Sarah Palin will pry your Klondike bar from your cold dead fingers.

calendar   Tuesday - October 29, 2013

Labour started the mess and it went on for 13 yrs. Cons haven’t done much so far either. xcept talk.

Keeping with the theme with regard getting all the benefits etc.

This time the turd got caught but .... wanna bet he’ll still be around a year from now?
And please note, since Brits are members of the EU well, as you see, a claim for benefits not under UK rules but EU rules.

I think for every one caught theres a thousand who aren’t. And of those caught, few actually get deported. Especially if by the time they are found, they have actually married and have children. The free pass to forever here.

Sri Lankan man caught trying to marry Italian woman in sham marriage ‘so he could claim British benefits’ under EU rules

Home Office immigration team interrupt couple’s nuptials
Sri Lankan ‘groom’ found to have overstayed his visa
As an EU citizen 23-year-old would be entitled to claiming British benefits

By Lizzie Parry

A Sri Lankan man has been caught attempting to tie the knot with an Italian woman as immigration officers interrupted the couple’s ‘sham marriage’ in Harrow.

With an Italian wife on his arm, the 23-year-old would have been considered an EU citizen and under European law he would have been entitled to claim benefits in the UK.

A Home Office immigration enforcement team raided Harrow Registry Office yesterday, shortly after 2pm, as the pair prepared to say their vows.

For more:

A Home Office immigration enforcement team raided

The White Man’s Burden .... the saga continues.

Nigerian nightclub bouncer who TWICE dodged deportation is jailed for raping woman in her own home

Idreez Popoola, 34, should have been deported in 2006 after visa expired

In 2011 he was arrested but told he could stay in UK due to wife and child

Then last year he brutally attacked and raped a woman in her own home

He was jailed for seven years by judge at Northampton Crown Court

He will be automatically deported back to Nigeria upon release from prison

Campaigners and politicians say case shows need for immigration reform

By Andy Dolan

An illegal immigrant who was twice spared deportation went on to rape a woman just months after using human rights legislation to remain in the UK.

Idreez Popoola, 34, will finally be sent back to his home country of Nigeria when he is released from a seven-year jail term imposed after the attack in the victim’s home.

Last night an MP said the case highlighted Britain’s ‘dysfunctional’ border controls.

A court heard that Popoola came to the UK on a 12-month visa in 2005, but when it expired he was given permission to remain on a temporary basis.

But when Popoola was arrested by Northamptonshire Police in December 2011 over an allegation of assault he was found to be an ‘overstayer’ – an immigrant who had not left the country by an agreed date.

Although no charges followed the alleged assault, Popoola – by now married with a child – was told he would be deported.

However, he successfully appealed the ruling, arguing that the Human Rights Act provided him with the right to a family life.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘We have introduced tough new rules to protect the public from those who try to stay here through abuse of the Human Rights Act.

‘Our Immigration Bill will give the full force of legislation to our policy that foreign criminals should ordinarily be deported despite their claim to a family life.’

Our Immigration Bill

I truly can not understand the desire to let sworn enemies into the country under the lie of ‘human rights’ - when the commit the same inhumane 3rd century crap in their ‘adopted’ country and are not DEPORTED home immediately.

And those who care are silenced and treated as racist turncoats - while watching their taxes go up and up to continue to support the invaders. Criminal illegal invaders is all that they are. They are not immigrants, they have no intention of assimilating. They have no desire to work to improve themselves or their adopted country or to change at all. Ever.

It has to be intentional by the turncoat leaders - which is treason.
Posted by wardmama4


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/29/2013 at 09:44 AM   
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calendar   Monday - October 28, 2013

another position round at another league

Monday Night Money League ... the place where I’m a permanent substitute it seems (8 weeks out of 8 so far) ... first position round tonight. So I was up against M again, and she’s pretty good (considering she’s worked at the alley for 20+ years). This league uses the Match Point method of scoring, which makes it very mano a mano competitive. And the handicaps are individual, which makes it even harder. So I had to give M 3 pins, but I beat her by enough the first game to take the individual point. My team won it all that game, so we got all 4 points, 3 individual and the overall win one.

M rolled really well in Game 2, and while I came back strong I couldn’t quite catch her 209+3=212 score with my 208, so she got that point. Worse, my teammates screwed the pooch big time in that game, so we got nothing and ceded all 4 points to our opponents.

Game 3 saw me trying to rev up my guys. Come on, let’s win this, we can do it, let’s rock! But it wasn’t to be. They were flatter than a bicycle tire from 30 years ago. I got in my groove, and lead M from the 2nd frame, and even though she finished strongly with X X XX8 I was stronger with X X X XX9 and beat her by 48 pins, so I got the point for Game 3 and the one for our individual series. So I earned 3 all by myself, and shared in earning 1 for our side. And since these guys didn’t power up to win in Game 3 either, we lost the night 10-6, but we’ll stay in 7th place because we were 10.5 points ahead of M’s team. Now we’re only 6.5 points ahead. Sure do wish they’d go back to bowling like they did the first 3 weeks of the season. I thought I was on a team with the pros!

All I can say for tonight is, thank goodness for the sub! grin


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/28/2013 at 10:52 PM   
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October Surprise For Peiper

Reader Kevin sends in this ultra super awesome link ... everybody watch and sing along, and make Peiper’s day. Hell, make his week. His month. Oh, this is so freaking awesome it defies description!!

Right on. To the max. And beyond.

Kevin, you are da man! Hero of the first order!!


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The UK Blows

Big Storms In England

Power out, trees down, rough waves,

3 killed so far


Two people have died, hundreds of thousands of homes have been left without power and rush-hour commuters suffered transport chaos as hurricane-force conditions battered Britain.

Winds of almost 100mph pushed across the South West, South, South East, the Midlands and the East of England on Monday morning, killing two people and causing disruption for hundres of thousands of people.

A man in his 50s was killed when a tree fell on the Peugeot 307 car he was driving in Watford, Hertfordshire, at around 6.50am. Meanwhile, a 17-year-old girl was killed in Hever, Kent, when a tree blew on to the caravan where she was sleeping at 7.18am.

In East Sussex, RNLI coastguards had to stand down the search for a 14-year-old boy who was swept into the sea while playing in the surf in Newhaven.

Up to 220,000 homes suffered power cuts as St Jude’s storm, UK Power Networks said.

Falling trees and other debris covering railway tracks caused travel misery for thousands of commuters, with trains and London Underground services suspended. The port of Dover in Kent had to shut, more than 130 flights at Heathrow Airport were cancelled and many roads were impassable due to fallen trees. 

Train and flight schedules disrupted nationwide.

Trees down, branches down, plenty of pictures of those, but no trailer parks full of gypos sucked up by the tempest and deposited in Belgium. Rats.


1:16 pm

Here is a quick update on the latest developments on the trains.

More than 100 trees have fallen on lines in the south of England with engineers busy working to get services up and running again.

Michael Roberts, the director-general of the Rail Delivery Group, said: “Train operators and Network Rail are working together to get services back up and running as quickly as possible following this morning’s disruption.

“With over 100 trees having fallen on rail lines across the South of England, the safety of passengers and railway staff is our top priority. People should continue to check the NRE website before they travel.”

1:07 pm

With lunchtime approaching its a good time for a round-up of everything that has happened this morning.

Here are the latest headlines:

A 17-year-old girl and a man in his 50s have been killed in separate incidents by falling trees
A 14-year-old boy called Dylan Alkins is feared dead after being swept into the sea in Newhaven, Sussex last night
Three homes in Hounslow, west London, have been partially destroyed after a tree fell onto a gas main and caused an explosion
The Cabinet Office in central London was damaged this morning when a crane came crashing down
About 270,000 homes were left without power across the UK after damage to power lines
The Environment Agency has issued 12 flood warnings and 127 flood alerts
Train services up and down the country have been badly affected - check latest information with operator
The storm has now passed the UK and is heading towards Holland

I feel for them, truly. But in a way their weather emergencies are almost quaint, because the country is so small. “Massive storm approaching, save the cheese!”, all England goes into panic/prep mode, the storm hits, and in 3 hours the sun is out again. In America, the storm hits somewhere in Florida or Texas and stays around for a national tour that lasts a week or longer.

We get entire towns wiped out by tornadoes. They get some trees down. But to be fair, they do get some incredible wave action down at the beach. But it’s SAFE giant waves; people pack up a lunch and run down there to watch.

And to give the Devil his final due, they do get situations we just never see ...


early morning London commuters were chased around the Old Street roundabout by a giant beachball


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/28/2013 at 08:22 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - October 27, 2013

hillary clinton for president in 2016 …. the choice of George Soros who starts the ball rolling

It’s already been pretty windy last 24 hours and rain on and off all day and night.
Don’t like the wind thing at all. Radio says there could be power outages.

Brace yourself: St Jude’s Storm with 90mph gales WILL hit Britain tonight

Here it comes! South coast is lashed by 25ft waves ahead of St Jude’s storm as train companies announce NO services before 9am tomorrow

That’s one headline.  And I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. 

And there are headlines that make us all see red.  Most especially cos they are true and there are public records to prove it.
For example.
This one.

Human right to make a killing: Damning dossier reveals taxpayers’ bill for European court payouts to murderers, terrorists and traitors

By TIM SHIPMAN,ARTHUR MARTIN - 25/10/2013 13:11:40

Judges in Strasbourg handed the criminals taxpayer-funded payouts of £4.4million – an average of £22,000 a head.  (that works out to $35,587.  Wonder what their lawyers get. )


And this headline which I must say, brought on a laugh. I never thought about these guys but why not?


Israel was behind the hacking of millions of French phones, not the US, it was claimed yesterday.

Mossad agents are said to have intercepted more than 70million calls and text messages a month.

Until now the French have blamed the Americans, even summoning the US ambassador to provide an explanation. But yesterday’s Le Monde newspaper said Mossad was to blame.

France first suspected the US of hacking into former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s communications network when he was unsuccessfully running for re-election last year. Intelligence officials went to Washington to demand an explanation, but the US hinted that the Israelis were to blame, Le Monde said.

The Americans insisted they had never been behind any hacking in France, and were keen to get on with the French, whom they viewed as one of their closest allies.

The article was co-authored by US journalist Glenn Greenwald, whose main contact is National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden.  He hints that Israel was doing the spying and says the NSA called Mossad ‘the third most aggressive intelligence service in the world against the US’.

PM defends spying, accuses Guardian and co. of lah-di-dah airy-fairy thinking, and Mossad spys on France

And … just so everyone knows.
An interesting caption that appeared under a photo of Obama says,

“EUROPE give Obama spy Ultimatum”

Whoa … guess we better watch our step. Hey … those folks are really upset and some have said, and you couldn’t make it up, that perhaps the EU would suspend intelligence sharing with the USA.
Right on guys.  Nothing works as well to send a message as cutting your own nose off to spite your face.  Yeah. That really works well.

One other very interesting bit of blather.  Actually, could be serious stuff.

I have read that George Soros is backing an effort to persuade Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016.  He has pledged a small amount to start the ball rolling.

Scary stuff really when you give it some thought.  So you’d have a foreigner with very deep pockets trying to pick the next president. Of course, we really don’t know how much foreign money ends up in both parties anyway. Do we? We already know the EU has spent money in the USA lobbying against the use of the death penalty. What other monies are being spent by foreign interests to conform to their views?
Maybe ... oh just guessing here but maybe ....



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/27/2013 at 11:25 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - October 26, 2013

One Down, One To Go, Two For Tomorrow, and a What The Hell

I helped work the garage sale for the MIL’s house today. This is the garage sale, Day 1, that comes after the Estate Sale. Sold just as much stuff today as the pros did a couple weeks ago.

Very tired. Spent the whole day outside selling off stuff actually in the garage, while others were selling stuff from inside the house.

Time to find something to eat, then I have to go and do the first part of my weekend cleaning job.

Then tomorrow it’s garage sale, Day 2, then go down the street and around the corner to do part 2 of my weekend cleaning job.

Some day this will all be done; the estate settled, the house contents sold off, the house brought to market and sold ...  some day. Hey, it’s only been a year so far, what am I complaining about?

Holy Cow this woman had tons and tons of stuff. She may not have been an official hoarder, but you’d need to be a Democrat to see the penumbra of nuance between her and one of them. Tons and tons of stuff. OMG.

Oh, and BTW ... some of the sales money came to us today in the form of the “new” “golden dollar” dollar coins. I knew of their existence, and I’d heard the stories about how billions of them were hidden away in some massive vault underground somewhere, but I’d never actually seen any. And you know what? I had a really, really hard time accepting that they were actually money. These thing SUCK. For starters, no two of the coins seem to be the same, as there are at least half a dozen different figure’s faces on the coins. And it’s not just Presidents on the coin faces, it’s their wives as well. Say what? Yup, to date there are FIFTY SIX varieties of this new coin that gets nearly no use. So how are you going to spot the fake ones? Next, the coins do not have a date on them that you can find easily. Next, the coin is almost exactly the size, thickness, and weight of a quarter. It is very hard to tell which is which without looking. But most upsetting: the coins are made like crap. Seriously. The plating was worn partially worn off of every single one, leaving them looking nearly rusty. They were all chipped up. They just plain looked cheap: I’ve seen better quality tokens at the video game alley. If I were a Turd World citizen of Bungholia I would be embarrassed if my country told me this was our coinage. This is garbage “money”, a true insult to American coinage. FAIL. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.

And how many billion got wasted on that project?

Does this look like American money to you?


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/26/2013 at 05:30 PM   
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outrage in Paris and Berlin is tinged by theatrics and hypocrisy.

I found this to be of some interest and thought you might too.

I am not familiar with the writer, but he surely is correct about the hypocrisy exhibited by, our Euro friends. Cough, sputter. Friends?

I have to confess that it never, ever actually dawned on me, that we and Germany and I guess France, would want to read each others mail.
We are, more or less, allies after all.  Shows ya how out of step I got.  Thinking about it now, I suppose all the countries allies or otherwise and especially the ones in the otherwise column, have an interest in knowing what the other guy is up to and what he really thinks.  As opposed to what he says he is up to and what he says he thinks.
Hey, can you imagine the Germans and French snooping around Washington? Wouldn’t you love to know what other countries know and listen in on?
Bet it would all be quite interesting. 
There really are no more secrets. Are there? Hmmm. We’ll have to wait for the next person to steal some sensitive docs. from an intelligence agency. And most likely one of ours.  Like ... When was the last time you heard of a theft on the scale of faggots Manning & Greenwald and Snowden. Who isn’t one of those but it doesn’t make me feel any better.  When was the last time this happened and instead of an American traitor, it was a Frenchman or a German or an Italian?  I don’t recall anyone from one of those countries selling the family silver.

Spying is expected, but this will distract from real policy

By Rupert Cornwell

What theatrics and hypocrisy – nations have always spied

Washington’s foreign policy these days is less about putting pressure on old adversaries than mending fences with key allies. First in the Middle East, where Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel are bewildered by US policy zigzags over Syria and Egypt, and disconcerted by a possible thaw between the US and Iran. And now even closer to home in Europe, where the revelations of massive wiretapping by the National Security Agency have angered France and Germany.

The outrage in Paris and Berlin is tinged by theatrics and hypocrisy. Since time immemorial, if governments have been able to spy, they have spied – even on friends. Not only the US does it: France does it, Britain does it, and so, doubtless, does Germany.

Even in the most egregious instance, the alleged eavesdropping by the agency on the personal mobile phone of Angela Merkel, all that is different is the technology. And, it should be added, a spot of America-bashing has never done a French leader much harm.

But the brouhaha is very damaging nonetheless. President Obama’s election was welcomed in Europe as a sign of a less arrogant America, one readier to listen. But not to listen this way.

Instead nothing really seems to have changed since the days of the much-reviled George Bush. Trust between allies has been shaken, at a very delicate moment. And judging by reactions in Washington, the Obama administration has no inclination to rein in the runaway beast that is the NSA.

Yes, Europe and the US will weather this spat. Ties run too deep, and too much is at stake for both sides, not least a massive transatlantic trade deal. But it is a costly distraction. The priority for the US, France and Germany should be getting their policy right over Iran, Syria and Egypt, not getting bogged down in a dispute over electronic snooping.



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calendar   Friday - October 25, 2013




Posted by Christopher   United States  on 10/25/2013 at 01:12 PM   
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More Magic Numbers

New Jobs Count Far Less Than Expected

Yet Unemployment Numbers “Down”

… um, sure!

September saw the U.S. economy add just 148,000 jobs, significantly worse than expected, according to a report delayed more than two weeks by the government shutdown.

The unemployment rate unexpectedly fell to 7.2 percent, the lowest since November 2008, as the labor-force participation rate held near 35-year lows, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Private payroll creation stood at just 122,000, with state and local governments adding 28,000 positions and the federal government cutting by 6,000.

Economists had been expecting 180,000 new positions and a steady jobless rate.

“This kind of report adds to the sense of foreboding about our economy,” said Claire McKenna, policy analyst at the National Employment Law Project.

No, really? News like this is so ... so ... unexpected.

Financial markets greeted the report with enthusiasm though, boosting stock futures on expectations that monetary stimulus will remain in place.

Well screw you too. At this point, the disconnect between Wall Street and the actual economy is so vast that the DJI should never even be mentioned when talking about jobs or the economy. They’re off in their own little predatory world, hoping for the day when every company has just one employee, and all the profits get mailed out to the few remaining shareholders. Screw everyone else.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/25/2013 at 10:16 AM   
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i guess it just pays to be treasonable

So the creep and traitor is leaving the Marxist Guardian for bigger playing fields.

Good. With any luck maybe he’ll be killed somewhere between leaks.

I didn’t write the following but it says a lot about this scum.

Greenwald is no journalist. He is an opportunistic fiend who will do anything to get ahead, no matter the expense to others. He says that nothing he ‘reported’ related to the snowden affair has caused any damage to U.S. national security. Here’s a newsflash for him—Greenwald does not have the expertise to make that determination, NOR is it his right to make that call. As far as the place he occupies on this earth, to me, it is on the same level and fits the same general definition as pond scum.  By skypilot177

Glenn Greenwald, (American) blogger and journalist who has revealed key details about the National Security Agency’s massive surveillance program, is leaving Britain’s Guardian newspaper to join a new news venture backed by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar.

Greenwald, 46, will remain based in Rio de Janeiro, but his new, as-yet-unnamed organization will have offices in San Francisco, New York and Washington, he said in his statement.

The outlines of the new venture make it sound like an American version of the venerable Guardian, an opinionated, frankly liberal newspaper that has gained wide attention for a series of scoops and investigative articles over the past few years.
These include Greenwald’s NSA revelations, stories from Wikileak’s trove of leaked military and diplomatic documents.

In addition to writing for the new site, Greenwald said in his statement that his role was “to create the entire journalism unit from the ground up by recruiting the journalists and editors who share the same journalistic ethos and shaping the whole thing — but especially the political journalism part — in the image of the journalism I respect most.”

Greenwald has published articles about the NSA in other newspapers around the world, including in Brazil and India.

“the journalism I respect most.”
Yeah right. And we all know what sort that is. Anything that will harm and or embarrass the USA.  Being more specific, anything that’s anti American.

Meanwhile .... one headline in a morning paper today says,

EUROPE votes to suspend data sharing with Washington, in threat to trade and security ties.

OK so the sky isn’t falling for now.  But the idea that these creeps can do this so easily and apparently get away with it too.
It kinda dashes my fantasies about a super secret CIA (or whatever else we may have that isn’t known) hit squad that quietly goes out there and takes out the bad guys. Like the movies.
And the Mossad.
Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations.
Yeah, it’s those special operations that operate outside Israel that I admire a lot.  Surely we must have something on the same order.
So why are Snowden and this Greenwald bastard still alive and breathing?  Oh yeah. And the editor of that paper. 
Take em all out.
If only.

See?  All the crap the USA has to put up with, and all because nobody threw burning acid in Jane Fonda’s face when she returned from No. Viet Nam all those years ago.  A clear message that treason was perfectly ‘A’ OKAY and in fact profitable too.
Bah ... she should have returned in a body bag. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/25/2013 at 08:23 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - October 24, 2013

Unisex This: Duck and Cover

Obama Wants To FAG OUT United States Marine Corp Dress Uniform

Is there nothing this worthless commie n*****r agitator won’t fuck up?

A change to the Marine Corps’ uniform hats could take the hard-nosed Leathernecks from the Halls of Montezuma to the shops of Christopher Street.M

Thanks to a plan by President Obama to create a “unisex” look for the Corps, officials are on the verge of swapping out the Marines’ iconic caps – known as “covers” — with a new version that some have derided as so “girly” that they would make the French blush.

“We don’t even have enough funding to buy bullets, and the DoD is pushing to spend $8 million on covers that look like women’s hats!” one senior Marine source fumed to The Post. “The Marines deserve better. It makes them look ridiculous.”

The thin new covers have a feminine line that some officials think would make them look just as good on female marines as on males — in keeping with the Obama directive.

“The Marine Corps is being ‘encouraged’ by DoD to standardize on a unisex/universal dress and service cap,” Marine brass noted in an internal memo obtained by The Post.
Modal Trigger

Male and female Marines currently wear gender-specific caps.

The controversial covers have been dubbed the “Dan Daly” hat, after a World War I sergeant from Long Island who twice won the Medal of Honor.

But some Marines love the old hat, which has been in use since 1922 and think the new hat is a glorified “porter’s cap.” The new Daly model is based on a style the Marines used from 1904 to 1918 – and then jettisoned.

“The Dan Daly cap looks too French, and the last people we want to associate our Marines with would be the French military,” wrote one commenter on the Marine Times Web site.

I’m sure he wants the US Marines to now also ACT like the British Royal Marines. Remember them, those guys in the rubber boat who surrendered without a shot and let the Iranians arrest them in the Gulf?

Hey Marines, wouldn’t you all just look so fetching and swish in some nice soft coordinated pink berets? With feathers?

i’m gonna fucking puke.


‘allo ‘allo! Non! I am not zee inept Fwench poleezman, I am zee new Marines!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/24/2013 at 06:42 PM   
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I give up

forget it. I simply give up on trying to make chicken on this POS $99 gas grill. Direct heat, indirect heat, high heat, low heat ... it does not friggin matter. Chicken goes in , carbon comes out. To hell with it. I am so tired of getting a cut up chicken, getting the grill nice and clean, properly warmed up etc, and then watching the thighs urinate liquid fat like some kind of overworked racehorse. I swear to G_d a single chicken thigh, no bigger than your fist, holds a fuggin GALLON of fat. Just waiting to catch fire.

Maybe chicken grills properly on a $600 Weber grill. All it does on my $99 BurnMaster is ... burn. And I’m sick of it.

Granted, 2 Manhattans on the rocks isn’t helping my patience either.

I quit anyway. finish cooking whatever is left in the damn oven.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/24/2013 at 06:34 PM   
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Comedy: Obama Tries to Explain ObamaCare Without a Teleprompter


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 10/24/2013 at 01:54 PM   
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Free stuff for Macs

In this case, it’s the new OS 10.9 Maverick. I wasn’t going to buy it because every time I upgrade some favorite third-party apps no longer work. I have an external hard drive dedicated to OS 10.6 Snow Leopard because most of my graphic and video editing programs no longer worked when I upgraded to OS 7 Lion. So when I’m doing serious graphic and video editing I just reboot off the external drive.

But I don’t have to buy Maverick — it’s free! at the App Store. Be warned, it’s a 4Gb download; it’s taking awhile. I don’t expect it to be done until sometime before midnight this evening. Then I’ll install it and test my favorite apps on it. If I don’t like the results, I’ll just restore everything from my Time Machine backup drive.

Oh sure, I could just download updated versions of all the apps that don’t work… except I can’t. Some are no longer being supported, and I’m not willing to pay (again) for apps I already bought. I’m unemployed (Thanks Obama! That’s some ‘change’ I didn’t need! I ‘hope’ you rot in Hell for millenia!).


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 10/24/2013 at 12:54 PM   
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The Brownshirts: Partie Deux; These aare the Muscle We've Been Waiting For
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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
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  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
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  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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