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good cop fair bust undone by dumb rules as cop faces inquiry but killer’s ‘rights’ protected

It’s things like this that drive me nuts.
Yes. I recognize there are rules in place regarding police procedure that are meant to protect us.  No, I don’t want a police state even if I often appear to favor the opposite. I just get very frustrated at the insanity and blow off steam but to tell the honest truth, I always tend to believe and trust the cops. Even when I know better from personal experience.  I suppose it could be my generation or I’m just stupid. Or both.

Shouldn’t there be exceptions made when the circumstances are exceptional?

If I commit a crime in full view of a 100 people, or take the police to where I buried the latest missing body, isn’t the fact that I robbed that bank or knew where the body was incriminating enough?  So what if the cop didn’t read me the rights.  That’s BS anyway as far as I am concerned.  Is there anyone anywhere in the UK or the USA who is unaware of that card cops must read?  And if I killed someone and brought the police to where the body has been for ten freeking years, why aren’t “rights” suspended? 

That’s what happened in this latest story.  Maddening.

In the last day or so I exchanged an email or two with Drew.  In which I said that I was born into the wrong time period. Or words to mean that.  I said I was so sick of this pc driven world, that I should have been born in time to enjoy the Jazz Age, be in the audience for the Goodman Carnegie Hall concert in 1938, and be gone and forgotten by 1950. 
Don’t take me too liberally but you get the feeling I hope.  Nothing seems to follow logic anymore.  There are a million (it feels like it) agencies or govt. bodies that cater to a million different ethnic or religious or lifestyle choices.  And everyone must toe a pc line or else be branded with some new word that ends in either ‘phobia’ or else ‘ism.’ Sometimes both.

This miserable excuse for a human murdered a young woman.
Cops had a suspect, a taxi driver, who showed up on a security camera.  Yeah. One of things that people seem to resent as they see so many as intrusions.  Big deal.  But for that camera and there are other examples of their advantage, the cops might still be looking for a body.  He took the lead detective to where the body was. He didn’t even bury her. Just dumped her body like a sack of rubbish.
Well, as long as he was talking, the perp asked the cop if he could confess something.
He then took the police to where he’d hidden the body of a young woman, TEN YEARS AGO.  And for 10 years believe it or not, nobody knew she was dead. How’s this for a case?  One paper says 10 yrs another says 8 years. Take your pick. The girl is still dead.

OK, enough of that.  Here’s what happened, and here’s one of the many headlines that greeted us this morning.

I fail to see any disgrace attached to the officer.  The full unedited version of this is at the link below.


Close surveillance, set up in the hope that he would lead the Wiltshire police team to where she had been hidden, had proved fruitless. So the last hope for Det Supt Fulcher was that Halliwell would talk after his arrest in a supermarket car park. When he snatched up the phone to speak to his colleagues, he learned that he had refused to comment.

Those were the facts facing Det Supt Fulcher when he took the remarkable decision to order Halliwell to be taken to an isolated hilltop where he took personal charge of his questioning.

Over four extraordinary hours, the experienced policeman and the suspect embarked on a tour of rural southwest England. Halliwell first led the detective to the site where he had dumped Ms O’Callaghan’s body.

And then in a remarkable unburdening of past wrongs, he took him to a field where he had dumped another body some eight years earlier. Until then, nobody had even known that Rebecca Godden-Edwards was dead.
But the detective’s unconventional tactics were “serious and irretrievable” breaches of the rules surrounding police questioning and meant that Halliwell could not stand trial for Ms Godden-Edwards murder. And it ensured that Det Supt Fulcher now faces an independent police watchdog inquiry into his actions.

Accompanied only by a civilian note-taker, Det Supt Fulcher led Halliwell 50 yards from the police cars and conducted a nine-minute interview. With the murder of Joanna Yeates in Bristol still fresh in the memory, the detective warned the suspect that he would be vilified if he did not tell him where she was.

According to the notes, Halliwell first told the detective: “I don’t know anything” and repeatedly asked to see a solicitor. “You think I did it,” he told the detective. “I know you did it,” came the response. By the end of the interview, Halliwell told the officer: “Have you got a car – we’ll go.”
They continued to speak in the back of a police car for 45 minutes until they reached Uffington, the site of the medieval horse etched into the hillside. Halliwell gave enough information for specialist search teams to find the body later that afternoon.

It was at this point, when Det Supt Fulcher prepared to have him charged with murder, that Halliwell told him: “We need to have a chat.”
They drove a short distance, sat down together on the grass and had a cigarette. Halliwell became more candid, saying that he was a “sick f***er” and asking the detective if he wanted “another one”.

They drove 30 miles into south Gloucestershire where Halliwell pointed to an area in a 40-acre field where he said he had buried another woman between 2003 and 2005.

The story emerged in February but can only now be made public. Halliwell’s team insisted the way the evidence was gathered breached the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, which gives any suspect the right to legal advice and to be questioned without oppression. It was “an assault on the integrity of the legal system,” said Ian Latham QC, for Halliwell.

When asked to justify his tactics, Det Supt Fulcher told the court: “I did think it was utterly ridiculous that someone who took me, 12 people and a surveillance helicopter to the deposition sites of two bodies would then seek to find some loophole or quirk in the law to get away from the fact that he was a multiple murderer.”

He was backed by senior colleagues including the deputy chief constable, Patrick Geenty, who called it a “gutsy decision”. However, the trial judge, Mrs Justice Cox, ruled that none of the evidence gathered during the four-hour period could be used in a trial. With no other evidence linking Halliwell to the murder, prosecutors were forced to drop the charge.
So now, he has been given life with 25 years minimum.  He could conceivably be out at some point.  Probably not but hey, there’s always a chance. Isn’t there? But he could only be charged with one killing due to the actions of the head officer.

The trial judge, Mrs Justice Cox, ruled that none of the evidence gathered during the four-hour period could be used in a trial. With no other evidence linking Halliwell to the murder, prosecutors were forced to drop the charge.

No evidence?  He knew where the body was cos he buried it.  Why isn’t that evidence?
Cos the law and regulations and even the judge, are as fucked up as a soup sandwich.

What a screwed up world.



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calendar   Friday - October 19, 2012

an ending, with peace

Little Mommy died on Thursday evening, although it took her body another 21 hours to finally let go.

11 days in the hospital couldn’t save her at the end, but she left surrounded by family who loved her and free of pain.

It’s been a brutal year and a half for everyone involved, but it’s finally over. And she’s found the peace she so desperately wanted.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/19/2012 at 06:40 PM   
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an ad from belgium with immigration in it’s sights. and not just any immigration. from YT

Has anyone seen this yet?  Chilling ad from Belgium.
Now why can’t America run stuff like this?  Oh right. We know why. Pity that.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/19/2012 at 10:59 AM   
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the odd couple win broken heart lotto boo-hoo and a bit of eye candy for the hell of it

Well don’t they look adorable?

The happy couple are now even happier as a court awarded them in the neighborhood of $5,777.00 because, their dear, thweet feelings were given a boo-boo. 
So they cried a river.
Yes folks, that’s the price for hurting someone’s feelings these days.

I reported on this story recently and this is an update seeing as how the loving (but odd) couple have just won the “hurt feelings” lottery.  Btw, you do not have to be qu odd to win that lottery.  Not at all. In fact, now there’s a red light special in isle (pick your favorite number) on extradition to other countries when you’re accused of a crime in that country. Yeah. All you now have to do is convince some shrinks and a court that you will kill yourself if you’re extradited. Most especially to America.  And shrinks are not a all that hard to fool being mostly fools themselves, considering some cases where they judged someone safe who later commits another violent crime.

So then class.  Two things to remember to get along and have things as you want em.

1) My feelings were hurt and I have less self esteem because ( just make something up. It’ll be accepted.)

2) If you extradite me to that country I will kill myself. Just ask my mumsy. 

Ok so back to my post and updated story.

A couple who own a B&B refused due to their Christian beliefs, one bed for two guys.  If memory serves me correctly, the lady owner said that a room with two beds would be okay. Now I might be mistaken on that point. I just think I read that a couple of months ago. She also says that due to her religious beliefs, she would not let a room with one bed to a heterosexual couple who were not married.  Not having read the bible, I would have no way to judge if that behavior is addressed in anyone’s bible, Jewish or Christian.  Or is it something that religious people just assumed was not right or moral?  She claimed her home was private and she had a right to her rules based on her religious belief.  Well if that’s really the case, then she and her husband should have opened a Christian B&B and let folks know up front what the rules of the house are.  BUT, a B&B is not private no matter what she says.  It’s a business and it’s open to the public.

I am not supporting the queer guys but heck, I don’t think the couple here are entirely honest either.  I think both parties are being a bit disingenuous. 

The couple claim they’d turn down a single hetro couple. Really?  How would she know, unless she asked them?  “Are you married?” If the answer is yes, does she think people walk around carrying their marriage certificates with them?  Does she ask people who call for a room booking if they are married or not?  Does she tell people on the phone what the house rules are, so they don’t make a trip there and only find when checking in that they are not qualified?  And there’s another issue here.
She says she’ll allow twin beds. That’s my understanding.  Well if that is true and I do not have it all wrong, then what’s to stop a couple from using one twin for their tryst?

As for the odd couple, they were being funded by a pressure group called Liberty. So what does that tell us? Tells me they knew from the start what the B&B couple were all about and they were determined to make it an issue.
And these ppl don’t know why they are so disliked.

Here’s a bit of a side story.
Nick Griffin, shown below in an unflattering image, is head of the BNP.  The British National Party is considered to be extremis. Here at BMEWS, LyndonB isn’t at all happy with these folks and is no fan of Mr. Griffin.  That’s good enough for me to be honest.  I trust Lyndon on these matters and after all, it’s his country and he is quite well informed on these things. However, no matter if Griffin isn’t a boy scout, seems to me the media play into his hands by publishing a photo like this.  Have to wonder why they didn’t photoshop horns as well.


What Griffin did was to go on Twitter and publish the address of the weird and vomit inducing looking homosexual couple, and asked supporters to picket their home as a show of support for the Christian couple.  Well as you will imagine, the left was up in arms shouting for his tar and feathering and arrest etc., etc.  Never mind how many times the left over time, has done exactly that sort of thing to anyone with an opinion not shared and approved by them.
I hate to say it but, in this case I think Griffin was wrong because now it just opens the door for more of the same for lots of other ppl innocent as well as guilty.  And oh by the way. 
The entire membership list of the BNP was published some time ago and was done in much the same way AND, addresses of BNP members were published with invitations to people to go and picket their homes.
There were never any arrests or “probes” about that.  The authorities didn’t seem to care.  Oh but when it’s an out of favor group like the BNP it’s open season I take it.

Police probe after BNP leader Nick Griffin post address of gay couple in B&B row on Twitter and threatens to bring ‘drama’ to their door

In 2010 gay couple Michael Black and John Morgan were turned away from a Berkshire B&B because of the beliefs of the devout Christian owner
They went to court under equality legislation, claiming they had been discriminated against by Susanne Wilkinson
They have been awarded £3,600 in compensation after a court hearing
Cambridgeshire Police reveal that are looking into complaints about Griffin after he tweeted their address
He wrote: ‘A British Justice team will come up & give you a bit of drama by way of reminding you that an English couple’s home is their castle’
Couple hit back saying Griffin is an ‘idiot’ with no public support

By Martin Robinson

read and see all here

ROSAMOND PIKE just because



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calendar   Thursday - October 18, 2012



Reminds me of Phoebe Cates from the early 80s, only curvier. Sigh.


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Racist Revisionist Bullshit

Website names obscure 14th century African king the richest person in history

Step aside, Bill Gates. Meet Mansa Musa I of Mali, a 14th century African king whose estimated $400 billion fortune makes him the richest human being in all of history, according to the website Celebrity Net Worth.

The website released a list last week of the wealthiest people who ever lived, claiming it had adjusted for inflation to bring the fortunes into 2012 dollars.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose fortune peaked during the bubble at what would be $136 billion in today’s dollars, ranks at No. 12, though he is now worth about half as much, according to the website.


This bit of “art” that looks drawn by a 10 year old accompanies the article.

You’re supposed to believe it’s a Genuine African Artifact.

My ass.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/18/2012 at 12:34 PM   
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The fully expected unexpected facts

US unemployment aid applications jump to 388,000

Maybe the figures were held back a few days at Obama’s request, just like those layoffs last week, so that he could have a pre-debate number below 8%? This smells to high heaven.

Weekly applications for U.S. unemployment benefits jumped 46,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 388,000, the highest in four months. The increase represents a rebound from the previous week’s sharp drop. Both swings were largely due to technical factors.

The four-week average of applications, a less volatile measure, fell slightly to 365,500, the Labor Department said Thursday. That is a level consistent with modest hiring.

Last week, California reported a large drop in applications, pushing down the overall figure to the lowest since February 2008. This week, it reported a significant increase as it processed applications delayed from the previous week.

A department spokesman said the seasonally adjusted numbers “are being distorted ... by an issue of timing.”

Is this where I trot out the Left’s snide old “I question the timing” remark? Because I DON’T. Neither do you. “delayed from the previous week” my ass. On purpose. We both know damn well the numbers are fudged and manipulated for political purposes by our governing Elites and their brothers in the running dog media.


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It’s not personal…


H/T: Vilmar.


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Nothing To See Here Either

I’m Sure Obama, Clinton, Carney, et al will say this isn’t terrorism either

Father of Bangladeshi man who allegedly tried to blow up Fed building in NYC says son incapable of such actions

A Bangladeshi man accused of trying to bomb the Federal Reserve building in New York City is a banker’s son from a middle class neighborhood whose family members said Thursday that they were stunned by his arrest.

The FBI arrested 21-year-old Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis on Wednesday after he tried to detonate a fake 1,000-pound car bomb, according to a criminal complaint.

‘I spent all my savings to send him to America’, Quazi Ahsanullah, the bomb plot suspect’s father, said

Prosecutors said Nafis traveled to the U.S. on a student visa in January to carry out an attack.

His family said Thursday that Nafis was incapable of such actions.

“My son can’t do it,” his father, Quazi Ahsanullah, said as he wept in his home in the Jatrabari neighborhood in north Dhaka.

“He is very gentle and devoted to his studies,” he said, pointing to Nafis’ time at the private North South University in Dhaka.

Yeah right. Another innocent choir boy. Who happens to be named Mohammad along with the rest of his jawbreaker name. Who took all the family money to come all the way around the world to America ... um, to visit a flower show! That’s it! No, not to commit terrorism, not to blow up a government building. Oh Noes, not our innocent little lamb. It’s a conspiracy! It’s because we’re moslems! The imperious US is out to get us!

21-year-old Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis
Hey, lookit that! While the rabid far left tells us forever that terrorists all come from resentful poverty, the unwashed and uneducated misbegotten refuse of the world, we have YET AGAIN a young male muzzie of wealth and privilege going all Sudden Jihad Syndrome. Just like Osama. And a busload of others. Ignore that please; facts are not allowed to dislodge the accepted meme. “It is known.” no matter how many times it is disproven. Profiling doesn’t work! Profiling doesn’t work!! No evidence! No evidence!!

However, Belal Ahmed, a spokesman for the university, said Nafis was a terrible student who was put on probation and threatened with expulsion if he didn’t bring his grades up. Nafis eventually just stopped coming to school, Ahmed said.

Is this the new jihad slogan in action? “Tune in, turn on, drop out, blow up!”


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/18/2012 at 12:13 PM   
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Her Vote Counts Just As Much As Yours

To my amazement, this is not a New Jersey story.

A bit of well needed comic relief, sent in by my brother.


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Nothing from Me Today

We are on deathwatch here. AGAIN.

The mother in law’s health is fading fast. She’s still in the hospital; the TIPS bypass surgery did not work and may have to be reversed. The decision to just let her go quietly in comfort has been reversed and now everything up to the DNR limit will be attempted, including dialysis and transfusions if necessary. I’m not there, but I’m living by the phone. Who knows what will happen, hour to hour. And everyone involved is just completely exhausted by all of it.


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calendar   Wednesday - October 17, 2012

Not a Movie Goddess. Yet.

As far as I know, this one has never been in any kind of film, but I’m expecting Rich K to tell me different if that’s the case. He’s the expert it seems. Cool.


See More Below The Fold


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actors and age and a goddess

I don’t usually post before and after of famous actors that relate to age.

It can be interesting I know, but I prefer to keep my head buried in the sand and try to ignore age. The great enemy and especially of once beautiful women.  I have NO interest in seeing for example, what Monroe might have looked like at say 80.

I know they can often be weird, well some can, but I admire the craft.  In the past, I found and quite by accident, a photo of Angela Lansbury at 25.

What a shock that was as I recalled her firstly from the movie, The Manchurian Candidate. She played the evil mother if you recall.  Hollywood never really knew how to use her, she was the most extraordinarily beautiful woman the world has ever known. And one hell of a fine actress, who spent many yrs working on stage after her brief (too brief) Hollywood years.

And may I say again, an English Rose and only one. She didn’t gain wide acclaim til the TV series Murder She Wrote, which I never watched. I thought it was pretty awful. Well, IMHO it was.  You may not agree.

So anyway, seeing that early photo of her, and remembering what she looked like in the one early color movie in a very small part whose title I can’t even recall, made in the 40s I believe, well I was just blown away.  If you Google her, you will find some stunning pix, and I only just found more today than I did a yr or two ago. I wonder how many more there are of her I haven’t yet seen.

I did not mean for this to be an Angela Lansbury post, but I guess it’s turned out that way so far.

Actually, it was originally intended to be nothing more the a three photo example of one of the world’s greatest actresses, Dame Maggie Smith.  But I guess I got carried away.
She was never the beauty in her youth that Lansbury was.  But once again and without even looking for it, I ran across a photo of Smith in younger days.
I never knew her as anything else but middle aged or old.  She is 77 now, and is still working steadily. She brings a presence of strength to every role I’ve ever seen her in. Can’t explain it.  She can do things, and she does, with a mere look or a lift of the eyebrow. So anyway, I ran across a sexy (for the time period) photo of her and could hardly accept what I was looking at as the real Dame Maggie. Of course, she wasn’t a Dame way back then.
I’ve often wondered what it might be like if Dame Maggie were instead, the Queen.  Queen Maggie?  Why not?

Phtot on the right is Maggie Smith in character in Downton Abbey, and left off screen


Here’s the photo I stumbled on without even looking. A much younger lady and the photo that started this project that got a tad outta hand.
Note the hose. Pre- panty hose era.


And since I started by talking about the Goddess Angela, what the heck.  Here’s a couple more of her that prove a woman can still be damn sexy even with all her cloths on.





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And Again They Face Off

Debate 2

It felt like I was at a playground fight and a debate broke out by accident.

“Pettysburg” Chris Muir labels it in today’s Day By Day cartoon when the young leftist character gushes how much Obama in this debate reminds her of Lincoln.  It beats the heck out of me how the left draws any similarity between old Abe and young Barack. I don’t think they have a thing in common.

So, how did the candidates fare this time around? Hard for me to say, but ...

* Romney kept his cool and stayed professional. While Obama did manage to NOT do the grinning-derisive-jackass Biden face, he sat on the edge of his seat with his little smirk waiting for a chance to be irritating and to throw more lies around. At heart he is a rabble rouser. Still the community organizer who plays really fast and loose with the facts. Ex Post Facto, whoever wins this one in the Fact Check sweepstakes had better make major hay with it; I couldn’t count how many times each guy flat out told the other one he was lying out his ass. SOMEBODY sure was messing with the truth last night.

* CNN’s moderator Candy Crowley got in the way. What, did she think this was her show or something? I think she clearly had a bias in favor of Obama. Both candidates did run right over her several times though.

* Obama was the clear loser on the body language part. He could not look Romney in the eye. He could not stand toe to toe with him. He kept looking away, turning his back, pretending that he couldn’t hear the questions he wasn’t going to answer and so on. Holy cow, if you can’t go all WWF or NBA trash talkin face to face with a used car salesman opponent, how are you going to stand up against the psycho North Koreans or some evil greasy mullahs?

* The hypocrisy of Obama is pretty amazing. He tells the biggest lies with not just a straight face but with a “Who, me? Why are you accusing poor little me?” wrapper. How dare you say that in the wake of the Benghazi attack, which I secretly knew at the moment it happened was a terrorist attack, that I blithely went off to Las Vegas to raise funds, not caring a whit that my ambassador was being raped and murdered! That’s not how we do things!! ... and of course, that’s exactly, EXACTLY what he did. There were a number of these puke inducing statements, bullshit drops of galactic caliber. I couldn’t make it to the end of the debate because of it. I got as far as the Libya part, where Crowley had her one shining moment and told Obama that he did indeed misstate something or other. Then I turned it off and walked away.

* I want Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh or even Newt Gingrigh to moderate the next debate. Why is it that the left gets to supply the moderator for every single one of these things, every single time? Their bias is sometimes highly apparent. Doesn’t the Right ever get a turn??

* Horry clap, Romney has wookie paws. Great big hairy patches between the joints. Manscape!!

What else? I dunno. Still on my first coffee. Then I’ve got another window job up the street, so I won’t have much time to update this until much later. Add your own thoughts, comments, observations. Thanks.


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