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calendar   Saturday - October 12, 2013

just another i’m sorry moment.

It has been a very long day and I was about to shut down when this came across my screen.
So, seeing as how I already complained about all the needless apologies, I just could not let another one go.

I’m trying to find where the offense comes into it here. I see none. Maybe cos I am not Polish?

What you should also see are some of lame0 comments on this one, at the link below.

Adrian Chiles apologises for controversial ‘racist’ Polish joke

By Eurosport | World of Sport –

ITV footballer presenter Adrian Chiles has come under fire for a Polish ‘joke’ he made during the channel’s coverage of England’s 4-1 victory over Montenegro.

Near the end of the broadcast, Chiles started to look forward to England’s clash with Poland on Tuesday night – a match that will secure England’s place in the World Cup if they win.

Chiles, whose mother is Croatian, said that the game on Tuesday is “practically a home game for Poland – 15,000 Poles will be in here, I’m sure.”

Pundit Lee Dixon responded by saying: “Hopefully, they’re all crying at the end,” to which Chiles replied: “I’m trying to get some building work done at the moment, quite seriously. Be careful.”

The remark seemed to play up on the stereotype that vast majority of Polish people in London work in the construction industry.

The comment sparked an immediate debate on Twitter with some people labelling it a racist remark, while others countered saying people were overreacting.


The remark seemed to play up on the stereotype that vast majority of Polish people in London work in the construction industry.

Well, yeah. For sure there a lot of them in that as I should know. They were the major non English speaking crew on a house next door that was under construction. Another thing doing the rounds also, is that they are mostly plumbers.  So what?
Where’s the insult?  But these days of course it is always safest to make a groveling apology.  Even if you haven’t a clue as to what you did that was supposed to be wrong.

OK, that’s it for tonight.
Bye all.


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dead at five … not a virgin …. no mercy ….

I guess this is about as sick as it gets.  How could anyone do this sort of thing to a 5 year old?  For that matter, how do some men bring themselves to treat any female in this way?

No matter how much the hand wringers on the left preach multi-culture and diversity, there is NO WAY these folks are, just like us. None!

Yes, we have child molesters and rapists and all around verminous bastards.  But they are not excused, they are criminals period.
But here, oh well.
She may have been five but she wasn’t a virgin and so he kills her?  And he’s okay with that cos after all, he reads the holy book.

And there’s more and more of his kind arriving in Europe everyday. And they ALL breed.

F***** sick!

Saudi Muslim Preacher Receives Lenient 8-Year Prison Sentence for Allegedly Raping, Brutally Beating, Killing 5-Year-Old Daughter

By Katherine Weber, Christian Post Reporter


A Saudi preacher has received the sentence of eight years imprisonment and 800 lashes for the murder of his 5-year-old daughter, who he allegedly raped and severely beat to the point of death two years ago.

The sentence has been blasted as lenient by activists in the country, who had campaigned for an appropriate sentence to be handed down in the run up to the case.

On Monday a judge found Fayhan al-Ghamdi, a preacher who often appears on television in Saudi Arabia, guilty of beating and torturing his 5-year-old daughter, Lama, to death back in 2011. Along with the sentence of eight years and 800 lashings, the judge also ruled that Ghamdi pay $270,000 in “blood money” to his ex-wife and the girl’s mother, Syeda Mohammed Ali. The girl’s mother had previously requested a payment of $2.7 million.

“The girl’s mother ceded her original request to sentence the father to death,” Mohammed Almadi of Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission told CNN recently. “She has since asked for the father to pay her blood money instead, which is her right in the Saudi legal system.” Under Saudi law, because the mother accepted the “blood money” offer, she could no longer pursue a life sentence charge for her former husband.

Five-year-old Lama al-Ghamdi was admitted to a hospital in the town of Riyadh in December 2011 after being severely beaten while in her father’s care.

The girl suffered broken ribs, a fractured skull, a broken arm, severe burns and extensive bruising.

A social worker from the hospital also indicated the girl had been raped in multiple places, although her mother later denied claims that the rape was done by the father.

The child had allegedly been beaten with electric cables and a cane, and some reports indicated her father was attempting to punish her after hearing her virginity had been compromised. She died 10 months later in October 2012.

Source, Christian Post



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on saying sorry and … the demand to be called chelsea

If there’s one single thing I don’t understand, and even as a kid I never understood the requirement to say you were sorry, unless you really were.  But apparently it please people to hear other people say, I am sorry.  Saying you are sorry and if you can act well enough while saying the magic words, can even lesson a jail sentence. 

These politically correct days, apologies are all the rage. People are saying sorry for the silliest things, and even saying sorry if they think but nobody has complained, that they have given offense of some kind.  And btw .... lots and lots of people are offended by almost anything.  Heck, you may offend someone by not supporting their chosen football team. Gotta say sorry and look like you mean it.

All of the above is my way of bringing you this really silly article I caught the other day.  I needed to check and see if it was April 1st as, well you know how time flies. It could have been April first.  You don’t know. It could have come and you missed it.  But no. It was only the end of last month which was September.

Grab this one bmews.

I’m sorry for saying ‘fighting like girls’: BBC pundit Robbie Fowler forced to apologise for jibe about players

Former Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler apologised live on BBC1’s Final Score on Saturday

He was debating a tussle between Fernando Torres and Jan Vertonghen the Tottenham-Chelsea game

Football fans on Twitter criticised decision to issue apology

By Arthur Martin

A BBC football pundit has apologised for saying two Premier League players had behaved ‘like a pair of girls’.

Former Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler was discussing the Tottenham-Chelsea game on Final Score on Saturday when he made the comment.

But his apology left fans claiming it was another example of the BBC’s obsession with political correctness.

During the game, Chelsea striker Fernando Torres and Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen had been involved in a series of clashes.

Fowler said: ‘Torres and Vertonghen were at each other’s throats all game, like a couple of girls – pulling each other’s shirts and pushing each other.’

Less than half an hour later, Fowler apologised on the live BBC1 show. ‘I made a comment about women’s football. I do apologise,’ he said.

OK, we got ya. Now that should have been it. Right?
But oh no.
It now gets kinda cringe worthy.

‘I’m a big, big fan of Liverpool Ladies actually, who have a chance of winning the league tomorrow. I’ll be watching that.

‘Anyone at home who was offended – I’m deeply sorry. I hope that’s the end of that.’

Within minutes, football fans used Twitter and online forums to criticise the decision to issue an apology.

Owen Jones tweeted: ‘Robbie Fowler being made to apologise for saying Vertonghen and Torres were fighting “like girls” is an absolute joke. It’s political correctness gone mad.’

James Wilson added: ‘This is a massive low. Embarrassing.’

more plus see the photos

Two months ago Fowler’s former club Liverpool released a list of words and phrases that they want to ban from the terraces, including ‘play like a girl’ and ‘don’t be a woman’.

And in other news of the day.

Last week I shared the good news that a couple hundred immigrants trying to sneak into Europe, drowned when their boat caught fire. Well, the final figure looks to be 339 died. Hurray!  Better than expected. The bad news was that some 20 were saved. But hey, 300 plus is still a win,win.

Now comes news that another boatload of the riff-raff has sunk in the same place, but only about a dozen drowned.
Well you know, can not win em all.

And finally.
As many of you will be aware from USA papers and TV news, the maggot,faggot Manning who leaked all those papers insists on being referred to as, Chelsea cos, deep down you see he is a girl.  OK. Whatever.  But leave it to the PC left wing press, who the maggot I am certain would not be reading UK papers where he is, well they are indeed now referring to him by his chosen name of Chelsea.  Which is beyond stupid because unless Uncle Sam pays for a sex change while he is in prison, he has male parts and Chelsea is outta bounds.  Sure hope the guards don’t have to follow a politically correct line and accede to his demand. And btw ... as I read it here, it is a demand and not a request the vermin is making.


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when your stalker live right next door

Editorial writers here, even those conservative ones, harp about America’s gun laws, the gun lobby and those crazed right wing gun nutters in the USA.
As if it’s any of their damn business. Which of course it isn’t.
Well, I saw this story today and could not help thinking, if ever there was a very good reason for owning a gun, this one good reason.  Among many.
But this is Britain, and so this young lady is SOL.
Now 22, she lives alone. 
Thankfully, she came to no physical harm.  But imagine if it’s possible, to be a young woman and be stalked for so long, and to have a court only slap the wrist of the offender and then send him home.

Which happens to be, right next door.
Only in the UK.

Stalker who terrorised woman for two years is freed from court… and allowed to live NEXT DOOR

Darren Blee admitted having an ‘unhealthy fixation’ with Pippa Dowson
He pleaded guilty to stalking but was allowed to return to his Truro home
Ms Dowson, 20, described the decision as ‘disgusting’

By Ted Thornhill

A stalker who has terrorised a young woman for two years has been freed from court and allowed to live next door to her.

Darren Blee, 22, plagued Pippa Dowson by following her day and night, hiding in bushes and jumping out in front of cars she was in.

Blee, who lives with his parents, admitted an ‘unhealthy fixation’ with the 20 year-old and told police he could not stop himself from following her.

He pleaded guilty to stalking but was given a suspended sentence and left to return to his home in Truro, Cornwall.

Ms Dowson, who lives alone, said: ‘My life has been ruined for nearly two years and he got a slap on the wrist.

‘My safety is compromised. His feelings were taken into consideration over mine.
‘It’s disgusting. I think it’s horrendous that they have just let him go home right next door to me.’

Garth Richardson, prosecuting at Truro Crown Court, said police first told Blee to stop his harassment in July 2012, followed by a caution in November.

He behaved himself for three months until February when he started following Ms Dowson again.

On one occasion she came home to find Blee screaming at her and making animal noises.

When asked by police why he kept following her, he said: ‘I don’t know why, there is something wrong with me but I don’t know what. I can’t stop myself.’

Dieter Kehler, defending, said Blee found it hard to make friends or interact with people.

New laws were introduced last November which recognised stalking as a specific crime with a potential sentence of up to five years.

‘He threw things at my window at home. It’s been absolutely terrifying. From the beginning of this year it’s been absolutely horrendous’ - Ms Dowson

Blee was the first person in Cornwall to be dealt under the new legislation which Ms Dowson hoped would finally protect her.

He was remanded in custody by magistrates at the end of August when he pleaded guilty to stalking involving serious alarm or distress.

But he was freed when he returned to the crown court to be sentenced and got a nine-month prison term, suspended for 12 months, and an order to do 100 hours of unpaid work.

Blee was also given a restraining order not to contact his victim, go to her work or follow her for five years.

However, he was allowed to continue living with his parents in the house next door to Ms Dowson.
After the hearing Ms Dowson told how her nightmare began in January 2012 when she was just 18 years old.

She had never had any previous contact with Blee before he targeted her out of the blue.

She said: ‘I noticed he was following me everywhere I went and it got to the stage where I could not leave the house by myself.

read more,

Right, so the bastard cannot help himself. Uh huh.  I hate to think where this might lead.  Sounds like he’s already setting things up for a future, diminished mental responsibility claim.  People like this guy should not be allowed to live.

She might wanna move away. Hope so for her sake.


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pisslam … as usual. and it won’t end in our lifetime.

It’s come to this in France.  Wonder which state is next.

H/T Islamist Watch ...

which gave me the heads up to an article I had not seen in the Daily Mail.  Odd that since we receive the paper Mon. thru Sun.
Better late than never I guess, and it is surprising seeing as there are so many real problems posed by this protected group.
I keep saying it and I do believe it.  The west just will not protect itself and take measures necessary to that end.  The powers that be are more concerned with being labeled racists or suffering islamaphobia.

Ivan Rioufol is a leading figure of the French Press. A constant theme of his wise columns in the right-of-centre Le Figaro newspaper is how mass immigration of Muslims has changed France’s national identity.

Last week, he was investigated by a judge for allegedly defaming Islam. This was not under any racial hatred laws, but under the draconian law that regulates the French media. This is a timely object lesson of what would happen to our freedom of expression if the British press becomes state-regulated.
Simon Heffer

French journalist is prosecuted under 19th century press law for questioning Islam during a radio debate

Ivan Rioufol was summoned to court under France’s strict press laws
Objected to Collective Against Islamophobia In France poster campaign
Says law has been used to ‘penalise criticism and intimidate journalists’

By Peter Allen

A French journalist is facing a criminal trial under the country’s strict press laws for remarks made during a radio debate about the influence of Islam.

Ivan Rioufol, 61, believes the way he is being treated is an example of how writers are criminalised when the state is able to control the media.

He was summoned to court under strict press laws which date back to the 19th Century following a complaint from a pressure group called the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF).

‘In seeking to undermine liberty of expression, a sacred principle of our civilisation, the Collective against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) takes the risk of appearing like a menace to democracy,’ said Mr Rioufol.

‘This is essentially what I hope to be able to explain in court, because I will have to appear in a few months before the 17th Criminal Court in Paris.’

Mr Rioufol, who has written for Le Figaro newspaper for almost 28 years, made some allegedly defamatory remarks on November 15th 2012 during an RTL radio programme called ‘We Reshape the World.’

Mr Rioufol particularly objected to a CCIF poster campaign which showed pictures of predominantly bearded and veiled Muslims under the slogan


The journalist said that this was against the spirit of France’s inclusive, secular republic – something which CCIF objected to.

Mr Rioufol said that France’s 1881 Press Law was being used to ‘penalise criticism, intimidate journalists, censor the media’ and even ‘to reintroduce the offence of blasphemy’.

A spokesman for CCIF said it had a duty to challenge ‘Islamophobia’ and the press laws were a logical way of challenging journalism it objected to.


yabon banania, Paris, France

Using “phobia” to disqualify your intellectual opponent… Soviet heritage.
The most interesting thing is that CCIF (which means “sword” in arabic if you read it like “sif") hardly has any supporters and lives off rich emirati money. Just like ALL French anti-racist associations live off taxpayer’s money and not on their supporters, who amount to just a few hundred people.


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conservative eye candy

I confess, I get some pleasure in posting the photos of some really ugly left wingers.  I always think, rightly or not, that their ugliness matches their personality.
That’s simply my own personal prejudice since I hate what they do, say and stand for.

But I’ve neglected the conservative ladies along the way. To be honest, I haven’t been looking either.  Anyway, nursing a bad stomach and reading the morning paper I came across this bit of lovely.  She isn’t a pro model or an actress either. Oh well, hang on a minute. If she is now in politics she might be an actress.
What’s important is, she is a Tory. (Conservative)

Conservative MP posed for a sultry photo shoot back in 1999

Photos released not long after she was appointed employment minister






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calendar   Friday - October 11, 2013

Please return to previously stable operating system…Constitution 1.27



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aw crap

I’ve got a fuel leak in my car. Gas puddling on the ground under the tank. Smelly.


Time to get a flashlight and see what’s leaking. Maybe it’s just the fill pipe flex hose or a loose clamp.

And I was going to drive up to Binghamton this weekend for homecoming.


update ... Ok, maybe not so bad. Looks like it’s the vapor return hose between the gas tank and the filler neck vent tube. Probably almost impossible to get to without putting the car on a lift and dropping the tank, but the part itself seems to be about 4” of regular 1/2” rubber fuel hose. It’s dripping because I parked facing a bit uphill, and the gas tank is filled to the max. Once I drive it down it should be fine, and I’ll use up the whole tank going up there and back. So I’ll take it down to the service guy Monday with a nearly empty tank, and let them do it. Should be quick and easy ... and cheap? Meanwhile I’ll park facing downhill.

image image
part # 6, rubber hose with 2 clamps.

Good news is, the latest rain has rinsed the car off, so the yellowjackets are no longer crawling all over it. Much.

What what what?

Yeah, our parking area here is under some big old pine trees. Which drip sap and drop needles. When we had the big storm the other day, tons of needles came down. Tons. All the cars looked like buffaloes, big brown lumps. That many needles fell. Anyway, pine trees get this little specialized insect called an adelgid, commonly known as a pine aphid. And when they suck the sap from the tree they crap out some sugary goo. It’s called honeydew. Yellowjackets love sugar, so they love honeydew too. So when all the needles fell, I guess a lot of that goo came off the needles and stuck to the cars. So there were bees crawling all over the place the next day, having a snack. Now that it’s rained again, and all the loose needles are gone, most of the honeydew has been rinsed off. So the bees are much less of a bother. But, egad, the other day ... dozens of them crawling and buzzing all over the cars.


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Only 60?

Would’ve thought 80-90 at this point.

60% Polled Would Fire All Of Congress


Throw the bums out.

That’s the message 60 percent of Americans are sending to Washington in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, saying if they had the chance to vote to defeat and replace every single member of Congress, including their own representative, they would. Just 35 percent say they would not.

According to the latest NBC/WSJ poll, the shutdown has been a political disaster. One in three say the shutdown has directly impacted their lives, and 65 percent say the shutdown is doing quite a bit of harm to the economy. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

The 60 percent figure is the highest-ever in that question recorded in the poll, registered in the wake of the government shutdown and threat of the U.S. defaulting on its debt for the first time in history. If the nation’s debt limit is not increased one week from now, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warns that the entire global economy could be in peril.

“We continue to use this number as a way to sort of understand how much revulsion there is,” said Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted the poll with Republican Bill McInturff. “We now have a new high-water mark.”

The numbers reflect a broader trend over the last few years. Americans have traditionally said that while they might not like Congress, they usually like their own representatives. But that sentiment appears to have shifted.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid speaks in the White House driveway following a meeting Thursday with President Barack Obama.

The throw-them-all-out attitude has slowly taken hold over the last three years, coinciding with two things – the rise of the Tea Party caucus in the House and the debt ceiling fight of 2011.

In other countries they have a “no confidence” vote that can bring down the government. Makes me wonder if we shouldn’t have such a thing here. Every day, every year the US government gets bigger and costlier, and moves to the left. A “centrist” now is where a far left Dem was 40 years ago. Even the “royal” and sainted JFK, demi-god of the Dems, would be a hard-line Conservative today.

Yup, it’s time to push the Reset button.


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calendar   Wednesday - October 09, 2013

Occupy America



All across the country people are pushing back against Teh Tantrum. Throwing cones, moving barricades, parking where the fish cops tell them not to, and visiting our national parks and monuments without regard to Obungler’s stompy foot. Michelle Malkin has the roundup, as do so many others.




Funny thing is, despite the “furlough”, there may be more National Park Police working to keep people OUT of the nationalized places than there were before the ‘shutdown’ working to allow them IN.  Which is how DC ‘saves money’ in a nutshell.

Meanwhile, the Dems want to stick it to We The People even HARDER ...

While moderate Democrats are talking compromise, the president’s liberal base is calling for drastic measures. The New Republic’s Noam Scheiber lays out the liberal position: That Obama should reject the idea of a short-term increase in the debt limit as a gateway to further negotiations. The reason, echoed across the left side of the Internet and on liberal news outlets, is to speed the destruction of the GOP: “The sooner we have the final debt ceiling showdown, the fewer opportunities Boehner has to back himself further into a corner from which he may never emerge,” he wrote. Or, as WaPo’s Ruth Marcus put it: “Better to edge up to, or even leap off, the cliff of default disaster now than to be saddled with it forevermore.”

Blah blah blah. Who gives a damn? Whatever lies the Left spins on this - and there are dozens if not hundreds - it all boils down to de-funding Obamacare. And for that there is no backing down. So don’t blink, GOP types in DC. This is no time to go wobbly. You stand strong there, we’ll do what we damn please here. And when it’s over ... even if it takes months ... smart folks ought to be seeing with a really jaundiced eye about those hundreds of thousands of furloughed employees that we got by just fine without.  Cut the government. Cut the spending. Cut the debt. And cut Obamacare into little tiny shreds and put it in the dustbin of history, where it belongs. Then use your brains to figure out a simple, 2 page plan, for fixing the insanely high cost of medical care coverage in this country. Hell, I could do it in a paragraph




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calendar   Tuesday - October 08, 2013

Now Who Will We Root For?

Tommy Robinson leaving EDL. Claims it’s infiltrated by neo-nazis and other fascists.

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll are announcing their departure from the English Defence League. This move has come after many months of deliberation and many years of constant efforts by Robinson and Carroll to prevent the EDL from being infiltrated and co-opted by racists, anti-Semites, fascists, neo-Nazis, and far-right elements. Increasingly, Robinson’s time has been taking up with patrolling and policing EDL demos to keep out these infiltrators and far-right ideologues. He has decided, and my AFDI colleague Robert Spencer and I strongly endorse his decision, that his time is better spent working for the defense of England and human rights against Sharia and Islamization in different and more effective ways.

This from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs page.

Who will speak up for the Anglos now?  Who is left to take up St. George’s spear and fight the dragon?



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they ain’t got the balls

“Without helmets and pads, children are much more susceptible to getting hurt”

School Bans All Balls At Recess

Cartwheels and Tag Also Forbidden

Officials at Weber Middle School in Port Washington are worried that students are getting hurt during recess. Thus, they have instituted a ban on footballs, baseballs, lacrosse balls, or anything that might hurt someone on school grounds.

Tossing a football during recess has long seemed to be a rite of passage for kids in the school community.

“I think we need the soccer balls, the footballs and everything, so we can have some fun,” one student said.

But the students will have no such option anymore. They were just informed that during recess, football is out and Nerf ball is in. Hard soccer balls have been banned, along with baseballs and lacrosse balls, rough games of tag, or cartwheels unless supervised by a coach.

Students were not thrilled about the news.

Port Washington schools Supt. Kathleen Maloney said the change in policy is warranted due to a rash of playground injuries.

“Some of these injuries can unintentionally become very serious, so we want to make sure our children have fun, but are also protected,” Maloney said.

Without helmets and pads, children are much more susceptible to getting hurt, experts said.


Several districts from outside Long Island are already contacting Nassau County educators. Soon, additional schools may be jumping on the banning balls bandwagon.

The Port Washington district said the softer foam balls put students in the best situation to cut down the chance of getting injured.

I think they should just wrap your child in thick, organically grown, pesticide and peanut free cotton batting, and set them in rows in a nice quiet dim room with indirect lighting. That will make the indoctrination sessions easier too. It’s for their own good after all.

And Remember, pointing a finger, saying “pow pow!” or eating a sandwich into any vaguely L-shaped form is a Zero Tolerance Weapons Offense and will get your child suspended/expelled/psychoanalyzed and their meds increased.

Now children, everyone stand up and sing the Praise Obama song after we Pledge Allegiance To The State. And tell teacher where daddy touches you and where he keeps his guns.


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mind how you go and watch what you say or write. the speech and thought nazis are out there

I really hate these people.  The politically correct ass warts who find things to be offended by, and by heaven if they can’t find something easy they will make it up.

I’m sure things must be just as crazy in the USA, look at the idiots with obama’s blessing, who want to stop the Redskins team from using that word. Some native Americans are ‘offended’ or so they say. 

Well, over here it doesn’t take much and in fact if just ONE idiot claims they’ve been offended by what they claim is a racist comment, the cops have to investigate the charge.  In fact, they do not even have to be personally offended themselves.  If one person believes they have read or heard a racist comment, it’ll by god be investigated.

Which brings me to this.

There’s a man here named Alan Sugar, Lord Sugar if you please, who hosts a show called The Apprentice.  Trump does a version in the states. Or he once did.
Anyway .... Lord Sugar made a comment on Twitter.

Lord Sugar faced police racism probe after joking on Twitter that crying Chinese boy was upset ‘because he was told off for leaving the production line of the iPhone 5’

Apprentice star’s tweet offended Nichola Szeto, who spoke to police
The post showed an image of a crying Chinese child wearing a watermelon
He joked that the child was told off for leaving an iPhone 5 production line
Police investigated but took no further action

By Simon Boyle, Showbusiness Editor

source for full article


Well now, this total fool, this left leaning stupid piece of waste material, this life form that shouldn’t be, this one jerk reported the latest crime of the century.


Here she is below, trying to look Chinese. She looks like a puke.

Liverpool shop owner Nichola Szeto, whose husband and family are Chinese, complained to the Metropolitan Police Twitter account, saying: ‘I thought racism was illegal.’

She was contacted by police on Wednesday but declined to give a statement.

At 8am the next day, she was again contacted by officers who said they wanted to visit her home.

Instead, she agreed to attend a police station in Central Liverpool later that day, where she spent an hour giving a statement to two officers.

Ms Szeto, who runs a health supplements business with her husband, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I told the police I just wanted to let him know it was wrong.
‘They said they take this very seriously, but I said, “Just leave it, I’ve complained now.” But they phoned back so I went to see them.’
Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘Individuals must be held to account for their actions, even on social media, but officers should not waste their time chasing every ill-thought-out tweet.’

Dumb tho she is ,,, the police in this matter aren’t guiltless either.  At a point when she thought her gripe was enough and didn’t intend to go any further, the kops did. Of course they did. Cos they’re politically correct also.

Still, the one (so far) jerk of the week just has to be the president of the United States. That’s embarrassing folks.


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Think I’m working up an essay.

There used to be a thing called ‘shunning’. The dictionary defines ‘shun’ as

“shun |SHən| verb ( shuns, shunning , shunned ) [ with obj. ] persistently avoid, ignore, or reject (someone or something) through antipathy or caution”

Usually for good reason: the ‘shunned’ object was a thief, rapist, murderer, scoundrel, lawyer, politician, or Democrat.

So while the Left wants us all to be ‘non-judgemental’ (I actually had a close family member throw that at me once) doesn’t ‘political correctness’ do the same thing?

We on the right should reclaim ‘shunning’. Shunning in pursuit of returning folks to morality and virtue is NOT a bad thing. ‘Political Correctness’, which is just ‘shunning’ in pursuit of immorality and vice, should be fought constantly.


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 10/08/2013 at 08:53 AM   
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