Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

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just cos she’s beautiful




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Another Short Bus Win

Just like 2 weeks ago, when the pundits went on about what a great almost-victory NJ’s Steve Lonegan (R) had against the corruptocrat Obamabot Cory Booker (D), losing by only 10% in the  Special Olympics  Special Election ... everybody gets a medal for participating!

Virginia squeaker sends shivers through Dems

No it doesn’t. They still won, and that’s good enough. Being Dems, they’ll have somebody to blame it on already ... low turnout, bad weather, a big football game, lazy ballot box stuffers ... just like they always do when they lose. Or just barely win. Or maybe ... maybe, like their master Teh iWon, they’ve perfected the art of fucking with you just to give you a taste of hope. Rig the vote to make the results look like whatever they want. A bit of Lucy holding the ball for Charlie Brown. And you’ll get all excited, and charge that ball once again for the big kick, and ... Aaaaaarrggh!!

VIRGINIA SQUEAKER SENDS SHIVERS THROUGH DEMS - Vulnerable Democrats must have watched in dismay as Democrat Terry McAuliffe barely clung to victory on Tuesday. Having spent three times more money than his rival and with the backing of his popular patrons, Bill and Hillary Clinton, McAulliffe was breezing to victory just three weeks ago. But his once-stout lead in the polls over Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli nearly vanished as voter outrage over the crash landing of ObamaCare nearly wrecked the race. A double-digit lead turned into a three-point scrape. Exit polls showed intense opposition to ObamaCare that helped Cuccinelli, who was written off by the national GOP and who had to lug along the scandal-plagued administration of Republican incumbent Gov. Bob McDonnell. 

Exit strategy - It looks like if Cuccinelli had another week to tag McAuliffe for his unflinching support of President Obama’s unpopular new entitlement, the race might have ended differently. What if he would have had another year? That’s the reality facing vulnerable Democrats on the 2014 election cycle. As Republican candidates without Cuccinelli’s structural problems contemplate months and months of public frustrations with administrative failures, cancelled policies and premium spikes, the path to a Senate majority starts to look a little clearer as the fortunes of Democrats in red states and swing states continues to dim.

Keep dreaming. If he’d had another year, the herds of sheeple would have already been driven to their Single Payer slaughter pens and given some new McGrass to graze on ... and no matter how much excrement has hit the oscillator that is the O-care web page roll-out, their utter lack of short term memory would have put this behind them. Look, new babes onAmerica’s Next Bachelorette Dancer With Talent!! And ...oooh, shiny things!!! And soft!! Baa. Baaa. Baaaa!


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Land? nope. we’re off to ethiopia to pick up more darkie asylum seekers

Yesterday I posted a story re. the further insanity of this place, allowing failed asylum seekers from the turd world to take flying lessons, all at the taxpayers expense. And not only that but the guy’s brother also is going to receive lots of money for education from the British cash cow. So that’s the general background for Drew’s posted comment on my post.

Come fly with me

I was just going to mention how these two were willing to save the councils money: they really only wanted instruction on how to take off and fly; landing wasn’t something they were interested in. Oh, and could we train for big jets please?

Trial run complete, Phase One passed. Got their stupid government to pay for it and set a rule that they will pay for every other muhajadeen that comes along. Suckas.

Posted by Drew458

So today I saw the daily cartoon in the Mail and thought it was appropriate to post it along with Drew’s comment here on the front page.



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so he stabs this woman 6 times in broad daylight but … read this example of justice not

I suppose this is what passes for justice here.  Not that the US is perfect but ....

I do not understand this judgment at all.

What DNA?

He stabbed her in broad daylight. She knows who did it ... why is this not open and shut?

If anybody can make sense of this, would you please explain it to me.  Cos I just don’t get it.

Man accused of attempted murder jailed for lesser charge after police lost vital forensic evidence… and he could be freed within months

Michael Bennison could have faced life in jail for stabbing his ex six times

But attempted murder charge was dropped after DNA evidence was lost

He was jailed for four years but could be out in 12 months after taking into account time already spent on remand

By Daily Mail Reporter

A man found guilty of a frenzied knife attack on his ex-girlfriend could be freed in months after investigators lost vital evidence which could have convicted him of attempted murder.


Michael Bennison, 29, could have faced life behind bars after stabbing the woman once in her side and five times in a broad daylight attack on a street in York.

But the charge of attempted murder would not stick after forensic teams misplaced DNA evidence from two knives.

As a result prosecutors were forced to accept the 28-year-old’s plea to a lesser charge of unlawful wounding, which carries a maximum sentence of just five years.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that on December 14 last year Bennison, of no fixed address, was travelling in a car in York with the female victim, Amy Evans, 27, and another man.

Nick Adlington, prosecuting, said Bennison, of no fixed address had been in a volatile, on-off relationship with Miss Evans and an argument broke out in the car.

When they arrived at their destination they got out and Miss Evans produced a knife. But Bennison took the knife from her and stabbed her six times, once in the side and five times in the back.

He then ran off down an alleyway and went into hiding before he was found two days later.

Describing how the evidence came to be lost by North Yorkshire Police, Mr Adlington said: ‘The swabs went missing from the forensic science service in York. I have been told there has been a full internal review.’

Mr Adlington said as well as the lost evidence, the attempted murder trial faced other problems, including the refusal of an expert witness to come to court.

Jailing Bennison, who has previous convictions for domestic violence on different partners, for a total of four years, Mr Justice Bennison told him he posed a high risk to all women.

After already spending a year behind bars on remand, Bennison could be eligible for parole within just 12 months.

The judge said: ‘Originally you faced a charge of attempted murder but because vital evidence had been lost a plea to section 20 was accepted.

‘You pose a high risk of harm to the victim and to all women. There is clearly a significant risk to female members of the public.

‘There was an intention to commit serious harm.’

The sentence also included a guilty plea for assaulting a man outside a flat in November last year after they got into an argument over noise.

After falling to the floor, the victim was kicked in the head by Bennison before he jumped with both feet onto his back.

The court heard that he had 14 previous appearances at court for 27 offences, that included battery and affray.

John Gregg, defending, said Bennison had ‘wrestled with his own demons’, which included drug abuse, but that he has made progress in prison.


Oh good. Now I understand a bit more.  He made progress in prison.  Progress meaning what? Right. This time he only stabbed the woman instead of jumping on her head or on her back. Good. That good. That’s “progress”.
What a fracked up system in play here.  What the hell ... in a few years they’ll be living under sharia anyway.


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a very short post because this was all she said re. piers morgan

Caught this one tiny blurb in a Sarah Vine column today. Funny.


Piers Morgan has received a death threat in America.

The police have narrowed the list of suspects down to 250 million.

True? As little as 250m?


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another morning, started well till I saw this

This stunt is totally typical of what the culture of this generation shown, has become.
This is supposed to be cute. Or funny.  It isn’t either. It’s F*****g gross and stupid and decedent.
The fact that they were winners doesn’t say anything good about about the organizers or the judges.  And don’t kid yourselves. In this place and this climate, those might not necessarily be muslims.

This comment following the article says much about twisted attitudes.

NineCountySeparatist, Ulaidh, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago

There are no limits for comedy. Get over it. It isn’t a disgrace, it’s a costume.

Well as it happens there are limits and if not there ought to be and especially on something that is not that far in the past.
Happily, not all the comments were this stupid, but the red arrows against those condemning this stunt says a lot also.


Two female students have outraged the families of 9/11 victims by entering a nightclub fancy dress competition dressed as the Twin Towers being hit by planes.

Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, both 19, won the contest at a Chester nightclub despite lampooning the worst terrorist attack in modern history.

Today families of those who lost loved ones in the New York terror attack said they are upset about their joke.

By Martin Robinson and Hugo Gye

Miss Langford, who is studying biology at the University of Chester, and Miss Collinge, who is studying criminology, wore costumes modelled on the North and South Towers, which were wreathed in flames and even had victims jumping from windows.

They also wore U.S. flag-topped hats showing the wreckage of the planes at the event last Thursday.

It has emerged that Miss Langford’s father Martin was a pilot in the United States when al-Qaeda brought down the World Trade Center and killed 2,996 people.

Mr Langford, who was flying United Express jets in 2001 when the terrorist attack took place, admitted he was ‘not happy at all’ about his daughter’s costume.

‘I didn’t know anything about it, but I’m not happy at all,’ the retired pilot, who lives in Anglesey, told The Sun.

‘She knows I’m a pilot and that’s not cool at all. We will be having a little chat, I think.’

Despite their tasteless costumes, they won the ‘best-dressed’ award at a Halloween party hosted by Rosies nightclub in Chester and were handed a £150 prize.

67 Britons died in the 9/11 atrocity and their relatives today said they are struggling to come to terms with the girls’ fancy dress.

79-year-old Patricia Bingley whose son Kelvin Dennis, 43, was murdered that day said: ‘It’s hard to understand where they’ve come from to do this.’

The pair at the centre of the storm said last night: ‘We never meant to be offensive, but we apologise if any offence was caused.

‘The idea was to depict a modern-day horror that happened in our lifetime and was not intended as a joke.’

Go here and see if they don’t think they’re funny. lying bitches

One clubber who was also at the night said he tried to make a complaint to the manager but was rebuffed.

‘I was completely outraged,’ said 20-year-old George Borsberry. ‘Not only were they labelled the “best dressed”, but they were also given £150 to dress up in this way and mock the victims and the families of the victims.

‘We asked to see the manager to complain and was turned down due to him being “too busy” to see us.

‘After waiting two and a half hours to see the person who decided this dreadful winner all we got was, “Sorry but it was a good costume.”

The University of Chester and Chester Students’ Union said in a statement: ‘We utterly condemn the appalling photos.

‘Both organisations have begun an urgent investigation with a view to taking the necessary action.’

Others took to the club’s Facebook page to vent their anger about the decision to give the teenagers a prize for their outfits.

Ashley Goodall wrote: ‘That’s not even Halloween that’s just a very bad joke, not like you’d walk around America like that.’

Link above.

So, on the off chance these skanks ever visit the USA, say New York, those of you reading this will know what they look like.
I would be most grateful if one of you would shoot or stab the bitches where it might hurt the most!  Thank You.

Sometimes I get so damn pissed off I don’t just say but I feel things and then say em.  However ...  what I felt when I wrote that isn’t exactly what I feel or think now, even tho I’m still very much put out.  It looks to me like I’ve put my foot in it and made a damn fool of myself.  Not very smart. Anyway ... as usual Drew gives me pauses for thoughts.  Color me embarrassed till next time.



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read this and learn a brand new “ISM” …. and you thought there couldn’t be any more. idiots abound

This kind of thing is sooooo old and over used that I was going to pass it by and not post it.

BUT ....

A brand new word and a brand new offense caught my eye.  Seeing it, I thought all of you might benefit from the discovery.

Just when you may have thought that all the isms were used up and out there .... the idiot pc crowd invents a new one.


You are not seeing things.  That’s right. The new ism is ableism.  What will these ignorant ass wipes think of next?
Oh how I wish they’d all die.  They are worthless as humans and only manage to get in the way of progress.

Take a look at this.  Sheesh.

They even have an .... anti Fascist officer.  That’s how they get to censor whatever they like, whenever they like. They call it anti Fascist and that makes it all okay.

‘Racist’ university students refused entry to union nightclub for wearing sombreros and fake moustaches… and Native American member of Village People is also banned

University of Birmingham student union cracks down on ‘offensive’ outfits

Basketball team was told they could not enter club dressed as Mexicans

Another student went on night out with friends dressed as Village People but was banned because he was the ‘Native American’

Union says it is standing against ‘racism, ageism, sexism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia’

By Hugo Gye

A group of students have been banned from wearing sombreros and fake moustaches at a fancy dress night because they might be perceived as racist.

A sports team at the University of Birmingham had hoped to dress as Mexicans at a Halloween party until a union official told them they would not be allowed in with their costumes.

Students have criticised the ban as ‘heavy-handed political correctness gone mad’, as it also emerged that one person was denied entry to a party because he was dressed as the ‘Native American’ member of the Village People.

Earlier this year the university’s student union, the Guild of Students, announced a clampdown on ‘all forms of oppressive and discriminatory behaviour’ at its club nights.

Since then, undergraduates have been barred from events simply because of what they were wearing, while the hit song Blurred Lines has been banned because of its ‘distressing’ content.

University basketball player Carl Raynsford, 21, told The Tab student newspaper that last Saturday his team were not allowed to attend an Halloween event dressed in stereotypical Mexican outfits, after the union’s ‘anti-racism and anti-fascism officer’ objected.

‘We were dressed as Mexicans which involved only a sombrero and a poncho and potentially a drawn-on moustache,’ he said. ‘I’m not sure why it’s deemed racist, nor why the ‘anti-facism officer’ needs any involvement.

‘Would I be offended if someone came as an Englishman?’

Vicki Harris, vice-president for sport at the union, wrote to the team saying: ‘Dressing up as Mexicans would not be OK since it could be seen as imitation of a culture and relate to a stereotype about the race of that particular ethnicity group, even if the intention is by no means harmful at all.

‘We are in the process of creating some guidelines which will offer more direction but in the meantime if you have a back-up theme I would recommend going with that instead.

‘From speaking with venues you would be asked to take off Mexican-related fancy dress items before coming into the guild.’

Third-year student Jonathan Blausten says he was also refused entry to the Guild’s club night when he dressed as a fictional character from a made-up Middle Eastern country.

In an open letter, the 21-year-old wrote: ‘I was refused entry dressed as Admiral General Aladeen from The Dictator, because my costume was “racist”.

‘I’m still waiting to hear who I was offending, going as a character from a fictional country in a movie which parodies almost every country on earth with no particular bias.



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Bring them home, then burn the place to ashes.

I’m going back to bed.


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calendar   Tuesday - November 05, 2013

this just may be the dumbest thing you’ll have read this year. they really are down the drain

Please tell me it’s April 1st and the newspaper is just having me on.
These schmucks are seriously f****d!
What kind of system, what sort of country would allow this?
Over the past year we’ve seen all sorts of dumb judgments and read about the insanity.
But this really does take the prize I would think.
If anyone out there reading this has something to top it, I’d sure like to know.  Or wait ... maybe I wouldn’t.

Look at this arrogant scum, this insect with his negro gang signs. Oh how cool a pose.

Oh, and his brother apparently is covered by Brit largess also.

That 10,000 in our dollars is over $16,000 and that is only the beginning.

You won’t believe what ur about to read. And there’s more at the link below.

Taxpayers’ £10,000 bill to teach failed asylum seeker to fly: Ethiopian given lessons despite Government saying he must leave country next year

Yonas Admasu Kebedemm will also get up to £10,000 in living expenses

Court rules council must meet his education costs after leaving school

Critics call decision ‘blank cheque’ which is ‘deeply unfair’ on taxpayers

Council also funding his younger brother to start a degree in Manchester

By Eleanor Harding

Taxpayers face a bill of tens of thousands of pounds so a failed asylum seeker can train to be a pilot.


Yonas Admasu Kebede will be given flying lessons costing £10,000 even though the Government says he must leave the UK next year.

The 21-year-old from Ethiopia will also get up to £10,000 in living expenses.

A council is being forced to pay up after a court ruled it must meet Mr Kebede’s education costs after leaving school.

Critics called the decision a ‘blank cheque’ which is ‘deeply unfair’ on taxpayers and questioned whether learning to fly should be paid from the public purse.

The council is also funding Mr Kebede’s younger brother, Abiy, 20, to start a degree at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Kebedes came to the UK with their older brother and father in 2004. Their asylum application was refused but they were granted discretionary leave to stay in the UK until November 2014.

Shortly after their arrival, they were abandoned by the older family members. They were placed in council care in Newcastle and attended a local comprehensive, where they attained GCSEs and A-levels.

By law, local authorities have a duty to help meet training costs of those with no parents so that they can enter the workplace.

Usually, these costs are living expenses for apprenticeships and college courses – not the enormous sums associated with a degree or professional qualification.

But the brothers’ lawyers argued that the council should pick up the bill as their immigration status barred them from applying for a student loan.

Labour-controlled Newcastle city council fought the claim in the Administrative Court and the Court of Appeal, but lost, in a ruling likely to set a precedent for other claims.

It now faces providing loans of up to £20,000 per year to each brother, with the amount to be repaid once they start work.

The brothers plan to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK but there is no guarantee it will be granted. They may be able to transfer to a normal student loan arrangement if their application is successful – which could see them repaying some of the cost of their education.

Mr Kebede is taking the lessons at Flight Training London at Elstree Aerodrome, Hertfordshire, and hopes to then apply for a degree in aviation.

The training for a private pilot’s licence involves a minimum of 45 flying hours and seven theoretical exams as well as a flight test.

The flying school charges £165 per hour-long training session, while a flight test costs £185.


the amount to be repaid once they start work.

Yeah right. Good luck with that. You’ll have to catch em first and you know, it’s like Jimmy the Greek once said about these ppl
They run real good because ....


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still here, mostly

Spent an exciting day going to the auto shop, getting 2 new tires. Always best to match what’s on the left side with what’s on the right, and it’s also a good idea to match the fronts with the backs. Problem is, tires last a good long time these days, and the tire companies come out with new designs constantly. So if you need to replace one or two of your matched set after 3 or 4 years, you’re probably out of luck. Then, of course, once you’ve done your online research, and even made your pick from the models carried by your local chain auto shop, you’re limited to what they have in stock.

So I wound up with a pair of Bridgestone Ecopia tires, a touring tire made from recycled rubber with low rolling resistance and so forth. Never had touring tires before. Always had high performance tires. First impressions? Wow, nice smooth ride. Comfy. Quiet. Soft. This might work out, since the back end of my Satrun only weighs a pound or two, and the tails really jounces about on bumps and divots. Second impressions? Soft. Squishy. Scary? No, not really, but these are not as sharp handling as the Assurance Triple Treads I had on before.

On the other hand, I probably should get an alignment. Bashing about with the blown out tire the other day may have thrown things off some.

Yeah, but if I was going to do an alignment, I’d want to put new struts in first too ... these are more than 7 years old, so it’s time ... and that’s a huge expense.

Maybe I should just get another car. Something a decade or more newer. Fine. But what’s out there ... that has comfortable room for 2 in the front, and maybe 2 in the back ... can actually be driven instead of merely pointed ... is fun to drive, maybe even a bit zippy, comes with a stick shift, doesn’t get awful mpg, and a 5-6 year old version goes for under $20K? Way under $20K preferably? 

I’d say my dream used car is an Audi A4 Avant, the little wagon with the 2.0T and the 6 speed stick. Fun, sporty, kind of a step up from a VW Passat, and a 2007 or 2008 can be had for a good price. If I can find one. Ok, in a serious used car fantasy it would be the Ausi S6, but hey. Let’s keep it a tiny bit real.


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terror suspect on the loose wearing a burka .. well, that now makes two ovem gone

The following are from two sources combined. Links below.

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed: Burka fugitive is fanatical follower of White Widow

Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is believed to be trying to flee the country and join up with his fanatical leader – White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite.


Counter-terrorism chiefs fear the 27-year-old fugitive, who has been on the run for four days, is heading for East Africa to become part of her jihadist cell.

He was last seen at around 3.15pm on Friday in Acton, West London – where he gave surveillance officers the slip by removing his electronic tag and sneaking out of a mosque dressed in a burka.

Mohamed was reportedly cleared of tampering with his electronic monitoring tag on the day he vanished.

Last night it was revealed that both he and Lewthwaite, the world’s most wanted female terrorist, were trained by al-Shabaab – the Islamic extremist group responsible for the Kenyan shopping mall massacre that left 67 dead.

A Kenyan intelligence file seen by the Mirror shows a direct link between Mohamed’s terror group and British-born Lewthwaite, the widow of 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay.

Mohamed is one of a small number of terror suspects whose movements are restricted by a court order because of the threat they pose to the public.

Worryingly, he is the second person under a Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures notice, to have absconded in the past year.

Nine such orders are in force.

His disappearance is a major blow to police and the security services.
It follows the disappearance of Ibrahim Magag who failed to return home on time to comply with his curfew. He has still not been found.

Concern: Mohamed is described as 5ft 8ins tall and of medium build
The Metropolitan Police said Mohamed attended the An-Noor Masjid Mosque in Acton, West London, at 10am on Friday.

Magag, 28, was the first person to go missing while on a TPIM.

It was later claimed he fled simply by jumping into a black cab.

The case prompted a review of how such terror suspects are monitored.

TPIMS are a watered down form of control order which allow the courts to place restrictions on a terror suspect’s behaviour.

They can be required to obey a curfew, are banned from mixing with named individuals and using the internet.

Control orders were watered down in 2011 following demands from the Lib Dems who said they breached civil liberties.



For those who may not know, Lib/Dem is the Liberal Democratic Party.  The Lib part gives it away.  Quite left and share power with the conservatives (?lite) as this country is presently ruled by a coalition of Tories (supposed cons. and Lib/Dems).
It isn’t working all that well but I have heard folks here say that it’s still better than the kind of govt. we have in the USA.  And they do not just mean Obama when they say that.  And it isn’t because they are anti Americans. (well not all of em )
They just believe their parliamentary system works better.
Meanwhile … here’s an example of Lib/Dems in action.

Lib Dems torpedo plan to impose visa bonds on ‘high-risk’ visitors

Scheme to force visitors from India, Pakistan, Nigeria and other countries to pay £3000 deposit criticised as discriminatory.

I know I’m way off topic on my own post but … I should share this also.

The Lib/Dems share power because there were just not enough votes in the last election to give power to the Conservatives. Hence the coalition govt.
One bit of credit to them however, is that in all previous elections including local, you see and hear from more L/Ds as opposed to the Tory (consrv.) Party.  They come to your house and introduce themselves, are willing to talk about issues etc.  Wife who did always vote Conservative, at a loss to understand why it is she never heard from the local consv. who btw, doesn’t even live more than a mile away if that much.  Lib/Dems get out there and try and get the vote.  TV ads in last national election didn’t hurt em either.

I think she’s voting UKIP next general election.  I know she did in the last local election.


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born here, raised here, move there …

Kinda hard for me to tell exactly where the first woman is from. That is, I’ve heard that accent before and my guess is that her former neighborhood was a gang infested place. Who knows, she may be better off where she is than where she’s from.
Anyway, just judging by her speech I’m not too surprised. Not very articulate and I find it impossible to believe she attended any college, unless some unaccredited institution that takes this sort. Or, since standards had been lowered to accommodate her class, I suppose it it possible.
What always surprises me are those like the second young woman who seem on the surface anyway to have some kind of working brain, to take up a religion and lifestyle so very different from the western norm.
Why leave a country that guarantees equality of the sexes, my god it’s written in stone here and America too, for a religion and a place where you will always be 2nd class and subordinate to the whims and fancy of the male.
I know there are those of both sexes who enjoy being dominated, but this seems a step over the top. 

Finally ....  okay.  Democracy is way short of perfect.  Freedom without any break or responsibility sucks and isn’t freedom at all.  That’s anarchy near as I can tell.  I don’t think most rational people, even barbarians like myself want anarchy.
However ...
How in the world does anyone with a working brain buy this?

found on a wall somewhere.


H/T for the video.  Good visit.


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calendar   Monday - November 04, 2013

eye candy to start the week

Soon as I saw this living doll ... this Goddess ... I just had to allow my sexist self the duty to post her photo.

Sexist?  Yeah.  I think.  According to the more militant dykes out there, any male who looks at any pretty female with naughty thoughts, and come on fellows, anyone not have thoughts? Well, we are all dirty old men because we aren’t dead yet or else we have violated the new politically correct code of conduct which is that we aren’t supposed to be attracted to female beauty period.  That’s demeaning, sexist and probably misogynist as well.
It violates the non gender thing.  See guys, the way that works is, if you see a nice girl or woman you should view her in the same way as you would another guy.  That way, you do not run the risk of being gender specific. 


She is 18 and has, it’s reported, become a model (aren’t they all?) and she isn’t an actress.
She was in the news only because she had overcome a bad spinal problem, suffering from severe scoliosis which curves the spine and is painful.

So here’s my special Eye Candy for today. 



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doing away with gender bias toys and ban the words him and her. it confuses kids.

I read something upsetting in the paper perhaps it was yesterday.
Something I just could not get my head around because it seems, to me anyway, so damn nonsensical.  And the thing of it is, all this pc crap we’ve been slaves to is promoted by small groups but very vocal and troublesome ones.

Going back many years ago, (the 60s?) it was decided that the term Miss was anti woman and derogatory and demeaning, so on and so forth. Decided by who exactly?  A handful of femanazis who changed Miss to Mz, originally and finally to Ms. and pronounced as mizz. And everyone simply caved in and bought into it because I suppose it wasn’t something large enuff to make a stink about and far easier to give in and move on.

Well, little by little by little, a little later on, other things began to change too.  Here in Britain coloured to describe someone who was, well … coloured, became an offensive word.  Another group decided that gay was a nice word to describe their own particular lifestyle and so now, how many of you will describe a nice day in the country or at a beach as, having a gay time?  And always the changes are not made by a majority of the population.  So here we are today with something else a minority group is changing.  I thought is was recent as in this year.  Guess I’ve been asleep because in November of 2012 in Sweden …..

Have a gender neutral holiday! Swedish toy company bans photos of girls holding dolls from its catalogue pages

“For several years, we have found that the gender debate has grown so strong in the Swedish market that we ... have had to adjust,” Jan Nyberg, director of sales at Top Toy, franchise-holder toy chain Toys R Us, told the TT news agency Friday

Sweden’s largest toy chain said Friday that its toys are “gender neutral” after picturing boys holding baby dolls and banishing girls from the dolls pages of its Christmas catalogue.

“For several years, we have found that the gender debate has grown so strong in the Swedish market that we ... have had to adjust,” Jan Nyberg, director of sales at Top Toy, franchise-holder for US toy chain Toys R Us, told the TT news agency Friday.

The country’s advertising watchdog reprimanded the company for gender discrimination three years ago following complaints over outdated gender roles in the 2008 Christmas catalogue, which featured boys dressed as superheroes and girls playing princess.

sweden 2012

There’s more but I know you get the picture.

So I happen to be reading the paper over breakfast when I ran across this.

And I wish the heck they would stop using the word “pressurised” as you see here, when the term pressured in this case sounds better and besides, isn’t pressurised somewhat different from pressured?
And please since when has a normal kid from a non pc family ever felt any pressure when looking at toys?  Did any of you guys ever feel any pressure to choose a fire engine or a tank instead of your sister’s doll and tea set?

Debenhams drops ‘sexist’ toy labels: Parent’s don’t want children to feel pressurised into picking gender-specific options


The High Street chain began removing ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ signs this week following a ‘sustained’ campaign from a parent-led action group.
Debenhams told the group on Twitter: ‘We would like to assure you that changes have been made to the way we categorise toys in our stores.
‘These changes will take place across all stores in the next few weeks.’ A spokeswoman said this meant the removal of all ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ headers in toy departments across the UK and Ireland. It is also currently reviewing its website.


You really should read the whole article above to get a taste of just how far things have gone.

You’ll notice the paper refers to the store, Boots, as Chemist.  Boots is a very large Pharmacy chain here.  Generally, pharmacists are called chemists. It’s only in recent times and I suppose American influence, that many are starting to use American terms.

Boots removes store signs labelling girls’ and boys’ toys but says they are ‘dismayed’ after customers complain of sexism


The high street chemist admitted it had got its signage wrong after scores of shoppers complained about the separate signs for boys’ and girls’ toys.
· Science Museum experiment kits ‘for boys’ and tea-sets ‘for girls’ in Boots
· Chemist apologises for gender stereotyping and promises to remove signs

Chemist chain Boots is to remove in-store signs advertising science toys for boys after complaints from customers over gender stereotyping on Twitter and Facebook.

Shoppers complained about the high street chain suggesting toys from the Science Museum were for boys.
Yesterday the high street pharmacist said it was wrong to have labelled the toys according to gender, in a statement posted on its Facebook page.


I wonder just how many ppl bitched about it. One? 100? 10?  They don’t say but it’s a sure bet it doesn’t take a lot.
The squeaky wheel and all that.

These are very major retailers, caving in to lefty loudmouths.  Oh happy day now that little boys get to play with dolls. Hey, why should girls have all the fun?

These people are telling us that gender specific toys and even words will and in fact do, they claim, confuse children as to who and what they are.

This island that once led the world and built an empire and ruled the waves did it with people who grew up confused as kids?
The guys at the Alamo weren’t sure who they were?
This whole damn thing is out of hand.
Can’t wait to see what the next demand will be.  You must know there will be one. Don’t you? 

From Sweden again …. Two years ago in 2011.
The campaign isn’t new. It’s been going on for awhile.

You’re all equal here: Swedish school bans ‘him’ and ‘her’ in bid to stop children falling into gender stereotypes

By Daily Mail Reporter

A pre-school in Sweden has decided to stop calling children ‘him’ or ‘her’ in a bid to avoid gender stereotypes.
The Egalia preschool, in the Sodermalm district of Stockholm, has made the decision as part of the country efforts to engineer equality between the sexes from childhood.
The option to implement the rules is underpinned by a theory that society gives boys an unfair edge.

‘Society expects girls to be girlie, nice and pretty and boys to be manly, rough and outgoing,’ says Jenny Johnsson, a 31-year-old teacher.


Hey … can’t have boys that are going to grow up … gasp …. “manly”.


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