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Obama must do more than manage America’s decline

Charles Moore is an English journalist and a former editor at the Telegraph and the Spectator.

He is writing (or has already done so) the official biography of Margaret Thatcher.
He is, needless to say, a staunch Conservative. That’s with a BIG ‘C’ just so ya know.

I have to assume he knows more then I do. Heck, he should with his experience and education.  But I have to say, I’m still not certain about Romney. Are you?
Of course, that’s who we have got and so it’s best I think, not to have division among the ranks in the sight of our foe.
I am also not certain about his comments with regard to killing our enemies but not doing enough to save lives.  ??? Maybe I read it wrong or just don’t understand the point. 
Moore is definitely not an anti-American scribe.  But I guess he wants us to do more then I’d like us to do in the world.
I guess I’m just one of those old fashioned war mongering dinosaurs who’d rather ignore the world or blow parts of it up.
I have zero patience with the hate America snobs and I would never make a diplomat. I’m lucky to be able to spell the word without spell check.
I haven’t posted his entire article but it is worth your time.

President Barack Obama must do more than manage America’s decline

In the face of Obama’s timid foreign policy towards Russia and the Arab world, Republican challenger Mitt Romney is offering real hope
By Charles Moore

Why was Barack Obama so popular globally when he ran for the US presidency four years ago? Because people believed that an eloquent and charismatic first (half-) black president of the United States could do good in the world. The retro-chic poster with a picture of Mr Obama and the single word “HOPE” on it conveyed the entire message.

Four years on, Mr Obama remains eloquent, charismatic and (obviously) 50-per-cent black. He still has considerable global prestige, but his career exhibits a contradiction which, over time, tells against him. He has used that prestige to tell us, in effect, that the president of the United States cannot do all that much good in the world. His message is that American power has lessened, that America is not a special place.

In logic, if you accept this message, you must place less hope in the man who delivers it. He is the advocate of his nation’s decline, and therefore of the reduction of his power. The odd decision to give Mr Obama the Nobel Peace Prize at the start rather than the finish of his presidency turns out to make a sort of sense: he achieved much more by winning the election than by anything that he has done.

You can see this clearly if you survey the Middle East. In this month in 2009, Mr Obama delivered his landmark speech in Cairo: “I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims.” Three years on, Syrians are trying to overthrow their oppressive regime, but they aren’t getting much help from America.

And in Egypt, the country in which Mr Obama addressed the Muslim world, the United States has failed to nurture the very people who began the great revolt against tyranny. This week’s presidential election there is a badly refereed play-off between the old military gang and the anti-Western religious extremists of the Muslim Brotherhood (now being busily repackaged by the Western foreign policy elites and the BBC as Islam’s black-bearded equivalent of European Christian Democrats). The Obama “new beginning” with Muslims failed to support the liberal uprising in Iran in 2009. The ayatollahs lived to oppress another day. The withdrawal from Afghanistan will make life toughest for those Afghans who took the West at its word, and went for democracy and women’s rights rather than tribalism and burkas.



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leader on the left says it’s not racist to question mass immigration. that’s nice of him. innit?

During the week just ending, the leader of the Labour Party, or Liebour as Lyndon prefers and is most likely correct, a fellow named Ed (red ed) Miliband spoke out on immigration and confessed that his party had got things wrong.
He said that questioning immigration was NOT racist, and the use of that tag did nothing to solve the problem. Hmmmm. So far so good?  Well lets see.

Stephen Glover wrote in his column today that he didn’t believe Mr. Miliband has “grasped the enormity of Labour’s betrayal” and is far from accepting any policies that might work.
Here’s his headline and link. I am not posting the entire article.  I think you get the idea.

So Labour now says it’s NOT racist to debate immigration. What sick hypocrisy
By Stephen Glover
We should welcome Ed Miliband’s admission yesterday that Labour governments ‘got it wrong’ on immigration. It is certainly historic. Labour can never again claim it is ‘racist’ to say there have been — and still are — too many immigrants coming into this country.
But welcome though his speech was, it wasn’t nearly good enough. In the first place his admission of fault was far too muted. And in the second his prescriptions for dealing with the problem were at best half-baked and at worse cynical.
Labour’s mistakes were so enormous between 1997 and 2010 that its current leader should really have put on sackcloth and ashes. There were 3.5 million net migrants into this country in 13 years. It is not too much to say that an irreversible transformation in the demographics of Britain has taken place.


Among much else, it’s that word “irreversible” that’s so scary.

As I keep reminding people, this is an island.  It can hold so much but thanks to the politically correct policies of the Labour govt. and their left wing cheerleaders, there is far more at stake here and almost unchecked immigration has caused much strife.

Brits generally are willing to give a person a break and try to live and let live.  They are a nation of serious walkers, growers of flowers and tenders of truly beautiful gardens.  It’s a national passion.  People here open their gardens in spring and summer, sometimes a very small fee is collected for some local charity.  In our area for example, there’s a child’s cancer charity. These are not mansions of the rich and famous.  These are just ordinary homes with a nice garden that has been planted and designed and maintained by the individual homeowner.  And so a pleasant weekend can be spent viewing the many gardens throughout the neighborhood and surrounding area.  These aren’t bigoted cross burning Klansmen.  They are simply people mostly minding their own business and enjoying the company of folks with like interests. 

Well, until this week if you’d listened to the Labour Party and the rest of their loony left supporters, one might get the impression that a meeting of the people I described above was in actual fact, a secret meeting of the BNP at the least, and the KKK at the worst.
Anyone questioning or critical of the over immigration that has swamped this country, was labelled a bigot, a racist and accused of all sorts of words ending in ‘ist’ or ‘phobia.’
Lots of folks just didn’t want the hassle and had no time to defend themselves against ppl who already had their collective heads made up.  And Labour only made matters worse because ….

Little by little the face and the language and the customs and traditions of this country were seen by many to be marginalized.  The new religion of a country many thought to be Christian, had turned to the holy writ of diversity and multi-culture.
Many Brits openly said things had got to a point where they hardly recognized their own country.  A racist remark if ever the left heard one. 

There are about 300 different languages spoken in London alone. I have also seen a figure that puts it at 500.  That isn’t so bad and on the surface nothing to worry about.
But one problem that vexes is the many who just won’t bother to learn the language of their host country, while many come here and claim benefits.  And they also get translators to speak for them when it’s necessary or confronted by local authorities.
Like police and courts and city councils etc.
But let us not be too critical or we’ll be seen as …. ists. Or phobics.  Or both.

Ever see the languages printed on the forms for things like a driver’s license?
I’m from California originally.  I don’t hate or even dislike Mexicans. I was married to one a long time ago. But I suppose I’m an ‘ist’ if I ask reasonably I believe, What the hell is going on if a person can take a test in another language for a license?  Now maybe it’s only the instruction booklet that printed in Spanish but the test is actually in English.
That makes no sense.
Anyway, you folks in the states should see the multitude of languages printed on the forms here in the last census.  I wish I had a copy now.  I may have sent it to Drew.
I don’t recall.  But it’s far more then what you will find in my home state of Ca.

I’ve gone on quite a bit I know.  Just couldn’t help it. And after all, it isn’t my country. But I will tell you something you may already know.  What I see here is something that could as well happen in my home country. And we know it started awhile ago. I just don’t know how far it’s gotten. Yet.


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Best Business Cards Ever

image image


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cockroach-infested flat in the less salubrious end of the Upper West Side

Strong breeze and overcast all day. Nice. Took advantage of the cool and trimmed front hedges, but the real work is gonna be in the back. Groan. Hasn’t been touched in a year. Lots of growth. Actually, well overgrown.
It’s expected to be 70 on Tuesday which for us means hot and humid. No air cond. and only open windows and NO screens. Do not look forward to English summers, although from what NJY and Drew say, it’s worse in New Jersey then it is here.
Yeah but you guys have air cond. when the electricity is on. And screens on your windows when it isn’t.

His bedroom, she recalls, smelt of ‘running sweat, Brut spray deodorant and smoking’.

Caught this today. I would not guess it is new to bmews readers.  I bet it wouldn’t be printed in quite this way in the states.

The white girlfriends Obama erased from his past: How the President airbrushed his romantic history to burnish his credentials as a black leader

Blistering new biography studies Barack Obama’s relationships with well-educated ex-girlfriends including Genevieve Cook and Alexandra McNear
President makes only fleeting references to former partners in his memoirs
Book by Pulitzer-winning journalist David Marannis paints unflattering picture of Obama’s drive to be seen as a pioneering race warrior
Republican opponents are picking over inconsistencies between the Marannis book and Obama’s own memoirs

By Tom Leonard In New York

When Genevieve Cook first met Barack Obama in the kitchen of a mutual friend’s New York flat, he was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a dark leather jacket.

It was 1983, and she was impressed when this cool, self-assured young man could tell immediately she was Australian.

In those days most Americans, even supposedly cosmopolitan New Yorkers, couldn’t tell a Cockney from a Kiwi.

He gives the impression of a man in such a hurry to save the world that he had no time for such distractions as romance.

But now, in a blistering new biography, Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist David Maraniss has pulled his exes out of the shadows.

In so doing, he has revealed an unflattering picture of a president so desperate to sell an image of himself as a pioneering race warrior that he has air-brushed many of the ‘white’ elements from his life — including that string of well-heeled, well-educated white girlfriends.

Obama’s version of events, in his autobiography, is a moving story of a mixed-race child struggling to find his black identity after being deserted as a young child by his Kenyan father.

It tells how his grandfather was imprisoned by the British for helping the Mau Mau rebels in Kenya — an assertion that Obama’s step-grandmother later embellished with claims he was also tortured — for which Maraniss found no evidence.


I would say this may be one heck of a book.

They often talked about race and Obama would confide that he felt like an ‘imposter’ as there was ‘hardly a black bone in his body’.

She eventually told him he ‘needed to go black’ (to date a black woman), whereas he countered that he would never find a black woman ‘he would feel truly comfortable with’.

They moved into a flat together but their intellectual discussions eventually turned into fights over issues like the washing-up.

On Sundays, he would lounge around in his cheap, cockroach-infested flat in the less salubrious end of the Upper West Side, bare-chested in a blue and white sarong as he drank coffee and did the New York Times crossword.


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calendar   Friday - June 22, 2012

Stormy Weather

Looks like our heat wave is breaking, with a massive thunderstorm. Ba Boom! Lights blinking already. I know the power is going to fail. Oh well. At least that will mean an end to these August-like temps. Yowch!


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Me and my big mouth

The NeoWorx counter thingy sends me emails -

This is an ‘opt-in’ email alert from

Congratulations! You just had your first visitor from North Korea.

This is an ‘opt-in’ email alert from

Congratulations! Your NeoCounter has reached: 57700 cities.

I knew I shouldn’t have written that bibimbap post. And I’d better not mention kimchi any more, though I love that too, whether you spell it gimchi, kimchi, kimchee, or kim chee.

Gimchi buchimgae: spicy fermented cabbage pancakes!


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You will no doubt recognize this clown and hero of the left.

He has viloaled his bail here and run to an embassy requesting political asylum. Ha.

I HATE him but what I like about this is, the useful idiots of the left who will lose money they put up on his behalf, include that grossly fat and miserable lying sack to poo in human form, Michael Moore. Ha! Again.

The useful idiots who lionised the amoral and cowardly founder of WikiLeaks have ended up looking utter twits


The story of Julian Assange would be hilarious if he had not caused so much damage. Hilarious because the founder of WikiLeaks was once feted by the Left as a hero and champion of free speech who had exposed the manifest evils of the United States.

Now, as Mr Assange huddles in diplomatic sanctuary in the embassy of Ecuador in London, it is difficult to find anyone with a good word to say for him. The man with the looks of a James Bond villain has alienated most of his former friends, disappointed many admirers and behaved in a thoroughly discreditable way.

It would be silly to deny that some of these revelations threw a fascinating light on previously dark dealings. The trouble was that, despite co-operating with The Guardian, The New York Times and other respectable publications, Mr Assange believed everything should be published, and to hell with the consequences.

One obvious example concerned the newspapers’ publication of the names, villages, relatives’ identities and precise GPS locations of Afghans who had co-operated with Nato troops. WikiLeaks also revealed the whereabouts of American tactical nuclear weapons, as well as the location of key U.S. facilities including pipelines and communication hubs.

Owing no allegiance to any country or its interests, Mr Assange wanted everything in the public domain, and sometimes bullied the newspapers with which he was collaborating into publishing information that they would have been wise not to.

Nor did it ever occur to Mr Assange, or the newspapers that published his stolen material, that states, not unreasonably, wish to keep secret some of the communications between them. There seems little doubt that as a result of the WikiLeaks disclosures, foreign diplomats will be less forthcoming to their U.S. counterparts in future.

Further insights into his true character have been provided by his response to an international arrest warrant issued by the Swedish authorities over allegations of sexual assault. He is accused of raping one woman and sexually molesting and coercing another in August 2010.

Of course, we can have no idea whether or not he is guilty. It is his attempts to resist extradition to Sweden that should raise doubts. The precepts of justice are upheld in that country as much as almost anywhere one can think of. What does he fear from a fair trial in a properly constituted court?

Without producing any evidence, he has argued in British courts that the Swedes might spirit him away to the United States to face trial for treason. It was the recent decision by the Supreme Court that he should be extradited to Sweden to face charges that precipitated his risible flight to the Ecuadorean embassy in Knightsbridge.

What an impressive man this is! He thinks he is above the law. He won’t try to clear his name in Sweden, so instead goes running to the embassy of a country which, by the by, has an appalling human rights record — much worse than that of the United States.

This does not deter Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa from regularly throwing mud pies at Washington.

The truth is that Mr Assange was treated as a hero by many on the Left because he had information damaging to the Great Satan, the United States. Those who adulated this dreadful man ignored his obvious moral failings until many of them could not put up with him any longer.

How fitting that he should have chosen the embassy of anti-American Ecuador in which to cower. I expect they will turf him out as soon as decently possible, whereupon he should be put on a plane to Sweden. It is preposterous to represent him as a political prisoner.



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Free Fallin’

I always wanted to rewrite the old Tom Petty Free Falling song with Weird Al style lyrics to make a paean to allergy season -
Now it’s tree pollen, yes it’s tree pollen
which just shows you how dangerous the combination of an unhinged imagination and a hearing problem can be.

But that has nothing to do with this post, which is yet another bash against Teh Won. His efforts haven’t done squat to revitalize the economy, and things are going from bad to worse. Worse to worser even.

Crude Oil Prices In Freefall


Oil prices fell Thursday, hitting an eight-month low, as markets continued to react to disappointing economic news across the globe.

The price of oil for August delivery fell to $78.58 a barrel as markets settled, down nearly 4% from Wednesday. This is the first time since October that oil prices hit below $80, what analysts consider a key psychological number.

Signs of a slowdown in manufacturing in China, Europe and the United States delivered the oil market another blow on Thursday.

“Prices have gotten clobbered, and it’s being driven by the deteriorating economic data,” said Matt Smith, a commodity analyst at Summit Energy Services [not the guy currently playing Dr. Who].

The oil markets also reacted to jobless claims, which analysts said showed little improvement. Prices were also still coming down from disappointment over the Federal Reserve’s decision to hold interest rates steady.
The sharp dive in prices over the last month and a half has analysts concerned. Crude oil prices are often indicative of what’s going on in the larger global economy.

“This is a tempering of optimism and expectations in economic growth beyond the oil market,” Smith said.

Gas prices fell below to $3.472 per gallon on Thursday, below $3.50 for the third day in a row after more than four months above that mark, according to AAA.

Kloza anticipates that gas prices will continue to fall as the summer driving season heats up, and well into the fall.

“The market is telling you that right around Election Day, the average price is going to be below $3 a gallon,” he said.

I watched the New York City news on TV last night, and their bit of coverage on this story said how NYC drivers going to the NJ shore would be pleasantly surprised with the price of gas on NJ’s highways, which averaged $3.42. This is cheap by NYC standards, because of the high taxes imposed by both the state and the metropolis. New Jersey taxes just about everything except gas, so our state always has the least expensive gas. But $3.42 is a rip. My station down the street here reacted to the latest price drop by lowering their price to $3.19. We’re down 50-60¢ in the past month; to heck with Election Day, I’m expecting $2.99 by the end of the month.

The economy is flatlined, still. Beeeeeeeeep. And all the stimulus in the world won’t defibrillate it, not with the Sword of Damoclse government regulation (EPA, Obamacare, et al) hanging over business’s heads. Way to go Mr. President.


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calendar   Thursday - June 21, 2012

white girls groomed for sex … update as guilty vermin ring the race bell.

This is a sickening update on an earlier story that has to do with a gang grooming and using young white girls for prostitution as well as their own perverted needs.
If I seem to be stressing white girls I’ll be plain and direct.

It would be every single bit as rotten if they were not.  This is a miserable and disgusting story about a like group who happened to target white girls specifically.
There is some outrage but so far there is no evidence of any white ppl burning cars or raiding and looting stores and nobody has so far tried to burn down the muslim part the city these vermin lived in.  Now if the girls were either black or muslim, oh then you’d see the whites out rioting along side their muzzie friends, carrying red and green flags and banners. 

Last time there was any sort of update, we weren’t made aware of just who the gang leader was. That has just appeared today. His name couldn’t be released until today.

There has always been crime and there certainly has been child abuse and all that attends it. But I can not shake the feeling that the UK has imported these gremlins.  Like it isn’t bad enough there are plenty of home grown SOBs walking around free looking for their next victim.

Yeah, we all recognize that in too many cases young girls bring much grief upon themselves.  Maybe their parents aren’t parenting. Who knows.
But this sort of thing is a deliberate and planned assault on naive and foolish youngsters, who at that age really don’t know which end is up. (NO pun)

For those of you new to the site, see the link below for photos.

Ringleader of Rochdale sex grooming gang is finally unmasked as he is found guilty of another 30 counts of child rape

Shabir Ahmed, 59, led child sex exploitation ring of nine men who targeted vulnerable young girls in Rochdale and Oldham
He was jailed for 19 years last month following an 11-week trial
Ahmed - known to his victims by the nickname ‘Daddy’ - could not be named as he was awaiting trial on separate child rape charges



The ringleader of a gang of Asian men who groomed young white girls for sex can finally be unmasked after he was found guilty of 30 child rape charges.

Shabir Ahmed, 59, led a child sex exploitation ring of nine men who targeted vulnerable young girls in the Rochdale and Oldham areas of Greater Manchester.

He was jailed for 19 years last month following an 11-week trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

But Ahmed - known to his victims by the nickname ‘Daddy’ - could not be named as he was awaiting trial on separate child rape charges.

Today he was convicted of 30 charges of rape by a jury at Manchester Crown Court and Judge Mushtaq Khokhar lifted reporting restrictions, which means he can be identified for the first time.

The court heard that he raped and sexually abused a young Asian girl over many years.

He treated her as a ‘possession’ which he used for his own sexual gratification, the court was told.

Ahmed, formerly of Oldham, wearing a black Lonsdale tracksuit top, smirked as the jury returned the unanimous verdicts.

Judge Gerald Clifton, who sentenced Ahmed in Liverpool, said the gang treated their victims ‘as though they were worthless and beyond any respect’.

Ahmed was violent and dominated his victim, a jury of six men and six women was told in his latest trial.

Rachel Smith, opening the case for the prosecution, said Ahmed repeatedly raped the victim for more than a decade.

Miss Smith said: ‘She tried to make him stop, but it was to no avail.’

She said the victim was eventually forced to submit to him and the abuse happened on an almost weekly basis.

‘The defendant was a violent and controlling man,’ said Miss Smith, adding that he dominated his victim and would subject her to extreme violence.

The judge said some of the men claimed their arrest ‘was triggered by race’.

But, he added: ‘That is nonsense. What triggered this prosecution was your lust and greed.’

Ahmed and the nine other men were convicted of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children under the age of 16.

He was also convicted of two counts of rape, aiding and abetting a rape, sexual assault and a count of trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation.

He was previously banned from the court for his sentencing hearing because of his threatening behaviour and for calling the Judge Clifton a ‘racist bastard’.

Judge Clifton called the defendant an ‘unpleasant and hypocritical bully’.

In his latest trial, Ahmed rounded on the jury, police, the prosecutor, the media, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher and made personal comments about a Crown Prosecution Service case worker.

He claimed in court that the case against him was a racist conspiracy.



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a very different kind of post for me. and a different sort of eye candy.

I don’t think I have ever done this sort of post before.  Don’t know why. I guess I just never thought of it. In fact, if I hadn’t come across a photo card in this room that I thought I had already given to an artist friend we saw only yesterday, I wouldn’t be doing this now.  So I’m glad I found it. I think some of you may be impressed with the work and talent it takes to produce what this lady does.

When we visited our former home in Palm Desert six months ago, we made the rounds as we always used to do, of the various art galleries.  Some of the things on display are eye popping.  It really is on the masochistic side to roam these places because there is no way we could afford much of what we see.  Were I wealthy, I’d be tempted to buy one of the galleries and then live in it.  They have some very nice galleries in PD. They line both sides of the main street, El Paseo. And in between are some pretty good restaurants. Not all and more’s the pity considering how much they charge. You don’t visit that area if you’re on a diet. Or a budget. 

Well, on that last visit we saw this and I think the price was over $1,000.00. I just can’t remember how much.  If we were still in that wonderful and much missed tech, dot com bubble, I might not have given the price any notice.  But things have a way of changing quickly and those days are gone. All I could do was look at all the ‘stuff’ and drool.

I don’t even have the ability to write a letter and keep a straight line with lined paper.  In other words, I simply do not have the eye or talent.
But I admire those who do.

Take a look.


The artist is SILVIA DAVIS.






This is her work space.


When she was about four years old, Davis would sit under a tree all day and …“make things.” “I would go down to the dime store and buy a model. I couldn’t read yet, but I’d look at the picture and figure it out. It might not be right, I might make a mess of the glue, but I would work on it, and put something together. I was constantly tinkering and making things from paper, mud, sticks and clay, and looking at things and making animals, just making, making, making—painting, drawing, building.” When she took the required sculpting class in her art program at the University of Utah, she realized that what she’d been doing as a child had a name: sculpture. She immediately knew who she was. After finishing her bachelor degree Davis continued with a Masters of Fine Arts and has been sculpting ever since.



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calendar   Wednesday - June 20, 2012

I’ve got the nails, you bring the hammer

It’s about damn time.

House Committee Vote: AG Holder In Contempt

A House panel voted Wednesday in favor of holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, a move that inflamed partisan rancor on Capitol Hill and sets up the possibility of legal action against the attorney general himself.

Holder has not yet been formally held in contempt of Congress. The full House would still need to approve the resolution in order for that to happen—Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., afterward told Fox News that such a floor vote can still be avoided.

But the 23-17 party-line vote on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee marked a significant turn in lawmakers’ 16-month investigation into the botched anti-gunrunning operation Fast and Furious. With the vote, Republicans on the committee signaled they had exhausted all other means to extract sought-after documents from the Justice Department—though Democrats had insisted there was still an opportunity to sort out the mess without a contempt vote.

“We and the American people need answers sooner, not later,” said Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the committee.

Issa pressed ahead with the vote Wednesday despite an eleventh-hour move by President Obama to assert executive privilege over the Fast and Furious documents at the heart of the dispute.

For a year and a half this racist, lying, cheatin’, two faced mo-fo has been playing games and refusing to cooperate with Congress. What, he thinks he above the law? Nuh uh, EVERYBODY in government bows down to Congress. And now his time is about to run out. Crucify him. Offer him a deal if he rats out everyone, and then renege on it. Oops, sorry, you didn’t come clean enough fast enough, and now we’re furious. Tough luck.

For a few hours this morning it looked like he might have had an escape plan: Obama pulled the old Executive Privilege game, and tried to cover his homey with it. All that proved to me was that Obama was in this Fast And Furious business up to his neck, and had been since the beginning. And we all know what it was all about: creating a false “emergency” to bring back the AWB and to shut down the Second Amendment. And they were all in on it. Obama, Napolitano, Holder, Clinton, etc. Otherwise Holder would be another speed bump under the famous bus. But I guess the House Committee wasn’t going to accept that kind of cover up. Good for them.


President Obama has granted an 11th-hour request by Attorney General Eric Holder to exert executive privilege over Fast and Furious documents, a last-minute maneuver that appears unlikely to head off a contempt vote against Holder by Republicans in the House.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is expected to forge ahead Wednesday morning with its meeting on the contempt resolution anyway.

If the vote proceeds, Republicans have more than enough votes on committee to pass the resolution. However, Holder would not be considered held in contempt of Congress unless and until the full House approves the measure.

The move by Holder and Obama to lock down some requested documents only complicates the fight over the botched anti-gunrunning operation between the legislative and executive branches.

When one domino falls it knocks over another one. And another one. And so on, and so on. Lets see what happens now. Is it possible that some Republicans in Congress have grown a bit of spine?


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wed eye candy



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employers do not have an automatic right to sack bad workers.  figures.

For those not familiar with Brit political parties.
Lib/Dem is Liberal Democrats.  Yup, they are leftists and are part of the coalition govt. here. The other part are Tories who are supposed to be conservatives. Many of them are.  The PM (Prime Minister) is David Cameron, often referred to as conservative lite. Well I guess compared to Lib/Dems he is conservative.
Anyway, the argument has been whether or not an employer has a right to sack a useless employee. Well, the Lib/Dems don’t believe so. Of course they wouldn’t.  Just to give you an example and I know this because I was told by the guy directly involved.

Some years ago we used to send laundry out to be cleaned. The mil was still alive and so there was just a lot of extra work avoided by having a laundry pick up and deliver.  We got to know the owner a bit and during a conversation he told us about a woman who had been working for him.  He caught her red handed stealing and sacked her.  Now in a normal and logical non socialist setting, you’d think that would be the end of it. Wouldn’t you? Of course, this isn’t exactly a normal setting nor is it logical.  Squatters rights and traveller/gypsies rights trump land and home owner rights as our regulars here have learned over time.

So, the woman who was stealing went to a labor tribunal or some kind of hearing, it’s been awhile so I don’t recall what it was called. But the end result was that he ended up PAYING HER and boy oh boy was he ever pissed off.  Just telling us about it turned his face red.
He sacked her alright but he failed to inform her of exactly why.  There was some loophole and I just can’t remember what he said he’d failed at. But he ended up losing more money.

LibDems kill off ‘no fault’ right to sack

Liberal Democrat ministers have killed off David Cameron’s plans to give employers an automatic right to sack bad workers.

Lib Dem Employment Minister Norman Lamb claimed yesterday there has been no ¿clamour¿ from business for no-fault dismissal

Instead, new laws will allow firms to offer a voluntary pay-off without strings to lazy, incompetent or disruptive employees.

The plan for ‘no-fault dismissal’ was a key plank of the report on employment red tape drawn up at the Prime Minister’s request by venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft.

The report said that unfair dismissal laws which tied the hands of managers and small businesses have stifled economic growth. Under the

Beecroft plan firms would have been able to order a poor worker to go in return for a compensation cheque handed over without negotiation.

But Lib Dem Employment Minister Norman Lamb claimed yesterday there has been no ‘clamour’ from business for no-fault dismissal.

Clauses of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill to be published today will contain no mention of it, but will include regulations on ‘fast-track settlements’ meant to allow unwanted workers to leave voluntarily.

Under the system, a business would tell an unsatisfactory worker that their job was at risk, and offer them a payment to go. The employee could refuse the offer, but would then face the sack under the longer disciplinary processes currently set out in law.

If they took the deal they could not then go to a tribunal to try to get compensation. However, they would not suffer the ‘stigma’ of the sack and will be able to look for a new job without a stain on their record.



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illegal immigrant gets cat and boyfriend which proves? See bottom of page.

For as long as I have been here, this issue has gone unresolved. In spite of promises to end the practice of following the dictates of a European court in matters pertaining to the laws and courts here, there are literally thousands of criminals from from other EU countries, that have found a haven using human rights laws.
What makes matters worse, are the idiot judges here who allow it to go on.  In this particular case pictured below, it’s a petty crime with regard to the theft.
But the fact is, there are rapists and stone cold killers who just have not been deported as they should have been. We can thank civil rights lawyers as well as jerks for judges for this state of affairs as well.

Now at last, things appear to be moving in the right direction but please don’t hold any collective breaths.  I have been here long enough to know that until whatever is promised or voted on actually happens, then it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Stop giving foreign criminals a right to stay in the UK, say MPs following landmark vote

* MPs ordered judges to stop granting foreign rapists and killers a ‘human right’ to stay in Britain

* 1,888 overseas offenders played the legal system by lodging appeals under the legislation last year

* 409 were allowed to stay – 185 of them because the criminal had a right to a ‘family life’ here


In a landmark vote, MPs last night ordered judges to stop granting foreign rapists and killers a ‘human right’ to stay in Britain.

The motion – the first of its kind – was passed after the Commons heard the horrifying scale of the way overseas convicts are abusing Labour’s controversial Human Rights Act.

According to Home Office figures, 1,888 overseas offenders played the legal system by lodging appeals under the legislation last year.

Of these, 409 were allowed to stay – 185 of them because the criminal had a right to a ‘family life’ here under Article 8 of the Act.

This is despite the fact that, in many cases, the convicts destroyed British families by their actions.

Decision: The motion was tabled by Home Secretary Theresa May

The motion, tabled by Home Secretary Theresa May, sets down guidelines for Britain’s own human rights judges – who MPs accuse of ‘gold-plating’ the Act and the European Convention on Human Rights.

It follows the separate vote by MPs, aimed at Strasbourg, which delivered a resounding verdict that Parliament is not prepared to grant the vote to prisoners.

The guidelines mean any foreign convict jailed for more than four years should be booted out when their sentence is complete – regardless of their right to a ‘family life’.

Foreign criminals given longer than 12 months will also normally be removed, but could stay if they have young children who have spent most of their lives here.

Mrs May told MPs: ‘For too long the rights of foreign criminals have been placed above the rights of the British public. We are putting that right.

‘We are making clear the British public’s right to protection from crime trumps a foreign criminal’s weak claim to family life. We are allowing the views of Parliament to be heard on this issue loud and clear.

‘We trust the courts will give due weight to a statement from this House.’
Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said Labour agreed ‘there is a problem with the public not being able to understand’ verdicts in which foreign criminals are spared from being deported.

Tory MPs said there was a danger that judges would simply ignore the vote.

They pointed out that judges have repeatedly extended the meaning of ‘family life’ to include migrants who are not married or do not have children.

Tory MP Dominic Raab said: ‘As the Lord Chief Justice has made clear, the UK courts won’t restore some common sense unless directed by an Act of Parliament.’

Mrs May said that if judges ignored the guidelines, she was prepared to legislate.

The rules, which will be implemented within weeks, say anyone from outside the European Economic Area who is jailed for at least four years should ‘almost always’ face deportation.


Now then, am I reading this correctly? See this line?

“anyone from outside the European Economic Area who is jailed for at least four years should ‘almost always’ face deportation.”

First of all ..... what’s with the “almost always” routine?  And may we assume and I think it’s worded that way, that those vermin from inside the EU will get a break, and it’s just the ones outside who will be deported.
Have I read that correctly?

This bit of insanity below illustrates how dire things are now.



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