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morgan of cnn does not like our attitude as regards gun ownership

Yeah, it’s him again.
And as usual for me reading this guy, I’m annoyed. Again.

What the hell is it with foreigners who come to the USA and then decide they know better how we should approach the issue of gun ownership?

He mentions a stat with regard to gun killings here in Britain.  Well hell, with a population of 62 million I would hope they wouldn’t have a s high a murder rate as we do in the US.  But how convenient he doesn’t mention the daily killing by knives and by beatings. Everyday.

He’s on CNN as many of you may know.  But he has a page in a Sunday magazine here.

Fire when ready BMEWS.

Another day, another horrific gun shooting in America.
Piers Morgan
Live Magazine

This time, a white supremacist entered a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and murdered six worshippers, wounding three other people – including a policeman.

Three weeks ago, a young student dressed as the Joker went on the rampage in a Colorado cinema, shooting 70 people in the country’s worst ever gun-related massacre.

In my first month at CNN, in January, 2011, a congresswoman was shot in the head at an outdoor meeting in Arizona but miraculously survived. Six others were killed, 13 more wounded.

To me, the most disturbing aspect linking all these terrible crimes is that each of the gunmen bought his guns perfectly legally – yet, incredibly, very few Americans I know have a problem with this.

The right to bear arms is so deeply ingrained into the culture in the U.S. that all these outrages get explained away as ‘a few crazies doing crazy things’ and no proper debate on new gun control laws ever happens, let alone actual changes to the law.

It all comes down to the precise wording of the Second Amendment to the American Constitution, which reads: ‘A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.’

The pro-gun lobby, one of the most powerful and noisy forces in American society, argues that this amendment authorises every American to own and use guns.

The anti-gun lobby argues that the exact placement of the commas shows that the Founding Fathers intended the ‘right to bear arms’ only to apply to members of a militia – which, in the 18th century meant an army composed of ordinary citizens, not professional soldiers.

Those commas have thus become the most deadly, expensive and controversial punctuation marks in the history of language.

Whatever your view, the idea that what Thomas Jefferson and his cohorts had in mind when they wrote the Constitution was defending the rights of the mentally unstable or violent racists to legally, and easily, buy high-powered assault weapons to murder other Americans is plainly ridiculous.

The big question for America, where there are an average 11,000 gun murders a year (Britain averages 35), is whether, after the Presidential election on November 6, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will have the guts to stand up, say so, and do something about it.

Don’t hold your breath.


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some muslims in britain

I guess you could call this a clear warning as if they still need any, as well as a testimonial.  After all, this woman has been there and seen first hand.

Yesterday I posted a long article with regard to the activities of certain people practicing witchcraft with deadly and horrific results.
And here’s yet another example of a group of people who come to this country and insist on dragging along their stone age customs and grafting them onto a modern western culture. 

Lately I have been dipping in and out Pat Buchanan’s “Death of the West.” He wrote it perhaps as much as ten yrs ago.  Anyone who hasn’t read it should.  I don’t follow him on everything but gosh he sure did nail the future back when he wrote it.  I am tempted to start taking sections out and posting them here.  Hell, it won’t solve any of our cultural and national problems, and it’s preaching to the choir I guess.
Anyway, it wasn’t that he had a crystal ball as much as that he saw what was going on around us, and then said okay, this is where we are now and if we continue on this path here is where we are bound to end.  And he speaks about the subject as others did as well, of immigrants continuing the ways of the countries they left behind.

So I offer this and hope perhaps someone surfing through may read it and if unaware will be become informed.

‘I can still see the horror that made me flee Pakistan - in the haunted eyes of girls raised HERE’: Nadira Naipaul exposes arranged marriages and honour killings in the UK


When I married V.  S. Naipaul and moved to England in 1996, I thought I had left the horror behind.

Pakistan had drained my resolve, and I was tired of fighting a losing battle. To me, England, for all its ills, was the promised land.

Instead, I have found the horror I fled has followed me here. It is all around, eroding the very core of everything Britain believes in.

I see it everywhere. In the haunted eyes of young Pakistani girls, brought up in Britain, who know nothing but a Westernised life: young women who work happily behind beauty counters in our department stores, yet must return home to parents who refuse to emerge from their cultural ghettos.

And who expect their daughters to accept traditional arranged marriages to distant cousins brought up in rural Pakistan.

Desperate to integrate, these young girls change their names to sound more British. They are happy to have white boyfriends, to go clubbing. They certainly do not want forced marriages.

When I talk to them they are seething with anger that their parents – some semi-literate – insist upon entrenching themselves in Muslim ghettos, erecting cultural barriers and refusing to integrate, rejecting any semblance of a British way of life.

I see the same anger in young Muslim men who desperately want to join the mainstream, but cannot because deeply traditional parents expect strict adherence to traditional Islamic family life. It is easy to see how the clash between the generations can become corrosive, how at its most destructive extreme it can culminate in ‘honour killings’.

Take the recent case in Warrington of Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed, who murdered their Westernised daughter Shafilea, 17, because she refused to accept a forced marriage.

For a decade, while in Pakistan, I wrote extensively about women enmeshed in the restrictions of Islamic law and traditions of honour. Witnessing the torture inflicted on women by husbands, fathers, brothers and even female relatives with the seeming sanction of Islam gradually transformed me into a borderline heretic. It took me years to realise how deeply ingrained these beliefs are. And how difficult it is to combat them.

The tales of two women affected me deeply. While living on my farm in rural Bahawalpur with my first husband, I met Rani, a young woman whose husband was one of my seasonal labourers. I employed her as a maid.

A few months later, we were visited by a minister in the government who was one of the biggest landowners in the area and an old friend of my husband. He arrived with an entourage demanding that I hand over Rani, her husband and her five-year-old son.

Rani had been a beautiful child. At the age of ten, her parents, tenants of the minister’s grandfather, ‘gave’ her to the old man. She was regularly sexually abused by the minister, his father and grandfather. The women of the house did not protest, provided the men were discreet.

But when Rani became pregnant they married her off to an old man who often beat her and her son.

A few years later Rani fell in love with a local boy and eloped with him and the child. Now the minister wanted her back.

What, I asked my husband, would happen if we handed her over? He told me they would strip her, tie her to a carriage wheel, flog her, then rape her. She would be defiled in public.

He insisted, however, that we must hand her over. Not to do so would offend an old family friend. If not chastised properly, it would encourage other women to question their lot.

My husband had been educated in England and was the scion of an old, respected family, yet he accepted such things. When he realised I wouldn’t give Rani up, the minister said his ‘face must be saved’. He insisted upon taking the boy. Rani wailed like a banshee. The heartrending sight and sound of her has never left me.

On another occasion, a young woman was doused in petrol and set alight by her father and brother in front of her terrified mother and sisters because she would not marry a man who had abducted her. The family considered her defiled. She had stayed overnight with this man. She must marry him or they would be shamed. When she tried to run away, they murdered her.

These are extreme examples, but stark reminders of the hold these beliefs have on entrenched communities – communities that have, for five decades, been relocating to Britain.

So why, then, have successive Governments refused to acknowledge the incestuous cultures that have evolved in these ghettos? Why does no one challenge the existence of the so-called ‘Islamic Parliaments’, with their retrogressive laws, that exist in cities such as Bradford and Leicester?

In these cities, teams of vigilantes terrorise Pakistani communities. They turn up unannounced to homes, insisting that Ramadan is respected and checking that everyone has come to prayers. They force shops to close, they check that the community is fasting, that women wear the veil.

Let me be clear. No Muslim woman should be forced to wear a veil. No woman wore it in the era of the Prophet. These Muslims may see themselves as community champions, but they are fanatics who make life a misery for young people who want to integrate.

It is time for liberal Muslims to speak out. The defenders of our precious multiculturalism must get real. My message to those who promote these entrenched ghetto ideas is this: go home if you want to practise your form of Islam. There is no place for it here.



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Cor, Blimey! Good Grief Charlie Brown.

This woman claims she’s never had plastic surgery.  She is of course Sylvester Stallone’s mother.
My god what an embarrassment she must be to him to show up in public like this.
For gosh sake the old broad is 90.  Short skirts and trying to appear sexy as I’m certain she must else why the get up?
Look at that face and those trout lips.  That face could scare the hell out of Count Dracula.

As someone wrote in yesterday’s paper, there really does come a time when the “pursuit of youth” must end.

Hi heels and a mini and a face that has since last night’s appearance, launched a thousand unkind comments and all deserved.

I really don’t think she knows any better.  I think she looks in the mirror and says,” hello you doll you.”

Gonna have to hunt up some awfully nice eye candy to make up for this total mess.

Wonder what Drew will say.  Oh boy.  This should be fun.

The Expandables: Jackie Stallone, 90, brings her inflated trout pout to Hollywood premiere of son Sly’s film

By Chris Johnson

PUBLISHED: 17:32 GMT, 16 August 2012 | UPDATED: 00:06 GMT, 17 August 2012

Hollywood is teaming with inflated egos.

But Jackie Stallone’s lips - which have taken on a character of their own - won hands down last night at the Los Angeles premiere of The Expendables 2.

The 90-year-old astrologer, along with her indefatigable pout, joined her son Sylvester at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest action movie.


Hang on a minute guys.  Don’t go yet.

I didn’t have the heart to post the worst one. The really,really close up- close up. The vomit inducing enlarged pix



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The End Of The Road


But my mother writes in to remind me that New Jersey hasn’t had common-law marriage since 1939.

Gee. That helps. And she is right, but that’s not the point.

It’s a term, m’kay? Just a frickin term. Because “long term life partner” sounds utterly gay.


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Britain’s voodoo killers. Warning. This isn’t a pleasant read.

There isn’t any doubt this will be the most disturbing and gruesome post I have ever done.  In my wildest imaginings of the evil ppl do, until sometime last year when I first became aware, I still didn’t know it had gone this far and for so long a time.  Reports say at least ten years.

I have done some editing but, due to the nature of the subject, this is not a short post. And oh btw:

Lets hear it for multi culture and diversity folks.

Remember that very old story about a farmer inviting a pig into his house and clothing it etc.?  It was still a piggy and it still crapped wherever it wanted to even though it was the smartest animal in his barnyard.  Something like that. 
Another way saying something about a leopard’s spots.

Well, this gruesome story reminds me of that.  I love cats, but if I dressed a cat up in a suit and tie, it would still be a cat and it would still, we would hope, use the damn litter box.
But this is a very different sort of animal. An almost human one.

They’ve been taught to read and write and given opportunities to better themselves which some have for sure.  But the life forms that have been coming out of some of the backward places mentioned, are not quite the same.  They may look it and act it when it’s necessary, but once on their own, where no one can see, they quickly revert to what they actually are.

Savages, and vicious ones at that.  They are NOT capable of integrating and a thousand years from today, they will be exactly as they are now, which is what they were a thousand years ago.  Savages.

This is without a doubt the most disturbing article I have ever posted here. And it is not done for shock value, although it may shock a few.  Mostly I think, this won’t surprise many as it’s pretty much expected.

This isn’t for the squeamish.

he was found licking blood from the man’s injured face.

the louder the victim screams, the more potent the magic.

Britain’s voodoo killers: This week a minister warned of a wave of child abuse and killings linked to witchcraft. Alarmist? This investigation suggests otherwise


They appeared to be upright and decent members of our society. She dressed smartly, and had worked for Marks & Spencer. ( a major dept. store chain)

He drove a top-of-the-range Mercedes and spent his spare time coaching a local women’s football team.

But unbeknown to their neighbours and friends, this couple living in their suburban London flat led a terrifying secret life.

They practised African black magic or voodoo, and on Christmas Day in 2010 they murdered a teenage boy in the belief he was a witch.
To rid the 15-year-old of his ‘demons’, the couple attacked him with knives, sticks, metal bars, a hammer, pliers and a chisel until he begged to die.

After three days of torture, Kristy Bamu was put in the bath and hosed down with cold water to get rid of the blood on his body. Horribly injured, he slid under the water as the bath filled up, and drowned.

Details of Kristy’s murder were revealed at a trial at London’s Old Bailey which ended earlier this year.
Football coach Eric Bikubi, 28, and his partner, Magalie Bamu, 29, Kristy’s sister, were each sentenced to life imprisonment for killing him at their eighth-floor apartment in Newham, East London.

The case was a shocking reminder of how witchcraft, with its roots in Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean, is now practised in the heart of our multicultural cities and towns.

more than 130 dreadful injuries on his body. His face was unrecognisable and pounded to a pulp.

Nine days before Kristy’s death, a mother disembowelled her four-year-old daughter to ‘exorcise evil spirits’ at her home in Hackney, London.

Shayma Ali strangled the child before stabbing her 40 times with a kitchen knife because she believed she was possessed by a spirit referred to in the Koran.

She had removed the eyes from the little girl’s toys to stop them ‘seeing’ the child’s evil ways.

Particularly prized are the genitalia of young boys and virgin girls. Cut from a live child they are thought to add more potency because of the victim’s screams

Last month, four family members were found guilty of murdering a pregnant 21-year-old woman whom they claimed was ‘possessed’ by ‘evil spirits’.
Mohammed Tauseef Mumtaz, 25, and his parents and brother-in-law were found guilty of killing his wife three years ago.

And just this week a Nigerian couple were sentenced to seven years in jail after abusing their children — who they believed to be possessed — for ten years.  Their crimes were only uncovered after their eldest daughter threw a note into the street outside her window, begging for help.

Oh great. Abuse for 10 years and serve 7 for the abuse.  That’s what passes for justice in today’s fracked up world where if justice ruled, they’d deserve life at the least.

Police are investigating a tide of violent acts, often against children, by those who believe in witchcraft practices known as voodoo, kindoki, and juju. But a government minister has warned that political correctness is hampering their ability to prevent such atrocities.

Such horrors are barely credible yet detectives fear they are only scraping the surface of this hidden and abhorrent crime wave. They have linked witchcraft to huge money-making operations in which parents pay wads of cash for ‘deliverance’ ceremonies to stop their children being witches.

Horrific exorcism videos promoting the vile practice are on sale in Britain and I was able to buy them myself. Scotland Yard is now so alarmed at the rise in witchcraft ceremonies that it has established a special unit to investigate the ritual abuse of children in the name of religion and culture.
But these detectives are being hampered by a culture that is endemic throughout the state apparatus and conspires to hide the true enormity of what is happening.

The modern-day creed that immigrant communities must be free to follow their own cultures and customs, without questions or criticism, has allowed witchcraft and various rituals to flourish.

In June, it emerged that social workers at Islington Council, North London, considered sending an African boy back to his native land, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), for an exorcism at the taxpayers’ expense because his mother claimed he was possessed by ‘kindoki’ or evil spirits and needed ‘deliverance’.
Astonishingly, the council paid Dr Richard Hoskins, an expert in African religion, £4,372 to travel to Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC, to investigate how and if the ceremony should take place, because social workers were worried the family’s ‘sensibilities might be affected’ if they didn’t obey the mother’s wishes.
Dr Hoskins met the grandparents in Kinsasha, who claimed the boy had been ‘infected by sorcery’ in Britain which would ‘destroy them all’. Church officials in the city also claimed that his evil spirits would lead to ‘strife, illness, divorce, hardship, poverty and death’ if not dealt with by the ritual. It would have involved depriving the boy of food and drink for three days to ‘cast out’ the bad spirits.

On his return, Dr Hoskins told Islington Council that the ceremony would leave the boy ‘disturbed and traumatised’. The extraordinary plan was dropped and the child is now in the care of the local authority.

However, as Dr Hoskins told a conference, the case highlights how ambivalent British officials can be towards tackling child abuse when it is committed under the guise of religious or cultural ceremonies and ‘masked by multiculturalism’

According to witch doctors, to kill a living person for medicinal purposes is the most empowering form of sacrifice and, the most potent form of all is to kill an innocent child.

At its heart, this abuse is rooted in the belief that a misfortune befalling a family can be blamed on their child being a witch.
The failure of an immigration appeal, a shortage of money, the loss of a job or an on-going housing problem have all been cited as reasons for a son or daughter being deemed to be ‘possessed by evil spirits’.
Even a misdemeanour such as bedwetting can put a child at risk of being labelled a witch — indeed, as we shall see, it was the fact that he wet himself that sealed Kristy Bamu’s terrible fate.

Likewise, girls from strict religious backgrounds who bring shame on their family honour by adopting Western attitudes have also been forced to undergo exorcism ceremonies where they are beaten and shouted at until they faint with terror.
Dr Hoskins, an academic who has studied witchcraft for 25 years, gave evidence at the Kristy Bamu murder trial, where he said: ‘Even among educated people in London, I’ve met those who believe in kindoki, as witchcraft is known in central and western Africa , and that it has powers.’
This first caught public attention with the death of eight-year-old Victoria Climbie more than a decade ago in 2000. Victoria was killed in London by her great-aunt and partner, who said the sweet little girl was a witch.

A year later the torso of a five-year-old Nigerian boy, named Adam by police, was found in the River Thames after he was sacrificed. Police believe he was smuggled into Britain and his body parts used in a ritual medical ceremony to save the life of someone in the migrant community who was dying of an incurable disease.

In some forms of African witchcraft, heads and other body parts can be buried in front of homes to keep bad spirits at bay. A cup of human blood is said to boost vitality. A powdered concoction made from pieces of brain is believed to lead to riches.

Particularly prized are the genitalia of young boys and virgin girls. If these body parts are cut from a live child they are thought to add even more potency because of the victim’s screams.

That such practices take place overseas has long been known. But now they are happening here after being imported from other countries — and in truth they have been going on for years.

He is alleged to have cut off his daughter’s head, legs and arms during a ritual to bring him luck.

The headless torso of a black baby girl was found hidden in bushes in Epping Forest way back in 1969. Scotland Yard are now reinvestigating her murder and think it may have been the earliest case of a killing linked to African witchcraft on British soil.
The girl’s father, from north-west Africa, quickly became the chief suspect, but fled the country before he could be arrested and questioned. He is alleged to have cut off his daughter’s head, legs and arms during a ritual to bring him luck.
According to police and migrant advisory services, witchcraft ceremonies are spreading because of the increasing number of unregulated back street churches and mosques that have broken away from the mainstream places of worship to cater for millions of new immigrants from Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean countries, providing a link to their birth countries, cultures and customs.
Many of these horrific events are filmed and can be found on videos selling for a couple of pounds in ethnic shops and market stalls in London. What they show is terrified children, accused of witchcraft, being freed of ‘demons’. In one video I bought, a white-robed pastor is shown hitting a five-year-old boy with a long stick as the congregation chants approval.
His mother cries, but is held back from freeing her son because it is thought — by the prayer goers — to be the best thing for the family and their child. They are scenes which police believe are being repeated week after week in cities such as London, Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester.

And, worryingly, Detective Superintendent Terry Sharpe of Scotland Yard says that witchcraft-linked crime is ‘far more prevalent’ in this country than official figures suggest.

‘Children have been physically beaten and forced to drink unknown liquids in rituals to rid them of evil spirits. They have been starved and deprived of sleep.

‘Children have been blindfolded and had their hair cut off. They have had liquid poured on their genitals and been murdered,’ he said after the Kristy case.
So what of this innocent boy’s killers, the couple who appeared to be pillars of their local community? At the time Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu were busy renovating their London flat and would talk on the stairways to neighbours who thought they were a perfectly ordinary and loving couple.
Five years earlier, Bikubi had even served as a community adviser on child protection issues in the London borough of Camden.

To his family and friends, he was a talkative man, mad about football, who had trials for Arsenal and claimed to have played alongside John Terry. As for Magalie, she tied back her long hair, dressed with some style and had loved her job at Marks & Spencer.
But behind closed doors, the couple could not have been more different from this presentable image.

His belief in witchcraft was so deeply ingrained that once, when he was in prison awaiting trial, he picked a fight with another inmate and was found licking blood from the man’s injured face.
It was to this murderous man’s home that an unwitting Kristy Bamu and his siblings were sent by their parents from their family home in Paris for a few days over Christmas in 2010.

His sisters, aged 20 and 11, were beaten along with Kristy, but escaped further attacks after ‘confessing’ to being witches. Two other boy relatives, aged 13 and 22, were made to join in the torture.

A nervous teenager, Kritsy wet himself during the visit and suddenly he was accused by Bikubi and Magalie of being a witch and bringing voodoo in the couple’s home. 

Bikubi forced Kristy to pray for deliverance for three days and nights without food and water.

The boy had a metal bar shoved in his mouth, he was struck in the face with a hammer and his teeth were knocked out. One of his brothers was forced to stand guard so he could not escape, while some of his siblings were made to mop up his blood.

He begged for forgiveness during his ordeal, and even confessed to being a witch to try to save his own life. All to no avail. When Kristy died he had more than 130 dreadful injuries on his body. His face was unrecognisable and pounded to a pulp.

Savagely killed by an evil couple in the name of witchcraft, it seems certain he will not be the last child to be maimed or die.

Photos at the link. Not pleasant.



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pretty bad as comedy but what else can it be? Oh right. The law.

Okay you try and figure the reasoning out.

Jeesh. Just love the judges here. If I ever get in trouble, which I will try and avoid you betcha, I’d want one of these softies. But I must admit, reading the defense lawyer here is really cringe worthy. 
Hey, do they actually believe this BS?  Surely not.

The only reason for this post is the defense statement and what the judge said.
It’s pretty bad comedy.

This teen girl (19) was in a relationship (lesbian) and was possessive and jealous and lost her temper and so stabbed her lover.
Her victim survived and she was arrested of course.
So now it’s court time and here’s where I join them for your amusement.
Not that stabbing anyone is amusing.

Ok so judgy dear takes the time cos he’s that kinda guy, to tell the stabber
what she did on that day.  Which of course the girl already knew as, well, she was there.  Makes sense. She ought to know. Right?  But I guess the judge wanted to make certain the girl knew what she did in case it was some other girl who happened to look like her. Well hell guys, that makes as much sense as the defense lawyer.

Jealous lesbian, 19, stabbed her girlfriend, 25, with a kitchen knife after accusing her of being unfaithful

· Kelly Furrugia left Kirsty Brown in a pool of blood and refused to call an ambulance despite her lover begging for help
· Miss Brown suffered two puncture wounds in her chest and Farrugia was jailed for five years

A jealous teenage lesbian who twice stabbed her older lover with a six inch kitchen knife after accusing her of being unfaithful has been jailed for five years.
Possessive Kelly Farrugia, 19, brutally knifed Kirsty Brown, 25, after checking through her mobile phone as she slept.
Farrugia left Miss Brown in a pool of blood and refused to call an ambulance despite her lover begging her for help.

Alright now here come the part that made me post this.  Read this and tell me, please, am I mistaken or is this just so much bull shit plain and simple.
I find it even embarrassing to read because in my mind’s eye, I can imagine these two actually speaking. I don’t mean I hear voices. But it’s so dumb looking to read I can almost hear the nonsense.
See what you think.

James Dixon, defending, told the court that Farrugia had shown good qualities since she was arrested.

He said: ‘She has been working with her mother on a market stall three days a week.
‘This has meant getting up at 4.30am to get to the market. That shows she has a very positive future in terms of her conduct.
‘That demonstrates a lot in terms of her attitude.’

Judge Glenn said he agreed that the defendant had made some positive strides, but told her she would inevitably face a lengthy prison sentence.
He added: ‘I accept the view of the probation officer, that you pose a risk to future partners. But you are a person with good qualities.
‘I am impressed that you have continued to be industrious, despite having this hanging over you.’


Oh I get it now.  She still a risk to others but is nonetheless a person with good qualities.  Those would include I suppose stabbing someone and then refusing to call for help.  An excellent quality we can all agree, should she decide to become a serial killer.
The law really is an ass.

Working three days a week is industrious!.. no wonder this country is in the state it. She refused to get her girlfriend medical help, that should of cost her a few more years.
- BD, Fed up of British justice system., 17/8/2012 17:52

To which I ask, what justice?


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it’s not a gag and you couldn’t make it up

I don’t think I’d forgive myself if I didn’t share this.
Not certain if it’s a German joke er what.
See what you make of this.

Caught in the early morning papers.
H/T iNews

Germany has taken steps to allow their military (if that’s what it is these days) to be used in extreme cases and only as a last resort.
The military as you may know, has been very much restricted since the last dust up that John Wayne DID NOT win but American industrial might did.
But forget that for now.  Just saying that Germans for some reason are still worried about their military getting out of hand and so the army may only use force in extenuating circumstances of a national emergency.  They may not be used against demonstrations ie. peace creeps and leftists and more’s the pity.

HOWEVER -----------> The high court has ruled that the 2006 law remains which says,

“The shooting down of a hijacked airliner remains ILLEGAL.”

The government wanted to allow the military to fire at planes that were being “used by terrorists as weapons.”
Are you people all with me so far?
Good. Because ...


Unless there’s a typo somewhere, you’d never make this one up.image


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calendar   Friday - August 17, 2012

A roll full of miracles

Duct tape - it fixes everything!
It even works for bridge repairs!


wooden joists sistered in around the steel ones, held in place with duct tape

on the TISCO half-subdivided 5 section polygonal top chord Warren pony truss

Union Forge Park, High Bridge, New Jersey

Ok, I’m being a tiny bit silly, but the duct tape is there, and it was used to hold the boards in place when the new decking was laid down. And the thing that is annoying about Warren truss bridges is that none of the variations ever got specific names; had this been a polygonal top chord Pratt truss it would have been called a Parker, and since this one has a 5 section top chord that Parker would be called a Camelback. And on a Parker, the half-subdivided aspect would probably make this one a “K Camelback”, since you get a “K” when you subdivide the top part of the diagonal on a Parker. Or any Pratt actually.

image image

But on the whole, who cares? It’s an odd little bridge in the middle of a steel factory that existed since colonial times. And that factory is both a public park and an active business.  The bridge crosses the South Branch of the Raritan River of course, as do all my bridges so far; it’s about 3 miles downstream from the one I posted the other day. But this bridge doesn’t quite fit in with all the rest, since it’s only a single span pony. And it’s the wrong color. And all that barbed wire makes it quite unfriendly. And it was never made to carry more than foot traffic, or perhaps a single horse and carriage. It’s undated, and in C- condition, and obviously somebody got at it with a welding torch and access to the county’s spare bridge parts bin and tacked on that 1900’s yellow railing that was probably snagged from some other local bridge. I’d guess this bridge was made in the 1920s, but that could be anywhere from 1915-1945. The abutments of a far older span are just 75 yards downstream, and a much newer girder bridge is just 25 yards upstream, somewhat visible in the left picture above.

image image image

Some people get their exercise by going for a walk. Me too, plus I immerse myself in history at the same time. It’s worth a 10 minute drive.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 08/17/2012 at 06:30 PM   
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gypsies again … but a very different place. a px on the filthy bastards.

Not exactly the same old because of, location, location, location.

Miserable gypsy vermin at it again. That part is usual and no surprise.
These scum do as they please, the laws be damned as the laws quite obviously do not apply to them.  While I may hate their guts and wish a mass killing of the lot with NO exceptions, it must also be said that they can only do what they do with the co-operation of the authorities who just refuse to see common sense and worry about rights and race and stupid laws, old ones at that, that have no place if they ever did, in the 21st century.
The difference this time, and it really will be interesting to see how it finally plays out, is where these lawless, thieving scum have landed this time.
Take a look at this.

Gypsy families invade playing fields of £30,000-per-year Marlborough College where Kate Middleton played hockey

Arrived there after being evicted from an illegal site in Berkshire

Have told police they will refuse to move from the historic site


A convoy of gypsies has invaded playing fields at the Duchess of Cambridge’s former £30,000-a-year ( $47,000.00 ) independent school and refuses to move.

The group, made up of half-a-dozen caravans and assorted vehicles, trundled onto the hallowed fields at exclusive Marlborough College, Wiltshire, and have established an illegal camp.

The travellers are now occupying the site, where Catherine went to school, and have told police they will not go.


Well-heeled residents nearby have condemned the convoy for bringing caravans, horses carts and dogs onto the the college’s prestigious playing fields.

Resident Jacqui Broadbridge said: ‘We could hardly believe our eyes when this convoy of gypsy lorries, caravans and horseboxes drove through the estate.

‘They must have been looking for somewhere to set-up camp. We then heard they had driven straight through the gates onto the college playing fields.’

The travellers had been evicted from an illegal site in Newbury, Berkshire, on Thursday before making their way into Wiltshire.

Shortly before 6pm on Thursday families living on the Barton Park estate, on the west side of Marlborough, saw the 15-strong convoy heading past.

The group, in caravans, horseboxes and even tarmac lorries, drove into the Marlborough College gates by the public school’s Memorial Hall.

They then roared onto the college’s playing fields - where a week ago scores of children attending its annual Summer School had been playing.

A group of officers from Wiltshire Police stayed in the gateway to prevent any further vehicles driving in - but claimed they were powerless to evict them.

One said: ‘There is little we can do because it is private land. The college staff are aware the travellers are here and it is up to the school to take legal action to remove them.

‘All we can do is stand and watch and wait and from what we have been told by a member of the college staff the travellers have said they intend to stay until Monday.’

Marlborough College, founded in 1843, is an independent school for day and boarding pupils up to the age of 18.

Jonathan Leigh, Master at Marlborough College, said yesterday: ‘We are pursuing all legal steps to remove these people as soon as possible.’



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/17/2012 at 10:31 AM   
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News You Can Lose

I haven’t paid hardly any attention at all to the news the past several weeks. I doubt if I missed much of anything.

Politics? What for? I made up my mind who I was going to vote for in the 2012 presidential election back in the Spring of 2008: anybody but Obama. It was obvious then that McCain was throwing the election just like Bob Dole and Daddy Bush did before him, so that the other party could have it’s turn.  So whatever Romney is up to ... it doesn’t matter one jot. If the guy can get elected, and I hope he does, and IF he can get Obamacare thrown out, then he will have been a successful President and the economy will surge. If not, then he’s another lying cork-snocker, the nation is doomed, and there is no significant difference between the elected officials on either side of the aisle. Crooks and statists, all of them. But if he can ... then we can have America again. Mostly. Sort of.

So, what’s in the news?

Nope, doesn’t seem like I’ve missed much of anything after all.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 08/17/2012 at 08:19 AM   
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a couple of items that caught the eye

I thought a bit of humor was fitting here since in awhile I might be posting some very unwelcome material I want ppl to know about. Anyway, we deserve a laff what with all the usual posts about crime, justice lack of and all the other crap that drives us up a wall.
Not that this story is very funny to the people involved.  Anything but. It has to do with adultery and betrayal etc.  So why do I think it’s funny?
Cos it deals with Nelson Mandela’s family and I don’t much care for the anti American anti Bush commie sob or his kin.  And take a gander at the link for pix.

Nelson Mandela’s grandson throws wife out of home after discovering that baby son is his brother’s

By Dan Newling, Cape Town
2:48PM BST 14 Aug 2012
Mandla Mandela, 38, was accused of bigamy when he married teenager Anais Grimaud while still married to his first wife.
Now, following weeks of media speculation that their marriage had ended amid blazing rows, Mr Mandela has confirmed that his wife had an affair with his brother.
“The Mandela family has sent my wife Nkosikazi Nobubele Mandela (nee Anais Grimaud) back to her home after it was discovered she has been having an affair with one of my brothers”, he said.
“I confirm this affair resulted in a son that Nkosikazi Nobubele gave birth to in 2011.
The cuckold scandal is just the latest in a series of controversies involving Mandla Mandela, whom Nelson Mandela anointed as his political heir.

the happy bride source

Then there are a couple of very short mindless news briefs and I’m glad they’re short.
Filed under oh what a surprise.
Hmm. Must remember to make that a category. It’s continued stuff like this that says, the world most surely is NOT right.

A muslim was arrested after he threatened to attack his pregnant girlfriend with a knife, if she continued to refuse to convert to his religion.

And ....
A patient said to be “No Risk” by dumb ass shrinks was tasered 2wice by the police while the nut case was on home leave.
The reason?
He was found brandishing a Samurai sword in the street.  He drew the sword and then approached the officers but he wasn’t offering to give up the weapon.
They should have shot him dead but no. ALL life is precious is the mantra. And the bed wetting lefty libtards would raise hell. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/17/2012 at 08:10 AM   
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some world news in brief

There way too much to ignore today.
Took off yesterday and find nothing has changed.  The world is still nuts.
Logic and common sense are still somewhere but not close by, if what I read resembles the truth.

There are some “rights” that people are entitled to and that libs have added to. Or else lawyers who find new “rights” every day. Including,


No kidding.  Apparently the naming and shaming of people selling dangerous bootleg hooch and tobacco breaches their human rights.
Pretty silly anyway since I can’t see many folks would be shamed much by that activity.

A city council (Derby, pronounced as Darby. Don’t ask.) wanted to publish the names of the stores that sold bogus goods which avoid tax and can actually be harmful to health.
Some alcohol being sold has more then seven times the permitted level of something I never heard of but it’s called, cadmium.  Which I’m informed does damage to the kidneys, and also six time the amount of lead.  Now that’s pretty serious.

I’m all for the guys who smuggle cigarettes, even though I’m not a smoker. The authorities haven’t the nerve and politicians don’t have either, to treat booze the same way they treat cigs. That’s cos the cigarette industry was more a sitting duck and hadn’t the power of the alcohol lobby.  They treat smokers like criminals but I’ve never heard of a smoker committing any crime to support that habit.
I just HATE Big Brother.  And that cigarette tax is nothing less then legal theft happily supported by the wimpy left.
But the idea that anyone, even the ones I would turn a blind eye to, have a right to break the law by hiding behind human rights, seems a step too far.

Well heck. That’s minor stuff but simply something I was made aware of without looking for it. The really big story this afternoon is the following.

You’re all familiar with that rat bastard Julian Assange. Right?  Well you’ll know by now that last month he ran to the ecuadorian embassy where the Brit police can not go to arrest him.  He is wanted by Sweden on charges of sexual assault.
But he has made the claim and his idiot supporters including the turd world embassy believe, that he would then be given over to the Americans for execution (oh if only) on charges of treason.  So they have granted this miserable lying rat fink asylum. Everyone here knows he couldn’t qualify for a treason charge and I think even the stupid commies of ecuador (which for now I refuse to spell with caps) know that is bogus.
No, what this is, is a finger in Uncle Sam’s eye as Littlejohn so rightly says.
He’s a lying SOB and btw he doesn’t bathe much and his room at the embassy stinks.

His supporters (as a few I heard on the radio) keep talking about the death penalty in America conveniently forgetting there’s a couple of women in Sweden who are claiming sexual abuse.  I don’t know if their claim is true or as he claims he’s been set up. But since he’s avoiding his extradition to Sweden while holed up in the ecuador embassy, there won’t be a trial to determine what the truth is.  But he sure acts guilty.
He’s a pure fake.  He’s educated to a degree where he knows damn well his worthless life would not be under any sort of threat in the USA.
Oh well, that is unless I was armed and within range of the puke. I honestly believe I would not be able to resist pulling the trigger on this shit. And anyway, at my age, there’s not much runway left and so not much to lose. Bang,bang. One less enemy of my country.

Here’s link I believe you should take a peek at.


The WikiLeaks siege fiasco: As tiny Ecuador saves Assange from extradition by granting asylum, 40 police surround embassy… and if he steps outside, they’ll pounce

Julian Assange has hid from law for nearly two months in embassy
Police operation will cost at least £50,000 a day
Fears he could be smuggled out in a diplomatic bag
Ecuadorian foreign minister: Assange could face death penalty if sent to US by Sweden
William Hague: Asylum was being used ‘for the purposes of escaping the regular processes of the court’

By Jack Doyle, Tim Shipman and Nick Mcdermott


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/17/2012 at 06:40 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - August 16, 2012

One Day At A Time

Yeah, I’m still here.

Had to check the mother in law out of the hospital again today. Her condition means she has to go in for a couple of days every few weeks. And while insurance will pay for medical transport to get her to the hospital, it’s up to us to get her home.

She gave my wife such grief last time that I drove her this time. And funny ... not a peep out of her. She didn’t even notice me going 90mph on the highway, but that car rides so slow anyway; it always seems like you’re going 30mph slower than you really are.

So we got her home, then levered her out of the car and into a wheelchair to get her up the steep front steps. I pulled, my wife pushed, and up she went with a minimum of bumping. Got her in the house and into her hospital bed, and I installed the little box for her to stand on that makes getting in bed easier for her. Fine. And away we went.

So back here I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do. So there still won’t be much posting from me. Damn. I miss it.

But I’m still not smoking ... and it’s STILL driving me nuts. It’s the first thing I think of in the mornings and the last thing I think of at night. Over coffee, after meals, behind the wheel of the car, while on the phone ... the habits of a lifetime are hard to break. But I WILL succeed. It’s been almost a month already.

You want a bridge? Nah, you don’t want a bridge today. Besides, I don’t have any exciting ones. Run of the mill only, so here’s a picture of a house with a giant pig on the front porch. But hey, there’s an awesome old bridge right down the street from there!!



Posted by Drew458   United States  on 08/16/2012 at 03:00 PM   
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calendar   Wednesday - August 15, 2012

Hezbollah ‘theme park’

And here I thought I was gone over an hour ago. I need to get outta here. Really.
BUT -------- I ran into this on my way out.

This is a MUST see.

Sorry I don’t have part two and honest, no time to hunt tonight. If you find it, let us know.

Take a look.

Inside the Hezbollah ‘theme park’ where children are taught the glory of martyrdom


Multi-million pound museum is built on former militant stronghold in the Lebanese town of Mleeta

It features tanks, rockets, archive video footage and even a gift shop


Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has built a multi-million pound theme park designed to indoctrinate its children about the glory of martyrdom against its enemy Israel.

The mostly-outdoor museum features barbed wire, tanks, rockets, archive video footage and a lot of guns.

Visitors are able to walk around replica war scenes that feature destroyed Israeli tanks - including one symbolically rendered impotent by a twisted firing barrel - and grave stones lying on their side.

Scroll down for video



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/15/2012 at 03:37 PM   
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