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calendar   Monday - November 21, 2011

foul language in public is not shocking. no. but it’s still offensive.

This is the subject referred to briefly in another post.

There have been times here at BMEWS, when angry at some outrage or so totally frustrated I could not find proper words, that I may have let fly with a word or two.  Sometimes cussing really does act as a valve of sorts.  But still, I know it isn’t the best way to express myself.  The judge may have a valid point however in that it’s so common place now, that nobody is really shocked. But I’d also say that I bet lots of folks who aren’t shocked, still find foul language in public on the offensive side.  Of course, since the acceptance of the ‘F’ word in place of the punch line in jokes on stage in public over the years, what else would one expect?
Even in a major newspaper I recently caught one columnist either quoting or referring to something as, s**t.  Now that did surprise me a lot cos I had not seen that word used in newspaper before.  Not even the less offensive and milder term, crap. Which these days can also be used to describe something as junk, as worthless and even, unbelievable.

Is the world a better place because bad language is an acceptable mode of communication?
Kinda doubt it.

Licence to swear: Profanity is so common that it can’t be offensive, judge rules


Yobs should not be punished for hurling obscenities in public – because swear words are now so common that they no longer cause distress, a High Court judge has ruled.

In a landmark judgment, Mr Justice Bean upheld the appeal of a foul-mouthed thug who was convicted for repeatedly using the f-word while being searched by police.

The ruling paves the way for scores of other louts to challenge their convictions for public order offences – and could force police to pay them compensation for wrongful arrest.

The decision, which provoked outrage among police, comes just weeks after the London Mayor Boris Johnson and Britain’s most senior policeman called for a zero-tolerance crackdown on those who abuse officers.

The case was brought by Denzel Harvey, who was fined £50 at Thames Youth Court for repeatedly swearing at officers while he was being searched for cannabis in 2009. The High Court heard that the 20-year-old launched into a tirade of abuse when he was stopped by two police officers in the street in Hackney, east London, telling them: ‘***k this, man. I ain’t been smoking nothing.’

When no drugs were found following a search, he continued: ‘Told you you wouldn’t find ***k all.’ After being asked whether he had a middle name, the surly yob replied: ‘No – I’ve already ****ing told you so.’

Mr Harvey was arrested for the outburst, and magistrates found him guilty of a public order offence after hearing that the expletives were uttered in a public area while a group of teenage bystanders gathered round.

But the conviction was quashed at the High Court, with Mr Justice Bean saying the ‘rather commonplace’ expletive is heard ‘all too frequently’

He claimed it was ‘quite impossible to infer that the group of young people who were in the vicinity were likely to have experienced alarm or distress at hearing these rather commonplace swear words used’.

Simon Reed, vice chairman of the Police Federation, said yesterday: ‘It’s astounding that you can use every swear word to abuse a police officer and they have got to accept it just because it is common.

‘This gives the green light for everyone to swear and use disorderly behaviour with police.’

The ruling is likely to reignite the row between Mr Johnson and the Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, over swearing at police. 

Mr Harvey was charged under section five of the Public Order Act 1986, which makes it an offence to ‘use threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby’.

But in June it emerged that officers had been advised not to arrest those who verbally abuse police, with guidance stating that courts ‘do not accept’ that swearing at officers results in ‘harassment, alarm or distress’.

Last month Mr Johnson said he agreed with the new Metropolitan Police commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe, that that guidance should be scrapped.

‘Public servants are not there to be abused,’ Mr Johnson said. ‘They are there to serve society and society must respect them.

‘How can a copper cope with the job if the public are allowed to insult them with impunity?’

Mr Johnson wants a new offence of ‘swearing at or abusing a police officer acting in the execution of his or her duty’.

He told the Conservative Party conference: ‘If people swear at the police, they must expect to be arrested.

‘Not just because it’s wrong to expect officers to endure profanities, but also because of the experience of the culprits.

‘If people feel there are no boundaries and no retribution, then I’m afraid they will go on to commit worse crimes.’

your right to cuss in public


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family planning for kiddies age 8 to 9? welcome to the brave new world

SEX ED for kiddies?
At what age should it start at? Is it necessary in the first place?

Someone wrote an interesting article today with reference to faulty parenting. Not so much that the parents were bad ppl or child abusers. But that they belong to a generation that just doesn’t know any better. That’s how they were raised and that’s how they raise their own. Specifically, the making of sex objects however unintended, of little girls.  I almost think I understand even without approving.  The examples given in the article of the very explicit MTV for example. It’s become the norm and many moms just don’t see any harm.  Who am I to judge? I’m not a parent.  It must be scary these days because often times, there just isn’t any decent way to always know what a kid is up to. But gosh, at four and five when they’re still practically in babyhood, I don’t think they should be exposed to the things so freely available today.  Things that now are simply taken as a matter of course.  And have you folks noticed that nobody is ever embarrassed by anything these days?  Really.  There was a time when some things that are personal and that would cause great embarrassment, are now spoken of freely. Confessions on TV etc. and celebs talking about everything from their bedroom habits to their bowel habits.  And many even shed copious tears.  Now that is embarrassing. To watch it.  Happily, we haven’t a TV here. Don’t miss it.

Today, it’s reported that a judge has ruled it’s okay to use foul language in public, and even use the ‘F’ word to cops because bad language in public is so common nowadays, that it no longer shocks anyone.  Therefore, there are no grounds for a legal issue. I’ll post the article in awhile.  I guess what I’m getting at is that what’s acceptable now is a lower standard by a very large number of people.  I got a bit off topic I know, but it all seems to run together. Doesn’t it?

Parents rebel over lessons on sex for pupils aged four and plans to teach homosexuality to six-year-olds

· Disgusted parents threaten to pull children out of classes
· ’My boy still believes in Father Christmas - he doesn’t need to be told about these things,’ said one mother


A primary school is facing a parents’ revolt over the content of sex education classes for children as young as four.
Up to 20 families are said to be prepared to withdraw youngsters from the lessons because of concerns they are being sexualised too soon with discussions about homosexuality, masturbation and orgasms.
Under the plans, those aged six could be taught about same-sex relationships and the difference between ‘good and bad touching’. Topics for ten-year-olds include orgasm and masturbation.


read more

Parents who let girls dress in sexy outfits and wear make-up ‘can’t tell right from wrong’

Headmistress says letting youngsters dress in sexy clothing is a sign of society’s eroded moral values
Near-pornographic images on shows such as X Factor partly to blame

the rest is here


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calendar   Sunday - November 20, 2011

protecting the law abiding.  well, not quite. maybe not at all.

One of the many self inflicted wounds as the result of a country giving away it’s sovereignty. Maddening. And that’s putting it mildly. Notice please how I’ve controlled my bad language. 

The link to this no longer is available. Doesn’t matter. It happened. The sub human gave so many false names no wonder the authorities held on to him for longer then usual. Of course, another idiot judge see criminal rights as more important then the rights and the safety of the citizens here. 

Stowaway illegal immigrant who committed 20 offences is awarded £17,000 compensation after being ‘unlawfully’ jailed for four months

An illegal immigrant who arrived in the UK as a stowaway and then committed around 20 offences has thanked a judge after being awarded more than £17,000 compensation for being falsely imprisoned by Home Office officials for four months.

Judge Stephen Stewart QC concluded that 28-year-old Joseph Mjemer - who had used at least five aliases and claimed to be from four different countries - should be freed and paid damages by the Home Office for ‘loss of liberty’.

And yet another case of a country that doesn’t seem able to protect itself from low life animal scum.

The problem has been that creeps with long records have no deterrent.  How many times do innocent ppl have to suffer before the system takes steps to put scum like this away forever?  He should have been put away after he killed that woman in 91.But no … sub humans like this always survive. It’s the innocent victim that pays the price.  And it won’t stop. Ever. And that’s a crime in itself.
Maybe western civilization has a death wish. Ya think?

Too sick to serve time: Killer motorist with 50 convictions spared jail after judge says his hands ‘are tied’ because criminal wouldn’t get care he needs


He once killed a mother of two while speeding.


Yet the tragic consequences of his actions meant nothing to Kevin Bracken.
In the subsequent 20 years, he has racked up more than 50 driving offences.

But even now he will not face the full force of the law after a judge said he could not jail him because his local prison would not provide the round-the-clock care he needs for his physical and mental disabilities.

His latest offence came in January this year when the 46-year-old led police on a terrifying chase on the wrong side of a dual carriageway.
He had already totted up five convictions for dangerous driving, 29 for driving while disqualified, and 15 for taking a vehicle or allowing himself to be carried in a vehicle that had been taken.

Judge William Morris said that Bracken had ‘a complete disregard for the law’ and ‘deserved’ to go to prison for 19 months for his sixth dangerous driving offence, close to the two-year maximum sentence.

‘This is a shocking case of dangerous driving – how many times has that been said to you by judges?’ he asked.
‘I have never seen a record so bad for driving offences. You deserve to go to prison and you know it.’

However, having receiving guidance from Forest Bank prison in Salford, the judge admitted: ‘My hands are tied. I have had a letter from the prison to say that the medical services there simply could not cope with you, so what can I do?’

so what can I do?
simple. let the bastard die so others might not.

see more


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idiot judge sides with anarchist activists, says all united in decency. does that tell you something

In a statement read out outside court by protester Oliver Pope, 20, the group said: ‘Today, the ten of us who were on trial have been found guilty of taking part in a protest - a protest that was dubbed ‘sensible’ by the senior police officer at the scene.
‘We were standing up, or more accurately sitting down, against our government making harsh cuts to public services, whilst letting big companies get away with dodging a total of tens of billions of pounds of tax every year.
‘Then we are put on trial, whilst it’s clear the real criminals are the tax dodgers, the politicians and the bankers who caused this financial crisis and who continue to profit.
‘We are supposed to have a democratic right to protest yet people like us, exercising that right and expressing our discontent feel the force of the law and receive harsh and disproportionate sentences.
‘We will, of course, continue to fight this and will be appealing the judgement.’

Well now, lets see how this democratic crowd of high minded anarchists expressed their discontent.


First of all, the so called tax evaders have avoided, legally, they have not evaded their taxes. It’s one thing to insist ppl pay more if you want to insist on that. But these jerks didn’t seem to have a clue that companies they were ranting about, broke no tax laws.
Furthermore, the store these unwashed creeps out for fun and never mind their false claim, invaded and broke up a store that donates part of all their sales to charity. Something these yahoos never learned ahead of time.
They are filth, they all deserved to be put against a wall and shot. Because next time there’s rioting in London and elsewhere, it’ll be the very same crowd doing the same thing.

Now then …. one thing that makes this thing really maddening, is the idiot judge who praised them and called them ‘decent’ protesters. And that has cause quite a stir as you’ll imaging. But hey, with jerk judges like that, it’s like a get out of jail card for the likes of the so called protesters.  Who have proven that generally, they make it up as they go along. The photos tell the story though.

And here’s the idiot judge. Just the very thing to reassure the public. What an ignorant ass. But then, that’s what the law is. Innit?

Outcry as judge praises the ‘decent’ protesters who invaded Fortnum’s

A judge provoked anger by praising the ‘common sense of decency’ of a gang of protesters who invaded Fortnum & Mason.
They were among more than 130 people who stormed into the Queen’s grocer after splitting off from a huge TUC march through London.

The activists caused damage and loss of business estimated at more than £100,000 as they terrorised staff and customers.

But District Judge Michael Snow said the protest was ‘ill-judged’ rather than malicious as he handed conditional discharges to ten defendants. He also declined to award Fortnum & Mason any compensation.

He said: ‘Civil disobedience has a long and entirely peaceful history in this country.

History often vindicates those involved in such acts. I’ve read a series of glowing references on behalf of every one of you. You are united by a common sense of decency.’

The ten were convicted of aggravated trespass with intent to intimidate after a six-day trial at Westminster magistrates’ court.
They are the latest protesters involved in disruptive economic and environmental demonstrations to receive lenient treatment from the courts.

Earlier this year activists who tried to shut down a coal-fired power station near Nottingham were spared jail after a judge declared they acted with the ‘highest possible motives’

see the high minded innocent public minded left at work

This country is overpopulated with idiot judges.


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society that can’t protect itself while children suffer rape

A few days ago Drew made a comment or two that wasn’t exactly positive in nature,, with regard to the culture and the way things are going these days.
He was referring to another unrelated (to this post’s) topic and was also referring to the USA. But nothing is cheery here either.
I had long ago come to the conclusion that western societies were causing self inflicted wounds, and have been doing so for so long, I see no hope of the patient’s recovery. I hate to be so damn gloom and doomish but when I read things like the following, again and again, I despair.  I really do.
I think we (USA is included) have developed a very corrosive culture.  For example, a few days ago there was a movie review for a film whose name I don’t recall, that warned of the following.
“Graphic scenes of torture and animal cruelty.”

Good grief. Torture? Graphic? Animal cruelty?  Why in heaven’s name is that considered “entertainment?” Anyone who can watch that, even if it is,
“Only a Movie” has a very twisted sense of good and evil, right and wrong. And by the way .... garbage like that is never ‘just a movie.’ It’s a template for a future generation of degenerates who will revel in cruelty to people, when they’re through with the animals. It’s a blueprint for a Mad Max society.

Of course, the producers of movies over the years have been more concerned with being ... “Edgy.” “Pushing the envelope.” I see little difference between a society that enjoys exhibitions of animal cruelty and promotes graphic scenes of torture on film to be watched in theaters, and the roaring crowds filled with blood-lust in the Roman Colosseum. 

Now then ... speaking of self inflicted wounds.  And degenerate. A society that can not or will not protect itself.
If this isn’t an outrage devoid of all common sense .....

Child rapist used ‘human rights’ to fight deportation - then struck again

· Asylum-seeker raped four-year-old girl before heading off to preach as a Jehovah’s witness
· Jailed for ten years for raping a 16-year-old girl a decade ago


A convicted sex attacker raped and violently molested two young girls as he fought deportation on human rights grounds.


Asylum-seeker William Danga, 39, subjected the children to appalling abuse before and after he was jailed for raping a teenager.
One was just four years old when the Congolese national forced himself on her before heading out to preach as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Yesterday a judge said it was ‘remarkable’ that the sex attacker was not thrown out of Britain after being jailed for ten years for raping a 16-year-old girl a decade ago.
Officials were ordered to deport Danga at the end of his sentence but he frustrated their efforts after losing his passport.

He was then freed on immigration bail while he challenged the move on the grounds that he had a right to a ‘family life’ because he had children with a young girlfriend.
The case is the latest in a string of outrages in which dangerous foreign criminals have used European laws to continue living here.

Just two months ago Nigerian rapist Akindoyin Akinshipe, 24, escaped deportation after European judges ruled he had a right to a ‘private life’ in Britain.
Like many others, he used Article 8 of the Human Rights Act to claim the right to a ‘family life’.

Home Secretary Theresa May wants to scale back the use of the controversial clause in a bid to wrest back more control over our borders.
Danga was convicted of rape and a string of other sexual offences yesterday after a five-day trial at Croydon Crown Court, and jailed for 15 years.

Danga repeatedly attacked her before church meetings, but she escaped his clutches when he was sent from South East London to live in an immigration hostel in Portsmouth a year later.

It was there that Danga was convicted of violently raping the 16-year-old girl in her bedroom after she tried to end their friendship.

He was convicted of rape and jailed for ten years, with the judge ordering him to be deported on his release.

But in 2006 he was able to return to South East London after serving half his sentence, and began his legal battle to stay in Britain.

He began sexually abusing his first victim again before raping and molesting the second girl, who was just seven.

Unemployed Danga, who has two young children with his girlfriend Carla, whom he met when she was 18, shouted abuse at relatives of the two girls as he was led to the cells.

Last year around 200 foreign criminals won the right to stay in this country using Article 8, the right to a ‘private and family life’.

They included failed asylum seeker Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, who ran over 12-year-old Amy Houston and left her to ‘die like a dog’. He has fathered two children here.

Tory ministers have pledged to replace the Human Rights Act – which enshrines the European Convention on Human Rights into British law – with a UK Bill of Rights, but they have been opposed by their Lib Dem coalition partners.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said: ‘We will seek to remove this individual as soon as he has finished his sentence. In 2010 we deported 5,235 foreign national prisoners from the UK.’


Since it’s so very obvious and has been for decades, that jail does NOT deter, why doesn’t child rape carry a death penalty? In time, this low life will be free. If deported, does anyone think he won’t continue?


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calendar   Saturday - November 19, 2011

mom dies after fall down shaft, firemen told not to break health and safety rules.

This is my final for the night. Hate to end on this sad note but feel compelled to post this story.
A very sad comment on the world we now inhabit.
Sitting here trying to come up with something but hell, I’ll just let the article speak for itself.
Take a look at this, and be sure to see the link below before the Mail removes the story.

Left to die by the health and safety jobsworths: Mother who fell 45ft down mine shaft wasn’t rescued - because firemen were told life-saving gear would break the rules

Alison Hume left at bottom of collapsed 45ft mine shaft for six hours
She suffered fatal heart attack brought on by hypothermia
Inquiry found fire service evidence ‘bullish, if not arrogant’

Strathclyde Fire and Rescue said her death was a source of ‘enormous regret’ but did not apologise


A mother of two who fell 45ft down a mine shaft died after fire chiefs refused to mount an immediate rescue operation because of health and safety fears.

Alison Hume, 44, was left lying in agony in the cold and dark for eight hours with several broken bones.

A report into her death yesterday found she could have survived if rank-and-file firemen had been allowed to do their job and bring her out.

One fireman had been lowered down while a paramedic was strapped up in a harness ready to follow.

But bosses refused to use a winch to lift out the mother-of-two because they were slavishly following rules which said the equipment could only be used to save their own staff.

Instead they waited through the early hours of the morning for a police mountain rescue team to arrive.

Mrs Hume was lifted out but died shortly afterwards from a heart attack brought on by hypothermia.

Last night her stepfather Hugh Cowan, 69, said: ‘They need to ask why people are using health and safety as an excuse for failure, rather than a reason for success.’

The case is the latest example of emergency service personnel putting their safety ahead of those they are supposed to be rescuing. Ten-year-old Jordan Lyon, of Wigan, drowned in a pond in 2007 after two police community support officers said they were unable to help him due to health and safety regulations.

Earlier this year coroner David Roberts said the emergency services must be prepared to ‘risk their lives’ after hearing how red tape cost vital minutes during Derrick Bird’s Cumbrian gun massacre.

Mrs Hume fell down the 45ft mine shaft, part of a coal mine that closed in 1926, at 11.30pm while taking a shortcut home across a field near Galston in Ayrshire after visiting friends in July 2008.

She was found by her teenage daughter before Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service arrived and fireman Alexander Dunn was lowered to the bottom of the shaft.


Please see this link for the whole story and photos.
lots more here


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barmy EU says you CAN’T claim drinking water stops dehydration.

Of course, it isn’t just religious leaders who are out of touch.
The very height of stupid that ranks right up there with … with …
let me think …..
Never mind. Just read this.

Now barmy EU says you CAN’T claim drinking water stops dehydration

· UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall: ‘I had to read this four or five times before I believed it. This makes the bendy banana law look positively sane’
· Ruling, announced after a conference of 21 EU-appointed scientists, given final approval this week by European Commission President Barroso

Drinking water does not ease dehydration, the European Union has ruled – and anyone who disagrees faces two years in prison.
The decision – after three years of discussions – results from an attempt by two German academics to test EU advertising rules which set down when companies can claim their products reduce the risk of disease.

The academics asked for a ruling on a convoluted statement which, in short, claimed that water could reduce dehydration.
Dehydration is defined as a shortage of water in the body – but the European Food Standards Authority decided the statement could not be allowed.

The ruling, announced after a conference of 21 EU-appointed scientists in Parma and which means that bottled water companies cannot claim their product stops people’s bodies drying out, was given final approval this week by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Yesterday, Tory MEP Roger Helmer said: ‘This is stupidity writ large. The euro is burning, the EU is falling apart and yet here they are worrying about the obvious qualities of water. If ever there were an episode which demonstrates the folly of the great European project, then this is it.’

Under British law, advertisers who make health claims that breach EU law can be prosecuted and face two years in jail.
The decision was being hailed as the daftest Brussels edict since the EU sent down laws on how bendy bananas should be.
This is stupidity writ large. The euro is burning, the EU is falling apart and yet here they are worrying about the obvious qualities of water. If ever there were an episode which demonstrates the folly of the great European project, then this is it.

read more on the subject

I guess this is what those EU folks do. Look around for things to mess with. Find stuff that ain’t broke and break it so they can fix it. So far, I’m not clear on anything they have actually fixed.

Well, at least one of this country’s largest producers of bottled water has flat out refused to comply with this latest dictate from Brussels. The company says it’s going to ignore the threat of legal action.
Good for that company.  Which is btw, is HIGHLAND SPRING of Perthshire.


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eye candy and what a goddess looks like

I’ve posted her before but she keeps getting more beautiful so I hafta do it again.




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it’s all the fault of steve jobs says idiot chief rabbi

Hey, I know he was less then a perfect person. But Steve Jobs was (to me) a hero in a manner of speaking. It’s very hard to imagine a world he is no longer a part of. That’s just me. So when some pumped up windbag critic spouts crap based on his religious beliefs, and since Jobs isn’t here to defend the error, well heck.  Here I am, I can do no less.

Until I read an article by a total idiot rabbi who also happens to be the chief rabbi idiot here in the UK, I seriously thought that the Arch Bishop of Canterbury was the chief ivory tower loony tune. Even folks who are quite religious concede the archjerk is off his rocker most of the time, in spite of his good education and all his intellectualism.
He probably even reads Cicero in the original. 
He is an appeaser of the left and that isn’t the lone reason he’s living in cloud coo-coo land.  But today …. the chief rabbi has become the arch jerk and replaces the hapless arch bishop as fool of the year.

And it isn’t even Bush’s fault.  No.
It’s all the doing of the late Steve Jobs.
Here … read this. 


Chief Rabbi blames Apple for helping create selfish society
The late Steve Jobs helped create a selfish “i, i, i” consumer culture that has only brought unhappiness, the Chief Rabbi has claimed.

By Jonathan Wynne-Jones, and Martin Beckford
7:00AM GMT 19 Nov 2011

Lord Sacks said that advertising only made shoppers aware of what they did not own, rather than feeling grateful for what they have.

He insisted that a culture in which people cared solely about themselves and their possessions could not last long, and that only faith and spending time with family could bring true happiness.

The Chief Rabbi’s comments are likely to raise eyebrows because he singled out for blame Jobs – the co-founder of Apple who died last month – by likening his iPad tablet computers to the tablets of stone bearing the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses.

Speaking at an interfaith reception attended by the Queen this week, Lord Sacks said: “People are looking for values other than the values of a consumer society. The values of a consumer society really aren’t ones you can live by for terribly long.
“The consumer society was laid down by the late Steve Jobs coming down the mountain with two tablets, iPad one and iPad two, and the result is that we now have a culture of iPod, iPhone, iTune, i, i, i.

“When you’re an individualist, egocentric culture and you only care about ‘i’, you don’t do terribly well.”
He went on: “What does a consumer ethic do? It makes you aware all the time of the things you don’t have instead of thanking God for all the things you do have.
“If in a consumer society, through all the advertising and subtly seductive approaches to it, you’ve got an iPhone but you haven’t got a fourth generation one, the consumer society is in fact the most efficient mechanism ever devised for the creation and distribution of unhappiness.”

Although religious leaders have in recent years used increasingly strong language to condemn banks and politicians over the financial crisis and the gap between rich and poor, few have directly criticised ordinary people for their materialism.

In an attempt to highlight the link between faith and happiness, Lord Sacks pointed out that on the Jewish day of rest, the Shabbat, the devout spend time with their families rather than spending money in shops.

(WTF? They can not do both as a family unit? Some folks actually are most relaxed out shopping. Ever notice how relaxed and happy a woman looks shopping for shoes and handbags?)

The Chief Rabbi, who has represented Britain’s 300,000 Jews since 1991 and is due to step down in 2013, said: “Therefore the answer to the consumer society is the world of faith, which the Jews call the world of Shabbat, where you can’t shop and you can’t spend and you spend your time with things that matter, with family.
“Unless we get back to these values we will succeed in making our children and grandchildren ever unhappier.”


Scuse me there boychick but you are full of crap right up to your ears and the rest is toilet paper. 
You can’t shop? You can’t spend? What’s this jerk want next? 
You can’t think for yourself?  Or maybe like islamic fundamentalists, there is only one prescribed way to be a Jew and that’s define exclusively by this freekin idiot.  And oh btw .... the idyllic picture of the happy family he presents is at odds quite often, with reality.  Often times having to attend a family event is a crashing bore for many. But a duty nonetheless.
I’d rather be out shopping for a new computer. Or maybe ... gasp ... an Apple.

BAD JEW Peiper! Bad.


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Holy Cow

You have GOT to read this!

The futures and options markets are no longer viable. It is my recommendation that ALL customers withdraw from all of the markets as soon as possible so that they have the best chance of protecting themselves and their equity. The system is no longer functioning with integrity and is suicidally risk-laden. The rule of law is non-existent, instead replaced with godless, criminal political cronyism.


Finally, I will not, under any circumstance, consider reforming and re-opening Barnhardt Capital Management, or any other iteration of a brokerage business, until Barack Obama has been removed from office AND the government of the United States has been sufficiently reformed and repopulated so as to engender my total and complete confidence in the government, its adherence to and enforcement of the rule of law, and in its competent and just regulatory oversight of any commodities markets that may reform. So long as the government remains criminal, it would serve no purpose whatsoever to attempt to rebuild the futures industry or my firm, because in a lawless environment, the same thievery and fraud would simply happen again, and the criminals would go unpunished, sheltered by the criminal oligarchy.


Alas, my retirement came a few years earlier than I had anticipated, but there was no possible way to continue given the inevitability of the collapse of the global financial markets, the overthrow of our government, and the resulting collapse in the rule of law.

Barnhardt Capital Management has closed its doors on purpose and has quite the game because it is rigged and it is run by thieves. Jon Corzine who STOLE millions from MF Global’s customers is not going to be punished at all. It’s a suckers market and leveraged to the edge of death on the EU, which is about to die. So she jumped out of the game.

Is she a looney, or is this the only smart move when the fiscal apocalypse is looming up over the event horizon and could slam down on us at any day?

PLEASE READ “BCM Has Ceased Operations” part 1 and 2, and make up your own mind and act accordingly.


Also, this was on Rush the other day too I think.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 11/19/2011 at 01:09 PM   
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calendar   Friday - November 18, 2011

Side Dishes

What, you’re planning on serving plain white rice with dinner? Shame on you. For an extra 50¢ per serving and 10 minutes effort you can make a great tasting dish that’s so easy even Drew can do it.


Peas and Rice, Bahamas style

4-6oz finely chopped salt pork or fat back or 6 slices of bacon
1 4” Spanish or yellow onion
1 1lb can pigeon peas (Goya) or 1 cup dry pigeon peas washed and soaked over night
1 green pepper
2 stalks celery, cleaned, trimmed, and diced
1/2 tsp ground thyme or 1 sprig fresh thyme
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
half a tiny can tomato paste (about 4 tbs, call it a generous dollop)
1 14oz can diced tomatoes or 3 medium fresh ripe tomatoes diced (optional)
2 cups dry white rice, rinsed
3 cups water

gently fry the pork to render the fat. Cook it nice and crispy, set aside to cool, then crumble or chop finely.

chop the onion, celery, garlic, and pepper while the pork renders, then start the onion browning in the liquid fat

When the onion is starting to brown, add the green pepper and the garlic and continue cooking for 3 minutes. When the onions are half browned and the green pepper is slightly softened, add the thyme and the ground black pepper and the tomato paste. If you want a more prominent tomato flavor, add the diced tomatoes. Toss in the crispy bacon crumbs. Don’t over brown the onions. You want some color, not fully caramelized.

Stir things around for another couple of minutes, then add 3 cups of water. Bring to a boil. Add the rice. Stir, reduce heat, cover, and simmer 10 minutes. Pour in the whole can of pigeon peas, juice and all. Stir, cover, and let simmer for another 20 minutes. You don’t want to add the pigeon peas too early or else they’ll go mushy. Depending on how thirsty your rice is, you may have to add some more water to get it fully plump, but we’re not making soup here, so don’t overdo it.

This makes enough to serve 8 as a side dish, or 4 as a full meal. It makes a nice counterpoint to spicy dishes, or adds some zest to mildly flavored meals. Goes great with whatever kind of conch you’re serving if you’re going full Bahama.

Variations are easy - some folks add a little salt, some do without the garlic or diced tomatoes, or add a good dollop of ketchup, some only use half a green pepper, some even use blackeyed peas instead. More peas can’t hurt. Dice some red pepper and toss it in if you feel like it. You could even add some cubed leftover ham or fried Spam and make a full meal out of it. Got a smokey ham bone? Throw it in for a stronger flavor. What makes this recipe unlike your typical Hispanic style peas ‘n rice is the thyme.

There is another kind of Bahamian peas ‘n rice dish that uses coconut cream. Totally different recipe.


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another wealthy celeb joins the movement of idiots

Is this libtard auditioning for a part?

You probably know her.  It’s Anne Hathaway, with three different protest signs at the OWS dotty-do.
As an actress, she a public figure. Taking part in something called a “protest” although in truth it’s just more left wing BS mayhem. Anyway, there’s her idiot boyfriend trying to stop ppl taking photos of a well known Hathaway. How stupid. It isn’t like they’re in a private environment. Holly-weirdos.

She has millions she has earned in movies. Great. But it does seem odd how some folks with $$$$ support bolshy ideas.

Surely she’s in the one per cent? Million dollar babe Anne Hathaway joins Occupy Wall Street protest


She is one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses and lives a very privileged lifestyle that 99 per cent of people can only dream of.

Still, Anne Hathaway acted as an average Joe and accompanied hundreds of protestors as she joined the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Manhattan’s Union Square.

The 29-year-old, who is worth a reported $58 million, was pictured marching with protesters and sticking it to the man yesterday in The Big Apple.

Anne, whose films have made approximately a total of $3,202,600,000, tried to blend in with the crowd by wearing a black hooded jacket, grey hat and sunglasses.

The Oscars hostess held up a sign in support of the campaign that read: ‘Blackboards not bullets’.

Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing protest that began September 17 2011 in New York City’s Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street financial district.

read more

Catch the link for the photos.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/18/2011 at 01:51 PM   
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Saudi women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover even them.

Hey .. have you folks seen the latest demand the Saudis, well some at least, are making of their women?
You’d think the rop had gone about as far as it could in their control of women.  Apparently not as some want more restrictions. Not the women of course.
Feel sorry for them.

Look at this.

Saudi women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover even them up, if resolution is passed

Islamic state fears effect of ‘tempting’ eyes on men

Says it ‘has the right’ to issue repressive edict

Women must already cover their hair and wear full-length black cloak


Women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover them up under Saudi Arabia’s latest repressive measure, it was revealed today.

The ultra-conservative Islamic state has said it has the right to stop women revealing ‘tempting’ eyes in public.

A spokesperson for Saudi Arabia’s Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, said a proposal to enshrine the measure in law has been tabled.

Women in Saudi Arabia already have to wear a long black cloak, called an abaya, cover their hair and, in some regions, conceal their faces while in public.

If they do not, they face punishments including fines and public floggings.

They are also banned from driving by religious edict and cannot travel without authorisation from their male guardians.

In September, a Saudi women sentenced to 10 lashes for defying the driving ban was only spared when King Abdullah stepped in to stop the public flogging.

Also in September, the king announced that women would be given the right to vote for the first time and run in the country’s 2015 local elections.

The CPVPV, which employs around 3,500 religious police, has repeatedly been accused of human rights violations.

Founded in 1940, its function is to ensure Islamic laws are not broken in public in Saudi Arabia.

In 2002 the committee refused to allow female students out of a burning school in Mecca because they were not wearing the correct head covering.

The decision contributed to the toll of 15 people who were killed in the fire.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/18/2011 at 12:00 PM   
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senior conservatives calls for ‘permanent, universal opt-out’ from European laws

If there is one things Europeans and most especially Germans do not want, it’s for the Brits to have any kind of referendum on any of this.
Cos it isn’t any closely held state secret that if given a clear choice .... I truly believe the majority of Brits would tell the Euros to, ‘Drop Dead.’
Well, not exactly.  Most Brits polite and would put it another way but heck, a rose by any other name .....

Merkel’s plot to scupper OUR referendum with ‘limited’ treaty change… as German colleague claims Britain will scrap the Pound and join the sinking Euro

Finance minister’s astonishing claim comes despite deepening crisis that threatens the existence of the single currency

Cameron and Merkel ignore disagreements over eurozone solution as they describe their ‘strong friendship’

German Chancellor says EU needs ‘limited treaty change’ which won’t trigger a referendum in Britain

PM was in Berlin today to discuss repatriation of EU powers

UK is pressuring Germany to allow euro bank to print more money

Senior Tory calls for ‘permanent, universal opt-out’ from European laws


Germany’s Chancellor today denied the British people the chance for an EU referendum as as she said the eurozone crisis would be resolved without the UK’s involvement.

Angela Merkel called for a ‘limited treaty change’ for further eurozone integration - exactly as spelled out in a leaked German memo which outlines an attempt to prevent a British referendum that could lead to powers being clawed back from Brussels.

Her extraordinary announcement came on the day that finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble predicted that the UK will have to adopt the euro ‘faster than people think’, despite the ongoing crisis in the single currency.

Germany’s attempts to impose EU control on Britain, and the minister’s astonishing outburst, will have increased the tensions between David Cameron and Mrs Merkel as they met in Berlin this morning.

The leaders are have clashed over German plans for a new tax on bank transactions and treaty change to shore up eurozone finances.

But at a press conference this afternoon, the pair ignored their differences and insisted that Britain and Germany will work together in a spirit of ‘strong friendship’.

The leaders steered clear of most areas of disagreement and insisted they had had ‘very good discussions between very good friends’, but could not stop some evidence of discord slipping out.

When asked whether the European Central Bank should start printing money to guarantee eurozone debts, Mr Cameron said officials should ‘do what is necessary’ to defend the euro.

But Mrs Merkel warned that Europe’s resources were not infinite as she insisted: ‘One should not pretend to be more powerful than one really is.’

And when the pair were asked about the arguments over a European financial transactions tax, the German leader admitted they ‘did not make any progress’ on the issue.

In a blow to British hopes of a referendum on repatriating powers from Brussels, she also said that any move towards closer economic union in the eurozone would take place through ‘a limited treaty change, only for the members of the eurozone’.

This would mean that Mr Cameron could avoid fulfilling his pledge to hold a referendum on EU powers the next time Britain is required to sign up to a new treaty, and will outrage Tory backbenchers hoping to claw back sovereignty from Europe.

The Conservatives have long promised a referendum on repatriating powers from the EU, but have not yet delivered one.

Angela Merkel’s comments today make a referendum less likely, as her ‘limited treaty change’ will not have to be approved by countries outside the euro, including the UK.

The Coalition’s ‘referendum lock’ commits the Government to holding a public vote the next time Britain is supposed to sign up to a new treaty which would hand more power to Brussels.

But if the eurozone countries try to solve the debt crisis by closer economic integration, the UK will have no say - even though this could have a massive impact on Britain.

Although no referendum will be held, there is nothing to stop the Government from trying to repatriate powers by itself, but without a popular mandate it will be taken less seriously by other EU countries



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/18/2011 at 11:35 AM   
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