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asian eye candy

If there’s one thing I love besides redheads and blondes it’s brunettes and women in general.
Especially Asian. Can’t explain it, just love em and get all tongue tied lookin at em. Come to think of it, women do that to me anyway.
So then, I haven’t had a chance to post this, been busy and have to return to project today and do indoor painting. I’ve had this on my pc to post for a few weeks and never got to it til now.

btw ... not a bad site.




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register your septic tank and recycle stuff. yawn.

Sometime last month I was reading our local and really not professional paper.
The poor souls have no idea how really amateur they appear, and so shamelessly continue to publish their little weekly reader. Having said that however, I should point out that at least they have a generally better layout and are larger in paper size, then say the L.A. Times.  Which I saw last year and was underwhelmed by their weekend edition.  Brit papers generally are better. imho.  Well anyway .........

There was a paragraph in our local that said ppl had till the end of the year to register septic tanks and cess pits. Failure to respond and register could result in a $20,000 fine. Huh? When? What?  The septic tank in our ground has been there since the beginning of time. Real estate records would show it. Everything is written down somewhere but okay. The huge problem was .... not one single family ever got any sort of notice or request by their city councils that they had to do this totally new and unheard thing.  If I hadn’t seen it and then almost by accident, and then told a friend and neighbor who didn’t even get the local paper, what then?

The issue over the manner in which this was done even made the national papers, eventually, because the only word ppl got of this, were small articles in local papers.
As the old TV advert says, But wait ... there’s more.

You had to send or call for the paperwork that needed to be filled in. Did it.

But ... wait. There’s more.  In the paper they sent that my wife duly filled out, they mentioned a map of location of the tank.  Location? Map? Huh?  What map?

Well, they wanted us to show on a map where our septic rank was located. Where do we find a map of that? Are we expected to draw one?  No?  OK, then where do we get such a map, wife asked.  Oh, why from this office she’s told. DUH. Then why was it not enclosed with the paper they sent?  So they sent another envelope containing a small map of our back yard, and she dutifully circled the area. Registration application and map were then mailed back to the power that is.
Simple huh?  Or maybe simple minded. Take ur pik.


Something you should know before I begin this story of what we have here. Or maybe that should be what we put up with.  Our city council tax comes to, in American dollars so you can appreciate it better, $2,905.00 and some change, per year, at the current rate of exchange.  Since we are rural, we have no sidewalk, no street lights, no city sewer. So you’d think that at least the trash pick up would be taken care of.

Well, it mostly is but.  For garden waste there is this bag which five years ago replaced the larger wheelie bin for that purpose.


Not too convenient for a large back garden, in a rural environment where we always have more. So, for $40.00 we paid for a second bag that we were given five yrs ago. And ... recycles and kitchen wastes are picked up every two weeks. One week it’s kitchen garbage and the next it’s recycle stuff.  Only two of us now and it worked okay. Now then, on the recycle bins, we have always had two. Ever since we’ve been here. One is the larger green bin the council gave us, and the other is a very old and smaller grey bin, but it says recycle on it.

Well, this week for some reason they didn’t pick up the little grey one. So I called and got someone at the council who said she’d look into it and call me back.

She never did and so I called the trash pick up folks direct to find out what happened and was informed that since there were only two of us living at this address, the city council decreed we could have only one bin emptied. Thing is, after two weeks they are both full. And don’t forget, we get two papers 6 days a week and three papers on Sat. The Telegraph and Mail on weekends are HUGE. Plus all the magazines that come with em, the CD give aways and one week a small paperback book. Then there is all the junk and flyers that we don’t read and bin. We’re talking just newspapers so you can imagine what we have after two weeks with all the other stuff that a household uses.  We don’t even know when this rule went into effect or how the trash pick up ppl would have known.  Oh ... I forgot to mention it. 

The rule in place states that only households with six and more may have two wheelie bins.  Like those you see here.

If the pick ups were weekly as they used to be, we’d be okay with one bin. Not anymore. So the trash guy said I needed to call someone at the city council which I did. One of the things he suggested was that we take the excess to the dump somewhere. Right. We pay 2,900 and do their job by taking our own trash to the dump. I don’t drive anyway and neither of us is up to hauling anything that weighs much.  So he suggested another way to go and I hope you’re sitting down.

He told me that if we put the overflow in plastic bags (whose use the city is supposed to be discouraging) like our market shopping bags, like this one ..


We could lay em on the ground next to the green wheelie bin and they would pick those up. I asked him if he had any idea how many of those little bags, they measure 12” across and 12” deep, did he have a clue how many of those we’d use just for the newspapers.

He agreed the rule wasn’t logical, especially as there was also a rule that you could not put plastic bags in the bins meant for recycling AND, recycled trash should be loose, not put in plastic bags. They are very clear on that. But here is someone telling me to put things in plastic bags. So then any overflow we had due to the green bin not holding everything, could be placed in bags and on the ground. Where the guy who follows the truck would then have to lift several bags and toss em into the back of the truck instead of the automatic arms picking up a second bin.  So in the end, it would all go into the same waste disposal truck anyway.  btw ... these bags are degradable but that’s aside. Or I suppose we could use larger white trash bags. The other kind that aren’t so degradable. But what the heck is the difference ?

He said he’d talk to the other folks in charge and we now have an exemption.

But I ended up speaking to four ppl before it was all resolved.

No wonder this country is SNAFU.


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calendar   Wednesday - August 10, 2011

Good, but not Good Enough

We bowled against the X family team tonight. We beat them soundly (by 128) in the first game, and by 63 in the second, but lost the 3rd game by 38. So we took 5 out of 7.

We were 4 points over the 2nd place team going into this week, but they won 2 tonight. With tonight’s 5, that puts us 7 over them. Which is one full week’s worth of points. Problem is, the last two weeks of league are position rounds, which means the 1st place team plays the 2nd place team both weeks unless we can put a total lock on it. So we need to win 4 next week at least, which will open our lead to 8 and clinch us the win. Problem is, they’re better bowlers than we are. So what we really need to do is to not buckle under pressure. We can win this. We can. But it isn’t going to be easy.

Should we win 5 or 7 next week, that will put us out of reach even if we lose all 7 the week after. So instead we’ll bowl the last place team the last week, and the 2nd place team will bowl the 3rd place team, which happens to be the X family, who are right on their heels points-wise.

Never a dull moment.

And Winter league starts the week after Summer league ends.


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a reporter wonders if, “they will be coming for us tonight”

Some first hand accounts of encounters with sub species running riot ...........

I have nothing to add that would shed light or be interesting.


Nicole Mowbray
Daily Mail

THERE was no sign that Monday night’s trouble would affect me as I hopped on my bicycle to make the six-mile journey home from work.
I’d been monitoring the news – violent clashes in Hackney and widespread looting in Peckham and Lewisham – but seen nothing to worry me about the ride to Brixton, South-West London.

There had been problems locally on Sunday night, however, and Brixton Underground station and high street remained closed throughout the next day. Cycling home would be easiest, I thought – and besides, at 7.4 pm, it was still light.

My journey is pretty, taking me through Battersea Park and up into Clapham. Turning off the busy Queenstown Road on to Silverthorne Road, my attention was drawn to a boy – around seven or eight years old – standing in the street at the entrance to the Robertson housing estate.

To my shock, as I slowed down, he threw a rock at me. It hit my handlebars with a loud clang.  Furious and disbelieving, I dismounted to give the little hoodie a telling-off. But then he bent down, picked up another rock – about the size of his palm – from a pothole and, with surprising force, threw it at my bike. It hit my arm. About eight of his friends, all under the age of 12 and dressed in tracksuits, arrived from nowhere, throwing stones and bottles of water that smashed over the road in front of me, soaking me and my bike.

The barrage was over in seconds, but as I started rummaging in my bag for my phone, they shouted ‘ call the police you f ****** stupid b****, they’re not going to do anything’, before casually sauntering off.

Angry and a bit shaken, I walked a few metres to the street corner, where I was greeted by groups of teenagers – and some 20-something women holding children by the hand – heading in the direction of Lavender Hill.

They were excitedly screeching about ‘going on the rob’ – one was even giving her friend a list of items to loot.
At this stage, I knew nothing of the trouble at Clapham Junction – but these people were larking about like they were off to a funfair, not a riot.
The sense of anarchy was palpable, and although I didn’t ring the police, I fear those eight-year-olds would have been right.


“feral rats” as young as 13

A baby clothes’ shop owner whose Ealing business was looted spoke of her anger at the “feral rats” as young as 13 who joined in the riots.


Liz Pilgrim, 43, who runs Babye, a boutique in Ealing, west London, near Ealing Studios, said she went to the store when she heard it was being attacked by youths.

She found it on fire, with her stock strewn across the streets, railings and even hanging on nearby trees on the green opposite.
Mrs Pilgrim, a mother of two who opened the shop seven years ago, said it was just “mindless violence” and had left her heartbroken.
“I am just absolutely devastated,” she said. “I just didn’t think that you could have something like that happen here.
“I think that we have a generation of youths disengaged from society, disenfranchised who just don’t care.

“They think this is fun, they don’t get the bigger picture. It is mindless, wanton violence.”

She said she had witnessed rioters as young as 13 tearing through Ealing. “I saw youths going back to cars last night after the riot.

“They were like feral rats. I saw a bus stolen and the passengers hijacked in it. If this doesn’t stop there is going to be a fatality,” she added.
“The number of young people I saw…, the parents must be to blame.

“Why were they out at that time of night? Where has respect gone? Where have values gone?”

She said she could not understand why someone would attack a baby shop and called for a tougher approach by police.
“It’s a mindless mob mentality,” she said. “We don’t want this namby pamby, messing around approach.

“I feel sick. I feel in shock. It is just so upsetting. It is mindless – a community turning on itself. Who would have thought there would be mob rule in Ealing?”
Mrs Pilgrim also called on David Cameron to “get a grip” and send in the Army to deal with the violence.

“My message to the Government, to David Cameron, whom I hope to meet, is to get a grip and if we can’t cope with the use of police officers that are on the street having to deal with this violence, then for Heaven’s sake get the Army involved or somebody who can deal with these young people. It seems so commonsensical to me.”


Tragedy of man beaten by rioters left fighting for life… but no one knows who he is as thugs stole his wallet and phone


A man left in a life-threatening condition after bravely remonstrating with rioters has not been identified - because the thugs who attacked him fled with his wallet and phone.  hopelessly outnumbered, a single police officer watched as the lone man,

said to be white and aged in his mid-40s to 50s, was set upon by a large mob of armed black teenagers after he confronted them for setting two industrial bins alight.
His relatives still don’t know that he was attacked by the pack of rioters - because police haven’t been able to work out who he is so they can break the bad news.

daily mail for more


‘Bleeding, I called 999. A tired man told me to go home’

Andrew Gilligan reports on his own experiences of the lawlessness that swept across much of London and elsewhere.

It was one of those microseconds when you know exactly what is about to happen, without the slightest chance of stopping it.
The big black boy rode his bike straight at me, crashing me off my own and leaving us both tangled up on the ground. Then four more of them were racing towards me, clawing at my legs to get them off my bike, kicking me in the head as I tried to hold on. Two minutes later, it was all over. Ten minutes later, no doubt, it was being used to loot a newsagent’s.

Bleeding a little, I thought I might as well call 999. It was a recorded message. After four and a half minutes, a tired man answered. “There’s nothing we can do,” he said. “You know what’s going on. We have to give priority to saving people’s lives. I suggest you just go home.”

He was right, of course. I was in Hackney - which, that evening at least, was a law-free zone. That’s the worst thing about riots. Across much of London on Monday night, if someone had decided to break down your door and rape your daughter, there would have been nothing to stop them. There would have been no one to call.
When I was mugged, I was on my way home from a day in Tottenham, listening to the stories of the people who had lost far more and been at far greater risk than me, burned out of their homes at 30 seconds’ notice.

They called 999 too, frantically, desperately, as the riot moved closer. There were 100 police just up the road. The emergency operator could do nothing but listen to their terror.

I finished my journey in a cab. Three or four times, we had to stop and skirt round hooded boys spilling into the road, our windows closed and the door lock on. If they had fancied my taxi, there would have been nothing I or the driver could have done about that, either.

Even on Monday, the victims of Tottenham, black and white, were already tired of outsiders blaming racism, police brutality, or cuts. (What were they rioting about in prosperous, suburban Enfield – rising season-ticket prices?) The real reason for the rioters’ behaviour is much simpler: because they can.

Forget BlackBerry Messenger. After seeing — on television — how much leeway the looters of Tottenham were allowed, every criminal and every excitement-seeking child in London took note.

By the next day, critical mass had been achieved. Disorder had erupted on a scale much more difficult to suppress than the original outbreak.
There are, and always have been, plenty of people keen to break the law. On my taxi ride, I saw many other youngsters in twos and threes, hoods up, looking for the next crowd to join.

These are sights, with variations, that I have seen in foreign conflict zones: the loss of state authority and the loss of individual inhibition from being in a big group. But in London, the geography of fear is particularly potent.

Unlike Los Angeles or Paris, the riots are not happening in ghettos where nobody goes. They are happening amid the organic gastropubs and latte bars. Alongside poverty, inner London is full of the sort of middle-class progressives who agree with Ken Livingstone that the rioters “feel no one at the top of society, in government or City Hall, cares about them or speaks for them”.

I predict a lot of those people, as they cower behind their sash windows, are revising their views tonight. The hardening of liberal opinion in London is palpable, and is taking even the likes of Boris Johnson by surprise.

In my neighbourhood, Greenwich, they boarded up the shops at noon. God knows how much damage this is doing to the economy. It’s a beautiful, sunny evening. But our area is empty, like so much of inner London, as we wait in our homes with the TVs on to discover if;




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a dying culture? your guess

This pretty well sums it up, wouldn’t you say?

Oh, something aside from the riot news. And this will warm politically correct hearts.
A woman was arrested on suspition of a race hate crime after a golliwog was found displayed in a window of her home. She’s 65 and should know better right?
Lets get a rope and find a tree. Can’t tolerate that sort of abusive thing.  Right?

Hey, how about this.  Church a thousand years old. Some time ago bats of a protected variety move in. Congregation coughs up almost $20,000 to relocate bats in their natural habitat. But bats decide they like the church and stay.  Guess who moves out? 
Right you are if you guessed wisely that the congregation did. They got tired of being shit on by the bats.  True story. It’s in this issue you see below.

And still, according to survey as stated in previous post, only one in three Brits approve police use of live ammunition against rioters.

Radio interview of a few rioters last night. Two of them 17 year old girls who said .... the police think they can control us but they can’t. We can do whatever we want and a they can’t do nothin to stop us.

Which of course directly leads to ............



the guy on the ground is the subject of that headline in upper right.
he’s in bad shape in hosp., not conscious, and since his wallet and phone if he had one, were stolen, nobody knows who he is yet.


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sikhs prepared to do for themselves what police unable to

I think I’m on safe ground if I say that this group, who’ve been here for many, many years, have never been the problem that certain others have been.
There’s only one time I can recall when they lost it over a theater production they didn’t approve of, which they felt was an insult, and closed it down under threats.  But otherwise, they seem to be a fairly tight knit and hard working community. And generally a successful one.

What we’ve seen over the last few days is nothing less then the failed policies of the damned liberal left. Those politically correct wusses who once refused to ID except by color (red and blue) opposing sides of the Battle of Trafalgar during a recreation, least it offend some visiting Frenchmen.
The same schmucks who some years ago decided that a state park was visited by too many middle class white people, and closed it.  The same fuck-nuts who decided that there were too many white middle class guys fishing England’s famed rivers, and tried (unsuccessfully) to get muslim women involved in learning how to fish.  Yeah, it reads funny maybe but the idiots were serious as a heart attack.
Who but ass-hole liberals would believe that taking a group of young thugs out to an amusement park on the taxpayer, was a great idea. Including one knife wielding robber.
Only one in three Brits believe the cops should have used live ammo on the sub human rioters.  Which means 2 out of three Brits brings this shit on themselves and are brainless.

Pictures speak better then anything I can say here, the article is interesting but I didn’t copy it all. The link has lots of pix.

Reclaiming the streets: Sikhs defend their temple and locals protect their pubs as ordinary Britons defy the rioters

* Met Police warn public against use of vigilante justice as crowds of football fans patrol roads intent on ‘protecting the streets’

* Warning comes as murder probe launched in Birmingham after deaths of three men ‘killed while protecting community from looters’

* Hundreds launch public patrols following claims riot police teams were told to ‘stand and observe’ looters rather than confront yobs

Last updated at 1:28 PM on 10th August 2011

Some armed with swords, some carrying hockey sticks, defiant Sikhs stood guard outside their temples last night.

More then 700 men, some in their 80s, took to the streets to protect the homes, businesses and places of worship in Southall, West London.

The residents rallied together in a show of unity against looters echoed in other parts of the country as ordinary Britons attempted to reclaim the streets.


Many of those who gathered in the late night public patrols had done so after becoming frustrated by the lack of police response to the riots.



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calendar   Tuesday - August 09, 2011

Watching the fires burn

Richard North over at EU Referendum is doing a great job covering and analyzing the rioting over there, as it spreads from one city to the next.

As predicted, the torrent of EVM continues unabated. It is “criminality, plain and simple”, “pure gratuitous violence, theft, looting”, and most often “mindless”.

There has been widespread disorder, including incidents in Hackney, Lewisham, Peckham, Bethnal Green, mass looting in Clapham and a huge fire in Croydon. Disorder in Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol and Leeds has also been reported.

Tom Goodwin, the temporary, acting chief constable for the Met-Plods speaks and acts like a stage plod, talking gravely of “significant disorder”, displaying not the slightest indication that he understands what is happening.

Of course, it is absolutely true that we are experiencing the “rule of the mob”, as the Failygraph laments, but there is much, much more to it. The best comment I heard all evening was from Sadiq Kahn, a Labour something, responding to questioning on the BBC. He agreed that there was now “a lack of respect for authority”.

That is probably as close as you are going to get to an accurate diagnosis – the breakdown of that slender thread of respect for the government, its representatives and the forces of law and order. We are seeing the results.


London calling to the faraway towns
Now that war is declared-and battle come down
London calling to the underworld
Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls
London calling, now don’t look at us
All that phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust
London calling, see we ain’t got no swing
‘Cept for the ring of that truncheon thing

We have often remarked that our politicians do what they do because they have lost their fear of us. Similarly, we seeing criminals doing what they do because they have also lost their fear… of the law.

When a recidivist may plough down Arbroath High Street smashing shop windows and ripping off wing mirrors and be told sternly that he must pay £5 a week from his benefits, while his legal aid solicitor tells the court how much progress he has made with his social worker… and then saunter out of court smirking, you just know the game is up.

The justice system has lost it. The plods can haul em in, but they will be out on Monday and up to the same old tricks. And since the Police lost control after bungling a riot, the criminal element have simply worked out that the police are on the back foot and they can’t be everywhere at once. Is anyone surprised?

This is the culmination of welfarism, political correctness, minimum wage and an overly “liberal” justice system. And for all the whining we hear about damaged shops and businesses, well, this is what you get. You get the government, and thus the criminals and the police, you deserve. As we keep saying, if you take no interest in politics, it will take an interest in you.

North is not alone; even the Communists have got it figured out:

Violence ‘has exposed Britain’s broken society’
Tuesday 09 August 2011

The riots and mindless violence expose a broken section of British society which is “utterly detached from the values and responsibilities we expect of our fellow citizens,” think-tank director Gavin Poole said today.

The Centre for Social Justice executive director said that many of the children and teenagers involved were from a “lost generation” and “face a life on benefits in ghettos scarred by poor housing and street gangs, completely devoid of aspiration.

“In such communities, they have been written off by society repeatedly,” he said.

“What they are doing is criminal, completely wrong and must be punished. But it is not entirely random. They believe they have nothing to lose and no-one to answer to. Some even consider it normal.”

He added: “As wrong and unacceptable as it is, they project anarchy in public because it is what surrounds them at home.”

And they rightly fear the next coming level ...


... though as the Pravda of the downtrodden, they seem to mostly blame the police and the government ... and see this as almost justified class warfare ...

Time is a great healer of social problems. But if this were true, the same problems would not still be treated with solutions that have been tried and tested - and found wanting. We would urgently seek new answers to problems that have festered away for years.

In the 1980s, academics and social commentators identified a common denominator of civil unrest was years of aggressive policing and policies. Economic and social decline fanned a tinderbox community burning with the anger and frustration.

Relations between the police and communities in London have rotted away.
The growing divide between poverty and privilege has seen a concentration of low-income families in social housing and areas of deprivation. Seventy-five per cent of newly formed households entering social housing were headed by someone aged between 16 and 29 and a large proportion are unemployed with multiple problems.
These are the conditions that gang culture flourishes. As London burned, rival gangs chalked their logos on burned-out buildings. It is estimated that over 205 gangs operate in London with a “membership” of at least 15,000. Gang culture, with its hierarchies, violence and battles for power and authority within and between gangs has replaced community with disintegration and cohesion with chaos. The only thing left is the constant negotiation of “respect” or fear. This is an adversarial space, with estates becoming the arena for confrontations of gladiatorial proportions. Gangs took control of estates, geographical territories and communities through intimidation, harassment, theft, violent assault and rape.

Academic John Pitts described the Beaumont estate in Walthamstow as ”a totalitarian social space in which the options of the residents are largely controlled by controlling the day-to-day behaviour of residents and tenants living within their territory, controlling who may enter their territory and driving out those whom they believe should not dwell there.”

All the agencies that have been attempting to counter gang culture have suffered from austerity measures. Cuts to police have left innocent people unprotected. Reduced fire services struggled to get from one location to another.

What is happening on the streets of London has political solutions but shouldn’t be seen as political protest. Rioting and looting is a primitive expression of the breakdown of social order. Young people with nothing to lose are destroying shops and property, fighting the police in running battles and tearing the tokens of capitalism down.
This is not a revolution.  This is a primal scream against years of oppression.

And for all I know, they may be right. This is what elitist socialism and a nanny state economy bring you, when mixed with enforced diversity and excessive Political Correctness. You get a bunch of academic twits at the top, spouting off their drivel that sounds so nice. Surrounding them are the small group of the Haves, them what got theirs and how, who are only too happy to support the Ivory Tower Twats, and join them in looking down on the entire rest of society that is their Social Experiment. But the rats in the mazes want more from life than their daily cheese. Sure, they want that too, and will bite the scientists but good if it’s taken away. But perhaps they want a chance to get out of the maze, or to have a burrito instead of the daily Stilton. And they can’t. There is no escape from the Matrix maze. And if the rats have been getting shock treatment for sniffing at the corners and poking their heads up over the walls, or maybe just on general principle because, eww, they’re rats and that’s what they deserve, then what you wind up with is some really nasty rats.

I don’t have the answers. But I can see that things have been pretty awful for 60 years or more, and have been going downhill lately at an ever increasing rate. Perhaps the best thing to do is to chuck the whole mess overboard and start again. Purge the nation, pull out of the EU, close the borders. England for England’s sake. Grow your own, make your own, employ your own. Build up your sense of nation once more, moral values, religion, history, pride, then give back the country to the citizens. Because the “we are the world” enforced diversity heavy handed police state/nanny state sure as hell isn’t working.
Ok, the rat maze analogy is kind of weak, granted. But the UK has a huge population of poorly educated layabouts on the dole with no prospects of work ever. And no work for them to do. And they keep on bringing in more refuse from the rest of the world. And feeding them and putting them in boxes. While keeping security cameras on them 25 hours a day. Can you imagine how both boring and oppressive that must be?

Or do we just face that they’re all scum, tens of thousands of them, and write off the larger part of several generations?


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Get A Holster, Stupid

Redefining the term “cocked and locked”

Man tucks gun into waistband, shoots himself in the penis

CHANDLER, Ariz. — As Joshua Seto, 27, and his fiance, Cara Christopher, walked to a local grocery store last week for refreshments, he tried securing her pink handgun in the front waistband of his pants.

The gun fired, striking Seto’s penis and continuing through his left thigh. The bleeding started immediately and was heavy, according to police dispatch recordings released Sunday.

“He is still conscious, there is just a lot of blood,” Christopher, 26, told 911 operators and dispatchers when the accidental shooting occurred Tuesday.

In the wake the accident, police are warning armed residents to use holsters, not waistbands.

The movies and TV shows, like Sons of Anarchy, that show tough guys with guns shoved into their jeans are not realistic, Chandler Police Detective Seth Tyler said Sunday.

The cops and robbers of the silver screen most likely use rubber weapons, which weigh far less than the real things, Tyler said.

“Whenever you handle a firearm, whether you are a novice or experienced, always treat firearms as though they are loaded,” said Tyler, a spokesman for the department. “If you are going to carry a handgun on your person, use a holster, not your waistband.”

Meanwhile, it is not clear if Seto has been released from the hospital or suffered any permanent damage, Tyler said.

Don’t be a dick with your guns. Get a holster ... especially in states like Arizona, which I believe is open carry. So cowboy up.  And keep your finger off the trigger when pulling out your weapon, m’kay?


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‘Allo ‘Allo and Goodbye

Real Life Michelle of the Resistance Laid To Rest

Nancy Wake, 98, RIP

france_flag_1 france_flag_1 france_flag_1 france_flag_1


Nancy Wake with Cate Blanchett

Listen very carefully, I weel zay thees only wance!

Blisteringly sexy, she killed Nazis with her bare hands and had a 5 million-franc bounty on her head. As she dies at 98, the extraordinary story of the real Charlotte Gray

She stares into the camera with a coquettish half-smile and an unflinching come-hither look. The eyebrows are plucked, the lips full, the long auburn hair a classic 1940s style, falling onto the shoulders of her khaki uniform. She could easily have been one of the sassy songbirds who brightened up World War II. But this was the face of Nancy Wake, one of that conflict’s bravest underground fighters against the Germans in France — and certainly the most stylish. A male comrade-in-arms in the French Resistance summed her up as: ‘The most feminine woman I know, until the fighting starts. And then she is like five men.’ She lived up to both parts of that compliment.
... after being parachuted into France as a Special Operations Executive agent, she disposed of a German guard with her bare hands and liked nothing better than bowling along in the front seat of a fast car through the countryside, a Sten gun on her lap and a cigar between her teeth, in search of Germans to kill.
Passionate and impulsive, with a tendency to draw attention to herself, she was not the ideal undercover agent. Her superiors didn’t think she would last long behind enemy lines. But Wake proved them wrong and died this week, aged 98, in a nursing home for retired veterans in London. Her death brought to an end a life of such daring, courage and glamour that she was the inspiration for the Sebastian Faulks novel Charlotte Gray, which was made into a film starring Cate Blanchett.
(in 1939, ) Nancy was visiting London, for, of all things, a slimming course, when war was declared in September 1939. When she tried to join up to fight she was pointed, to her disgust, in the direction of a Naafi (Navy, Army and Air Force) canteen. So she went back to France and, when that country fell to the invading Germans, she proved herself as brave and as aggressive as any man — and more than most.
in London she volunteered for SOE’s French section and, despite reservations that she was too much of a party-girl, she was taken on and trained in survival skills, armed combat, Morse code and surveillance.  Six weeks before D-Day, she was parachuted into the heavily-forested and mountainous Auvergne region of central France to prepare local Resistance groups, the Maquis, for the job of harrying the Germans and delaying their reinforcements once the invasion began.
Nancy proved her mettle, arranging air drops and hiding supplies of weapons, travelling between the groups, paying out money, urging them to co-operate, knocking them, as best she could, into shape. She was as tough as the old army boots she eschewed for heels. With an escort of Maquisards, she shot her way through enemy patrols and roadblocks.
She led attacks on German convoys and even took on armoured cars. When asked why she insisted on travelling in the lead vehicle, she said it was because she couldn’t bear dust being thrown up in her face by cars in front. In one mini-battle, her car was strafed by German fighter planes but she crawled out of the wreck, hanging onto her prized possessions — a jar of face cream, a packet of tea and a satin cushion. When the roads were too dangerous to travel by car, she cycled more than 300 miles in three days to find a working radio set to contact London.
She was festooned with honours — a British George Medal, the French Legion d’Honneur and three Croix de Guerre. She remarried, returned to Australia to live, took up politics for a while, then came back to Britain to retire in 2001. Her body is to be cremated, but at her request the ashes will be scattered in the Auvergne.


After D-Day, Nancy Wake and her resistance team delayed the

2nd SS Panzer Division 16 days on it’s trip towards Normandy

read the rest


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london bridges burning down …. more cities visited by violence and looting

I have to be somewhere but booted to follow up on newspaper stories. Didn’t expect to boot this morning. Have another busy day ahead and away from puter.
But I want America to see this new level in violence from the scum in control of the streets on major cities.
BTW ...
It has spread to other cities as you may already know. Birmingham ... Liverpool ... Manchester

Although it started with them, what’s going on now isn’t all done by nig negroes.  White anarchists and just plain hood and thugs of any color taking advantage of the situation. They should all be put down like the mad dogs they are. 

Meanwhile ... the usual bs from the left as Lyndon has pointed out in a comment from yesterday.  I heard the ppl on radio interview.
PLEASE folks ... take a good look at the articles and photos.
The apologists are already making excuses for what they call, disaffected youth who don’t think they have a future and so this is the result. They are only Sorrowful yoots who’ve lost their way.  Blah, Blah, Blah

A quick translation although it is obvious I think. The Brits almost always say ‘floor’ where Americans use the word ground.

Forced to strip naked in the street: Shocking scenes as rioters steal clothes and rifle through bags as people make their way home

Last updated at 8:31 AM on 9th August 2011

This is the shocking moment a young man is apparently forced to hand over all of his clothes after appearing to be stripped naked during lawless riots overnight.

Internet rumours last night claimed that on top of the widespread destruction across London and Birmingham, people were having their clothes removed by looters as police attempted to contain the criminality.

Another picture which emerged overnight shows an unnamed woman completely naked next to a police officer after apparently having her clothes taken from her.

Reports on Twitter claimed some people were being stripped, while another shocking video shows a bleeding teenager being robbed in broad daylight by lawless thugs who pretend to help him to his feet.

The unnamed teenager is shown being apparently assisted by kind-hearted passers-by after being spotted injured and bleeding from the nose on the floor.

But seconds after the vulnerable man is helped from the ground, callous looters instead start rifling through his rucksack.

With over a dozen young men standing nearby, the teenager tries to stop the bleeding from his nose as thieves continue the daylight robbery.

A man who is clearly seen picking items from the teenager’s bag then wanders off with his loot, before carelessly discarding the items on the floor.

The teenager appears largely unaware he is being robbed until it is too late, where he swats a hand at one of the robbers while trying to stop his face bleeding.

Although hundreds have been arrested all over London since the riots started, the shameless yobs in the YouTube video have been condemned by internet users as ‘the lowest of the low’.

HERE FOR ALL OF IT and short video

I don’t have a lot of time at the moment and and so leave you with this. Please see links for more.

Britain burns at hands of the mob as the PM finally flies home: Gangs armed with petrol bombs and poles on THIRD night of riots and cynical looting

Click the photo here for follow up and lots of photos.


Home Secretary rules out calls to send in the Army, insisting

“the way we police is by consent.”


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calendar   Monday - August 08, 2011

Get The Body Bags Ready

I can’t believe Michelle Malkin isn’t having a tizzy over this. It’s one of her pet issues. But she’s got lots of other garbage on her plate, so ...

US Highways Now Open To Mexican Trucks

Yeah, this is going to jumpstart the economy alright. I guess the Teamster’s isn’t the right union; they have no pull with the White House apparently. Not elitist enough. My expectation is that droves and droves of American drivers will soon be out of work. And air pollution, traffic accidents, drunk driving accidents, and drug smuggling are all about to have a field day. Great move, DC, great move.

It’s official - the U.S. has opened its highways to trucks from Mexico, and vice-versa, signing an agreement Wednesday ending nearly two decades of bickering.

The three-year memorandum was signed by Transportation Secretaries Ray LaHood and Dionisio Perez-Jacome of Mexico, implementing a key provision of the 1994 North America Free Trade Agreement.

The agreement was announced in March by Presidents Barack Obama and Felipe Calderón.

NAFTA, signed in 1994, had called for Mexican trucks to have unrestricted access to highways in border states by 1995 and full access to all U.S. highways by January 2000. Canadian trucks have no limits on where they can go.

Well, duh, Canada has a vehicle inspection system and safety standards at least as good as ours. Mexico? Do they have anything? Anything? Bueller? Bueller?

The public debate surrounding the accord had mostly focused on the safety of Mexican trucks. But labor unions and other groups were strongly opposed to the agreement, which they say will cost Americans trucking and other jobs.

The U.S. Department of Transportation says the safety concerns have now been resolved. Electronic monitoring systems will track how many hours the trucks are in service. Drivers will also have to pass safety reviews, drug tests and assessments of their English-language and U.S. traffic sign-reading skills. Mexico has the authority to demand the same of U.S. truck drivers entering their territory.

But those won’t do much to resolve the U.S. debate over the migration of jobs, which dates back to the NAFTA debates of the early 1990s. The question: Will a freer flow of cross-border cargo traffic boost business and allow owners to hire more workers, or will it ship U.S. jobs to Mexican drivers who work for lower pay?

Is this the stupidist question of the day, or what? All NAFTA, CAFTA and whatever other FTA has ever done is suck jobs out of our country.

LaHood argued the first position Wednesday in an email to The Associated Press.

“By opening the door to long-haul trucking between the United States and Mexico, America’s third largest trading partner, we will create jobs and opportunity for our people and support economic development in both nations,” he said.

The Teamsters Union was incensed. General President Jim Hoffa said the agreement was “probably illegal” because it goes further than a previously agreed-on pilot program and described it as “opening the border to dangerous trucks at a time of high unemployment and rampant drug violence.”

Other U.S. groups from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association to the National Christmas Tree Association celebrated the end of the punitive tariffs and hoped for higher sales. The tariffs tax $2.4 billion worth of U.S. exports according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, including tariffs up to 45 percent on certain fruits according to a trade group.

Those tariffs will be cut in half within 10 days and then eliminated completely when full cross-border traffic begins.

I wonder how many thousand American lives all those Christmas trees are worth? But good golly, the Teamster’s President thinking that some act done by the Obama regime is illegal??? A union, speaking out against Teh Won?  Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Watch the jobs evaporate here. And watch how sales of US made stuff don’t increase much at all south of the border, tariff or not. Once again, we’re about to get screwed by another Free Trade agreement none of us ever wanted, that works almost exclusively to the benefit of some other country. And I don’t buy in to the “the safety issues are resolved” one iota. “The bribe came through” is more like it. Somebody ought to start a counter to track the wrecks and breakdowns that are on their way. And we might as well stop wasting money trying to stop the flow of narcotics. Free trucking from the land of Montezuma’s Revenge north? Narcotraffic picnic. If they were corporations they’d be declaring a dividend.

Stupid stupid stupid.


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How Obama Fixes Education

Does Your School Suck?

Hey, no worries! Get a NCLB waiver from Obama!

There is simply no problem that can’t be solved by moving the goalposts right over the horizon.

Obama Administration Exempting Schools From Federal Law’s Testing Mandate

State and local education officials have been begging the federal government for relief from student testing mandates in the federal No Child Left Behind law, but school starts soon and Congress still hasn’t answered the call.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan says he will announce a new waiver system Monday to give schools a break.

The States have already had 9 years to improve their schools, and nearly infinite amounts of federal cash to help them do so. But like Atlanta, who “fixed” things by cheating, the vast majority of school systems have done little or nothing to improve themselves.

The Obama administration requested a revision more than a year ago. Duncan said another school year is about to start and state education officials have told him they can’t keep waiting for relief from the mandates.

“I can’t overemphasize how loudly the outcry is to do something now,” Duncan said.

Duncan has warned that 82 percent of U.S. schools could be labeled failures next year if No Child Left Behind is not changed. Education experts have questioned that estimate, but state officials report a growing number of schools facing sanctions under the law.

82% of schools can’t pass NCLB, even after 9 years of “effort”. So the hue and cry is out there to lower the bars, and if that can’t be done fast enough, to just grant blanket waivers left and right.

Are you kidding? Fire the whole damn lot of them, throw out the unions, throw out the lefty namby-pamby touchy-feely bullshit, and get back to actually teaching. My bet is that improvements could be made overnight. We’ve had nearly a decade of this program, with all sorts of milestones and tracking and accountability markers. Why are we hearing this bullshit now? How dare they! Why are the schools that haven’t made the grade for years even still open? Why is their a single carryover teacher or administrator working there? They all should have been fired years ago. But oh no. Instead, the first cheat was to redefine the meaning of “proficiency” and to set the bar nice and low in most of the states. Then a long term plan to eventually someday meet those “tough” standards went in ... in other words, while the school systems have been busy Hating Bush, they’ve been busy spending trainloads of federal dollars, and doing just about dog-squat to make things better. And now they want a Note From Mom getting them out of gym? Hella no!

9 years is 2/3 of an entire scholastic generation, from 1st grade to high school. The Class of 2014 ought to be bleedin geniuses as far as I’m concerned. At the very least they should be acing these exams. It’s not like NCLB is all that demanding. No, it’s because our education system sucks, and almost nobody in it has made any real effort to improve things a jot. All they’ve done is increased spending, given themselves great big raises, and loaded the school systems down with excess management. And all those billions? Up in smoke. Don’t even ask, because no paper trail will ever be forthcoming. Teaching? What’s that??

And what of the tens of millions of students? Will they now not graduate? Or will they get their slip of paper, and never even have the smallest shot at college or the jobs market, because they can’t read, write, or do even simple arithmetic. I don’t blame Bush. And I don’t blame the students. I blame the school systems, and I blame the parents.

No Child Left Behind is exactly what the federal Department of Education should be doing: setting national standards, and then going away. No money to hand out, no involvement in state affairs, no keeping of statistics. This is the test. You take it in the 4th grade, and if you pass it you go to the 5th grade. There is another test you take in the 8th grade; pass that and you get to go to high school. There should be a final one for would-be graduates. Pass that, and you can have your diploma. Fail any of the tests and you are automatically enrolled in intensive summer school, at the end of which you get to take the level exam again. Pass it and move forward. Otherwise you get left back and have to repeat 4th, 8th, or 12th grade all over again.

Yes, under the Drew Plan you could have 21 year old “kids” graduating high school. Gee too bad. At least they’ll know how to read and count change.

Naturally, it’s only fair that if teachers have more than X% of failing kids in their group, then they lose their jobs as well. Might have to set up some kind of entrance exam to make sure all teachers not only know their subjects, but know how to teach.


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Some Good News

Oil Prices Plummet Along With Stock Market

Gas demand at lowest ebb since 2003

Well yeah, duh, nobody can afford to do any but the most essential driving!

Oil Plummets 6 Percent to 2010 Low on US Downgrade

Oil plunged 6 percent on Monday, crashing below technical support levels as the historic downgrade of the U.S. debt rating hammered markets and stoked concerns of an economic slowdown.  U.S. light, sweet crude traded down $5.57 to settle at $81.31 a barrel, the lowest close since Nov. 23. Brent crude dropped $6.56 to $102.81 a barrel, breaking strongly below the 200-day moving average of $106.89 a barrel, after pushing through the key technical level during intraday activity on Friday before settling higher. Brent crude broke through the 200-day moving average after shedding nearly $13 a barrel since the start of August in the first session since Standard & Poor’s cut the United States’ top-tier AAA credit rating.

“In the tumultuous aftermath of the U.S. downgrade from S&P, the world also is downgrading the oil market,” said Phil Flynn, analyst at PFGBest Research in Chicago.

Trading volumes spiked as the sell-off picked up speed late in the day, triggered by a rapid drop off in stock markets that sent the S&P 500 Index down 6 percent in the biggest daily drop since late 2008.

“We’re watching the $80 area (for U.S. oil) after taking out the morning lows, and the 1,100 area for the S&P 500, but there is so much uncertainty and fear about a double-dip recession that it’s hard to say we’ll find any support at those levels,” said Gene McGillian, analyst for Tradition Energy in Stamford, Connecticut.
The S&P downgrade added to concern about demand in the world’s top oil consumer, where gasoline demand for July fell to the lowest level since 2003, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Analysts warned oil prices could fall further if a second recession takes hold, but both Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs maintained their 2012 price forecasts.

The Double Dip isn’t just idle speculation anymore. It’s coming, if it isn’t here already.


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two faced post

hard to make up my mind ...




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