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riot suspect and drug offender feels violated. boo-hoo, sob,sob. cop uses ‘n’ word. cop on trial.

‘You’ll always be a nigger: What police officer allegedly told London riots suspect in back of police van

By Chris Greenwood

A policeman subjected a young black man to a racist tirade while he was under arrest during last summer’s riots, a court was told yesterday.

PC Alex MacFarlane, 53, was secretly recorded on a mobile phone telling Mauro Demetrio, ‘You will always be a nigger’ He also told the 21-year-old: ‘Don’t hide behind your colour.’

The two brief audio recordings were played to a jury at Southwark Crown Court as the veteran riot squad officer went on trial yesterday.

He admits using the language but denies causing racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress on the grounds it was not racist and did not upset Mr Demetrio.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson said the defendant was a serving police officer and obliged to remain ‘calm and professional’ despite being abused by Mr Demetrio.

He said: ‘Such words were designed to cause distress and insult. They were designed to suggest to Mr Demetrio he was inferior to the officer because of the colour of his skin.’

No yer dumb assed honor.  You have it wrong.  Stupid white judge of which there are way too many.
The officer didn’t suggest inferiority based on skin color.  But isn’t that how things go these days?
As I see it, the perp was what he was because of what he is guilty of. That’s what makes him a nigger. NOT his skin color.  He is inferior to the officer, as indeed he’d be inferior to another black but law abiding citizen.  But that’s too much for the politically correct judge and libtards to grasp.
Look what else they’re trying to dump on a good cop doing his impossible job. Not only does he have to put up with the dregs of society, nowadays there’s pc libtards to contend with as well.

Mr Demetrio was pulled over on suspicion of drug-driving at the tail end of the four days of disorder that swept the capital.

Officers handcuffed him when a radio check revealed he was wanted for drugs offences and skipping a magistrates’ court hearing.

So then, our little black sambo is wanted for drugs offenses, but he decides he can skip a court hearing. Oh right. The law doesn’t apply to all colors, just a select few.

Once inside the van Mr Demetrio began to record a foul-mouthed exchange with the officers as they drove to Forest Gate police station.

MacFarlane is heard telling the suspect he would die within five years before making crude references to having had sex with his mother.

When Mr Demetrio talks back, saying the officer will soon die of old age, MacFarlane says: ‘The problem with you is you will always be a nigger.’

He adds: ‘Don’t hide behind your colour, be proud of who you are.’ Mr Demetrio said other officers laughed at previous remarks but not that one.

Mr Demetrio told the court: ‘I really felt violated.’ Mr Atkinson said: ‘The defendant was well aware this was a word that could be deeply hurtful and demeaning and should not be used.’

The trial is expected to last two or three days.


Right. The darky felt “violated.” And they call him ‘mister’ in the article. Right again. Might feel violated if any other term were used. Like just his last name minus the respectful mister.
I think the cops should spread the word that he’s a grass among his peers. Let them take him out.


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E9: Opocensky–Hromakda, Koshitse 1931

Ninth exercise from Your Move by Yakov Neishtadt.



Graphics courtesy of Exachess

If anyone is interested and doesn’t already know about this site, allow me to direct you to Download PGN Files. You can download whole libraries for your chess database. You can choose by opening, by player, or by event (tournament). Go have a look.


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There Goes The Base

Hillary Pretends To Fall On Her Sword

It Only Looks Like She’s Thrown

Under The Bus

What do you want me to say? This is all bullshit, so don’t believe it until the bodies start falling.

“I take responsibility” says Clinton about the Benghazi scandal. “I didn’t tell the White House”. Which may be a total lie, but Hillary is NOT the only pipeline reporting there on our embassy situations; we have NIS and a whole alphabet soup of security agencies who brief Obama constantly.

And it all happens on the very eve of the second debate between Ojackass and Romney, the one on foreign policy? My goodness, what a coincidence.

BY THE WAY --- You have NOT heard SOS Clinton say “I resign”. You have not heard Teh Won asking for her scalp. This mea culpa isn’t one. You can’t fall on your sword if you miss. You can’t take one for the team if you don’t get hit. Until her and her pantsuit are underneath the old Bluebird and her husband is plotting revenge, it’s all just smoke being blown you-know-where. So be like ol’ Bill and don’t inhale.

“I take responsibility” for Benghazi: Clinton
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton assumed responsibility on Monday for last month’s deadly attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, which has become an issue in the hard-fought U.S. presidential campaign.

“I take responsibility” for what happened on September 11, Clinton said in an interview with CNN during a visit to Peru, adding that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden would not be responsible for specific security instructions for U.S. diplomatic facilities.

“I’m in charge of the State Department’s 60,000-plus people all over the world,” Clinton said.

“The president and the vice president wouldn’t be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. They’re the ones who weigh all of the threats and the risks and the needs and make a considered decision.”

Clinton’s comments followed stepped-up criticism of the Obama administration over the Benghazi attack, which Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney has sought to use to dent Obama’s foreign policy credibility before the November 6 election.

Republicans in particular have focused on the Obama administration’s shifting explanations for the attack, which Clinton said in two separate television interviews on Monday were the result of “the fog of war.”

“Remember, this was an attack that went on for hours,” Clinton told Fox News. “There had to be a lot of sorting out. ... Everyone said, here’s what we know, subject to change.”

Wow, even when pretending to fess up, the lies keep coming at us. Sorting out? Nonsense. They had the entire affair on closed circuit TV in real time, and on spy satellite, and in live data link. Sort this. Oh, and an attack that went on for hours? Really? Then why wasn’t the Navy able to swoop in and drop a rescue team or some fast rope gunners? Surely we had one of our big expensive gray boats in the Med nearby friggin’ Libya, didn’t we? Libya, fer cryin’ out loud???

Clinton took care to shield the White House from the scandal, saying that diplomatic security was the exclusive role of the State Department. Coming on the eve of the second presidential debate, the admission follows a barrage of high-level administration surrogates shifting blame to the State Department, and Clinton no doubt felt tremendous pressure to concede in order to remove an important cudgel at Mitt Romney’s disposal. But while Clinton may very well bear much responsibility for the tragedy, the ultimate culprit is the Obama administration policy of voluntary weak positioning abroad, which the President’s State Department was executing in Benghazi.

No kidding.

Three Republican senators said Clinton’s claim was “a laudable gesture,” but they put the responsibility for the Benghazi attack and what they called “an escalating pattern of attacks this year in Benghazi” squarely on President Barack Obama and his national security team.

“If the president was truly not aware of this rising threat level in Benghazi, then we have lost confidence in his national security team, whose responsibility it is to keep the president informed. But if the President was aware of these earlier attacks in Benghazi prior to the events of September 11, 2012, then he bears full responsibility for any security failures that occurred,” Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire said in a statement released late Monday.

So until we hear the “R word” (resignation) and see the Help Wanted sign, this is just another Janet Reno/Waco situation. “I take full responsibility” now shut up and go away and I’ll continue doing whatever I damn well please and you’ll pay no more attention to those minor Bumps In The Road. 


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How to stoke Islamophobia …. a must read from the jerusalem post

Found this recently. By which I mean last night but couldn’t post.
If you don’t have time to read anything else today, please may I suggest you take a look at this.
I didn’t post all of it here. It is a tad lengthy, but not too much so.  The Post really nails it.
Hope people will see this and pass it on.

H/T Jerusalem Post one of my stops and a good place to read.

How to stoke Islamophobia

Addressing Congress just a few days after the devastating terrorist attacks on 9/11, President George W. Bush repeatedly emphasized the need to distinguish between the peaceful teachings of Islam and the fanaticism of those “who commit evil in the name of Allah.” The terrorists who had struck on 9/11, were, Bush asserted, “traitors to their own faith, trying, in effect, to hijack Islam itself.”

Even Bush’s most vitriolic critics would echo this view for years. Writing in the Washington Post in July 2007, John L. Esposito, Founding Director of Georgetown University’s Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding – which in 2005 was renamed The HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding – insisted: “In our post-9/11 world, the ability to distinguish between Islam itself and Muslim extremism will be critical.”

But soon enough, this was no longer good enough. With a new administration in Washington trying to distance itself from Bush’s “war on terror” at least rhetorically, there were determined efforts to avoid any reference to Islam.

By now, however, it seems clear that this avoidance strategy hasn’t been helpful in any way.

In a scathing essay peppered with lots of sarcasm, Walter Russell Mead recently commented on the “War That Nobody Wants,” arguing:

“But roads paved with good intentions don’t always take you where you want to go, and denial does not look like an effective or sustainable strategy in the current state of what is and remains a multi-theater war against a set of armed religious fanatics and bigoted zealots with a crazed world view and the capacity to make a lot of trouble in a lot of places at the same time. […]

If you want to stoke Islamophobia, don’t level with the people about the nature of the problems we face. […] sometimes truth needs to be told. […] We are fighting a battle first to contain and then to defeat a vicious ideology of murder and hate that masks itself as religious zeal. We are fighting this war both at home and abroad, and there is not an inhabited continent anywhere on Planet Earth where this threat is not a serious concern. All Muslims are not our enemies — far from it, and many of our most important allies and associates are decent, pious, enlightened Muslims who loathe the hate-spewing murderers as much as anybody else — but all of our enemies claim to be fighting in the name of Islam.”

Unfortunately it seems that Mead’s common sense arguments won’t be welcomed by those who prefer to complain loudly about “Islamophobia” while they themselves dismiss the distinction between Muslims and violent extremists who justify savage acts of terrorism in the name of Islam.

As the recent controversy about ads in several US cities that denounce violent jihad as “savage” illustrates, we apparently live in a time when it is “anti-Muslim” to feel it is “savage” that self-described jihadists would consider videos of beheadings “very, very important” tools for recruiting volunteers to their ranks. And apparently, it’s also beyond the pale to recoil at the savagery of Muslim fanatics who proudly announce that they will keep trying to kill a fourteen-year old girl that they already injured grievously to silence her demands for education, respect and dignity.

The prominent Egyptian-American writer Mona Eltahawy, who is widely considered a liberal activist, has done much to publicize the controversy about the ads denouncing violent jihad as “savage.” As I have documented, she responded to the ads by declaring herself a “proud savage;” she then proceeded to deface one of the ads and, in the aftermath of being arrested and charged with misdemeanor and criminal mischief, she started a very successful publicity campaign to style herself as a latter-day heroine of the Civil Rights movement – while boasting at the same time that she and her supporters succeeded in getting the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to announce revised advertising guidelines.


Mona Eltahawy you may recall, is the slag bitch who spray painted Pamela Geller’s poster a few weeks ago, in the NY subway.


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Toronto mother’s throat slit for letting children adopt Canadian culture.another normal day fo

Just another normal day in a muslim household I guess.

At the rate they breed and the rate more and more of them are allowed into civilized countries, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if they hear about this sort of thing more often.  And just you wait til they are a clear majority.
If you think they are a nuisance now, just you wait.  Time is on their side, and more and more keep coming here or Canada or the USA. And Europe of course.
They don’t like out culture but they keep on coming. They are a plague and the shame of it is, there is a cure but nobody is willing to say enough. Stay the hell in your own rat hole and keep your fucking 5th century culture. We don’t like you or approve of you, anymore then you do us.
Ah but .... oil in some parts of their countries makes contact impossible to avoid.
This is our world now folks.  Better get used to it.  No one in any govt. is going to stand up and say out loud so there’s no mistaking anything said. Go away and stay the hell away.  Come back and be shot. Period.  But you know that will NOT happen.

Wherever these insects crawl, civilization dies another death. Little by little a little later on, there won’t be any civilization except for their dark age version of that word.

Toronto mother’s throat slit for letting children adopt Canadian culture, court hears in alleged honour killing trial

Joe O’Connor
National Post, Canada

He is accused of killing his wife Randjida Khairi, by slitting her throat, for allegedly standing up to him and letting their children live as Westerners.
Randjida Khairi was stabbed five times in her chest and back. She had her throat cut, a wound so ugly and deep that it sliced through her neck muscles, voicebox and windpipe — stopping only at her spine.

She was stabbed with two different knives. She drowned in her own blood; a process a pathologist would later determine took between five and 10 minutes. Police discovered Ms. Khairi’s body lying on a bloody cot in her family home, a 16th floor apartment in the northwest corner of Toronto, otherwise all tidy and neat, with a kitchen full of pots.

The victim was the mother of six. The victim was married to her killer for 30 years.
On Wednesday, Peer Khairi, a silver-haired man and an Afghan immigrant, sat in the defendant’s box of a downtown Toronto courtroom following the proceedings through a Dari interpreter, fingering a parade of gruesome crime scene photographs of his dead wife, taken by police on March 18, 2008, and presented to the court as evidence.

The 65-year-old jabbed at some photos with his index finger, and turned others this way and that, uttering a few words to his lawyer, rubbing his chin with his hand. Mostly he sat with his legs crossed, tracing his left thumb across his fingertips.

On the opposite side of the courtroom sat a 12-person jury consisting of four women and eight men. They represented a tapestry of ethnicities — of Canadians. Old and young, brown and white and black and all hues in between, contemplating the same images as the defendant while sitting in judgment of a case that marks the latest chapter in Canada’s ever-expanding book of alleged honour killing trials.

Mr. Khairi doesn’t dispute that he killed his wife. On that the Crown and the defence agree. At issue is how, precisely, her death occurred and what was going through her husband’s mind when he killed her. The accused has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder.

The Crown has told the court that, as a new arrival to this country, Mr. Khairi struggled with Canadian ways, often fighting with his wife over how she allowed their children to dress, to become more Western — to drift from the “culture and the rules of their birth place.”

That place is Afghanistan, a patriarchal society where women, be they wives or teenagers or young girls, disobey their husbands, any man, really, at their own peril. This is not an over-simplification. This is a tragic fact.

“These photographs are going to be very shocking to you,” Justice Robert Clark warned jurors before the crime scene images made the rounds. “You may find them somewhat upsetting…”

He continued, saying how the photographs of the victim with her throat cut wide might make the jurors angry, but that they should try to consider them calmly and in conjunction with the rest of the evidence presented.

Ms. Khairi, the court was told, had been thinking of leaving her husband. She spoke to other people, complete strangers in some cases, about her plans. Mr. Khairi told police upon his arrest that he felt disrespected, wronged by his children and betrayed by a wife who had turned against him. Now she is dead.



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Crowder Goes GlamRock

i don’t know who the little dude is. a “small” business owner maybe?


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reminds me of an old song as judge says rape may have been, a one off thing.

A one off?
All together now as we sing, “It was just one of those things.”

So this rotten piece of garbage rapes a woman after spending some time planning and stalking and texting her, then rapes her at knife point and the fucking judge says;

‘This could be a one-off piece of behaviour, which will never be repeated but I’m concerned this man does have an obsession with her and if he were to be released after an ordinary sentence, he might still harbour resentment.
‘I want to know more about him before I sentence him.
‘If it is the case he is a ticking timebomb, the sentence will be indefinite.’

Who gives a shit?  Oh that’s right. The victim might. Ya think?

Another idiot judge.  Who cares if it was a ‘one off thing?’ The rat bastard knew what he was doing, it was planned.

Will his next victim be a one off also because it might be the first time to rape her?

Animals like this need to have it cut off. Period. Then hang them. Not too quick however.  They need to experience the same fear and same dread as their victims do. There is too damn much of this be humane shit to people who are barely human themselves. 

Rapist armed with an eight-inch carving knife was snared after his victim tricked him back to her home for coffee

· Graham Kelly, 59, jumped over a fence armed with the kitchen blade and raped the woman in a stable in Driffield, near Hull, East Yorkshire
· She cried as a jury at Hull Crown Court on Friday took just 30 minutes to return a unanimous verdict, convicting Kelly of rape

By Matt Blake

Graham Kelly, 59, jumped over a fence armed with the kitchen blade and raped the woman in a stable in Driffield, near Hull, East Yorkshire, after stalking her for weeks.
But, in an attempt to save herself, the woman convinced Kelly she liked him and asked him back to her house so police could arrest him.
The victim, who can not be named for legal reasons, said: ‘It was coffee or kill me. I chose coffee.’

She cried as a jury at Hull Crown Court took just 30 minutes to return a unanimous verdict, convicting Kelly of rape on Friday.

During his trial, the woman told how ‘obsessive’ Kelly would wait for her in lay-bys, stalk her in supermarkets and ‘shower ‘ her with texts.
But when she spurned his advances, his lust turned to rage.

‘He left a letter saying he was going to end his life and he had chosen the tree where he was going to do it,’ she said.
And in a sinister twist, the woman knew Driffield murder victim Linda Merigo, the mother stabbed to death in front of her young son in September 2010, and she feared Kelly was going to kill her.

‘When he jumped over the fence with the knife in his hand, Linda Merigo flashed through my mind,’ she said. ‘I didn’t have time to think, I couldn’t get Linda off my mind.

‘I was going to bleed to death in a field and never see my children again.’

source for more

Not to worry darlin’.  It was merely a one off thing.


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those brave and manly men of the taliban shoot 14 yr old girl over school for girls.

Today is Thursday and I am scared because people say that most suicide attacks take place either on Friday mornings or on Friday evenings. They also say that the reason behind this is because the suicide attacker thinks that Friday has a special importance in Islam and carrying out such attacks on this day will please God more.
That is a tiny fraction of the diary of a young girl in Pakistan, shot by the Taliban for the outrageous suggestion that girls be given better education. Imagine that will ya. What will they demand next?
I felt hurt on opening my wardrobe and seeing my uniform, school bag and geometry box. Boys’ schools are opening tomorrow. But the Taleban have banned girls’ education.

That quote is a small portion of the diary of a 14 year old girl in Pakistan.
You should read her diary and can do so HERE.

The BBC reports that she has been airlifted out of Pakistan and flown here for treatment.  I sincerely hope she will be okay. She’s only 14, she only wanted an education but apparently some vermin who probably can not read himself declared that girls should not be in schools, nor should they be so public about it.  Her crime was to go public.
So the Taliban shot her. 

Now then …. here’s the main reason for my posting this story. And I’m sure you’ve already seen the news about the young girl on TV at home in the US. Well maybe you’ve see this as well.  The ass wipes are still offended and demanding YT delete the insult to their prophet.

H/T News Track India

UK Muslims outraged over anti-Islam film protest ‘age of mockery’ at Google HQ

London, Oct 15 (ANI): Thousands of British Muslims reportedly staged a protest against Internet search giant Google for releasing the ‘hateful and offensive’ anti-Islam video, saying they now live in an ‘age of mockery’.
The outraged Muslims launched the protest outside the offices of Google in London in a bid to force the company to remove an anti-Islamic film from website YouTube.
Protestors expressed anger over the fact that ‘The Innocence of Muslims’, an American-produced film, which insults the Prophet Mohammad and demeans Muslims still remains available to watch on YouTube.
The Telegraph quoted the protest’s organizer Masoud Alam, as saying that their ‘next protest will be at the offices of Google and YouTube across the world.’
“We are looking to ban this film. This is not freedom of expression, there is a limit for that. This insult of the Prophet will not be allowed,” he added.
The demonstration was the third organised in a month, and took place on the central London street where the website search giant has its UK headquarters. (ANI)

News Track

Not one damn word or protest over the shooting of that young girl.  Not one voice raised to say, this besmirches islam, this is wrong on every level, this is an outrage, this offends our sense of justice.  No.  The pig ignorant (with apologies to pigs) protesters are upset because Google and YT have done nothing to sooth their miserable and almost wholly staged anger over the supposed insult because of a video shown a couple of weeks ago.  That’s the level of intelligence and humanity these verminous and squalid sub human creatures display.  I’d bet almost anything that there isn’t one word in the Koran about it being a good thing to try and kill a young girl because she asked for better schooling.  These animals make the rules up as they go along.  Every damn last one of them should be deleted by any means and at any cost.  They contribute nothing to the betterment of the world and are probably the cause of global warming and every disease known to mankind including the common cold.  They are the gloppy filth you sometimes find beneath your shoes.  And even so, some western ‘leaders’ are suggesting we can treat with this sub culture. We can talk to them.  No we can not. Not ever. 


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Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama finally provide
a Marine guard to our Ambassador and compatriots.



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the slag lady gaga visits an american enemy to comfort and support the sob.

Every time I see this creep I also see red.
I’m not too keen on the tasteless slag who calls herself lady gaga either. Even less so now.

A bunch of left wing trusting idiots put up a pile of bail money for the rat, who promptly ran to an embassy for asylum to escape deportation to Sweden to answer charges of sex abuse against a couple of women there. His excuse for this was not that he was worried about the Swedes themselves, but that the case against him was an American ploy to get him out of England where he could be more easily grabbed by the Americans. So what better place to run then to the embassy of an anti-American country, Ecuador.  Which is where the sob has been holed up since June.  Wouldn’t ya love to punch out those little rat like eyes? Look at them.  Don’t they appear rodent like?


Lots of libtards stand to lose lots of money (LOL!) because of him. Yet he still has loyal supporters, like the skank who has recently paid a call on him, and pictured with him here.  Btw ... you will notice here a list of libtards who stand to lose money.  What is interesting to me about that list, is an absent name.
Fat ass, bloated windbag Michael Moore.  It was earlier reported that he was a bail donor along with one or two others whose names are absent.
And don’t ya just freekin HATE people who hang out with and support people who are, unabashedly but fashionably anti-American.
Why can we have fatwas like the rop?
On second thought .....

So here, take a look at this and join me in teeth grinding. I’d like to see a target painted smack in the middle of the creeps forehead. Rat Bastard!

Celebrity backers are £300,000 ( $482,369 ) down but still supporting Assange despite his decision to skip bail

Supporters of the WikiLeaks founder admitted he gave them no warning that he planned to take refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden where he faces rape and sexual assault allegations
Assange supporters, including socialite Jemima Khan, have also forfeited a security of £200,000

By Tom Kelly and Ben Spencer

Julian Assange’s celebrity backers stood firmly behind their man yesterday despite losing almost £300,000 from his ‘daft’ decision to skip bail.

Supporters of the WikiLeaks founder admitted he gave them no warning that he planned to take refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden where he faces rape and sexual assault allegations.

He has been holed up in the embassy since June.

Another group of Assange supporters, including socialite Jemima Khan, journalist John Pilger, film director Ken Loach and publisher Felix Dennis have also forfeited a security of £200,000.

Securities are paid up front to a court whereas sureties are promised funds.

Despite the huge cost, the celebrities continue to support Assange and express fears that if he is extradited to Sweden he will be sent on to the US to face interrogation over the whistle-blowing website, which has published secret military files and diplomatic cables.

Scotland Yard has said it is costing £11,000 every day to ensure the Australian does not flee his bolt-hole at the embassy in Knightsbridge.

Mr Dennis said: ‘I think what Julian Assange did was absolutely daft, but that’s got nothing to do with it.

‘Julian Assange was going to be put into prison ... He committed no crime that we know of. He was not going to be given bail. He was going to be put into solitary.

‘I’m not having people put into British jails and put into solitary confinement when they’ve been found guilty of absolutely nothing, just to please the American government. No sir, no sir.’

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends, he added: ‘Of course I’ve lost my money, but so what? It would have been nice if he’d called and told me, but there we are.’


Vaughan Smith, a friend who is one of the sureties, said all those who had put up bail had put a ‘huge amount of effort’ over a long period to support the legal process.

He told Westminster magistrates’ court: ‘It is very difficult to see how we could have prevented Mr Assange from seeking political asylum in London.

Mr Assange says he did not tell us of his decision because to do so would have placed us in legal difficulty. We could not have expected it. Such a thing is unprecedented for a surety.’

But he said it would be a ‘public betrayal’ if they urged him to abandon the Ecuadorian Embassy when he had ‘understandable’ fears about his treatment in the United States if he gave up his asylum.

The Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle said he accepted that the sureties had acted in good faith but ruled that each of them had to pay part of the sum originally pledged.

Miss Khan has previously tweeted: ‘I personally would like to see Assange confront the rape allegations in Sweden and the two women at the centre have a right to a response.

‘But there is no doubt that Assange has a real fear of being extradited to the US nor that the US gov is out to get WikiLeaks.’

The smelly creep (smelly because according to ppl who knew and once worked with him, he wasn’t at all fond of bathing. Or changing cloths too often, or even brushing teeth. )
Assange claims that Americans will try to kill him (oh if only but not too quickly) or pass a death sentence on him. 

see more of it here source, daily mail


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vote putin for prime minister …. no huh? ok. hitler is dead. who’s left? bit of gallows stuff

Here’s an example of just exactly what happens when gremlins get their way, and examples are not made to impress them.  There is no question in my mind at all, that these vermin should be shot dead at the least.  At best, used for medical experiments to further scientific knowledge and look for cures for diseases like leftist thought and liberalism. 

A year ago, some life forms referred to as “activists” which btw almost makes them appear legitimate, a large group of these filthy probably lice ridden vermin took over St. Pauls Cathedral.  Instead of properly spraying the rat bastards with napalm, thus cleansing the area as well as setting a proper example of what the consequences are for that sort of behavior, authorities tried reason and that old Brit standby, “consultations.”

So that brings us to now.
For a brief time, a small group of empty headed anti-capitalist and very ugly slags, chained themselves inside the cathedral during a service.
I wonder if these anti money sluts are collecting any benefits from the state.


Protester Josie Reid, 52, said: ‘I know if Jesus was walking on the earth today he would be with us.

The rest of the St Paul’s quartet were unemployed mother-of-three Tammy Samede, 30; actress Alison Playford, 30; and Siobhan Grimes, 25, who works for the charity Homeless Action.

So Alison at 30 is an actress is she?  Working? Bet she isn’t and bet nobody has ever heard of her. That’s why she has time for this.  This is all she has. Time.

Tammy meanwhile also has time. Hmmm. That last name, Samede.  Doesn’t sound very Brit like to my ear. Unemployed. So I guess with three brats she’s collecting something from this miserable and corrupt capitalist state.

And there’s Siobhan who at age 25 has no profession but does have time and so works for a charity.  Well that’s nice. She’s probably a volunteer and can work for charity because the state is most likely giving her a stipend too.

Finally an old at 52 drudge whose profession is, well, protester I guess. She seems to have an inside track on how Jesus would act and think, and she also has time but not much else.  At 52, she’s getting, “down with the kids” looks like. I wonder if she has any tats. Never mind. Don’t wanna see em if she does.

I am not a religious person but feel very sorry for the congregation in that cathedral, who had their service interrupted by this gang of four repulsive, loud mouthed, inconsiderate skanks.  Just looking at them turns the stomach. Well hells bells folks. Their photo conveys vomit inducing reactions.

This was among other things, their way of showing support for the Russian whores calling themselves Pussy Riot, who rightly ended up in jail for doing the same. And btw, what kind of a handle is pussy riot for a so called music group?  And look how easily accepted they and their name have become.  Doesn’t say much for good taste and decorum I wouldn’t think. 

Take a look.  And check out this link for more.


Occupied… again! Protesters chain themselves St Paul’s Cathedral’s pulpit during rally to mark anti-capitalist movement

· Four women burst into St Paul’s just before 4pm carrying chains and placard
· Hundreds of activists gathered on cathedral’s steps to mark anniversary of Occupy Movement

By Neil Sears

Anti-capitalist protests returned to St Paul’s yesterday, with four women in white invading the cathedral and chaining themselves to the pulpit.

They cut themselves free at about 10pm after more than six hours inside, after police warned that they faced being arrested.
The incident follows a protest camp outside the cathedral which began a year ago today. Both were organised by the Occupy movement.
A message on the group’s Twitter page claimed solidarity with Russia’s Pussy Riot protesters, who were jailed for a demonstration inside a Moscow church in February.
After disrupting the start of the evensong service with chants, they quietened for the rest – and requested communion, which they received while chained to the pulpit.

Now then, I do not think you’ll be able to hear the exchange between the gang of four and the appeasing preacher in the pulpit.
So here is what was said.  Look at how easy and understanding he is in answering these vermin.
And that’s why and how shits like this carry on and continue to carry on with no end in sight.  They can disrupt and cause chaos wherever and whenever they please.  With no serious penalty to make them stop and think. Why should they?  They already know the weak outcome to be expected from the powers that leach.  And the church itself is most accommodating.  What?  Us Worry?  Not bloody likely.

The group, which criticised St Paul’s for accepting money from the bank Goldman Sachs, wielded an umbrella spray-painted with the slogan: ‘Throw the money-changers out of the temple.’
Other Occupy members unfurled a banner with the same slogan on the cathedral’s steps.
One of the four inside asked: ‘How can you possibly take money from these people?
‘Christianity will not die if you cannot keep the cathedral open. You don’t need this money.’

The Dean of St Paul’s, the Very Reverend Dr David Ison, responded: ‘We are already asking questions about that [sources of funding] and we will continue to do so.’
He told the protesters they had been ‘discourteous’ to interrupt the service, but added: ‘Ultimately what we are working for and what you are working for is going in the same direction.’

(lol folks. bit of dark,angry humor)


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calendar   Sunday - October 14, 2012

and how was your day?

Second day in a row, third out of four, spent at the hospital with the MIL. Got home at 20 to 10. PM.

She’s got a secondary infection perhaps, nobody is quite sure. Portable chest X-ray, and they gave her a bedside 5 liter LVP. Also only 5L is pretty much a SVP. Whatever ... 25 liters in 7 days. 6 1/2 gallons. Horry clap.

Now I have to drive 20 minutes and do 90 minutes worth of my weekend work. It has to be done by Monday morning, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sleep for 5 hours and go down there before dawn. Because I know that Janice opens the office at quarter after 7 so she can have her coffee and a couple cigs before the customers start rolling in at 8. So I’d have to be done by 7, which means getting there at 5:30, which means leaving here at 5:10, which means me getting up at 4:30 ... nah, unless there’s BP or brook trout on the offer, and there’s never either of either these days, I ain’t getting up at milkin’ time. Eff that. Work now, sleep to normal time in the AM.


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just a bit of eye fluff

I haven’t a clue who these people are. Never heard of them til today. But darn if I didn’t like looking at them.
What’s not to like. They’re pretty. That should be reason enough.

The blonde is Holly Madison.  Tells me nothing to be honest. But she is nice.





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titles promoting guns should be put on the top shelf alongside pornography.

Darn if this isn’t one for the books. Where do I begin?
I don’t.
I’ll just share the story. Except to say, right on Smith. That’ll put a dent in crime and discourage the would be bad guys who want to own or learn about guns.
You’ll save the country with that move. (snicker)

They are sooooooooo delusional here.

WH Smith bans under 14s from buying shooting magazines despite no age restrictions on owning guns

By Emma Clark

WH Smith has banned children from buying magazines about shooting – even though it is legal for them to own a gun.

Britain’s biggest newsagent has introduced an over-14s limit on all copies of country sports magazines following a campaign by animal rights activists.

The retailer, whose founding family owned a highly prized shoot in Buckinghamshire, will enforce the restriction on hobby magazines including Shooting Times, because it understood children are not allowed to obtain a firearms certificate until they are 14.

However under the current law, there is no minimum age for applying for a shotgun certificate in the UK, although children under 18 are banned from owning or buying their own gun and under-14s must be supervised when using one.

The decision to grant a licence rests with a senior police officer.

Shooting enthusiasts have questioned why the high street chain does not restrict the sale of motoring magazines such as Top Gear to those old enough to drive.

Christopher Graffius, of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, told WH Smith, said: ‘It is extraordinary that in WH Smith you can buy a car magazine at any age, despite the age limit of 17 for driving.

‘You can also buy war magazines which depict the killing of people, yet WH Smith is concerned about children buying shooting magazines, a legal and Olympic sport.

‘At the recent party conferences, frontbench spokesmen and government ministers sang the praises of shooting sports for the sense of responsibility and discipline that they encourage in the children who take them up.’

He added that it also causing offence to adult shooters who are stopped at auto-scan tills and asked to prove their age.

Across the country thousands of young people are involved in the sport at shooting clubs and with the cadet corps and Scouts.

At the London Olympic Games this summer Peter Wilson put the sport under the limelight after winning gold in the double trap, having started the sport when he was still a schoolboy.

It all seemed so dumb, well of course it is, but the following line tells us what we need to know. Doesn’t it?
The usual hand wringing, weepy eyed bed wetters on the left.

The move comes after Animal Aid, Britain’s largest animal rights organisation, published a report earlier this year labelling that country sports magazines as ‘pro-violence’ and having a ‘corrosive, long-lasting effect on impressionable young minds’.

It argued that titles promoting guns should be put on the top shelf alongside pornography and restricted to over-18s in the report, titled ‘Gunning for Children: How the gun lobby recruits young blood’.

A WH Smith spokesman told the Sunday Telegraph: ‘As part of our commitment to operate our business responsibly, we have a till prompt on shooting titles.

‘It asks our store teams to check that the customer is 14 years old or over, based on this being the legal age at which someone can possess a firearms certificate.’

this article was found at the Mail.


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