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can it be? a gun crime here in paradise?

I demand to know how these thugs managed to get a gun in this gun frightened country. Where?  How did they do that?  And where can I?

If you have to read comments made in the papers about how violent we are and how guns are this and that evil, you would think it never happened here.
It does. On a smaller scale cos guns really are hard to impossible here, except for these guys in the video.

Can’t post it here so link below will take you there if interested.  It is pretty shocking seeing some unknown and innocent victim being battered. By the looks of things, they caught him at his home. Looks like it could be the driveway. Not too sure and video is not of the highest quality. 

I suppose when and if the baddies are caught the victim will be arrested cos he maybe called them a name or perhaps insulted one of them. Who knows.
Meanwhile our critics will bleat on about how violent we are. Blah,blah.

This could be any one of us, almost anytime.  That’s pretty scary.

A note to American readers.  Brits hardly ever refer to the ground outside as, ground.  They use the term ‘floor.’ Which got a mite confusing when I first came here cos an article or news report on radio would mention floor, and I’d try to imagine what a floor was doing at an event described by the press. Turns out they mean ground when they say floor, as in someone was knocked to the floor, even if it was out of doors.

Man 62, is ambushed and pistol-whipped by pair of masked robbers for keys to his Range Rover

Robbers punch and kick man, hold him on the ground and hit him with a gun
They then make off with his car keys

By Helen Collis

This is the shocking moment two masked thugs brutally attacked a 62-year-old man with a gun moments after he arrived home.

The footage shows how the man, who had just driven up to his house and parked his Range Rover, was punched to the floor before being repeatedly hit with the weapon.

The balaclava-clad attackers then stole the victim’s car keys and sped off in a stolen Seat Altea but left the Range Rover behind.

source for video


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just a simple obsession

WOW, talk about an obsession.

Wonder what she spends doing this. 
Article doesn’t say she is a working mom, but she appears to be single. So now with three kids to care for, unless she’s independently wealthy or has some kind of trust or income, where’s the money come from?

Oh right.  That could be but the article doesn’t say.

Would this be best described as silly or maybe whimsical?

Wacky mother-of-three who painted her ENTIRE house pink has to have it re-decorated it blue after she gives birth to a boy

Wanda Matthews, 25, from Bolton, was previously obsessed with pink

But when she gave birth to son Kaiden, she gradually began to redecorate until everything was blue

Her and her daughter’s rooms are still pink

By Bianca London


Everyone has a favourite colour, but one woman was so addicted to pink that she painted her entire house with the rosy hue.

But after giving birth to a little boy she decided to re-decorate her whole house in blue to make him feel more at home.

Wanda Matthews, 25, was so addicted to pink that everything in her life from her hairdryer to washing up gloves had the same pinky tint.

But when she discovered she was pregnant with son Kaiden she decided it wouldn’t be fair for him to grow up in her pink palace.

Wanda’s cerise wallpaper in her living room was swapped for a flowery sky-blue print, the hot pink wall paint was covered over with navy, the rose rug was replaced by a teal one and the crimson coloured cushions on her sofa are now different shades of aqua.

In her kitchen her pink cleaning products, toaster, kettle and washing up gloves were all thrown out to make way for their perfect blue replacements and even her previously girly bowls, plates and scissors are now hidden at the back of the cupboards while their indigo rivals are on display.

See here for more. Her baby looks pretty silly. Never noticed a silly looking baby before. Not a baby person anyway. Prefer cats and some dogs.


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getting away with being a bother

See? Now this is exactly the kind of shit I’m on about so often. People put up with this crap without getting violent over it.
Small change? I don’t think so.  And the old farts age make no difference.  Break a few facial bones, knee cap the old shit and when he recovers, lets see if his phoney Druid beliefs still hold water.

The huge problem we face these days, is that folks like this firstly know they’re safe to indulge their annoying playacting.  Make em feel a bit less safe, do some serious bodily harm, and maybe the problem would solve itself. 

It’s like that guy who wanders all over the country, naked. He gets arrested and goes to court, naked. No kidding. They keep arresting him, he goes to jail for short periods and continues doing what he likes.  And guess what?  They no longer jail him. Smart guy?  Maybe. He just waited till the authorities gave up first.

People are so worried about rights, even disagreeable and troublesome folks whose main interest in life is making things difficult for others, they are allowed the questionable freedom to continue doing so. Why?  Why should the average person or someone in the workplace be so easily taken advantage of with NO price paid by the offender?  And quite often, the offender isn’t some youthful street thug.  It’s those who are much older, who have no mental illness worthy of the name, who take it into their heads that they suddenly have new rights based on something they often make up.  And this is a great example.
What’s with this old fruity faced fart?  Break his nose to start and see if his new found non English speaking religion will protect him.

Even the newspaper refers to the jerk by an official like title. Who made him arch jerk anyway? Is there a school of divinity for these 21st century druids?
Calling him by a title he gave to himself, only promotes and continues the problem of like minded idiots and troublemakers.

And look here, an officer calls for a Welsh speaker?  Like the old goat doesn’t speak English? Oh good. Tie up another policeman. On the other hand, I bet ya a good jab to the gut would have this ding-a-ling speaking English very well.

Police called to Welsh village corner shop after druid customer refused to pay because the cashier asked for money in ENGLISH

Former Archdruid Robyn Lewis refused to pay at the Spar in Pwllheli, Wales

Police were called in after a store manager was unable to appease Dr Lewis

An officer had to call for back up because he didn’t speak Welsh

Dr Lewis eventually paid for his shopping and left the store

By Steve Nolan

A row over a customer’s refusal to pay for his shopping at a village store in North Wales saw police called in - all because he was asked to pay in English.

Officers were called to the Spar store in Pwllheli, North Wales, after former Archdruid Dr Robyn Lewis, 83, was left unhappy by a shop assistant’s refusal to tell him the price of his shopping in his native Welsh tongue.


Bosses at the store said the situation had been ‘completely blown out of proportion’ after Dr Lewis, former Archdruid of the Gorsedd - a group that promotes Welsh language literature, poetry and music, refused to cough up the £58.62 total or leave the store.

Dr Lewis became disgruntled when the cashier spoke to him entirely in Welsh until it was time to pay.

He had expected her to ask for ‘Pum-deg-wyth punt, chwedeg-dau’, but instead she told him the figure in English.

He said: ‘I asked her to repeat it in Welsh but she said it again in English.

‘I told her I’d asked her to repeat it it in Welsh but she said it (in English) for the third time.’

The supermarket manager was called in an attempt to appease Dr Lewis and resolve the situation, but when Dr Lewis refused to pay or leave, police were called in.

A non-Welsh speaking officer then arrived and had to call for back-up.

Dr Lewis said: ‘It was sorted out by me being given another Welsh-speaking cashier whom I spoke entirely in Welsh.

‘I paid and left. Honour was satisfied.

The article never explains why the cashier who did speak the language, wasn’t able to give the price in Welsh. But why should she?  Anyway, the Brit pound is legal tender.  Every Welsh person I’ve known, and there have been a few including a former neighbor, speak English quite well.  Many Welsh don’t speak that language at all.  Why would they want to?  Pum-deg-wyth punt, chwedeg-dau’ ?????????????????? huh? 


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a quiet day at home

Back after two days, one of which (yesterday) was a nightmare.  Furniture moved across the room, puter unplugged for most of the day, and me with a groin pull that is ouch. Can feel it all the way to my back.  I’m ok sitting here, but moving a bit of a bother.  And all that moving and hassle all because of a how drapes and rods in the old days were hung. Still are far as I know.


The plastic hooks in the rod that attach to the plastic hooks in the curtains were breaking away. Been up for a donkey’s age, however long that is.

Since the tabs on the four center supports allow for the locks to be slotted in and then turned to fit tightly, then why not ditto for the end caps?
As the wife reminded me, as she does when I mutter about the stupidity of the way things have been designed here, Brits will ALWAYS choose the hard way above the easy and more logical.  Hooks in these old rods which I think are still made, require that you get behind the rod and unscrew the end cap that feeds the rod hooks. Which means you have to take the entire rod down to unscrew a small plastic end tab and let the hooks slide down a slot.  All of which made no sense whatever. 

Curtains been up there for a hundred years it seems. Never looked dirty but anyway, I thought what the hell, they could use a wash as long as they are down. I wish I had the presence of mind to take photos as Drew does, but at the start, I had no idea what I thought to be small project, would take all day.  Or a large part of it anyway.

So I tossed the drapes which are 100% heavy cotton, into the washer.  After more than an hour, and this was on the quick wash cycle, I put them into the dryer.  After some time, took them out and shook em as you might do with things that large, you know.  Shake out the odd wrinkle here and there.  Well.

One of the panels had shredded in a couple places.  Long vertical tears. But since they were still wet, and since our dryer hardly ever gets things dry the first time thru, I put them back in never thinking that there would be more damage done. Oh boy!

After running perhaps 10 more minutes I took them out, shake again, a little damp but okay to hang except; what were a couple of tears now were longer tears plus several smaller ones.  My guess is, and I’d say a good one, is that one panel has taken the full sun more than the other over much time.

I have to bragg some about my wife’s ability with needle and thread.  She is truly highly skilled.  I do not mean that as just the usual compliment a husband would by nature make about his wife.  Not at all.  She really is “highly skilled” and repaired the drapes, no sewing machine, all hand stitched and I defy anyone (Drew excepted) to see where the seams are. 

And so with aching bod, I am baaaaack.


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calendar   Thursday - December 27, 2012

Intercepted Choom

Choom - Obama’s slang term for the marijuana he used to (riiight) smoke.
Intercepted - Obama’s former (riiight) cry when he grabbed the joint being passed around out of turn and stole himself an extra toke.

Dream On

Lefty author seems to be living in drug induced dream fog

Note to hippies, leftists, occupiers, commies and other Troo Beweevers™: Just because you say the world is one way doesn’t make it so. You’ve been sucking the bong a bit too hard lately.

2013: America on the cusp of social change
By Frida Ghitis, Special to CNN

As the final days of 2012 trickle away, an uncommon emotional intensity hangs in the air in America. Something is happening here.

The country stands on the cusp of major change. Gun control is just one of the formerly taboo subjects that has come out of the political closet. Today, a majority of Americans support stricter gun laws, a majority support a more progressive tax system and most favor same-sex marriage. A majority of voters even support the idea of legalizing marijuana.

The laws have not caught up with this dramatic change in attitudes, and entrenched interests will fight what amounts to a quiet but pivotal social revolution. The coming year will see continuing battles in the courts, in the media and in legislatures as the forces of change—now representing the majority—seek to upset the status quo.

blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. Change. Hope. Progress. Forward!


The United States is reassessing matters that many thought had been settled. It wasn’t very long ago that the views from the most conservative elements of the political establishment dominated the social agenda.

Really? And just when was that. 1981 maybe?

Get out the bugles and play Reville for this sleepy head. Conservatives, who are the majority of people in this nation, have almost zero voice in the media. We DON’T support stricter gun laws. Your insane push since Newtown has shown that, and your rabid hate-filled instant politicization of that horror has already lost you the battle you think you’re just joining. Joe Biden in charge of change? Puh. Leez. That’s nearly a guarantee that nothing will get done and no new laws passed. And if some law does get passed, it will be just as hole-filled and useless as the 1994 AWB which you were so in love with, but then whined and cried about when gun makers complied with the law to the letter and changed their products a bit, and went right on selling army-ish looking black plastic rifles. Ones that were, BY YOUR OWN PERVERSE DEFINITION, not assault weapons. And you cried Leave Brittany alone! No Fair!! You then greased up your ears so you could shove your head even further up your own ass and refused to listen to the decade worth of irrefutable statistics compiled by your daddy favorite massive central government that showed how your pet law was 99.983% worthless. And now you want to do it again, harder and stronger, while spewing all kinds of vile lies and hatred at the law abiding 3/4 of the population that legally, and usually peacefully, owns firearms? Honey, that boat done sailed. And sunk. And sunk again!

I can guarantee you that your “majority” of Americans who want a more progressive tax system come in two groups: swindlers, ne’er-do-wells, layabouts, and losers who are already on the generational gimmee bandwagon, and a few hundred filthy rich Hollywood types who came into their billions by playing Pretend. Not by building up America, starting and growing businesses, and employing thousands of people. No, most of the “tax me more” rich are those who don’t know the value of money or the true value of labor and got giant wads of cash the pretty easy way. Half a million dollars per episode to be on some silly sitcom. $25 million to “act” in some CGI overloaded car chase and digitized explosion adventure film. Trust fund babies who inherit great-grandpa’s fortune and have no connection to those who made it grow or who keep it alive. That’s your “majority”: the mob that doesn’t work, for one reason or another. The rest of us, with actual jobs, are sick to death of taxes and have had it up to HERE with the freeriders, loafers, and deadbeats. And those of us who have worked ourselves nearly dead to get ahead and are finally making a decent buck are just stunned stupid at the gigantic chunks the governments slice away. And you think they want to pay more? Crivens Missy, stuff another fat bud in your bowl and choom it up. We want less progressive taxes. Hell, we want a Fair Tax or a Use Tax, so that the freeriding half the population has to pay in something too.

Gay marriage? Oh please. This one is a non-issue. Conservatives aren’t in favor of it at all. We just don’t have the time to fight about that one too, so it’s yours as a gimmee. Let the fags tie the knot, and then they can deal with the legal and emotional aspects of it just like the straights do. No more anal daisy chains, no more weekends on your knees at the bath house Glory Hole, no more playful days spent being the public Power Bottom. You’re married now, and that means you’re stuck with just one partner. Even when they get fat, and old, and bald, gets ED, lose their jobs, and start to dress less than fabulously. One partner. Till God and/or the courts say otherwise. Welcome to our world!

Legalize marijuana? What the fudge, is it 1968 all over again? Sure, pot makes you feel great. And it’s a better, often cleaner, and usually shorter high than booze. But pot makes you stupid. Pot makes you lazy. Pot burns up all your ambition, except your ambition to score another bagful when the stash gets low. And it sure as hell is habit forming. And considering how you yourself - the Left - has come down all smiteful on drunk drivers, less forgiving than an Old Testament Jehovah, how are you going to react to 1000 times as many stoners behind the wheel? Prison? Execution? Crucifixion? Toasted drivers are just as bad as drunk ones, albeit they don’t always go so fast. But their motor skills are just as bad, and their attentiveness is far worse. So if you make the bud legal ... and you may as well go whole hog, and demand that it be 100% organic and of heirloom stock, and one of our new “penumbra” rights so that anyone can grow their own anywhere and the government can butt out - like, freedom, man - then you’d better have the same kind of ultra-draconian intolerance for doing nearly anything while high that you already have for anyone doing anything while even slightly tipsy. This is why Conservatives don’t really want it legalized. But since dope has been on the amscray since about 1936, it’s not an issue we bother to make much noise about. Besides, the federal laws are showing no signs of changing, whether we have a President and a Justice Department willing to enforce those laws notwithstanding.

So, that’s our stance, and that stance hasn’t changed much in 40 or 50 years. But your media has muffled our voices but good, down to the point we almost talk to each other in code in public. So just because you aren’t hearing one side of the issues, viewpoints held by half or more of the people, doesn’t mean those viewpoints have gone away. Your logic has gone circular, and you’re buying into your own pre-filtered hype and calling it victory. That’s what happens when your brain is toasty all time, choomster. You get stupid and you buy the lie.

Damn, that’s some good spliff you’re sparking up. Gives you full color visions in 4D with unicorns. Makes you believe in fairies, free lunch, and leftist utopias. And Change. Don’t bogart it all sistah, pass it aroun… INTERCEPTION!!!!


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Wall Street Is Nuts

Smith & Wesson Stock Drops
As Order Backlog Reduces
To ONLY $333 Million

That’s still at least a solid year of production, isn’t it? Just about, and that’s at their current, ramped-to-the-max production rate.

Shares of Smith & Wesson Holdings fell Friday, declining about 6% on worries over slowing demand. While the firearms maker posted robust increases in second-quarter profit, a decline in its backlog raised a red flag with at least one analyst. “We note that the company’s order backlog is now $333 million, down sequentially from $392 million last quarter and $439 million two quarters ago,” wrote Rommel Dionisio of Wedbush. “While still high on a historical basis, this appears to indicate dealers who place such orders do not expect the now year-long industry demand surge to last that much longer.” Smith & Wesson was down 57 cents at $10.28.

Far more than 57¢; this morning it was going for $8.29, which is a drop of around $2.50, or about 18%.

Which is absolutely insane. The company is just about minting gold these days. They’re really only a $150-$200 million in sales company, and they’ve been hitting $300M plus, since Obama got elected the first time. And by working their butts off, churning OT like mad, investing hugely in their production assets, they’ve been able to reduce a sales overhead by $100 million.

A sales overhead. Horry Clap!!

Name another kind of business that has people lined up around the world waiting to buy their product. Ok, Mac. Fine. But Macintosh is huge. S&W is a gun factory not much bigger than 3 large supermarkets. It ain’t GM. So now that they’ve spun straw into gold so fast that the hay barn is now only 90% full, their stock has taken a tumble. Because they’re risky and investors are worried. Gadzooks. Investors are morons.

PS - Oh Wall Street? Actually go to one of S&W’s retail points. A gun store. And see if you can find a single new product of theirs sitting around waiting for a buyer.  Not one. Heck, right now you’ll be lucky if you can find a single second hand product of theirs less than 5 years old. Sales are booming like never before, and keep right on booming year after year. And they just took another fat spike in the past couple weeks.

So scuttle their stock.

No wonder we’re in a permanent recession. These guys are mental.

Update: Fox Sux. Never mind, mostly. Sorta. Fox Sux. They linked this story in this morning AS IF IT WERE TODAY’S NEWS but it’s actually from 12/07. But still ... an 18% drop in 3 weeks for the stock of 100% American company that is going gangbusters. So I guess my opinion is still valid. Nut jobs in suits.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 26, 2012

cops frighten bad guys by using the dreaded …. “CAUTION” penalty.

Steve says:


Hey, that’s us okay. Oh yeah. Why we’re so aggressive that when we can’t find someone to pick a fight with, we beat the crap out of ourselves.

Sure thing.  We’re sick and we’re aggressive.  I guess Stevie forgot about this sick story that held the country’s attention for a year. Steve may have been asleep while this was in the news.
He became known as Baby p. He wasn’t even two years old.

Treated like a dog, used as a punchbag: The life and death of a baby boy called ‘Smiley’

By Vanessa Allen and Colin Fernandez

Baby P’s happy smile masked months of pain and terror inflicted by his mother and stepfather.

The toddler was speaking his first words and had already learned to call his mother’s boyfriend ‘dad’.

In return, he was used as a punchbag by the sadistic thug who trained him ‘like a dog’ - the child instinctively put his head to the floor when the brute approached.

Known to family as Smiley, the toddler would be wrapped in layers of clothing until he began sweating and gasping for air.

This image doesn’t even show a quarter of what was done.

When police searched the family home, they found dog mess and human faeces on the floor and rat holes burrowed into the walls. The bodies of dead chicks, mice and a dismembered rabbit were strewn around along with items of pornography.

The baby’s cot and bedroom walls were stained with his blood. He weighed as little as a child five months younger and had been inflicting pain on himself by headbutting walls and floors.

Social workers and doctors had seen many of his bruises and other injuries and raised suspicions that he was being abused. Police even arrested his mother twice but decided there was too little evidence to prosecute.

Crucially, none of them knew that she had moved her pain-obsessed lover into her home. She was desperate to keep her son - and the £450-a-month child benefit and other pay-outs - and kept the man’s presence a secret.

Dear reader, if that sickens you let me tell you it gets worse from there.  If you need more, simple Google Baby P.  But hey, Americans are sick and aggressive. Right?

Both mother and live in friend were jailed. But not life. And if ever the death penalty was warranted, this has to be it. Oh damn. There I go again getting all aggressive.

Thug who blinded university student in one eye in random attack is let off by police with a CAUTION

. Matthew Noblett, 20, from Chorley, Lancashire, was hit outside a pub
· He needed 170 stitches in his right eyeball to stop it collapsing
· He will never regain vision in the eye and is now registered disabled
· Noblett said his 16-year-old attacker should have gone to court

By Becky Evans

A university student blinded when he was beaten in the street said he is ‘shaking with rage’ that his attacker has been let off with a warning.
Matthew Noblett, 20, was hit in the face with such force that he needed 170 stitches in his right eyeball during surgery to save it from collapse.

Doctors have warned Matthew he will never regain his full vision and could still face losing his eye altogether.
A 16-year-old admitted assaulting Matthew in Chorley, Lancashire, and escaped court action when he accepted a caution.

The student victim, who now has to register as disabled, said he will never forgive his attacker.
‘This lad was just given a police caution and anyone can see it’s not enough.

‘I will never forgive him for what he’s done. His actions are going to have a massive effect on me for the rest of my life but he appears to have got away with it.
‘Police say he has already been reprimanded and that he’d admitted punching me - but then they and the lad only thought I’d been scratched above the eyebrow. The truth is very different.

I’ve gone through an awful operation and may even lose my eye forever. He needs to go to court for what he’s done.’

His father Joseph said he has ‘no respect for what the police have done’.
He said: ‘I had to go to court and got a £60 fine for having the spacing on my private registration plate wrong. Yet this lad has left my son blind in one eye and gets off scot-free. Where’s the justice in that? Matthew will now be affected for the rest of his life.


Yup. We sure are an aggressive people. And maybe the only ones.

I could fill this page with a lot more as you all know. No need to add any more then this item. Boy those “cautions” the cops give out must really scare the bad guys.  But then, at least they aren’t aggressive about it.



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Guns Along The Hudson

Anti-Gun MSM Zealots Out Local Pistol Owners

Interactive map shows you EXACTLY where the handguns are


the crime-free town I grew up in

The Journal News, a print and online newspaper, part of the Gannett media group which is NOT owned by Rupert Murdoch, has once again published a listing of the pistol permit owners in Rockland and Westchester Counties in New York. Right to privacy? What’s that? But this time around they’ve taken it up a notch, and their online version uses scalable maps that include house numbers and satellite view. Son of a bitch. Zoom in close, and there’s my mother’s car in the driveway. Click the colored dot ... and up comes the name, address, and zip code. Thank God they can’t read too well, and listed us as NULL.

The maps do not show who owns a rifle or a shotgun, since no New York permit is needed for either. They also show up the variations in New York’s handgun permitting processes, which are largely left up to the individual counties. So Rockland County has lifelong permits which they never update, while Westchester County has permits that need to be renewed ($$) every five years. And the newspaper makes the effort to point this out; some hits in Rockland might be for people who have moved away or died.

Map: Where are the gun permits in your neighborhood?

The map indicates the addresses of all pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties. Each dot represents an individual permit holder licensed to own a handgun — a pistol or revolver. The data does not include owners of long guns — rifles or shotguns — which can be purchased without a permit. Being included in this map does not mean the individual at a specific location owns a weapon, just that they are licensed to do so.

Data for all permit categories, unrestricted carry, premises, business, employment, target and hunting, is included, but permit information is not available on an individual basis.

Those rat bastard left wing stinkers in the media. You do this thinking you’re going to make people feel safe? You effin’ d-bags. And they’re almost apologetic that they can’t give you specific categorical data. (what they don’t know is that anyone with half a brain who fills out a NY permit writes “hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, camping, jogging, target shooting, home protection” in that order in the “Reason” space. IIRC there is no specific CCW in NY, but there is also no rule that says you have to open carry when engaged in any qualifying activity ... and you can jog or hike or bike anywhere in any kind of clothing.)

OTOH, this article is a godsend to criminals. Hey, no pistols at this house, let’s rob it. Or if a bit of recon shows a lady home there in the daytime, we could break in then for a bit of rapey fun. WTH, even if they do own a rifle or a shotgun, it’s either in the closet or under the bed. If we’re fast she’ll never have a chance. And we know there’s no dog there either.

On the third hand, probably only one firearms owner in four or five owns handguns. On my old street just about every other house has pistols. So multiply the number of dots on the maps by 4 or more, and you’ll get an idea for just how many homes in those two counties have guns in them. Damn near all of them, when you come right down to it. And in general, both counties have extremely low crime rates. Purely coincidental? I think not.

But still, this publicizing crap reeks of Leftist Agenda and is a nasty pawn attack in the never ending game of Disarm The Populace.  County records may be public by law, but pistol permits ought to be Mind Your Own Damn Business.

Just wait until they do this for some counties in New Jersey, where every kind of firearms ownership is by permit. I bet this Blue State would show up as one great huge Red Dot. And that would be just the “legal” guns.

PS - no one in their right mind is going to go through the expense and hassle of obtaining a pistol permit in New York and then not going out and buying a pistol. Duh. Well, maybe one in ten thousand. Maybe.

The gun owner next door: What you don’t know about the weapons in your neighborhood


Combined with laws that allow the purchase of rifles and shotguns without a permit, John Thompson, a program manager for Project SNUG at the Yonkers Family YMCA [an anti-gun group. guns spelled backwards, get it, means no guns!], said that leaves the public knowing little about the types of deadly weapons that might be right next door.

“I would love to know if someone next to me had guns. It makes me safer to know so I can deal with that,” said Thompson, whose group counsels youths against gun violence. “I might not choose to live there.”

There ya go: a fat liberal fuck in a nutshell: his feeewings trump your rights. He not only wants to know that you own them, but how many and what kind. Nerve much? But that’s where we are in Police State America; if you need a permit to own a pistol in your town, then this exact same thing can AND WILL happen to you. Why not build a national map? It’s just a bigger FOIA response.

Small update:when the news makes the news: Fox News reports on The Journal News’ article. And says folks ain’t happy with it.

A local New York newspaper is drawing the ire of its readers after publishing an interactive map that shows the names and addresses of thousands of residents who have handgun permits.

Another small update: ABC chimes in with their own “news about the news” piece on this. Free caulk to the first person who can tell me what’s wrong with the picture, and then name one of the famous models of pistol that solved that problem!

The paper tells ABC

We also requested information on the number and types of guns owned by permit holders, but officials in the county clerks offices in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties maintained that those specifics were not public record,” the statement read.

“New York’s top public-records expert, Robert Freeman, disagrees,” it added.

Ruh roh, Reorge. In NY, each time you acquire a pistol it goes on the permit. Even black powder guns, sortof; when you own one of those, and shot and powder, then you have to have it listed. No ammo, then it’s just a paperweight. If they get those data and publish them, there’s going to be quite a list under my name NULL. I’m not sure what happens when more than one person at an address has a permit.


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Xmas Presents, From Us To Us

A Gift Of Personal Luxury


It’s getting tough to get a good shower in these days. Many municipalities have lowered the water pressure in an effort to make their aging system of pipes last longer. In an effort to conserve water, the government has decreed that no new shower head can be sold that flows more than 2.5 gallons per minute. Up until this year most manufacturers have complied with that law by inserting a flow restricting washer in their shower heads, which you can remove. I hear that such rebellious non-compliance will no longer be tolerated by our masters at the EPA, and that starting next year the flow restrictors will be built in. Which means we might need to buy some drill bits ...

All new toilets use less than 2 gallons per flush too, and new faucets are also limited to the 2.5gpm amount. Many of the modern, stylish, water saving loos actually do a very poor job of flushing, aroma control, and, um, targeting. You wind up flushing twice or more.

A “water saver” shower head can save even more water, but nearly always does such a poor job of washing away the soap that you’re left feeling a bit sticky. I can’t stand them.

When we moved into this condo the installed shower head was “OEM”, one of those simple old 70s heads that flowed a whole lot of water, but sprayed it out in a great wide ring. Huge blobby streams, but you could almost put your face right up to it and stay dry, because all the water was shooting out above you, around you, and down at your feet. No good. In the closet we found a brand new Moen brand head, a plastic thing shaped a bit like a flattened mushroom. It had 3 settings, so we gave it a try. The settings turned out to be Weak, Mist, and Tickle. There had to be something better.

We found a thing at Amazon called a Thunderhead. It’s a shower head that seems to be a cross between a power shower and one of those fancy rain shower heads, but at a fraction of their very spendy prices. For only $90 you get a plastic head on a plastic arm extension, and the jets are some kind of flexible synthetic rubber. The reviews were mostly very positive, but many people noted that they had to rub the jets all the time to clean them so they wouldn’t clog. And $90 for a hunk of plastic? Phooey. There has to be a better way.

Enter This is a little company that has looked at the entire shower head market, actually gone and tested most models, and elected to carry only shower heads that really work. But what if you don’t want a shower so strong that it feels like it could be used to strip paint? What if you want something fairly potent but also a bit luxuriously voluminous? They have that one covered as well.

Finally, a Rain shower head that delivers superb pressure!

Brass, fully-skirted body with individual solid brass nozzles that deliver near-laminar flow for outstanding pressure. Face is 5.5 inches in diameter, just large enough to look great but small enough to deliver much more pressure than larger rain shower heads with 8” or 10” heads. This is the only true Rain-style shower head we’ve found that meets our requirements for pressure and quality construction. Water flows through individual cast brass precision nozzles, not just dimples or holes like many inferior models. Be sure to click on the photo to get a better view! It’s a really attractive shower head.

The pressure is so strong that this shower head provides far greater pressure than most standard size shower heads on the market. Unusual for rain shower heads, ours can be mounted directly on traditional shower arms.

In accordance with the law, this one comes with a 2.5gpm flow restrictor installed. It also comes with instructions on how to remove the restrictor. And a handy little wrench in case you ever need to remove one of the machined brass nozzles for cleaning, or replace it’s individual O-ring seal. The quality of the head is quite good, and it isn’t even made in China.

After we got home Christmas night and she went right to bed and fell asleep, I swapped in the new head for the disappointing plastic Moen one. After first removing the restrictor washer, bad boy. The whole job took me about 3 minutes, and that’s with applying some new Teflon tape to the threads. I didn’t say anything. She goes in this morning to take a shower. I hear the water start running, and about 4 seconds later I hear “WOW!!” She was done in far less than half the time too. The head projects large individual strong streams of water; plenty enough jet pressure to give you a moderate “blasted clean” sensation, but also plenty enough water to give you that nice soaking downpour feeling you want a rainshower head for. Why choose one or the other when this one gives you both?

Rainshower heads are usually designed to hang from a vertical arm. Not this model. I installed this one on the standard shower arm so that the water projects at the typical downward angle. I’ve read that a completely vertical shower can make it difficult to clean certain nooks and crannies, which the angular spray handles. The can part of the shower head holds a cup or more water, so it drips quite a bit from the lowest nozzle when you’re done. The head comes mounted on a ball joint, so it’s an easy solution to just point the thing down afterwards, and all the water drains out from all the nozzles in just a couple seconds.

Best $60 I’ve spent in a long time. It comes in 4 finishes to match any bathroom decor.


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Expanding Your Lexicon

Instead of the schoolboy essay on “How I spent my holidays” I’ll give you a new word that encapsulates the day long Christmas Eve festival of food and drink I went to with all of her relatives. New Jersey Italian-Americans are very proud of their heritage, but since they all got here via a few generations living in Brooklyn and Staten Island, those boroughs have had their influence. This bunch, which we sometimes fondly call The Vultures, had it dialed up so much they even had “an Italian Christmas tree” which didn’t feature Neapolitan ornamentation at all, but it was decorated with bands of green, white, and red lights. Paisan! We had a great time. And for folks from odd places like Oregon, I guess I should add that not one person said a word about being Italian, or acting that way, or how the party was based on a formal religious festival. No. They are, so they don’t have to act. They don’t even have to mention. And that’s a huge difference. It ain’t Snooki and her gang of greasy losers. Besides, they’re all from Brooklyn, not from New Jersey. And we know what that means.

image image image

Eeh, now dat’s Italian!

A New Joisey Woid

[a new, New Jersey word]

Proper Italian Word: cafone, noun. Pronounced with a very soft “c” that almost sounds like a “b”: cah-phone. Meaning: a peasant. Someone from the rural countryside.

New Jersey Version: gavone, noun. Pronounced with a sharp “g” and “v”, emphasis on the second syllable: gah-Vone. Meaning: a greedy uncultured slob.

An Italian-American word originally meaning an ill-mannered, unkempt pig-man (or woman). Based on italian cultural concepts like making a good show of yourself and an obsession with cleanliness. The word comes from the Italian “cafone”, which sounds to an english-speaker as ‘Gaw-Vone’ when spoken with a southern Italian accent.

Example: “Joey, he’s such a gavone, he puts ketchup on his lasagna!!” [thanks to our old pal Lucy] In other words, it means almost the same thing as a medeegone [which in NJ Italian sounds almost like “merry-cone"].

Expanding Your Lexicon: gavoning, verb. Pronounced “gavone-ing”. Meaning: duh, waddayou, stupit, you don’t know whadit means? It means, duh, acting like a friggin’ gavone!, but usually in the context of eating. Almost always used with a directional indicator such as up, down, or at. Similar to “scarfing” but with more haste and gusto. See also: “boardinghouse reach”.
Example: “Man, what a party. What a feast! You shoulda seen da vulchas gavoning up the prosciutto and the sfogliatelle!” [Man, what a party. What a feast! You should have seen all the hungry relatives eating the ham ("pra-zhoot") and the shell cookies ("szvoy-a-dell")!]

Note: like gavone, gavoning is an insider’s word, used lovingly to bust chops on people you are close to. When used by an outsider, either term will be considered a direct verbal assault and immediate repercussions will be taken. You gotta problem wid dat? You talkin to me wid dat mouth?

Coining credit goes to John E. Not one person around the huge table had ever heard the term before. After everyone got back up in their chairs after ROFLMAO, the new enverbiation was hotly debated over several more drinks and another helping of the excellent baccalà, and it was finally judged acceptable. Marone a mia!


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guess who’s coming to dinner?  is this what britain joined the eu for? I doubt it.

The answer to every single problem in the UK today in control immigration - Schools too full? Immigration. Hospitals running beyond capacity? Immigration. Under 21’s unable to get work? Immigration.

But they won’t sort things out. They are no longer capable of sorting anything and anyway, they signed away their sovereignty long ago.
They are doomed.  The country will be overrun in time, and belong to muslims and these vermin.  Hope I am gone and home again by then. If only!

I know this is rather a long post.  It has to be. This what Britain’s membership in the EU is going to cost them. 

We’re on our way to Britain: A year from now up to 29m Bulgarians and Romanians will have the right to settle in Britain and claim benefits. And these gypsies in the slums of Sofia can hardly wait…

The Sofia bus route does not reach Fakulteta because the drivers refuse to go there, as do the rubbish collection men

· Since EU borders were opened up in 2004, 1,114,368 Eastern Europeans have uprooted to live in England
· And more are set to arrive over the next 12 months, tempted by tolerance and a host of benefits

By Sue Reid

The only indication that the city authorities recognise the huge gipsy town’s existence is the electricity meter boxes bolted tightly to the tops of telegraph poles so they cannot be tampered with by residents.

The main supermarket — the owner is himself a gipsy — has stopped all credit because of the debts racked up for unpaid groceries.

Notice anything?  Sure you do. Interesting, don’t ya think?

No wonder that in a year’s time, when a total of 29 million Bulgarians (and Romanians) gain the right to live, work, and claim state benefits in Britain under EU ‘freedom of movement’ rules, a great many families from Fakulteta plan to decamp the 1,250 miles to the UK.

‘The gipsies have no jobs because ordinary Bulgarians do not like or trust us,’ explains Bobby George.
‘We are discriminated against as gipsy people. In Britain it is different. You treat everyone, black, white, brown or yellow, just the same. Of course, they will want to go.

‘But there will be a day when your country is full up, when you cannot afford to give benefits to any more people from Europe and the rest of the world, too. They hope to get there before that moment happens.’

The latest Census, published this month, reveals how mass immigration has dramatically changed our country.

Since EU borders were opened up in 2004, 1,114,368 Eastern Europeans have uprooted to live in England. 
Last year, 40,000 Bulgarians and Romanians moved to the UK, joining 130,000 of their countrymen who have settled here during the past decade.
But these numbers are nothing compared with the flood of migrants expected when the rules change in a little over a year’s time.

Until now, migrants from the two former communist nations (officially barred from working or claiming benefits in Britain until the freedom of movement rule comes in on January 1, 2014) have neatly exploited a gaping loophole in the EU rules.

It allows Bulgarians and Romanians claiming to be self-employed to get a British national insurance number and a raft of hand-outs, including housing and child benefit.

Many of the new arrivals have worked hard, cornering the market in car-wash companies, for instance.

But others are less industrious, and include Roma gipsies who, remarkably, now sell a third of all copies of the Big Issue.

Even selling one copy a week of the magazine (created to help the British homeless) miraculously gives them self-employed status and allows them to beg with impunity outside shops and on street corners.

Bulgarian and Romanian incomers have been blamed by police in their own countries and in Britain for a massive rise in organised crime, including the trafficking of children to Britain to beg, pickpocket, milk state benefits and even enter the sex trade.


It is estimated that 2,000 children from Romania and Bulgaria are under the control of modern-day Fagins in our major cities.

According to Scotland Yard, a skilful child thief can make up to £100,000 a year ‘working’ on the streets, buses and Tubes in London — cash that is sent back to Roma villages and towns at home.

So critical is the problem that Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister visited Britain earlier this month to meet Home Secretary Theresa May to discuss how child trafficking and other organised crimes can be controlled when the UK doors swing open yet more widely.

Meanwhile, Antoaneta Vassileva, head of Bulgaria’s National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, warns that the UK is now the EU hot-spot for Roma child pickpockets from her country — a problem that will almost certainly get worse when the rules change in a year’s time.

In Sofia, she explained to me: ‘The children are trained by their parents, or another relative, to be thieves.


There is a lot more to read at the link. And you should. Cos when this country finally fills up, guess where else they’ll land?  Oh, you don’t believe that’s possible?

Well sorry but, you might be much mistaken in that.  Have you read this article?  Notice how these very poor ppl, many who may not even read or write, somehow found … Loopholes.
Or maybe, just a wild guess here.  They have lawyers?  Ya think? 
For me, based on what I see here and read, I have become suspicious enough to believe it is entirely possible. Might take awhile, but when the dust settles, give me your tired and poor will be fulfilled in spades.

How the heck could the Nazis have got is so damn wrong about Jews, when they had it so totally correct about these folks?  They were a problem even way back when, but not as prominent.  There wasn’t anyone around then to tell them they had a human right to screw up other countries. 

Friends of ours who we had Christmas dinner with, do a bit of travel and sightseeing in Europe. They belong to a trust of some kind that involves travel at reasonable rates for older folks who are retired.  They tell us of the high number of these vermin in the major places and the police caution travelers about them, especially at the train and bus stations.  The are quick at cutting and running with women’s hand bags and have all sort of tricks as described here. They are a major menace but in many cases, human and civil rights protects them.  They have to be caught red handed and that ain’t easy. And even when caught, it make little difference.  Arrest 1 or 100, and it’s like trying to empty the Atlantic with a thimble. 

Authorities here report that 92 per cent of all ATM scams in the UK, are the work of Romanian scam artists. 

CBS 60 Minutes did this story more than 30 years ago. But nobody was paying any attention back then.  At the time, there was no reason to I guess. 
Well, the UK will be paying a lot of attention.  America might want to as well, while there’s still some time.

It’s really that serious folks.


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free speech and gun control

Found on a Yahoo news site with regard to the bru-haha over Piers Morgan on CNN.

If you’re an American reading this you already know by this late date what the issue is. For those who don’t, here’s a taste. And the issue is guns and gun control.

Piers Morgan: Thousands Want Him Deported

Thousands of Americans have signed a petition calling for British CNN host Piers Morgan to be deported over his criticism of the country’s gun laws.
By noon on Christmas Eve, the petition - which is posted on the White House website - had garnered more than 31,000 signatures, surpassing the 25,000 required to get a response from the US government.
Mr Morgan tweeted about the petition: “If I do get deported from America for wanting fewer gun murders, are there any other countries that will have me?”
The outspoken former Daily Mirror editor has called for tighter gun control measures.

btw ... I understand that the signatures are now 40,000.
No need to post the entire article. What got me was some of the posted comments like the one here.  Take a look. And it’s from a Brit of course.

Many people posting comments seem to be unaware that it is NOT an issue of free speech.  Many have posted the question about America’s 1st amendment right to free speech.  Some have asked, is that only for Americans?
Somehow, they don’t seem to quite get the idea that Morgan can have all the free speech he wants. BUT.  He is a foreigner living and working in the USA. He isn’t a citizen, thank God, and so while he is free to say what he wants, we really do not believe his lobbying and insisting we alter our gun laws is his business.
Of course, Brits allow that here all the time so to them it’s quite natural to allow some half baked self appointed foreign loud mouth to tell them how to run their country.  Here are a few comments to chuckle over.

The second amendment covers hunting guns and hand guns with a 6 bullet revolving barrel, not the modern development of weapons of mass destruction.
A similar restriction was brought in over here a few years ago and nothing really violent has taken place since, success.

Say what?  That guy must live in a cave somewhere on another planet.

Then there’s ….

Touched a nerve, some Americans still think they are living in the Wild West.

And there is this from yet another Brit who obviously doesn’t know what is happening in his own country.

Land of the free, a country that upholds freedom of speech, America you are becoming laughable on the world stage as you crumble from within.

That remark needed a reply.

Well sir, based on everything I read and see here in your country, your cookie has not only crumbled already, it’s become dust. You’ve given up your county’s sovereignty to the EU and EU human rights courts, that don’t even allow you to deport terrorists. No, you keep them here at .... wait for it .... YOUR EXPENSE. That’s assuming you pay taxes of course, and I would bet you do. Your street crime is about the worst in Europe, and Brits appear to be in a huge hurry to give away their country. And there are takers out there you can bet. Your immigration troubles are really gonna get much worse by next year. In a year’s time, when a total of 29 million Bulgarians (and Romanians) gain the right to live, work, and claim state benefits in Britain under EU ‘freedom of movement’ rules. Yeah, my country is gonna crumble. That statement is itself laughable. Bad as things may be back home, it still won’t become quite as bad as things are here.
Cos we are armed. And things like the following would not be tolerated in this way in the states you can be sure.

Thug who blinded university student in one eye in random attack is let off by police with a CAUTION

A caution. Woo-hoo. And how about those ASBOS? hey-hey. Those really put the frighteners on street thugs, didn’t they? Sure thing. We can all see how well that worked. The thing about that headline above is, it is so common here that it hardly raises an eyebrow anymore. And to make matters even worse, there’s no means to self defense in any meaningful way.
Crumble? Look to home if you want to see crumble.

And finally, at least one post from Wales that is right on target.

Leftie-liberals like Piers only start caring about freedom of speech when his own agitating words are under scrutiny.

- David Thomas, North Wales, 25/12/2012 17:56


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calendar   Tuesday - December 25, 2012



All being well fingers crossed, we are off to friends in the village where we will enjoy a great Christmas dinner.  She gets up darn near dawn, well, maybe an hour later, and starts putting things together mostly from scratch. Can’t wait.  Missed it last year as I was in bed with a doozy of a cold.  Even so, they sent a plate over here for me should I have any appetite.  I didn’t til I saw the plate.

We stay for after dinner coffee and conversation, then return home before the Queen’s traditional Christmas day address.  With no disrespect intended, I just can not get it through my head why she has to do that, since she is not free to actually say anything not vetted by whatever party is in power.  I’m not even certain she actually writes all of those addresses herself. She may do. But she does NOT have the freedom to speak her mind publicly, as her subjects do.  And subjects really isn’t the correct term in this world, cos I don’t see anyone subject to anything anymore.  Maybe it’s just me. So we leave before the address, which is a bore to me and again no disrespect there. I just have no interest, having once sat thru one.  Never again. Fingers crossed.

Some hours later if wife still up to it, we host a tea and sherry and whatever else is the norm, for the couple who had us to Christmas dinner. It’s a nice get together and all very civilized, since there are no liberals in attendance. Just a couple of very good friends, possibly their daughter also who might be visiting today.

So that’s it.



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calendar   Monday - December 24, 2012

the night before christmas eye candy

Better to end the evening with the new Mrs. Clause. Hmmmm. Ms Clause?






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