Death once had a near-Sarah Palin experience.

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Want more capacity in your 12 gauge shotgun? Try carrying shorter shotshells. The fairly new minishells from Aguila are only 1 3/4” long, half the size of modern super magnums. They carry about half the load at about the same velocity, so they also have half the recoil. They cost a lot less too. And generally work in most guns, although they may not be hefty enough to make gas autos cycle.

There is a birdshot round, a “buck ‘n ball” home defense round, and even a slug round. The slug round fires a 7/8 ounce lead bullet at 1200 feet per second, and while this is quite light and bit slow for a shotgun slug, it’s still about the same kinetic energy as a .44 Magnum AND a .357 Magnum. With a much bigger hole than either one.

Pretty neat. Should you be so lucky as to own one of those Keltec Bullpup pump shotguns, which can hold 6+6+1=13 3” rounds, you can use minishells and get 12+12+1=25 rounds. That’s a whole darn BOX of shells in one loading. Shells that are just right for short range work too.



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Mooch’s Maternal Marker Mistreated

A Monumental Disaster!


Vandals knock over monument for Michelle Obama ancestor
Police are trying to figure out who knocked over a monument dedicated to an ancestor of first lady Michelle Obama.

“When I saw it, I shed a few tears,” Vicki Smith told Channel 2’s Linda Stouffer.

Smith helped get the monument to Rex. It’s a tribute to Melvinia Shields, the great-great-great grandmother of [Mrs.] Obama. Shields was born into slavery in 1844 and later moved to Georgia.

Clayton County Commissioner Sonna Singleton said the monument company will have to lift the heavy stone to check for cracks after someone pushed it off the foundation block.

“It was our little source of pride because here we are in little old Rex, Georgia, and we had ties to the White House, so there’s pride in us for that,” Singleton said.

It was almost a year ago that the Clayton County community celebrated the monument’s installation.

“We’re going to believe just the way we showed that unity on that day here in Rex when we had the dedication of this memorial, we’re going to believe that there’s not that kind of hatred or dissension that someone would do this,” Singleton said.

Gosh, that’s just low.

Granted, it’s a “who cares?” kind of monument, seeing as Melvinia was just a person. One slave out of millions. So putting up the marker in the first place doesn’t hurt anything, but she wasn’t a person of note like an artist, inventor, surgeon, or politician. She was just a woman of her time. And perhaps that’s sufficient reason. Just that she was born in 1844. Oh, and she’s a progenitor of FLOTUS on her mother’s side, so Rex GA is currying a bit of favor. That’s it. And now someone has kicked it over.

Two more things here I find interesting:

One, Michelle Obama is just over 3 years younger than I am. My great grandmother was born in 1875, so presumably my great-great grandmother was born somewhere around 1845-1855. Her family has managed to squeeze in an entire extra generation in the same time period, 6 generations in 120 years.

Two, G3gma Melvinia grew up in bondage, spending the first 21 years of her life as a slave, with all the terrible trials, tribulations, suffering, and neglect inherent therein. And she lived somehow to the ripe old age of 95. I recall reading somewhere that the laborers who built ancient Egypt, whether they were slaves or not, generally died in their early 40s if they lived that long. The government housed and fed them as best as they could, but they still died OLD at that young age. Actually, throughout most of history women have generally died young, not just from injury, famine, and disease but from the rigors of childbirth. Guess Melvinia was one of the very lucky ones, even completely escaping the malefaction of slavery. Actually, looking at Mooch’s family tree I see that quite a number of her enslaved ancestors lived decently long lives.

I’m sure the little stone marker will be reset ASAP.


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What, again? Again??

Weekend Mayhem: Nutcase With Gun Kills 5 At Santa Monica College

I dunno ... Sudden Jihad Syndrome again? And/Or a mental patient with illegal access to firearms?

A fifth victim in the Santa Monica shooting rampage has died, the family confirmed on Sunday. Marcela Franco, 26, was taken off life support at a hospital on Saturday night, said her cousin between sobs. She was shot along with her father, Carlos Navarro Franco, who also died on Friday, when a gunman shot at the SUV they were riding in near Santa Monica College.

They were picking up books for summer classes at the college when they were shot, the college’s president said. Marcela Franco was a student at Cal State Dominguez Hills and had registered to attend Santa Monica College this summer.

They were among six fatalities, including the gunman, in Friday’s shooting rampage. The suspected gunman has been identified as John Samir Zawahri, according to Santa Monica police.

The suspect’s father, Samir Zawahri, 55, and brother Christopher Zawahri, 24, were killed in the rampage, their bodies found in their burned home, Santa Monica police confirmed on Sunday.


Blew him right out of his shoes: Mass murderer J. Samir Zawahri lies dead on the pavement

The entire ordeal lasted about 13 minutes, Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis said Saturday.

Below is a rough timeline of the shooting rampage, based on information provided by Lewis at a news conference Saturday afternoon.

And just like that it was over. And aside from the shooter’s name, that he was a mental patient at some point, the name of the victims, and that this happened the day before the shooter’s 24th birthday, that’s about all we know at this point. My God, it took me longer to research and write this post than the entire event itself.


More than 40 magazines, a black powder revolver, and an entire spare upper for his AR, dropped as he ran

Some pro-active defenses, not of the shooter but against the expected media circus ... which oddly hasn’t happened yet, and Freepers wonder why. And of course our government says “lone shooter, no connection to any terrorist network, not terrorism”. Guess they have to phone records to know, right? Nothing to see here, move along, entirely a random coincidence that the killer is of some sort of Eastern ethnicity (Lebanese?)

But anyway ... Clayton E. Cramer at PJ Media covers all the bases: in theory it was impossible for Zawahri to have an assault weapon, or a handgun, or that huge bag of 30 round magazines ...

According to news accounts, the killer used an “assault-style weapon.” Unsurprisingly, the 24-year-old killer had a history of mental illness, a run-in with the police, and had been hospitalized at some point in the last few years (although it remains unclear if this was voluntary or involuntary).  As regular readers of my columns know, this is the heart of the mass murder problem, not just in America, but in Europe and Canada as well.

But how could this happen? California has had an assault weapons ban since 1989, progressively tightened over a decade.  This law has been on the books, and enforced, since the killer was born.  The only lawful way for a Californian to possess a high-capacity magazine is if he owned it before 2000 – when the killer was eleven years old. California passed a firearms-transfer background check requirement that took effect on January 1, 1991, which checks not only for felony and violent misdemeanor convictions and pending charges, but also for involuntary mental hospital commitments.  Even if you are only held for 72 hour observation and then determined to be not crazy enough for longer term treatment, you are ineligible to possess a firearm for five years.  The shooter was 24– unless he was hospitalized between 18 and 19, he could not have legally purchased any firearm.  You can’t drive across the border into Arizona or Nevada to legally buy a gun; federal law prohibits such transfers unless your state of residence allows such transfers — and California does not.

So we are again left with the question: how did the killer get this gun?  It would seem as though he broke a stack of laws, without much of a struggle

Another day, another mass murder, another passel of laws that just don’t work. Welcome to the New Normal. I don’t like it one bit.

See More Below The Fold


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What, again??

My fault I guess; I didn’t watch the news all weekend. Only thing on TV I saw was the depressing weather report and the less than spectacular season finale to Game Of Thrones. And they blew it: looks like we’re right up to page 792 in the 3rd book, right before Jeoffry’s wedding. Cheap bastiges; THAT was where to end season 3, with a bang - and a big thud - and happy campers everywhere, and the entire story shifts radically after that. But no, the penny pinchers at HBO are sticking with their cheap cheap cheap 10 episodes per season format, not even a 2 hour finale episode, so it’s all over for another year. And we’re stuck with little king stinky bottom and his unbeddable bride piggy puss for at least 2 episode next Spring. And Season 4 ought to finish with Tyrion and his father in the “Where do whores go” scene. Twang!! Bah. We’ll never get there at this plodding rate. These big shot TV guys sure know how to lose an audience. It’s like they do it on purpose. They killed LOST this way, they killed Fringe this way, they’re doing their best to kill Dr. Who this way, and Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones too. Remember when TV shows were 20 or more episodes per season? Like everything else, they’ve been downsized.

Oops, this wasn’t supposed to be a Gripe About TV post. Redo From Start! Out of Cheese Error!!


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gee, more rain


It’s pouring. Again. Well, at least we had some dry on Sunday. And got that darn 30 yard dumpster full, right to the brim. But yee gods, the dampness and must in the basement. Going to have to buy a dehumidifier and set it up in the basement there with a drain hose. I see models that can pull 50 to 70 pints a day. Let’s see - 2 pints per quart, 4 quarts per gallon ... means 8 pints per gallon. So 50 pints is 6 1/4 gallons; 70 pints is 8 3/4 gallons. Yeah, run either one flat out for 3 weeks, that’s 131 to 183 gallons. That ought to dry things up a bit and put a dent in the mildew. In 2 months it ought to be dry as toast down there.

Wow, I’m getting just too darn good at this internet research and shopping stuff. A decent home dehumidifier is going to cost you $180 - $300. Pro quality stuff costs 5 times as much. For soggy basements you want to pull out as much water as you can in a given amount of time for a price you can manage. Odds are good that the unit will run 24 hours a day for the first couple of months, so look for a well made model from a reliable brand. Find one that’s Energy Star compliant, and to be on the seasonally safe side find a low temperature model while you’re at it. After about 45 minutes reading up on dehumidifiers, tracking down reviews, and hunting up prices, I think the newest 70 pint model from Danby will do the job. It meets all the standards I’ve outlined, gets very good reviews, and I can get one on two day delivery for $230, from a reputable business, and which also includes a length of drain hose. I was able to find the older model of this unit, new, also Energy Star, for about $30 less, sold by some guy on eBay. I think I’ll stick with the online merchant, who will get it to me faster anyway.

Dry her basement for a couple weeks then spray the walls and floor with D128 to kill the mold, then go back to drying it. This can be done and the mold and mildew can be beaten.


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calendar   Sunday - June 09, 2013

workin for the weekend

I’ve got this thing on backwards. I thought I was supposed to work Monday to Friday and then have the weekends off. Lately it’s been the other way around. As so it is again this weekend. Have to run down and do my other bit of office cleaning this morning, and then it’s off to spend yet another day helping clean up and clean out the MIL’s house. The trash haulers are coming Monday to pick up their 30 yard dumpster, and we want to have it full. It’s about 75% at this point, but the estate sale people have slowed things down a lot. Don’t throw that away, it could be worth a lot of money!! Dude, it’s a well used version of Ker-plunk. Or a bag of Beanie Babies. Maybe you could get a dollar. Maybe two if you’re lucky. IF you can find anyone who wants it. So I’m hoping today is the end of it. But I know better. Next will come all the cleaning and scrubbing. And then the estate sale. And then probably a garage sale to handle more of it. Then, finally, I’m praying that we’ll hire some young backs to haul the rest to the dump. And then comes trying to sell the place.

It’s never going to end. This is going to suck up an entire year, I know it.

But hey, look, I got the landscape lights done. Those waterproof splices really did the trick. I’m thinking maybe one more light at the top of the upper stairs, but my wife thinks it isn’t needed.


Ok, off to work. Back Monday I hope.


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My Choice For Sophie


Young English actress Sophie Turner, currently playing Sansa Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Having read the books, I’m not too sympathetic to her character, although the TV show is not done in the same light and her Sansa is coming around quite a lot. And just because the actress is tall, shapely, and has long red hair (dyed) doesn’t mean I’m all that attracted to her, though Ms. Turner in character is quite noticeable. This picture, a still from a new movie she’s now involved in, changes her look almost entirely. And I have to say, I like it very much. Click to pic for a larger than life version.

In character as Sansa Stark, who often seems to be rather a brat princess. At least in print.

Makeup and lighting ... wow, that old Hollywood magic.


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New Old News About Old Old News

Guess they didn’t listen to the Word -
Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:
And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.
And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:
And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.
- Matthew 7:24

Ancient Lost City “Rises” From The Waves

Artifacts Recovered From Ancient Egyptian Trading Port of Thonis-Heracleion

“Venice of Egypt” city was built on the silt of the end of the Nile Delta, slumped beneath the Mediterranean about 1400 years ago. Forgotten by history, found by archeaologists a decade ago, statues, stella, and treasure now being recovered.



A real-life Atlantis which sunk off the coast of Egypt nearly 1,200 years ago has now been brought back to the surface with the help of 3D.

The city of Heracleion, home of the temple where Cleopatra was inaugurated, was one of the most important trade centres in the Mediterranean area before it disappeared into what is now the Bay of Aboukir.

Heracleion was discovered in 2001, and after more than a decade of excavation, researchers have now been able to create a map depicting life in the ancient trade hub.

For centuries, Heracleion was believed to be a legend, much like the fabled city of Atlantis.

But 12 years ago, underwater archaeologist Dr Franck Goddio was searching the Egyptian coastline for French warships from the 18th century battle of the Nile, but instead stumbled across the treasures of the lost city.

After removing layers of sand and mud, divers discovered evidence of extraordinary wealth, painting a picture of what life was like in Heracleion, believed to have been at the centre of Mediterranean trade more than 1,000 years ago.

Archaeologists have found remains of more than 64 ships, buried in the seabed four miles off the coast of Egypt, the largest number of ancient ships ever to be found in one place.

As well as 700 anchors, the team have dug up gold coins and weights made from bronze and stone which would have been used in trade and to calculate taxation rates.

Before 331 BC, Thonis-Heracleion was a prosperous port of entry to Egypt and was used by all ships coming from the Greek world.

It was also home to the temple of Amun, which was a key element to the rites associated with the continuation of the dynasty.

Greek historian Herodotus told of a great temple built where the hero Herakles first arrived in Egypt, and wrote of Helen of Troy’s visit to Heracleion with her lover Paris before the Trojan war.

Thonis-Heracleion extended around the temple and a network of canals, which the researchers think gave it a lake-like appearance.

The ancient city was founded around the eighth century BC. However, it witnessed a host of natural catastrophes and finally sunk into the abyss around the eight century AD. Now located around 6.5km from the coast of Alexandria, for 1,200 years it lay undisturbed.

During his excavations, Goddio found objects showing the city’s glory, including huge statues, inscriptions, jewellery, coins, ritual objects and ceramics - all preserved under the sea and frozen in time.

A statement from Goddio’s website said: “The quantity and quality of the archaeological material excavated from the site of Thonis-Heracleion show that this city had known a time of opulence and a peak in its occupation from the sixth to the fourth century BC. This is readily seen in the large quantity of coins and ceramics dated to this period.

“The port of Thonis-Heracleion had numerous large basins and functioned as a hub of international trade. The intense activity in the port fostered the city’s prosperity.”

Goddio said that while they have discovered the city, it will take many years for them to uncover its secrets.

Known as Heracleion to the ancient Greeks and Thonis to the ancient Eygptians, the city was rediscovered in 2000 by French underwater archaeologist Dr. Franck Goddio and a team from the European Institute for Underwater Acheology (IEASM) after a four-year geophysical survey. The ruins of the lost city were found 30 feet under the surface of the Mediterranean Sea in Aboukir Bay, near Alexandria.
But despite all the excitement over the excavation, one mystery about Thonis-Heracleion remains largely unsolved: Why exactly did it sink? Goddio’s team suggests the weight of large buildings on the region’s water-logged clay and sand soil may have caused the city to sink in the wake of an earthquake.


Tons of pictures at the links here and in the comments window. 


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calendar   Friday - June 07, 2013

Mostly Dead

I’m supposed to be writing a post on the archeological finds at Heracleion, the lost Egyptian city at the mouth of the Nile.

Sorry. Hard day for my wife ... so 3 martinis listening to her woes at work while I made hanger steaks for dinner ... and now, Princess Bridge is on. oh. Um. Ah. Princess buttercup. Oh. swoon. So pure, so perfect. So before the DAFT BItCH MARRIED SEAN PENN and was forever defiled.

Anyway ,… he’s not dead; he’s only MOSTLY dead!

And soon Inyego Montoya will duel the man with 6 fingers.

Meanwhile, I’m prettyh hammereed. Hard to type. I maek very good marintis@@!! Oh WTF. It’s fRiday.

I’ll figure out how to present a post on New Old News that is NEW really fucking old news tomorrow ... the latest news is that 13 years ago, Jeeeeezus Cry.... some bone pickers found Heliopp ... Herculeanum ... Heracleion on the mouth of where the Nile was 1500 years ago, and found some awesome ancient ruins. New Old News about some really OLD new news.

Go figure. Anceint archeology stuff, that’s been sitting arouind for 14 years while they dug through it. Mus haf bbbnother maritini. Mus!!! Have!!!

But .. . linx!!!


yes, got lotz. And Andre The Giant is doing his scary voiced burning man thing while Peter Boil performs the mawwige on PB ....

Tiered now.

Guffed. I mene fugged. Fuggit!!! Try agni, again, tomorrow.

Nuther marintie1! martinie1! marin. Martini!!

Must remember to buy more olives this weekend. Seem to be running low somehow.


My name s=i uineygo shit, Un shit,.  Gdanntmnmit!!! My name is Inyego Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare. To Die.


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I refuse to turn on the heat

It’s 63° here and raining like mad all day, as we catch the front end of Tropical Storm Andrea’s run up the coast. We’re an hour inland here in Clinton, but we’ve had at least 3” of rain since around 8 o’clock last night.

Guess I won’t be doing any outdoor bug spraying today. Actually, I think I’ll go find a sweater to wear.

Completely off topic, except for the outdoor spraying aspect, good old D128 seems to make a great algaecide too. We have one very shady west wall that rarely gets any sun, and the algae was turning it green. Spray on the D128, wait 10 minutes, and gently scrub it clean with a soft shower scrubby and a bucket of hot water. Looks like new. Oh sure, the association says they’re going to power wash. Someday. Whenever. Me, I’m tired of looking at green spots on the siding and black spots on the sidewalks. That D128 works isn’t that great a surprise; some of the stuff you use in your pool is made from the same ingredients, and other chemicals closely related to what goes into D128 and similar dual quats. Which implies that good old ALGON is also one hell of a disinfectant, and costs a few bucks less than D128.

Now, you might think I’m going over the edge here, but the same ingredients these products use to kill germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus, and algae are in those nice little Clorox Wipes you use, only in more concentrated form. And the concentrates get diluted significantly, usually an ounce per gallon, which gives a solution about half as strong as what’s in those wipes. So in theory you could use a Clorox wipe to kill the algae on your siding, or to wipe off the edge of you pool liner. It would just cost you 400 times as much for an equal amount of killing power. Poly quats ... they really work. Kills sidewalk moss too. And even cures sore throats?? I’d want more info on that one, and I’d spring for the factory made cough drops. Let’s not get stupid.

Crivens, I’m freezing. Sweater. Heavy pants. Wool socks. Trip to grocery store for hot food.


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Operatic Eye Candy

Drew has gotten a bit ahead of me in the red head candy derby.  I have a way to go to even catch up, but I don’t want just anyone.
And I ran across this lady by accident and thought, YES at first sight.



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Time marches on. And so does China Inc.

How bout this? An Israeli company.  Those folks quietly do tech things well.

Alma Lasers (Alma) is an internationally well-known manufacturer of laser, light-based, radio frequency and ultrasound products with an integrated product portfolio for aesthetic and medical applications. With its world-leading core research and development (R&D) capabilities in the medical and aesthetic device manufacturing field, Alma Lasers has established a leading global brand with sales of over $100 million annually and plants and offices worldwide.  Alma today is reported to hold a 15% share of the global market for high-end aesthetic laser devices.
There are three key sectors in the laser medical and aesthetic device industry; high-end aesthetic devices, surgical devices and smaller devices for domestic use in the home. Alma Lasers is already one of the leaders in the high-end aesthetic device market and has now begun to gain a foothold in the surgical device market during 2012. At the same time, Alma Lasers is completing the R&D stage for new devices fit plans to introduce for domestic use.

Another people that do some things well are the Brits. Who never even give themselves credit.  But others are aware. Especially when it comes to things like thise.


Founded by Robert Braithwaite in 1968, Sunseeker is now an international company with an annual turnover of almost £290million a year.
Its range of luxury yachts varies from sleek, speed merchants to huge vessels with rooms for five cabins and home cinema system.

Customers include Arab royalty and Russian oligarchs as well as celebrities of all kinds from film stars to sports icons.
Sunseeker models have appeared in several James Bond films, famously racing up the Thames in The World Is Not Enough and most recently in Casino Royale when one is owned by villain Le Chiffre.

Robert Braithwaite never dreamed of having such international success when he learned his trade working for his father’s engine-servicing company.
Founded with a team of seven people, Sunseeker now employees around 2,300.

In 2002 Braithwaite was named Entrepreneur of the Year.
‘I was always a person with enormous ambition, but I never dreamed of this,’ he told the BBC at the time.
The company has ridden out the economic pressures of the banking crisis with profits last year set to reach £20.8million.

Well guess who’s coming to dinner with cash in hand ....


A Chinese property group is closing in on a deal to buy Britain’s biggest luxury yacht maker, Sunseeker.
The firm, whose Predator 108 model appeared in the James Bond film Casino Royale, is expected to be bought by Beijing-based Dalian Wanda for around £300million.
It is the latest in a string of British companies to have been snapped up by Chinese buyers in recent years.
Wang Jianlin, chairman and founder of Dalian Wanda, told the Financial Times: ‘We bought the best yacht company in the UK.’


Chinese Congomerate Fosun and Prudential of America Buy Israeli Company Alma Lasers

The Fosun Pharmaceutical Group (Fosun Pharma), based in Shanghai and a leading healthcare company in China, has announced the acquisition of 95.6% of the shares of Alma Lasers Ltd. whose R&D Centre is located in Caesarea Israel.  The acquisition is being made together with Pramerica-Fosun Fund and its cost will not exceed US$240 million.  CHINA

On the other side of the coin if I may use that term, some American companies are doing well investing in China and Japan.
I focus on one here cos they already own so much.
They own,
Dunkin Donuts
Folgers Coffee
Jiff (as in peanut butter)

They are the J.M. Smucker Company

J.M. Smucker is making a huge investment in the Chinese oatmeal business.

On March 26, 2012, the company bought a 25% interest in Guilin Seamild Biologic Technology Development Co. Ltd., a privately-owned manufacturer and marketer of oats products headquartered in the Guangxi province of China, for $35.9 million. The purchase comes with two manufacturing facilities in southern China and a third on the way. In 2013, the deal isn’t expected to influence Smucker’s revenues, which topped $5.5 billon last year.

And remember the shock (among some) when China bought Volvo?
How has that deal gone so far?  Well, things could be better.

Volvo, owned by Chinese company Geely, presented its annual report for 2012 at a press conference in Stockholm on Friday. And there was big interest in how Chinese-owned Volvo is doing.

With economic uncertainty in Europe and around the world, the car industry has been in for tough times.

Many manufacturers have been looking hopefully at the Chinese market as a way out. According to the report, Volvo managed to break even, which is also the expectation for next year. Volvo’s total car sales amounted to 421,000 cars, of which 41,000 were sold in China in 2012.This is far below Geely’s expectations of 400,000 cars in China alone.

So while China was Volvo’s biggest market in April this year, it is still far below expectations.

Geely´s Chairman Li Shufu has announced that to boost sales in China, Volvo needs to be adapted for the Chinese market and become more luxurious.

”We need cars that are valuable and attractive to our customers and they should be a bit more higher in cost than an average car. Also some need to be more luxurious if you look for a car for executives. Long wheel base cars, sedans of course need to be much more elegant and should nor resemble a Scandinavian family car. “


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a fresh bowl of Crowder


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rainy day impression

Jeune fille coiffant ses cheveux

Renoir, as you already knew. The rich tones, the softest brush strokes, the light, the soft focus. It’s all suggestion. Once you get past the core pieces of the impression - her face, her upper hair, her hand and the comb to a lesser extent - everything else is nearly a blur. Her proportions are way off and the perspective is flawed. It doesn’t matter. He captures the feeling of the moment; a young woman dreamily brushing her hair, lost in her own thoughts. Impressionism.


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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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The Real Stuff
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when rape isn't rape but only sexual assault
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[...] took another century of Inquisition and repression to completely eradicate the [...]
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