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calendar   Sunday - August 28, 2011

What’s Christopher reading?

Actually, I read David Eddings books several years ago. But I’m now listening to the audiobooks. It’s amazing the little things you miss while reading that are hilarious if you actually hear them.

The audiobook is the Seeress of Kell. The fifth book of the Mallorean series. I just listened to this exchange in the audiobook and had to pull up my copy of the ebook to verify. They read it right:

And then, almost as if his memory had summoned her, the blindfolded Seeress of Kell emerged from the room in which the ladies had been conferring with their dressmakers. Immediately behind her came Ce’Nedra, clad only in a very short chemise. “It’s a perfectly suitable gown, Cyradis,” she was protesting.

“Suitable for thee perhaps, Queen of Riva,” the Seeress replied, “but such finery is not for me.”

“Ce’Nedra!” Garion exclaimed in a shocked gasp. “You’re not dressed!”

“Oh, bother that!” she snapped. “Everyone here has seen undressed women before. I’m just trying to reason with my mystical young friend here. Cyradis, if you don’t put on the gown, I’ll be very cross with you–and we really need to do something with your hair.”

The Seeress unerringly took the tiny queen in her arms and embraced her fondly. “Dear, dear Ce’Nedra,” she said gently, “thy heart is larger than thyself, and thy concern doth fill mine as well. I am content, however, in this simple garb. Mayhap in time my tastes will change, and then will I gladly submit to thy gentle ministrations.”

“There’s absolutely no talking to her,” Ce’Nedra said, throwing her arms in the air. Then, with a charming flirt of the hem of her chemise, she stormed back into the room from which the two of them had emerged.

“You ought to feed her more,” Beldin told Garion. “She’s really very skinny, you know.”

“I sort of like her the way she is,” Garion replied. He looked at Cyradis. “Will you sit, Holy Seeress?”

“If I may.”

“Of course.” He waved off Toth’s almost instinctive move to aid his mistress and guided the girl to a comfortable chair.

“I thank thee, Belgarion,” she said. “Thou art as kind as thou art brave.” She smiled, and it was like the sun coming up. She touched one hand to her hair. “Doth this really look so ugly?” she asked.

“It’s just fine, Cyradis,” he told her. “Ce’Nedra sometimes exaggerates, and she has an absolute passion for making people over–me, usually.”

“And dost thou mind her efforts, Belgarion?”

“I suppose not. I’d probably miss them if she didn’t try, at least.”

“Thou art caught in the snare of love, King Belgarion. Thou art a mighty sorcerer, but methinks thy little queen hath a more powerful sorcery yet, for she holds thee in the palm of that tiny hand.”

“That’s true, I suppose, but I don’t really mind all that much.”

“If this gets any more cloying, I think I’ll throw up,” Beldin said gruffly.

Beldin the Sorcerer is really funny, because at the end of the book, things get very cloying for Beldin.

A short intro to Nadrak society. If you buy a Nadrak woman, you just own her. Period. She got half of the sale price. You did NOT get any conjugal rights. Nadrak women carry at least four knives, which they are adept at using if you get too amorous. Now if you buy her, with the option to marry, she first will check you out. Then, if she agrees, at some point after you buy her she will surrender her knives to you. That’s her marriage vow.

So Beldin the Sorcerer buys Vella, and has to borrow money from Belgarath the Sorcerer. In full view of everybody, Vella immediately surrenders her knives to him. While all of the ladies present are crying, Beldin juggles her knives and makes them disappear. “I don’t need these.” he says. Then he leads Vella to a nearby hilltop, teaches her how to turn into a blue-banded hawk, and they both fly away, never to be seen again.


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eye candy ….. julianne moore … goddess

I think I’ve used this lady before. ??

What prompted this edition was her photo on the cover of one of our Sunday magazines that come with the Telegraph.

She’s JULIANNE MOORE and she’s 50, and I kinda think she qualifies as a Goddess.  I can not imagine and do not want to think about or see her in any other hair color.  Some actresses, well in fact most I guess, use wigs or even dye, for roles they play. But wow. This lady really owns this color. imho. Which btw is the only correct one. LOL!


I had to scan the cover to get this and then attempt to color correct as best I could. I think she’s worth it.



she’s all over the net and you can Google her for lots more.


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‘politically insensitive’ brit troops musn’t offend the enemy

How do I start on this one? I wasn’t even gonna boot today to be honest. Still dragging from yesterday, up early and think I may have a cold or something coming on. Not certain but not 100% old ranting self.  Cold and damp and just want some coffee and back to a warm bed.

Our papers were delivered unusually early this Sunday morning. So when this darn thing caught my eye, well, I knew I had to turn this puter on and share.
If I had any hair left to pull out, I wouldn’t have the energy to do so this morning.

Take a look at this bit pc tom foolery.

Banned: ‘Taliban Hunting Club’ badges worn by UK troops in Afghanistan


British soldiers in Afghanistan have been banned from wearing skull-and-crossbones badges on their uniforms that declare ‘Death To The Taliban’ and proclaim membership of a ‘Taliban Hunting Club’.

The unofficial stick-on badges are now a cult accessory among British troops fighting Taliban insurgents.

But senior Army officers visiting Helmand province in southern Afghanistan – where most UK troops are based – have ordered them to be removed because they are deemed ‘politically insensitive’.

image image

Commanders were said to be particularly worried about the repercussions if any of the estimated 600 soldiers wearing one of the fabric badges accidentally shot a civilian in the heat of battle.

Ministry of Defence lawyers are understood to have expressed concern that any soldier wearing one of the badges who might later become embroiled in a legal case after killing an innocent Afghan would be viewed as ‘maverick’.

One of the banned emblems features a crude pirate-style skull and crossbones and a Death To The Taliban slogan, while another has a more intricate design of a skull with crossed rifles behind it and the motto Taliban Hunting Club.

Yet another shows a skull framed by a sniper’s gun sight covered in an Arab-style scarf and, on top of it, what appears to be the dead body of a Taliban fighter stripped to the waist.

The badges are made in Britain and they are sent out to soldiers by friends and relatives, or taken out by the troops in their backpacks.

more story and pix here


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calendar   Saturday - August 27, 2011

Irene Comes Calling

It’s been raining steadily for 6 hours now. Sometimes we get a surging downpour that lasts a few minutes, but most of the time it’s just a steady rain. Nothing biblical at this point. I did the far away half of my Sunday cleaning job this afternoon. If I get to the local part tomorrow, fine. If not, fine.

It’s amazingly quiet outside. It kind of reminds me of 9/12/01 when there was no air traffic, except this is even more than that. There is no road traffic. We live a few hundred yards from one of the three great trans-NJ highways; NJ is the pass through state, with hundreds of thousands of folks driving through the state every day from PA to NY. Or at least east to west and west to east across the state. So if I go outside I can always hear the highway, any hour of the day or night, no matter what. But not now.

The talking heads and the Powers That Be have been on the TV and on the radio constantly for the past two days. Our Governor, Chris Christie, noted for his sharp remarks, has infamously outdone himself this time: “You’ve maximized your tan, now get the hell off the beach!” No BS from the big guy. Love him. And I guess everyone finally listened. Down at the south end of the state just about the entire Cape May County has been evacuated. The whole county. 800,000 people. Beats me where they’re going, or staying. But the whole coast is shut down, boarded up, and emptied. They are not alone. I saw several local businesses with their windows boarded up, and most of the rest of them closed early. Get out, go home. I heard this afternoon that there were several small armies of cherry picker trucks and wood chipper rigs heading into the state from points west, and marshaling just inside the border. Getting ready.

The quiet outside is really amazing. The whole state is hunkered down, waiting. The breezes are picking up now. I’m listening to the leaves rattle on the trees. It’s far more than a sussuration, but no branches or twigs are flying around yet.

And “outside, a wind was rising”.



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who are these people?

First of all and most important ... hope any of you back home in USA are high and dry and safe from the storm.

OK ... just for the heck of it and not to make a mystery of things, saw this in yesterday’s paper but not on line til this morning. So I thought just for fun,
I’d post the following. But I will also leave you with a link to answers that match the numbers.  That’s for folks like myself who really don’t have the patience to screw around and want to get to the heart of the matter quickly and go on to other things.  And boy oh boy do I have things on the ole plate today. Break in weather, sun showing so I have to get outside after breakfast at some point, and finish off mending and painting. Fun weekend ahead.

Can you identify the stars from their childhood photos?



Now before you click on that answer link .... take a look at #10 above.  I can’t imagine anyone picking up on that. Let us all know if you do. But I don’t think I’d believe it. lol.  Have fun.



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calendar   Friday - August 26, 2011

In the interest of full transparency

This message brought to you by That Window Guy, reminding everyone that

clean windows make the world a better place


photograph of model Samantha Gradoville by Benny Horne, Exit Magazine, summer 2011. The rest of the photo shoot is here.

See More Below The Fold


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Going Green With Stevie


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Thar She Blows

Getting ready for hurricane Irene here. Battening down the hatches, filling the gas tanks, buying food, getting cash from the bank, making sure laundry and dishes are done and garbage is out. Might fill up several buckets of water in case water supply dies. Making extra ice in case of power failure.

Fresh batteries in all 6 of my flashlights. If I have time I’ll go to the library and get some new books to read, just in case. I will park the outside car in a spot where no trees can fall on it.

Personally, I don’t think it’s going to be all that bad, but you never know. Best to be prepared, but let’s not get crazy.


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wake up europe …. or is it already too late?

Needs no intro from me. As always, right on target.
I hope you’ll all watch the entire video.


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a readers well reasoned comment, a reply and gypsies have more fun

Yesterday and perhaps unwisely I used a term to describe my idea of coping with the problems caused by these verminous scum.
I suggested that a final solution to the Gypsie problem might free Europe of their cancerous curse.  I know that those words conjure up Nazis and death camps etc. But I wasn’t suggesting it based on their national origin or race or religion. Rather, my feelings are based on what Gypsies represent solely by their behavior and the constant harm they cause everywhere they inject themselves.  Wherever they are, whatever neighborhood they infest, there is sure to be chaos.

I came across a story in one of our papers this morning, booted up the puter and came to BMEWS, looked first to see if there was something I had to see first and check on any comments from posts.

One of our readers wrote a reply comment to something I wrote yesterday, and called me to task for my choice of words. Indeed, that anyone could even think beyond the words and suggest the action wasn’t welcome at all.

I thought of writing a reply to Fenway but felt his comments were well put and his point was not at all out of line. For all I know, he might be right as my wife certainly agrees with him and she is not one to be sympathetic to rioters, lefties or Gypsies. So here then is what Fenway had to say about my post. My answer follows as I have a story on the subject again, and his comment I think belongs here instead of buried in comments. And btw ... I want to thank Fenway. Well said.

“Final Solution”? Really?

I can understand your anger at the gypsy issues. Something is incredibly wrong that this should just be allowed to happen.  I’m all for shooting them on site if you come home from vacation and encounter them inside your home. BOOM. gone. no regrets.

But to see the “final solution” reference is pretty sick. And i’m not saying that to be PC, either, because that’s bullshit. i don’t like PC. I can see you have a bit of a racial bias going on, and that’s fine- you’re entitled to your own feelings. but that a ‘final solution’ was a solution you felt strongly enough to post about is bothersome to me. I know you probably couldn’t care less about what I think, but i’m much more in favor of finding a nice liberal place to park these ‘entitled’ criminals, then load them into c130’s to take them there. then maybe your country can begin again to find a way to lock the borders.

believe me, i see the same thing with mexicans around these parts. just put ‘em back, say no, remove all the incentives for them to bother going to your country to begin with, and put up the friggin wall.

Posted by Fenway2112

Well, actually I do care what ppl think. I don’t want to be misunderstood on the one hand, and on the other there are times when ppl point out something and I’m forced to alter my thinking. Or at least make the effort to see another view that’s blocked by my temper and impotent rage at things wrong with no one doing anything but talking about it.  And it just seems to me that every single time there’s something really serious that desperately needs seeing to, they (powers that be) announce that there will be “A Consultation” on the subject. And they keep having these darn consultations. One after another and nothing changes.

I suppose using a term like final solution conveys thoughts of the holocaust, which isn’t a subject for bedtime reading. But having had some personal experience with members of this particular protected tribe, my frustration boils over.

Racial bias doesn’t I don’t believe enter it. Their behavior however does. The first I ever heard about these folks was as a kid, when the much told story of my grandmother made the rounds. She was once kidnapped by Gypsies as a baby, and was rescued by her brothers, and that was more then a hundred years ago.  Aside from that, I never heard any more about them.
But in later life I sure did.

They are almost entirely a thieving criminal class who teach their children to pick pockets by the time they’re 7 or 8. You can hardly visit any popular, historic European city without being hassled and mobbed by them. (and btw, be very careful at train stations, as the police will warn) Which btw was not the case say 25 years ago. 
In one sense, when calmer, I find less blame with them then I do with the politicians, human rights activists and others who enable them to cause the havoc they do. Without those enablers, it’s doubtful they’d be doing what they are doing. Pretty much the same with the rioters recently in London and other cities. Unless a very deadly message is sent, we can only expect more of the same.

As an American living here, I have seen some huge changes since my first visit, and none of those changes have been for the public good.  How in world the Brit public has allowed it I just can’t understand.

Re. The Mexicans. I sure do understand that btw. Being from CA (Palm Desert) and also Arizona (Tucson).  Yeah, I’ve run into any number of Mexicans I didn’t wanna know BUT , please trust me on this one. And I am not saying it because I was once married to a Mexican lady.  There really is NO comparison between them and Gypsies. The Mexican drug gangs are the more vicious and murderous criminal class among Mexicans. But they are not indicative of the people as a rule or the culture. The Gypsies I write about here are very much indicative of those vermin as a class and a people. Although describing them as “people” is giving them a bit more then they are entitled to.

remove all the incentives for them to bother going to your country to begin with

Darn good point and if only it were that simple.  Sadly, the UK is a member in good standing of the EU. With the advent of the EU, borders in Europe are gone among the member states, and anyone from an EU country has some sort of “right” as I understand it, to travel to other EU countries.  Border control anyone?  Where?

There are seven million foreigners living in Britain, there has been a 21% increase in the net flow of migrants to the UK, while the number leaving has hit a six year low, according to the newspapers. Not all are Gypsies of course but that just gives you an idea of the problems this island endures. Oh ... one other thing.

The ECHR.  The European court of Human Rights.
The people here are fed up, violent criminals, even rapists and killers, can’t seem to be deported due to “rights.” Especially Article 8, the right to have a family. That little piece of ‘foreign’ legislation has held up or quashed deportations in numbers beyond imagining.

The govt. has said they will call for an English law and scrap the ECHR.
The public is still waiting and that promise was made some time ago. But I understand ‘consultations’ are being planned.

The conservatives (lite) promised to change the squatter law.
The public is still waiting but .... first there must be consultations.

OK so .... while those consultations are in the works , Gypsies go on about their usual business, not bothered by the idiot politicians, hand wringers and enablers.  They have far more important things to attend to.  For example.

POLICE used dogs to break up a rowdy christening party after boozed-up gypsies went on a venue-trashing wrecking spree.

Witnesses said teenagers vandalised vending machines, glasses were broken and sports kit dragged out of cupboards as about 50 adults and 30 children smashed up a leisure centre.

A DJ at the party said: “As well as smashing glasses I saw them rip upholstery off chairs and wreck a store room full of toys.

“I got threatened for asking to be paid. They hadn’t paid for the buffet or their cakes either.

“All this damage was caused by 7.30pm. A few more hours of ale and who knows what could have happened?
“The police did an amazing job.”
One woman, who asked not to be named, said: “As soon as they arrived we knew it was a gypsy party. They trashed the place, it was really scary.
“A little boy smashed a glass right in front of me. There was a lot of screaming and crying.
“The DJ was afraid to stop the music and was told to carry on until more police arrived.”
Three men were arrested at the Winwick Leisure Centre in Warrington, Cheshire, last Saturday. A police spokeswoman said: “We responded to several reports of a disturbance. Three males were arrested for public order offences.”
The staff were in a vulnerable position but the police said it was handled correctly and the gypsies have since moved on.

above article from Telegraph and Mirror



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calendar   Thursday - August 25, 2011

it’s always about rights. but not of the law abiding. they’re easy to control.

So between so called student riots a few months ago, the recent is London burning lets loot and pillage fun and games among the rabble, a ‘police’ action in Libya to protect civilians in that country because there are no civilians in this country that need protecting from murderous rapists and other assorted slime, and Gypsy and squatter home invasions that aren’t really a crime and anyway, the last govt. declared them to be an ethnic minority, and where before if you lost your temper and called one a name it was exactly that but now .... now it is considered a race hate crime to insult one of them.  And from the previous story posted with regard to a gypo/squatter take over of someone’s home ... we now move to another part of the country dealing with the same “ethnic” grouping of vermin.

This is, more or less, an update.  The story of the ten year battle here is renewed as Amnasty Intl. has stuck its unwanted nose into the act.  Gosh I wish someone somewhere would bloody their damn nose.

I can not begin to imagine anything along the order of the things I’m posting about, in the time of Wellington. Or Churchill. And they just don’t seem to be able to deal with things in a way that would end the nonsense.  But then .... if we look at America, while we may not have the gypo problem, we are somewhat fractured and not as united by the things that once held us together.  And I want you know know that while America was fast asleep, there were groups like Amnasty, a foreign based anti American org., hard at work to unravel the US in any way they can. And they are not the only ones.  All working in the USA, or else funding movements with donations from here and Europe. 

OK, on with the show.

Anger as Amnesty International calls for halt to planned mass eviction at Britain’s biggest illegal gypsy camp

Last updated at 12:30 PM on 25th August 2011

Amnesty International have called for a halt to a planned eviction of the traveller families from Britain’s largest illegal gypsy site, to the fury of residents.

The human rights campaigners say the order to force almost 100 families living on Dale Farm, near Basildon, Essex, to leave by the end of the month could make 400 people homeless and breach their international rights

Basildon Council officials, supported by Essex Police, are expected to take action to clear the sprawling site next month if the travellers, who moved in more than a decade ago, do not leave by August 31.

But angry Mike Beiley, 65, who lives nearby, told The Sun that despite the intervention of Amnesty International, an organisation usually associated with defending people’s rights in war-torn countries, the travellers should not be there.

‘They’ve broken the law and now it’s time for them to get packing,’ he said.

‘They don’t seem to think our rights matter.’

Jezerca Tigani, Amnesty’s deputy director of the Europe and Central Asia programme, argued that the families would be left with nowhere to go to as a result of the move.

‘Up to 400 people could be left homeless as a result of the forced eviction which would require them to vacate their plots without an authorised site to which they can take their caravans,’ she said.

‘The authorities must ensure that their actions do not break international law. A negotiated settlement is a must.

‘This means genuine consultation, in a manner that seeks meaningful input from travellers rather than a form-filling exercise and, if an eviction is unavoidable, ensuring adequate alternative housing which allows the Irish travellers to express their cultural identity.’

The plea from Amnesty follows similar calls from Raquel Rolnik, the UN’s special rapporteur on housing, and Rita Izak, a UN independent expert on minority issues.

But council leader Tony Ball said the authority had spent the last 10 years trying to find a peaceful solution and they were still trying to find a solution without the need for a clearance.

amnasty intl joins the gypos protest. see photos here


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Q. when is an englishman’s home not his castle?  A. when a squatter wants it!

Here we go again with a very old problem but here’s another new cast.

This is a never ending subject for me, and it is also somewhat personal.  We’ve been damn lucky I suppose but the threat is always there and it’s scary let me tell ya.  And for those who may be surfing and reading this and know nothing about the problem .... you may NOT use force of any kind to remove the vermin or YOU will be the one to be arrested.  It is a civil NOT A CRIMINAL matter. The police can do nothing.  You must get a court date and until then, you and your belongings are OUT IN THE STREET!  Never mind being away on vacation.  This can happen to you and it has, while you are out grocery shopping.

Great system innit?

Look at this.

Holiday squatters strike again! Romanian family take over sisters’ home while they are away

Police powerless to remove them from property.  Holidaying owners’ belongings ‘thrown into the street’

Last updated at 3:35 PM on 25th August 2011

A family of Romanian squatters have taken over a home belonging to two sisters while they are on holiday.

The group moved into the £500,000 London property while Amelita and Lilia Olasa were away in the Philippines.

Neighbours said when confronted the group produced a bogus ‘tenancy agreement’ and claim they have bought the place.


But the squatters - two men, a woman and a child - have been seen throwing bin bags out the windows which are thought to contain owners’ possessions.

Neighbours in New Southgate have been trying in vain to contact the owners and fear it will not be possible to evict the squatters until the sisters return next month.

Last week three houses in Leytonstone, east London, 12 miles away were taken over by eastern Europeans who claim to be there legally. One is thought to belong to an elderly woman visiting relatives abroad.

Squatting itself is not a criminal offence but it is illegal to break into a property. Police say there is no sign of forced entry in New Southgate, so the owners will need an eviction order.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said that although the squatters had produced what they claimed was a ‘tenancy agreement’, the phone number on the contract did not work.

He said he realised something was wrong on August 14, several weeks after the sisters, thought to be in their fifties, went abroad.

‘We noticed the front door ajar. We thought nothing of it but then we saw piles of bin bags in the front garden and on the street,’ he said.

‘We presume these are the belongings of these ladies going out. It will cost the owners thousands of pounds to get their property back as they will have to go to court.

‘I haven’t spoken to (the squatters) for fear of aggravating them, so until the ladies come back there is not much we can do. The response from the police was these people were there legally.’

Today the group claimed they did not speak English.


Yeah right. No speaka English. Sure thing. I bet some needles in the eyes or bleach might suddenly make em recall that they could speak the language even if only slightly.  These effin bastards do this because they know they can.  That is the bottom line.  If a few were made to stop breathing in a very painful manner and it were shown on YT ... you would see the end of the Gypo/squatter problem in this country. Better still, a Final Solution to the squatter and Gypsy problem once and for all time.  Who’d miss this criminal class of vermin?

And just for your added info on the subject ....
Check out this older story on the subject. And there are a hundred others. Take a gander at the pix here.



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Yay Us !


1st place prize money was $21 per bowler. LOL Summer league is inexpensive, so there isn’t much prize money. We lost the first game but won the second one, and that was all we needed. After that it was time for some beer. We lost the third game too, but that didn’t matter.

Winter league starts next week.


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calendar   Wednesday - August 24, 2011

calling ppl by names that appear to refer to their native countries is racist. huh?

I guess in today’s world one must expect this kind of nonsense.
I don’t understand anything about this. It’s way beyond stupid. What next?

Maybe there’s some kind of super hidden meaning here that only club members will understand.  Jeesh.  If this isn’t a good example of the overuse of the ‘R’ word, I haven’t a clue what is. 

Take a look.

Polish engineer nicknamed Borat by ‘racist’ colleagues wins £2,250 compensation


A Polish engineer who was called Borat at work has been awarded £2,250 compensation after a tribunal ruled the nickname was racist.

Adrian Ruda was ‘degraded and humiliated’ by the nickname given to him by a fellow worker in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, the panel found.

The decision means a million Poles and other Eastern Europeans now living in Britain are legally victims of racial abuse if bantering workmates call them by names that appear to refer to their native countries.

Borat, the comic character made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen, is said to be a national of Kazakhstan, the Asian former Soviet republic that borders Russia and China.
Kazakhs have long resented both the comedian and his films which they say traduce their nation and its people.
The Leeds tribunal declared someone who was not from Eastern Europe would not have been called Borat and so the engineer, from Wakefield-based TEi Ltd, ‘had been the subject of direct race discrimination’.

The tribunal also said the Borat image also insults Eastern Europeans.
TEi, which racked up substantial legal costs defending Mr Ruda’s claim, was ordered by the Leeds tribunal to put in place a workplace harassment and bullying policy.
It must now also train all employees in line with the policy and make them aware of the unacceptable conduct in Mr Ruda’s case.

Employment law experts said the verdict is a warning to other managers and their workers.
Barrister Daniel Barnett said: ‘Although the case sounds frivolous, imagine if an African employee was nicknamed “Uncle Tom” or “Kunta Kinte”.
‘There is no difference in principle; Mr Ruda was given this particular nickname because of his national origins and for no other reason.
‘Other employees who were not from Eastern Europe had been given nicknames associated with their personal characteristics rather than with their national origin.’

The tribunal declared that someone who was not from Eastern Europe would not have been called Borat and so the engineer ‘had been the subject of direct race discrimination.’

Mr Ruda, an engineering supervisor, was called Borat over a four-week period in the autumn of 2007 by one of the welders in his charge, the tribunal said.
He did not object to the name and regularly replied to it with a Borat catchphrase, ‘I love you.’

The panel found the evidence given by the welder and all his colleagues at their Wakefield-based company, TEi Ltd, to be ‘forthright and honest’.
But it said the welder who used the nickname Borat – and who also called Mr Ruda ‘gay’, that ‘his knowledge and appreciation of discrimination in 2007 and even in 2011 left a great deal to be desired.’

The tribunal said it disbelieved Mr Ruda’s evidence on a string of counts, including his claims that he spoke poor English and that a series of other colleagues abused him over a long period of time.

It said the engineer had been ‘less than honest’ over a number of his claims.

However it said he was a victim of both race and sex discrimination and said ‘the use of the nickname Borat was an act of racial harassment.
Employment judge Jonathan Whittaker ruled: ‘The application of the nickname “Borat” violated Mr Ruda’s dignity in the period in question and created for him a degrading, humiliating and defensive work environment.

‘Although the majority, if not all, other employees had nicknames applied to them, the examples of other nicknames which were given to the tribunal were not in any way associated with the racial or national origins of the persons in question.

‘There was therefore a significant difference between the nicknames applied to others and the nickname applied to Mr Ruda.’

The tribunal allowed Mr Ruda’s claims to succeed even though he was almost three years too late in law bringing them.
It took into account that Mr Ruda was unfamiliar with British working practices and ruled that it was ‘in the interests of justice’ to extend the time limit.



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