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calendar   Thursday - September 20, 2012

i wish a president would speak like this, cos I think most of us feel this way too.

I’ve been waiting for him to have a say on this latest muslim insanity.

I think our political masters in the end will sell us all down the river though. Do any of you trust any of them. If so, why?

We urgently need mass deportations and summery executions and enabling laws to rid ourselves of the islamic cancer.
And nukes. Lots and lots of those. Since none of these things will be allowed, well........


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store owner refuses to join protest accused of blasphemy

This is what passes for normal for these cucarachas.
And some wonder why they are ridiculed to the degree they are.

H/T again to

Pakistani retailer faces blasphemy charges after not joining film protest

Pakistani police are probing a local businessman over alleged blasphemy. His refusal to close his shops in solidarity with demonstrators against an Islam-insulting film led to a standoff which could see him face execution or life imprisonment.

Haji Nasrullah Khan owns roughly 120 shops in Hyderabad, police officer Munir Abbasi said. On Saturday, hundreds of people rallied in the city in a protest against an amateur anti-Islam film, which triggered similar demonstrations by Muslims across the world.

The crowds demanded that Khan shut his businesses in solidarity, which he refused to do. The decision angered protesters, who believed the businessman supported the film by his refusal. Moreover, they claimed Khan insulted the Prophet while he was arguing with them and demanded his arrest on blasphemy charges.

The protesters failed to provide any evidence of the charges, which may bring capital punishment of life in prison in Pakistan if proven, city police Chief Fareed Jan said. But police launched a probe into the matter to appease the mob, which surrounded the police station and demanded that the businessman be brought to justice. Authorities stopped short of indicting Khan.

The retailer and his family are now in hiding fearing for their lives. His house has been ransacked by the crowds, Abbasi said. He added some radical Islamist groups have been advocating against Khan.

Police suspect that some of the complaints against Khan have been filed by other shop owners, whom the businessman threatened to evict for late payments.

The case highlights the potential for abuse of blasphemy laws in Pakistan, which, critics say, are often used for personal vendetta rather than protecting Islam. It was highlighted in the recent case of a 14-year-old girl, who was charged with insulting the Koran.

She was later released on bail, after a cleric was accused of planting evidence to incriminate her.

An accusation of blasphemy, even if not proven, often brings dire consequences in Pakistan. Earlier this summer, a mob dragged an accused blasphemer from a police building and lynched him on the spot.

Mosque-go! Muscovites rally against Muslim center project

People rallied in a Moscow neighborhood after local authorities announced the building of a Muslim cultural center and mosque in the area. The protest ended with officials being forced to cancel the planned construction.

Residents of the Mitino district came to voice their fears over the plans to build a Muslim cultural center and mosque in the neighborhood, which would be able to accommodate up to 60,000 believers during a service.

The would-be Muslim prayer house is subject to much speculation, even though construction project is far from being finalized. The rumor mill describes it as “a 13-story mega mosque,” which would broadcast calls to a morning prayer all over the neighborhood.

Disaffection towards Muslims was evidenced in some online comments on the event.
“I am firmly against it! We are flooded with those aliens, and now they want to have this insult standing virtually under my window… Let them build it outside of Moscow. There is plenty space there, so they all shove off there,” one of the comments read.

The demonstration was not sanctioned, but some 100 police officers present turned a blind eye on the fact and did not try to disperse the crowd.

However, on Thursday, it was announced that the Muslim cultural center will not be built there.

here for more


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try and imagine a european land mass, all islamic. think not? wake up.

I have no easy way to properly embed the video that goes with this IMPORTANT story.
It won’t surprise anyone of course. But I haven’t seen it put in quite this way till now.  Not having a TV could be one reason. But I know this. Not that I’m any smarter than anyone else or have a degree in rocket science, the opportunities opened to the west are getting less and less.

Europe will become an islamic land mass.  There won’t be a free England unless it’s the freedom to choose the mosque of your choice.
Americans will find themselves facing an armed islamic Europe and might itself (if it takes 100 years) become islamic or perhaps a balkinized continent with warring factions.  You MUST keep in mind, these scum are crazy but they are not all stupid. They can learn to vote, and only today there’s a report in one of the papers about their birth rate.  Something I’ve banged on about for some time.


Will Islamic extremists ignite rioting across Europe?

European capitals have become stages for anti-Western protests, by those outraged by the US made film ‘Innocence of Muslims’. But are calls for a holy war a sincere protest or a recruiting strategy of radical groups?


A wave of anti-American rallies, that started in Muslim countries a week ago, have spread rapidly to Europe, engulfing Paris, Berlin, London, Antwerp and other major cities.

The low-budget film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a fraudster and child molester provoked a varying reactions amongst the Muslim community. While one called for their religion to be respected, others called for American embassies to be burned down. Now, as the outrage has engulfed Europe, protests there differ, too.

Thus, a demonstration in Belgium’s Gent gathered around a hundred or so young Muslims, chanting “We want respect”, with the small rally wrapping up without incident.

In Antwerp, though, police had to detain 120 people. Around two hundred of those demonstrating were carrying black flags associated with the Salafi radical Islam sect, chanting anti-US slogans such as “Obama go to hell” and refusing to disperse. In total, some 250 protesters were detained in Belgium over the weekend.

Reports suggest the radical Islamic group, Shariah4Belgium, have been behind calls to stage major protests in Belgium. Muslim leaders in the country, though clearly disapproving of the film, wasted no time in condemning the street violence. 

In London roughly 1,000 people answered the calls issued by the hard-line Hizb ut-Tahrir organization, which seeks a unified Islamic government throughout the Arab world. Gathering near the American embassy on Sunday, the angry crowd burnt US flags and shouted “America – get out of Muslim lands.”

Many of these vermin are actually born right here.  Odd listening to a Brit accent spouting anti west/anti American slogans.
But to those not born here, I’d have to ask, why aren’t you leaving our lands?  We do not like you. We don’t want you. You disgust us and we don’t believe there’s any hope of your kind ever joining modernity except for the weapons. 
Of course when I refer to we, I cannot possibly speak for everyone as there are many traitors among us.  As well as the misguided and delusional liberals of the far left who really think in the end, if enough sweetness and light and appeasement is showered on this filth in human form, then in the end they will be spared any inconvenience. 

For the video, please click the source below. But first there is this.

Someone commented at the source site with:

Just look at their vile faces distorted in hate and with murder in their eyes.  They stand there screaming into the air like worse than mindless barking dogs.  I feel sorry for the women held captive by those men.  Protest, murder, bombs, fist shaking, screaming, chanting it is their life and what a sad life it is.  Limited to at most 120 years and instead of pursuing noble dreams and giving back to humanity the best that is within them they give back the worst.  And do any of them look hungry? Thirsty? In need of clothing? No. They have a hundred million times more luxury than their prophet Mohammed had, if he indeed existed, yet their mouths are open all day long crying like infants but will be judged as grown ups.
I watched this video without sound.  Try it and your viewpoint will change. Focus on faces and appearances

okay .... Here is an example. 


What an opportunity missed.  A gas attack against vermin in large packed numbers. But no. Apparently rats have rights.

Link to video



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calendar   Wednesday - September 19, 2012

officers down

Two female police officers went to a reported burglary yesterday. Sadly, it was a set up.  As it was only a burglary and as we all know there is never any danger connected with that low level but courageous (according to one judge) crime, they were met with a hail of bullets and a hand grenade. One was dead at the scene the died in hosp. Neither was armed as people here are very uncomfortable with armed police.  They’ll have none of that American wild west cowboy stuff here by golly. In this case, even if the ladies were armed with cannon they’d have stood no chance.  They were ambushed.  Their killer was not new to the killing game having already done away with a couple of underworld guys who irked him.  There was even an $80,000 reward for him.  He walked into a police station after this latest shooting and simply turned himself in.

So that’s the background to this article of which I will post very little.
Just a short bit and you’ll see why very soon.

Two female police officers shot dead in Manchester as man arrested

Two female police officers have died after being lured to an apparent ambush where there were callously gunned down.

By Martin Evans, Crime Correspondent

Fiona Bone, 32, and Nicola Hughes, 23, were responding to a routine report of a house burglary in the Mottram district of Greater Manchester when they were killed.
Shortly after the incident Dale Cregan, 29, who was being sought in connection with a gun and grenade attack in the city, walked into a police station and was arrested on suspcion of their murder.
It is understood that a number of shots were fired during the incident and a grenade was also detonated.

Of course there more to read and you may do that HERE and there are other links as well.  There isn’t any need for me to post more on the story and if you’re interested in more you have the link.

The reason for me posting this story at all aside from the shock value, and that did not count in my decision at all, has to do with armed police.  Or unarmed as they prefer here.  And oh btw, they are really expert on armed American cops. (in a pig’s ass)

Take a look.

Nick Clegg rejects calls for armed police officers after Manchester shootings

Calls to routinely arm police following the killing of two women officers were rejected by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who warned against any knee-jerk response to the tragedy.

Calls to routinely arm police following the killing of two women officers were rejected by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who warned against any knee-jerk response to the tragedy.

Mr Clegg said the move would carry “considerable risks” and could damage relations between police and the communities they serve.
The president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, Sir Hugh Orde, also spoke out against any potential change, saying guns “don’t necessarily solve the problem”.

“I think if we were, in an instant, to, in a sense, arm our police to the teeth so they become separate from the public, that would be quite a big change which would have considerable risks attached to it.
Sir Hugh told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme it was the “clear view of the British police service from top to bottom” that officers prefer to be unarmed because the public dislike approaching constables bearing weapons.

He added: “Guns don’t necessarily solve the problem. You only have to look at the American experience.
“Many colleagues in America are lost without even drawing their gun at close ranges.”

“Many colleagues in America are lost without even drawing their gun at close ranges.”

And that last bit is why I bothered to post this at all.  Many died when they couldn’t draw their weapon, so lets not have any cop with a gun.
No mention made of course of the lives saved. Perish the thought. Our head is made up already so don’t lets confuse the issue with any facts or interviews with American cops who are damn well comfortable with that sidearm.  And as a citizen by god so am I.  How is it possible I grew up in a country of armed police and never felt nervous or uncomfortable with our guys?  And never gave a thought to their gun if I had to approach one.  Or was stopped by one. 

There was a period in the history of this place, when the bad guys themselves generally didn’t want a gun, cos the penalty was too high. And anyway, the idea of shooting a cop was mostly unheard of.  It was like some kind of unwritten agreement.
Yeah I may be painting an overly bright picture but by and large, in another age cops weren’t the target they are today.  And there wasn’t any pc dictatorship or speech police.
Anyway, the excuse and reasoning used by that Orde know it all, shows how divorced from reality these schmucks are.

So that’s my rant for the day.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/19/2012 at 11:08 AM   
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Linx only

Damn, my PC is run amok today. It wont’ give me control of the keyboard. something dark is running in the background somewhere. Bastidges.


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november can’t come soon enough. wardmom.

cartoon, H/T The Conservative Brawler



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calendar   Tuesday - September 18, 2012

E3: Doroshkevich-Fedorov, Krasnodar 1981

Third exercise from Your Move by Yakov Neishtadt.



UPDATE: Wes found a ‘cook’ in the problem. See comments 6-8 for Wes’ cook and the book solution.


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 09/18/2012 at 03:15 PM   
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the seasons of arab love

My last for tonight.

H/T Comical Conservative through The Conservative Brawler. Good stuff here folks. Check it out.




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a word about gun control.  be a good idea to keep the safety on?

I guess it ain’t funny but.  well heck he didn’t have the safety on and it reads like a cartoon so I laffed.

H/T Sky News

Dog Shoots Man: Hunter’s Hand Is Amputated


A French hunter has told how he had to have his hand amputated after his “adorable” dog accidentally shot him.

The 55-year-old man, named only as Rene, said the animal accidentally pulled the trigger of his master’s shotgun after jumping on top of him “for a cuddle”.

The shot destroyed his right hand and he had to be taken by helicopter to a hospital in Bordeaux, where doctors were unable to save the limb.

Rene, who was hunting with three Blue Gascony Basset hounds in St Michel de Double, in the southwestern Dordogne region, told France Bleu radio he did not blame the animal.

“It wasn’t the dog’s fault,” he said. “And he’s adorable! I should have left the (gun’s) safety on, that’s all.”


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another killer that can’t be deported. how manys that make now?

Go ahead. See if you can work this one out. I’m too damn tired to try and must stay up another couple of hours in order to call the states.

Here’s the deal.  Guy is arrested but authorities can’t find a place to house him. So they re-arrest him and there’s hope of deportation.
Well, the re-arrest violated something or other and he put in a claim and collected £25,000. In American dollars that works out to $40,600 at the current rate of xchange.  Story is a bit short on some detail. The jury said he killed but was provoked. 
That’s it. There ain’t no more. ???  But Home Sec. wants him deported. After all, he gave the victim 40 whacks and when he saw what he had done, he strangled him.

I couldn’t make it rhyme. So here.  Oh, and he poses no serious threat to society say judges.  Glad to hear it but I don’t think I’d want to live next door to the guy. What if I provoked him without knowing I was doing that?  Scary.

BID TO DEPORT KILLER FAILS , as judges claim no serious threat to public

Home Secretary Theresa May’s hopes of deporting an Italian father-of-five who hit his flat-mate over the head with a hammer then strangled him with the flex of an iron have been dashed by senior judges.

The Court of Appeal concluded that the 54-year-old man should not be deported because he did not pose a “sufficiently serious threat to public security”.
Mrs May had challenged a similar earlier ruling by an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

Lord Justice Pill, Lord Justice Aikens and Lady Justice Rafferty dismissed her appeal after a hearing in London. The man was not identified in the appeal judges’ written ruling - and the ruling did not explain why he was not identified.

Appeal judges said the man had been given an eight-year jail term in 2002 after being convicted of killing flat-mate Edward Mitchell.

Judges said the man had been convicted of manslaughter by a jury at the Old Bailey. They said he had struck Mr Mitchell “at least 20 blows to the head with weapons, including a hammer” before strangling him.

They added that jurors decided that “murder was reduced to manslaughter by reason of provocation”. They said the man had been released from prison to “hostel accommodation” in 2006 but, because no place was available, he had been re-arrested.

The man had subsequently received damages of £25,000 for the “unlawful imprisonment which followed”, judges said.

He also had convictions for “assault on police”, battery and “having a bladed article”, the appeal court heard.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said: “We are very disappointed that the court has ruled we cannot deport this individual. We have appealed against that decision and hope that we will be able to pursue his removal from the UK.”


“One has to wonder whether today’s society was worth the sacrifice.” (of WW2)

The alternative might have been much worse but .... we can see how one might come to that conclusion.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/18/2012 at 12:00 PM   
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As the future of the English darkens, so the past seems to hold a light.

I wish I had thought of that.  I think it says a lot and it certainly exemplifies the state of being in our modern world.  The past is looking better all the time.  Look at this article.
Is this not stupid?  Beyond stupid really.  Words fail though I am groping for them.  Make an unpopular statement or say something in derision and you’re sent to an “equalities training” camp.  Training my fuckin’ ass.  Mind control more like.  Brainwashing probably.  But this is the world we live in today, and that sucks.

This I believe sums things up and I think bmews should have it posted permanently and visible in bold print.  It’s part of a letter to the editor of the Mail, has nothing to do directly with this article but …

Take a look.

N.W. Darby of London wrote,

“My wife went through the bombing of London during the last war.
One has to wonder whether today’s society was worth the sacrifice.”

I may as well explain why he wrote what he did.  His wife is wheelchair bound and 86 with a pacemaker.  At Heathrow Airport, she was taken into a private room and strip searched.  The staff were he said, “officious” and offered “no explanation for the search.”

So while he wrote because of that experience, what he said fits this situation as well and many others like it.  Just what was it that generation saved their country for?

For this?  I doubt that.

‘Minefield round traveller site’ jibe investigated

A councillor who said a minefield should be put up around a travellers’ site has been told to attend equalities training, the BBC has learned.

Conservative Mervyn Loynes, of South Cambridgeshire District Council, made a “silly remark in private”, Tory council leader Ray Manning said.
Mr Loynes, who was not available for comment, resigned from two planning committees following his comments.

The council said a report on the case would be published shortly.
Comments made by Mr Loynes ahead of a meeting in February to discuss travellers’ sites in Cambridgeshire were reported by a fellow councillor.

Mr Loynes has since been the subject of an internal investigation carried out by the council’s monitoring office and an “independent person”.
It concluded Mr Loynes had breached the council’s code of conduct relating to “respect, equalities and disrepute”.

A council spokesman said: “New national legislation for all local authorities means complaints will now be dealt with by the council’s monitoring officer alongside an appointed independent person, but reports will still be made public as they were under the former standards regime.

“Concluding cases in this way is less bureaucratic, and cost-effective to taxpayers.”
Mr Manning added: “Even before he was investigated, [Mr Loynes] decided to do the honourable thing by quitting his key roles in the two committees.” “He’s a decent and hard-working councillor.”

Mr Loynes was previously chair of the council’s planning enforcement committee and vice-chair of the planning committee.
Liberal Democrat opposition leader Sebastian Kindersley said: “We all make stupid comments, but we are not all chairmen of planning committees.
“Therefore, I think he has actually opened up the taxpayer and the council to being potentially sued by some disgruntled applicant or subject of a planning decision.”

Candy Sheridan, East of England vice-chair of the Gypsy Council, described Mr Loynes’ remark as “appalling”.

“It just should not be happening,” she said. “This type of behaviour needs to be addressed. It’s uncalled for and appalling.”
The council’s civic affairs committee will meet on 24 September to determine what information relating to the case will be made public.


Just curious.  How much ‘respect’ do the gypos show the communities they force themselves on?  What kind of ‘respect’ is it that makes travellers or whatever else the vermin call themselves, move on to green belt areas and dig up the land.  And the pc brigade wants to hold an ‘investigation.’

This type of behavior needs to be addressed, one fat assed broad speaking for a gypo council says.  Behavior?  She doesn’t apparently know the difference between speech and behavior.  Oh but she’s a vice chair. Woo-hoo. The high point of her politically correct life.

I wonder how much money the creeps who run these “equality training” sessions make.  I’d bet those session are meaningless to anyone forced to undergo the pleasure. I’d bet not one mind in a hundred would be changed and in fact would reinforce whatever thought process condemned them to the indignity.  But someone is raking it in.  Commie bastards. 

“One has to wonder whether today’s society was worth the sacrifice.”


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/18/2012 at 09:45 AM   
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Obama finally meets with Netanyahu

Somebody posted this on my Facebook page.



Posted by Christopher   United States  on 09/18/2012 at 10:32 AM   
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a post just for drew. okay, you can look too.

The wife found this and pointed it out to me as something to send Drew.
But I thought I’d get even with him here on line for some of the dishes he has posted in past issues of bmews.

This one’s fur u Drew.




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calendar   Monday - September 17, 2012


Shutting down and leave with this I found today.  I LOVE these planes.  Why are they so much sexier and sleek and awesome then the more modern variety?  Cept the Warthog. I like that one a lot. Don’t know why ppl say it’s ugly. It isn’t.
Anyway, this is a P47 Thunderbolt. Must be awesome in spades to be able to fly one.

Ok, I’m gone.




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