enough to be a Confederate. The 1936 clutch had Captain January, Dimples and Poor Little Rich Girl, while in 1937, the title role in an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s Wee Willie Winkie was changed from boy to girl especially to accommodate her.


in this film led to a notorious libel suit involving the future novelist Graham Greene, then employed as a film critic by the magazine Night and Day. At a cocktail party, after what he later described as “a dangerous third Martini” Greene dreamt up the idea of deflating the Temple balloon, but he peppered his review of her performance in Wee Willie Winkie with such litigious terms as “bilious coquetry”, “dimpled depravity” and “mature suggestiveness”.

Shirley and Twentieth Century-Fox sued. In court in March, 1938, Sir Patrick Hastings, counsel for the plaintiffs, was too mortified to bring himself to utter Greene’s words. “In my view”, he said, “it is one of the most horrible libels that one can imagine about a child. I shall not read it — it is better I should not — but a glance at the statement of claim ... is sufficient to show the nature of the libel. This beastly publication appeared but it is right to say that every respectable news distributor in London refused to be party to its sale.”

The plaintiffs won; $5,250 punitive damages were awarded to Fox, $7,000 to the actress and Night and Day folded. But as a postscript to the episode, the mature Shirley Temple bore the novelist no grudge. In 1989, she sent him an inscribed copy of her autobiography, Child Star, and invited him to tea.


Daily Mail also has good coverage here


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And Now For Something Completely Different

Boobs Man. Fearlessly checking all Boobies.

H/T: OldCatMan


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Another “Workplace Accident” For Achmed

SplodeyDopes Blow It Again


Suicide Bomb Instructor Accidentally Kills Iraqi Pupils

BAGHDAD — A group of Sunni militants attending a suicide bombing training class at a camp north of Baghdad were killed on Monday when their commander unwittingly conducted a demonstration with a belt that was packed with explosives, army and police officials said.

The militants belonged to a group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, which is fighting the Shiite-dominated army of the Iraqi government, mostly in Anbar Province. But they are also linked to bomb attacks elsewhere and other fighting that has thrown Iraq deeper into sectarian violence.

Twenty-two ISIS members were killed, and 15 were wounded, in the explosion at the camp, which is in a farming area in the northeastern province of Samara, according to the police and army officials. Stores of other explosive devices and heavy weapons were also kept there, the officials said.

Eight militants were arrested when they tried to escape, the officials said.

The militant who was conducting the training was not identified by name, but he was described by an Iraqi Army officer as a prolific recruiter who was “able to kill the bad guys for once.”

ISIS militants drove into Falluja and the nearby city of Ramadi, both in Anbar Province, earlier this year with heavy weaponry, taking control of key intersections and offices of local authorities.

“Militants” my ass. Terrorists. Blow ‘em all to hell and back.

“Now class, always remember, never touch the red button until it is time to meet Allah”.
“Which button was that, ohmost exalted teacher?”
“The red one Achmed. For the 5th time, the red one. There is only 1 button, and it is red. This is the button you do not touch!”
How should we not touch it, oh mighty sheik of learning?”
“What? Simple you misbegot fool. You don’t touch it like this!”

Blam. Guess they all learned that lesson just fine.

72 Raisin Heavenly Awards also available in bulk pack for group efforts like this

aww crap ... I just realized Christopher posted the same story. Hey, it’s worth repeating; we don’t get good news like this every day!

I posted this a few years ago, it was funny then and even funnier now.  Hmmm. So prayers really do work?



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calendar   Monday - February 10, 2014

Now what do I do?

So you are out on the frozen pond, lake or river—maybe ice fishing, ice skating, or whatever you do on ice. You fall through the ice into the freezing water. What do you do?

Somebody on my Facebook page posted what to do in that very dangerous situation.



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And There Was Much Rejoicing!

Good news today, my fellow BMEWSd, several wannabe suicide bombers successfully completed their suicide bomber training!

A group of Sunni militants attending a suicide bombing training class at a camp north of Baghdad were killed on Monday when their commander unwittingly conducted a demonstration with a belt that was packed with explosives, army and police officials said. …

… Twenty-two ISIS members were killed, and 15 were wounded, in the explosion at the camp, which is in a farming area in the northeastern province of Samara, according to the police and army officials. Stores of other explosive devices and heavy weapons were also kept there, the officials said.

Eight militants were arrested when they tried to escape, the officials said.

The militant who was conducting the training was not identified by name, but he was described by an Iraqi Army officer as a prolific recruiter who was “able to kill the bad guys for once.”

That’s one successful teacher! trophy

Full story here.


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Only a half dozen more things to do and then I can sit down in front of the PC and find something to post about.

I see lots of stories online about the terrible conditions at the Olympic hotels; corrupt guards everywhere, missing supplies in the hotels, brown water, toilets not hooked up or installed wrong, doors that lock on the wrong side, hacked phones and PCs ... well duh, what did you expect? It’s freakin Russia! OTOH, Sochi is on the Black Sea, so it really ought to be Europe, and thus stuff like this is inexcusable. Personally, I haven’t watched any of the Games yet. My cable company has compacted highlights On Demand, which lets me watch the hockey games shrunk down to 2 minutes each. That seems about right. Maybe I can catch some of the bobsled stuff or some sudden death figure skating this afternoon. I just don’t feel ready for another Olympics yet. It seems like we’ve got one every year now; they’re no longer rare and special.



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Swiss voters say ‘F’ You to EU on uncontrolled migration.

SWISS SAY ‘F’ YOU to EU on uncontrolled migration

First of all, Switzerland is not a member of the EU, and so a majority, sadly a small one but still enough to tell the EU, do not tell us how many we may or may not block from free access to OUR country.


The vote was small but in Switzerland, 50.3 percent is still a majority vote and so at last and in this one case, the voters have their voice heard and caps will follow.

I have heard interviews on the radio with citizens pro and con but the bottom line for those folks, who voted in favor of migration restrictions, is a loud NO to unrestricted free and open borders.  This is a country of some 8 million people.  That 50.3% is unwilling to see the drift to a country that is becoming less Swiss with each generation. What the voter sees is the influx of people who cannot speak their language and have nothing generally in common with their culture.

And they are not only speaking about the turd world migrants.  They do not want hoards from France, Germany or Italy either.
And btw … you can bet your last dollar that those coming from those countries originate elsewhere.  I guess the Swiss voter or at least a fraction over half of them, do not want to see their country become the cess-pit that other European countries are becoming.  To be fair, not all migrants or immigrants are of the sort you wouldn’t accept as a friend, co-worker and friend. But the question is, ok and how many of those do you find?  We have all seen the general sorts of refugees, amnesty seekers and criminals who number in the thousands.  A country like the UK finds itself unable to even deport the criminal element among their number. And all because they are members of the EU and are somewhat restricted due to the silly and equally insane “rights” industry and the courts they own.

, (say critics)


Against all expectations, the Swiss narrowly approved a referendum proposal to stop “mass migration”, which will tear up agreements with the EU on free movement of people and goods.
The official result recorded that 50.3 per cent of voters had backed the measure.
The proposal, tabled by the right-wing populist UDC (Democratic Union of Centre) party had been fiercely condemned by Swiss business groups and opposed by the federal parliament, President and government.
The result obliges Switzerland to impose unspecified annual ceilings on all foreign migrants, including Britons and other EU citizens and daily cross-border commuters from France, Italy and Germany.
Such limits would breach “open borders” treaties with Brussels, which also allow Swiss goods to circulate freely within Europe and give Swiss businesses the right to bid for EU government contracts.
The Swiss political scientist Pascal Sciarini said the country faced economic “chaos” because all its diplomatic and commercial agreements with the EU would have to be renegotiated from scratch. Over half of Swiss exports go to the EU.
The UDC argued that migration, currently running at 80,000 people a year, threatened to swamp the culture and identity of Switzerland. The country has a population of 8,000,000, of whom one in four were born abroad.
Unless ceilings abolished by a previous referendum in 2000 were re-established, the UDC said, Swiss housing, health, education and transport services would collapse under the pressure from the foreign “invasion”. The “yes” campaign’s posters showed black legs striding purposefully over a Swiss flag – recalling the party’s much criticised poster in a 2009 referendum showing white sheep ejecting a black sheep from Switzerland.
Although the party was again accused of using the race card, the most dramatic effect of the referendum result will be to scramble relations between Switzerland and its neighbours and ethnic cousins in Germany, France and Italy.
Yves Nidegger of the UDC said that a majority of Swiss people had rejected the “alarmist” tactics of business and mainstream parties who had warned that the “ten plagues of Egypt ” would strike the country if it voted “yes”.
Far from taking their revenge by ejecting Switzerland from its EU trade agreements, he said, many European countries would soon follow the “respectable and exemplary” Swiss lead and impose their own curbs on free movement of people within Europe.


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