Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

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on the front line with some battling brits


No Photoshop, no makeup, no glamour runway boobs falling out or caked with makeup,
some real women and this one at least still looks damn good to these tired old eyes just as she is.





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Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels

H/T Doc Jeff


Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel ,
“Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead
you to the Promised Land.”

Nearly 75 years ago, (when Welfare was introduced) Roosevelt said,
“Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this
is the Promised Land.”

Today, Congress has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the
price of Camels and mortgaged the Promised Land!

I was so depressed last night thinking about Health Care Plans, the
economy, the wars, lost jobs, savings, Social Security, retirement
funds, etc .... I called a Suicide Hotline.

I had to press 1 for English.

I was connected to a call center in Pakistan..I told them I was suicidal.

They got excited and asked if I could drive a truck......

Folks, we’re screwed


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“The United States of America is our enemy”

OK, it isn’t rocket science.  I am no brilliant scholar with a degree in anything that matters.  Cept maybe just living and seeing and hearing and of course reading.
Like all of you.  So it doesn’t take a genius to understand someone who insists they’re going to do you in. No head scratching there asking, I wonder what he means. 

Muslims have been telling us for awhile now, exactly what they want and what they plan for the west. The police and intel agencies as exemplified in yesterday’s post about another planned terror attack by the vermin, have foiled many plots we know about and likely more we’ll never hear of.
So this bit of news, for lack of a better word since it really isn’t news as we use the word, is not new and is no surprise.  I’d be hard pressed to claim it even breaks new ground. What it does do however, is confirm for the 100dth time, just exactly what this 5th century brain is thinking and planning.

The spokesman here doesn’t sound a charge, seems reasonable on the surface as for example, he doesn’t condone the killing of civilians, but then asks us to understand how badly oppressed muslims have been at the hands of Americans.  Who are after all, the enemy.

He says Jihad is always seen in the west as something dangerous and terrible “but that is not the case.”

“America wants a new world order. We will make sure it is Islam.”

Read on.

H/T Dispatch International

The peaceful way to finish off the West

Maria Celandar

COPENHAGEN. The Islamist party Hizb ut-Tahrir’s annual Scandinavian conference on October 14 was a resounding success this year. In front of thousands of enthusiastic onlookers in Denmark and Sweden, a clear message was conveyed:

“Our goal is for the caliphate to cover the Muslim world, including Spain,” said “sheikh” Isam Umayrah.

The main venue is Bella Center in Copenhagen, but the conference also has live satellite links to four other venues in Denmark and one in Stockholm.  Proceedings are also broadcast live on the Internet.

This rainy afternoon, Bella Center is transformed into a throng of women in full-length garments and headscarves and bearded men, mostly young people. A handful of journalists stand out like sore thumbs. Men and women are kept separate throughout the convention and the women are placed in the back of the room. However, three of the journalists, myself included, happen to also be women. Should we sit in the back with the other women, or in the front row where seats have been reserved for the journalists?

After some palavering back and forth, we finally get permission to sit with the men, in the front row. Everything is handled with smiles and a soft touch. But when the first speaker – Ismail al-Wahwah, born on The West Bank but currently living in Australia – takes to the stage the friendly atmosphere evaporates.

Someone in the audience shouts the Muslim battle cry “Takbir!” and the crowd immediately responds ”Allahu akhbar!” in deafening volume, a procedure that will be repeated over and over every time a speaker says something the crowd finds extra palatable.

Ismail al-Wahwah, as well as the other speakers and representatives of the party, is very open about what they want to achieve.

“The United States of America is our enemy, but we agree on one thing.

They say we want a new world order, and they’re right. It’s time for a new leadership, and we will make sure it is Islam,” says al-Wahwah.

Secular governments cannot safeguard the interests of Muslims, he claims. And the same goes for so-called “moderate Muslims”. Leaders such as Egypt’s Muhammad Mursi and Turkey’s Abdullah Gül are taken to the cleaners – they are still ”slaves under capitalism”.

“The people who want to find a happy medium are unbelievers and we have prepared a special punishment for them,” says keynote speaker “sheikh” Isam Umayrah.

The Shia Muslims of Iran also come in for their share of serious criticism; they have it wrong, but at least they are Muslims and hopefully, with a little bit of help they can be made to see the light, Umayrah philosophizes.

“The Arab Spring is only the beginning, but a very good and encouraging beginning. And now it’s too late to stop the progression, signs that the big change is imminent are everywhere,” says Umayrah.

He assures us nothing will be done in secret. The caliphate has to be located someplace that is easy to defend – Egypt, Turkey, Syria or Pakistan would be excellent starting points.

“After that, we will try to annex the neighboring countries as soon as possible. First by means of friendly talks, then on to step two, three, fyra and so on. No Muslim state except the Caliphate will be acknowledged,” Umayrah explains.

He also advocates radical, not gradual change and even suggests gradual change is prohibited in The Quran.

“It is haram (forbidden) to obey any law but that of Islam.”

The party media liaison, the well-spoken and well-dressed Chadi Freigeh, assures Dispatch International that The West has nothing to fear from Hizb ut-Tahrir. We can co-exist, he says, but the Muslims have to follow their own ways.

“We don’t want to impose our laws on the West. Sharia should be implemented where people want it, and it’s no secret that we have different values. We have to be honest and admit that all attempts to integrate the Muslims in the West have failed. That proves we need our own rules,” says Freigeh.

The Muslims living in the West should follow Shariah as best they can, but national laws take precedence, he explains. In the long run, the Caliphate will hopefully be global, but it should be done by peaceful means. Down the line, everyone will want Shariah since it is a system that doesn’t discriminate, according to Freigeh.

DI: How do you feel about Al-Qaida?

“I don’t condone actions against civilians, but one should remember that 9/11 was a reaction to long-term oppression by the United States against the Muslim world. Oppression has consequences, and now the U.S. is using 9/11 as an excuse to occupy Afghanistan.”

DI: To what extent and in what way should you perform Jihad?

“Jihad is always presented as something dangerous and terrible in the Western media, but that is not the case. Jihad protects the Muslims against threat and oppression. The Americans’ conduct in the Middle East calls for Jihad, but we need to adhere to certain rules. We don’t want to behave like the Americans did at Guantánamo for example; it is against Islam to treat people that way.

“But if we’re threatened, we must of course have a right to defend ourselves. I’m not Gandhi.”

FACTS/Hizb ut-Tahrir

Hizb ut-Tahrir, “The Freedom Party”, was founded in 1953 in Jerusalem and is now represented in over 40 countries across the world – among others, Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain. Even though the party is illegal in a number of Arab countries and Germany, it has approximately one million members.

The expressed goal is to create a global Islamic state, a Caliphate, under Shariah law. Officially, the party advocates non-violent means as a way to achieve this, but several leading members have been criticized for using harsh rhetoric against Israel and the United States.

For instance, supreme leader Ata Abu-Rishta said in 2006 that the Jews in Israel, the Hindus of Kashmir and the Russians of Chechnya should be “destroyed”.



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calendar   Monday - October 22, 2012

plot to massacre crowds using a car fitted with knives and bombs

What do ya make of this?  I’m always saying I have no words and manage to come up with a few. But here, all I’d be able to do is say the same things I’ve already said about this verminous scum. What can I add to everything that’s been said by Drew and our readers?

Take a look at this.  Why oh why can’t the police simply kill these grizzly bearded sub humans? Why a trial? For what purpose?  OK, I won’t get started.

‘Terror suspect trio plotted to massacre crowds using a car fitted with knives and detonating eight suicide bombs in attack bigger than July 7’

* One suspect allegedly boasted the attack would be another 9/11

* Trio ‘received training in Pakistan on how to use weapons, how to make bombs and poisons, and made suicide videos while they were there’

* Defendants Irfan Naseer and Irfan Khalid ‘bragged about making martydom videos’

* ‘Suspects posed as bogus charity collectors to raise money for training in terror’

* They thought they would be rewarded with 72 virgins if they died martyrs

* ‘Jihadists’ spoke about blowing their rucksacks up, shooting people and even blasting them with a rocket launcher, jurors were told today

* Plotters ‘took their inspiration from Osama Bin Laden’ and were influenced by the lectures of Anwar al-Awlaki, a US born extremist

By Larisa Brown

Irfan Naseer, 31, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali, both 27, are accused of masterminding a plot to detonate eight suicide bombs after one of the extremists claimed 7/7 attackers should have used nail bombs to inflict more damage.

The trio, said to be ‘central figures’ in a home-grown terror cell, posed as bogus charity collectors to raise money for training in terrorism in Pakistan, where they learned how to use weapons and make improvised explosive devices, it is alleged.


Speaking at Woolwich Crown Court, prosecutor Brian Altman QC said: ‘The police successfully disrupted a plan to commit an act or acts of terrorism on a scale potentially greater than the London bombings in July 2005 had it been allowed to run its course.

‘The defendants were proposing to detonate up to eight rucksack bombs in a suicide attack and/or to detonate bombs on timers in crowded areas in order to cause mass deaths and casualties.

‘One of them was even to boast the plan would be another 9/11.’

The court heard that Naseer was recorded saying the July 7 attackers did not do a good enough job because they did not use nail bombs.

‘Naseer was recorded agreeing with Mohammed Rizwan that July 7 had gone a bit wrong, really that the London bombers had not done more damage because they had failed to put nails on or in their bombs.

‘They hadn’t done it well enough by not attaching shrapnel to the bombs that they exploded in London on that fatal day in 2005.’

The men also spoke about blowing their rucksacks up, shooting people and even blasting them with a rocket launcher, jurors were told.

The trio had not decided on any targets or how many lives were to be claimed in an attack which they hoped would be ‘bigger than 7/7.’

Mr Altman said: ‘In a police interview Ali confessed the plot involved him wearing a suicide vest and carrying a gun.

‘The defendants also spoke about acquiring a rocket launcher from Pakistan and different ways of killing people including bombs, guns and even the possibility of fixing blades to a vehicle and driving through a crowd of people.’

The court heard the defendants, who are all unemployed and from Birmingham, had got the idea from banned Al-Qaeda magazine Inspire.

Mr Altman said the ‘jihadists,’ who thought they would be rewarded with 72 virgins if they died martyrs, had not organised when the attacks would be carried out before they were arrested in September last year.


Now then, it doesn’t end here. It begins. Here are the victims. PLEASE go to the BBC News link below. You will see these ppl and by clicking on their photos, you will get a brief bio on each.  And these are the dead. There were many who were maimed for life, lost limbs etc. And these filthy muslim bastards saw these innocents as a target.




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start the week eye candy

Katherine McNamara





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girl 12 shoots intruder …. cops take the creep to hospt. should have dumped in a ditch somewhere

H/T RichK
Rich posted the link in comments but I didn’t have time yesterday. Worth the wait.
Happy things turned out well for the young girl. 
Bet the media won’t be very interested in a story about a kid who managed to save the day because she had a loaded weapon and was ready to use it.

No kid should ever have to be in this position. Especially a young girl alone. Or any female. Of any age. Her mom should have trained her better though, so that she’d feel more comfortable shooting some creep in their home. Anyway, this is just another good reason why we will ALWAYS have guns in homes in the USA.  Don’t quite understand why the cops took the time to send the vermin to a hosp. ??? So what if he died?  What loss to society? And judging by his size, I kinda doubt that he was starving and looking for food. Yeah right. There’d be food in the bathroom the girl was hiding in. Sure. That’s where ppl always store grub.
I hope now her mom trains her that one shot is never enough.  Aren’t we supposed to keep firing til the clip was empty?  Seems I read that someplace. ??

Here’s a 911 clip. No way to embed.


Kendra St. Clair, 12, said she was just doing what she had to when she shot a home intruder Wednesday in Durant.


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calendar   Sunday - October 21, 2012

Art and Magic

I had never ever heard of this film before. You know me, living under my rock and all.

We were sitting in front of the TV flipping through the millions of channels trying to find something interesting to watch.

There was a little blurb for a film across the top of the program listings screen, showing a little boy in a coonskin cap and glasses, looking across a field at a young auburn haired girl in a pink mod Twiggy Dress from the 60s. The boy had on a giant backpack and was carrying a Red Ryder BB gun. “Starring Bruce Willis” the marquis text runs across it. We did not have a clue what the film was all about, but we said WTH and rented it.

We watched Moonrise Kingdom, and it was the most quirky, charming, magical, and beautiful piece of film I’ve seen in years. Two kids in a Bizarro World almost straight out of Napoleon Dynamite meet and fall in love, and run away together, on this New England island in the mid 60s. If you haven’t been to the art film theater in a while, see this one. If you’ve missed the pure film magic that was in The Shipping News or in The Secret of Roan Inish, or are just sick of explosions, car chases, and comic book characters with superpowers derived from a 9 year old boy’s imagination, then this is a film you will cherish. If you’re just dating and want to prod your relationship to the next level, have her over and spin this disc.

Do you remember the first time you saw Like Water For Chocolate or Chocolat? It’s that kind of beautiful happy magic, and it has nothing to do with chocolate whatsoever. My Life As a Dog comes to mind as well. Perfect beautiful art.

Starring Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Keitel and a host of recognizable others in the adult roles, with stellar performances by Kara Howard and Jared Gilman as the young lovers.

And now that I’ve seen it, I looked up all the reviews, and everyone else is in love with this movie too. So I guess I called it right. It’s family friendly, but it really isn’t for little kids. It’s for adults who need a few layers of cynicism scraped away.


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tell me. is Sir Alex Ferguson an idiot or what?  he sure is politically correct

Well damn and double damn it.

Who’dda thunk this pc crazyness would manage to get this far? I may not have thought it but I am not at all surprised and I don’t think you are either.
But it’s bothersome.

I am not a sports fan here, don’t even know who the heck the teams being referred to are and don’t care to know. 
They aren’t the Dodgers or the Yankees.

What this is about is the “enforced” show of solidarity imposed by management on players of some team here, to wear some kind of special stupid anti racist T-Shirt before a game.  Like wearing a shirt is going to solve anything.  And now the idiot manager is threatening a player with the words,
“He will be dealt with, no doubt about that.” And all because the guy didn’t wear a politically correct feel good shirt.

It really never dawns on these MF******pc idiots, that this kind of display may be fine in a place like No. Korea and China, but not as a meaningless and worthless display here in the manner he dictates. What a fool.
These guys want to play football I am reasonably certain.  I’d bet most of them don’t give this pc subject much thought at all, unless it directly impacts them.

I guess this isn’t anything to get worked up over but it’s the idea and the bully boy attitude these pc leftist sobs force on the culture. It takes root and builds and leads them to other things to tell people to do and to wear in support of.

Rio Ferdinand let Manchester United down not wearing a Kick It Out T-shirt says ‘embarrassed’ Sir Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson has accused Rio Ferdinand of letting down Manchester United after the defender refused to take part in equality group Kick It Out’s anti-racism day.

By Telegraph Sport

Every player in the Premier League had been issued with a Kick It Out T-shirt to be worn during pre-match warm-ups to show support for the campaign to drive racism from the sport.

But Ferdinand infuriated Ferguson by failing to wear his ahead of Saturday’s 4-2 win over Stoke at Old Trafford.

Ferdinand is thought to have been protesting at what he believes to be the relatively weak punishment given to John Terry after the Chelsea defender was only handed a four-match ban despite being found guilty by the Football Association of racially abusing the United star’s brother Anton during a match against QPR last year.

The 33-year-old’s snub was especially annoying for Ferguson as the United manager, reacting to Reading striker Jason Roberts’ revelation that he wouldn’t support Kick It Out, had insisted on Friday that all his players would wear the T-shirts.

“I’m very disappointed, he has let us down,” Ferguson said after the Stoke game.

“I said yesterday that the players would be wearing it in support of the Professional Footballers Association and that every player should adhere to it. And he goes and lets us down.

“It is embarrassing for me. He will be dealt with, no doubt about that.”

Just had another thought.  Is it even in his contract that he’d have to wear clothing supporting whatever pet project the team manager was into at any given time? 


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take a look at political correctness in its vile action against an innocent

This shows you what things have come to in a politically correct dictatorship. And that exactly what exists here when this kind of thing can happen.
People write about it all the time.  People gripe about it, sometimes comics find humor in the more stupid applications of PC.
But there is NO concerted effort being made that I can see, to crush this ludicrous behavior.  Look how far the pc crowd is willing to twist speech and the language to make something out of nothing.  When is it going to end?  How has a majority allowed this crap to continue?  And just think.  This kind of upside down thing is being fed to youngsters from an early age and the schools I have read, continue the practice. The next generation is being groomed.

The real hate crime is persecuting a decent man for his beliefs

By Amanda Platell

Adrian Smith is a kind and gentle man. Friends say the happily married father is a pillar of the community, a practising Christian and a tireless worker for charity.

Yet this week Mr Smith was in court, defending accusations that he is a bigot whose personal views are so offensive and outrageous that they are incompatible with his work as a housing officer.

His crime?  To have put a posting on his personal Facebook page which said he thought civil partnerships ceremonies in church were ‘an equality too far’

Specifically, he said: ‘If the State wants to offer civil marriages to the same sex, then that is up to the State; but the State shouldn’t impose its rules on places of faith or conscience.’

Hardly inflammatory, then. Yet these comments led to him being demoted from his job, after complaints from colleagues and an investigation by his company’s ‘equality and diversity lead’.

His salary was reduced by 40 per cent by the Trafford Housing Trust, which claimed he was guilty of ‘gross misconduct’ because people might mistake his views as trust policy.

What utter nonsense. And what a terrifying insight into the dystopian world we now live in — a world where a man can be penalised for a thought crime, even when that thought is shared by a huge proportion of the population.

One of the colleagues who complained about Mr Smith’s comments said they showed he was ‘blatantly homophobic’.

No they didn’t. Yet such is the ludicrously PC world we now live in (fuelled by the metropolitan views of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and their liberal elite circle) that anyone who does not agree with gay marriage is automatically branded a bigot and a homophobe. They are no such thing.

As regular readers will know, I share Mr Smith’s views. I wholeheartedly support civil partnerships, but believe that it is not for any government to ride roughshod over centuries of tradition — or, indeed, over the will of the electorate — by introducing gay marriage.

Seventy per cent of people believe marriage should remain a union between a man and a woman. Even among the gay community, only 39 per cent agree that changing the law on gay marriage should be a priority.

Are we all to be investigated, demoted and financially penalised, as Mr Smith has been?

Of course, I respect the views of those who disagree with me, and I defend their right to express them — except when they do so violently and abusively. That is what free speech is all about.



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calendar   Saturday - October 20, 2012

Drones were circling above U.S. consulate during Libya attack, no rescue mounted. why not?

Good gosh it’s even worse then I originally thought.

I’m seeing this now for the first time. In fact I am getting ready to close for the night and made one last pass in mail and found this.

Here’s what one Brit has to say on the subject and it shames me I can’t seem to come up with words. I know Drew could.
Take a look.

Having failed to protect his people he then decides to trample on the memories of these poor men in order to hang onto power. If the media do not do their job and bring him to book then Obama will continue to prevaricate until after the election.This man is reprehensible he has no scruples or conscience.

- Sandy, Sheffield,

And here’s what that’s about.

Drones were circling above U.S. consulate during Libya attack but officials decided NOT to mount a rescue mission

U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens repeatedly pleaded with the State Department for additional security personnel
Republicans say the Obama administration denied the request for political reasons
The White House says it had no role in procuring security detail for Stevens

By Hayley Peterson and Jill Reilly

American drones were in the skies above the U.S. consulate in Benghazi as the deadly attack that killed ambassador Christopher Stevens unfolded, it has been revealed.

Defense department officials considered sending troops in to rescue the ambassador and staff, according to CBS News, but ultimately decided not to .

They would haven been able to watch the attack on-screen as it unfolded.

The revalations came a day after it emerged that U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens repeatedly pleaded with the State Department to ramp up his security team in Libya—requests that the Pentagon ultimately denied—in the weeks, days and hours leading up to the terrorist attack that killed him and three other Americans, newly released cables have revealed.

Stevens, who was killed in the 11 September attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, warned the State Department of a ‘security vacuum’ in Libya ‘that is being exploited by independent actors’ in one cable that described rapidly deteriorating security conditions.

‘Islamic extremists are able to attack the Red Cross with impunity,’ he wrote. ‘What we have seen are not random crimes of opportunity but rather targeted discriminate attacks.’

Stevens said the attackers would not be deterred ‘until authorities are at least as capable.’

Just hours before his death, he sent the Pentagon a cable describing ‘expanding Islamist influence in Dema,’ a town east of Benghazi, and said he was seeing a ‘troubling increase in violence and Islamist influence.’

Stevens recapped a meeting in which the commander of Benghazi’s Supreme Security Council told him there is ‘growing frustration with police and security forces.’

The cables were released by Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California, the chairman of the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is investigating the security matters surrounding Stevens’ death and questioning whether the State Department could have prevented the deadly attack.

Less than three weeks ahead of the presidential election, Republicans are using the cables to attack President Obama on his foreign policy, despite the State Department’s claim that it was solely responsible for the decisions to deny Stevens’ requests for more security in Libya.

‘These critical foreign policy decisions are not made by low or mid-level career officials—they are typically made through a structured and well-reasoned process that includes the National Security Council and the White House,’ Issa wrote in a letter to Obama on Friday.



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just like falling off a cliff

This makes the old tummy do flips.
I could never imagine doing anything like this.
Take a look at this.

He may have nerves of steel but doesn’t show much thought for a young family. 

Heart-stopping moment man plunges off cliff edge after gymnastic stunt goes horribly wrong is caught on film

By Emma Clark
the Mail via YT

An extreme base jumper is lucky to be alive after a television stunt at the top of a 1,200 metre high cliff went dangerously wrong and left him plummeting to the ground just inches from a rocky cliff face.

Richard Henriksen was invited to be filmed for the popular Norwegian series Normal Madness because of his daredevil approach to the sport - which sees him performing gymnastics on a high bar bolted to the edge of a cliff before launching himself into the air.

But his well-rehearsed routine turned to chaos when the bar collapsed mid-somersault, throwing Mr Henriksen unprepared off the cliff in west Norway - with his head narrowly missing a fatal-blow from the rocks.



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Mitt Romney’s speech at the Al Smith dinner

He gets in quite a few good one-liners.


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i find this very hard to believe but …. in today’s world? see what you make of it.


Have we now come to this?  Sure looks like it.

Lately and late at night I have been engrossed in a series of books by a guy with the improbable name of Harry Turtledove.  These are books with like 500 to 650 pages and I can’t seem to read them fast enough. 

It all started when one of our bmews readers left a comment and suggested I read a book by this author called Guns For The South, and I have now read four or five and went to AMZN today and ordered the next grouping and when those are read I’ll order more.

So far in my reading adventure, I have not come across one single muslim. Course not.  The stories take place in a saner America.  Well, somewhat saner.
North and South at war for the third time, happily the South wins the first two but in this last book of this particular trilogy, things are not looking at all well for the South.


General George Armstrong Custer (he doesn’t die at Little Big Horn) in command of the First Army, defies the war department orders on how tanks are to be used.  (called barrels by the North and tanks by the South) It’s WW1 and the USA is allied with Germany; England and France are allied with the Confederacy, and there is stalemate and trench warfare and poison gas and .... those trenches are being dug in North America not Europe.  The USA has invaded and occupied Canada.  The descriptions of warfare on the ground and in the air are chilling and thrilling and I am not so much reading this as I am actually viewing it all.

Anyway, Gen. Custer on his own authority and for the first time in military history, gathers together by devious means, a large number of barrels (tanks) for a mass and concentrated attack to achieve a breakout and breakthrough destroying the defensive trenches of the CSA. They are rolling over everything in their path.  While all this is going on, we are also introduced to a host of characters and get to know many quite well.  Even some of the Northern folks are entirely likable.  And some come to bad ends in battle or other ways. 
The CSA of course also has tanks but not as many as the north and, after they crush the Marxist inspired Red revolution which is made up of mostly black folks who are tired (who can blame them?) of oppression, and white socialists.  But like all movements and revolutions it’s pretty damn violent, and with large numbers of blacks arming themselves and making another front but behind CSA lines, well you can see the Stars and Bars has a fight on it’s hands.
Oh yeah, the South has occupied Washington (DC) for three years now and is being driven out under heavy bombardment.
So enmeshed in all of this exciting stuff I’m lost in another world and find make believe preferable to the real world of muslims and the pc libtard left. I think I want an America that probably never really existed.

But here we are anyway, and although the world I describe above has tons of inequities and the usual gripes about camp life, there would have been none of this crap. At least, I haven’t seen it so far.  And no muzzies.

Army Bows to Islamists, Sacks Lt. Colonel

by: Meira Svirsky

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley’s career has been effectively destroyed by General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, various complicit members of the Pentagon and the military and, most of all, political correctness on the part of the U.S. government.

Col. Dooley, who was awarded the Bronze Star, the fourth-highest combat decoration, is a West Point graduate and highly rated armor officer who served in Iraq, Germany, Bosnia and Kuwait. He was, until recently, the instructor of a course to fellow officers on the dangers of radical Islam at the Joint Forces Staff College (part of the National Defense University).

His downfall came at the hands of 57 Islamic groups who began complaining a year ago that the U.S. military and intelligence counter-terrorism training instructors and materials were anti-Islam.

Included the group of complainers was both CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and ISNA (Islamic Society of North America). Both CAIR and ISNA were named as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Terror Funding Trial, largest ever terror-funding trial in U.S. history. Both are listed by the Muslim Brotherhood—whose publicized doctrine is to destroy American from within—as two of it “working organizations.”

As a direct result of the complaints by the Islamic groups, the U.S. government instituted broad, sweeping reviews and eventual purges of its counter-terrorism training materials. Islamic groups were allowed into the FBI and other institutions to approved or disapprove the materials. The Pentagon complied with the review, as did all of the branches of U.S. armed forces.

At that time, the Pentagon found no fault in any of its courses or instructors. Col. Dooley’s course, which he began teaching in 2010, had been taught the same way since 2004. All the material for the course was approved by the university. In his evaluations from last year, Col. Dooley was referred to as a superb officer.

Yet changes were being made. RepresentativesDooley in combat from the government, including John Brennon, the chief counter terrorism advisor, instituted new terminology in the “War on Terror.” No longer were Al Qaeda fighters called “Islamic extremists;” they became simply “extremists.” Gone was any mention of the ideology driving their “extremism.”

The Islamic groups also demanded that employees who promoted (in their opinion) “biased” training about these “extremists” be “effectively disciplined.”

However, Col. Dooley’s course was not singled out until close to six months later when one of his students lodged a complaint to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. It was then that Col. Dooley’s course was suspended. Ironically, the complaint was not even about Col. Dooley, but about a guest lecturer he had brought in.

The guest lecturer had been talking about “what if” scenarios, a common way the military strategizes: Envision a potential scenario and figure out how to deal with it.

In this case, the guest lecturer asked what would happen if Islamic extremists gained control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and began destroying U.S. cities. How should the U.S. respond?

see all of it here

How should the U.S. respond?

Apologize and promise to convert?
Not funny. Not meant to be either but with the wusses running the show .....


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Latest in string of attacks from inside the Afghan army and police

They are so easily willing to kill even their own.
Who else?

What the hell are we still doing there?  And since the enemy already knows we’ll be packing our bags soon, why should they negotiate anything? Would you?

As Drew and others have already said, that place should be turned into a nuclear parking lot one end to the other.  Wasted lives on our side in a pointless (the way it’s been fought) war that has so far solved nothing at all.

Btw ... an aside.

A court here (UK) has ruled that relatives can sue the government for the loss of their kin in the war, because say the claimants, the DOD didn’t provide proper armored vehicles that would have saved life and limb for the guys fighting that war.

Take a look at the latest.

Afghan police officer and cook poisoned colleagues at checkpoint in assault which left six dead

At least 52 foreign troops have been killed in insider attacks this year
Attack by Taliban in Helmand killed two district community council members
Taliban fired rocked-propelled grenades at warehouse full of food for US

By Larisa Brown

An Afghan police officer and cook poisoned their colleagues at a checkpoint in an assault co-ordinated with rebel fighters which left six dead in the country’s south, officials said today.

They poisoned two of the officers and then the militants attacked from outside, killing the remaining four officers, provincial spokesman Ahmad Zirak said.

He did not say how the officers were poisoned.

The police officer was captured as he fled, but the cook escaped and remains at large, Mr Zirak added.

It is the latest in a string of attacks from inside the Afghan army and police.

The attacks are threatening to undermine both the partnership with international troops - which have been the target of many attacks - and the morale of Afghan forces, who have suffered equally heavy casualties from such strikes.

The police officer and the cook worked with outside insurgents in the assault, which hit police manning a checkpoint in the Gereskh district of Helmand province, the governor’s office said in a statement.

The insurgent gunmen escaped by motorcycle with weapons and ammunition, the governor’s statement said.

A recent upsurge in the number of insider attacks on coalition troops by Afghan soldiers or police - or insurgents disguised in their uniforms - has further undermined public support for the war in the West.

So far this year, at least 52 foreign troops - about half of them Americans - have been killed in insider attacks.

The Afghan government has not provided statistics on the number of its forces killed in insider attacks.

However, US military statistics obtained by The Associated Press show at least 53 members of the Afghan security forces had been killed by the end of August.

Meanwhile, a Taliban attack elsewhere in Helmand killed two district community council members, while Taliban-fired rocket-propelled grenades destroyed a warehouse full of food destined for the main US base in Afghanistan.

The United Nations has recorded a sharp increase in such killings in the first six months of 2012 compared with the same period of 2011.

In the warehouse attack, insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades at a compound used by military contractor Supreme Group to store food and other supplies destined for Bagram Air Field, the main US base in the country.

A warehouse inside the compound caught fire in the assault and burned through the night.

Victoria Frost, a spokeswoman for Supreme Group in Dubai, wrote in an email: ‘The local fire brigade attended the scene and brought the fire under control, but the warehouse itself and all contents were destroyed.’



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