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calendar   Wednesday - October 16, 2013

privacy and how much should the public know …

A few days ago I went on a rant with regard to Edward Snowden, the SOB who stole and then shared intel files with people who he had to know were not our friends.  Mostly left wing press and especially the Guardian here in the UK.  Guardian. Think Trotsky - Marx etc.  Not that I’d have admired the thief had he passed on to right wing media.  Based on what we are hearing and reading here, much of the material was highly sensitive, some less so in matters of state security but embarrassing nonetheless.  Who gave him a license to decide to act as he did?
He stole so much that there was no way on god’s green earth he’d have had time to read it all and see what was dangerous and what wasn’t, to pass on to .... foreigners.  I call that treason.

So anyway ... I posted under the heading,

Can you see any reason to let these scum live?  I don’t but I know they will. Damn it!

Which brought a reasoned response from one of our readers, which we welcome.
Normally, I’d have left a reply under comments as that’s where replies belong. But I feel strongly enough about this subject to place it here on our front page.

The reply to my post as follows .

I left DC 6 weeks ago after 10 years in the Beltway and have come away convinced that Snowden isn’t the criminal that many rabid bloggers made him out to be.

He revealed the largest infringement on human privacy **ever**.

Why is the public so silent about it? I’m not sure.

Posted by Redbear762 10/15/2013 at 12:56 PM

What privacy?

It isn’t conceivable that the NSA - CIA -FBI combined, have the numbers necessary to monitor ALL calls and mails and email etc of the general public.
I really doubt the average person has anything of any interest to those agencies. They’d be wasting time they do not have trying to listen to everybody. I honestly do not think any generation before has faced the type of threat to national security that the current one is exposed to. So it may be a matter of desperate measures to counter the threat.

No, I do think Snowden is exactly the criminal rat I believe him to be.
He stole thousands of files and handed them off to people who btw are anti American to begin with. His recent so called free speech award comes from a very left wing group, there can be no doubt he shared our secrets with the Chinese and Russians.

Both he and Manning are traitors and should be eliminated. But what the heck, nobody tossed acid in Jane Fonda’s face after Nam, or even shot her dead. So I guess it only follows with the new standards of treason that Snowden is a hero.  Look for the book and movie soon.  His mom will no doubt be portrayed by Fonda and if he has any sisters they’ll be played by the dixie ditsy chicks. 



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calendar   Tuesday - October 15, 2013

back for a while

Ok, I’ve got some time finally to spend on this blog. At least, I think I do.

We got skunked again at Monday Money League bowling. We bowled the boss’s team, the guy who owns the alley. Gee, what a non-surprise, he’s a really great bowler! Anyway, I tried using the Butterscotch Bomb, a new ball I picked up over the summer and have had difficulty with. I couldn’t make it work. I let a few other guys throw it for fun, and they couldn’t get much out of it either. So it’s in the shop for a tweaking, whatever that means. A balance hole probably. They love me there, so the staff is always willing to try and help. So let’s see what happens.

OK, stale news, slightly. The vets stormed the memorials and kicked down the banners. Awesome. Then delivered them to the White House. Major uber awesome. Palin and Cruz showed up and had patriotic things to say. Love it.

But I turn on the news and I don’t hear a word about the GOP trying to block Obamacare. Did that die? It was THE story a couple days ago, and for more than a week before that. Now, not a word. And now I’m hearing they’re also going to give in on raising the debt ceiling? And give up the sequester too? I guess they couldn’t wait to get back to business as usual, lining their pockets while the people suffer? I give up.

OK, time to get some food in me, then take a look at the news. So far, it looks like today’s story is “30 Billion Dollars Wasted on ‘glitch’”, a sad tale about Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and the tons of money wasted on government subsidies for them, and how they don’t really work. No kidding. The EMR push has been going on for nearly a decade now. My wife works for a doctor; they’re on their 4th system. The first 3 were completely inept and could not be adapted to track and code the tasks that office does. The current system seems to be doing it, but whether it can get the data back and forth to the government/hospital/HIPPA network remains to be seen. Not her world, so I never hear about that part. EMR is a great idea, but a nearly impossible out-of-the-box implementation, because no two doctors run things the same way. Which means every copy of any software needs to be customized. “Customized” is an IT word that means “Throw buckets and buckets of money at the programmers, wait a few months, and maybe they can make some changes that will work.”

The rollout of ObamaCare has been plagued by problems these past two weeks, as thousands complained they couldn’t sign up for coverage due to a deeply defective website. 

But this process could have been easier if a nine-year, government-backed effort to set up a system of electronic medical records had gotten off the ground. Instead of setting up their medical ID for the first time, would-be customers would have their records already on file.

Unfortunately for patients—and taxpayers—the long-running project has produced tangibly few results despite costing the government, so far, at least $30 billion.

Under a George W. Bush-era executive order, all Americans should have access to their medical records by the end of 2014, part of a concept referred to as e-health. President Obama then made electronic medical records (EMRs) central to the success of the Affordable Care Act

Health care IT providers were tasked with creating a system connecting patients, health care professionals, hospitals, laboratories and medical facilities. But despite being paid vast incentives by the government’s Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), they’ve dragged their feet.

Doctors have so far received $14 billion in sweeteners, and hospitals have been handed more than $16 billion. Officials indicate that incentives could eventually reach $45 billion, though there is no universally integrated system anywhere in sight.

Taxpayers lose here, but so do patients.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/15/2013 at 10:16 AM   
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boris johnson and a taste of eye candy

I thought for once, it might be nice to start the day with a bit of something I found funny, coupled with eye candy.

I should explain.

The man here is New York born to Brit parents, the Honorable Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.  He is always in the news.

He’s the guy who defeated Red Ken Livingston who was mayor, and an admitted Communist.  Strangely unexpected, Red Ken comes off as a likeable guy, and clever even if I didn’t care for what he had to say.  I’d still listen to him on the odd occasion when he was on some panel show. (radio)

Anyway ....

Boris, whose attractive sister is a writer as is he, has a column in the Sunday Mail and is a former magazine editor.  The whole damn family is a fairy tale and an adventure.

Mr. Johnson shown here, is in China with a Brit group encouraging trade with China. This photo appeared in the papers and who could resist it?
He has a bit of a reputation with the ladies, and the public seem able to forgive Boris almost anything.  He is clever, beyond just brilliant when he has to be, a rather shambling figure with a sense of humor although at times he hasn’t been aware that he’s been funny.  He just may end up in Parliament again where he didn’t do so well once before.

When caught in a goof or an embarrassing situation, he relies on a Latin quip in response.  Yeah, he speaks it. The whole family as I understand it, is quite multilingual.  Or so I’ve heard.

So that’s my brief intro to the Mayor of London.  I’d need pages and pages to tell it all.

Now then .... I think this needs a caption.

Don’t you?  I think it begs for one.

Like maybe ...  “What nice flowers you have there and where did you get that lovely bottom vase?”



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/15/2013 at 04:33 AM   
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calendar   Monday - October 14, 2013

when national security is at the mercy of a left wing newspaper

Snowden and stolen files continued ....

The following is from Stephen Glover of The Mail.

Amazing how many are supporting the Guardian.  That’s sort of like Jews voting for Hitler in ‘33.
In fact, some many actually did, not understanding the full threat to them he was.  Until it was far too late.

Maybe you folks in the US aren’t getting the same coverage on this topic. ??

The headline in the hard copy was huge and took up half the page on two lines.

Stupendous Arrogance:

By risking lives, I say again, the Guardian is floundering far out of its depth in realms where no newspaper should venture

By Stephen Glover

It is reasonable sometimes to entertain doubts about the security services. They’re not saints, and they will always seek more powers than either Parliament or the majority of people are likely to want to give them.

But we can’t ignore the new head of MI5, Andrew Parker, who said in a speech on Tuesday that the publication in the Guardian newspaper of confidential files leaked by U. S. fugitive Edward Snowden has caused ‘enormous damage’ to the capabilities of our security services.

One senior Whitehall source went even further, telling the Mail that the leaks to the Guardian have caused the greatest damage to Western security in history. The newspaper is accused of helping to produce a ‘handbook’ for terrorists.

According to Mr Parker, there are several thousand Islamic terrorists in this country who ‘see the British people as a legitimate target’. The publication of top-secret information about GCHQ surveillance has given these people the knowledge to evade detection when planning an atrocity.

Mr Parker dismissed as ‘fanciful’ the Guardian’s suggestion that MI5 wants ‘to operate intensive scrutiny of thousands’. MI5 is interested only in the bad guys, and thanks to the Guardian — though Mr Parker did not actually name the newspaper — it’s going to be much more difficult to apprehend them.

Oliver Robbins, Britain’s deputy national security adviser, has been no less forthright. He says that the Guardian has ‘already done real damage’ to Britain by its revelations, and that information still held by the newspaper could lead to a ‘widespread loss of life’.

In August, police at Heathrow seized at least 58,000 documents from Edward Snowden carried on memory sticks and hard discs by the Brazilian David Miranda on behalf of the Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has been at the forefront of the newspaper’s disclosures.


Mr Greenwald is an American citizen based in Brazil with no ties whatsoever to Britain — and no affection for it. After his partner, David Miranda, had been held for nine hours at Heathrow, Mr Greenwald threatened this country.

‘I will be far more aggressive in my reporting from now,’ he said. ‘I have many documents on England’s spy system. I think they will be sorry for what they did.’

How can Mr Rusbridger associate himself with such a man, let alone continue to employ him? Almost unbelievably, he has admitted that he had no idea what Mr Miranda was carrying when he was arrested at Heathrow, though the Guardian was paying for his ticket. 

Well, now we know what Mr Miranda had on him — information so incendiary (though he was probably unaware of it) that British agents have had to be moved. Isn’t it clear that the Guardian is floundering far out of its depth, in realms where no newspaper should ever venture?

Mr Robbins has previously suggested that these documents, which have probably been replicated many times, are so sensitive that British agents have had to be moved for their own safety.

These are grave charges. The Guardian is being accused of putting at risk not only the lives of agents but also potentially the lives of ordinary British people, whom MI5 will now find it more difficult to protect. Divide the accusations in two, and then halve them again, and they are still mind-boggling.

You might have thought that Mr Rusbridger would be quaking in his boots. Or at least apologetic. Or perhaps ruminative. Not a bit of it.
In a BBC radio interview yesterday, he loftily insisted that his newspaper had been justified in publishing Snowden’s leaks — and intended to go on doing so.

This is the same Mr Rusbridger who has previously ignored pleas from the security services to stop publishing the revelations, and who has proudly declared that his newspaper has held back stories which it deemed potentially damaging.

But, as Mr Robbins has pertinently asked, how would he know? He is a newspaperman, not a security expert. The high-handedness is amazing. Mr Rusbridger thinks he can determine which stories might harm national security — and which will not. According to the experts, he is hopelessly unqualified to make such a judgment.

We know what Mr Miranda had on him — information so incendiary (though he was probably unaware of it) that British agents have had to be moved. Isn’t it clear that the Guardian is floundering far out of its depth, in realms where no newspaper should ever venture?

Never forget that Edward Snowden, who remains holed up in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, stole the information he has handed on to the Guardian. He has probably also passed it to Russia and China (he was earlier in Hong Kong), both of which powers are not very friendly to Britain.

More even than WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose occasionally damaging and often embarrassing revelations the Guardian published, Snowden is a menace to British, and Western, interests. A small proportion of what he revealed may have been in the public interest, but it is greatly outweighed by the damage he has done.

The fact is that states do have necessary secrets, and the best interests of Britain are not served by sharing those secrets with our enemies, be they foreign powers or home-grown Islamic extremists.

Mr Rusbridger won’t be made to answer for his actions by the BBC. The security services have been pretty indulgent to him, even if they did insist during the summer that the hard drives of some Guardian computers containing secret information be destroyed.

No, my only hope is that he will finally consult his own conscience. Despite everything, I believe he is a decent man. I urge him to descend from the misty slopes of Mount Olympus which he inhabits, and to put an end to this shameful business.


So after all of that, Mr. Glover thinks the commie creep scum is a decent guy after all.  Just, oh ,, perhaps misguided.

And that’s another sign as to why we in the west could lose it all in time.  Cos some of us are just too damn forgiving and willing to reason with and forgive traitors.  Or not even recognize treason when it stares us in the face.


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The Daily Mail takes on the Marxist Guardian who publish stolen USA files

The following is an editorial published in hard copy ans on line by the Mail.
The editors here have taken on the Marxist Guardian, who are publishing the files that traitor Snowden has supplied them with.

The paper that helps Britain’s enemies

By Daily Mail Comment

Forget hacking voicemails or slipping payments to officials for stories that may or may not be in the public interest.

Set to one side even (dare we say it?) this paper’s provocative headline 12 days ago, questioning how a long-dead Marxist, who wanted to smash all the traditions and institutions which make Britain British, could be said to love his country.

By any objective yardstick, don’t such crimes and controversies pale beside the accusation levelled against the Guardian on Tuesday by the new head of MI5?

Indeed, it is impossible to imagine a graver charge against a newspaper than that it has given succour to our country’s enemies and endangered all our lives by handing terrorists ‘the gift they need to evade us and strike at will’.

Yet so said Andrew Parker, in his first speech as our spy chief, which yesterday was significantly endorsed by No10.

So isn’t it staggering that the BBC, after spending all last week trumpeting Ed Miliband’s attack on this paper over our charge that his father’s Marxist views validated one of the most evil regimes in history, could hardly bring itself for much of yesterday to report Mr Parker’s devastating indictment of the Guardian?

The problem, and it’s worse under the new director general, is that a wall of prejudice surrounds Broadcasting House – a belief that the Right merits relentless attack, while the BBC’s soulmates on the liberal Left must always be protected.

Let us be clear. The Mail has never believed that MI5 and GCHQ deserve unquestioning support.

In this column, we were highly critical of their demands for the power to detain suspects without trial for 90 days.

We led the charge against MI6’s cosiness with Labour over the dodgy dossier on Iraq. And we have opposed secret courts and the so-called snoopers’ charter.

But at the same time, we accept that the security services would be guilty of dereliction of duty if they failed to monitor those who pose a threat to the UK.

We believe the Guardian, with lethal irresponsibility, has crossed that line by printing tens of thousands of words describing the secret techniques used to monitor terrorists.

Such is certainly the view of UK national security adviser Oliver Robbins, who says the paper has ‘already done real damage’, while the information it still holds is likely to ‘lead directly to widespread loss of life’.

Indeed, so incendiary are these documents that British agents have had to be moved for their protection.

Yet, almost as astonishing as the BBC’s reticence, the editor of the Guardian now says he will continue to release the material, arguing that he will take care to publish nothing that endangers lives.

But how, in the name of sanity, can he know? He’s a journalist, not an expert on security.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/14/2013 at 07:10 AM   
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enemies of the west hard at work, and they are us.

This sort of reporting has been going on all last week, and I do not suppose this is all there will be.

The Brits are taking this very seriously, as they should.

What amazes me are the number of fellow travellers these commie shits have, who are defending Snowden as a hero and the Guardian as a voice of truth and good in the world.  There appear to be a number who approve the paper’s publication. 

Snowden’s treachery has put the lives of our spies at risk, says top intelligence expert

By Richard Kemp, Ex-chairman Of Cobra Intelligence Committee

Despite the self-righteous pomposity of Edward Snowden, who claims from his FSB-protected Moscow hideout that he doesn’t want to live in a society that places its citizens under surveillance, his revelations about the secret state have told us little.

GCHQ exists precisely to do what Snowden has ‘uncovered’. Who is genuinely surprised that, in its efforts to protect this country, GCHQ is monitoring all possible terrorist means of communication? Who wouldn’t be outraged if it were it not?

What Snowden has done by revealing the detail of collection techniques as well as vast quantities of highly sensitive intelligence material, is jeopardise our national security and the lives of those who take great risks to protect us.

To expose at the very least 58,000 secret and top secret British intelligence documents to the gaze of Chinese and Russian authorities and to publicise the details of intelligence collection capability is the most damaging act of betrayal in the history of intelligence treachery.
There is no question the Chinese and the Russians will be pulling out the stops to exploit this windfall.

The same applies to our tech-savvy jihadist enemies, who are more than capable of rapidly learning the lessons Snowden has taught them. I am no less troubled than anyone else about the extent to which private citizens are spied on.

In my opinion only one thing can justify the range and scale of activity that MI5, GCHQ and the NSA are engaged in. That is a serious and lethal threat to the people of this country. Today that threat comes from terrorism.

As a soldier I have fought terrorism and been attacked by terrorists. Involved in intelligence work in London, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, I have read and analysed thousand upon thousand of secret intelligence reports including phone and email intercepts.

I know first-hand the danger that we face from terrorism and the vital role intelligence plays in protecting us from it.

Snowden is only partially responsible for the harm that he has done. Far greater culpability lies with the US intelligence apparatus for permitting such damaging theft of their secret intelligence, especially in the wake of the Bradley Manning fiasco.

By bringing their clearly inadequate internal security measures up to date, the NSA can and must prevent recurrence of Snowden’s betrayal.

There is no link available that I know of for this article.  The link provided originally was huge, I have never seen one like it before. Every time I tried to copy it to paste, the page it was on crashed.  While the text wasn’t deleted, the link was.  I have no idea how or why. This was published on line and in hard copy by The Daily Mail.


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Can you see any reason to let these scum live?  I don’t but I know they will. Damn it!

It’s been in the news all week, and I’d be curious to know if the impact is the same in the USA.
I am referring to that maggot Edward Snowden who ran off with thousands of top secret documents and has taken refuge in Russia.

Before Russia of course, he was in China.
Except for total idiots …. can there be any American alive anywhere, that doesn’t think the intelligence agencies of those two countries now also have the material?

Britain too is exposed of course, and it was announced last week, that the filthy traitor has released thousands more in his possession, to the very left wing Guardian newspaper here in the UK.  AND … they are publishing said material. Not all of it they say.  In other words, they have now become the arbiters of what is safe and not safe to divulge, of material stolen from the USA and handed to them.
Which isn’t a surprise because they are totally far left and most assuredly Do Not Like the USA.

I wish it were possible to kill the filthy commie editor and the miserable creep reporter who first got his rotten hands on the file. That reporter by the way, although living and working here, happens to be an American faggot, who it is known, shared the files with his boyfriend who was trying to take some of them out of the UK. 

What ever happened to the guys I read about in novels, who take out bastards like these?  Or did they never exist?  Oh for a weapon and close proximity to either of these rats.  I’d even go after family members, to give future editors of this type something to think about before acting in a similar manner.  While some won’t agree and say that’s barbarism, I can only remind them of the world we now inhabit. And I’d also ask if you feel safer on a plane now than before 911 or a London bus on 7/7/05.

The times are barbarous and we must accept that.  No one will thank us for being foolish enough to try and fight this one using the Marquis of Queensbury Rules.  Well wait a minute.  There will be some thanks, won’t there?  From the scum that are determined to blow up more planes, attack more shopping malls, fly more planes into buildings if they can. Those folks will thank us, and laugh as well. 

The most serious damage done so far it’s reported, is that Snowden and by extension the newspapers, have now informed the terrorists of our methods and what our people look for and how they track and upset terror attacks.  Snowden deserves to die and the more painful the better. I’d say the same for the Guardian reporter, his boyfriend, the commie editor and include the publisher as well for good measure.

The previous posts tell only a part of the story.  And damn it, to think that holes in our own security has led to all this.  Although, how was anyone to know there was a traitor in their midst?  That’s how they operate.  Innit?


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/14/2013 at 06:55 AM   
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Judge praises man for bringing to justice serial burglar.

Would ya look at this.

At least the judge was one with his head on right.
But the kops could have handled this better. Don’t ya think?

I really haven’t the words on this, so I’ll leave it to you.

Man who tracked down burglar after £3,000 raid on his home was reprimanded by police and told he could be prosecuted for threatening witnesses

Joseph Ingham decided to track down burglar who raided his home

Offered ‘cash reward’ for identification of suspect

Called burglar and threatened to ransack his home to retrieve belongings

Initially ‘criticised by police for potentially jeopardizing case’

Judge praises him for bringing to justice serial burglar Dean Harris

By Chris Brooke

When £3,000 of valuables were stolen from his family home, Joseph Ingham feared police would regard the burglary as another crime statistic and do little to identify the culprit.

So the determined father-of-two turned detective himself and used his initiative to track down the burglar and recover his possessions within three hours.

But when Mr Ingham, 32, returned home triumphantly with his spoils he was threatened with arrest, ‘treated like a criminal’ and told off by police officers still taking a statement from his wife about the burglary.

However, his actions were vindicated when he was later praised by a judge for successfully having ‘a go.’

His evidence proved crucial in convicting serial burglar Dean Harris, 43, who was jailed for three-and-a-half years at Hull Crown Court on Friday.

Mr Ingham, a builder, was given Harris’s name after he offered a cash ‘reward’ for information and he persuaded Harris to hand over the stolen goods by threatening to ransack his home in retribution.

Judge Michael Mettyear told the court: ‘I am sorry to say Mr Ingham has shown other people how to investigate a case. I may not approve of all his behaviour.

‘The police are not able to use his methods, but at least he gave it a go and made all the inquiries. He brought to justice a persistent long-term burglar.’

Mr Ingham launched his DIY investigation in May after receiving a phone call from his wife Rachel, 33, to tell him their home had been ransacked and burgled.

Mr Ingham said: ‘I did what anyone should have done. I was so angry that my house had been burgled and I was not insured.

‘I knew I would never hear the last of it from my girls and my wife was so upset. Bridlington is not that big a place and I just thought where do you go but the roughest estate. People know each other in this town.’

The court heard Mr Ingham decided to visit a bail hostel for criminals and promised £20 to a resident for information.

The man admitted he had been offered some matching computer equipment minutes earlier on the phone and gave the name of Dean Harris and the housing estate where he lived.

Mr Ingham said: ‘When I got back home initially the police treated me like a criminal because of the way I got my stuff back.’

After explaining what he had done, the police officers criticised him for threatening a witness and offering the £20 ‘reward’ for information.

‘They were threatening to arrest me. They were saying I had ruined the investigation. I was dumbfounded by their attitude. I only did what every normal person would do.’


12 Previous and the scum is out and about?  Why isn’t he dead?  We can only hope one day soon he will overdose.


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calendar   Sunday - October 13, 2013

scurry scurry

I would like to find time to put up a couple posts today, but we’ve got company coming. Family. So it’s been zoom around all morning doing massive housework. Run to the store for this and that.  Well, when people do show up, I can casually toss a marinated tri-tip on the grill, offer them iced Manhattans or any of several wines or beers, a nice big tray of Italian anti-pasto nibblies, fancy salad with home made vinaigrette dressing, or even some hickory smoked barbecue ribs I made last night. And here, take your ease in our perfectly clean house, sit any where you want. Fresh brewed coffee?? Because, hey, we always live like this. Uh huh. Here, have a cookie. We just baked. Just for the fun of it you know.



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traitors and the ones who help them who also hate the USA

Over the past week there have been and continue to be, numerous articles about the files stolen by American traitor scum Snowden. Who btw has been given a freedom of speech award. Fancy that.  He needs an acid bath but unfortunately is hiding away in Russia at the moment.

Anyway, this is just one of a few things I am posting on the subject, which has been bothering me for awhile.

MI5 concerns over The Guardian sending top secret files… by Fedex: Newspaper used public courier firm to post data out of the country

· The newspaper saved files from leaker Edward Snowden to a USB stick

· It then sent the files to the USA via the FedEx delivery service

· The move has been described as creating a security risk

· Intelligence experts have accused The Guardian of ‘playing parlour games’ with national security

By Robert Verkaik

The Guardian newspaper sent top-secret files containing classified information to the United States by household courier FedEx, it was revealed last night.

The security risk is the latest to engulf the newspaper after the head of MI5 warned last week that publication of confidential data leaked by US fugitive Edward Snowden had caused huge ‘harm’ to the capability of Britain’s intelligence services.

Last night, senior security figures lambasted the newspaper for using Federal Express to carry the encrypted files.

Former anti-terror law watchdog Alex Carlile QC said the decision may have put the lives of British spies in danger.

‘I think it is astonishing that top-secret material has been placed in a public parcel delivery system,’ he said.
Security chiefs are also understood to be ‘very concerned’ at the use of a courier company. One source said: ‘Any leak like this is extremely concerning and part of that concern is the handling arrangements.’

The data – from GCHQ, the Government’s secret communications headquarters – was copied from the original Snowden cache on to a USB memory stick and sent by FedEx to a ‘disguised’ US intermediary in June this year. Measures were taken to ensure its safe passage.

He was told that if The Guardian was ‘muzzled’ he was to make sure the material was published on ProPublica, a not-for-profit New York website which publishes investigative journalism.

Weeks later, GCHQ officials visited the newspaper’s London offices to destroy computers and hard drives in the belief they had closed the security breach.
According to a report last week in The New Yorker, Mr Rusbridger sent a ‘Federal Express package containing a thumbnail drive of selected Snowden documents to an intermediary in the US’.

Rusbridger hinted that the Government might be too late to prevent publication of further material.

Lord Carlile accused The Guardian of playing ‘a parlour game’ with national security.
His comments are at odds with other leading Lib Dems, including Business Secretary Vince Cable, who have supported The Guardian.

He said: ‘I am very surprised The Guardian has not paid enough attention to comments by Andrew Parker [MI5 director general] and others about the damage these disclosures have done or can still do to national security.

‘There are individuals whose safety might be affected by these disclosures. We are talking about MI5, MI6 and the national security agents of other countries.

‘I think it is astonishing that a large amount of top-secret material has been placed in a public parcel delivery system.


Here’s the American hating left wing Marxist bastard who is the editor.



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new rules on sex offender ‘suspects’

I caught this blurb in a paper last week, kinda scary if you ask me.

What if they ID the wrong person?  Or someone brings charges and they are lying? 

We’ve had a couple of cases like that here in the last year.  Guys dragged out of their house at any hour, usually very early, no chance to face accuser etc. And the process can go on for months and as long as a year.

Just plain scary.

Here was the headline and as I say, just a paragraph and a small one at that.


See that word “Suspect” above?  Suspect.  They suspect. Suspect. Are they absolutely certain?

I have zero sympathy for any criminal or sex abuser or child molester.  I think most people are that way also. Most of us do not think the penalties are harsh enough and don’t discourage the bad guys in any way.

The paragraph I read explains;

Under new rules announced by the home office , police are to be given the power to restrict the freedom of any individual they ‘suspect’ of being a sex offender.  Even if they have never been convicted of a crime.  This can include limiting internet use and stopping travel abroad.


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Schoolchildren banned from playing tag

Drew posted a story the origin of which is the USA.

Well, here’s a match for bmews and comes from Manchester.  England that is.

Things no different here .... the world has not changed entirely for the better.

Everything Drew already said on his post, applies here as well. No need for me to say it all again.

Pupils banned from traditional playground games like tag and British Bulldog ‘because they are too dangerous’

Children at Egerton Community Primary, Bolton, banned from playing traditional games following several injuries, school says
Parents have now started a petition calling for decision to be reversed
‘We can’t wrap them up in cotton wool,’ one parent said

By Lizzie Edmonds

Schoolchildren have been banned from playing traditional games tag and British Bulldog because teachers claim they are too dangerous.

Parents of children at Egerton Community Primary near Bolton, Greater Manchester, were told in a newsletter that children can no longer play the playground games.

In the letter, the school says: ‘What we have observed is a situation where children were being hurt because they were not moving about the playground safely and because they were playing games that, in a smaller space, were causing them to have accidents.

‘It is not acceptable for us to accept that children will get hurt while playing and it is our job to ensure that the playground and playtimes are organised well to ensure safety.’

Pupils may use the playing fields when the weather is good, but the majority of the year have break times in the playground.

A group of parents have now launched an online petition calling for the decision to be reversed.

Kirstin Jackson, 40, from Egerton, who launched the campaign, said: ‘I started the petition because I want my kids to be able to run around.


Under comments at Drew’s post, I suggested that this kind of thing has more (possibly) to do with law suits than safety.

Well, here’s a UK comment on this article from someone who thinks the same on this side of the water.

This has nothing to do with protecting the kids and everything to do with protecting themselves, from being sued by parents if their little darlings get hurt. The people of this country have brought it upon themselves, unfortunately, by grabbing every chance given to them to get some easy money. Get rid of the claim and blame departments and schools will be able to consider letting kids be kids again.


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mind how you go and watch where you park. except travellers.

The following is by RICHARD LITTLEJOHN, my overall favorite at the Daily Mail, and a man HATED by the politically correct left.
Bit of background in order.
Lots of councils and btw generally the gween parties where they hold any sway at all, would like to make the world safer and reduce carbon blah,blah and the answer they come up with, is ban cars in cities like, say the one we are near.  Winchester.  England’s first capitol. Yeah, the streets are narrow and old and the town can be crowded.  The parking is also VERY expensive.  There isn’t any easy and free parking. People who do park on the side streets have permits (COSTLY TOO) because they live in the many houses or flats that are part of the town. So they can have cars but not free. And no guarantee you’ll always be able to park right smack in front of the place where you dwell.

Anyway ... a week or two ago a man dropped off his wife I believe it was either at an eye clinic for an exam or else a doctor’s office. He pulled into a space only long enough to drop her off but .... was seen by a warden and given an immediate fine of £70.  There was a yellow line there and he stopped so really, he did violate parking restrictions. But gee. It was only a matter of seconds.  So there has been a bit of that in the news with folks paying fines and stores in town saying business ain’t so good when folks don’t return.

This column is of interest mostly due to a reply from a town council.  Bizarre. 

Richard Littlejohn

For the past three years, the Communities Secretary has been promising to crack down on councils abusing parking regulations to fill their coffers.
He means well, but councils simply ignore him. They always find ways of milking the motorist.
Faced with a fall in revenue, they’ll extend parking restrictions to Sundays — which have traditionally been free in most places.

Local authorities won’t ever willingly surrender the money they collect from parking fines, which rake in £1.3 billion a year. Town Halls now make more out of parking and service charges than they do from council tax.

I could fill this column every week with stories of vindictive traffic wardens, insane parking restrictions, crippling fines and grasping bureaucrats, who appear to take a perverse pleasure in persecuting the very people they are paid to serve.

The Stourbridge Road car park was taken over by a group of travellers who were happily camping on the site.
‘I would be very curious to see what sort of parking fees or fines they have paid.’

Coincidentally, I discovered this letter after reading an email from Mail reader Paul Raybould, a security manager who has lived in Bromsgrove for 20 years.
Paul has become so infuriated with the council’s parking regime that he wrote to his MP, Sajid Javid, making a similar point about the travellers and asking him to investigate.

Why should motorists be fined for overstaying by a few minutes when travellers can occupy a car park for months without having to pay a penny?
This is the reply Mr Javid received from Bromsgrove District Council. It is a minor classic of its kind:

‘There appears to be some confusion regarding the basis upon which the travellers were on the car park in question.

‘The position in respect of any normal user of the car park is that, by entering and parking their vehicle, they are entering into a contract with the Council to pay a sum of money in return for the Council allowing them to leave their vehicle for a specified amount of time.

‘If the vehicle is left for longer than the paid for time, no payment is made, or there is a failure to comply with parking regulations, there is, in effect, a breach of contract which entitles the Council to make a penalty charge.

‘In the case of the travellers, they were on the car park as illegal occupiers and, as such, there was no contract with them as the purpose for which they entered was not permitted.

‘In the circumstances the appropriate course of action was not for “breach of contract” but for “illegal occupation”.’


After that, I lost the will to live. But you get the gist.

If you park legally, but overstay by a few minutes, you’ll get hammered.

However, if you occupy the car park illegally, you can stay there as long as you like — or at least until the council can get a court order to evict you.
I shouldn’t have thought there’s any likelihood of the travellers having to pay several months’ car parking charges when they do have to move on.
Until then, Bromsgrove is down one car park and the High Street is dying on its feet.

Instead of relaxing regulations elsewhere, the council steps up enforcement, driving shoppers and diners away in droves.
Politicians pay lip-service to ‘the vast majority of hard-working people who play by the rules’.
Meanwhile, the system bends over backwards to accommodate ‘vulnerable minorities’ such as savvy travellers who deliberately and repeatedly refuse to play by the rules.

Here’s a plan. Since councils will ignore all attempts to stop them screwing motorists, next time you get a ticket refuse to pay it on the grounds that you’re not actually ‘parking’.
Say that you’re ‘illegally occupying’ the bay for half an hour and therefore the usual rules don’t apply. Let the council’s lawyers pick the bones out of it.
Better still, swap your car for a Toyota 4x4 and a caravan and park it where the hell you like.
It won’t get you anywhere in the long run but if enough people try it on, at least it will drive the council parking nazis to distraction for a few months.
They’re long overdue a taste of their own medicine.

RL at the Mail


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The United States of America looks frighteningly close to being ungovernable.

I don’t think you’ll believe it but, Max Hastings is not a left winger. He isn’t a liberal.
He’s a columnist (Conservative) for the Daily Mail and a noted historian.  I’ve read a couple of his books, and he is a good writer and well researched.
Which brings me to ….  our regulars here may get a mite PO’d at some of his comments on the doings of the great shutdown of 2013.

Hey … gives us something to think about or gripe about or both.

Meanwhile … I’d like to suggest you read the comments at the end at the link below.

This is just one of them.

James14, Basingstoke, United Kingdom, 19 minutes ago
Either you believe in democracy and the rule of law or you don’t. There is no middle line. Whatever anyone thinks of Obama, his healthcare plan was democratically passed by both Houses of Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court and ratified by his re-election. For the Republican Party to be allowed to overturn all of that on a whim would be wrong and counter to everything the US supposedly believes in. It seems to me the Republican Party only believe in democracy and the rule of law when it suits them.

America is becoming ungovernable: MAX HASTINGS’ chilling verdict on the visceral political hatreds behind the shutdown of the US government

By Max Hastings

Washington this week has basked in autumnal sunshine and bitter hatred. Like players in one of those Hollywood movies about a divided hick town with lynch mobs baying, the legislators of the greatest nation on earth trade insults about blame for the government shutdown, resulting from the stand-off on the U.S. budget.

The Senate’s chaplain, Barry Black, rolled his eyes skywards and said: ‘Save us from this madness.’

The ‘madness’ is, of course, the insistence of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives that they will vote to enable the federal government to pay its bills only if the White House agrees to suspend or scrap its national health scheme, which they loathe to the point of obsession.

Obamacare (properly known as ACA, the Affordable Care Act) is the greatest — cynics say the only major — achievement of this disappointing presidency. It provides subsidies and new regulatory procedures to bring health insurance within reach of the poorest Americans. Long-term, it is intended to lower the horrific costs of public healthcare.

Republicans hate the scheme because they claim that it will make medical care more costly for middle America, and extend the reach of the hated federal government.

Yet it is still an extraordinary step to attempt to blackmail the Democratic administration into dropping a measure that became law in 2010.
As a host of commentators point out, if Obama gave way on this issue — as assuredly he will not — the road would be open for his congressional enemies to pull the same stunt about any other law they dislike.

They could defy the intentions of the Founding Fathers of the constitution as flagrantly as the gun nuts who exploit the 1776 provision for militias to bear arms, to enable modern mass murderers to equip themselves with machine-guns. But the Republicans are seized with a self-righteousness which is impervious to reason.

In Britain, most MPs of all parties consider Westminster to be as much home as their constituencies.
But the United States is different. The senators and congressmen who fly into Washington on Monday nights and jet out again on Thursdays never cease to belong first and always to Kansas, Montana, Alabama or wherever else they hail from.

Tis a big country Max, and yeah. Many belong to the states they are from.  Come to think of it, we had an uncivil war about who belonged where, when the north decided they belonged in the south also.
Just couldn’t resist that.

Many of the legislators orchestrating the federal shutdown feel as foreign among East Coast smart-asses — as they would characterise Washington’s elite — as did the Tennessee frontiersman Davy Crockett when he was elected to Congress in 1826.

This is how the powerful Right-wing Tea Party, dedicated activists, have gained such leverage. Incumbent Republicans live in mortal dread of being ousted at election time not by Democrats, but by far-out Right-wingers on their own side.

Even if they would like to act temperately in this crisis, they dare not.

The grassroots are obsessed with firearms. I have sometimes struck up casual conversations about gun law in rural states such as Kansas or Wyoming; it is like holding a dialogue with Martians.

Many people out there sincerely believe the federal government may descend on their homes at any moment to confiscate their pistols and assault rifles, to appease the evil socialist anti-gun lobby. They insist that they must be ready to defend themselves. I have even heard one group cite a threat from extra-terrestrials.

In Britain, we sometimes deplore the decline of religion. But we should take heed of how malign its influence can be, not only in the Muslim world but also in much of the U.S. To be sure, American churches are packed on Sundays, but the gospel of intolerance which some espouse contributes mightily to today’s Washington political gridlock.

Fear is what a lot of this is about.
The Fox TV channel — the Wailing Wall of the American Right — currently advertises a hot best-seller entitled National Bankruptcy — Why The Middle Class Is Doomed. Most Republicans hate 2013.
They want to reset the clock to around 1955, when the world lived in terror of nuclear annihilation, but when Dwight Eisenhower occupied the White House, women and blacks knew their place, there was no swearing on TV, and sex was kept in its proper place under the carpet.

The British middle classes relish nostalgia: some root for UKIP because they fancy the weather would improve if we could leave Europe. But in our hearts, most of us accept that life moves on; even that some change is for the better.
But rural Republicans are not like that. They believe they have the right, duty and even power to roll back the 21st century. This week I chatted to a diplomat’s wife who attended both 2012 party conventions, who remarked on the contrast between them.

The Democratic event in Charlotte, North Carolina, featured delegates who were every colour of the rainbow, many of them young, all willing to hope.
The Republican get-together took place in a heavily-armed fortress in Tampa, Florida, and was attended almost exclusively by white-haired, white-skinned folk bereft of hope, moved only by their fears. If that seems a caricature, fast forward to now.
Those same Tampa dinosaurs have shut down large parts of Washington for 11 days. There is a real possibility that rather than give way, they will drive the jalopy over the cliff and subject the U.S. and the rest of the world to a traumatic debt default.
America has become the test-bed for a crisis of democracy.

There is a frightening debt chasm between U.S. government tax- raising and spending for which both parties share blame, but which Obama has made no real effort to address.

Even Democrats privately fume about the fact that their President may do some statesmanship, but he does not do much politics.
It is vital for all political leaders to privately meet, smooch and cut deals with legislators on whose votes they depend to implement their policies. Yet Barack Obama recoils from glad-handing.

This cool, even cold, man finds it hard to charm his friends, never mind his enemies. His natural habitat is a platform from which he can broadcast to a multitude. All successful reformers in U.S.  history, notably including Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, owed most of their achievements to backroom skills such as Barack Obama lacks.

He would argue: ‘Yeah, but that was before the Tea Party came along.’ That was also before a substantial minority of the American people became seized with such manic distrust of their own government that they decided that any and all means are justified to frustrate its purposes.
Their hatred of President Obama is truly frightening.

It is no exaggeration to say that though they call themselves Christians, a terrifying number would rejoice to see him dead. That is how poisonous is the political climate of the U.S. today.

Polls show that the American people hold the Republicans chiefly responsible for the current mess. The party’s moderates are desperate to extricate themselves. But behind them stand the Tea Party’s gunslingers, holding cocked pistols to their heads.

America remains the greatest society on earth, but its leadership looks sickly and feeble, for reasons that relate partly to this President but mostly to the fact that the U.S. constitution and its standard- bearers are failing their country.

The United States of America looks frighteningly close to being ungovernable.

there’s more here

Be cool Drew. Remember who else reads bmews.


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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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