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pat condell ….

I usually try and stay on top on the monthly Pat Condell videos but missed this one which belongs like all his others, on our front page.
So thanks NJ Yankee for the link and the reminder I overlooked. Been busy .
This is it for me for tonight.


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But, but the koran says its OK

where NOT to take a vacation

Brutha X and Sista X, I got your Nation of Islam, right here.


In Mauritania, life in the “big city” is really in tents

Mauritania, western Africa, a nearly empty land on the edge of the great Sahara desert.

It’s an Islamic nation, ruled by a combination of Sharia Law and an “elected” military dictatorship. Everyone speaks Arabic, and the level of poverty is beyond grinding. Illiteracy is rampant and life expectancy is one of the lowest in the world. Nearly half the population gets by on less than $2 a day; the average annual per capita income is only $6. A barren hell on earth, where even the wandering nomads are few and far between.

Yet twenty percent of the population lives in slavery. Generational slavery.

Forced by international pressure, Mauritania didn’t get around to abolishing slavery until 1981. Not 1335. Not 1772. Not 1865. Not 1889. (Finland, England, USA, Brazil) 1981. Just 31 years ago. And that abolition was only lip service; slave owning in Mauritania didn’t even become a crime until 2007, just 5 years ago. And it’s still just lip service, as what passes for a judicial system has only made one prosecution. Somewhere around three quarters of a million people live there in bondage, today.

Lighter skinned Arabs, so called “White Moors” are the owner caste, and darker skinned Africans are the slaves. It’s been that way since forever, and the slaves are often treated with the kind of callous disregard and cruelty that only the Arabs can come up with. Perhaps the greater sin is that the slaves don’t know any better, and consider themselves sub-human.

CNN posts another couple of articles in their continuing series on modern slavery.

It’s a maddening, complicated place — one made all the more difficult for outsiders to understand because no one is allowed to talk about slavery. When we confronted the country’s minister of rural development about slavery’s existence, Brahim Ould M’Bareck Ould Med El Moctar told us his country is among the freest in the world. “All people are free in Mauritania and this phenomenon (of slavery) no longer exists,” he said.

The issue is so sensitive here that we had to conduct most of our interviews in secret, often in the middle of the night and in covert locations. The only other option was to do them in the presence of a government minder, who was assigned to our group by the Ministry of Communications to ensure we didn’t mention the topic. Our official reason for entering the country was to report on the science of locust swarms; our contacts for that story were unaware of our plan to research slavery.

If we were caught talking with an escaped slave like Moulkheir, we could have been arrested or thrown out of the country without our notebooks and footage. That point was made clear to us in a meeting with the national director of audiovisual communications, Mohamed Yahya Ould Haye, who told us journalists who attempted to report on such topics were jailed or ejected from the country.

More important, getting caught talking about slavery could have put our sources at risk. Anti-slavery activists say they have been arrested and tortured for their work.

Abdel, like the rest of his light-skinned family, lived in a large camel-skin tent. Yebawa and other slaves lived in tattered tents of cloth on the periphery of their nomadic camp, which shifted locations to follow the few plants able to grow in the Sahara.

Noble families keep slaves both as servants and status symbols. Abdel’s family had hundreds of slaves, he said, and their labor was divided among aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives.

“When you divvy up slaves, either you send a slave to go serve a certain branch of the family or if you have just one slave, you divide him up in chunks of time: three months here, four or five there,” he said. “That’s how you share a human being.”

Slaves in Mauritania typically are attached to one family from the time they are born. They can be given away as gifts for special occasions, but usually aren’t bought and sold.


Abdel’s family never beat its slaves, he said, but did regard them as subhuman. When it rained on the Tagant plateau, in central Mauritania, slaves like Yebawa picked up the edges of the tent and held them in the air all night long to prevent their masters from getting wet. Abdel recalls hearing the slaves’ teeth chattering all through the cold desert nights—and mocking this “teeth music” with his slave-owning friends.

Read here, and also here.


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Chess Problem #300

I guess a bunch of you do enjoy these chess problems. I only say that because it does seem like they get a lot of comments.

Today’s post is another Knight fork. White to move. Enjoy!

1. ?

Taken from Combination Challenge by Lou Hayes and USCF Senior Master John Hall (2520)
Graphics courtesy of Exachess.

UPDATE 3/24/12

As I said in the comments, JW got this one. I have to post harder problems. You guys are getting too good.

1. Qxh6+ Kxh6
If 1… Kg8
2. Bh4 N(8)h7
3. Nxg6 winning.
2. Nxf7+ Kg7
3. Nxd8
winning material.


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seige in paris as al qaeda gunman shoots it out with police

FINAL UPDATE: Defenestration Demonstration
Shot by cops, Mohammed jumps out window. Splat. Dead

TOULOUSE, France - An Islamic extremist who boasted of killing seven people to strike back at France died after being shot in the head by police as he jumped out of his apartment after a fierce gunfight with police, authorities said.

His dramatic death ended a more than 32-hour standoff with an elite police squad trying to capture him alive. The suspect, 23-year-old Mohamed Merah, was wanted in the deaths of three paratroopers, three Jewish schoolchildren and a rabbi — all killed since March 11 in what he reportedly told police was an attempt to “bring France to its knees.”
Prosecutor Francois Molins said Merah, a French citizen of Algerian descent who claimed links to al Qaeda, burst out of his bathroom when police entered his apartment Thursday morning, wildly firing his handgun about 30 times and jumping out an apartment window.

Merah continued to fire “until he was hit by a retaliatory shot from the RAID (elite police unit), which felled him with a bullet to the head,” Molins said.

Holed up alone in an otherwise evacuated apartment building, Merah clung to his few remaining assets, like a small arsenal and authorities’ hopes of taking him alive. He appeared to toy with police negotiators—first saying he would surrender in the afternoon, then under the cover of darkness, then reneging on those pledges altogether, officials said.
the suspect had plans to kill another soldier—prompting the police raid at around 3 a.m. Wednesday. After it erupted into a firefight, wounding two police, a standoff ensued, with on-and-off negotiations with the suspect that lasted through the night.
“The killer came out of the bathroom, firing with extreme violence,” Claude Gueant, the interior minister, said, adding that the RAID squad had “never seen an assault like it.”

“Mohamed Merah jumped out the window, gun in hand, continuing to fire. He was found dead on the ground,” Gueant said.

Gueant earlier had said police wanted to capture Merah alive.

Reuters reported that explosions and gunfire were heard for about four minutes as police special forces moved in on the apartment. Authorities used gas to try and paralyze the suspect, the report said.

Mohammed Merah, 23, who claimed to have al-Qaeda training, opened fire on police commandos after they stormed into his flat at 09:30 GMT.
Prosecutor Francois Molins confirmed in a news conference that a police marksman had killed Merah as he tried to jump out of the bathroom window.

“The examination of the body shows that he was shot in the head and that he was wearing a bullet-proof vest,” Mr Molins said, “and had a gun covered by a pair of jeans.”

“Material to make Molotov cocktails were found on his balcony.”

Mr Molins said a Colt 45 handgun was found next to his body, and he estimated that Merah had fired 30 bullets as the commandos broke in.

Get out the shovels and the squeegees, and throw his remains into the dustbin of history.

crap, he’s still alive. double crap, the main suspect still has not been brought to justice.


The older brother of the self-confessed Al Qaeda terrorist thought to have murdered seven people across south west France over the past two weeks has been arrested.

Abdelkader Mera, 27, was detained this afternoon some 10 hours after a 3am raid when 300 armed police dramatically swooped on his 24-year-old brother Mohammed’s Toulouse home.

Three officers were injured this morning in an ensuing firefight - and Mohammed is now cornered and under siege.

And the story just keeps on getting worse: suspect is a sword wielding kidnapper

Suspected serial killer Mohammed Mera, who broke out of an Afghanistan jail in 2008 as part of a mass Taliban escape, once kidnapped another man, it has been reported. A close family friend of the 24-year-old suspect told Le Parisien she knew him well while in the city’s Izards housing estate.

The woman, Laela, said: ‘He was well known to the police. Around two years ago he kidnapped a young person on the estate.

‘I remember that the mother of the boy in question was wandering around the estate trying to find him. ‘Finally, her son was freed. And I’m convinced then a complaint was lodged, and Mohammed was heard by investigating officers.’

Following the kidnapping, for which he was never charged, he is said to have ‘crossed the estate in combat gear, with a sword in his hand shouting ‘Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda!’.

The police siege has been going on for hours now, with 3 cops wounded so far. The suspect is believed to still be in the apartment building. Further updates when they occur.


No comment from me. Only minutes to spare if that, heard this on radio minutes ago and went to Mail on line

Dramatic siege in Toulouse suburb as armed police surround house of ‘Islamic warrior’ suspected of being serial killer
Self-confessed terrorist thought to have killed seven people in two weeks
Mohammed Mera, 24, is ‘armed and dangerous’ and likely to kill again
Has Uzi machine gun, Kalashnikov assault rifle and other weapons
Three tactical police officers wounded as they tried to arrest suspect
Second man believed to be his brother arrested nearby
Gunman’s mother at the siege trying to persuade him to hive himself up

PUBLISHED: 08:27, 21 March 2012 | UPDATED: 09:23, 21 March 2012



Drew adds a bit from the madly PC AP [ the Associated (with terrorists) Press ], a news article “sanitized for your protection” like the toilet in a hotel room:

The suspect told police he belonged to Al Qaeda and wanted to take revenge for Palestinian children killed in the Middle East, Gueant said. The suspect also said he was angry about French military intervention abroad, and had spent time in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Gueant said.
An Interior Ministry official identified the suspect as Mohammad Merah, who has been under surveillance for years for having “fundamentalist” views. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.
The suspect “said he wants to avenge the deaths of Palestinians,” Gueant told reporters, adding that he is “less explicit” about why he killed French paratroopers. The paratroopers were of Muslim and French Caribbean origin, but the interior minister said the suspect told them the ethnic origin has nothing to do with his actions. “He’s after the army,” Gueant said.
A judicial official said the suspect’s mother, his brother and a companion of the brother were detained for questioning. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly.

The interior minister had said the suspect’s brother “is also engaged in the Salafi ideology,” a reference to a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam.

This article completely ignores the bit of news that the guy is Taliban, and an escapee from a prison in Afghanistan. And he’s made several trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan since coming to France 4 years ago. And he’s over here with mommy, and at least one brother? Oh, they were just fleeing a war zone looking for a better life and a chance to start all over again? Bullshit. Sleeper agents, the whole damn family.

Oh, and the “powerful motorcycle” used in these killings ... is a scooter. Granted, it’s a euro-scooter, a strange thing they call a maxi-scooter, which is a giant 500lb thing with full coverage swoopy fairings, saddle bag boxes, a glove box, etc., “suitable for touring”. Powered by a 530cc 2 cylinder twin that makes 43hp and a 2 speed automatic transmission. Fuel injected and computer controlled. O-60 in 11 seconds, 45mpg. $14,000 with built-in GPS tracking device, which is what French cops used to find the guy. TMAX scooter review, and another one in really fractured English.


A small update from CNN as more details emerge ...

He had been under surveillance by French intelligence for years, the interior minister said.

He had “already committed certain infractions, some with violence,” Gueant said.

He was in a Toulouse court February 24 for causing an accident with injuries and driving without a license and served some time in jail, CNN affiliate BFM-TV reported.

Like what, an hour? Please don’t tell me this is yet another crime spree done by a nutjob that was in jail but let out on early release or given only the most minimum time behind bars?

Gueant said the suspect had a car containing more weapons near his apartment.
Interior Minister Gueant said the suspect is a French national of Algerian origin who spent considerable time in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The suspect’s lawyer, Christian Etelin, said Merah went to Afghanistan two years ago.
The suspect belongs to a group called Forsane Alizza, or Knights of Glory, Gueant said. The French government banned the group in January for trying to recruit people to fight in Afghanistan.

The creep is lawyered up already and he’s not even captured yet??

And an interesting bit of CYA coming from Sandland By The Sea:

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad strongly rejected using his people as a justification for the French killings, calling them a “cowardly terrorist attack.”

“It is time for those criminals to stop exploiting the name of Palestine through their terrorist actions,” Fayyad said in a statement.

Probably a smart act on Fayyad’s part; the murdered Jewish children and their father were laid to rest in Israel, and the Izzies are REALLY PISSED.

I had no time early today to do more then posted, and no time to download photo I thought you should see.  It isn’t that the murder of others is less. The killing of those other children is heartbreaking. But truth to tell, and I don’t know why, but the brutal and cold blooded murder at point blank range of an 8 year old girl who btw was chased down and cornered, somehow the poignancy seems almost more striking.  I hope I’m not putting it too badly and hope you understand.
Anyway .....  Her name was Miriam. The biblical Miriam was elder sister to Moses, and helped hide the baby in the bulrushes.


[ Drew adds the details: ]

On the off chance that you haven’t been following this story, it started with a soldier being murdered when he went to meet somebody to sell his motor scooter. Surveillance cameras caught just how sick a bastard the twisted jihadi really is:

Toulouse Killer Likely Filmed Attack, Executed Little Girl

A tragic update to a tragic story.

Police now say the killer of four Jews in Toulouse likely filmed the attack with a a camera attached to his chest and methodically stalked his victims, murdering a little girl in cold blood.

According to eyewitness accounts, after the killer entered the Jewish Ozar HaTorah school, he chased after 7-year-old Miriam Monsonego and shot her repeatedly.

He grabbed Miriam as she tried to escape, grasped her hair and shot her. Then, as she bled to death on the floor, he lifted up her head and fired two additional bullets.

The brutality of the crime—which also took the lives of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, 30, and his two sons, Gabriel, 6, and Arieh, 3,—has led French police to suspect a violent, racist intent behind the attacks.

In a bizarre and macbre development, French police also say the killer seems to have filmed the attacks.

Given that they are raised on Political Correctness from birth, and given the wide range of Jew hating groups they have to choose from, French police originally thought that these horrible crimes were perpetrated by neo-Nazis. But filming the murders? No dark humor intended, but that’s a dead giveaway that they’re dealing with jihadis. I’m sure some “suicide bomber farewell videos” will turn up at the creep’s apartment. They always do.

The world needs a purge.


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calendar   Tuesday - March 20, 2012

In this corner, Steve Crowder

Steve Crowder pimps for UFC / MMA.

Meh. Not my thing.

Though I respect his efforts to get it legalized in New York.


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makes a good avatar


See More Below The Fold


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Chess Problem #299

Another Knight fork. This time it’s White to move and win.


UPDATE 3/21/12

CenTexTim got this one right.

1. Qg7+ Qxg7.
2. fxg7+ Kg8
3. Ne7+
winning a Rook and the game.


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calendar   Monday - March 19, 2012

Dancing around the real truth

Oooh, it’s because of those awful Old Testament laws, is that it?

Morrocans outraged over teen suicide: rape victim forced to marry her attacker to “protect family honor” kills herself

The case of a 16-year-old girl who killed herself after she was forced to marry her rapist has spurred outrage among Morocco’s internet activists and calls for changes to the country’s laws.

An online petition, a Facebook page and countless tweets expressed horror over the suicide of Amina Filali, who swallowed rat poison on Saturday to protest her marriage to the man who raped her a year earlier.

Article 475 of the Moroccan penal code allows for the “kidnapper” of a minor to marry his victim to escape prosecution, and it has been used to justify a traditional practice of making a rapist marry his victim to preserve the honor of the woman’s family.

The victim’s father said in an interview with an online Moroccan newspaper that it was the court officials who suggested from the beginning the marriage option when they reported the rape.

“The prosecutor advised my daughter to marry, he said ‘go and make the marriage contract,’” said Lahcen Filali in an interview that appeared on Tuesday night.


“It is not something that happens a great deal — it is very rare,” he said, but admitted that the family of the victim sometimes agrees out of fear that she won’t be able to find a husband if it is known she was raped.

The marriage is then pushed on the victim by the families to avoid scandal, said Fouzia Assouli, president of Democratic League for Women’s Rights.

“It is unfortunately a recurring phenomenon,” she said."We have been asking for years for the cancellation of Article 475 of the penal code which allows the rapist to escape justice.”

In many parts of the Middle East, there is a tradition whereby a rapist can escape prosecution if he marries his victim, thereby restoring her honor. There is a similar injunction in the Old Testament’s Book of Deuteronomy.

Morocco updated its family code in 2004 in a landmark improvement of the situation of women, but activists say there’s still room for improvement.

In cases of rape, the burden of proof is often on the victim and if she can’t prove she was attacked, a woman risks being prosecuted for debauchery.

“In Morocco, the law protects public morality but not the individual,” said Assouli, adding that legislation outlawing all forms of violence against women, including rape within marriage, has been stuck in the government since 2006.

According to the father’s interview, the girl was accosted on the street and raped when she was 15, but it was two months before she told her parents.

He said the court pushed the marriage, even though the perpetrator initially refused. He only consented when faced with prosecution. The penalty for rape is between five and 10 years in prison, but rises to 10 to 20 in the case of a minor.

Filali said Amina complained to her mother that her husband was beating her repeatedly during the five months of marriage but that her mother counseled patience.

The “S word” is not ever mentioned in this article, nor even referred to obliquely. At least one islamopologist site, based in Chicago, confusingly says that this “marry him” judgment is in line with Sharia law, and also against it ...

This outrage against the horrific and outrageous law that allows the rapist to marry his victim in order to avoid prosecution is following Sharia. Rape is a horrific crime that I would not wish upon my worst enemy. This inhuman law in Morocco has no basis in Islam or the Qur’an. And to shield the criminal by marrying his victim is even more inhuman: the Sharia is against it.

But we know better. We won’t accept the spoonfed meme. And we know that Political Correctness is one gigantic lie after another. NRO’s Andrew McCarthy points out the truth you’re not supposed to be aware of:

Morocco is not just a “Muslim country” in the cultural sense. It is a country proudly adherent to sharia law. Since 1969, Morocco has been a member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, whose Islamic member states proclaimed, in 1990, the “Declaration of Human Rights in Islam.” The rationale for this proclamation — which is also known as the “Cairo Declaration” — is that the signatory nations do not accept the concept of “human rights” as it is understood in the West and outlined in such instruments as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which the Cairo Declaration is a rebuttal.
“Human rights” are the rights that humans have under sharia law — and no others. “Equality for women” consists of the rights women are granted by sharia, which we in the West see (quite rightly, I think) as being grossly subordinate to the rights of men (in particular, Muslim men). In stark contrast, Islam considers them merely different from the rights of men — more suitable, sharia scholars will tell you, to life as Allah intended women to live it, in light of the comparative strengths and weaknesses of their natural condition.

But you sure won’t find the media even questioning the depravities of jizzlamic jurisprudence. Not even here in the USA ISA.

Red Ken would be proud.


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Gas Prices Spike Again

I thought we were going to catch a little break when local gasoline prices dropped 3¢ last week to $3.51.9, but they’re right back up again today to $3.57.9. And that’s at the no-brand station down the road. Gas costs more at the big name stations. And yes, I know, you’ve got it worse; New Jersey doesn’t put much state tax on gas, so it’s worse in almost all the other states, which do.

But we’ve got it easy. Gas is going up in the UK too, and yet another tax hit this coming summer will make it even worse.

Record fuel hike ‘will force drivers off road’

Fears are growing that an increasing number of motorists will be priced off the road if fuel prices continue their relentless rise.

Petrol and diesel now cost more in the UK than ever before — with a further 3p VAT rise planned in August prompting panic among drivers.

New figures from March’s AA Fuel Price Report reveal that Northern Ireland consumers are forking out an average 139.2p a litre for unleaded and 145.9p for diesel.

That’s more expensive than anywhere else in the UK, where around 68% of the pump price is actually attributable to duty and VAT.

Before tax, the UK has one of the cheapest fuels in Europe but, once it is added, local diesel prices are the highest in the EU, while local petrol is among the dearest.

Let’s see, there are 3.785 liters in a US gallon, so with the upcoming VAT added in, this amounts to 526.87p per gallon. But with 100 pence per pound, that’s £5.2687. A pound is currently worth $1.58.376, so that works out to $8.34.5 per gallon. Which means it costs about $125 over there to fill up the tank on a mid-size car or small pickup. That’s about 2 1/2 day’s wages over here after taxes if you have a minimum wage job. On the other hand, if you take away all the taxes on UK gas, it’s only $2.67 a gallon. Add back in the 18.4¢/gal federal gas tax we pay and your state’s taxes and fees and you’ll see that the actual cost of the gasoline itself is quite a bit less expensive over there. $2.67 + NJ’s $0.32.9 combined tax adds up to $2.98.9, a price I will gladly pay right now if I could find it.

Funny thing, that. Remember the whole economies of scale lecture in Economics 101? Strange how the UK, which uses not a tenth of the gas that the USA does, manages to get it to the pumps for such a lesser price. Perhaps they have more refinery capacity available per unit gallon, imported & domestic, and thus have a bit of competition regulating the free market. Perhaps they have just one or two blends nationwide. Perhaps they don’t do the silly E10 gasohol sleight of hand with the ethanol, a price relationship that I can’t understand.  And I’m pretty sure that the stupid ethanol subsidy is finally over, although I don’t remember hearing anything about that on the news.

Just now I learned that cellulosic ethanol is a total flop, coming in at 100 million gallons shy of its 2010 federally mandated production goal of 100 million gallons, 250 million gallons shy of its 2011 mandated goal of 250 millions gallons, and almost certainly 500 million gallons shy of its 2012 mandated goal of 500 million gallons. In other words, not one damn drop. And it’s the heart and soul of the Renewable Fuel Standard that demands the blending and sourcing of ethanol. Hey, imagine that. A government program put into law based on a circle jerk dream of technological advancements that don’t even exist. Government: We Know Better Than You.  Go on, look it up. And the oil companies are forced to purchase waivers from the government for not using this alcohol, because it doesn’t exist. Guess who pays for the waivers, eventually? And I’m not seeing Congress toss this nonsense legislation, or even hit the Pause button on it.  We’re totally screwed.

All I know is that gas is costing me more than it EVER has before, and I’m getting 2-3mpg less with this 10% mix crap that is the only stuff for sale, compared to real gasoline. And I’m NOT blaming Bush for it either. I’m blaming the guy in charge and his 535 moronic minions down the street.


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Colorblind and Brain Dead

It’s a pair of shoes, m’kay? Get over it.

Sneaker giant Nike is backtracking after a St. Patrick’s Day-themed shoe dubbed the “Black and Tan” by retailers drew criticism for paying unwitting homage to the British paramilitary forces of Northern Ireland.

The black leather sneaker with brown trim earned an unofficial name apparently meant as a nod to the drink made by mixing stout and lager in a pint glass, according to the Belfast Telegraph. But the drink itself takes its name from the Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force, which became notorious in the 1920s for its attacks on Irish civilians during the War of Independence.

I swear the whole world has turned into porcupines, everyone with their feeling out on stalks, just itching for the chance to be offended and play the victim. It’s a pair of shoes, alright? Named after a drink. Shut up and go away.

… Nike officials said the sneakers, officially called the Nike SB Dunk Low, have been “unofficially named by some using a phrase that can be viewed as inappropriate and insensitive.”

“We apologize,” the statement continued. “No offense was intended.”

How about a more appropriate response, like “Sod off you pathetic bunch of crotch weasels, we named the shoes after the beer and that’s all. Get your head out of your ass and get a life.”?

The row over Nike’s new sneakers follows a similar incident in 2006 when ice-cream giants Ben & Jerry’s released a ‘Black and Tan’ flavour. The company apologised and the ice-cream was only made available in the US.

rolleyes  rolleyes  rolleyes What else would you expect from a bunch of spineless hippies? What, you think you’ve got a frickin’ patent on two colors used together with an ampersand? Get stuffed. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. We had a black and tan dog when I was a kid. A Welsh Terrier. So now I suppose you’re going to try and tell me that the dog’s coat was offensive to the Irish, and the breed was raaaacist against the Welsh? Arseheads, the lot of them.


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SSDD in Syria

Heavy fighting in Syrian capital


Rebels fought security forces in Damascus on Monday, in the most violent gunbattles the Syrian capital has seen since the start of the year-long uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, opposition activists said.
Witnesses said the sound of heavy machinegun fire and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) had echoed through al-Mezze for two or three hours.

“There is fighting near Hamada supermarket and the sound of explosions there and elsewhere in the neighborhood. Security police have blocked several side streets and the street lighting has been cut off,” a housewife who lives in the area said.
The United Nations says more than 8,000 people have been killed and some 230,000 forced to flee their home, including at least 30,000 who have escaped abroad. The government says about 2,000 members of security forces have been killed.

Syria, a country which sits on the fault lines of several regional and ethnic conflicts, denies accusations of brutality and says it is grappling with a foreign-backed insurgency.


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i will make london a beacon of islam. red ken speaks.

Back for a short spell after a nightmare couple of weeks. Things settling down but going slowly.

My wife has been quite ill and I’ve been putting an anti-biotic ointment in her right eye every three hours.
So my time hasn’t been entirely my own.  That’s not a gripe btw.  She’s the very best friend I’ve ever had.
It’s very frustrating seeing a loved one in pain or any kind of discomfort, and helpless to do anything to take the pain away.  It all started 2 weeks ago when she complained about severe pain in her right eye, and a violent headache.  She’s never been subject to headaches, and our first unspoken thought was the history of her late brother who passed away age 65 of a brain tumor.
Well most fortunately that isn’t the problem, but Shingles is and there’s more to tell but will save it for another time.  It isn’t pretty and it is very, very painful. And the older you are, the worse it is.  We are informed that the pain can last for a month or more after the virus itself has gone.
At the moment to be honest, I feel a bit burned out but my wife feels more then that and so I can’t ignore the responsibility of sharing the following.

A couple of items caught my eye and so I booted this thing to share the insanity I read about.

Some of you already know that the former mayor of London is a Communist ( he says he is ) referred to as Red Ken Livingston.  He lost the last election to a brainy, shambolic and often brilliantly funny Conservative named Boris Johnson.  Well, Red Ken wants his old job back and so is once again running for the office he lost to Boris.  The Johnson’s are btw, a family of writers and the father, Stanley Johnson, has had a most adventurous life. 

So here is Red Ken for your reading pleasure. The hopeful future once again London mayor.
Who says;

By Andrew Gilligan

Ken Livingstone has promised to turn London into a “beacon” for the words of the Prophet Mohammed in a sermon at one of the capital’s most controversial mosques.
Mr Livingstone, Labour’s candidate for mayor of London, pledged to “educate the mass of Londoners” in Islam, saying:  “That will help to cement our city as a beacon that demonstrates the meaning of the words of the Prophet.” Mr Livingstone described Mohammed’s words in his last sermon as “an agenda for all humanity.”

He praised the Prophet’s last sermon, telling his audience: “I want to spend the next four years making sure that every non-Muslim in London knows and understands [its] words and message.” He also promised to “make your life a bit easier financially.”
Mr Livingstone was speaking at last Friday’s Jummah prayer at the North London Central Mosque, also known as Finsbury Park Mosque, formerly controlled by the terrorist recruiter Abu Hamza.

Hamza was removed in 2003 but the mosque is now controlled by an Islamist organisation, the Muslim Association of Britain, which has been linked to the banned terror group, Hamas. A man who has acted as spokesman for the current leadership, Azzam Tamimi, is on record as supporting suicide bombings. One of the mosque’s current directors, Mohammed Sawalha, is described by the BBC as a former senior figure in Hamas who “is said to have masterminded much of Hamas’s political and military strategy” from his post in London.

In 2009 Mr Sawalha also signed the Istanbul Declaration which calls for attacks against the allies of Israel, which include the UK. The British Government interpreted it as calling for attacks on British troops.

In 2010, the Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, a Muslim moderate, resigned from the mosque’s board of trustees and reported it to the Charity Commission, accusing the mosque of forging his signature on key legal documents.

Mr Livingstone has been dogged by allegations of links to Islamic fundamentalism. In 2010, in the London borough of Tower Hamlets, he campaigned against his own party’s candidate to back a controversial independent politician, Lutfur Rahman, sacked by Labour for his links to a Muslim extremist group, the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE).

During his mayoralty, Mr Livingstone’s London Development Agency channelled hundreds of thousands of pounds to the East London Mosque in Tower Hamlets, controlled by the IFE, even though senior LDA managers strongly opposed the grant. In return, IFE activists campaigned strongly for him at the 2008 mayoral elections, boasting that they “got out the vote” for Mr Livingstone and achieving dramatic swingsto him in their east London heartland.

Mr Livingstone also gave thousands of pounds of public money to the Muslim Welfare House, a charity closely associated with the Finsbury Park Mosque, which signed an open letter backing his re-election campaign in 2008.

red ken source

Seems to us islamophobic , raaaaaacist right wingers that not just London, but a section of the country has already become that without Mr. Livingston’s help.
Take a look at this.

One in five young Asians think honour violence can be justified

One in five young Asians believe women deserve “physical punishment” if they dishonour their families, a survey has revealed.
By Tom Whitehead

Some three per cent even think murder, or so-called “honour killings”, can be justified in some circumstances
And two thirds of young British Asians, including young women, say families should live according to the concept of “honour”, according to the poll for BBC Panorama.

The findings come despite attempts by politicians, the police and prosecutors to send out a strong message that honour-based violence is unacceptable.
Police fear as many as 12 people a year are victims of honour killings in the UK and a recent survey suggested there are more than 2,800 honour crimes committed annually – the equivalent of eight a day.

Last week, the mother of a teenager stabbed to death by her Asian boyfriend claimed her daughter was the first white victim of an honour killing.
Laura Wilson, 17, was repeatedly knifed in the head on a secluded tow path by Ashtiaq Ashgar in 2010 after their relationship turned sour. He was subsequently jailed for at least17-and-a-half years.

In the most high profile case, five men were eventually jailed over the 2006 murder of Banaz Mahmod, including her own father.
The lead prosecutor for honour crimes warned the latest survey reveals campaigners now face a new generation of supports of honour violence.
Nazir Afzal, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “I thought this was a generational thing, it was something that would die out with my generation.
“Unfortunately, I’ve come across many young people who think the same way.”

The survey of 500 Asian men aged 16 to 34 was conducted for a Panorama investigation in to honour crimes.
It found 18 per cent thought punishments on women could be justified in some circumstances if they had dishonoured their family.
That could include disobeying a father’s wishes, wanting to marry someone the family or community considered unacceptable, going out in the evening unaccompanied or dressing in an unacceptable manner.
Three per cent said honour killing could be justified while a similar proportion were undecided.
Some 69 per cent said families should live according to the concept of honour of “izzat”.
Mr Afzal told Panorama: “We don’t know the true figure of honour killings. It’s anything between 10 and 12 a year in this country.
“I don’t know how many other unmarked graves there are in our green and pleasant land, I don’t know. And that suggests to me that we’re underestimating this issue.

“My view is there’s no place for multicultural sensitivity in this situation ... This is something that we cannot tolerate.”
Jasvinder Sanghera, of Karma Nirvana, set up a helpline for women at risk of honour based violence. At 14, she was imprisoned in her bedroom after refusing to marry a man she had never met.

“I was conditioned to learn that from a very young age, it is dishonourable to make eye contact with men, sit with men,” she said.
“And the rules shift and change as you get older, you’re not allowed to have boyfriends, be seen talking to the opposite sex, to cut your hair, wear make-up. You are taught these are all dishonourable acts of behaviour.”

In 2010, Mohammed Ali and Omar Hussain were jailed for life for the murder of Banaz Mahmod in January 2006, after being extradited from Iraq.
The men carried out the murder with a third man, Mohammad Hama, on behalf of Miss Mahmod’s father, Mahmod Mahmod, and his brother, Ari.
Hama and Miss Mahmod’s father and uncle, members of the Kurdish community, were jailed at the Old Bailey in 2007.



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Chess Problem #298

Today’s problem features the Knight fork:

The late Dr. Robert R. McCready, a strong expert and beloved chessplayer in Dallas for many years used to jokingly say ‘Were it not for those darned Knights, I would have been a Grandmaster.’ Indeed, of all of the chess pieces the Knight is the most fascinating and mysterious.


Black to move and win.

Taken from Combination Challenge by Lou Hayes and USCF Senior Master John Hall (2520)
Graphics courtesy of Exachess.

UPDATE 3/19/12

Well Drew, I’ve got to find and post one of my tournament games. I was White, on the ropes, so bad that the tournament director had already recorded my game as a loss. I was gratified to correct him; I won. It did feature a classic Knight fork–I forked both of Black’s Rooks and his Queen. If I find that game score I will post it. A classic example of what Drew says: Never give up.

Here’s the ‘book’ solution to this problem:

1. … Bxg2+
2. Qxg2 Rxd1
3. Rxd1
if 3. Qxc6 Rxe1+ and wins
3. … Nf2+
4. Kg1 Qxg2+
5. Kxg2 Nxd1
And Black wins.

Yes Drew, sorry. It’s one of those ‘magical wins’. Black is up substantial material. The win shouldn’t be a problem.


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Oh Hella Yeah

Not exactly military issue, which is a shame ...

image image

via Soylent Green via Doug Ross via Business Insider.

Coping with Sharia law got you down? The old kaffir feeling a bit too dhimmi today? Feel like celebrating your haram status as one of the unclean? Tired of your President bowing and scraping and apologizing to our enemies who have declared continuous holy war on us for more than 1400 years now?

Or would you just like to show the world that you’re part of the global Other White Meat effort?

Take your pick ... here’s the patch you want. And in case the reader can’t read English, the text is also conveniently also there in Arabic. Almost guaranteed to get you arrested and flogged in Saudi Arabia. If you submit. I shall not submit.

The 3” patches have velcro on the back. 2 for $12 plus $2 s&h at Mil-Spec Monkey. Comes in the boldly colored SWAT version, a desert camo ARID version, and a classic camo FOREST version. For those who want to be a bit subtle. Barbecue sauce not included.


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