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Some of the people, none of the time

Not A Hate Crime

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Polar Bear Hunting? Never Heard Of It!

Gang of Philly hoodlum youths beat Vet senseless for no reason at all. He was just standing there, waiting for the bus. Another case of “SWW"*, what city cops call “random acts of violence”.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Vietnam veteran who lost his eye while serving his country was violently beaten during a random attack by a group of teens on a Philadelphia street earlier this week.

The attack happened shortly after 6 p.m. Tuesday in the 5000 block of N. 5th Street in the city’s Olney section.

“These animals are specializing on our elderly people out here and a gentleman who served our country,” Lt. George McClay said.

According to investigators, 64-year-old Edward Schaefer was walking to meet his wife at the bus stop when he was approached from behind by six males.

McClay said one of the suspects began the violent attack and the others joined in on the random beating.

The whole thing was captured on security cam video and can be seen at the above link.

The suspects are described as six black and Hispanic males, between the ages of 16 to 18. Authorities say all of the suspects have been identified. Once they have been apprehended, they could be charged with attempted murder.

The comments are really to the point. This kind of thing goes on constantly, and people are pretty darn sick and tired of it. Dozens, hundreds of comments, all saying the same thing, all having the same solution. These are the people who can see, and are being fooled none of the time. Bitter clingers, no doubt.

Good news, bad news: cops rounded up the thugs, but are only going to charge two of them, and of course one of the two charged doesn’t fit the general demographic of the others, who are getting off with no charges filed at all.

PHILADELPHIA - Police have identified four of six teens seen on a videotape moments before a Vietnam vet was savagely beaten on a Philadelphia street. Police say that only 2 of the 6 teens in the video will be charged. One of them is in custody.

A 15 year old Asian boy who is the last one walking in the video is expected to be charged with aggravated assault and robbery. Police tell me he confessed. His mother turned him in.

Go Tiger Mom!

Police told Fox 29 the attackers did it “just for fun” as they try to determine who was involved in the attack Tuesday night in the city’s Olney section.

Edward Schaeffer, 64, was simply walking to pick up his wife from the bus stop. Now, he lays in a hospital bed with a fractured skull and other broken bones.

The beating comes just days after Temple graduate Kevin Kless was beaten to death in Old City.

Kate Schaeffer and others who live in this neighborhood are stunned by these vicious beatings.

Edward Schaeffer works with the Boy Scouts and helps get veterans jobs. He never said a word to the teens, according to detectives.


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How low can you go?

I know there has to be more to this story, but OMG.

Police say woman offered sexual favors for chicken McNuggets

Burbank, Calif. – A Los Angeles woman was arrested last week for offering sexual favors in exchange for chicken McNuggets, according to Burbank police.

Khadijah Baseer of Los Angeles allegedly opened customers’ car doors while they were in the drive-thru of a Burbank McDonald’s.

A witness reported Baseer’s activity to police and she was arrested on suspicion of prostitution.

In LA you get a happy ending with your happy meal?

Upon further research, the good news is that she was not actually a McDonald’s employee.


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calendar   Thursday - January 19, 2012

sorry state of affairs in pirate update

Just when ya think that things can’t get more stupid.

A day or two ago I posted an article about the Navy (Brit) arresting 14 pirates. Arrest as opposed to just shooting the black bastards.

Well, I never expected a followup to that story.  Hadn’t thought of this either.

Take a look at how dumb the west is in answering the continuing threat of these vermin in human form.

Royal Navy may have to set pirates free

The Royal Navy may be forced to release suspected pirates captured in the Indian Ocean because no country is willing to prosecute them.

By Mike Pflanz, Nairobi

A team of Royal Marines arrested 14 Somalis on a hijacked fishing boat on Saturday and found rocket-propelled grenades, assault rifles and explosives.

Kenya and the Seychelles have tried suspected pirates in the past but both have refused to take the latest captives because their court systems are swamped.
The men caught on Saturday joined two other suspected pirates already under arrest on a second Royal Navy vessel. The American, Danish and Spanish navies are between them holding a further 46 men captured during anti-piracy patrols over the last six weeks.

British officials are putting “intense pressure” on Kenya to accept the most recent captives, amid fears of warships turning into “floating prisons”, according to senior sources in Nairobi. One alternative would be to try the men in Britain, experts say, but there is little appetite for it because of the cost and the fear that the pirates would later seek asylum.

The only remaining option is to release them back on to the beaches of Somalia, said Alan Cole, anti-piracy co-ordinator with the United Nations office on drugs and crime in Nairobi. Whitehall sources confirmed that this was one of the few options available.

“It is extremely important that the regional countries do everything they can to take these pirates or it gives the impression that they are immune from prosecution,” said Mr Cole.
Britain is spending more than £11 million to refurbish prisons and courts in Kenya, the Seychelles and northern Somalia but the work is not yet complete.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence in London said: “The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is actively pursuing options for regional prosecution.”


Jeesh. To listen to these goofballs talk, you would think that killing the pirate scum would somehow be the same as the taking of human life.


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Wrong Ingredients

I would have thought this cocktail was made mostly from sour grapes -



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While Blaming Others, Obama Kills Keystone Pipeline

image image

Like you didn’t know this was coming, right? Now Canada will put in a 90 degree elbow and turn the pipeline west, and sell all their oil to the damn ChiComs. Dipshit.

President Obama announced Wednesday that he will deny a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, blaming Republicans for imposing a “rushed and arbitrary deadline” which he said did not give officials enough time.

Will no one rid us of this turbulent priest president? November 5 can’t come fast enough.

GOP lawmakers immediately excoriated the president for the decision. House Speaker John Boehner said Obama is “selling out American jobs for politics,” and said Republicans in Congress would continue to push for the pipeline.

The decision does not necessarily kill the project. The State Department said the denial “does not preclude any subsequent permit application”—and within hours pipeline company TransCanada announced that it would reapply for a permit.

But the decision at least delays the project, one that unions and GOP lawmakers alike said would be a boon for job creation as well as energy security.

“Until this pipeline is constructed, the U.S. will continue to import millions of barrels of conflict oil from the Middle East and Venezuela and other foreign countries,” TransCanada said in a statement Wednesday, saying it is “disappointed” by the administration’s call. “Thousands of jobs continue to hang in the balance if this project does not go forward.”

I never knew Manchuria was part of Kenya, but with this candidate I’m certain of it. This is not incompetence. This is a deliberate and never ending effort to weaken and destroy the nation. The evil red puppet has to go.

“This political decision offers hard evidence that creating jobs is not a high priority for this administration,” said US Chamber of Commerce Pres. Thomas J. Donohue. “By placing politics over policy, the Obama administration is sacrificing tens of thousands of good-paying American jobs in the short term, and many more than that in the long term.”

Under an attachment to a bill extending a payroll tax holiday, Obama had until Feb. 21 to act on the 1,600-mile pipeline, which would carry heavy oil from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast. His administration earlier had deferred a decision on the project until 2013, but congressional Republicans hoped to force him to choose between labor union supporters, who back Keystone XL, and environmental groups, which oppose it.

Let’s see ... if I were President and our nice neighbors to the north wanted to build a pipeline to ship us endless barrels of oil, how long would it take me to decide if that was a good thing? DONE. Far less time than it took me to type D O N E. Subversive bastard.


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The Shrinking Field

Rick Perry has dropped out of the Republican Primary race. He is going to throw his support to Newt Gingrich, news coverage at 11am.

Cain, Bachmann, Huntsman, and now Perry. Gone.

The decision comes after the Texas governor, who once led the field of GOP hopefuls, endured disappointing finishes in the leadoff Iowa and New Hampshire contests. While he is polling only in single digits in South Carolina, his decision to withdraw could end up giving a boost to one of his opponents should his supporters gravitate toward a particular candidate.

Crivens. At this rate, there won’t be any choice but Romney by the time the primary bandwagon gets to my state. Grrrrr.


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News To Me

We’re nearing the end of the dead period on American television, that six to eight week hiatus that all the shows seem to take as soon as winter sets in. Nothing on but repeats. With our cable company giving us the On Demand feature, we’ve been able to avoid most of this, and have been watching old episodes of shows we don’t ordinarily watch. We’ve also been exploring several of the few hundred channels we never look at, just to find something new or at least interesting to watch. New episodes are starting up this week and next, so we’re saved for the next couple of months.

I watched one of the BBC documentary shows last night, a new one called The Queen’s Palaces. The episode was on Buckingham Palace. Fantastic. Mind blowing. My God, such wealth spent so lavishly. Stunning. But I’m not jealous, or envious, or resentful. The Crown had the money, and that’s how they spent it, and it was all a long time ago, so so what? [ although I am more than a little piqued about an ad they kept running for the Bill Moyers show (who??)that flashed dozens of famous faces across the screen with a series of vocal sound bites, and one of them goes “The opposite of poverty is not wealth. The opposite of poverty is justice.” which is an infuriating bit of undiluted Marxism in my opinion. ]

But it was late in the evening, and being a guy I couldn’t help but be continually distracted by the presenter for the show, one Fiona Bruce, as she legged it around the palace, up and down the grand staircases, in and out of one sumptuously detailed enormous room after another. Damnation. Horry Clap what a pair of legs that woman has. And that’s in her old sensible heels, flats, and jodhpurs ( they stuck her on a horsey for one scene, but I don’t think she rides regularly ). It’s not like she was trying, wearing the same old blue dress she’s had for ages, and that makes it all so much more appreciable.

A tiny bit of net research this morning shows me that this is not news to any of you Brits, as you’ve had her as a news show person and TV presenter for years and years, that she is very well paid by the BBC, and that controversy sticks to her like glue over jealous charges that she’s just too darn sexy for the job. As if. Or too dim-witted or common. At least she has some appearance of class, and isn’t some mostly naked bit of pantie-less dumpster slut falling out of her clothes at every opportunity.  She isn’t even all that pretty, though she is rather striking and quite easy to listen to. Personally, I think she’s in damn fine shape for a woman half her age and I hope BBC One continues to keep her walking about on camera and presenting everything. Better than that Cat Deeley stretched out bit of vacuous fluff.



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Where’s My Preciousssss?

I was waiting for this. was down yesterday for the SOPA protest. I couldn’t remember the source.

The Cleveland Zoo has entered the race for the most disgusting animal on the planet.

It’s called an ‘Aye-aye.’


Of course, FARKERS weighed in:

This is the reason I don’t drink tequila anymore. I woke up next to one of these and she wouldn’t stop calling for weeks.

They’re like Lovecraftian squirrels.

“I don’t know what it is, but it keeps asking for ‘Precious’”

Dobby? Is that you? You’ve really let yourself go.


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calendar   Wednesday - January 18, 2012

NAAAH looks for, finds racism in unreleased app

The National Association for the Advancement of Assholes (NAAAH, aka NAACP) has found racism in a smart phone app that is not only unreleased, but is still under development.

An in-development Microsoft smart phone app designed to help drivers and pedestrians avoid unsafe neighborhoods is proving controversial among some minority rights groups that find the software potentially discriminatory.

The as-of-yet unnamed product is being referred to as the “Avoid The Ghetto” app by those who are concerned with where it will guide users.

“I’m going to be up in arms about it if it happens,” said Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace.

That’s the way to ‘tone down’ the rhetoric isn’t it? Especially after your President asked for the rhetoric to be ‘toned down’ after the Gifford’s shooting.

Wallace spent her afternoon at a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and said she felt safe there, but fears the app may project otherwise.

“Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

No I can’t. It just informs you that it is a high crime area. You are free to enter the area. Nothing is stopping you!

Now, to make this a really racist app, and therefore more useful, I would include stats about white-on-black crimes vs. black-on-white crimes in the area. That would be useful!

Almost forgot: source article here.

Having reported that, last time I checked, there is still a Constitutional freedom of association. If I don’t wish to associate with assholes, jackoffs, and other assorted scumbags, that’s not discrimination. That’s freedom of association.

Ditto if I’m a business owner and don’t want AJS in my business. Or even want to hire such.

What we really need is an app that would show conservative vs. liberal areas!


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The Breaking Romney ‘Scandal’?

John Fricke over at the American Thinker blog has an entry on the latest religious bigotry against Mitt Romney:

The media is digging hard on, among other things, Romney’s tithing to the Mormon church.  Reports say that Romney, either by himself or as a large part of a group of LDS members from Bain Capital, gave to the Mormon church stock holdings from his/their personal Bain accounts.  Stock holdings worth millions of dollars.
The stories then, at least begin to, ask the question as to the impact the Mormon church would have on policy within the Oval Office of a Romney administration.

Excuse me? Romney GIVES his Church millions in tithing and the Church is going to influence him? It’s not like the Church is giving Romney millions to influence him.

Here’s the deal: the LDS Church encourages tithing 10% of your income. Romney’s made millions, so of course he’s tithed millions. I daresay he’s also contributed to other Church programs: missionary fund, welfare fund, building fund, special funds set up when disasters like Katrina or tsunamis in Indonesia and Japan occur.

Anyway, I agree with John Fricke:

This is a problem, a very big problem.  For Barack Obama…

Romney should tell the media they need to dig through the President’s records to see what he has given to his church.  When and how much and what for.  Romney should further state that he is a proud member in solid standing within his church and he has no intentions of fleeing that church for political reasons.

Exactly. Who abandoned his church for political reasons? Why? Let’s compare Thomas S. Monson (current President of the LDS Church) to the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And just what church does Obama attend these days? The Church of the 19th Hole?

BTW, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is also Mormon. Where’s the scrutiny of his tithing?


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Better Than Bacon

What, You Don’t Like Scrapple?


scrapple - it’s offal good!

With Wiki and so many other places shut down today, I’m kind of left to my own devices. So I went shopping and did a scrapple taste test shootout for lunch. Then I looked some stuff up on the net, and that caused this post to be created.

To my complete amazement, scrapple is not a universal American food. The king of all conglomerated pork products is really only available here in the mid-Atlantic states and their close neighbors. News to me. So if you don’t know, scrapple is a mix of flour, spices, and everything that’s left over on the pig once the butcher has done his duty. Everything except the squeal, and that’s what scrapple is all about. Back in the day scrapple was invented by German immigrants in the Pennsylvania Dutch area. It’s scrapings, boiled up with flour to form a mush. If you’re English, think pudding. Europeans - think pork polenta. It doesn’t go in a skin like a sausage, it gets molded into blocks and frozen. Then you get some, thaw it, and take 1/2” slices and fry them. And a good scrapple is the best thing in the world for breakfast with eggs. The problem is finding a good scrapple.

Scrapple is typically made of hog offal, such as the head, heart, liver, and other scraps, which are boiled with any bones attached (often the entire head), to make a broth. Once cooked, bones and fat are discarded, the meat is reserved, and (dry) cornmeal is boiled in the broth to make a mush. The meat, finely minced, is returned, and seasonings, typically sage, thyme, savory, and others are added. The mush is cast into loaves, and allowed to cool thoroughly until gelled. The proportions and seasoning are very much a matter of the region and the cook’s taste.

My grocery store carries the Parks brand once in a blue moon, but the Wal-mart next door seems to be stocking both the Rapa and the Habbersett brands, both for about $2.89 per 1lb package. I had scrapple all the time as a child, so I had a clear memory of how it should taste. I tried the Parks product a couple years ago. Epic. Fail. I can’t give you any details, but it was just wrong. It wasn’t spoiled, but it tasted so bad to me that I threw the rest of it away.

I got a loaf of Habbersett’s last week, and it was perfection. Scrapple is heavily spiced stuff, so if you find you need to add salt and pepper to yours to give it some flavor you’ve got the wrong scrapple. The Habbersett scrapple is loaded with black pepper. Loaded. It also has a light, meaty taste that let’s you know you are enjoying some kind of fried pork product. Habbersett’s is a genuine Penn Dutch product, made right over yonder down across the Delaware River in Amish country.

This week I tried the Rapa product. I hear that the Rapa company is owned by the Jones Farm sausage company. Jones Farm does a great job with their breakfast sausages, and they have their own brand of scrapple which I don’t think I’ve ever tried. I ate half the brick of Rapa yesterday, and I had the other half for lunch today, just to be sure. Not the winner. Sorry Rapa minions. It may be the ingredients. Rapa scrapple is much higher in Vitamin A and iron than Habbersett, being made from (pork stock, pork livers, pork fat, pork snouts, corn meal, pork hearts, wheat flour, salt, and spices) rather than (pork stock, pork, pork skins, corn meal, wheat flour, pork hearts, pork livers, pork tongues, salt, and spices), but it has a duskier, duller flavor. Perhaps this is because of the over abundance of liver, perhaps it’s because of the under use of spices. But it isn’t piquant; it doesn’t sparkle on your taste buds.

The Hatfield company also makes scrapple, although I’ve never seen any. And if I go visit the in-laws out in PA and give them a heads-up, they say they can get some locally made scrapple that beats all the store brands hands down. That’s a challenge I’d like to take up, and I’ll be there with my brick of Habbersett’s, ready to fry.

And yes, with fried or scrambled eggs and toast, it is better than bacon. For lunch, a SLT beats a BLT every time. But bacon is more widely useful, and has it’s own great taste.


Scrapple is chock full of energy, and helps power the local boomerang team. Onward to glory!

More scrapple links:

PS - a bit of searching has shown me that I can pick up the Hatfield brand down in Flemington, and that it costs a third less than what the others cost. Meat product, $1.79 per pound. Some reviews say it’s pretty terrible though.
PPS - Dave says Jones Farm owns Habbersett too. Perish the thought!


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about as bad as it gets. squatters. why isn’t anyone killing them? they deserve it !

Well, it’s happened again.  Yeah I know.  I was tired of these never ending stories. But this is one hell of a story.
Besides .... I am reminded of the promise by this govt. that the law was going to be changed.  The PM made that promise I do believe, around about election time. Was that 2010 or 2011?  I think it was 2010.  Whatever.  I didn’t really hold my breath.

Interesting though when it happened to a govt. type last year, she got back her property pretty fast.
Nobody else does.

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke recently announced proposals to make squatting illegal in residential dwellings. The Ministry of Justice was unable to say when the law would come into force.

Yeah right.  But it never happens in time to give relief to the innocent and the people who are desperate for the change. It is so fuckin obvious that this needs change. 

I can not begin to describe the depth of my hatred for the scum who do these things and my total disdain for the powers that leach who allow it to continue.

Squatters should ALL be slaughtered on sight. The country should be swept of this vermin by any means. Anyone who objects should likewise be made to stop their un-necessary breathing, as they are enablers of this loathsome practice. 

‘My childhood home has been invaded by Moldovan squatters’: Woman’s anguish as eight Eastern Europeans break in days before she is due to sell

After inheriting her childhood home from her mother and renting it out for a couple of years, Janice Mason decided to make a clean break with the past by selling the property.

Having found a buyer, she hoped the heart-wrenching process could be completed swiftly. But a group of Eastern European squatters moved in before the contracts had been exchanged.

As a result, Mrs Mason is facing months of anguish and frustration.


The £250,000 three-bedroom detached house in Walthamstow, East London, was left empty after the tenants moved out. Seizing their opportunity, the eight squatters, believed to be Moldovan, broke in through the back door.

Mrs Mason and her husband David discovered what had happened only after a neighbour went round to meet the people she presumed were the new owners.

She was met by a heavily pregnant woman who brandished what she claimed was a ‘tenancy agreement’.

Alerted, the Masons rushed to the home but found the locks had been changed. Police told them they were powerless to act as it was a civil matter. Lawyers have advised the couple that they face a legal process that could take up to eight months and cost them thousands of pounds.

‘We are going through hell at the moment,’ said Mrs Mason, 49. ‘We’re not eating, we’re not sleeping properly. I have had to inform my buyer that the house is now occupied by squatters and we cannot sell it to her. The salt in the wound is that I even have to pay for the electricity they use while they are in there.’

Her husband, 48, who works as a driver, added: ‘I have paid my taxes all my life and abided by the law. But when something like this happens, the law is against me.’

The house was built in 1970 and Mrs Mason’s parents, Betty and Bill, moved in the following year when she was nine. Bill died in 2003 and Betty moved into a care home in 2009. The house was rented out to pay the costs.

Betty passed away in December 2010 and the two-year tenancy came to an end in May last year, after which Mrs Mason decided to sell up.

An offer of £248,500 was accepted last month but the deal ground to a halt on January 8 when the Masons, who have no children and live 12 miles away in Epping, Essex, learned the Moldovans – four adults and four children – had moved in.

The owners were also met by a woman clutching a ‘tenancy agreement’ when they arrived.

‘She was saying she would call the police,’ said Mrs Mason. ‘So we thought let’s call the police and resolve the matter. But they couldn’t do anything.’ Officers examined the occupants’ documents, which stated they let the property from a woman called Sharon Wright from December 28 and paid £2,000.

They were unable to contact the woman and refused to pass her mobile number to the Masons, who were allowed inside briefly to examine the house, which had been left unfurnished.

A sofa and TV had been moved in. A steady procession of men and women were seen entering and leaving when the Mail visited the property this week. The squatters were seen using a shopping trolley to help move in mattresses, folding chairs and a table. None of them was prepared to talk.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘Squatting in an empty property remains a civil matter and the owners were advised accordingly.’

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke recently announced proposals to make squatting illegal in residential dwellings. The Ministry of Justice was unable to say when the law would come into force.

(And that cos the Ministry of No Justice are made up of no care idiots. Putzes”! All of em.)



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no SOPA for you!

Digital Censorship Protest Working?

See peeps? This is so much better than living in a tent and pooping on police cars.

SOPA blackout leads co-sponsors to defect

An Internet blackout Wednesday by Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla and thousands of other sites against two anti-piracy bills in Congress has started to have its desired effect: Co-sponsors of the legislation have changed sides and other lawmakers have called for more debate before any vote.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) — who was a co-sponsor of the PROTECT IP Act — became the latest lawmaker Wednesday to pull his support. In the House, Rep. Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.), originally a co-sponsor of the Stop Online Piracy Act, pulled his name from the list of sponsors on Tuesday. A spokesman for Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.), meanwhile, told the Omaha World-Herald on Wednesday that the congressman is also unable to support SOPA as written.

SOPA is a mess. Perhaps our copyright laws need to be reworked here in the digital age. Perhaps the RIAA - the record companies who are behind this crap (as usual) - need to go take a flying ***k. I don’t know what the answer is, but keep any and all government out of, and away from, the internet seems like a good idea to me. It isn’t theirs; they don’t own it and they don’t have the right to tax it or police it.

OTOH, if we had that vaunted One World Government, this software piracy thing would be a snap to shut down, from the most real level (stolen software) right down to the stupid low level stuff (’fair use’ borrowing of pictures and content). Face it: the ‘net is pretty much an Open Source world: if you don’t want your stuff shared, don’t put it online.

For lots more info about what’s wrong with SOPA, go here, and join an email campaign or two. So far more than a million emails have come in. read more And plenty of web sites big and small have shut down or blacked out for the day. Not me. I’m not in favor of the bills, but I’m not much of a bandwagon jumper-onner. But I do think that whoever the simp was who introduced the legislation ought to be horsewhipped and forced to move to North Korea.

On Twitter, Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, confirmed that all of Wikipedia’s 3.8 million English-language articles will be unavailable from midnight Eastern time tonight until midnight Wednesday. Anyone who visits the site will be redirected to a banner that reads “The Internet must remain free.” Also joining Wikipedia in going black are Reddit, Minecraft, Craigslist, and Boing Boing, among others. Craigslist has posted a message at the top of its city homepages with a link to “help put a stop to this madness” of SOPA and PIPA.

The Obama administration, as well as Congress, seem to be listening to the critics. In a blog post, the White House said it would not support “legislation that reduces freedom of expression ... or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.” And House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said a vote would not come up for SOPA until a consensus is reached.

Please read any statements from any government extremely carefully (on this subject and all others, naturally). We are being fed a bucketful of weasel-words and double-talk. Most of government is sold out to big business money. Don’t let them talk you into accepting a spoonful of censorship “for the good of everyone” instead of what looks like a big bowlful now. That spoon will turn out to be bottomless, and their take-over will be incremental but complete. Fight the man, man. Occupy DC.

To help draw attention to the digital censorship issue, here’s a picture I hacked from some famous starlet’s cellphone. (Warning: full NSFW nudity and really dirty sexuality below the fold!)

See More Below The Fold


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Hitler once said, give me the children.  Almost worked.

I was gonna do another anti EU rant when I ran across this. So hey.  Now I don’t have to cos this does it for me.

Important, scroll down at the link for the video which I am unable to embed here.

Revealed: How children are ‘brainwashed with European propaganda’ handed out by EU staff at education fairs

European Commission official says they need ‘to start early enough with the young people before they form prejudices and are misinformed by other sources’


EU ‘propaganda’ is being handed out to teachers to indoctrinate pupils at a young age, it has emerged.

A Brussels official responsible for providing classroom material to UK schools admitted a desire to teach youngsters about the ‘values of EU membership’ from a young age, before they are ‘misinformed’.

The revelation that aggressively pro-European leaflets were being handed out at an education fair to ‘brainwash’ pupils has been heavily criticised.

UKIP deputy leader and education spokesman Paul Nuttall MEP told the Express: ‘It is what we always suspected but could never prove. Now we can. They [the EU] are effectively using our cash to brainwash our children. And it has to stop.’

A video has emerged of Judith Schilling, the European Commission’s publication manager, handing out EU-focused leaflets at the Education Show in Birmingham.

She tells an interviewer: ‘Everybody has now picked up on the idea that we will never succeed to convince people about the value of being a member of the European Union if we do not start early enough with the young people before they form prejudices and are misinformed by other sources.’

Mr Nuttall said he has written to Education Secretary Michael Gove and Schools Minister Nick Gibb saying the teaching programme appears to breach the law banning promotion of ‘partisan political views’ in schools.

Pupils must be given a balanced presentation of issues, he said.

Mr Nuttall has also called for the European Commission to be made to halt its schools programme pending an inquiry and to order schools to stop using such aids.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage said: ‘It is vital that such an important issue, which is essentially the deliberate political indoctrination of our children, be dealt with in as open and as transparent a way as possible.’

It comes after the EU was accused of trying to ‘brainwash’ children after pupils all over the country were given pencil cases with its logo emblazoned across it.



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