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Anger as word ‘marriage’ vanishes from birth statistics. You may now thank the left.

Eight years ago Labour ministers ordered that the word ‘marriage’ should no longer be used on official documents because they said it led to discrimination against gays

That people, is how far the former left wing govt. brought things to pass.

Anger as word ‘marriage’ vanishes from birth statistics


Married couples have disappeared from official family records for the first time.
In a further blow to the status of marriage, records of the number of women who become pregnant will no longer show how many were or were not married.
Instead, Government statisticians will publish the number of mothers-to-be who were in ‘a legal partnership’ at the time they conceived – which will include both marriages and women in civil partnerships.

Eight years ago Labour ministers ordered that the word ‘marriage’ should no longer be used on official documents because they said it led to discrimination against gays.

However, there has been a growing chorus of complaints that the censorship of the word will warp official records and erase the evidence which shows that married couples and their children live healthier and happier lives.

The Office for National Statistics’ new figures show that there were 896,300 conceptions in England and Wales in 2009.

But, rather than referring to numbers inside and outside marriage, they only show that 57 per cent of pregnancies began ‘outside a legal partnership’.
The disappearance of marriage statistics has come despite a plea from Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

In a major speech earlier this month, Mr Duncan Smith said: ‘I have asked my department to ensure references to marriage are included on relevant forms and research in the future.’



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15-year-old girl was tricked into flying to Pakistan then forced to marry a 31-year-old man .

At least it didn’t end in her death. And it is not about religion either.  But it is about a sub culture.
Article didn’t say how she even knew where in the city she was held, that the Brit. High Commission was.While this story came across here only a few hours ago, there have been many like it over the last few years.

Teenager battered for refusing arranged marriage after father sold her as £10,000 bride

Last updated at 3:08 PM on 23rd February 2011

A brave teenager has spoken for the first time of the harrowing ordeal of being beaten up in an arranged marriage after her father tried to sell her for £10,000.
The 15-year-old girl was tricked into flying to Pakistan then forced to marry a 31-year-old man so he could get a British passport.

She has described how she feared she would die after being hit, scarred with broken glass and locked up for refusing to get married.
Her harrowing story has been revealed as part of BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat investigation into forced marriages.

The girl, who would not be named, said: ‘It was just about the money. He was literally selling me and my nationality so I could bring the person back.
‘In pounds, it would have been about £10,000.

‘He whacked me across the face, then I started rebelling more, saying ‘’no’’.
Then he got a glass and scarred my arms. He had somebody holding me from behind and he got a glass and was cutting very deep.
‘I thought he might kill me. I thought I was going to die.’
The beatings started when the young girl refused to get married. She was then locked up without food or water.

Fortunately she summoned her strength and escaped to the British High Commission in Pakistan. She then returned home and was reunited with her worried mother.
Figures obtained by Newsbeat show that her ordeal is one of many suffered by an estimated 1,735 potential forced marriages involving British citizens in 2010.
It is believed that a third of the girls in arranged marriages are under 18. Newsbeat claims that the youngest was just 13.
Campaigners against forced marriages have now called for more awareness of the problem which is largely confined to Asian communities.
Jeremy Browne, the minister in joint charge of the forced marriage unit, said: ‘We think it’s a genuine priority, we want to help people.’



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We Need Better Laws

Almaleki found guilty of “Honor Killing” daughter Noor Faleh

He ran her over on purpose in a planned attack. Conviction was for Second Degree. WTF??

The father of a 20-year-old woman from Iraq, run over because she allegedly had become “too Westernized”, was convicted Tuesday of second-degree murder.

The Maricopa County (Arizona) Superior Court jury convicted Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 50, in the 2009 death of Noor Faleh Almaleki.

It also found him guilty of aggravated assault, for causing serious injuries to Amal Edan Khalaf, the mother of Noor’s fiance, and two counts of leaving the scene.

Almaleki, an Iraqi immigrant, was acquitted of more serious first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder charges.

He could receive up to 22 years in prison on the murder charge alone. Sentencing testimony begins Wednesday.

Noor Faleh Almaleki died in November 2009 at an Arizona hospital, nearly two weeks after being run over by a Jeep in a parking lot in the Phoenix suburb of Peoria, authorities said.

There is something wrong with our laws when premeditated murder is not murder in the first degree. He planned it, he stalked her, he ran her down with a car and almost killed her companion as well. All because of his own failure to assimilate. So he gets jail? 22 years, out in 10 for good behavior? No. Pluck out his eyes, saw off his face, impale him, and burn him at the stake. That would be the Iraqi way, and since he couldn’t come to grips with being an American, he should be punished the “old country” way.


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Wisconsin - an excellent analysis

James Taranto hits the nail on the head in The Means of Coercion over at the WSJ. Read it!

To make sense of what’s going on in Wisconsin, it helps to understand that the left in America lives in an ideological fantasy world. The dispute between the state government and the unions representing its employees is “about power,” Paul Krugman of the New York Times observes accurately, before going off the rails:

What [Gov. Scott] Walker and his backers are trying to do is to make Wisconsin--and eventually, America--less of a functioning democracy and more of a third-world-style oligarchy. And that’s why anyone who believes that we need some counterweight to the political power of big money should be on the demonstrators’ side.

In any case, it seems to have escaped Krugman’s and Drum’s notice that the Wisconsin dispute has nothing to do with corporations. The unions’ antagonist is the state government. “Industrial unions are organized against the might and greed of ownership,” writes Time’s Joe Klein, a liberal who understands the crucial distinction. “Public employees unions are organized against the might and greed . . . of the public?”

The “labor movement” in America has increasingly come to consist of people who work for government, not private companies. As the BLS notes, the union-participation rate for public-sector workers in 2010 was 36.2%, vs. just 6.9% for private-sector workers.

There is a fundamental difference between private- and public-sector workers. A private-sector labor dispute is a clear clash of competing interests, with management representing shareholders and unions representing workers. In the public sector, as George Will notes, taxpayers--whose position is analogous to that of shareholders--are usually denied a seat at the table
Collective bargaining in the public sector thus is less a negotiation than a conspiracy to steal money from taxpayers. The notion that this is “in the economic interests of the middle class” for government employees in Wisconsin and elsewhere to get above-market wages and extremely lavish benefits is just laughable.

There is lots more at the link, but that bolded line is the real gist of it.

It’s quite striking the way almost every lie the left ever told about the Tea Party has turned out to be true of the government unionists in Wisconsin and their supporters

UPDATE: ... and if you think that’s messed up, give this one a read: Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature are crying that they can’t get bills passed because they don’t have a quorum because the Democrats are hiding out in Illinois ( they’re probably at the party for Rahmn Emanuel’s unexpected victory in the Chicago Mayor’s race ) BUT those same Dems are listening in on conference calls and voting on stuff by fax and telephone! And phone voting has been OK in that state for years! So, “quorum” doesn’t have much meaning does it? Too bad these folks didn’t update their definitions when they allowed this slack-ass approach to governing.

Can I venture an opinion on that one? Just say NO to phone voting. Being in the statehouse is your job. Do it. Maybe you have to lodge your vote in advance if you’ll be out of town, but that’s it. Hey, I’m all for balance: for regular citizens, unless you’re in the military, a nursing home, or a hospital, I’m not in favor of absentee ballots either. Get your ass to the polls and vote. Not that I have anything against secure polls being open for 3 weeks prior to Election Day Vote Counting Day. The population is simply too big these days to pack everyone in to the polling stations in one day without appointments. And the cost of creating tens of thousands of new polling stations would be prohibitive. So let people vote for extended times, but make them make the effort to do so physically. It’s their quorum, and it’s their civic duty to attend.


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calendar   Tuesday - February 22, 2011

one of the marvelous benefits of a welfare state or, just another form of squatting

Do any of you folks here blame this young woman?
Think about it.
She’s been raised in a culture that encourages her standards. Or lack of them.  The examples she has grown up with, are the norm. Not the abnormal.
Does she understand right from wrong?  I would bet she does. However,
She’s been taught that it doesn’t matter much and life is all about good looks and taking what people seem happy to give. And naturally, she’s happy to take.
Poor girl. Unless she lands some hopeless wealthy older guy to marry and then divorce taking half his money, once whatever looks she has are gone, she’ll be up the creek without anything to row,row,row her boat with, miserably down the stream.

And … I don’t think she’s all that great looking. Others of course will differ.

‘I walked out of jobs because I had to get up too early or I got bored’

Last updated at 5:32 PM on 22nd February 2011

Most of us would quite like to live a lifestyle where we never had to work, but could spend all our days shopping, getting beauty treatments and watching TV.
Kaycie Yates has that dream routine - all thanks to handouts from her mum, and benefits of around £800 a month.


The 20-year-old WAG wannabe, whose friends call her ‘the Cheryl Cole of Reading,’ lives in a luxury £240,000 flat but has barely worked since leaving school at 16.

‘I’m not a scrounger,’ Kaycie, who has so far walked out of 11 jobs, claims. ‘But the government’s making it easy for me to claim benefits and my mum loves spoiling me.
‘I’d like a job, but it’s hard to find something I enjoy that will pay for the life I want to live.’

Her dedication to job hunting is quickly put into doubt when the shopaholic explains her employment history.
She worked for a recruitment company soon after leaving school. But when the company collapsed a year later, Kaycie struggled to settle into another career.
‘I’ve tried working in shops but I walked out of four or five jobs because I had to get up too early or I got bored,’ says Kaycie - not evoking much sympathy.
‘I want a job, but part time would be better so I can keep my benefits,’ she continues.
‘I don’t look in the job centre because the jobs are boring.’

The aspiring model lived with a boyfriend for a while, but when the relationship ended moved into her own flat where her mum, an administrator, helps her pay the rent.
Kaycie gets around £800 from the state every month which includes housing benefit, council tax benefits and Job Seekers’ Allowance.
Her mother tops this income up with an extra £1,200 a month from her own savings.

The beauty treatment addict spends £750 a month on rent, and the extra £1,250 on make-up, clothes, hair extensions and nights out.
In between, she fills her days sleeping late and watching The Jeremy Kyle Show with her pet Chihuahua, Princess.

‘Everyone deserves to have nice things, including me,’ says Kaycie who does most of her shopping at Karen Millen and DKNY.

She admits to feeling a little guilty for taking taxpayers’ money, but argues that it’s the governments’ fault, not her’s.

‘I’m stuck in a benefits cycle. If I got a full-time job I’d be working 50 hours just to pay my bills,’ Kaycie says - either betraying a weakness in maths, or excessive use of electricity, water and gas.

‘I do worry about Mum making sacrifices for me,’ the fashion victim says charitably.

‘She does go without things like getting her nails done and having her car serviced to make sure I have things. I was spoilt growing up - If I wanted it, I got it.’
It sounds like very little has changed.



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Moron Wisconsin


No, I don’t believe in unions. Thanks for asking. And the unions that I don’t believe in the most are the ones that “represent” government workers. Excuse me, you buncha tax leeches, but you work for us. All of you. Work. For all of us. And we’re a much bigger union than you are.

Hey Wisconsin: Fire them all and hire new teachers across the board, from the ranks of your state unemployed. Find anyone with a college degree and give them a 60 day course in teaching. Take the top 70% of those people and put them them to work. At half the current average pay. And a 5 year open ended contract, with performance analysis caveats. Which means the new teachers get canned if they don’t do a good job, but if they do do a good job you can negotiate to keep them after the 5 years is up. For the newly hired, it means a guarantee of 5 years of work, if they don’t mess up. What more can you ask in this economy? Raises and benes? Sure, give them family health coverage for which they contribute $200/mo. 5 tier review after 90 days, 6 months, 1 year, and each year after. 5-3-1-0% raise at annual marks. 10-7-4-2% raise at 6 month mark*.

* for those of you fortunate enough to have never been exposed to the corporate practice of “quartiling” or “quintiling”, it’s a performance review where you get rated into one of several slots along a Bell curve. The biggest raises go to the best performing people. The lowest quintile or quartile? They get fired if they’re still in that category in 90 days. The folks in the “you almost suck” category get nothing for a raise, but they still have a job. You’d want to do a new version of this horror, because the usual corporate one has massive latent history. Which means that once you’re “3rd quartile” once you’re 3rd quartile forever, no matter what. So it sucks.

In theory, a top notch unemployed person under my plan could come in, become a teacher, start out at 50% current average pay ($53,000 IIRC that current ave is $106K), go to $58,300 at 6 mo, $61215 at 1 yr, $64275 yr 2, $67489 yr 3, $70864 yr 4, and $74407 yr 5. And they’d have 5 solid years being an ace teacher at that point, which should be a very good bargaining position. And the state would have saved nearly $200,000 on that one salary in the 5 year period compared to the current union pay average. Plus the health benefit contribution of $12,000 the employee made during that time. You would have to design in a top level where the pay flatlines though. No 3rd grade teacher job on the planet is worth more than ... say $85,000. And I think that’s rather generous.


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english homes are certainly not their castles and squatters win for now, with taxpayer monies

This isn’t a surprise but it is pretty damn maddening not to mention upside down freekin stupid.
What surprises me more then anything in the years I have been here and read about this kind of thing, is that so far as I am aware, not one home owner has found a gun and gone after these opportunistic foreign mother ******s.  Not a one. Zero.
I don’t know how they do it and survive. I mean the home owners.  It would surely drive me to the very logical conclusion, that I’d have to kill the intruders if it was at all possible. I’d leave none alive to sue and take my chances as they come.

This is the result of liberalism in it’s extreme. Human rights in its extreme, and a country that refuses to protect itself from these abuses.
How do ppl come to this pass?  Is this sort of thing embedded in English history?  Is it part of their culture? What?  I don’t understand.
You own the property. You pay taxes (presumably) and support law and order, you think.  But the cops who might like to help cos they too understand how unfair and stupid it is, are themselves tied to a law of some kind that allows this bullshit.

If a country tolerates this kind of thing then the citizens have to expect more of the same because unless it’s fought it only encourages others.
And to think .... these freeloading bastards are in property they have no right to, and remain there for now with the compliments of;

THE ENGLISH TAXPAYER, which of course includes the taxpaying owner of the property.

Here ... take a look. Again.

Foreign squatters given legal aid to fight eviction from £1million house… as its British owner has to represent himself in court


Squatters who broke into and occupied a £1million house have been given hundreds of pounds of taxpayers’ money in legal aid to fight eviction.

The intruders from France, Spain and Poland have been living in the three-storey five-bedroom townhouse for a month.

Meanwhile, owner John Hamilton-Brown has been forced to rent a two-bedroom flat for his family while he battles to get the gang out of the house.
Neighbours said the property had just been sold when the 12 squatters broke in during the early hours of the morning after a window was forced open.
Since then there has been more damage and endless parties – several of which have culminated in the police being called.

Yesterday, some of the squatters danced, waved flags, sang and played the guitar outside the property. They also bragged about how easy Britain’s laws were in allowing them to take over homes.

A French man who called himself Jean-Claude, said: ‘I came to England seven years ago because this is where the love is.
‘We will speak to other people from all over the world to come here and live because it is so easy. Why can’t we live anywhere we want?’

A French girl with blonde dreadlocked hair added: ‘I love it here. We move around where we want and share our love. You should see the views in there – it’s amazing.’

Mr Hamilton-Brown, 36, applied to the county court last week to seek an interim possession order to enable him to claim the house back.
He did not hire a solicitor because of the expense.

But when he arrived at Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court, in East London, he was amazed to find that two of the squatters had been granted legal aid and were represented by a duty solicitor.

Because they were EU citizens and unemployed, they qualified for free legal representation.
Mr Hamilton-Brown had already been to the court four times since his home was invaded on January 21

At Thursday’s hearing, he was not granted the interim order that would have let him remove the squatters within 24 hours because of a legal technicality.
He was granted a possession order – meaning he will now have to wait up to six weeks for a warrant that will allow bailiffs to remove them.

‘I was horrified they were given legal representation,’ Mr Hamilton-Brown said. ‘As I work and pay taxes, I’m at a disadvantage.
‘I’ve saved up for ten years to move into this house and this is what I get. It’s remarkable that they can get away with this.’

Mr Hamilton-Brown, a married father of two young daughters who is a director of a financial services company, added that neighbours had indicated that a lot of damage had been done to the property.

The house in Archway, North London, is near the homes of actress Patsy Kensit and comedian Rob Brydon.

A legal notice put in the front window by the squatters states that anybody who enters without their permission could face six months in jail and a £5,000 fine.
A neighbour said: ‘They have more rights than we do.

‘They know what they’re doing on the legal side of things as they’ve been in houses before in the area.’

a legal technicality?  what kind of technicality? the property is his. oh yeah? says who? not this totally miserable fucked up legal system.

squatter source


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has american industry sunk to the depths that we’re hostage to home grown jerks and foreigners

Knowing how touchy/feely our BMEWS ppl are and how sad the story, I thought I should warn our friends to have the hankies handy. Sob.

What a load of rubbish this is. It just gets the blood boiling to know that foreign interests in our internal affairs and how we deal with crime and punishment (and too often lack of the p-part) can throw a wrench into our machinery.
But the very worst part of this whole damned thing is, I’m left asking a question.

Have we become so dumb in the USA that we can not manufacture this stuff ourselves?  What the hell is happening to us? What, damn it?

The Daily Mail, which is not I know you won’t believe, a liberal paper, is talking about the “grisly end” to rapists/killers and miserable excuses for human beings.
How about the grisly end of their victims? Oh right. Since they’re already dead they don’t count anymore. Just the living filthy fuckin trash as represented by these examples.

the case would halt executions in Georgia and many other states. U.S. ‘execution protocols’ say the anaesthetic, sodium thiopental, must be administered first in lethal injections to render the prisoner fully unconscious.
There are no U.S. firms currently able to supply thiopental.


I don’t care if the scum are buried alive in this case and many like it.  Did they make the end of life humane for their victims?  And I do not for one minute buy the BS that we MUST treat these vermin well or we become like them. That’s BS too.

Jeeze I get so damn angry sometimes. And these days all the time it seems.

Professor Sheri Johnson, of Cornell University law school, a member of Hammond’s legal team,

Maybe if we’re lucky, Ms fuckin Johnson of Cornell Univ. will become a victim of worse and hopefully survive just to see her attacker(s) well defended by ppl like her. Then the bitch can die and I’d celebrate. The same for the idiot pen-pal broad who brought warmth to a cold blooded killer. But first …. eliminate with extreme prejudice Reprieve and others like them, using the very same methods as used by the criminals they want to save. Lets see how they’d like that.
Trouble is, nobody has the ability or the know how or the organization to bring that about.  Wait, the govt. does but won’t use them to protect America in quite that way. What a shame.  Our country is under assault not just by islamic animals, which is severe and bad enough all by itself. We’re under assault by, us.
And we are also being assaulted in a manner of speaking, by libtard foreign politicians with the authority to impose their weak kneed, hand wringing standards on what passes for a justice system in our own damn country. What’s with that? 

Prisoners’ agony in botched executions with British drug


Two American prisoners died in agony in botched lethal injections after being given allegedly defective anaesthetic supplied by a British drug company.
The grisly details of the deaths of murderers Emmanuel Hammond, executed by the state of Georgia last month, and Brandon Rhode, put to death there last September, will form the basis of a High Court action to be launched on Tuesday.

Both kept their eyes open when they should have been in a coma and Hammond grimaced in pain.

The legal action, brought by the campaign group Reprieve on behalf of the Rhode family, aims to force the British pharmaceutical regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), to recall all the anaesthetic supplied for executions by Dream Pharma, a tiny company located in West London.

If successful, the case would halt executions in Georgia and many other states. U.S. ‘execution protocols’ say the anaesthetic, sodium thiopental, must be administered first in lethal injections to render the prisoner fully unconscious.
Then he or she is given pancuronium bromide, a muscle relaxant that makes it impossible to breathe, and potassium chloride, a caustic chemical that stops the heart.
There are no U.S. firms currently able to supply thiopental. Dream Pharma’s consignments, sent last summer to states including Georgia, California, Arkansas and Arizona, were the last from Britain before Business Secretary Vince Cable imposed a ban in December on exporting drugs for executions.

The Mail on Sunday interviewed three witnesses to the most recent botched execution, that of Hammond, 45, who raped and murdered a teacher, Julie Love, in 1988. All said that he remained conscious as he was put to death on January 24.

Professor Sheri Johnson, of Cornell University law school, a member of Hammond’s legal team, said she stared at him throughout as she knew the previous prisoner to be executed using the Dream Pharma thiopental – Rhode – had kept his eyes open throughout and had not lost consciousness.

Prof Johnson said: ‘He closed his eyes perhaps ten seconds after the drugs started. But then, some time later, he opened them again. Perhaps one or two minutes after that, his mouth screwed up to one side. It looked painful, as if it could be a grimace of pain.’

Reporter Josh Green also said Hammond first closed and then reopened his eyes some time after receiving the thiopental. Later, he wrote, he observed Hammond give out ‘short bursts of breath that lifted his lips’.

Jill Rand, a Florida nurse who became Hammond’s penfriend, said that she too saw him move his lips.
Several witnesses also said Rhode, 31 – who murdered three members of the same family in 2000 – kept his eyes open throughout.

Maya Foa, an investigator at Reprieve, said: ‘If it’s not recalled, more prisoners are likely to die in agony.’
Georgia’s next scheduled execution is on March 1.

Ms Foa said Reprieve was also taking statements from witnesses to a third ‘botched’ execution – Jeffrey Landrigan, 50, in Arizona in October.
Dream Pharma last night failed to respond to requests for comment.
An MHRA spokeswoman said it could not comment on the pending legal action.



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The Next Domino To Fall

Gaddafi will fight to the end

Bodies litter the streets of Tripoli

Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, has vowed to fight on and die a “martyr”, calling on his supporters to take back the streets from protesters demanding his ouster, shouting and pounding his fist in a furious speech on state TV.

Gaddafi, clad in brown robes and turban, spoke on Tuesday from a podium set up in the entrance of a bombed-out building that appeared to be his Tripoli residence hit by US air raids in the 1980s and left unrepaired as a monument of defiance.

“I am a fighter, a revolutionary from tents ... I will die as a martyr at the end,” he said.

“Muammar Gaddafi is the leader of the revolution, I am not a president to step down ... This is my country. Muammar is not a president to leave his post.”

“I have not yet ordered the use of force, not yet ordered one bullet to be fired ... when I do, everything will burn.”

He called on supporters to take to the streets to attack protesters. “You men and women who love Gaddafi ...get out of your homes and fill the streets,” he said. “Leave your homes and attack them in their lairs ... Starting tomorrow the cordons will be lifted, go out and fight them.”

Earlier, witnesses streaming across the Libyan border into Egypt said Gaddafi was using tanks, warplanes and mercenaries in an effort to stamp out the growing rebellion.

In the eastern city of Tobruk, a Reuters correspondent there said sporadic blasts could be heard, the latest sign that Gaddafi’s grip on the oil and gas exporting nation was weakening.

All the eastern regions are out of Gaddafi’s control now ... The people and the army are hand-in-hand here,” said the now former army major Hany Saad Marjaa.

The bodies of protesters shot to death by forces loyal to Muammar al-Qaddafi were left on the streets of a restive district in the Libyan capital Tuesday, an opposition activist and a resident said, while the longtime leader defiantly went on state TV to show he was still in charge.

The eruption of turmoil in the capital after a week of protests and bloody clashes in Libya’s eastern cities has sharply escalated the challenge to Qaddafi. His security forces have unleashed the bloodiest crackdown of any Arab country against the wave of protests sweeping the region, which toppled leaders of Egypt and Tunisia.

World leaders also have expressed outrage. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called on Qaddafi to “stop this unacceptable bloodshed” and said the world was watching the events “with alarm.”

Mohammed Ali of the Libyan Salvation Front and a Tripoli resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, said scores of bodies had been left on the streets in Fashloum after the pro-Qaddafi gunmen opened fire the night before. Ali, reached in Dubai, and the resident said the gunmen shot at ambulances and some protesters were left bleeding to death.

Meanwhile, over in Yemen:

Anti-government protesters in Yemen have resumed demonstrations to try to force Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president, to quit, burning a car belonging to his supporters in the capital Sanaa, reports say.

Tuesday’s protests broke out a day after a teenager was killed and four people wounded in a clash with soldiers in the country’s southern port of Aden, according to witnesses.

Demonstrators, inspired by revolts in Tunisia and Egypt that have forced long-serving presidents out of power, have been protesting for 12 days against the rule of Saleh, in power since 1978.

But mounting pressure has so far yielded little result as Saleh insists he will only step down after national elections are held in 2013.

He said protesters demanding an end to his rule could not achieve their goal through “anarchy and killing”.



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All 4 American hostages murdered by pirates

In some sort of odd falling out amongst thieves, Somali pirates fired on a trailing American warship in the middle of the night and then gunned down the 4 Americans aboard their 58’ sailboat that the Somali pirates had hijacked a few days before.

Navy responded, captured all the pirates. Found 2 dead pirates on the boat. Shot and killed one in the process and gutted another one with a knife. 15 or more pirates arrested.

I don’t know what Obama is going to do, but I sure can figure out what Ronald Reagen and Teddy Roosevelt would have done.

Four American hostages on board a yacht hijacked by pirates last week were killed by their captors Tuesday, U.S. Central Command said in a statement.

The vessel, named the Quest, was being shadowed by the military [USS Sterret] after being captured by pirates off the coast of Oman on Friday. Officials had said earlier Tuesday it was less than two days from the Somali coast.

Ship owners Jean and Scott Adam and Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle were found shot by U.S. forces who boarded the vessel about 1 a.m. ET, officials said.

The forces responded after a rocket-propelled grenade was fired at a U.S. Navy ship about 600 yards away—and missed—and the sound of gunfire could be heard on board the Quest, U.S. Navy Adm. Mark Fox told reporters.

“Despite immediate steps to provide life-saving care, all four hostages ultimately died of their wounds,” U.S. Central Command said.

The incident took place as negotiations involving the FBI were underway for the hostages’ release, Fox said. Two pirates had boarded a U.S. Navy ship on Monday for the negotiations, he said. He told reporters he had no information on details of the negotiations or whether a ransom had been offered.

Two pirates were found dead on board the Quest, he said. In the process of clearing the vessel, U.S. forces killed two others, one with a knife, Fox said. Thirteen others were captured and detained along with the other two already on board the U.S. Navy ship. A total of 19 pirates were involved, he said.

The Americans were sailing the world on a Christian mission to distribute bibles when they were ambushed last week by pirates in dangerous waters nearly 300 miles off the Somali coast. On board the yacht were Jean and Scot Adam from California and Phyllis MacKay and Bob Riggle from Washington state.
It was only after the gunfire was detected, according to the military official, that point US special ops forces boarded the Quest and engaged the pirates. Until weapons were fired at the Quest , US forces did not assault the yacht, according to the official.

“As [U.S. Forces] responded to the gunfire, reaching and boarding the Quest, the forces discovered all four hostages had been shot by their captors. Despite immediate steps to provide life-saving care, all four hostages ultimately died of their wounds,” according to a statement released by U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida.

The last time pirates targeted an American vessel - the Maersk Alabama in 2009 - the heist ended with all but one of the pirates killed by US navy sharp-shooters.

“They think they are Americans, they must be rich and able to pay whatever ransom is demanded. However, I think these pirates have made a grave mistake,” said Steve Ganyard, former deputy assistant secretary of state, ABC News consultant [speaking earlier]. “I think in this case they pushed the United States government just too far, and I think there will be a drama that will play out in the days to come.”


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Well that ate up 2 hours.

I read the latest comments this morning and saw GW’s (aka WolfHowling) mention that he’d put his jalapeno/serrano chili recipe online. So I went and read it. I just might have to give this one a try. And then I made the mistake of reading his ginger beer post.

I have never tried fermenting anything. Except for bread, I don’t mess about with yeast at all. But I love ginger beer; it has double or even triple the ginger zing that ginger ale has. The stuff I can find is really just strong soda. No alcohol in it at all.

A quick Google or three sent me to links that said that ginger beer once was made with as much as 11% alcohol. That’s right up there with wine. More links mentioned that plain old bread yeast can deliver 11-15%. A couple more lead me to some stuff called TurboYeast, and several similar variants that all promise 20%+ alcohol with less than a week’s fermenting. Other links to home brewing forums think this is some kind of heresy; that it will give lots of alcohol but generate a taste akin to gasoline. I could only find one page where somebody had actually tried making regular beer with this stuff, but never updated the post to say what it tasted like. Quite a large number of pages say to use proper kinds of brewer’s yeast, which come in a whole legion of varieties.

But all this business about home brewing quickly gets rather involved, what with obtaining carboys, the debate over plastic vs glass, concepts of “attenuation” and “locculation”, airlocks, specifc gravity, brix refractometers, and so forth. Brewing gets just as complicated, esoteric, and gear intensive as reloading ammunition, and can have nearly as high a potential for explosion if done wrong.

The thing about ginger beer, and the root of GW’s post, hur hur, is that it’s just about as natural a process as can be. So natural that it could almost have happened by accident. And of course, the natural approach lead me to Google up a whole slew of pages on making ginger beer using a “ginger bug” or “GBP” (ginger beer plant) instead of adding horrible icky actual yeast. A ginger beer plant is kind of like a sourdough starter; another page shows an exact breakdown of what winds up in one (several kinds of yeast and bacteria), and other pages show you how to make your own or who to beg one from. But the idea is always the same: the root of the fermentation is brought about by yeast and bacteria that’s already all around you. The GBP just concentrates them and makes them a bit portable.

Of course, there are plenty of pages that show you how to make ginger “beer” in a matter of a few hours, using the fermentation process merely to put some fizz in some ginger flavored sweetened water. These pages have no interest in actually brewing something with a kick, and all the comments at those pages are full of whingers crying about the yeasty taste. Duh. Leave the stuff along, let the yeast do it’s job - which is to turn sugar into alcohol and to contribute to Global Warming by creating lots of CO2 - and then strain the yeast out. I don’t quite see the point of going to the trouble of fermenting something just to get it fizzy. Ferment things to generate alcohol that tastes good. And is fizzy.

So I’m thinking of giving this a go. Actually, my first thoughts were based strongly on the “super, natural” concept: what would a ginger beer made from honey taste like, instead of using white sugar? Ancient man didn’t have refined cane sugar. And could you make the stuff strong enough to get quickly blasted on and still have it taste good? Imagine a 12 ounce glass of cold sparkling clear ginger soda that packs the same kick as chugging a whole bottle of wine. And costs very little to make. Granted that white sugar is much less costly than honey; I’m thinking down several lines of approach at once here. I could go so far as to buy a bubble lock and a PET plastic carboy if I got into it, but I’d want to start out small, on the order of a 2 liter bottle with a balloon on top, at first. I’m certain there’s a packet or two of bread yeast in the closet.

Well made and useful links on ginger beer:

Of course there’s a book to read, about the whole exciting world of natural fermentation, from ginger beer to kimchi, and the whole pro-biotic thing!


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calendar   Monday - February 21, 2011

they didn’t have enuff rights already so, special allowances for misbehaving pupils from gypsy homes

Last post ....

Leave ya with this insanity just so everyone knows all is normal in this pc - multiculture dumb assed world.

It’s them again.  Who?  Them!

Theyyyy’rrrre Baaaaaaaak.

GYPSIES in the news. New Rights too, apparently.

Schools told to go easy on disruptive gypsy children or face action under the Equality Act

By Gerri Peev

Schools have been told they have to make special allowances for misbehaving pupils from gypsy and traveller families

Teachers have been warned they could be taken to task under the Equality Act if they discipline or exclude such children from schools.

Cash-strapped schools are even told they should launch an ‘outreach’ programme with a dedicated member of staff to ‘build trust’ with traveller families.

Under Equality and Human Rights Commission guidance, teachers are told to be sympathetic to traveller parents because they struggle with ‘confidence’ issues and are put off attending school meetings to discuss their children’s behaviour.

A guidance note said: ‘In cases where parents co-operate with the headteacher and are shown to be committed to assisting the pupil to manage their behaviour, it is less likely that the pupil will face exclusion.

‘This procedure may indirectly discriminate against the gypsy and traveller pupil whose parents may be less likely to come to the school to speak with the headteacher.’

Tory MP Priti Patel criticised the special treatment. She said: ‘I have concerns with the Equalities and Human Rights Commission dictating to headteachers how to run their schools and burdening them with more bureaucracy.

‘There are times when schools do need to exclude pupils to protect the rights of others to learn and headteachers should not be put off making these decisions by the patronising diktats of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.’

She added: ‘The Commission’s recommendation on travellers only serves to reinforce stereotypes as well as showing that political correctness and the human rights agenda are being skewered further against common sense.’

Katharine Birbalsingh – who was fired as a deputy head after laying bare problems in the state school system – said: ‘The idea that certain groups should be protected from exclusion is nonsense.

more here


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Czech It Out

Credit Where Credit Is Due

I get all kinds of unusual emails here at BMEWS. A few weeks back I got a letter from this punk rock group in the Czech Republic. “We really like your graphic. Can we use it for our new album?” Sure, I replied, but most of the graphics at BMEWS are borrowed from somewhere else, so try and find the original owner and get their permission.

Today they write back again and send links, and point out that I got credit on the back of the CD cover. Awesome! BMEWS goes multinational! So I check out his link. And I find


This graphic started showing up about 3 years ago. But I didn’t draw it. The above punk band, Laxní Přístup ( which means LAX access ), does give credit on their album liner to “Angry Mobs”. So they’re trying. But the artist is actually one Peter Clarke, who also does photography. He has a page over at Deviant Art and drew “Angry Mob” almost 4 years ago to the day, as part of his collection of doodles called “Little People”.


I don’t have a clue what the guys in Laxní Přístup are singing about. They have a home page where you can download their album for free, including the graphics. Those are also up online, with the lyrics. So at least they aren’t making money off of Clarke’s creation ... though I have seen T-shirts for sale with variations of that image on them elsewhere. Their album, Kdo s Koho?, translates as Who was Who?. It’s pure punk, with a lean towards heavy metal. I like track 2 the best, Doba Temna, which translates as Time of Darkness. Several other songs show decent potential ... but I’m not really into post-millennial punk.


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On the run: Gaddafi flees Tripoli ! Up to 400 feared dead after dozens killed in overnight clashes

Personally, I hope they hang the bemedaled bastard.  I hope it’s true he’s out of power although who knows who could take his place.
I don’t know if we get this news before you do or not, due to time diff.

On the run: Gaddafi flees Tripoli as protesters set the Libyan parliament building alight and crowds celebrate victory in Benghazi

Last updated at 4:35 PM on 21st February 2011

Protesters appear to have taken control of second city Benghazi

Up to 400 feared dead after dozens killed in overnight clashes

Justice minister resigns over ‘excessive use of violence’

Mystery as two Libyan fighter jets land in Malta

David Cameron declares regime response is ‘appalling and unacceptable’

Gaddafi’s son says: ‘We will fight to the last minute, until the last bullet’

UN warns that British Government could be guilty of ‘complicity’ in killings (WTF?) huh? Are they nuts? Question is of course rhetorical.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is believed to have fled the capital Tripoli after anti-government demonstrators breached the state television building and set government property alight.

Protesters appear to have gained a foothold in Tripoli as banks and government buildings were looted while demonstrators have claimed they have taken control of the second city Benghazi.

It is thought up to 400 people may have died in the unrest with dozens more reported killed in Tripoli overnight as protests reached the capital for the first time and army units were said to have defected to the opposition.

Scroll down for video report plus tons of late photos.



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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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