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Female recruits get £100,000 compensation each… because they were made to march like men

This story is a month old but no less interesting for that.

I’ve been digging my way thru news clippings I’ve been taking out of papers.  I manage to get so far behind in my efforts that sometimes, and this is one of them, where I actually can’t easily recall if I have already posted.  My habit is to discard immediately papers and clipping that have been used.  So, since I still have this and can’t seem to find another mention of it here at bmews, altho late ...  here it is.

Now then .... is this a bit of nonsense or do the ladies have a point?

I don’t recall ever hearing or reading women complain in the past.  I’m trying to remember and having a hard time of it but; When I was in the Navy I don’t believe our Waves wore skirts quite as tight as those shown here. Seems to me the dresses were a bit fuller.  Not too much so but still not tight.  Has memory failed me or have I remembered correctly?

Female RAF recruits get £100,000 compensation each… because they were made to march like men

Women claimed injuries were caused by parading alongside male colleagues
They have been awarded compensation after a five-year legal battle
The women received more than soldiers who suffered wounds in combat

By Mark Nichol

Three female RAF recruits have each been awarded £100,000 by the Ministry of Defence after suffering injuries caused by marching in step with their male colleagues.


The women claimed that parading alongside taller male recruits caused them to over-stride, a repetitive motion which, when repeated over several weeks, led them to develop spinal and pelvic injuries.

Now, after a five-year bitter legal battle, which saw the MoD accuse the women of exaggerating their symptoms, they have been awarded more compensation than soldiers who suffered serious gunshot wounds in Afghanistan.

Despite the fact that the women – aged 17, 22 and 23 at the time – were injured in the first nine weeks of their RAF training, they have been compensated for nine years of lost earnings and pension perks.

All have recovered and have successful careers outside the military.

The payouts come as the Armed Forces’ compensation bill for 2012/13 topped £108.9million – up £21million on the previous financial year.

former Defence Minister Gerald Howarth said: ‘This case is completely and utterly ridiculous – it belongs in the land of the absurd.

‘The defence budget is strapped and we’re making 20,000 troops redundant, yet these former recruits are being paid six-figure sums.

‘The MoD must stand up to the compensation culture and get the wider public on its side. If the RAF has erred in its training procedures it is because of society’s obsession with gender equality.

‘Every pound they’ve been awarded should be clawed back by offsetting their compensation against future earnings.’

Good God what kind of formation is that?  Are they in boot camp?

Some further info here


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mess with me i breaka you legs … and he did but now is accused of assault by idiot prosecutor

Do you need to see more than this to grasp how dumb the decision made by the plod?

Which now of course leaves him wide open to litigation as the crud with broken limbs is sure to win.  And ... since the arrest was made with a charge of excessive force, how else would a court rule?  So the cards are stacked.  He should have killed both of them, and being in possession of the kind of equipment his business uses, he should have been able to bury them quite deeply on his property.  Who’d look for them?  I really just do not understand the need for the police or the courts in something like this.  No. An end to the unnecessary breathing of the miscreants would be the right and proper solution.

Crime does not pay.

Wanna Bet?  Sure it does.  Especially when a guy like Mr. Woodhouse says later that, he was “gutted and sickened” by what he had done to the perps.  Why? He should feel very good about it.


Andrew Woodhouse on trial facing assault charges on two raiders

The 44-year-old businessman denies GBH and GBH with intent

Kevin Green and Timothy Cross ended up with £75 fines for theft

By James Rush

A businessman who attacked two thieves caught red-handed in a night-time raid was arrested after defending his property, a court has heard.

Andrew Woodhouse, 44, was today on trial facing assault charges on the two raiders he found stealing diesel from his business.

A jury heard how Woodhouse grabbed a fence post one was carrying as a weapon - and used it to fight back against them.

The father-of-five - who says he has repeatedly been a victim of crime at his gardening company - kept hold of the two burglars until police arrived.

But the court was told it was Woodhouse who was then arrested and accused of using excessive force.

The thieves ended up with £75 fines - but businessman Woodhouse could face a prison sentence if he is found guilty of attacking them.

Defence lawyer Andrew Taylor said: ‘These thieves thought they would have nice easy pickings that night.

‘Many people would have given up and just claimed on their insurance but Mr Woodhouse is made of sterner stuff.

‘He showed stoicism, courage and fitness to chase them. One of the men was armed and went to attack him. He acted in lawful self-defence.

‘He agrees the red mist came down which you can understand when his business has almost been wiped out by crime.

‘If it hadn’t been for him these men would not have been caught. Where are we in society when a person cannot act in self-defence to protect his property. That is what Mr Woodhouse was doing.’

Kevin Green, 53, and Timothy Cross, 32, tried to escape into a neighbouring field with jerry cans full of stolen fuel, the court heard.

But Woodhouse chased Green - and caught him near their getaway car. The court heard he then attacked Green leaving him with two broken legs and a broken arm.

The court heard he then chased Cross before rugby-tackling him. He lay on top of the raider until police arrived.

Prosecutor James Wilson said: ‘When he saw his hard-earned money carted off by a couple of ne’er-do-wells, he gave chase in anger intending to injure them.’

Mr Wilson described it an ‘unreasonable and unlawful assault.’

He said: ‘It was not reasonable self-defence. Mr Woodhouse lost his temper and went over the top.

read the link.
update to a previous article, read more


3:30p .... Jan. 23

Cleared in 20 minutes: Businessman who defended his property from fuel burglars

A landscape gardener who attacked two thieves he caught trying to steal from his business was cleared of grievous bodily harm in just 20 minutes today.

Andrew Woodhouse, 44, was accused of using excessive force when he broke the arms and legs of one and rugby tackled the other, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

But today the jury decided he had every right to defend his property from criminals Kevin Green and Timothy Cross, who ended up with £75 fines.

The father-of-five had faced a possible life jail sentence - but was found not guilty of two grievous bodily harm charges for the citizen’s arrest of two raiders.


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the great flood of 2013.

A bit unusual for us but .... caught these very striking black and white photos of recent floods here.  I like Blk & Wht a lot.

Photographer Matilda Temperley


There’s quite a bit to see and thought they are well worth the time to see.  I have read and I have heard that most really great pictures are like 90% simple luck.
I think Vilmar once told me something like that if not exactly that.  But ... I think the luck part is perhaps being at a certain place you found yourself and something just happened to be going on.  Good photography, really good photography, is having an eye for composition.  And I do not think that can be taught.
Ppl like Vilmar for example, are born with it. They aren’t aware they have some kind of special anything.  I have no eye whatever, so if by chance I get a really good shot, now that my friends truly is .... nothin’ but luck.

There are 29 photos.  I wouldn’t call them spectacular, but they are dramatic as only black and white can make them. 
There’s a rather interesting video titled, Muchelney, the Somerset village turned island by flooding
which is on the facing page at my link.

My link here starts with #3. My mistake so see the first 2 also.  With regard to the first photo.  Please take a close look at the left side. My old eyes don’t see as well as they once did, sad to say. 
What do you folks make of whatever it is on the left.
There seem to be two weird looking sci-fi objects over there, and I really can’t see em well enough to work out what exactly they are.

great flood of 2014

photos from The Telegraph


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calendar   Wednesday - January 22, 2014

Guy’s FYI

Cadillac has a new commercial out for their SRX mommy-van, wherein this stunningly beautiful woman drops off the kids at school, and all the young dads there with their kids are mesmerized. Stopped dead in their tracks. Zoned.

They aren’t noticing the car at all either, even with its remote control rear hatch release. And, oh my, doesn’t she know it.

The background tune is Stacy’s Mom of course, played by Fountains of Wayne.


The actress is Magali Amadei, a french model who lives in New York City.

I thought maybe it was the miraculous return of Justine Grenier, PMOM from 30 years ago, but no.


Not that I care. I could watch the car ad all day. And still never see the vehicle.



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the net has so much to teach and inform. and yet … there are so many trolls.

Of some possible historical interest.

Look at these poor long gone tommies. Can’t even imagine what that must have been like.  And Passchendaele was, like everywhere else in that war, a bloodbath. On both sides.
I don’t guess any war is a joy to behold.  What I mean is, it ain’t like the movies.
But there’s something especially sad about this one. 

I knew but had not read much, about the men, on all sides, who refused to go on moral grounds.  I was aware of a famous American actor who refused to kill anyone but volunteered as an ambulance driver. I knew women were handing out white feathers (it was feathers wasn’t it?) to young men at home who were not in uniform. 
But that was pretty much it. 

World War One documents reveal stories of those who pleaded not to fight

Newly published documents from First World War reveal the stories of thousands of men who pleaded for an exemption from fighting.

By Jasper Copping

Newly published documents from the First World War reveal a previously overlooked side of the conflict - the stories of thousands of men who pleaded not to go and fight.

British stretcher bearers in Passchendaele in 1917

The records, which have been placed online by the National Archives, are from hearings held during the war to rule on whether those who had applied for exemptions from military service should be allowed not to serve.

They show a variety of reasons cited for resisting conscription, including medical, family and economic grounds.
Only 577 of the 11,307 cases in the files (around five per cent) related to conscientious objectors - those who refused to fight on moral grounds.
The majority of appeals were dismissed and many people did go on to fight. However, in some cases exemptions were granted.

The files provide an insight into the impact of the First World War on families, businesses and communities far from the battlefields, and also lay bare the social tensions caused by the conflict, and the resistance of some men to serve.

The hearings were considered so sensitive that after the war, most files were destroyed.

In one case disclosed in the archives, the tribunal deciding on the case of Charles Rubens Busby, a butcher, was sent an letter signed only “a father and householder S H M” questioning why he had allowed to keep his shop open and remain at home while “married men have had to shut up their shop and go”.

The letter writer, a 68-year-old, said he had lost two sons in the fighting while Busby, 40, had made “heaps of money” and had deliberately joined a voluntary organisation to avoid being called up.

The butcher, who was described as “a proper rotter of a man” and a “rotten shirker”, was accused of “bragging” about how he would not be called to fight, even taking bets on the matter.

Busby, a father of three daughters, apparently lost his case and went to serve in the Royal Navy, for which he seems to have served ashore, and the Royal Air Force. He survived the war and was discharged in 1919. He died in 1955.


These make for very interesting reading. For me, because I had never seen or read this sort of stuff that relates to that war. Check these links at the at the main story.

Related Articles:

The stories of those who didn’t want to go to war 22 Jan 2014

World War One diaries go online 14 Jan 2014

Harry Ward

Describing himself as a foreign correspondent and bookkeeping clerk, he resisted serving on conscientious grounds on the basis of his socialist beliefs.

He lost his initial hearing after the chairman said that as a socialist he could not possibly have a conscience.

The manner of this dismissal was raised in parliament by an MP and Ward, 20, from Ponders End, appealed. He lost this hearing too, but later appealed to the central tribunal.


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look who’s keeping an eye on gypsy immigrants now.

H/T Kafir Crusaders

This item is a month old, interesting nonetheless.  It’s the first time I’ve seen it, can’t figure out why, since it appeared on TV to begin with, the story didn’t appear in our morning papers. Maybe it did and I just missed it. But don’t know how as this wouldn’t be that easy to miss. Would it?  Just a thought but, could have been one of those days I didn’t see one of the papers.  I didn’t see it on line anywhere either.
Better late than never.

Boo-Hoo.  Muslim traditions and culture (?) being undermined by who?

Take a look at this reblog.

Video: LOL, Muslims Patrolling Sheffield Moaning About Roma Gypsy Immigrants

I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle to myself whilst watching this video at the irony and hypocrisy of it all. Pakistani Muslim immigrants in high viz jackets walking the streets of Sheffield to keep an eye on the Roma gypsy immigrants who have flooded the area.  Moaning about the negative effect they are having on the area and an increase in tensions between the Muslims and the Gypsies.

The Muslims are right, the Gypsy scroungers are not wanted or needed here and do drag the country down.

Well now the Muslims know exactly how us Brit’s feel then at their mass influx and negative effect of the nation. How Muslim immigration has been destroying our country from within. Wiping out communities as places like Bradford, Burnley, Bolton, Tower Hamlets, Dewsbury, Rochdale, Oldham, Blackburn, Luton and Leicester fall victim to Islamization and turn into Muslim enclaves.

At least the Gypsies aren’t forcing their food on the Muslims! Or that Muslim children learn their heritage at school! Or Gypsy men aren’t grooming Muslim schoolgirls and raping Muslim women en mass like the British people have thanks to Muslim immigration.


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See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Tuesday - January 21, 2014

And Away With You, You Immodest Blurt

Winter Storm Janus heads up the coast after paying us a 16 hour visit.

And dumping a foot of white stuff on the ground.

And bringing another round of damn bloody cold along behind it.

You bastard!!


Winter storm set to ‘go bananas’ across Northeast

A wintry double whammy has descended on the Northeast, bringing as much as a foot of snow and another blast of arctic air.

The latest blow to a weather-beaten region has snarled airports and interstates, closed schools and shuttered much of the nation’s capital. Initially forecast to be a modest blurt of cold weather, the system is now packing a real punch.

“Every once in a while these little winter storms go bananas, and we think this might be the one,” said Kevin Roth, a lead meteorologist with the Weather Channel.

Governors in Delaware, New Jersey and New York declared states of emergency as blizzard conditions hit along the heavily populated Interstate 95 corridor.
The heaviest snow is expected in the later afternoon into the evening. Overnight lows could reach the single digits with the wind chill making it feel like 5 below.

The storm has already led some school districts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky to send students home early Tuesday or cancel classes ahead of time.

It has also forced New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to scrap a party Tuesday night on Ellis Island in celebration of his second inauguration.

You think that’s bad? They actually cancelled bowling league tonight. Cancelled. Bowling league. Horry Clap!! That NEVER happens. Not never.


Early evening in Long Island Bahamas. This has nothing to do with today’s wintery post!


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gun porn

Long day for me and been up since approx.3am. So before shut down I ran across this item of interest.

Does this gun appear somewhat cumbersome to you? 

Take a look.  And there are some very good close up stills at the link below.

The Backpack Cannon: Smith & Wesson unveil their new monster revolver - ‘a great gun for a back-up gun or for hunting’

Backpack cannon is for ‘when critters are big enough to eat you’
Packs a huge .460 calibre bullet, shock handle and high-vis sight
Smith & Wesson admit that handguns are ‘second choice’ to rifles

By Luke Garratt


Gun Manufacturers Smith & Wesson have unleashed their newest revolver: a monster .460 calibre handgun which they say is ‘great for a back-up gun, or for hunting’.

Named the ‘Backpack Cannon’, the gun was unveiled in Las Vegas on Monday at the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade show, the largest gun show in the U.S., which around 60,000 gun fans attend every year.

The cannon - officially called the Performance Center Model.460 - features a three-inch barrel, high visibility sights and synthetic shock absorber on the rear of the handle, as well as a massive chamber to fit the gigantic .460 calibre rounds, which are some of the biggest and most powerful bullets in the world.

Smith & Wesson acknowledges that revolvers have been replaced by high-capacity semi-automatic pistols such as the Glock series when it comes to self defense, often taking the place of ‘second-choice’ among potential gun owners.

However large caliber still have a dedicated following, with models such as the .500 Magnum - which fires an even larger bullet than the backpack cannon - being the most popular example.

But while they may be toted by action film heroes, the reality is that large caliber weapons such as the .460 revolver are largely confined to target shooting.

Smith & Wesson says they think that their new revolver will make a nice companion for those that enjoy outdoor activities.

more to read and see here


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some disquieting news. and you thought my home state was la-la land. talk about alseep at the wheel

I think we can be fairly sure that the security services will be watching these lice.  Don’t see how they can not be trailing them or listening in to phone conversations if any. 
That said, I still think it’s daft.  We are I believe all for freedoms, but surely there has to be a limit. And a limit too on how much the public at large should be exposed to the threats of death and worse. 

Now if bmews readers think this is crazy .... how about this one.

A Bangladeshi immigrant stabbed her eight month old baby in the stomach with a kitchen knife, the baby survived but, the woman won the “right” to stay in Britain last year so that ....  “She Can Have Contact With Her Child.” You couldn’t make that up.
She was jailed for five years and the home office tried to kick her out of the country at the end of her sentence, but her lawyer claimed deporting her breached her human rights.  AND ..... You ready?  The asylum court agreed!  Here’s what the court in part said.

Her removal would not be proportionate to her crime.

Can you believe that?  I tell you folks, the insanity in the name of rights is way over the top. It’s off the scale.  How do ya measure something like that?

Free within days, the extremist plotting UK Mumbai-style attack: Fanatic who attended training camp with July 21 bombers will have controls lifted to protect human rights

Unnamed plotter was put under a Terrorism Prevention Investigation Measure which includes a tag and strict curfew for the public’s protection

Order will be lifted under new rules to protect terror suspects’ human rights

Security Services say there’s ‘a real risk’ he will seek to revive his plans to undertake attacks in the UK once the order is revoked

By James Slack

An Islamist fanatic will be freed from anti-terror controls within days despite being ‘determined’ to carry out a Mumbai-style attack in Britain.

The extremist attended a terror training camp in Cumbria with four of the five attempted suicide bombers involved in the London attacks of July 21, 2005.

He repeatedly tried to buy guns in what was suspected as a plot to carry out a mass-casualty attack in the UK, and has also travelled to Syria for ‘training’.

The plotter, known only as ‘CD’, was put under a Terrorism Prevention Investigation Measure (T-PIM) – including a tag and strict curfew – to protect the public in January 2012.

The Security Service say that without the T-PIM there is ‘a real risk CD will seek to revive his plans to undertake attacks in the UK’.

He has a number of associates in London ‘in connection with the attempted purchase of firearms’ and officials say that he would be able to quickly buy weapons.

But the order will be lifted on Sunday under rules introduced to protect the ‘human rights’ of terror suspects.

This is despite a judge ruling that the man has been trained in terrorism and that his ‘views and determination are unchanged’.

CD is one of six fanatics who are due to be released from their T-PIMS by the end of this month.

They also include a would-be suicide bomber involved in the liquid bomb plot to murder thousands by blowing up seven transatlantic planes. Experts estimate the total bill for MI5 and the police to keep tabs on the six suspects once their T-PIM restrictions are lifted could reach £20million a year.

Go here for the rest of the insanity


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‘It is time – for a Guinness’

Caught this today in morning paper ..... found it of interest.  Nothing else to say about it.

Guinness planned to advertise in Nazi Germany with posters featuring Zeppelins and Swastika flags

Campaign drawn up by company in 1936 - the year of the Berlin Olympics

Pictures featured Berlin stadium with Swastika flags and a Nazi soldier

Guinness’ London office vetoed the plans, but Irish office asked for posters

The artwork, which is now thought to be worth £1.2million, was never used

By Chris Pleasance and Chris Brooke


These days, it’s known as the quintessential Irish drink and is a firm favourite in British pubs. But Guinness almost faced a very different fate – as the tipple of choice for Nazi Germany.

These draft posters, found by former brewer David Hughes and dating back to 1936, reveal the firm’s planned advertising campaign for the Third Reich.

Drawn by John Gilroy, who produced most of the company’s classic advertising, the collection was produced in 1936, the same year as the Berlin Olympics.

The images, which were never used, include a smiling German soldier holding a pint of stout with the slogan ‘It is time – for a Guinness’.

One picture features a Wehrmacht soldier holding a pint with the caption, ‘It’s time for a Guinness’, while another features toucans with beer glasses balanced on their beaks flying above the Olympic stadium which is draped in Swastika flags.

The paintings are all originals, made using oil on canvas, and would have been used to mass-produce poster copies, but were never actually used.

The images, which are now thought to be worth £1.2million, feature in a new book, Gilroy Was Good For Guinness, written by former Guinness brewer David Hughes.


In the book is a memo from executives at the drink maker to SH Benson, their longtime advertising partner, which shows that the Irish and London offices did not agree on the campaign.

It says: ‘Dear John. Another hot potato, I’m afraid. This one comes from St James’s Gate [Guinness’s Dublin headquarters], who are busy wooing an importer in Berlin.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Hughes said he believes it is unlikely that Guinness, SH Benson and Gilroy were aware of the true horrors of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime.

He said: ‘In 1936, people were a bit naïve about Nazi symbolism and what it came to mean.

‘People were starting to believe the Germans were dangerous. Guinness in London did not favour getting into the German market but in Ireland there was a somewhat ambivalent attitude towards Nazi Germany.’



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calendar   Monday - January 20, 2014

alive i think

Still sick but generally much better. Can not stay awake today. Slept mostly Ok last night, but ive been up 5 times since 7am. Have a cup of coffee, a little bit of something to eat, and then 10 minutes later I crawl back under the blankets. It’s now 3:30 in the afternoon and I’m trying yet again. Just want to sleep and sleep and sleep today. Funny thing is, I’m finally past so much of the congestion, so I’m breathing better than I have in a week. Not even coughing off a rib every half hour like I’ve been doing, or flooding several tissues blowing my nose. Uck, it’s been a rotten week, that’s for sure!

Right. Next cup is ready. Then maybe I’ll be awake enough to gey my morning shower in. Just in time for dinner. Arrggh.


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a team of American Egyptologists discovered a previously unknown tomb.

Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient cemetery thought to contain the tombs of 16 pharaohs.

Now that really is news, even if the subject holds no interest for some.

If they found this after all this time; how much more must remain?

I have read that here in the UK alone, treasure hunters have discovered 75,000 objects of antiquity in just one year. People with metal detectors, amateurs actually, have unearthed items worth thousands. That’s nice I’ll say but, there must also be a thrill of some kind, knowing you’re handling something for the first time in 500 or a thousand years.

Valley of the other kings: Lost dynasty found in Egypt

By David Keys

A previously unknown, yet potentially very important, ancient Egyptian kingdom has been discovered by archaeologists working in the Nile Valley. 


Excavations at Abydos, 70 miles north-west of Egypt’s famous Valley of the Kings, have revealed the existence of an entire royal cemetery, now believed to be the final resting place of up to 16 mysterious pharaohs - an entire dynasty whose existence was up till now virtually unknown to the Egyptological world.

Bizarrely more than a century ago, in 1901-1902, a British team, led by the famous Egyptologist, Flinders Petrie, entered four of the tombs - but had no idea as to who they belonged to or even of their high-status. Ironically, the vital inscription revealing the existence of the lost kingdom and indicating the cemetery’s royal status, was in a tomb buried deep under the desert sand less than 20 metres from where they were digging. Almost a century later, in 1997, a Danish Egyptologist, Dr Kim Ryholt, deduced from a highly damaged ancient Egyptian papyrus, that a lost dynasty should theoretically have existed at Abydos between 1650 BC and 1600 BC - part of an era of political disunity known in Ancient Egyptian history as the Second Intermediate Period.

But there was no proof until the last few weeks when a team of American Egyptologists discovered a previously unknown tomb buried under three metres of sand. On entering it and illuminating its wall paintings for the first time in literally thousands of years, they deciphered a painted inscription which revealed the name and titles of an unknown pharaoh - the first physical proof that the mysterious lost kingdom and its ruling dynasty had actually existed.

The previously unknown ancient Egyptian ruler’s name was Senebkay - a spiritually-sounding composite word meaning ‘my soul is healthy’.

The tomb’s contents had been badly damaged by tomb robbers more than 2000 years ago, but the American Egyptologists, from the University of Pennsylvania , succeeded in piecing together some of the grave goods - and the lost pharaoh’s physical remains which had been scattered across the tomb’s floor when the robbers ripped his mummy apart in search of gold. The Egyptologists have now almost completely re-assembled his skeleton.

The pharaoh was 1.75 metres tall (quite substantial in ancient Egyptian terms) and died aged around 50 of unknown causes. Because two key hieroglyphic characters from his very long official throne name (quite different from his short birth name, Senebkay) survived in the damaged papyrus, studied by the Danish Egyptologist back in the 1990s, the American excavators at the site had been able to deduce that Senebkay was either the first or the second pharaoh in the lost dynasty.


And btw ... although nothing actually confirmed as written in blood and stone, some archaeologists here think a few bones recently found here in Winchester, might be those of King Alfred the Great.  The only English king I’m aware of with the title of ‘great.’ There’s some fascinating reading with regard to Alfred and his offspring. The archaeologists think if the remains are not Alfred then they are the remains of his son.

Over the almost 10 yrs I’been here, I have witnessed two digs in process in the immediate area.


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calendar   Sunday - January 19, 2014

What’s It Solution


It’s a high-tech, insulated, water resistant, highly reflective, ‘Elf ‘n Safety approved Reflective Chicken Jacket.


High-Vis Chicken Jacket

Omlet’s new chicken jackets are great for keeping your chickens warm, dry and clean when out and about on the building site (your garden). Newly rescued battery hens whose feathers are a little sparse or hens who have recently moulted will appreciate the jacket’s extra warmth and, of course, it goes some way to protecting a semi-naked chicken’s modesty!

It’s no yolk that chickens who are involved in the hentertainment business are often found crossing the road. Why they do this we don’t know - but if they are wearing one of these chicken jackets they will at least be complying with BS-EN471. If you don’t know what that means - don’t worry - the key thing is that your chickens will be completely safe while changing a wheel on your car if you breakdown on the side of the motorway.

The High-Vis Chicken Jacket offers great comfort and protection, as well as making hens more visible in the dark. With a breathable, showerproof fabric outer, and quilted inner bodywarmer, your pets will be comfy and cosy whatever the weather. The jacket is lined with NASA-approved Flectalon, for effective insulation, so, although your chickens may not be planning a space mission anytime soon, they will be protected from the biting wind, rain and snow.


All joking aside, BS-EN471:2003. Class 2. Look it up. Told ya it was officially approved. 


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