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lady speaks the truth but … hell hath no rath like an ex husband?

This isn’t exactly the normal way to share a story.  Just say to folks, hey. Never mind what I have to say. And after all, I am a foreigner here.  But I don’t think she’s referring to me anyway. But who knows?  Thing is .... the video was made in ‘08 and the lady speaks openly and honestly what I believe the vast majority believe. They are however, helpless at this moment.

The Daily Mail headline is, as so much of their headlines and captions are, grossly misleading.
There is nothing racist at all about her comments.
Her former husband had something to do with the video, and why some things were not erased is beyond my understanding. It isn’t that she said anything bad, but that some things could be used against her later. If you see the video and read the article you’ll understand.

Some politicos of course have jumped on the hang her (politically) bandwagon.  I can’t stomach those types but sadly they are a part of the ruling class here as they are in the USA. But I believe more so.  And further, I find it disturbing that a conservative paper like the DM can be so damn misleading but then .... they don’t support UKIP.

Oh yeah… finally.  Of special note are the remarks made by her ex who clearly seems (to me) to be trying to end her political career and damage UKIP at the same time.

So here’s the link to the article.


‘Send them all back home’: In shocking video, UKIP councillor and key Farage ally launches astonishing racist video rant… then insists: ‘I stand by every word’

Victoria Ayling says all immigrants in Britain should be sent back home
Tells camera: ‘I just want to send the lot back, but I can’t say that’
UKIP leader Nigel Farage said her comments were ‘slightly odd’
Ayling said there is nothing ‘offensive or politically incorrect’ in video

By Paul Cahalan

Mrs Ayling – a Lincolnshire County councillor and deputy leader of the local UKIP party – says : ‘Multiculturalism is dead, I’m allowed to say that, but maybe Britishness is waving the National Front flag a bit.

‘We must control immigration. We cannot sustain the numbers coming in; the strains on our infrastructure are enormous. Control should be done fairly and the points system like they have in Australia and all those coming here should be encouraged to speak English so they can integrate.’

She adds: ‘I just want to send the lot back but I can’t say that.’

Last night, Mrs Ayling insisted her comments were taken ‘out of context’ and she was only referring to illegal immigrants.


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A lefty loon speaks …. to be read if in need of a laff …

What you see here is NOT all there is to read.  The whole things is impossibly stupid and reading all of it may take a bit of patience.
However, that said. 
The writer is an extreme lefty who teaches. I think she is actually a professor no less.  Which you’ll agree says very bad things about the culture and education.

oh btw ... I haven’tworked out entirely why Movember is correct in this case. OK, I get the mustache part but anyway .....

Movember, the annual moustache-growing event for a men’s health charity, has been condemned as ‘divisive, gender normative, racist and ineffective against some very real health issues’.

In the New Statesman, a writer called Arianne Shahvisi complains hilariously that it is an insult to everyone from Mexicans to ‘members of the LBGT community’.

It ‘marginalises groups of men who struggle to grow facial hair, such as trans-men’.

It is also an affront to the very ‘hypogonadal’ men — testicular cancer sufferers — it is designed to help.

Why Movember isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

One of the Movember mantras is: “Real men, growing real moustaches, talking about real issues”. The slogan is as misguided as its campaign: Movember is divisive, gender normative, racist and ineffective against some very real health issues.
By Arianne Shahvisi and Neil Singh

The last few weeks have seen our Facebook newsfeeds littered with selfies, as the otherwise banal and natural (yet for the female amongst us: totally unacceptable) process of hair growth is eagerly tracked with tongue-in-cheek insults pertaining to the thinness, style or “gingerness” of the emerging whiskers. Precious few of the posts, or the resulting comments, focus on men’s health issues, and virtually none recognise the pernicious gendered and racial connotations carried by the practice.

For the most part, sponsored activities (day-long silences, sponge-throwing, public waxing) depend on the extreme, the outrageous, the ridiculous. Friends and family are, apparently, only willing to part with money to witness something odd, humorous or downright unpleasant. So what message does Movember convey to those whose moustaches are more-or-less permanent features? With large numbers of minority-ethnic men—for instance Kurds, Indians, Mexicans—sporting moustaches as a cultural or religious signifier, Movember reinforces the “othering” of “foreigners” by the generally clean-shaven, white majority. Imagine a charity event that required its participants to wear dreadlocks or a sari for one month to raise funds—it would rightly be seen as unforgivably racist. What is the difference here? We are not simply considering an arbitrary configuration of facial hair, but one that had particular, imperial connotation to British men of our grandfathers’ generation and currently has a separate cultural valence for men from certain ethnic groups. Moustaches, whether or not “mo-bros” mean theirs to be, are loaded with symbolism. We often wonder how our fathers (both life-long moustached men) must feel each November, when their colleagues’ faces temporarily resemble theirs, and are summarily met with giggles and sponsor-money. No doubt they draw the obvious conclusion, that dovetails with many other experiences of life as an immigrant: there are different rules for white faces.

Further, the inclusivity of Movember deserves examination. For one, only men (and even then, only some men) can grow a moustache. The decision to focus on the moustache to raise awareness of men’s health issues might seem like an apposite one (though there’s no obvious relationship between moustaches and cancers), but it reinforces the regressive idea that masculinity is about body chemistry rather than gender identity, and marginalises groups of men who may struggle to grow facial hair, such as trans-men. Ironically, Movember also excludes the very men it is supposed to uplift; many men who have undergone radiotherapy or surgery to treat testicular cancer are rendered “hypogonadal” and are therefore unable to grow facial hair.

And that is NOT all there is. Whew.
Tell ya what though. Go to the link just to read the comments. Those may be worth the effort.

Where in the world do they find these fruit loops?



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a tail of one chimp in the mist who be offended. as the white man’s burden gets a bit heavier.

Same old sorry assed story?  You betcha but a slight difference. Or should that be, a slight addition? 

Another poor negro is upset over a word used not in anger or insult but in a conversation.  And it isn’t even the word nigger.  Nope.

Seems like these days certain protected life forms can now even choose what words whitey gets to speak. 

We’ve done this Gollywog thing in the past and left it there more than a year ago.  Ppl offended on behalf of other people and all that nonsense.
Well, along comes this new crime, which has been brought to our attention by a broad nosed old bag who is going to take legal action.

First .... a bit of history on the subject.

H/T Wikipedia

The golliwog, golliwogg or golly was a black character in children’s books in the late 19th century usually depicted as a type of rag doll. It was reproduced, both by commercial and hobby toy-makers as a children’s toy called the “golliwog”, and had great popularity in Europe and Australia into the 1970s.


The doll is characterised by black skin, eyes rimmed in white, clown lips and frizzy hair. While home-made golliwogs were sometimes female, the golliwog was generally male. For this reason, in the period following World War II, the golliwog was seen, along with the teddy bear, as a suitable soft toy for a young boy.

The image of the doll has become the subject of heated debate. While some see the golliwog as a cherished cultural artifact and childhood tradition, others argue that the golliwog is a destructive instance of racism against people of African descent, along with pickaninnies, minstrels, mammy figures, and other caricatures, and has been described as “the least known of the major anti-Black caricatures in the United States”. In recent years, changing political attitudes with regard to race have reduced the popularity and sales of golliwogs as toys. Manufacturers who have used golliwogs as a motif have either withdrawn them as an icon, or changed the name. In particular, the association of the golliwog with the pejorative term “wog” has resulted in use of alternative names such as “golly” and “golly doll”.

British jam manufacturer James Robertson & Sons used a golliwog called Golly as its mascot from 1910, after John Robertson apparently saw children playing with golliwog dolls in America.

Robertson’s started producing promotional Golly badges in the 1920s, which could be obtained in exchange for tokens gained from their products. In 1983, the company’s products were boycotted by the Greater London Council as offensive, and in 1988 the character ceased to be used in television advertising. The company used to give away Golly badges and small plaster figures playing musical instruments or sports and other such themes. The badge collection scheme was withdrawn in 2001.

According to an editorial in The Times newspaper golliwogs were banned in Germany in 1934, on the grounds they were inappropriate toys for Aryan children.

In a statement reported by the BBC, Virginia (Ginny) C. Knox, previously brand director for Robertson’s and later Chief Operating Officer of the Culinary Brands Division of RHM, told The Herald Newspaper in Scotland in 2001 that the decision to remove the Golly symbol from Robertson’s jam and marmalade jars was taken after research found that children were not familiar with the character, although it still appealed to the older generations.

“We sell 45 million jars of jam and marmalade each year and they have pretty much all got Golly on them,” said Ms Knox. “We also sell 250,000 Golly badges to collectors and only get 10 letters a year from people who don’t like the Golliwog image.” Today, Robertson’s Golly badges remain highly collectible, with the very rarest sometimes selling for more than £1,000. = $1,634.52.
- 30 -

Well by now bmews, you get the picture.  Ah there’s trouble afoot as ....

Along came ..........

image and sat down beside
her lawyers and said ...  I IZ OFFENDED!

Boss harassed me by using word ‘golliwog’, claims chef: Court to decide if word is inherently offensive to black people

Denise Lindsay worked at university hall of residence in London

Her boss Mark McAleese was discussing removal of character from jars

Robertson’s used the controversial character on labels until 2001

By Claire Ellicott

A black chef claims that her white boss racially harassed her when he mentioned the word ‘golliwog’ during a conversation about the famous Robertson’s jam labels.

Lawyers for Denise Lindsay, 45, claim that the word is ‘inherently discriminatory’ and has ‘racial overtones’ and should not have been used in front of their client.

But her boss Mark McAleese claims that he was talking about the jam label changing and has apologized to her and said that he had no desire to ‘violate her dignity’.

Her lawyers are battling to convince three top judges that the word is inherently offensive to black people and almost always discriminatory - no matter in what context it is used.

Violate her F***** what?  How could he possibly violate something she hasn’t got and never had?

So I guess what we now have is or might be .... caution about any conversation that could be overheard by any darkie anywhere who will make the decision as to what is and is not offensive, even if offense wasn’t intended and even if the listener wasn’t personally offended, he or she MIGHT have been and anyway, how many words will have to be altered or stricken off the list of acceptable conversation?

Just look at this.  Teach em to read and write, remove the chains and tell em they have rights and next thing you know they will want to marry your daughter.  Oh wait ... they already do.

Her barrister, Daniel Matovu, told the court: ‘White people don’t get called golliwogs. The word is an overtly racial comment. [The word] golliwog cannot be interpreted in any other way.

‘What the authorities make clear is that, when something is inherently discriminatory and clearly has racial overtones, there is no further debate.’

British jam manufacturers Robertson’s started using the Golly character, dressed in a yellow waistcoat and bow tie, on its jars from 1910.

In the late-1920s, the company started producing popular badges featuring the character, including a golfing, cricketer and footballer version. The items became collectables.

Miss Lindsay was working as an assistant chef manager at the LSE’s Bloomsbury student halls in February 2009 when the comment was made by chef manager Mr McAleese.

He used the word while discussing ‘the change to the label of Robertson’s jam’, the court heard.

But Miss Lindsay, of Clapham, south west London, was upset and an employment tribunal later found that what Mr McAleese said amounted to ‘an isolated act of harassment’.

He apologised and said that he had not uttered the word for the ‘purpose of violating her dignity’.

The tribunal ruled: ‘We have concluded that, for a white manager to use the words “golliwog” and “golliwog jam” in the course of a conversation with a black Afro-Caribbean colleague is unwanted conduct.’

However, Miss Lindsay’s harassment claim was dismissed after the tribunal said it had been brought too late.

Whether that decision was justified is one of the central issues now being considered by the Appeal Court judges.

Miss Lindsay’s other complaints of race discrimination were dismissed by the tribunal and, although she still has an active victimisation claim, she is asking the court to reconsider the issue.

Her barrister Mr Matovu argued that the tribunal was plainly wrong to dismiss the golliwog complaint purely on grounds of delay.

However, the LSE’s barrister, Shaen Catherwood, insisted that Mr McAleese’s use of the controverisal word - spoken quietly and quickly - did not come anywhere close to racial harassment.

‘I say it is unsatisfactory that somebody should be labelled with a finding of harassment on racial grounds when the actual context in which the word was used was innocent and inoffensive,’ he told the court.

Lord Justice Moore-Bick, Lord Justice Floyd and Lord Justice Christopher Clarke reserved their decision on the case until a later date.

Her lawyer is what?  Matovu?  What tribe is that?

This case should have been thrown out of court at the get go. I think the bitch is looking for a large payday.  Whitey owes her ya know.

The white man’s burden gets more bizarre every day.


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up before the crack of dawn on December 7th

No, nothing dirty.

I’m just up early today. Either that, or my nightly episode of getting up in the middle of the night came really late. Whatever. I woke up, it was 6:05am. I got up, I made coffee. Still dark out.

We lost 2 out of 3 at Friday cheap league last night. It’s getting really depressing. The alley has taken to laying down some kind of strange ragged oil pattern, that acts like it’s used up and pushed down even when it’s brand new and freshly laid. Come on ... I can’t throw much of any hook ever, and I was arcing off the side of the lanes. I used my deadest ball and stood way left and it still came back far too far. I put away my robo-brace, put away my flat wrist Mongoose brace, and bowled bare handed. And the dead ball was still crossing over? Give it up. That’s just wrong. That’s how the lanes bowl on Saturday afternoon, when they haven’t been oiled since Friday and they’ve had a weekend full of kiddie parties and open bowling on them. WTF. I don’t want to pay money for that crap. 

It’s still dark out. Days are really short this late in the year. Sunrise isn’t until 7:07am today.

Oh, and it’s Pearl Harbor Day.  Ok, I remembered. Not sure what it is about it that I’m supposed to remember. Anyone want to tell me?

I’m not supposed to carry forward any race hatred against Japan, that’s not PC. Nor am I supposed to feel that they’re a never ending enemy, since they’re not, nor have they been in the slightest for longer than I’ve been alive. Am I supposed to cherish the memory of all the heroes that died that day? Well, for the small handful that got it together and were able to fight back, my thanks and my respect. You were heroic, and so were those who were first responders that day. For the rest, the 2400 who died and the 1200 wounded, especially those that drowned or burned, my prayers. Bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Worse luck to take a soldier’s risk when there is no war going on.

Damn shame the Navy didn’t have a workable plan in place that day. Something, anything, that would have given them a few minutes heads up warning. OTOH, what would they have done with it? Sure, they new the war was going to start any day. Were they prepared? Perhaps for some things, but obviously they weren’t ready for major anti-aircraft defense. Is that the lesson, the take away, I’m supposed to have?

Or is “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” the moral of this story, in reaction to how the Pacific Fleet was nearly destroyed that day? Except, well, maybe it wasn’t. Discounting the loss of life, maybe that attack was the best thing that could have happened. Not only did it all go down in protected shallow water, so that most of the damaged big ships could be refloated and repaired, a large number of the ships and planes lost were old clunkers, outdated relics from an earlier era. So a whole new Navy got built after this, with a big emphasis on air power.

And you can never ever really let go of the suspicion that FDR knew it was coming. That dirty sneaky lying bastige was the Obama of his day, and then some. So is “never ever trust the government” the real lesson here?



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update ,,, uncle immigrant ,,,, obama says all depends on what u mean by “IS”

a very brief update to a previous article .... for the record.

President Obama finally admits he DID live with his drunk driving illegal immigrant uncle despite White House claiming last year they’d never even met

Onyango Obama, 69, has been an illegal resident of the U.S. since his student visa ran out in 1970
Judge ruled that he is now allowed to apply to be a legal resident
President first denied ever meeting his uncle but Onyango claimed in court that Barack stayed with him for three weeks while at law school in 1988
Today the White House released a statement saying that the President did know and stay with his uncle ‘Omar’ but they have not seen each other in 20 years and not spoken with one another in the past decade

By Meghan Keneally


President Obama has now admitted that he did live with his illegal immigrant uncle for weeks as a law student even though he initially denied ever meeting the man.

The backpedaling admission comes after Onyango Obama said during his immigration court hearing that he hosted his young nephew Barack for several weeks back in the late 1980s.

The White House had previously put out a statement saying that the President had never met the man claiming to be his uncle, but they reversed their position after Kenyan-born Onyango was given permission to remain in the country and apply for legal citizenship status.



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the family that kills together, gets to bury other family members, together

More   Honour Killings   Muslim Murders, In England

Living,breathing, walking pond scum allowed to come to the west and settle but, so many are just like these vermin. 
This is what they recognize as, honor.

Meanwhile, a brave Brit soldier is raked over the coals and persecuted by a military court for doing nothing more than killing a wounded taliban life form, and has been charged with murder. 

There really, really is NO justice.


Add more to the tally.

Banaz Mahmod, 20, was murdered by her father and two others in 2006
She was killed after ending an arranged marriage and finding love again
Her cousin Dana Amin, 29, helped the murderers get rid of her body
Banaz’s body was found in a suitcase, buried in a Birmingham garden

By Sara Malm

A cousin of an honour killing victim who helped dispose of her body has said he is proud of his actions.

Dana Amin, 29, cousin of Banaz Mahmod who was murdered by her father and two others in 2006, helped bury the corpse in a garden in Birmingham.

The 20-year-old was murdered in her South London home before her body was shoved into a suitcase and driven to the Midlands to be dumped in a make-shift grave.

Three months later, her body was found, and it was discovered she had been strangled to death with a shoelace, Southwark Crown Court heard.

Her father, uncle and a hired henchman were convicted of the murder but her cousin, Amin, said he did not regret his actions as he began an eight-year jail sentence.

Banaz was killed after she walked out of an arranged marriage and fell in love with another man.

The new romance incurred the wrath of her relatives who believed she had brought shame on their family and Banaz and her boyfriend was told to break up or suffer the consequences.

Terrified Banaz had repeatedly told police of her fears her life was in danger.

‘People are following me, still they are following me. At any time, if anything happens to me, it’s them,’ Banaz says in a haunting video recorded during one of her police visits before her death.

Her father, Mahmod Mahmod, and uncle, Ari Mahmod, were jailed for life in 2007 for her murder, together with henchman Mohamad Hama in what became Britain’s most notorious honour killing.




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by the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, u and me,u and me oh how happy we’ll be

I understand there’s more to follow.  We’re lucky here in the south. Had a bit of rain and some very high and sometime scary winds, but all over quickly and just very cold.  Even the light winds and breezes carry an icy cold chill.  Better that than losing your house.
We heard of a number of folks in this area however, who lost power for a day. 

The village that fell into the sea: Families left devastated as their beach-side homes are destroyed after Britain’s coastline is battered by the worst storm surge for SIXTY years

Beach-side houses and a lifeboat hut in Hemsby, Norfolk, swept into sea along with a popular cafe at Caister-on-Sea
Local authorities in Norfolk have said there was a risk of further flooding, particularly in Hunstanton area
Police warn of the danger of flood ‘sightseeing’ after people seen watching drama with children on their shoulders

By James Rush


Devastated residents watched their cliff-top homes disappear into the sea as last night’s tidal surge hit the east coast of Britain.

Seven bungalows fell into the water in Hemsby, Norfolk, as the high tide eroded the cliff below.

Floods waters are reported to be receding after the North Sea surge hit the north Norfolk coast early yesterday and headed south throughout the night.

Thousands of people were evacuated from their homes and spent the night in temporary accommodation as officials warned lives could be at risk.

The fierce Atlantic storm - which has already claimed two lives - caused widespread disruption yesterday, but some agencies this morning said that the expected flooding overnight was less severe than expected.



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it’s who ya know

I forgot which source this comes from. And I managed to lose the photo I had.

I’m just posting a story my guess is you already know about.  It just rankles me that my wife was treated so shabbily by the KGB at LAX on two trips home. Well what the heck.  Wrong color (white) and not related to anyone in high office.

President Barack Obama’s uncle allowed to stay in the US

President Barack Obama’s uncle has been granted permission to stay in the US, despite ignoring a deportation order more than two decades ago.
Judge Leonard Shapiro said Onyango Obama, a 69-year-old who has lived in the country for more than 50 years, “appears to me to be a gentleman,” citing a law that entitles immigrants to permanent residency if they arrived before 1972, have lived there since and are of good moral character.

Mr Obama’s immigration status didn’t become public until his 2011 drunk driving arrest in Framingham, 20 miles west of Boston. The charge was dismissed after he completed a year of probation and 14 weeks of alcohol education classes.

The judge said he considered testimony about Obama’s character, including letters from people who praised him for being a “kind and decent person,” and considered the drunk driving charge and allegations of discrepancies in what he told immigration officials 20 to 30 years ago.

Mr Obama, who was born in Kenya, is the half-brother of the President’s late father. He entered the country on a student visa in 1963, and after a series of immigration hearings in the 1980s was ordered to leave the country in 1992 but remained.

Obama told the judge he had led a quiet, simple life, graduating from high school in Cambridge, then attending Boston University, where he received a degree in philosophy. He said he has worked for years as a manager at a family-owned liquor store in Framingham. He also said he has worked for decades to help African immigrants find housing and settle in the US.

He added that he had been a hard worker, paid income tax and been arrested only once.

Asked about his family in the US, he said he has a sister and two nieces, then added, “I do have a nephew.” Asked to name the nephew, he said, “Barack Obama. He’s the president of the United States.”
He described America as “a land of opportunities, a land of chances.”

Onyango Obama’s lawyer, Margaret Wong, called him a “wonderful older gentleman.”

She said: “He has earned his privilege to stay in the United States. He has been here for 50 years.” Mr Obama could get US citizenship after five years, she added.


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Middle of the Night

Itchy eye. Got up in the middle of the night.

BAD DREW - the thought “it’s time to start making cheesecakes for the holidays” flashes into my sleepy brain.  “Silicon pan this time” responds the other hemisphere.  So off to Amazon I go, online at 4am. At least I’m not baking, right?

Crivens. Well, an hour and a half later I’ve got most of my Christmas shopping done. And I did also manage to find a silicon pan.

Not at Amazon, but elsewhere, I found what could be the best solution ever (the problem being “how to 100% avoid leaky pans when making water bath cheesecakes"); a silicon form that fits over your existing spring form pan. Problem is, I use both 9” and 9.5” spring forms. Might even be a 10” jobbo in there somewhere. So no, I’m not dropping $30 for your wrapper thing, although it looks like a super answer.

This may be the easiest way: get a high sided silicon cake pan. Make your water bath cheesecake, using the large roasting pan as your water source. When the cake is cooled off, freeze it. At which point the cheesecake should come out of the silicon nice and clean. I hope. Fingers crossed.

Ok, back to bed.

Crap. Eye still itches. Try a hot washcloth?


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calendar   Thursday - December 05, 2013


Peiper spotted it the other day and emailed me.  “I can’t get the blog to load properly. The Neoworx thing isn’t working properly!”

And he was right.

Neoworx, the company that provided the nice animated Visitors Online thing here on top of the right sidebar, has gone out of business.

Your humble correspondent probably had an obsolete primary e-mail address in the database. However, other users received the following e-mail today:

Dear user,

It saddens me to inform you that after 9 years of services, I am stopping my web counter activity. The shift from blogs to social networks and the overwhelming competition of free services has dramatically decreased my customer base to the point where I can no longer pay for the hosting of my servers.

I will do my best to refund you pro rata of the time elapsed since your last payment. Please wait for an email from the designated company liquidator.

I thank you wholeheartedly for the interest you have shown in my products during all these years. It was a great adventure for me.

Please find here-after your most recent visitor count. I am sure that you will find a suitable replacement for my counters.


Well, I would like my list or database. In total, the counter was showing almost 10 million visits from something like 240 countries – many more than the folks in the United Nations are able to enumerate. wink

Yeah, me too. The other country counter down at the bottom of the page shows that BMEWS is/has been read in nearly every country on earth; I’ve even received a ping from somewhere in Antarctica. I’m rather proud of that actually.

But I will miss the animated background of Texas oil pumps as the slow ticker rolls up showing all the folks stopping by BMEWS, and where they’re all from. And I’ll miss how it always misreported my location, as my service’s ISP portal shifts around the county in several locations.


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One Less Commie Terrorist

Nelson Mandela, Dead at 95

Be prepared for A SOLID WEEK OR TWO of hearing 24-7 what a wonderful, brave, magnificent, super dooper extra special supercalifragilistic expialidocious saint-and-a-half he was.

South African president Jacob Zuma announced the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela this evening at approximately 6:30pm ET.

(CNN)—Freedom fighter, statesman, moral compass and South Africa’s symbol of the struggle against racial oppression.

That was Nelson Mandela, who emerged from prison after 27 years to lead his country out of decades of apartheid.

He died Thursday night at age 95.

His message of forgiveness, not vengeance, inspired the world after he negotiated a peaceful end to segregation and urged forgiveness for the white government that imprisoned him.

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison,” Mandela said after he was freed in in 1990.

(CNN)—Nelson Mandela’s willingness to forgive and forget helped peacefully end an era of white domination in his native South Africa. But as news of his death spread, mourners there and around the world professed that he, himself, would never be forgotten.

“Mandela’s biggest legacy ... was his remarkable lack of bitterness and the way he did not only talk about reconciliation, but he made reconciliation happen in South Africa,” said F.W. de Klerk, South Africa’s last white president before giving way to Mandela, the country’s first black leader.

The African National Congress—the political party long associated with Mandela—said “our nation has lost a colossus, an epitome of humility, equality, justice, peace and the hope of millions.”

“The large African Baobab, who loved Africa as much as he loved South Africa, has fallen,” the party said in a statement, comparing Mandela to a sturdy tree found in Africa. “Its trunk and seeds will nourish the earth for decades to come.”

... and that’s just the beginning.  Wait until the superlatives really come out.

And while Mandela may have been instrumental in changing the government and direction of South Africa, let’s not take a peek at how the nation - once the greatest success story in African history - is doing today. Don’t bother reading anything any former SA citizens who are also former bloggers may have to say(Kim). The reality of current South Africa, now just a few short steps above Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia, doesn’t matter. What matters is that the bad old white folks been pushed aside, so proper BLACK South Africa ( a land which [surprise!!] was largely empty before the colonial Europeans came by ) is now free and in charge of it’s own destiny ... blood soaked, corruption riddled, disease encrusted ... straight into the crapper.


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Find A Reason

It’s Thursday. It’s raining. My teams - all 3 of them - got smeared at bowling league again this week, just like we do every week. I miss my old dog; it’s been 20 years. Obamacare is nuts.

Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) wants to double the federal gas tax because a) it hasn’t been raised in 20 years, and b) some cars get better mpg these days [from 1993? I bet not many at all, really] so revenue is down. He considers an 81% tax hike on gas and a 75% hike on diesel to be “reasonable”. Also, inflation is half what it was then. [um, no it ain’t. 2.75% in 1993, 2.1% in 2012. in 2011 it was over 3%. Go look it up.] Who elected this moron??

Lots of sad things out there.

Let ‘em slide.

Find a reason to be happy. Find an excuse to dance. Or at least watch.

WTH, you can always be unhappy tomorrow.



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New York City Off The Rails Again

No, this time the train wreck is coming from the Mayor’s office.

Gun control ... NYC and NY have a law on the books that no pistol can have more than 7 rounds in it, yet three years back they decided that no rifle or shotgun can have more than four rounds in it. So today they’ve decided to start enforcing the law, I guess after giving the known owners plenty of time to sell or modify their rifles to a new, lower than designed capacity. And the letters are going out, since NYC demands that rifles and shotguns also be registered, and owned by permit, and all that BS nanny state hoplophobic socialist nonsense. Non of which, of course, is going to even slow down the gang bangers with their Scorpions, Mac-10s, fully automatic AKs, and their 50 round drum magz or 30 round stick mags.

And of course, the media gets it wrong, but no wronger than the moronic NYPD, who showcases the “turn in your illegal rifles with their high capacity magazines” effort by holding a press conference and displaying ... a hand grenade.  And several pistols. rolleyes  rolleyes


ay carumba!

Multi-clip gun owners sent packing as NYPD begins to enforce 2010 law”

ay carumba e dios mio!

The New York City Police Department is taking aim at owners of certain shotguns and rifles, telling them all long guns with a five-round or more capacity must be turned in, altered or taken out of town.

An estimated 500 recipients of the notices, which were mailed on Nov. 18, were given the options to surrender their gun, permanently move the gun out of city jurisdiction or employ a licensed gunsmith to modify the weapon to get into compliance with the law. Rifles and shotguns with a capacity of five or more rounds are affected.

An NYPD spokeswoman told the initiative has been in practice since 2010.

The SAFE Act was the first law in the nation prompted by the December 2012 killing of 20 first-graders and six educators in Newtown, Conn. Its passage was seen as a victory for gun-control advocates because it expands a ban on military-style weapons, requires mental health professionals to report threats, limits magazines to seven bullets, taxes bullets and creates a registry.

Though these notices were not sent out as a direct result of the SAFE Act, New York State Assemblyman James Tedisco said the new law may embolden city police forces to send out similar letters.

Tedisco, who voted against the SAFE Act, said New York City had the five-round law in the books for about 20 years, but this is the first time he has heard complaints about the notices being sent out to gun owners.

“These letters appear to be another example of the Nanny State,” Tedisco said. “Hypothetically, it can start with a letter, and then that can lead to someone knocking on your door saying, ‘I want to see your gun.’”

Bolt action hunting rifles with blind or fixed magazines that hold more than four rounds have been made for more than 120 years now. The Krag-Jorgensen rifle of 1892 had a 5 round magazine, as did the 1903 Springfield. Both are illegal in New York City. Any hunting rifle that can chamber one round while holding four or more in any kind of magazine is now illegal ... which outlaws damn near every repeating rifle ever made. Great grandpa’s .30-30 Winchester Model 94 is a 7-shooter, so it’s illegal too.

So not only is the news media “regular” stoopid for the “clips” thing ...

... these are “multi clips” ...

they know so little about firearms that they can’t see the bigger picture or even realize that one is there. A ban on repeating long guns that hold more than 4 rounds is a ban on nearly every rifle (and many pump or semi-auto shotguns) made in the last 135 years. In other words, pretty much all of them.


The Lee rifle of 1879, father of the SMLE

5 rounds of black powder .45-70-500

Illegal in New York City


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Gorgeous But Wrong

Be A Good Prole: Shut Up And Pay

HHS pro-bamacare video says “Forget about the price tag”

from the White House blog:

Back in August 2013, Young Invincibles, in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services, launched the Healthy Young America Video Contest, an effort to mobilize young people to help educate and inform one another about the Affordable Care Act. Participants submitted their videos, the public weighed in, and a finalist was selected in each of three categories: “You Are Not Invincible,” original song performance, and animation.

Erin McDonald was announced as the overall Grand Prize winner with her video “Forget about the Price Tag” in a Google+ Hangout featuring Kal Penn and White House Health Care policy expert Christen Linke Young on December 2.

from The Daily Caller:

Without a hint of irony, McDonald sings her chorus: “Ain’t about the, uh, cha-ching cha-ching. Ain’t about the, yeah, bla-bling bla-bling. Affordable Care Act. Don’t worry ’bout the price tag.”

McDonald, of course, is referring to the reasons young people should buy health insurance without worrying “’bout the price tag.”

So just open your wallets and let the government and the health insurance companies take whatever they want. It’s more fair that way. Don’t worry about the price tag, just start paying in. And paying. And paying.

Pretty girl with a nice voice. Pity her message is such an ugly pile of dog shit.


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