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thugs take over london,use paint and ammonia against police

What a way to start a Sunday morning. Can’t be helped. You have to see this. Wait. That’s isn’t correct. You don’t “have” to do anything, but you ought to to check this out. I’m certain by now you’ve seen some of it on TV in the states. The authorities here just do not understand or are perhaps helpless to avoid this kind of thing.  I am referring of course to the London riots of yesterday. 

There was warning by the so called anarchists that they were going to bring hell to London. They publicly said so days before.
They are nothing but vandals and criminals allowed to run riot.
There’s a very brief video here and lots of still shots that are better.  All the papers are full of it. I am not posting an entire article. Just a few lines and a headline.
However, I am posting a letter written to the Mail concerning a column in their Dec.13,2010 issue.
Many here will not agree with my take on how to handle this outrageous problem. But unless the police are given arms and the permission to use deadly force, the thugs will continue as they always do, to play the taxpayer and the police as patsies, not worthy of any consideration.

Police struggle to control hard-core anarchist rioters after 500,000-strong London march against government cuts ends in violence


Last updated at 8:37 AM on 27th March 2011


214 arrests after extremists hijack anti-government cuts demonstration

84 people injured - and at least 31 police officers hurt on day of violence

Ritz hotel attacked with paint and smokebombs and 1,000 occupy Fortnum & Mason

Protesters surge along Piccadilly, Regent Street and Oxford Street forcing shops to close

Lightbulbs filled with ammonia hurled at police officers

Over 200 people were arrested as extremists brought violent chaos to central London yesterday after hijacking the much-heralded trade union protest against public spending cuts.

A massive clear-up operation was underway this morning after trouble continued to flare late into the night as hundreds of people clashed with officers in Trafalgar Square.

Police confirmed 214 people were in custody and there had been 84 reported injuries during the protests. At least 31 police were hurt with 11 of them requiring hospital treatment.


My answer to a question put in a column by the Mail’s Janet Street Porter.

Dec. 14, 2010

Dear Miss Porter,
In your excellent column of December 13, 2010, you asked a question which may have been only rhetorical but I’d like to answer it anyway.  You asked, “When will the police learn to tackle anarchy in the UK?”
My answer to that is, NEVER!

You can not fight terrorism or street rioting young thugs with human rights legislation. You fight it with ferocity and deadly force. Otherwise, the bad guys continue doing what they’ve been doing which is, playing the open system in the west, against itself.  (fast forward to March 26, 2011. Mustard Gas would have been a good reply to the street criminals)

The problem really is that there is no serious deterrent. (see above) There isn’t any penalty those rioting punks are fearful of.
Can you just imagine a mob rioting in Germany of the 30’s?  Of course not. Why? Because aside from the support of the people, anyone who even thought riot, thought it only once and knew the price that might be paid.  In other words, there were consequences.  Deadly ones, and rightly so.

Water cannon and tear gas and rubber bullets are silly. Once they dry off or clean the eyes or recover from the boo-boos caused by rubber bullets, the thugs come back.
However … real bullets or flame throwers and bingo. Problem solved.

Some will say yes but that will radicalise the youth to commit further outrages.

Well, lets give that some thought. Maybe not. Not if they understand that it might not be just their lives forfeit, but possibly family members as well.  And lets not forget that as reported in the Mail and Telegraph as well, many of the rioters came from foreign countries and weren’t students at all. There is even one group as reported in the Daily Mail, who have connections world wide and go out causing havoc in other countries.  Till recently, I think few of us had ever heard of them. But the police know who they are and so do the various intel services. So the question is, why aren’t they dead?  These life forms are a dangerous cancer. It wouldn’t be at all like killing humans. Think of it as a delousing operation.

Bottom line.  The police might only have to kill perhaps 500 to a thousand rioting trouble makers for others to finally get the message.  Really peaceful protests? No problem.  Start setting fires, throwing things at the police and causing mayhem will bring about the sudden end of their very un-necessary breathing.
Rioting street yobs are mostly bullies anyway, and they do what they do simply because they know they can. 

I can’t recall exactly who said it, I tend to think Napoleon only because before he became head of state of France, and while still a Capt. of artillery, he faced a rioting mob and turned his cannon on them. Boom. End of riot. Anyway, the quote was, “The only way in which to handle a mob, is to exterminate it.” Seems logical to me.

Not so today due to the weepy eyed, hand wringing, bleeding hearts on the left, who seem to have successfully hijacked the criminal system in most western countries.
So look for things to get much worse. Sadly.  Which reminds me of a quote from a great American.

“You can get further with a kind word and a gun, then you will with a kind word alone.” Al Capone

Oh, I almost forgot. 
You mentioned Viet Nam and the protests at that time. I was always curious as to why so many foreigners thought our (USA) foreign policy right or wrong, was any of their business.

I recall an interview with General Giap I saw on the History Channel some time ago. Many years ago in fact.  In that interview, he clearly stated that the riots and protests on the streets of America were of great help. His people relied on the disruption caused by the protesters in the USA.  And of course Jane Fonda didn’t help matters any either. I always wondered how she managed to avoid getting herself shot. As in dead. Oh well, all in the past. The fact is, our armed forces had to contend with fighting with one hand tied behind a back that already had a knife in it.

Too bad we had no Napoleon to turn the cannon on that crowd of lice infested scum.

Most Sincerely,
JD Peiper

Update.  March 27, 2011-03-27

Police struggle to control hard-core anarchist rioters

Last updated at 8:37 AM on 27th March 2011

Was I right about more and worse or what?


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Patriotism? Yeah, I can do that!

Ohmigosh. The things we have to do for our country. My friend in Afghanistan sends the following:


Don’t forget to mark your calendars.

As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife naked and if he does, he must commit suicide.

So next Saturday at 1 PM Eastern Time, all American women are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any neighborhood terrorists.

Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this anti-terrorist effort.

All patriotic men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their houses to demonstrate their support for the women and to prove that they are not Muslim terrorist sympathizers.

Since Islam also does not approve of alcohol, a cold 6-pack at your side is further proof of your patriotism.

The American government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti-terrorist activity.

God Bless America!!

If you don’t send this to at least 1 person, you’re a terrorist-sympathizing, lily-livered coward and are possibly aiding and abetting terrorists.

Gentlemen. Next Saturday I have to work. I will therefore be able to observe who is on their porch with a six-pack and a naked wife. Furthermore, I will have my camera to document this explosion of patriotism. Thatisall. grin


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calendar   Saturday - March 26, 2011

Oh This Hurts

Britain Sends Carrier to the Mediterranean

Second Carrier Waiting In The Wings

All together now: ‘Rule Britannia  . . .’

don’t get your hopes up


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Letters From Littleton

Another UK TV Witch Hunt

No room for black faces in Midsomer says it’s creator

Long running and “world renowned” television series [Never heard of it myself before reading the newspaper clipping Peiper mailed me] has only featured white actors for 14+ years. When asked, the show’s creator said it “wouldn’t be English” if they brought in non-Caucasians. Naturally, he got suspended for that, and now a big internal investigation is underway. I’m taking bets: future episodes will have more diversity than a “We Are The World” sing-along, and the show will be down the crapper inside a season.

For 14 years, it has found a plethora of ways to kill off unfortunate villagers while remaining remarkably unchanged in one regard: the absence of non-white faces. Now the creator of ITV1’s Midsomer Murders has landed himself in hot water after claiming that one of the reasons the drama series has been so successful is because it is entirely free of ethnic minorities.

Brian True-May said the show was “the last bastion of Englishness” and if its cultural make-up changed “it wouldn’t be the English village”.

His comments, to Radio Times, appalled ITV bosses and he was promptly suspended by All3Media, the media conglomerate that includes Mr True-May’s company, Bentley Productions.

Mr True-May gave the interview to promote the 14th series of the cosy Sunday night drama, which regularly pulls in six million viewers and has been sold around the world.

“We are a cosmopolitan society in this country, but if you watch Midsomer you wouldn’t think so. I’ve never been picked up on that, [huh? what does that mean - no one ever asked?] but quite honestly I wouldnt’ want to change it.: he said.

Asked what he meant by “cosmopolitan”, Mr. True-May, 65, replied: “Well, we just don’t have ethnic minorities involvd. Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them. It just wouldn’t work.”

Sorry, but the article is not online. Parts of it are quoted by this pro-diversity and immigration page.

“Suddenly we might be in Slough. Ironically, Causton (the town in Midsomer Murders) is supposed to be Slough. And if you went to Slough, you wouldn’t see a white face there. We’re the last bastion of Englishness and I want to keep it that way.

Lawdy lawdy! I can hear the axeman sharpening his blade from here. You know this old duffer is going to get the chop.

Slough is one of my favorite words because it can be said in three or four different ways and has half a dozen completely different meanings, from the stagnant water in a prairie sink hole to a muddy bog to the act of an old scab sliding off of a wound. By any definition “slough” is rather a dark word, certainly not a light and happy one like “rainbow”, “dolphin”, or “popcorn”. In this case Slough is a town, an industrial center just west of London proper, situated at the end of the runway at Heathrow and half a mile north of Windsor Castle. I think they say it as “slow”, another word with it’s own secondary meaning and dark aspect. East of Maidenhead, north of Runnymede, alongside places with eye-rollingly wonderful English names like Stoke Poges, Wexham Court, and Rowley Wood, you’d think Slough ought to be the absolute Mecca of white people on the planet.  Ought! Alas, aught. Mecca no longer. I gather the town has no “light” aspect to it at all these days, whether the people there are happy or not.

Mr. True-May added: “When I talk to people and other nations ... they love the premise of the show. They love the perceived English genteel eccentricity. It’s not British. It’s very English.” He conceded that many people would consider that “Englishness” in the 21st century should encompass other races. “Well, it should do, and maybe I’m not politically correct” he said, “I’m trying to make something that appeals to a certain audience, which seems to succed. And I don’t want to change it.”

Mad dogs and Englishmen, you know.  Putting a bunch of ethnics in just wouldn’t do. They might all be Brits, but nobody would believe it if they acted all English. It’s a white thing.

And of course after such comment comes the predictable “We’re all appalled. Simply appalled!” reaction by the TV station management. But the real truth is out there somewhere, if you take off your Willful Blinders™ and open your eyes and your mind. The Independent’s resident stodgy white guy Matthew Norman (tie AND vest in his picture, no neck) probably put his own career on the line to opine:

Implanting a black face in Midsomer would be tokenism

The fact is that between town and country there is a colossal disconnect - two Englands unbridged by suburbia and divided by a common language.

A candidate to become the 252nd fatality in the fictional county of Midsomer’s 15-year life span emerged yesterday, although whether by unwitting suicide or capital punishment is debatable. Brian True-May hasn’t been hanged yet, but the co-creator and executive producer of ITV’s Midsomer Murders has been suspended by his production company, pending one of those top-level internal inquiries beloved of media outlets, over remarks concerning the ethnic make-up of his series.
This is not to suggest that Mr True-May, any more than the portly Plato of the putting green, is a racist. That accusation depends not on his looks but the words, as confided to the Radio Times, which have “shocked and appalled” ITV management. Referring to the enduring global popularity of Midsomer Murders, Mr True-May sourced it, in part at least, to an “English genteel eccentricity” that would be compromised by the presence in rural villages of dark-skinned people. “We just don’t have ethnic minorities involved,” he explained. “Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them. It just wouldn’t work. Suddenly we might be in Slough.”
Yet also buried beneath the complacent nostalgism lies the inconvenient truth that he is correct. You are more likely to come across a sex club in an English rural village than an Afro-Caribbean or Asian face. I speak on this with unwonted authority. In the tiny Dorset village where we rent a weekend cottage, we have had a swingers’ club (the sadly defunct Cleopatra’s) but never a non-Caucasian fizzog. ["fizzog"? WTH? Izzat a wog with frizzy hair, ie a black person? {no Drew, it’s UK slang for somebody’s face. Physiognomy} (Oh. Otay den.) {Wut??}]

Whenever I make the drive from west London, it strikes me afresh as a journey as much through time as through space. Here in the crack- dealing tourist centre of Shepherds Bush, early 21st-century multiculturalism seems to work beautifully, whatever David Cameron, a huge Midsomer fan, may think to the contrary. If our road tends towards the lively, that is thanks to the generally white occupants of the two bail hostels opposite. Within 20 doors either side of us are Somalis, Poles, Croats, Bengalis, Lebanese, Jamaicans and doubtless another 20 nationalities. You can walk a mile along the Uxbridge road, that corner of a native land that will forever be Damascus, without seeing an indigenous white face (apart from the bail hostel boys and girls, out and about and up to no good), which is one of the area’s few charms. In 14 years we’ve not come across a scintilla of racial tension.
In our village, somewhere between Yeovil and Dorchester, in ethnic terms it clearly is the 1950s. In three years, the darkest face I’ve encountered is my own shtetl-swarthy Ukrainain Jewish one. In the early days I was a little fearful, what with the roof being thatched, and brought perhaps more fire extinguishers than were strictly demanded. There hasn’t been a single pogrom yet.

If a black or Asian family moved in, I imagine they would receive nothing but the welcoming warmth shown to us, albeit possibly tinged with rather more curiosity. About ten years ago, in a village shop in west Devon, my wife overheard a chat in the village shop between two elderly ladies who had heard on the grapevine that a black person had been sighted 25 miles away. It wasn’t remotely nasty. The old girls were simply fascinated, as they would have been by reports of a cheetah loose in Plymouth, by the exoticism of it all.

The fact is that between town and country, there is a colossal disconnection. As anyone who flits between them cannot fail to appreciate, there are two Englands, unbridged by suburbia and divided by a common language. Painting Mr True-May as a fictional ethnic cleanser because he portrays the villages of Berkshire, or Midsomer, as all white is no more than those who love to hunt out offence where none is meant indulging their hobby.

Great Googled Gollywogs! You mean that True-May may be right, and that folks oughtn’t go all Mau-Mau on him? That’s reason to behead him right there!

OTOH, the same online paper immediately ran out to Causton and found that the real town was at least somewhat properly diverse.

But the facts on the ground belie his vision. For one thing, is the last bastion of Englishness seriously not going to have a curry house?

“More than 100 people are from ethnic groups in Wallingford,” said Mr Rahman, a Bangladeshi who came to here in 2006. “It is a nice place to live,” he added.
None of the town’s restauranteurs have seen the show.

“When it is on, we are working,” pointed out Abdul Choudhury from the Wallingford Tandoori, a sentiment echoed elsewhere. [ the town eateries are “the nearby Wallingford Tandoori, ... the Turkish kebab shop, the two Chinese restaurants and the Portuguese family who run the chippy.”

Which misses the point on purpose. Blinders off, m’kay? When they film in Causton-pretending-to-be-Slough they’re filming a real town in a pretend way, portraying it along the classic English Village stereotype, fo’ shizzle my nizzle, and that means nuttin’ but White Folks. I bet the camera fill-in shots feature lots of old white guys with dried apple faces wearing funny little hats and wearing heavy tweed jackets that look like they smell of mothballs. The jackets too. The current Ethnic Line may be out past Causton at this point, but Mr. Norman argues that lands beyond the line do exist. And such remarks are beyond the pale, which is a phrase - and a punishment - Mr. Norman must be ironically familiar with.

On the third hand (OTTH), motivation for murder on this show is often rather perverse. Maybe the producers are avoiding the charge of using the old tar brush on them thar ethnics?

The producers operate a strict moral code. Hidden vices provide the opportunity for blackmail and a motive for bumping people off. Simple adultery is too suburban so it must be spiced up with incest and illicit lesbianism. S&M is also practised behind those generous drives. Drug addiction is acceptable, usually practiced by spoilt little rich girls. Midsomer has also fought off an outbreak of witchcraft, sorcery and pagan rituals.

Oh yeah, that’s what they’re doing alright, and for their own protection most likely. They’d be immediately burned at the stake if they featured any Africans doing pagan rituals and witchcraft. That never happens at all. Anywhere. Ever! Except when other Africans go on a murder spree and chop up all their pagans and witches, which happens in every sub-Saharan country in Africa and has been reason for several murders in Europe done by African immigrants. Which is only just, because those pagan witches were out there doing human sacrifices to bring good luck to taxi drivers. Nope, like portraying an actual Middle Eastern terrorist on the NCIS TV show after Season One, such things simply do not happen. It’s like islamic incest and homosexuality. It. Does. Not. Exist. But white people, especially rich ones, can be guilty of anything. Including being white, which is their worst crime. So expect this show to go PC and then to get canceled when the intolerant ethnics erupt after seeing their own portrayed as pervy murderers. Every week for 14+ years. Gosh, that’s stereotyping, that is.


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Forced Spring Cleaning

We got a new refrigerator today. The old one was 15 years old and was on it’s very last legs. I’d repaired it as much as possible over the years, and glued the shelves back together several times. But it was done. Water leaking out on the floor every day, etc.

The new one is 3 cubic feet bigger than the old one. Yay!! But getting rid of the old one forced me to clean it out, and toss out all the little mystery items that had multiplied in the dark recesses. And I had to dump the out of code stuff. And I had to go through my sauce collection. Where does this stuff come from? I’ve got every kind of exotic sauce known to mankind, I’m sure. I’ve got frozen tamarind concentrate and a block of palm sugar and some proper light amber fish sauce, in case I feel the need to make Pad Thai. I’ve got 4 kinds of jerk sauce, and even a frozen bag of jerk marinade. Hoisin sauce, peanut sauce, oyster sauce, black bean sauce, spicy black bean sauce, stir-fry sauce ... I could open a Chinese restaurant. I won’t even mention my collection of hot sauces and horseradishes. And salad dressing. And all sorts of little and not so little jars of pickled Italian veggies and things. Mama mia, what is all of this??

New rule: no more new sauces or pickled anything until the old ones are used up. Pickled Sea Urchin? WTH? Oh yeah, when we made sushi ... a year ago. Buh bye!!

Then when I put all the thinned out and still good food back in the new fridge ... after lugging the old unit out the door and down the stairs, and hauling the new unit up the stairs and installing it and then realizing the door was on backwards so reversing that ... it looked so lonely inside that I just had to go grocery shopping. But I was smart, and just got food for the next couple days. So it’s fresh chorizo tonight, with red beans and rice on one side and fried plantains on the other, with a black bean and red onion soup. I didn’t have to thin out my spice casket (we call it that because it’s a great big air tight tin box nearly the size of a footlocker) so I have plenty of Epazote.

Tangential note to non-Mexican folks: If you like stewed beans but not the aftereffects, get yourself some epazote. It’s a light green powdered herb, and only costs a dollar or two for a cupful. The dried herb doesn’t have too strong a flavor, a bit like sassafras, but you use the stuff because of what it does. What it does gives us our Word For The Day, and that word is “carminative”, which means it takes the farts out of the beans. It really works. Add a teaspoon to a 1lb can of beans, or a heaping tablespoon to a big pot of them, and let them stew for 20 minutes or so.

A further tangent: The oil that can be expressed from fresh epazote seeds or steamed from the whole fresh plant is said to have numerous medicinal properties. The stuff was once known as “wormseed” and “Mexican Tea” and was used as internal delousing medicine; it is a vermicide. It is also an abortifacient, so don’t go near the stuff if you’re pregnant. Even more interesting than that is that the expressed oil from the whole plant contains up to 70% ascaridole, a naturally occurring chemical that just happens to be an explosive that gives off poisonous gas when heated. I didn’t know that Mother Nature made explosives! It’s also the active ingredient in a common commercial pesticide. Geez. Maybe they should start calling stuff this “terrorist bush” instead.

Carminative. That’s a good word. Like “hormesis”, the word Ann Coulter introduced us to the other day with her radical little hypothesis that certain exposure levels to certain kinds of radiation may actually be good for us (well yeah, Example #1 is called a suntan, through which we absorb vitamin D), we can get the carminative and vermicidal benefits from the hormetic effects of dried or concentrated “wormseed”, which just happens to be toxic, explosive, and a carcinogen in higher doses. “The solution to pollution is dissolution”: a little poison is good for you! Go figure. Better living through chemistry, and through a clean refrigerator.


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calendar   Friday - March 25, 2011

dark comedy



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calendar   Thursday - March 24, 2011

Is This War Or a Life Cereal Commercial?

You remember, I’m sure ...


“What’s this stuff?”

“Some cereal. It’s supposed to be good for you.”

“Are you gonna try it?”

“I’m not gonna try it. You try it.”

I’m not gonna try it. You try it!”

“Hey, I know, let’s get Mikey to try it. He won’t like it; he hates everything! Hey, Mikey!”


Somehow this seems familiar

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomed NATO’s decision to enforce the no-fly zone over Libya, although it will not take total control of the military operations against Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi.

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., called the decision a “sign of progress,” in a statement.

Under the terms of the agreement, which was announced in Brussels, the U.S. will hand over command and control of part of the international operation. The U.S. has appeared eager throughout the campaign to pass the baton.

Obama: “Colonel Gaddafi has lost all his mojo. It is time for him to go. It is time for regime change. It is time for Change. I Hope. We will enforce a no-fly zone in Libya to curtail the bloody excesses of the tyrant, my best friend and my favorite preacher’s best friend, Mohair Gadaffy. Under the bus with him.”

UK: “I’m not gonna kill him, you kill him.”

France: “I’m not gonna kill him, you kill him!”

Germany: “Der are no joos here! Ve are goink home!”

UAE: “What do yoiu mean a no-fly zone actually means military action? We didn’t sign up for any of that!”

Shrillary: “Black is white, up is down, left is right, peace is war. I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth at the same time so fast even I don’t understand what I’m saying anymore. What’s my opinion? Well, what time is it? The USA will take the lead in blowing the Libyans to hell and back, but NATO and our EUropean allies have to take the lead here. We will not be involved in a war in Libya while we are involved in a war in Libya.”

Obama: “Everybody samba!!”

News Media:"The overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt caught the White House flat footed. The civil war in Libya caught the White House flat footed. Now the situation in Yemen with President Saleh and his top general running away have caught the White House flat footed. After millions protested for freedom in Egypt, the people there are launching pogroms against Christians. A few hundred miles to the south, Muslims are also launching an anti-Christian pogrom in Ethiopia, even though Ethiopia is 90% Christian. And they’re getting away with it! Meanwhile net door in Sudan, under the guise of tribalism, Muslims continue their genocide against Christians. In Saudi Arabia and Bahrain the armies have been called out and are ready to shoot anyone who even pouts at a government employee. 35 years of US Middle East policy has gone out the window in a matter of months as unrest spreads like wildfire across the entire region. All these governments are teetering on the very brink or have already fallen over, and nobody here has a single clue about who or what will replace any of them.”

Obama: “Hey, did you check out my basketball bracket picks on Twitter? They’re mega-awesome!”

Glen Beck, Mark Steyn, and 123 other right wing pundits: “Oh look, it’s the Caliphate being born. Told ya. Hand in hand with the Marxist Progressives. For now.”

MSM, including hyper-ventilating Fox News talking head Shepard Smith (aka Little Geraldo): “You guys are crazy. These poor oppressed people just want freedom. They want to be just like us!”

Maybe somebody can get Obama some Pop Rocks and a Coke. It worked for Mikey, right?


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“Nothing can stop the Honey Badger…”

It’s the narration that really makes this video!

Note: not for the squeamish! Animals kill and eat other animals, all to the lisping narration of ‘Randall’.

I keep picturing ‘Randall’ in San Fransisco seeing ‘nature raw in tooth and claw’ for the first time. “That’s disgusting!”


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Terrorists are cheapskates

Undie Bomber Chose Flight To Detroit

Because It Was Cheapest

Guess the travel gnomes wouldn’t give him any help.

image When an admitted al-Qaida operative planned his itinerary for a Christmas 2009 airline bombing, he considered launching the strike in the skies above Houston or Chicago, The Associated Press has learned. But tickets were too expensive, so he refocused the mission on a cheaper destination, Detroit.

The decision is among new details emerging about one of the most sensational terrorism plots to unfold since President Barack Obama took office. It shows that al-Qaida’s Yemen branch does not share Osama bin Laden’s desire to attack symbolic targets, preferring instead to strike at targets of opportunity. Like the plot that nearly blew up U.S.-bound cargo planes last year, the cities themselves didn’t matter. It’s a strategy that has helped the relatively new group quickly become the No. 1 threat to the United States.

After the failed bombing and the arrest of suspected bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the question of why Detroit was targeted has gone unanswered. It was previously reported that Abdulmutallab did not specifically choose Christmas for his mission.

Abdulmutallab considered Houston, where he attended an Islamic conference in 2008, current and former counterterrorism officials told the AP. Another person with knowledge of the case said Abdulmutallab also considered Chicago but was discouraged by the cost. All spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case.

While the target and timing were unimportant, the mission itself was a highly organized plot that involved one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists and al-Qaida’s go-to bomb maker, current and former officials said. Before Abdulmutallab set off on his mission, he visited the home of al-Qaida manager Fahd al-Quso to discuss the plot and the workings of the bomb.

Last October, the Yemeni branch took responsibility for an attempt to blow up U.S.-bound cargo planes using homemade package bombs.  After Abdulmutallab was arrested, suspicions swirled that terrorists specifically picked Christmas Day for the mission and chose to attack Detroit because it was the heart of the American auto industry.  Although the target and timing were unimportant, the mission was highly organized and involved Al Qaeda’s go-to bomb maker and one of the FBI’s most-wanted terrorists, Fahd al-Quso, The AP reported.
Abdulmutallab, 24, is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiring to kill nearly 300 people aboard the Northwest Airlines flight. After the bust, he admitted to the FBI that he intended to blow up the plane. He’s in a Michigan federal prison awaiting trial.

If I lived in Detroit, I think I’d be insulted by this. OTOH, if I lived in Detroit I would have moved long ago.


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the true story of how the internet began

You might have thought that you knew how the internet started, but here’s the TRUE
story ...


In ancient Israel, it came to pass that a trader by the name of Abraham Com did take
unto himself a young wife by the name of Dot.


And Dot Com was a comely woman, broad of shoulder and long of leg.  Indeed, she was often called Amazon Dot Com

And she said unto Abraham:  “Why dost thou travel so far from town with thy goods
when thou canst trade without ever leaving thy tent?”

And Abraham did look at her, as though she were several saddle bags short of a camel load, but simply said:  “How dear?”

And Dot replied:  “I will place drums in all the towns and drums in between to send messages saying what you have for sale, and they will reply telling you who hath the best price.  And the sale can be made on the drums and delivery made by Uriah’s Pony Stable (UPS).”

But to prevent neighboring countries overhearing what the drums were saying, Dot did devise a system only she and the drummers knew called Must Send Drum Over Sound (MSDOS), and in a language to transmit ideas and pictures - -
Hebrew To The People (HTTP).

But all this did arouse envy.  A man named Maccabia did secrete himself inside
Abraham’s drum and siphoned off some of Abraham’s business.  But he was arrested for insider trading.

And the young men did take to Dot Com’s trading as doth the greedy horsefly take to
camel dung.  They were called Nomadic Ecclesiatical Rich Dominican Sybarites, or

And lo, the land was so feverish with joy at the new riches that no one noticed that the
real riches were going to that enterprising drum dealer, Brother William of Gates, who bought out every drum maker in the land.  And indeed did insist on drums that would only work with brother Gates’ drumsticks.

And Dot did say:  “Oh Abraham, what we have started is being taken over by others.”
And Abraham looked out over the Bay of Ezekiel, or eBay as it was known, and said: 
“We need a name that reflects what we are.” And Dot replied:  Young Ambitious Hebrew Owner Operators.” ’YAHOO,’ said Abraham.

Abraham’s cousin, Joshua, a Gregarous Energetic Educated Kid (GEEK), did use Dot’s drums to locate things around the countryside.  It became known as God’s Own Official Guide to Locating Everything (GOOGLE).

And that’s how it all began.

Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, England

H/T Brian Wells and The Daily Mail


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cryptic headlines

I’m on all sorts of news mailing lists here at BMEWS, to try to stay on top of the many things going on around us. Sometimes I get mail with a subject line that makes almost no sense. This one is an example. I read it and said “What on earth? Or maybe not on earth at all?” It sounds like some kind of futuristic genetic modeling attempt by NASA to populate one of the Jovian moons, right? Like the ones that are all water, with just ice at the surface? How far has this cloning and genetic stuff progressed when I wasn’t looking?

Mermaid Pods Chosen For Europa 2


What the headline made me envision

Wrong. Nope, that’s not it at all. This is one of those technology posts, and there are no pictures of pretty girls in it anywhere. So only peak below the fold if you’re interested. I’m interested, because, hey, how often do you ever hear about mermaid pods? What the heck are mermaid pods anyway?

See More Below The Fold


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aid to africa has been money wasted.  who’d have guessed that?

This fellow isn’t the most popular man in the UK I confess.  Only know what I hear ppl say about him. The wife tells me he is referred to as The Prince of Darkness.
However .... being of the left doesn’t mean he has always been wrong. At least he has this right.

The question is .... why has it taken so long for someone associated with the left, to say what most already know and have known for years and years.

No need to post the entire article. It caught my eye and thought I’d share this huge surprise for all conservatives, who will I know be shocked by the news.

Africa aid has been wasted and created army of beggars, says Mandelson


Most of the aid sent to Africa in the past half century has been wasted and has turned the region’s countries into ‘professional beggars’, according to Peter Mandelson.

The former Cabinet minister gave one of the harshest assessments yet of successive governments’ aid policies, warning that Britain had failed to help African economies grow.

Lord Mandelson, a former business secretary, insisted that the money should have been poured into trade rather than handouts.

The Labour peer told The Times Summit on Africa in London: ‘Most of the aid we have sent to Africa over the last five decades has probably, in the main, been wasted as far as growth is concerned.

‘I’m not anti-aid, but if you ask me where I would put my money, it would go on trade rather than aid as a key to African economic development.’

His extraordinary intervention comes as many on the Tory backbenches are questioning the wisdom of the Coalition’s policy to ringfence overseas aid while making cutbacks elsewhere.



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calendar   Wednesday - March 23, 2011

a past eye candy and what a memory.

Suddenly having a spot of trouble posting, and I must get this in before Drew beats me to it. 

hurry - hurry

I was that cheeky tennis girl says 52-year-old mother of three

By Nick Mcdermott

Aged 52 and married to a wealthy businessman, she has no regrets about her moment in the spotlight – even though she has never earned a penny from it.

She is not even a tennis fan, confessing to never liking the game.

Mrs Walker was an 18-year-old art student called Fiona Butler when she agreed to pose for her then boyfriend, an ambitious young photographer called Martin Elliott.

With a borrowed sports dress and racket and wearing her father’s white plimsolls (and of course very little else) she and Elliott created one of the most iconic images of the 1970s.

The shot was taken at the now defunct Birmingham University courts at Edgbaston on a hazy September afternoon in 1976. Chewed tennis balls belonging to her dog were scattered across the court.

Elliott went on to sell the image rights to Athena but retained the copyright, earning him an estimated £250,000 in royalty payments. Two million copies were sold worldwide.

Now a mother of three, who works as an illustrator, Mrs Walker is philosophical about not being paid for her part, saying she remains ‘incredibly proud’ of her pose.

‘I am the worst person ever when it comes to money. To be honest, it didn’t bother me at the time, and once it became successful the time had passed,’ she said.

‘My mother has a very faded copy in what used to be my father’s study. I just have it in the form of a very small postcard.

‘I think it’s the light that makes it so appealing. It never ceases to make me smile when I see it. My children have told their friends that I was the girl in the poster, but most people don’t believe it.

‘I’ve never gone out of my way to court attention, and have declined being photographed publicly since then, because I am quite a private person.’

So what made her decide it was time to reveal herself now? Mrs Walker is helping to promote an exhibition on lawn tennis as a subject in art, which will be held at Birmingham’s Barber Institute of Fine Arts this summer. She believes her picture has earned ‘a place in the history of tennis’.

Elliott, who died last year at 63, would have been thrilled at the legacy. She said: ‘I think Martin would be very proud of the fact that his picture is in the exhibition.’



See More Below The Fold


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daily mail declares fighter ace with no dogfight.

Oh come on. Here we go again. Due to a lack of fighting ability by the bad guys on the same level, and no great Dunkirk like news to share with the readers on the home front, the Mail here names the lady an ace. Well that was easy. Cheapens it’s meaning but hey ... anyone care?

At least we can report it wasn’t her doing, just the Mails clumsy attempt at war like news.
However ... I do believe the lady is a redhead.  Looks that way from what I can see. Slightly bigger pix at link.

Our ace in the pack: Lone British female Typhoon pilot takes to skies to keep up the pressure on Colonel Gaddafi


They say there are no prima donnas among the RAF’s Typhoon Top Guns.

But there is one who is arguably a lot better looking than the rest.

Her hair blowing back in the airfield breeze, this is Britain’s first woman Typhoon pilot, Flight Lieutenant Helen Seymour, about to take off on her debut combat mission.


Moments later, having adjusted her helmet and checked the controls in the cockpit, the 31-year-old screeched off the runway with two other fighter pilots to patrol the skies above Libya.

The Mail revealed yesterday how she is one of ten Typhoon pilots stationed at the RAF’s advanced post in Southern Italy from where they can reach the North African country within ten minutes.

Costing £125million, it travels at 1,550mph and can climb to 40,000ft within two minutes.

Flight Lieutenant Seymour and her colleagues are prepared to shoot down any of Gaddafi’s forces that breach the no-fly zone. Last night, she returned after a successful seven-hour mission.

As her canopy opened, she stood in the cockpit and raised her hand to salute fellow pilots on the operation.

A source at the airbase said: ‘She didn’t seem nervous about her first combat mission. Like all the pilots here, she is just completely focused on her job.’

Four Tornado fighters also roared off the runway of the Gioia del Colle airbase near Bari yesterday as British jets continued to put pressure on Gaddafi.

The continuing sorties came as the Tornado pilot who fired the first British missiles on Gaddafi’s airfields described the moment he ‘punched a hole’ in the tyrant’s defences.

Wing Commander Andy Turk, 39, was one of four pilots who took part in the long distance raid from the UK.


Costing £125million, it travels at 1,550mph and can climb to 40,000ft within two minutes.
Flight Lieutenant Seymour and her colleagues are prepared to shoot down any of Gaddafi’s forces that breach the no-fly zone. Last night, she returned after a successful seven-hour mission.

Yeah well, that’s assuming they can find any of his planes.  And whats with this “ACE” bombast. That word again. It fits. Don’t you have to have been in X number of dogfights and had X number of kills to qualify as an “ACE?” I guess not in this new pc world where up is down.



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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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