When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

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this place is just soooooo much more civilized than the usa cos they kill with sharp things, no guns

This is a heck of a story to be posting on this of all evenings. Evening for us anyway.
Had I seen this before reading a bunch of anti-American comments over the shooting of those firemen, I might have held off. But no.
I want people to continue to see the mayhem here. OK, they do not all have guns to do the dirty work, but is it any more civilized?  I wouldn’t say so. But the damn smug holier than thou comments made at the Mail just burn me up. And then too the many who say “oh I’m glad I don’t live in a place like America.”
I’m glad too that they aren’t in my country.

Hunting knives, gas mask, crossbow and mallet: Terrifying haul of weapons found on man who attacked woman in the street with 2ft-long samurai sword

Woman is seriously hurt in random sword attack in north London early this morning
A man was found at the scene with swords, a cross bow, hunting knives and a gas mask
The 25-year-old is currently being questioned by detectives
Police today praised a lone officer who bravely tackled the man
Local residents described hearing the woman scream ‘like an animal’

By Steve Nolan


Residents living close to the scene in Holloway Road, north London, described hearing the woman screaming ‘like an animal’ as she was slashed repeatedly with a two foot long sword.

A lone policeman bravely stepped in and tackled the man while the 22-year-old woman lay bleeding heavily on the floor following the attack.

The sergeant tackled the man and escaped unhurt despite his best efforts to attack the policeman with the sword.



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A Merry Christmas to all

With Best Wishes from BMEWS to all who are surfing through and of course all our regulars.  To you and your loved ones, our hope for a very Happy Christmas, hope you’re stocked up on Tums (for the tummy).

As a public service reminder .... there will be no smoking or flames too close to CenTex at dinner, and no smoking within a mile on New Yrs eve. 

H/T New Jersey Yank



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please note this is listed as humor so it’s safe to read. no rcob

I have no intention of ending the year with a rant on Newtown,Ct. and the anti-gun aftermath.  But I did read something in a paper this morning, that quoted another paper’s leading article.

This is not something that ruffles the feathers. This was a question posted by a left of center paper and I had to stop and wonder.  How is it possible for folks who have a better education and are in a position to own or to be editor of a major paper, ask such a really silly question as the one I am about to share?  How do they do that?

Maybe I should save this for when I know we’ll have more readers here, but the urge to share the nonsense is just too strong.  Not to worry.  If I didn’t get angry, you won’t.  Might shake your head though and wonder where their brains are.

Here is the question asked by the liberal Sunday Independent.

How has a nation allowed itself to get to a situation where guns are so universal,

ok, here it comes bmews

that normal people feel they need a gun to be safe?

Maybe they should get in touch with 12 year old Kendra St. Clair and her mom.

Maybe the Indy doesn’t have a crime desk at the paper?  How do they arrive at that mind set, considering the kinds of very violent crimes that occur here as a matter of course?  It must be a gift.  Maybe they hear voices like St. Joan. Who knows?  But I do know that is one very silly question to ask.
Don’t you?



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One Last Post And Then To Bed

If Forbes Magazine Says It, It Must Be So

So why does President Obama keep saying that the rich do not pay their fair share?  Is he ignorant?  Wouldn’t somebody in his Administration whisper to him that he is peddling nonsense?

The answer is that to President Obama this is still not fair because he is a Marxist

And then they back it all up with numbers, nice crunchable numbers, plus some history. But bad as that is, it’s still not the worst part. He’s also a delusional Marxist ...

Moreover, President Obama has said that a priority in his second term will be global warming, even though global temperatures have not been increasing for 16 years now, and the developing world led by Brazil, Russia, India and China (the BRIC countries), which are contributing to “greenhouse gases” at a much greater accelerating rate than the U.S., have rejected sacrificing any slice of their economies to that ideological phantom.  While even the Democrat Congress of Obama’s first term failed to adopt “cap and trade,” EPA is advancing with global warming regulations that will cost the economy trillions in still another effective tax.
And worse. Take 5 and give it a read.

Best comment IMHO, a smackdown delivered to a Troo Beliefer™ troll:

Kent Crawford 1 day ago

May I suggest you stop drinking the cool-aid and the verbal lies, and look at the numbers. Obama bin Lenin is not, repeat not, fighting for the 98%. That is the lie. The numbers show that soaking the 2% will produce so little tax revenue, once they get done shifting their portfolio around or send their money overseas, the whole exercise should be seen as ‘conditioning’ in the Pavlovian sense. Get the low-information low-education democrat rank and file to support tax increases on the middle class in the name of ‘fairness.’ Repeat pattern as necessary.

Obama bin Lenin. Oy, that’s a keeper, that is.


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas To All,

And To All A Good Night!

Christmas Eve! A day of driving and celebration for us. 103 miles up and over to the cousin’s house to party all day long. That Italian “7 fishes” thing that usually turns into about 18 fishes, 9 beers, 3 shots, 2 coffees, and about 9 hours of partying with the vultures. Then down to my Mom’s that night for Christmas the next morning. Ham! Pie! Presents!! Then 75 miles back here that evening because work starts up again Wednesday.

So here’s a Christmas Card picture for you from my lovely historic town of Clinton NJ. Featuring - as I often jokingly say is required by law - our world famous Red Mill, and of course WM Cowin and Francis Lowthorp’s great creation in cast iron and wrought iron, our 1870 adjustable Pony Pratt bridge.  All decked out for the holiday. Feel free to copy the image; I give it to one and all.

So now you can not only say you got a pony for Christmas, you got an adjustable one as well. Now, how special is that? LOL


Somebody said they were sick of one kind of post, after carping a bit about too much of another kind of post just a day or so before that, so why not put up a bridge post instead? Happy to oblige, somebody. And there ain’t no redheads in the picture neither. Clicky piccy, as usual.


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calendar   Sunday - December 23, 2012

Too Sexual?

While getting some last minute things at the grocery store, I saw this week’s issue of People magazine for sale. The cover features a montage of all the little children and the teachers killed in the Newtown massacre. Frankly I was grossed out by it. Leave these people alone. Stop trying to make either sales or political capital from this horror. The magazines and the networks can cry “nation in mourning” all they want. It’s BS. They’re using it to make a buck and to push their agendas. And that’s disgusting.

So in a small fit of pique I turned the top issue around in the rack. Let everybody look at the back cover instead.

And I damn near had a heart attack.



‘Tis the season for perfume ads, and they’re always over the top. But this one is just so far ... beyond ... it leaves the others in the dust. I’m no prude, but in my opinion this is nearly pornographic. Every picture tells a story, and this one says Mr. Hunky just got done screwing young Blondie stupid, and now he’s ready for you. Either that, or he’ll be back on her the moment you look away. Hot? Not? Scary? Not sure how I’m reacting, but I almost feel like an intruder. Oh, and of course the symbolism in the background, just in case we couldn’t pick up on the overtly sexual message. Little Miss Mons and her almost-toe, nearly flashing her smoothie as she tries to catch her breath. Uh huh. Yeah, I’d spend $90 for 3 and a half ounces of that. Sure I would.

It isn’t even a new picture. David Gandy (Mr. Hunky) and Anna Jagodzinska (Smoothie screwed stupid) did the photos back in 2010.

But ... damn. DAMN!!

What ads did you see this season that were just ... beyond blatant? Is that hot, or not? Is it necessary, to cut through the sexual clutter that’s out there these days? And if it is necessary, what comes next?

Eh, what’s that you say? More David Gandy? Sure thing. Coming right up!

See More Below The Fold


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No va-nack-ya-la allowed here

Another flyweight post that has nothing to do with gun control ...

Enunciate [ih-nuhn-see-ate]: verb; to pronounce clearly and with distinction

Sloppy speaking costs Wheel of Fortune contestant nearly $4000 and the game. Good grief. All this time I thought it was just that sleazebag Canadian-born socialist Alex Trebek who was the pronunciation douche-king. Now Pat Sajak joins the party.

Double golly gee whiz, one reals in horror imagining the frooferah that would have ensued had the contestant been, um, ebonically inclined.

TV viewers tuning in to watch Wheel of Fortune this week couldn’t believe their ears when a contestant who correctly guessed a phrase was seemingly robbed of her victory, and all because of a missing G.

In the Wednesday episode, Renee Durette, a Navy Intel Specialist from Merritt Island, Florida, thought she had solved the puzzle correctly by answering ‘seven swans a-swimming’ - a line from the carol The 12 Days of Christmas - with seven missing letters.

However, Durette’s less than crisp enunciation did not satisfy the host, Pat Sajak, who disqualified the contestant’s answer because she had omitted the hard G from the word ‘swimming,’ turning it into ‘swimmin.’


After a warning buzzer sounded, signalling an incorrect answer, the host said: ‘Yeah ... can’t accept that,’ The Wrap reported.

Sajak went on to clarify that Durette’s answer was ‘in the vernacular,’ or in other words, too folksy to be accepted as the correct response.

‘But that’s OK,’ Sajak added. ‘We still have some time.’

Durette accepted the ruling without a word of protest, even though Sajak’s judgement cost the woman her turn along with $3,850, according to Gawker.

The puzzle was then turned over to another contestant, Amy Vincenti, of Pennsylvania, who solved it without any trouble, making sure to properly enunciate each word.

Well, I don’t think that “G” is all that hard. Not like “grief” or “goof” or “gak”. I thought “ing” was more of a velar nasal trigraph. But this just goes to show it always pays to be able to speak properly. Ya neva no whooz listnin’ or judgin’.

Merrit Island Florida is right next to Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach, just northwest of Patrick AFB. I have no idea what kind of drawl is native to that area.


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Pretty late in the day but must post,

Got up early, took in Sunday papers, pretty thin today and no surprise.
However, as usual I find stuff without looking that makes me steam.  The usual Americans are idiots crap. And of course, the usual advice on how we should do things with regard to self defense.  This from a crime damaged place that has NO real self defense at all. 
So ... it was refreshing to read Peter Hitchens today, who in his usual hard line no prisoners conservative column had a few things to say on the subject.

Before his column however, I found this on line at a Telegraph site. Thought you’d approve.
This fellow is I am certain, an American.


I’m tempted to go and get a gun just because the anti-gun crowd are such condescending, patronizing, arrogant, authoritarian, smugly superior euro-pussies.

But blighty has much to be smug about, I suppose.  Been reading about ‘black eye friday’.  Par for the course with thousands of drunken biffers crawling through their own vomit in search of a crackin’ night out in the town center. 

Personally I’ll take every man, woman and child tooled up and pleasant, than an unarmed population constantly seething with anger and never far from a drunken kick-off.

Which leads me to the Peter Hitchens column.  At least one Brit columnist I read who isn’t wringing his hands in anguish over those gun crazed Yanks.

Stop and think - and you will realise that banning guns is a waste of time

By Peter Hitchens

Don’t be herded into the standard liberal opinion, that the Sandy Hook School tragedy is the fault of America’s allegedly crazy gun laws.

Actually, Connecticut’s gun laws are a good deal tighter than Britain’s were before 1920. British gun law before then was so relaxed it made Texas look effeminate. Did the streets of Edwardian London echo to gunfire? Were school massacres common? No.

Were guns restricted here because of crime? No, they were restricted because the panicky British government thought there might be a revolution.

In Switzerland, to this day, most homes contain powerful military weapons and ammunition. But gun crime is extremely rare there (unless you count suicide). Yet these massacres are a feature of modern life. They happen in countries such as Britain and Germany that already have severe gun laws.

Guns have been around for centuries, and high-capacity magazines have been around for decades. Guns in general are more controlled than ever. So a thinking person must look somewhere else for an explanation.

While the BBC and the papers have raged about guns, nobody has looked at the people who did the murders. There has been no great pressure to find out about Adam Lanza. Most reports make it plain that he was in some way mentally abnormal. Some suggest he may have been on one of the many powerful and poorly tested ‘medications’ that modern medicine casually inflicts on bored children who fidget in class, or on people who are just unhappy in various ways.

There is, as yet, no clear answer. There may never be, as the authorities and the media just aren’t interested enough. One of the Columbine High School killers, Eric Harris, was on such medication (as we know thanks to a Freedom of Information inquiry), and the other, Dylan Klebold, may have been taking mind-altering pills at some point before he acted, though his medical records are sealed – inexplicably, given the importance of the information. In many other similar massacres, pills are involved – Patrick Purdy, culprit of the 1989 Cleveland school shooting, and Jeff Weise, culprit of the 2005 Red Lake High School shootings, had been taking ‘antidepressants’.

So had Michael McDermott, culprit of the 2000 Wakefield massacre in Massachusetts. So had Kip Kinkel, responsible for a 1998 murder spree in Oregon. So had John Hinckley, who tried to murder President Ronald Reagan in 1981. Then there are the illegal drugs that have been effectively decriminalised in much of the USA and Britain, especially supposedly ‘peaceful’ cannabis, now increasingly correlated with severe mental illness. ‘Medical Marijuana’, in effect the lawful sale of dope on medical pretexts, became legal in Connecticut earlier this year. Funny that, as we panic about guns we get laxer about mind-altering drugs.
Jared Lee Loughner, who murdered six people in Tucson, Arizona, had at one time been a heavy cannabis user.

And then of course there’s our old friend ‘care in the community’, under which people with quite severe problems are pushed out on to the streets so that mental hospitals can be closed and sold, and their staff made redundant.

There you have it. You, and MPs, and the media, can choose to think seriously about this subject. Or we can run with the flock bleating for tougher gun laws – and then wonder why it is that the massacres keep happening anyway.



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calendar   Saturday - December 22, 2012



your daily free cuteness wallpaper, courtesy of BMEWS. And indirectly, the federal government

One way or the otter [must RESIST otter puns. must resist. must resis ...]

Via Sondrak, who didn’t ‘splain it so I’s could unnerstan, some sort of good news from California.

U.S. scraps ‘otter-free zone’ in Southern California waters

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to allow sea otters to roam freely down the Southern California coastline, abandoning its program to relocate the voracious shellfish eaters from waters reserved for fishermen.

Federal officials determined that their sea otter trans-location program had failed after 25 years and thus they were terminating it, according to a decision published in the Federal Register on Wednesday.

“As a result,” the federal notice said, “it allows sea otters to expand their range naturally into Southern California.”

Federal officials turned Southern California into an “otter-free zone” in the late 1980s after moving 140 otters from Monterey Bay to San Nicolas Island, about 60 miles off the coast of Ventura County. The idea was to establish a reserve colony of otters in case a disaster, such as a catastrophic oil spill, wiped out the otters along the coast.

In a deal cut with fishermen, the government declared waters south of Point Conception to be off limits to otters. It promised to round up any that strayed into forbidding territory. Initially, officials attempted to capture and relocate these wandering otters to Central California, but some swam right back to Southern California. Others were found dead shortly after the move.

Because, like, you know, wild animals that live in the ocean can be restricted from swimming around in specified areas. For their own good. Because the government maybe cut a deal wit da union. So’s if youse ottas knows whas good for youse, youse won’ swim rown here no more. Capice?

So the feds made a sanctuary area, in case some “natural” disaster or other kind of terrible mishap messed up their regular natural habitat area. And snagged a whole bunch of sea otters and put them on some island in that sanctuary. Funny thing, being sea creatures, they swum right back to their regular old area. And got caught again. And swam right back ... until any number of them died mysteriously.

So for 25 years, the feds have been running a sea otter wildlife refuge area that never had any sea otters in it. And harassing a severely endangered species - often unto death - when they swam into ocean waters the government had agreed were reserved for shell fishermen.

Sea otters victorious in decades-long struggle with U.S. government

The long war between otters and the U.S. federal government is finally over, and the otters have won.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has abandoned its plan to relocate otters from coastal waters reserved for commercial fisherman.

For the past 25 years, the government agency had been working to relocate the otters, but was finally forced to admit the program had been a failure.

“As a result,” it allows sea otters to expand their range naturally into Southern California,” reads a notice published in the Federal Register.

In the late 1980s, the federal government attempted to relocate about 140 otters from Southern California’s Point Conception to a location in Central California. However, some of the otters simply swam back to their original habitat while others died shortly after being moved. Officials say part of the plan was to establish a reserve colony of otters in case a natural disaster were to strike their main habitat.

An August 2012 release from the U.S. Geological Survey says the wild otter population has been decimated from its previous heights, while efforts to rebuild the population have been “slow.”

So there you go. So everyone otter be happy, sea ought to be happy, si? [resist Drew, resist!!]

Only problem is that the sea otters are still dying. And not breeding too well. Turns out they have brain parasites, Toxoplasma gondii, that they get from swimming in polluted water. Water that “treated” sewage is dumped into. The parasite lives in house cats, and gets into the water system when people flush the litter box contents.

Probably the only solution is to cook or boil the cat feces before dumping or flushing them. WTH, it’s for the endangered sea otters, after all. There’s no otter way [must must must RESIST!!]


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taxi, oh taxi …. you may wanna think 2wice

Jeesh, I must have had the following in hold for post file for a month. At least. ??
Anyway, a comment made by Gray John about muslims owning the place suddenly sent me looking for an article from somewhere on a subject I couldn’t remember.  Gee, and except for a very small amount of red wine and soda water, I don’t even drink anymore. Well, sometimes beer in summer.
So anyway, I found this on hold thanks to his comment.  And our critics are so high and mighty about how safe things are here. Uh huh.

H/T and gray john for jogging my memory

Muslim Sex Attacks Lead to Female Only Taxis in UK

Even in a licensed cab, there is often a niggle at the back of any female passenger’s mind: will I get home in one piece? While the vast majority of male taxi drivers are of course completely safe, many women simply feel less vulnerable with a female driver.

To understand the rise of female cabbies and female taxi firms in the UK, one need only look at stories like these.

Zahoor Mahmood, aged 40, was described as a ‘sexual predator’ when he was jailed yesterday for sexually assaulting two women he picked up on nights out in Sheffield. The father-of-four, who worked for City Taxis, attacked both women within three weeks last summer.

Atiq Rehman, 20, spotted his 22-year-old victim leaving a club and tricked her into thinking he was a taxi driver. He then lured her into the back room of a corner shop and attacked her on a mattress for 45 minutes.

Taxi driver Larasab Hussain, 46, sexually assaulted a 15-year-old after she had been repeatedly abused by two other men.

Ibrahim Selman went on the run to the Sudan days after holding a female passenger hostage, repeatedly raping her and leaving her for dead in the street. Now one of his victims is demanding an investigation into how Selman managed to get the licence which allowed him to operate a private hire taxi in Edinburgh.

A married taxi driver dumped a woman’s body in a canal because he didn’t want the community to find out he had slept with her, a court heard.
Mazhar Rashid, 43, tied breeze blocks around Emma Ewart’s body and put a plastic bag over her head before leaving her in a Bedworth canal last May.

Asif Iqbal, from Newport, South Wales, was convicted of raping the passengers – but police fear many more women may have been attacked on late-night rides home.

A Taxi driver kidnapped and sexually assaulted a female passenger in an hour-long ride of terror, a court heard. Mohammed Saddique told his 23-year-old passenger he thought she was “up for anything”.

Mohammed Yunis was told he had “ruined” the victim and must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. The taxi driver from the Black Country has been jailed for 10 years after raping a 12-year-old schoolgirl.

A taxi driver who subjected a passenger to a horrifying abduction and rape has been jailed for eight and a half years.
Khalile Maqsood raped the 20-year-old at knifepoint after driving her to a deserted car park in Billingham last September.

Abul Malik, 29, was jailed for seven years today after being found guilty of raping a 19-year-old student when she could not pay for her fare home.

A minicab driver has been jailed for nine years for his part in gang-raping two Christmas revellers. Salam Rahman, 27, and his friend, 26-year-old Mohammed Elahi, also a minicab driver, attacked the pair in separate attacks before Christmas. The women – a City worker and a newlywed – believed they were on their way home safely after they were picked up in Elahi’s cab.

A Birmingham taxi driver was today beginning a six year jail sentence for the brutal rape of a 16-year-old girl passenger. Private hire driver Ghulam Haider collected the student from her boyfriend’s house but drove her to a derelict church graveyard where he attacked her.

A judge has said “nobody can travel with any safety in a minicab” in London, after Assadullah Razaq, 31 an Afghan refugee cab driver was sentenced to eight years in jail for raping a woman passenger.

Mohammed Naim Rashid, 21, was jailed for seven years and Abid Hussain Sadique, 21, for four by Leeds Crown Court in November 1997. There were 20 victims, some as young as 12, who had been groomed for sex by a ring of private-hire drivers. They were abused in a room above the taxi office.

Shahjahan Islam, of Meldreth Road, Longsight, was initially charged with rape after the woman was attacked after getting into a private hire taxi in Manchester city centre last year. The victim, who cannot be identified but lives in Bury, had been enjoying a night out with friends when she decided to go home in the early hours of August 25 last year and got into a taxi driven by Islam.
That is of course the problem with getting into a taxi driven by Islam.

According to the female-only taxi story, “it’s not only women who prefer a woman behind the wheel. ” And you can see why.

Elhadi Sahkri of Thorn Court, Pendleton has been charged with three counts of rape.
At about 4.15am on Wednesday 27 June 2012, a 18-year-old man left a nightclub on Princess Street he got into a taxi on the opposite side of the street.
He asked if he could take him to Rusholme, the driver drove off in that direction. He stopped the car and asked the victim to get out. The driver forced him up against a wall and raped him.



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Another inconvenient truth

The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S.

Ok, the article is a bit more than 2 years old, but have things changed that much? How many posts on UK violence has Peiper done since then? 20, 30, 50? They’re as dependable as the sun coming up.


Britain’s violent crime record is worse than any other country in the European union, it has been revealed.

Official crime figures show the UK also has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa - widely considered one of the world’s most dangerous countries.


The Tories said Labour had presided over a decade of spiralling violence.

In the decade following the party’s election in 1997, the number of recorded violent attacks soared by 77 per cent to 1.158million - or more than two every minute.

The figures, compiled from reports released by the European Commission and United Nations, also show:

* The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU.
* It has a higher homicide rate than most of our western European neighbours, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
* The UK has the fifth highest robbery rate in the EU.
* It has the fourth highest burglary rate and the highest absolute number of burglaries in the EU, with double the number of offences than recorded in Germany and France.

But it is the naming of Britain as the most violent country in the EU that is most shocking. The analysis is based on the number of crimes per 100,000 residents.

The U.S. has a violence rate of 466 crimes per 100,000 residents, Canada 935, Australia 92 and South Africa 1,609.

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: ‘This is a damning indictment of this government’s comprehensive failure over more than a decade to tackle the deep rooted social problems in our society, and the knock on effect on crime and anti-social behaviour.

So the UK is nearly four and a half times more violent than the USA. Crivens!

OTOH, Wiki shows the US with a homicide rate 3.2 times higher than the UK’s

On the third hand, these two graphs say it all, which is why you should never look at, nor refer to them:

source: DOJ, about page 62. Blacks are 5 times more likely than whites to become homicide victims, and 7 times more likely to perpetrate homicides. When you compare white Americans against all UK residents, they come up as significantly less violent, even though they own several orders of magnitude more firearms per person. This is the most inconvenient truth out there, so let’s bury it ASAP.

Granted, different countries use different metrics to compile their statistics. And some countries probably cheat and lower their numbers. And you will immediately note that none of these stats is labeled anything like “gun crimes”. But dead is dead, and wounded is wounded. The tool doesn’t really matter then, does it?


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see and read pull hair …. these idiots haven’t a clue. talk about sheep

Well hell, how could I not?  Try reading some of the idiot comments on America at the end of the article. Like one guy who vows to never visit the USA. Oh, we are gonna miss that. When do we cry?

This is one of more than one on the subject of those awful Yanks and their gun crazed country, in the same issue of the Mail. Which btw is not a liberal paper.

Anyway, see ALL the photos.  Most are obviously meant to show gun owners in a less intelligent light.
There are quite a few.  And so the seeds are carefully planted to show how wrong and out of step we are and morons buy into it ALL.

Trigger-happy families: After the school massacre that horrified the world, meet the U.S homeowners armed to the teeth - and ready to kill

American gun owners pose with weapons and explain why they bear arms
‘Guns make us safe’ Jennifer, Washington
The world is a dangerous place’ Danielle, Pennsylvania

By Daily Mail Reporter


Following the shocking murder of 20 children and seven adults at Sandy Hook last week, the debate surrounding gun control laws in the U.S has been reignited.

This week President Obama has promised to bring in reforms while the powerful gun lobbyists the National Rifle Association says the answer is for armed security officers in schools.

In this series of eye-opening pictures, gun-owning Americans pose with their deadly arsenal of weaponry and explain why they feel the need to bear arms.


There are a total of 226 replies but look at rating at this first comment.
2217 was the number of those who approved the comment.

The most powerful nation on earth with the highest population of idiots.

- joe.b , luton, United Kingdom, 22/12/2012 10:08
Rating 2217

I couldn’t imagine keeping a gun in my home. The US are gun crazy and this is why these tragic shootings happen.

- Loopy , Beaconsfield, 22/12/2012 10:08

Look how proud they look with their guns, pathetic! You need gun laws like the uk and maybe things like that wouldn’t happen!

- mjm , Birmingham, 22/12/2012 10:08

The pictures with kids in are so irresponsible it reminds me of images we see of the taliban kids, its disgraceful how one person can be allowed to own so many deadly weapons.

- Eye in the sky , northampton, United Kingdom, 22/12/2012 10:06

what a sad sick nation , what is this country so afraid of

- puggy wuggy , torquay, United Kingdom, 22/12/2012 09:57

What scares me the most about this articles are the children posing in the photo’s with a firearm in their hands. Complete madness.

- The Magis Genie , Staffordshire, United Kingdom, 22/12/2012 09:57

I`m just glad that I live in Beautiful Blighty.

- Neejur Kryakshun , AlittlecornerofBlighty, 22/12/2012 09:56

Stupid, stupid people. Thank God I haven’t the slightest desire to travel to the nut-house that is America.

- Telling It As It Is , Birmingham, 22/12/2012 09:56

These folks are happy to wait for the home invasion, the theft, the rape. Or maybe they think it can never happen to them. But if it does, as my wife says of these jerks;

Why they will offer a seat to the intruder and offer them tea and suggest perhaps the bad guy would like to discuss things with the intended victim.

This reasoning tho is a favorite. Take a look at this fool.

‘I figured that since the bad guys had guns, I should have one, too’ 2 wrongs dont make a right.

- TBA, Wellard, Australia, 22/12/2012 9:39


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/22/2012 at 11:55 AM   
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the law abiding do not need guns to protect themselves. the word from la-la land

I gave this some thought before posting it and hope I haven’t made a mistake. If I did, I guess I’ll have to live with it.

Once upon a long time ago I had a couple of guns. I lived in the desert outside of Tucson.  A beautiful area, unspoiled at that time, in a very nice trailer park.
Nothing at all like the stereotype so forget that. It took damn near all I earned at my job to live there. Of course, there were a few things I found disconcerting, being a city boy born and bred.  Well anyway, I used to go target shooting at this place with a few other guys and one or two of their wives. Mostly cans and bottles at this site that was I think a dump of some kind.  Too long ago to recall all the details.  Well, until I met a pretty Mexican girl named Lupita and ended up getting married to her, that was about as exciting as my life was.  Work and taking pot shots at bottles and possibly vermin.  Before you guess wrong, t’was not her fault the marriage failed.  But it did and that’s all ancient history.  Thing is, I never once pointed any gun at anyone, threatened anyone, or had the slightest inclination to shoot anyone.  Okay, that was in the days before I heard the word liberal or aclu.  An angry Lupe pointed her own 25 cal at me once, and that was not a comfortable feeling at all.  God but she was SEXY with that beautiful long dark shimmering hair, half of which had fallen over one side of that gorgeous face and a gun in her hand.  If I wasn’t so old now, I’d get turned on all over again. 

Why do women get so upset when we tend to stray just a tiny bit?  So now ya know.  I have not been a good boy like I am now. I guess age has some advantage for some.  Age has given me a different mindset so I think (we can never be certain, can we?) that if I could at this age, I no longer would be tempted.

Talk about loooong winded. All of the above was not the intention of this post. All I wanted to say was that I never attacked anyone with a gun I owned.  The thing I worried about posting this afternoon, is the following article which appeared in one of our papers, and was taken from The New Yorker.  Which I didn’t even know was still in business.  This is just a part of what he wrote, and it’s this that I worried would upset some of our readers.  Upset might be a rather mild word.
Since Newtown, I have been reading a lot of upsetting comments about you and I, many of which I ignored and haven’t posted. Trouble is, I get more upset with each reading and believe me, it’s is not easy to ignore once I see a headline.  I find I can’t even turn the radio off most times.

In today’s paper at the very top of the following column, is a photo of a man from the planet stupid.  He is holding a sign that says, “Love People, Not Guns.” Sure thing.
Like that sign will convince some criminally minded bastard not to shoot someone in a robbery or simply for the fun of it.


So don’t listen to those who, seeing twenty dead six- and seven-year-olds in ten minutes, their bodies riddled with bullets designed to rip apart bone and organ, say that this is impossibly hard, or even particularly complex, problem. It’s a very easy one. Summoning the political will to make it happen may be hard. But there’s no doubt or ambiguity about what needs to be done, nor that, if it is done, it will work.

One would have to believe that Americans are somehow uniquely evil or depraved to think that the same forces that work on the rest of the planet won’t work here. It’s always hard to summon up political will for change, no matter how beneficial the change may obviously be. Summoning the political will to make automobiles safe was difficult; so was summoning the political will to limit and then effectively ban cigarettes from public places. At some point, we will become a gun-safe, and then a gun-sane, and finally a gun-free society. It’s closer than you think. (I’m grateful to my colleague Jeffrey Toobin for showing so well that the idea that the Second Amendment assures individual possession of guns, so far from being deeply rooted in American law, is in truth a new and bizarre reading, one that would have shocked even Warren Burger.)

Gun control is not a panacea, any more than penicillin was. Some violence will always go on. What gun control is good at is controlling guns. Gun control will eliminate gun massacres in America as surely as antibiotics eliminate bacterial infections. As I wrote last week, those who oppose it have made a moral choice: that they would rather have gun massacres of children continue rather than surrender whatever idea of freedom or pleasure they find wrapped up in owning guns or seeing guns owned—just as the faith healers would rather watch the children die than accept the reality of scientific medicine. This is a moral choice; many faith healers make it to this day, and not just in thought experiments.

On gun violence and how to end it, the facts are all in, the evidence is clear, the truth there for all who care to know it—indeed, a global consensus is in place, which, in disbelief and now in disgust, the planet waits for us to us to join.

Those who fight against gun control, actively or passively, with a shrug of helplessness, are dooming more kids to horrible deaths and more parents to unspeakable grief just as surely as are those who fight against pediatric medicine or childhood vaccination. It’s really, and inarguably, just as simple as that.


btw, I never “loved” any gun.  Love? Really?
It’s this guy and those who really think like this who are dangerous.
Hey, you may as well read the entire article at the link.
I only posted a small portion.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/22/2012 at 07:04 AM   
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anyone not an american citizen will understand. come to that, many yanks might too.

The cartoon by brilliant Brit cartoonist Matt, originally just said welcome to UK.
I altered it to be less a joke and make it American.

Trust me, for all the fun and jokes poked at, and all the criticism directed at Brit immigration officials at London’s airports, they’ve nothing on the KGB, the unfriendly and unhelpful people who work for Uncle Sam at LAX. 



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/22/2012 at 06:00 AM   
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