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Obama: new executive actions on gun background checks

Crivens. Do you even need to read the article to know that this is wrong in at least 3 ways?

The Obama administration on Friday proposed two new executive actions to make it easier for states to provide mental health information to the national background check system, wading back into the gun control debate after a months-long hiatus.

Vice President Biden’s office announced the proposals Friday afternoon. Both pertain to the ability of states to provide information about the mentally ill and those seeking mental health treatment to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

One proposal would formally give permission to states to submit “the limited information necessary to help keep guns out of potentially dangerous hands,” without having to worry about the privacy provisions in a law known as HIPAA.


Biden gestures in a way that would get him expelled from school


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Just Pissing It Away

Obama Gives World $7.5 BILLION

To Fight Global Warming

Wonder which “friends” got the largesse, and which “enemies” got punished this time around?
Given how few people actually pay taxes, that’s about $100 each out of your pocket

American taxpayers spent $7.45 billion to help developing countries cope with climate change in fiscal years 2010 through 2012, according to a federal government report submitted to the United Nations on a subject that Secretary of State John Kerry described as “a truly life-and-death challenge.”

That sum of $7.45 billion, which reached more than 120 countries through bilateral and multilateral channels, met President Obama’s “commitment to provide our fair share” of a collective pledge by developed nations to provide a total of nearly $30 billion in “fast start finance” (FSF), the report stated.

The pledge was made at a Dec. 2009 U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen, and the FSF funding aims to support developing countries adapt to and cope with phenomena blamed on climate change, such as droughts and rising sea levels.

Except that the sea levels aren’t rising, and droughts are keyed to a weather cycle more than any overall climate shift, and ... oh, never mind. What do facts and reality have to do with this administration anyway? Zilch.

Plenty more at the source, but please. This is just another way to Spread The Poverty around, and to pay off various shadowy supporters around the globe.

I just came in from sweeping the snow off our cars. All that terrible Global Warming stuff has managed to bring Winter more than a month and a half early, and right now it’s something like 12°F outside. Such warming.


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Nothing To Bray About

It’s Tough To Get A Good Piece Of Ass In China

Truth: In China, Wal-Mart sells everything!!!

Wal-Mart has just recalled donkey meat products from some of its stores in China because tests have found them to be contaminated with fox meat.

Donkey is a delicacy in northern China. Fox is not.  Fox meat smells rank, according to those who know. But it is cheap (less than 50 US cents a pound) because Chinese farmers who raise foxes for their fur have no use for the animal carcasses once they have been flayed.

Chinese consumers are accustomed to discovering that they are putting things into their mouths that they had never suspected. Not long ago, some kebab stalls in Shanghai were closed down for selling rat, not lamb. “Gutter oil” recovered from drains outside restaurants and then filtered is commonly sold to other restaurants. Six babies died and 300,000 others were poisoned in 2008 after drinking milk contaminated with melamine, an industrial chemical that made the milk seem high in protein.

“It is mission impossible for us to guard against counterfeit products,” lamented one micro-blogger, commenting on the Wal-Mart scandal.

Wal-Mart, meanwhile, announced on Weibo, a Twitter-like social media platform, that it would reimburse customers who bought the tainted “Five Spice” donkey meat from its stores in the coastal province of Shandong, where donkey is especially popular.

Pretty gross ... and I left out the really nasty bits and links from the article.

You can’t trust anything from China to be what it ought to be. They lie, cheat, and counterfeit like nobody’s business. On everything.


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calendar   Thursday - January 02, 2014

what, again???

Winter Storm Hercules Brings The Snow

Looks like we’re in for it. Snow started an hour and a half ahead of predicted schedule, and is falling at about 1/2” per hour. Fine stuff; it’s friggin’ cold outside.

So ‘round and ‘round we go, when will it stop, nobody knows. Prediction is for around 7am after dusting us with about 6"-8" of the white stuff.

I am prepared. I zipped off to the store this afternoon and got peppers and onions and cilantro and avacados and chips and tortillas and chicken and burritos and refries. So we’ll start by turning the end of the holiday roast beef into fajitas and quesadillas, and then Mex it up after that as much as we feel like.

I also picked up a case of Sam Adam’s Winter Lager, which is so good I’m starting to think of it as dog beer. No, not beer to feed your dog. But you know how a dog eats, right? Food! Glump. Gone! And that’s how these beers are. Yum, glug, empty!! So a 6 just wasn’t gonna work for the two of us.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Middle of the night update: 1:52am. Yup, still snowing. Still snowing hard. Fine, fine stuff. Maybe 4” total? Hard to tell. It’s got to be powder because it’s so cold. So cold: right now it’s 11°F. Which makes it the coldest moment of this year. And probably of last year as well. Unfortunately, according to the Weather Channel, this might just be the high temp of the day. It’s supposed to keep right on snowing into mid-morning, while the mercury plummets. Down to the single digits, bottoming out at 0 around dawn tomorrow. Then it looks like we’re in for a wobbly week, high 30s one day, single digits the next and a balmy 41 by next Saturday.

But for now it’s going to be Horry Clap Cold, so we’ll just sit right here in our little nest. I feel a bit sorry for the animals out in this, especially the deer. Shame they don’t have dens, nests, or even burrows to get away from the weather. What do they do? I’d think about digging into a leaf pile somewhere in the woods, or getting under some seriously thick and large hedges. OTOH, they’re covered in thick hard fur so maybe they don’t even feel it.


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time to read and think

Forbes Op-Ed-

Obama To Americans: You Don’t Deserve To Be Free

President Obama’s Kansas speech is a remarkable document. In calling for more government controls, more taxation, more collectivism, he has two paragraphs that give the show away. Take a look at them.

there is a certain crowd in Washington who, for the last few decades, have said, let’s respond to this economic challenge with the same old tune. “The market will take care of everything,” they tell us. If we just cut more regulations and cut more taxes–especially for the wealthy–our economy will grow stronger. Sure, they say, there will be winners and losers. But if the winners do really well, then jobs and prosperity will eventually trickle down to everybody else. And, they argue, even if prosperity doesn’t trickle down, well, that’s the price of liberty.

Now, it’s a simple theory. And we have to admit, it’s one that speaks to our rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much government. That’s in America’s DNA. And that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. (Laughter.) But here’s the problem: It doesn’t work. It has never worked. (Applause.) It didn’t work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression. It’s not what led to the incredible postwar booms of the ’50s and ’60s. And it didn’t work when we tried it during the last decade. (Applause.) I mean, understand, it’s not as if we haven’t tried this theory.

[ readical capitalism: ] That’s the political philosophy on which Obama is trying to hang the blame for the recent financial crisis and every other social ill. But ask yourself, are we few radical capitalists in charge? Have radical capitalists been in charge at any time in the last, oh, say 100 years?

I pick 100 years deliberately, because it was exactly 100 years ago that a gigantic anti-capitalist measure was put into effect: the Federal Reserve System. For 100 years, government, not the free market, has controlled money and banking. How’s that worked out? How’s the value of the dollar held up since 1913? Is it worth one-fiftieth of its value then or only one-one-hundredth? You be the judge. How did the dollar hold up over the 100 years before this government take-over of money and banking? It actually gained slightly in value.

Laissez-faire hasn’t existed since the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890.

The philosophy of individualism and the politics of laissez-faire would mean government spending of about one-tenth its present level. It would also mean an end to all regulatory agencies: no SEC, FDA, NLRB, FAA, OSHA, EPA, FTC, ATF, CFTC, FHA, FCC–to name just some of the better known of the 430 agencies listed in the federal register.

Even you, dear reader, are probably wondering how on earth anyone could challenge things like Social Security, government schools, and the FDA. But that’s not the point. The point is: these statist, anti-capitalist programs exist and have existed for about a century. The point is: Obama is pretending that the Progressive Era, the New Deal, and the Great Society were repealed, so that he can blame the financial crisis on capitalism. He’s pretending that George Bush was George Washington.

The question is: in the messy mixture of government controls and remnants of capitalism, which element caused the Great Depression and the recent financial crisis?

By raising that question, we uncover the fundamental: the meaning of capitalism and the meaning of government controls. Capitalism means freedom. Government means force.

Suddenly, the whole issue comes into focus: Obama is saying that freedom leads to poverty and force leads to wealth. He’s saying: “Look, we tried leaving you free to live your own life, and that didn’t work. You have to be forced, you have to have your earnings seized by the state, you have to work under our directions–under penalty of fines or imprisonment. You don’t deserve to be free.”

As a bit of ugly irony, this is precisely what former white slave-owners said after the Civil War: “The black man can’t handle freedom; we have to force him for his own good.” The innovation of the Left is to extend that viewpoint to all races.

Read the whole thing and think things through.

Yes, we have something I guess you could call “tempered capitalism” these days. “Well regulated” in a meaning that no militia ever dreamed of. Quite the reverse actually. Forbes magazine argues for less regulation. Obama argues for more. Can we get by with no regulation at all? Where do you stand?


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more comments from 2013 but a different source. oh boy are they different.

There were 40 celebrity quotes in the morning paper, Daily Mail.

Some were amusing, Roger Moore was downright funny.  And then, there were stupid ones you can’t begin to imagine.

So I just grabbed a few to share with you.  I grabbed ones I am sure you’ll find of interest because in a couple of cases … a few actually … they are comments of far left lib. useful idiots and brainless absolute jerks.  I would think if they really did care all that much for humanity and all the rest of their BS …. they would take poison or else shoot themselves to make the world a better place.
Scratch that last one.  They don’t like guns.  Perhaps they could just fall into a river or off a building.

One monster, and even looks it, is that filthy looking ignoramus, that high priestess of stupid …. Sinead O’ Connor.

I happen to have a very long standing hatred of this piece if ignorant shit, this small talent ego-maniacal slag.  Goes back many years ago and it has to do with our national anthem.  Wait, I’m not talking about the Stars and Bars now.  I mean Old Glory, The Stars and Stripes.  She didn’t approve of it.  What happened was;

There was a concert she headlined in the USA.  At the venue it was the habit to play the anthem before opening the show.  It took place I think during the Viet Nam war, where our grunts were being stabbed in the back by “students” and others who wanted to be young again. Anyway ...

This O’Connor slag, this uglier than ugly, told the concert promoters she would refuse to go on stage if they played the anthem.  She said she did not believe in them, for any country, so she was not singling out ours alone.  Well obviously the promoters had a lot at stake.  Not national pride, not patriotism, but money lost if they had to refund tickets.  Who knows?  I sure don’t.  I don’t like them any better than I do her.  But imagine ….. the slag is in OUR country, making money in OUR country, and she thought (rightly it turned out) that she could decide on whether or not our anthem got played.
So I hate her guts along with that other bitch named Fonda.

That’s the background of my feelings.  One might be correct to assume that, I did not forget … and I don’t forgive.  And I wish her the worst.  And I shouldn’t when I think about it. No.  You see, for all that I have wished ill for that traitor Fonda, she has gone from strength to strength.  And O’Connor appears to be alive and well. Still.  In spite of my best (worst?) wishes. 

Oh … and just wait til you see her quote.  Coming up soon.

‘I’ve always thought I looked better naked’: Daft, vacuous, vain… It was a vintage year for inane celebrity quotes. So who said what?

By Daily Mail Reporter

Celebrities really do say the silliest things. From the man who admitted attempting a world record for sitting on the lavatory to the woman who said one of their ex-husbands had moved on to a woman who looks like a pig’s backside.

‘This is going to sound big-headed — but I find myself endlessly fascinating.’
Far left ugly duckling writes for marxist guardian newspaper. 
imageJulie Burchill

‘Unfortunately, the masses are stupid. Only the individual is beautiful.’
Gerard Depardieu

‘I always thought I looked better naked.’
image Anna Chancellor

‘Which artists do I admire today? Myself.’
imageYoko Ono

‘I find Madonna insanely irritating and completely fake. And I think she feels the same way about me.’ Piers Morgan

‘I get out of bed, look through my little black book for a likely phone number, pop a handful of Viagra into my mouth and put my teeth in.’

imageRoger Moore

Here comes the big one bmews.

‘My biggest disappointment is that, so far, none of my children has told me they’re gay.’

imageSinead O’Connor

And btw … I am no great fan of that other slag, Loco Yoko. Had her late husband not been who he was, we wouldn’t know of her.
No class and no talent either.


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going shopping


I figure, why not start off with something classy?

Not sure of who the model is, but she gives me that Brenda 90210 vibe. But perhaps more innocent?


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our own splodeydopes


14 taken to hospitals after Minneapolis fire

MINNEAPOLIS — A billowing fire engulfed a three-story building with several apartments near downtown Minneapolis early Wednesday, sending more than a dozen people to hospitals with injuries — some critical — ranging from burns to trauma associated with falls.

An explosion was reported about 8:15 a.m., and within minutes a fire raged through the building, said Robert Ball, a spokesman for Hennepin County Emergency Medical Services. Paramedics, amid sub-zero temperatures, responded to find victims on the ground, some with injuries that suggested they may have fallen multiple stories.

A mosque that is next door to the gutted building appeared to escape any obvious structural damage. Abdisalam Adam, the imam at Islamic Civic Society of America & Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah, watched the firefighting efforts and said he was praying for those affected by the fire.

“It’s devastating and very sad,” he said.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said it was monitoring the fire in case the mosque was targeted, said MN-CAIR board member Zuhar Ahmed.

In the subzero stillness of New Year’s Day morning, an explosion and fire tore through a century-old building in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, injuring at least 14 people — six critically — and destroying an immigrant-owned grocery store and the 10 apartments above it.

Family members and friends reported that three or four others known to have lived in the apartments have not been located and are feared dead.


The building housed the Otonga grocery store. The apartments above it were apparently all occupied by single men, most of them East African immigrants, a resident said.

It may be quite a while before we find out the cause of the fire, if indeed we ever do. Therefore the rest of this post is pure speculation. The entire incident smells fishy…

A big explosion occurs next door to a mosque that has an unabashed affection for the Muslim Brotherhood, in a Somali neighborhood where terrorists are known to hang out — what could possibly be amiss with that?

Nothing, except possibly an Islamophobic hate crime, according to CAIR ...


The earliest photos show an intense and rapidly-spreading fire that looks like it originated on the second floor, immediately above the grocery. This would be consistent with the unexpected detonation of an explosive substance — say, ammonium nitrate, just to pick a random example — which then distributed very flammable material within an enclosed space, creating a flash-fire.

Were the three missing occupants would-be mujahideen who experienced a premature… ahem… detonation?

This section of Minneapolis is known as “little Mogadishu” because of the large Somali population.

The building where the explosion took place had a Halal market on the first floor and a mosque that teaches sharia law next-door. According to Star-Tribnue, “the apartments are all occupied by single men.”
Tonight, suicide bombers killed at least 11 in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. The group behind the attack is Al-Shabaab, an al Qaeda cell.  They were responsible for last years Westgate mall attack in Kenya.

Because the cause of this morning’s explosion Minneapolis is not yet known so it is pure conjecture to say that there is a connection between the explosion in the terror event half a world away.. However, there is a clear connection between Minnesota and the group behind the Mogadishu car bombings.

Three Minnesota man who went to Somalia to martyr themselves for Al Qaeda were featured in a recruitment film last year.

We’ve seen hundreds of cases of premature detonation (alla ack-oops!) over the past decade. Nearly everywhere the jihadis build their little bombs, some Imadumbjihad manages to set one off by accident. And there is a KNOWN terrorist connection in this neighborhood.

But don’t expect anything from the feds. Hell, these people here are Somalis ... Africans ... Eric Holder’s “people”. They can’t be terrorists! Not allowed!! There are no terrorists in or from Africa! No jihadis, none!! Never!

Nothing to see here, move along. Because, racist!!!!


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calendar   Wednesday - January 01, 2014

Oh Not Again

You know what sucks?

What sucks is not being able to go on a beer run because fire trucks have all the cars blocked in front of your condo.


Yeah, some idiot halfway down the building had some electrical short or something. By the time the Fire Department got here, it was over. But after the condo fire across the street last month, these guys rolled the whole department just in case.

Me? I didn’t know a thing about it. I was finishing off the toilet installation, and when I put the old bowl in a big plastic bin to drag it upstairs to the recycling, I saw these flashing lights from around the corner and heard all these diesel engines chugging alone. WTH? And there they were. So I talked to the LT and said he could send his guys around to sniff out smoke or smells or whatever it is they do, but he didn’t think it was necessary.

But they’re still out there, and now the beer store is closed.  And the old toilet is parked on the outside landing, halfway up the outside stairs. I wasn’t going to be seen dragging a toilet all about at 9pm you know.


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a visual

‘Actually, we don’t think it’s flooding. We think Britain’s sinking’

Cartoonists just nail things perfectly.  Erm,,, maybe I should say only the ones I agree with?  Yeah. That sounds about right.

This is more a cartoon comment on the new immigration flood expected. 
The newspaper in lower right I believe reads, immigration doors open


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happy story to start the year … would be robber no longer in business.  buys the farm instead.

Good news to start the year off.  One would be punk mugger dies.
Bullet bounces off victim, kills mugger.
That’s what it says and I am happy to believe it.

i news
A 16-year-old mugger has been killed after a bullet fired by an accomplice ricocheted off their victim’s face and shot him dead.
The incident happened when a group of males accosted the man at a housing complex in San Francisco and demanded he hand over his possessions, police said.
The man complied, but as the muggers were taking his valuables, including a mobile phone, one of them pulled a handgun and shot at him.
The bullet struck his face, bounced off, then hit one of the other robbers, 16-year-old Clifton Chatman.
When police arrived on the scene, Chatman was pronounced dead and the muggers’ victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries. He is expected to survive.
The other suspects fled following the shooting, which happened at around 11pm on 14 December.
A second 16-year-old has now been arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted robbery. Police did not say whether they believe he was the one who pulled the trigger.
The remaining members of the group involved in the crime are being searched for by investigators.

Some pointless things read and (possibly) taken as fact.
Just a time waster below for a rainy, chilly, gloomy all day sort of day. Ah ... just the thing.
Strong tea and a whipped cream donut.  Yeah.

The English surnames Temples, Hatman, Rummage, Nithercott, Raynott, Southwark and Woodbead have died out.
Sophie Hannah, the novelist, is promising to write a thriller with characters bearing all those names.

Amazon was at one stage going to be called Relentless. Whose idea was that?
Type in, it redirects to the US Amazon page.  Really.  I tried it.

You have a stack of pancakes of different sizes and you want to put them in order, the smallest at the top and the largest at the bottom. You can stick a spatula anywhere in the stack and flip over all the pancakes above that point: what is the largest number of flips required? For a stack of two, the pancake number is one. For a stack of 19, it is 22. But no one has been able to calculate the pancake number for a stack of 20.  Shouldn’t the question be, who’d want to bother?

The only research paper that Bill Gates ever wrote, was on the subject of pancake numbers.

The French for walkie-talkie is talkie-walkie. ….. ? 
French slang for sofa bed is clic-clac because of the noise it makes, although the proper French is canapé-lit, which is almost as good. 

The Welsh for microwave is popty-ping. 

I didn’t research anything to see if true or not.  I simply found the ideas amusing.  Although I must say, with regard to Welsh, I’d be ready to believe anything. Have any of you ever heard that language spoken?  Besides our LyndonB who may have.

Happy day 1 all.


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