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Guess They Were Bored Too

Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub says authorities believe they have arrested everyone involved in the beating death of an 88-year-old World War II veteran last week.

A second teen suspect was arrested without incident early Monday morning in a Spokane home. The first suspect turned himself in last week.

Both suspects are 16-years-old.

Straub said Monday morning that police believe they have in custody everyone involved in the robbery and beating death of Delbert Belton last Wednesday night.

Well, that’s nice. Now drown them.

Meanwhile, it’s indefinite leave WITH FULL PAY for the government employee calling for an all out race war. Because he’s Black. Only reason, no matter what the liars tell you.

And ... knock me over with a feather ... the CBC just might have admitted that race relations have NOT moved forward an iota under “the first post-racial pResident”. No kidding; they’ve become much worse. On purpose. And it ain’t YT’s fault, not one bit. Nor the GOP’s. 


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reader rabbit

Been busy here. On top of doing all the things that need doing every weekend, I’ve been stealing time to read three books at once. Still working on A Durable Peace. Gave Pratchett’s Unseen Academicals another go. And I’ve started on the most wonderful and rare little book about a very very old piece of English history and an interesting theory about it.

Sometimes people write a book because they have an idea they want to send out. Sometimes they write a book that has almost no target audience, and they pay to have a single print run done. I don’t know how many copies that entails. 100? 200? 50? But I know that I found reference to a certain book in several forums, that quite a number of people had heard about but no one had actually seen. So I set about finding a copy. The internet is chock full of book shops. New books, old books, second hand ones, super expensive ancient antique ones, you name it. And all these places had an entry for this particular book, but not one of them had any copies nor had a glimmer of hope of getting any more ever. And then I found a guy selling half a dozen or so copies, new, on eBay in the UK. Cheap. So now Peiper has a copy, and my copy arrived in the mail Friday. What with figuring out international shipping and all, I had a couple of emails back and forth with the seller. Who turned out to be the author. So my copy of this one and only printing, first edition, got autographed.

And it turns out to be highly readable. I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting some scholarly work, done up in high falootin’ Ivy Tower phraseology, loaded down with cfs, untranslated Latin phrases, things in Fwench and other impossible tongues, and $20 words that even the best dictionaries have a hard time with. Surprise surprise, the author can actually write, and tells his story in a way normal folks can follow. Well done, that scrivener. To the best of my knowledge, unless he has another stash hidden away, there are about 6 new copies left in all the world for sale. The book can be found on the American eBay as well, same seller.


image Peiper and I trade books back and forth all the time. I’m sure he’s going to enjoy this one; after all, it’s the story of a local boy made good. And then made even better.

Alfred The Great was the king of Wessex. Wessex was the kingdom of the Gewisse , the West Saxons who wore those seax belt knives I wrote about a few posts back, who carved out a kingdom and brought a bit of peace and security to their corner of that Green and Pleasant Land in the darkest part of the Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire. Eventually Alfred joined most of the island into one nation and fought off The Great Heathen Army, a massive invasion of Vikings.

The capital of Wessex was Winchester, right down the road from Peiper’s house, where some of the walls and buildings Alfred made still stand. And after that? Well as they say ...


King Arthur’s Round Table, Winchester Castle

Coming rather late to the party, Winchester Castle was built by William the Conqueror in 1067

... the rest is history. Or an approximation thereof. Which is what this book is all about.

PS - Astute truss fans will click the above link and then click the picture there for a really big version of the above picture, and will immediately notice that the roof is held up by a (horizontally braced) scissors truss. Pretty impressive and very modern for it’s day, considering that the hammerbeam truss was invented just around the corner, in Pilgrims Hall, albeit 240 years later ... which is mere yards from the little church of St. Swithun’s upon Kingsgate that Peiper visited and posted on here a couple years ago. St. Swithun is thought to have been Alfred’s tutor when he was a boy, though somehow across the centuries he has become the Punxsutawney Phil of Winchester. Go figure.

Neck deep in history, that corner of the world is. Lucky Peiper. 


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Real Life Word Problems

And you thought 4th grade math was challenging ...

You own a gas grill. You’ve never had one before, so you buy a propane tank from next to the grill display, $30 for a new full tank. While this is called a “20 lb” tank, the label says that it only contains 15 lb of propane. When you take it for a refill, the propane guy puts 17 lb of propane in it, and you pay $20 for 20 lb of propane. For “safety” reasons, ie room for expansion when it gets hot out, the gas man only fills the tanks to 80-85%% stated capacity, even though the tanks are built to hold the full weight capacity and still have plenty of room for expansion. And that float valve thing they all have these days.

Confused? It gets better.

A new 30 lb propane tank cost $70, empty. It’s only 6” taller than the 20 lb tank, so it fits under the grill too. When you fill it up, you get charged $26 for 30 lb of propane, but you get about 25 lb.

Part 1) How many refills will it take to justify the purchase of the 30 lb tank?

Part 2) Given that the purchased-full 20 lb tank requires 3 refills to provide a full year of grilling (4 tanks full, or 68 lb), and the tank certification is good for 12 years, once you own the 20 lb tank will it EVER make sense to buy the 30 lb tank before the smaller tank is past it’s certification date?

PS The pork ribs came out superb, thanks for asking. They got cooked for an hour an a half last night, then I ran out of propane. Got a refill today, and after another hour and a half of slow grilling we had them for lunch. Yum. I think the 2 days of being in the marinade really helped.

See More Below The Fold


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Pat Condell — Our crippling fear of the truth


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random summer daze


A downhill grade, man, will give you a kick
But if the sidewalk’s cracked, ya better pull out quick
Why don’t you grab your board and go sidewalk surfin’ with me?

See More Below The Fold


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Seax Appeal

There is a nice little post over at Stoaty the Weasel’s blog today on the seax.

A seax is the name of a single edged knife carried by free men and women in ancient northern Europe. It was usually hung horizontally from a belt, and worn in front for easy access. Blade length varied from a few inches up to about two feet. So a seax was anything from a small eating/utility blade up to a short sword. And given the state of armor and swords in the 800s, a seax with a 22” blade wasn’t that great a disadvantage against a 28” sword. In other words, the common folk were mostly as well armed as the military.

The name Saxon is derived from seax; Saxons literally are “the people of the knife”. This goes way back to the Dark Ages, maybe even earlier. But the concept is more than just the knife. The concept is that this was the mark of free people. They went about armed, to some extent, at all times. That concept, and something quite like the seax, survives today in modern Finland, where nearly everyone carries a small sheath knife called a puukko (puko) at all times. Because they are free adults.

So you can see where our Second Amendment comes from. A thousand years before our Constitution was written, the right of free men and women to arms was an old, old principle. At least in northern Europe, where all those horrible White people and their ideas came from. English Common Law and that whole Enlightenment thing.

A modern seax, and a modern puukko. Pretty similar overall.



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a different take on eye candy

Was going to post eye candy and got sidetracked reading something. Then quite by accident I found myself on a page with some very pretty women young and some not so.  No, not that sort of site. 
It all started when I saw an article in the paper informing anyone who cared, that the Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, who I think is these days NY based, is for the seventh year running, the most highly paid model in the world.  (Bundchen? Depending on how that’s pronounced, it could be German. Or Austrian)
Anyway ... Miss Bundchen is worth about 30 times more in the many millions of dollars than her closest rival.  Of which she really hasn’t any. Rivals that is.
She is very successful, she must must be someone disciplined and not too difficult to work with.  By which I mean, she isn’t like so many I have known and worked with in the far past, who owned a watch dog but sat in their yard and did the barking themselves.

So ... Not looking for it I found myself on a photographer’s site, someone who does tasteful boudoir photography.  I have never seen that before but have heard of it.  While not every single female photographed was up to model standards in looks, very many were I thought, every bit as striking as Bundchen if not more so.

I just picked a few to share by way of example.

Here’s Gisele Mundchen.
What a difference hair and makeup and pose can do.  And if you Google Gisele Mundchen Images, you’ll find a few hundred more.
I have nothing negative to say about her as there isn’t anything negative.

But look at these.

They aren’t paid models. In fact, they paid to have the photography done.  I don’t know who they are as they were not named.
I think they are all quite beautiful.








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I’m appalled!

So, three teens in Oklahoma gunned down an Australian college student while he was out jogging. Why?

They were ‘bored’.

That’s an actual quote from the perps in a news story after their arrest.


First time I ran into the ‘bored’ teen syndrome was in the 90s. A black teen male knocked on my door soliciting funds for summer programs ‘to keep kids like him off the streets’. That’s a quote. I was so shocked I’ve never forgotten it. After asking this young man what programs, who was running them etc, and finding he had no answers, I told him to pull his pants up or buy a belt. Then I told him I pay taxes so he can have access to the library and the city parks.

How can you be bored with both of those?

Did he have a bicycle? Yes.
Could he bike to the library? Yes.
Could he bike to the library, check out a book on plants and trees and go to the park and learn to identify them? Sounds boring.

So thank you NEA (National Education Association) for teaching kids that learning is boring. Thank you Department of Education for reinforcing the notion. I’m so glad I graduated high school the year BEFORE Jimmy Carter created the Dep. Ed.

So what can bored teens do besides gun down innocent joggers, foreign or otherwise?

Read a book
Play chess
Read a book about chess
Hike in the parks
Hike in the parks with a book from the library and learn to identify trees and plants
Volunteer at the museum
Volunteer at a hospital
Get a summer job

I could keep going but add your own ideas.

I still find the concept of being bored enough to kill a stranger foreign. In fact, the concept of being bored is foreign to me. My problem is I want to learn everything before I die. They say you can’t take it with you, but I can take everything I learn with me.


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I don’t think you’ll believe what you are about to read, but keep in mind where this is.

You just could not make this story up. Bizarre doesn’t begin to cover it.  Stupid would be an understatement, but here it is, apply your own label.

The talking heads in govt. keep referring to immigration control but maybe they’re speaking of some other country.

Speaking of border control and control of who enters your country, think on this America.

ON THIS DAY in 1814, British forces captured Washington, DC and set fire to the presidential palace. The building was later rebuilt, painted and named The White House.

Vital migrant I.D checks scrapped: Stowaways no longer fingerprinted at Calais which means they can keep trying to sneak back in to claim asylum

· Huge security downgrade gives illegal immigrants endless chances

· French police free them allowing them to try to enter Britain again and again

· Critics describe loophole as ‘disturbing’ and call for it to be closed

By Sue Reid

The UK has abandoned identity checks on illegal immigrants trying to sneak into the country from Calais.

In a huge security downgrade, Border Force officials no longer photograph or fingerprint immigrants found stowing away in lorries at the Channel ferry port.
Instead, they are handed to French police, who free them, enabling them to try again and again until they succeed.

The scrapping of fingerprinting means that if the migrants reach Britain and apply for asylum under a false identity, claiming to be refugees, immigration officers have no way of identifying them as having previously tried to enter Britain illegally. As a result, they cannot expose their new identity as fake.

Economic migrants, criminals and terrorists can now slip much more easily through the net. This contrasts with the increasingly strict checks on holiday-makers, who have to hand over their passport which contains biometric information to confirm their identities.

Tory MP Peter Bone last night called for the ‘extraordinary’ and ‘disturbing’ loophole to be closed. The scandal, which makes a mockery of Government promises of tougher immigration controls, has been going on for more than three years. It came to light during an official inspection, which published its report two weeks ago.

The security gap also means migrants’ details cannot be checked against prints and photos taken in the EU country where they first enter Europe – often Italy, Greece or Malta. Under the rules, migrants are meant to live in the EU country where they arrived while their asylum claim is processed there.

But many immediately head straight for Britain because the benefits system is more generous. Once in the UK, they can avoid being sent back to the original country of entry by lying about their identity.

Terrorists and foreign criminals can create horror stories about their past lives and pretend to be refugees.

Economic migrants seeking a ‘better life’ are also able to fabricate tales of needing urgent asylum, claiming they come from war-torn countries. This creates havoc in the UK’s overburdened asylum system as officials try to sort out who is a genuine refugee.

The Border Force claims it catches 8,000 would-be illegal migrants in lorries in northern France each year.



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business owner attackes burglar, business owner arrested.  the criminal system at work.

I was under the impression that the law had changed in that a person is allowed to use force to protect home and property.  Surely that included business property as well.
It’s just a pretty weird thing that since 1945 and the end of a war where unspeakable crimes were made legal by a state; Europe and UK have bent so far over backwards to make absolutely sure that everything was fair & nobody should be allowed to hurt anyone else, where it’s even been decided that it’s not legal to hurt someone’s feelings, it’s just weird things have gotten turned so stupidly upside down, that defending yourself now takes an act of Parliament.  Or so it would seem.  I don’t know if there’s a question of excessive force involved here, but that’s another dumb thing. 
There is no such thing as excessive when defending yourself or your property from an invader. 

Man who tackled burglars raiding his tyre business hauled before a court for attacking THEM

· Andrew Woodhouse, 43, apprehended a burglar at his type depot
· He allegedly used a stick to injure the thief’s legs before holding him down until police arrived
· When officers arrived, they arrested Woodhouse for grievous bodily harm
· He denied the charge at Newport Crown Court and was released on bail

By Suzannah Hills

A businessman who confronted a burglar raiding his premises appeared in court yesterday accused of attacking him.  Andrew Woodhouse, 43, was chasing thieves off his property when he claims one of them ‘came at’ him with a wooden stick.

Father-of-five Woodhouse allegedly used the stick to injure the man’s legs before holding him down while his wife called the police.
But when officers arrived they arrested Woodhouse and held him in a cell for 18 hours.

He appeared at Newport Crown Court yesterday charged with grievous bodily harm with intent which has a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.
Andrew Taylor, defending, said: ‘Mr Woodhouse apprehended two of the burglars at his tyre depot.

‘It happened after two or three men decided they were going to remove a large quantity of diesel from his premises.

‘Mr Woodhouse has been interviewed by police and has provided a full explanation about what happened.  ‘There is a CCTV recording of the incident and we are waiting to see the footage.’ Woodhouse denies the charge and was given bail until next month.

A Facebook page has been set up in support of Woodhouse, of Abergavenny, South Wales with more than 2,000 supporting him.

Woodhouse was in bed with his wife Lisa at their detached home in the village of Govilon, near Abergavenny, when his burglar alarm went off at about 12.30am.  The alarm is fitted to his business premises on an industrial estate a mile from his home.

His wife Lisa said her husband was prepared to go through the legal process to clear his name.
She said: ‘But I fail to see where there was any intent on Andrew’s part.

‘He didn’t intend to get up in the middle of the night to assault anyone. All he did was protect his property.
‘People may think he took the law into his own hands but what was he supposed to do, stand by and watch?’

read more, source


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lawyers confer to decide if muslim will be offended.

Is there anyone here who can’t recall a time when first of all, anyone trying on this crap in court would end up behind bars and none of this rights crap?  And second, do you recall as I do, that nobody appearing in a courtroom would even think of this nonsense?  But these days, rights trumps all.  True, the slag didn’t get away with it entirely. But come on.

The judge must allow lawyers to argue whether the defendant has to remove her veil?  Where’s the argument?  It should be an automatic NO for the reason given by the judge, and as common sense would dictate.
So once again everyone must go the extra mile for a member of the rop.
It’s all in the interests of rights though. ( gags) Never mind that it isn’t a natural part of a western country, and the host country at that.
She may have been born here, I have no idea. But even if she was, I consider her and her kind as a wedge being driven under the culture of a host country.  OK, maybe I can’t tell anyone what being English means.  But I know what it ain’t when I see it and hear it.  It’s kinda like the duck thing. Innit?  They don’t bark or go meow but if they quack, well then.

Take a look.  Typical of the times.

Judge orders Muslim woman to remove burkha during court appearance then bans her from entering plea after she refuses

· Judge Peter Murphy said open justice overrides religious belief in court

· Woman, 21, said she cannot remove her veil in front of men at all

· Judge said there is a risk someone could pretend to be her in the dock

· Case adjourned so lawyers can argue whether the defendant must remove her veil

· Defendant, who cannot be named, is charged with intimidating a witness


A judge told a Muslim woman she must remove her burkha in court before she can enter a plea after she refused to reveal her face.
Judge Peter Murphy said the principle of open justice overrode the 21-year-old woman’s religious beliefs, and warned there was a risk a different person could go into the dock pretending to be her.
The woman, from Hackney, east London, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, appeared before Blackfriars Crown Court today charged with intimidating a witness.
She said she cannot remove the veil in front of men because of her religious beliefs.

Judge Murphy told her: ‘It is necessary for this court to be satisfied that they can recognize the defendant.  ‘While I obviously respect the right to dress in any way she wishes, certainly while outside the court, the interests of justice are paramount.

‘I can’t, as a circuit judge, accept a plea from a person whose identity I am unable to ascertain.’ He added: ‘It would be easy for someone on a later occasion to appear and claim to be the defendant.
‘The court would have no way to check on that.’ Her barrister, Claire Burtwistle, told the court the woman was not prepared to lower her veil at all while men were in the room.

‘In front of women, it is not an issue’, she said. ‘It is simply men that she will not allow to see her face.’
Ms Burtwistle suggested herself, a female police officer or a female prison guard could identify the defendant and confirm to the court that it is the same person as in the police arrest photos.

Prosecutor Sarah Counsell added that the police officer in charge of the case was content that he recognised the defendant while she was in the burkha.

But Judge Murphy rejected the suggestions, saying: ‘It seems to me to be quite fundamental that the court is sure who it is the court is dealing with.
‘Furthermore, this court, as long as I am sitting, has the highest respect for any religious tradition a person has.
‘In my courtroom also, this sometimes conflicts with the interests of a paramount need for the administration of justice. In my courtroom, that’s going to come first.’
The judge added: ‘There is the principle of open justice and it can’t be subject to the religion of the defendant whether the principle is observed or not.
‘I am not saying this because of the particular form of dress by this defendant, I apply that to any form of dress that had the same issues.’

Judge Murphy adjourned the case for legal argument over whether the defendant should have to remove her veil.

It will be heard again on September 12, when the defendant is expected to enter a not guilty plea and go to trial.
The defendant is alleged to have intimidated a witness, in Finsbury Park, north London, in June.



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Obama: Let’s Turn All Our Colleges Into NPUs

Obama’s Push For College Reform:

PUNISH the colleges who “discriminate” by admitting students from lower middle class families or better

1) And you thought our education system was dumbed down already? Cracka, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!
2) Am I the only person in America sick to death of this arrogant asswipe and his never ending theme of PUNISHMENT for those who don’t do as he says?

President Barack Obama’s college reform plan, released by the White House on Thursday, would encourage colleges to discriminate against applicants who come from families with total incomes of $60,000 or more by awarding colleges higher federal ratings and increased federal aid for admitting a higher “percentage” of students who receive federal Pell Grants, which the Department of Education says are for “low-income” students.

A college that based its admissions policies solely on the merit of the individual applicant--and did not consider the applicant’s family income or eligibility for a Pell Grant in deciding whether to offer the applicant a place at the school--could be penalized under the Obama plan with less federal aid for itself and for its students if its merit-only admissions policy resulted in a student body with a lower percentage of Pell Grant recipients than other schools.

The Obama plan also would reward colleges for having higher overall graduation “rates” and for graduating a higher “number” of students on Pell Grants--which could provide colleges with an incentive to lower the academic standards for earning a diploma.

White people, if you have kids in decent colleges, your kids have already seen how their university is wall to wall Black kids in the summer, taking remedial classes left and right. And they’ve also seen how the Freshman class is amazingly diverse. Until around Halloween, or whenever drop-add day is. By finals week of the Fall semester, things are looking fairly pinkish-yellow, and nearly all the diversity is gone come Spring semester. This happens at every good university every year. It hits every Freshman class, most Sophomore classes, and sometimes even in the Fall semester of Junior year for those colorful folks who transfer in from community college. Here in the Fall, gone before Spring. Even with extensive free tutoring services. And by Senior year, their class is half the size it was, and it’s almost nothing but White kids, Asian kids, and some Indian kids. Because all the PUSH programs on earth can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, and while they can get tons of minorities into college, almost none of them manage to get through to the end. Heck, even from historically Black colleges their dropout rate is >50%.

So Obango is gonna change that. By lowering standards right into the mud. Deeper. Watch, and in a few years you’ll see nearly illiterate students with college degrees. And none of them will be able to read cursive, much less know a thing that even a Liberal Arts degree teaches (ie, don’t touch the fries the moment they come out of the fryer, you’ll get burned). So let’s take it down half a dozen notches. Because Racism. And Class Warfare.

It’s not like Pell Grant students come from even moderate income middle class homes these days. No, most of them are at or below the bottom of the middle class barrel. Well below.

If a family of three included a father and a mother, who both worked 40 hours a week for the minimum federal wage of $7.25 an hour, and an 18 year old son going off to college who did not work a single hour the entire year, the total annual income of that family would be $30,160. That would them slightly above the income level of three-quarters of Federal Pell Grant recipients.

And while there might be a whole horde of diamonds in that rough, if you can even read between the lines a tiny bit, you know what he’s pushing for. Kick out the rich, kick out the smart, and fill up the schools with dummies from da hood. Turn colleges into NPUs. Negro Processing Units. Let’s make a college degree even worth less than it is now.

Speaking at the University of Buffalo, President Barack Obama today unveiled an ambitious new plan for the federal government to create a national rating system that will define what a good college is and financially reward or punish colleges depending on how they rank in the government’s system.
Thus, Obama’s proposed system of rating colleges, because it would give a college a higher rating for “enrolling and graduating students who are on Pell Grants,” would give a college an incentive for admitting, maintaining and graduating students whose families keep their income low, but not for admitting, maintaining, and graduating students whose families do not maintain a federally certified “low-income” status.

“Our ratings have to be carefully designed to increase not decrease the opportunities for higher education for students who face economic or other disadvantages,” said Obama.

Obama made these remarks today at a high school in Syracuse NY, after visiting SUNY Buffalo yesterday, the 2nd or 3rd most academically demanding school in the State University of New York system. Then it was down to talk at my alma mater, SUNY Binghamton. A state school more academically selective than most of the Ivy Leagues, but costs the same as community college, which makes it right up at the very top for value. But it’s still a brutally hard school (if you take a challenging major) and what I said earlier about evaporating diversity is true there. Saw it myself, year after year.


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Good. Now Chop His Head Off

Nidal Malik Hasan, Fort Hood Shooter GUILTY

FORT HOOD, Texas (AP)—Army Maj. Nidal Hasan was convicted Friday for the deadly 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, a shocking assault against American troops at home by one of their own who said he opened fire on fellow soldiers to protect Muslim insurgents abroad.

A jury of 13 high-ranking military officers reached a unanimous guilty verdict on all 13 counts of premeditated murder and a guilty verdict on 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. Hasan is now eligible for the death penalty.

Because Hasan never denied his actions, the court-martial was always less about a conviction than it was about ensuring he received the death penalty. From the beginning of the case, the federal government has sought to execute Hasan, believing that any sentence short of a lethal injection would deprive the military and the families of the dead of the justice they have sought for nearly four years.

Hasan, a Virginia-born Muslim, said the attack was a jihad against U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He bristled when the trial judge, Col. Tara Osborn, suggested the shooting rampage could have been avoided were it not for a spontaneous flash of anger.

“It wasn’t done under the heat of sudden passion,” Hasan said before jurors began deliberating. “There was adequate provocation — that these were deploying soldiers that were going to engage in an illegal war.”

All but one of the dead were soldiers, including a pregnant private who curled on the floor and pleaded for her baby’s life.

The attack came to an end when Hasan was shot in the back by one of the officers responding to the shooting. He is paralyzed from the waist down, confined to a wheelchair, uses a catheter and wears adult diapers.

Guess the Army won’t be Pampering him much longer. 


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  专业从事中文配音和外文配音制作,北京名传天下配音公司   北京名传天下专业配音公司成破于2006年12月,是专业从事中 中文配音 文配音跟外文配音的音频制造公司,幻想飞腾配音网领 配音制作 有海内外优良专业配音职员已达500多位,可供给一流的外语配音,长年服务于国内中心级各大媒体、各省市电台电视台,能满意不同客户的各种需要。电话:010-83265555   北京名传天下专业配音公司…
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The Brownshirts: Partie Deux; These aare the Muscle We've Been Waiting For
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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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