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I guess this is just one result of growing up, (and boy did this fat ass grow) believing the state should be responsible rather then the individual. The state in this case being the NHS. National Health Service.

I need to warn you about the photo on line of this slob.
I will never post a photo like this here. You can go to the link but have a bucket handy.

btw ... 1 Stone is equal to 14lbs.

It’s not my fault, the NHS should have helped: The former world’s fattest man to sue health service for his weight gain

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:08 AM on 7th January 2011

A man who once weighed nearly 70 stone is to launch legal action against the NHS, claiming they failed to help him as his size soared.

Former postman Paul Mason received life-saving gastric surgery last year binge-eating his way to gargantuan size.

But the 50-year-old, who now weighs in at a comparatively small 37 stone, said he should have been helped years ago.

Mr Mason, who was eating 20,000 calories a day at his heaviest, claims he sought help from his GP after ballooning to 30 stone.

Instead of receiving a treatment programme to manage his weight, he has complained he was told in 1996: ‘Ride your bike more’.

He has pledged to put any compensation he receives if successful towards helping other obese people lose weight.

An NHS spokesman said of the purported lawsuit: ‘As we have not heard from Mr Mason, it would be inappropriate to speculate.’

Mr Mason’s care bill costs taxpayers an estimated £100,000 a year and is believed to have topped £1million over the last 15 years.

At the height of his binge eating, he was consuming 20,000 calories every day - ten times the recommended daily intake for a man.



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Local Perspective

A few hundred yards to the north of me, here in the lovely slightly rural corner of central western New Jersey, is the Spruce Run Reservoir. It’s a pretty little lake, not particularly deep, that’s open to boaters and sportsmen.

Spruce Run Reservoir is the third largest reservoir in New Jersey and one of the oldest. Completed in 1965, the 6,000-foot-long earthen dam holds back eleven billion gallons of water over an area that covers 1,290 acres enveloped by fifteen miles of jagged shoreline. In addition to its role as a principal water source, the impoundment and the surrounding Recreation Area, operated by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry, create an arena for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

1290 acres is just a hair over 2 square miles. New Jersey is not a big state, having only 7417 square miles of land.

11 billion gallons seems to be quite a lot of water. It is! More importantly, the lake is a thing with 11 billion common units in it: I can see the lake, I know how big a gallon is, so I can grasp the reality of 11 billion.

The current total US National Debt is a bit over $14 trillion dollars.

If I were to equate the land area per gallon of water in this reservoir to a dollar’s worth of national debt ... 14.0183 trillion ÷ 11 billion = 1274.39. 2 square miles of lake X 1274.39 = 2548.78 square miles. 2548 ÷ 7417 square miles in NJ = 34.36%. So that’s the perspective: if every gallon-acre of water in the Spruce Run Reservoir was a dollar’s worth of national debt, and if NJ was kind of a giant bucket, then a touch more than a third of the state would be covered in water.


Blue dot is the reservoir. It isn’t actually that big. The national debt IS that big.

This is what happens when you get me to do math before my morning coffee.


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New Ann

Now that a new Congress is in session, with promises of starting investigations into this, that, and the other, Ann Coulter opines that the housing mortgage/financial crisis is the thing that really warrants investigation. Especially since all the information is already out in the open, the pieces are already fit together, and all it would take would be some honest work and good press. Yeah, right.

The housing bubble was caused by the democraps, working over nearly 20 years in a seemingly deliberate attempt to destroy the economy. Well gosh Ann, no kidding.

Go, read about the 9,000 pound gorilla in the room that nobody can see, even years after the fact. And don’t forget that all those policies ARE STILL IN EFFECT.


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Lost Post: Autism Study A Fraud

Drat, I lost a whole post from last night. Beats me what happened. No time to write it over again, so here’s the main link.

It looks like the past 12 years of parental panic over measles vaccine (MMR) being a cause of autism in children has been a con. A fraudulent bit of “science” by a paid-off doctor.

I had heard at one point that it was the mercury used as part of the preservative in the vaccine that was the problem. That too has been discredited.

Not surprisingly, with the public fear of the side effects of the vaccine, many parents are not getting their children immunized. Thus measles is on the rise, and the number of cases right now is higher than in the past 12 years. Great.

Lawsuits against the vaccine companies are being thrown out in the USA. No proof, bad science; no case. Buh bye.

Other research into the causes of autism is focusing on heavy metals poisoning (lead, cadmium, etc), even though the levels of those elements in our daily lives is far lower today than it has ever been. And I mean ever, going right back to the Roman Empire.

So why are the cases of autism on the rise? I don’t know. Research has shown that there are certain genetic conditions that may show a predisposition for it, but that in itself is not a cause, merely an indication of susceptibility. Have the definitions been broadened so that a much wider population is now categorized that way? We have seen that happen with “dangerous levels of lead” toxicity over the past 50 years: today’s “danger” level is below the “who cares” level from the late 1950s. In most places (across the USA at least) the air and water is much cleaner than it was when I was a kid. Is infant mortality down so much that significantly more children are living long enough to have this syndrome diagnosed? Are misdiagnoses becoming common? Again, I don’t know, although I don’t think the US infant mortality rates have improved all that much in the past couple of decades. Preservatives in our food? Corn syrup? Artificial ingredients? Is this rise endemic to the USA or is it worldwide? I have no answers; I know just about nothing about autism. I’ve known only one child in my whole life with autism, and there was no way that was a misdiagnosis in his case.

I had a whole bunch of links, but this stuff is pretty easy to Google up, or just read the article and follow the link to the Chart blog.


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the ethnic cleansing of huckleberry finn in our new pc dictated world

Saw yesterday’s post by Drew when booting with the intent of posting this very interesting piece by Christopher Howse, who is generally the religious editor for the Telegraph among other job titles.

This story also has it’s origins in the USA, and the remarks about pc are right on target.

Here’s the whole editorial on the subject of that now forbidden word. 

Huckleberry Finn loses the ‘nigger’ he loves, thanks to a publisher’s ethnic cleansing

By Christopher Howse Literature

There is a great fuss in America about a new edition of Huckleberry Finn from which the word nigger has been excised. It occurs in the novel 217 times, or 219 (tallies vary, and I have lost count), so its loss makes quite a difference. It is like The Merchant of Venice without the word Jew.

Indeed Jew is far more pejorative in the mouths of Shakespeare’s characters than nigger is in the mouths of some of Mark Twain’s. Launcelot Gobbo, Shylock’s servant, resolves to run away, and declares: “I am a Jew if I serve the Jew any longer.”

We readers of Shakespeare and Mark Twain do not dislike black people or Jewish people. Yet we can be more certain that Twain did not hate blacks than that Shakespeare was not anti-Semitic. Anyone would have to be not only stupid but a fool to miss the fact that Mark Twain was on the side of Jim, the runaway slave in Huckleberry Finn.

Even if we cannot be sure that Shakespeare wasn’t anti-Semitic, should it mean that teenagers at school must never read The Merchant of Venice again? Or, if we are doubtful about Thomas Carlyle’s attitude to emancipated slaves, does that mean nobody should peruse his discourse from 1853, On the Nigger Question?
Striking out the word nigger every time it appears in Huckleberry Finn is a kind of ethnic cleansing, a pretence that in the land of the free no one referred to black people by a demeaning term once the Civil War had been won.

Worse, it is to confuse a word with a system of thought. For something really hair-raising on race, look up the “scientific” approach of the 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica under the entry Negro. “The recognised leaders of the race are almost invariably persons of mixed blood,” it declares, “and the qualities which have made them leaders are derived certainly in part and perhaps mainly from their white ancestry.”

Mark Twain was having none of this. Huckleberry Finn is about the moral education of its hero. At first he is scandalised that his friend Tom Sawyer should be willing to help Jim escape from his “owner”. “I couldn’t believe it. Tom Sawyer a nigger-stealer! ” Huck believes that stealing will send him to hell, but, in a crux of the plot, he chooses to risk hellfire rather than betray Jim.

Huck learns Jim has feelings too, after hurting them by playing a trick on him. He apologises. “It was fifteen minutes,” Huck explains, “before I could work myself up to go and humble myself to a nigger; but I done it, and I warn’t ever sorry for it afterwards, neither.” How would that sentence be improved by changing nigger to slave, as the new publishers have done?

Huckleberry Finn has a happy ending of sorts, for Jim is freed. But Huck himself is the one who has no place in civilised society, and he hatches a plan to head off for “Injun” territory. Only, of course, the publishers can’t let the word Injun sully the minds of the impressionable young either.

The position of black people in America is only one strand of Huckleberry Finn, but it is the dominating theme of Twain’s very interesting problem tale Pudd’nhead Wilson. It concerns two babies, one regarded as a “nigger” though only one-32nd part black, the other the heir to the local estate. As in The Prince and the Pauper, Mark Twain has fun when they are swapped. Yet he calls his story a tragedy.

The child brought up as the heir goes to the bad, behaves badly to black people, and turns to murder. The amiable child brought up as a “nigger” is at last rewarded by being recognised as the heir. But he can never feel comfortable among white people, because of his speech and manners.
It’s nurture, not nature that makes the man, Twain suggests. For him, the problem is not “Niggaz with Attitude” but the attitude to “niggers”.



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Corkscrew logic palooza

Oh, I just can’t wait to read the opinions when this one gets decided!

Trial set for firing over use of ‘n’ word

No, no, don’t jump to conclusions just based on a headline. Read on!

A federal jury will be asked to decide whether it is acceptable for an African American person, but not a white person, to use the “n” word in a workplace.

U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick has ruled that former Fox29 reporter-anchor Tom Burlington’s lawsuit against the station, claiming a double standard and alleging that he was the victim of racial discrimination, may go to trial. However, Surrick denied Burlington’s claim of a hostile work environment.

Burlington, who is white, was fired after using the “n” word during a June 2007 staff meeting at which reporters and producers were discussing reporter Robin Taylor’s story about the symbolic burial of the word by the Philadelphia Youth Council of the NAACP.

Burlington, who began work at the station in 2004 and is now working as a real estate agent, was suspended within days and fired after an account of the incident was published in the Philadelphia Daily News. He alleges that he “was discriminated against because of his race,” according to court documents. He claims in his lawsuit that at least two African American employees at Fox29 had used the word in the workplace and were not disciplined.

The dispute began after Taylor, who is white, used the phrase the “n” word during the 2007 staff meeting. She said participants at the burial had said the full word “at least a hundred times or more,” according to court records.

“Does this mean we can finally say the word n-?” Burlington asked colleagues, according to depositions.

Nicole Wolfe, a producer and one of the three African American employees among the nine people at the meeting, exclaimed: “I can’t believe you just said that!”

Burlington told Taylor that although he did not necessarily expect her to use the word in her story, he thought that doing so gave the story more credence.

Burlington says he used the word only once and approached several attendees after the meeting to explain himself. The Daily News account said he had used the word more than a dozen times.

Surrick, in denying Fox’s request to have the suit dismissed, said that federal courts had not determined whether a double standard, if true in this case, would violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which deals with equal opportunity in employment.

So “the n-word” popped up in conversation both as ‘ “the n-word” ‘ and as ‘“n-"’, the, um, long form, of the term ... at a press meeting about covering a story where that word was symbolically buried, yet, buried or not, managed to be heard more than 100 times at that very symbolic event itself. And the debate in the press meeting was over whether the, um, long form, should be used in the coverage of the story itself to lend, um, journalistic credence ... or possibly enhance the irony that said term didn’t stay buried for even a millisecond. And when the white guy actually says, um, the long form, um - which the paper is too PC or too timid to even print - the guy gets fired?

I have got to take some time off to go to the court room down there in Philly. To see if they can get a conviction, or whatever this suit is trying for, without actually saying “the n-word” in it’s, um, long form, during a trial about using the word itself ... and whether Free Speech and Equal Rights can be trumped by Equal Employment in theory, but Political Correctness in actuality, and watch a judge find that part of the language itself is illegal (or at least career ending punishable) for members of the vast majority to use, but sacrosanct in any and all contexts, hateful or otherwise, for one small section of society.

Sounds to me like there will be a n-word in the woodpile over this one!



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Catch a fish, buy a house

Wow, I think I need to get a bigger fishing rod!

Giant Tuna Sells For $396,000

Tokyo - A huge bluefin tuna fetched the highest price ever at 32.5 million yen (396,000 dollars) at the year’s first auction at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market, amid mounting criticism of Japan’s overfishing of the threatened species.

The tuna weighed 342 kilograms, more than twice as much as the average Japanese sumo wrestler. It was caught off Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island.

The fish valued at 95,000 yen per kilogram will be sold to upscale sushi restaurants in Tokyo and Hong Kong through a wholesaler, news reports said.


That’s a 750 lb fish. Horry Clap! It sold for $526.42/lb. Horry Clapper!!

Maguro (mah-goo-roh) is the Japanese term for bluefin tuna, perhaps the best known and most commonly eaten fish in all of sushi dining. Used in many rolls, but often seen by itself, what is now the old stand-by was not always the most popular item on the menu. While currently suffering from incredible demand, tuna was, until the 1970’s, a sport fish commonly known as “horse mackerel” and sold to companies for cat food or thrown away. Now, its fatty belly meat, known as ‘toro’ is one of the more expensive items on the menu, prized for its taste, texture, and scarcity. Tuna has come a long way from being a fish the samurai considered unclean and would not eat, to one of the most popular fish in Japan, and the world around.

Tuna served in restaurants is generally one of two different species, the bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus), traditionally known as ‘maguro,’ which is usually fairly lean, and the yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares), known as ‘ahi’ (ah-hee), which is a fattier species. Yellowfin tuna may also be labeled ‘maguro’ but more often than not, if you see maguro it will be bluefin tuna. Tuna sushi is further broken up into subtypes, based on the fat content.

For more about sushi, see here, which might confuse you a bit: do I ride my Suzuki, or eat it?


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same old story. silly white folks claiming muslims offended while some muslims say, huh?

I suppose I could empathize with a homeowner who genuinely was made ill or had a very hard time with an exhaust fan as described here.
But ... do any of you believe this guy? 

Caught this one at The Manchester Evening News

Cafe bosses in ‘bacon smell’ row to fight ban

Alex Scapens

A cafe is to fight an extractor fan ban – after a neighbour complained that Muslim friends would not visit him because of the smell of bacon.

The Snack Shack, on Adswood Road, Cale Green, is to appeal against the decision by the Stepping Hill area committee.

The Planning Inspectorate will give a final ruling by the end of January.

The cafe installed the fan three years ago and applied for retrospective planning permission.

But neighbour Graham Webb-Lee told the council it made his family feel sick and his Muslim friends refused to visit him because they were offended by the smell.

The cafe is owned by Bev and Cetin Akcicek, who is Muslim.

Bev, 50, said: “We have two small children and are just trying to earn a living.

“We just wish this was over. It is pathetic and has cost us a lot of money. We pre-cook the bacon and only put it on the griddle briefly so there is no problem with the smell.

“We have Muslim customers who come in and they are not at all bothered.”

The Snack Shack has cooked fry-ups for nine years without a previous complaint, Bev, of Great Moor, added.

But Mr Webb-Lee told the council the vent was just 12 inches from his front door.

Planning officers had recommended the application for approval.

They said investigations had ‘not noted any previous odour that would result in a disturbance’.

It was revealed at the latest central area committee meeting that the Planning Inspectorate had validated the appeal.

A member had to be chosen to help the council prepare its defence.



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Thank You Thank You

Not Blegging, But

I got a check in the mail yesterday, a small donation to help keep BMEWS running. Thank you thank you! This blog costs about 75 cents a day to run, what with the hosting fees, the domain registrations (we are also, for those folks who forget the dash), widget subscription, etc. Yes, I know that our server company, Hosting Matters, is not the cheapest kid on the block, but they have the best support and the least amount of downtime. This blog runs on an old version of Expression Engine; updating it would cost me something. It’s all pretty much as Allan left it, and that’s pretty good.

I don’t run ads here. I don’t have anything against them, but they don’t seem to pay much of anything ever. Not on a blog of this size (1K-2K hits per day). So I don’t really bother. I’ve never made a cent from any of the BMEWS gear for sale on the right sidebar. Actually, I think I own the only coffee mug they ever made. I think Mr. Christian set that up, but he’s long gone now. Oh well.

Anyway, any little clink in the PayPal cup is greatly appreciated. Or a check in the mail. Or a free pony delivered by FedEx!! No, just kidding. We can’t have ponies at this condo park. Besides, we live upstairs. So please, no ponies. 


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The Muslim Elephant in the Room of Tolerance.

Interesting occurrence yesterday when I arrived for a doctor’s consultation. They sure do some things nice here. What a shame one day it’ll all belong to islam.
Makes me sick to think about.

Anyway, I went as requested to get test results and more are planned.  So I went to this ward at the hosp., an out patient kind of thing where she has an office.
I was early, and when I signed in at the desk, I was offered tea or coffee while waiting. Never had that happen before. 
So I took the day off. I was so tired I couldn’t face being at a keyboard.

Back to the depressing grind I guess. And what an apt title for this article I found at The Right Side.

Take a look and get angry with me. Not that it’ll do us much good but this article really is worth your time. 

H/T The Right Side News

Every now and then a conspiracy is broken up here or there. Another bomb plot. Until one of them finally succeeds. And dozens, hundreds or thousands of people die in a single day. And our leaders take to the air to urge us to be more tolerant.

The Muslim Elephant in the Room of Tolerance

By Daniel Greenfield

Headlines in New York papers are blaring once again that Islamophobia is up. Up and rising. Statistics released by the state’s Division of Criminal Justice Services reveals that Islamophobic bias attacks are up by a whopping 15 percent.

15 percent that does sound like a lot. And by a lot, I mean that they’ve gone up from 8 incidents in 2008 to 11 in 2009. That’s right, that whopping “15 percent” is actually an increase of 3 incidents. To put this into context, in 2008 there were 219 attacks targeting Jews.

And in 2009, that number went up to 251. And here’s some more context. That same report shows that Anti-Multi-Religious Groups attacks went up from 3 to 11 incidents in that same year. That’s a much steeper spike which brings us to the same number as the so-called Islamophobic attacks. And yet you don’t see the media trumpeting those numbers. But when there are more bias attacks by people who can’t figure out which religion they hate more, than anti-Muslim attacks, it’s safe to say that there is no Islamophobia crisis.

In 2010, we’ve been witness to multiple fake Islamophobia incidents in New York City. Just a few weeks ago, hate crimes charges were dropped against two latino men who got into a subway scuffle with an Imam. The Imam, Rod Peterson, is a criminal with an extensive rap sheet for burglary, robbery and possession of a weapon. It’s not clear that his victims had any such record. But because Rod Peterson had become an Imam, he went free, while his victims faced hate crimes charges. Now the hate crimes charges have been withdrawn. But the lesson of the story is that an altercation by a Muslim criminal who cries, “Hate Crime” will get him off the hook, while the men he got into a fight with still face criminal charges.

Then there was the famous “Prayer Rug Urination of 2010”. Newspaper headlines told the awful tale of a horrible Islamophobe who ran into the Al-Iman Mosque mosque, cursing Muslims and urinating all over their prayer rugs.

As the story developed, it turned out that the “Urinating Islamophobe” was actually Omar Riviera, a Latino man on a several day bender, who urinated on the street, at a prayer rug near the entrance to the mosque. Omar never cursed any Muslims. He had no idea where he was. But none of that stopped Rachel Barenblat, an Al-Jazeera contributor and radical anti-Israel leftist, from jumping on the incident to raise over a thousand dollars to buy the Al-Iman mosque a new prayer rug.

Link to what I left out at The Ride Side News


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blogger’s block?

No, Drew isn’t AWOL.  He’s just having a bit of trouble turning out posts that seem worthy.

Not that I’m trying to write any kind of opus, magnum or otherwise. Sometimes stuff just doesn’t gell. Sometimes it won’t come together no matter what.

In the mountainous jungles of western Vietnam, along the border with Laos, explorers have recently found the largest cave in the world. Called the Hang Son Doong caverns, the place isn’t merely big enough to fit a 747 in. You could LAND one inside the cave. You could build block after block of 40 story buildings. The thing is gigantic. National Geographic covers the story with their wonderful writing and world class photography. A sinkhole or two lets in a bit of light, and an entire rainforest grows down there. These underground forests are called dolines. The ceiling is so high that clouds form at the top and create their own weather.


hundreds of feet underground, a mini rainforest raises it’s misty head

The cave was actually discovered last year, and a team of British cavers has been on two expeditions to explore it. Although the cave is a million or so years old, the entrances are very hard to find, and I gather no evidence of human habitation of any kind ever was found in the cave. A local man discovered the place when he was a kid wandering in the forest, but lost it again for decades.

Try as I might, there’s no way I could write anything about it better than what Nat Geo put together. Heck, they even made an interactive map thingy you can click on to see each part of the cave. Stupendous work. Buy the January issue, follow the links, or just Google it up. Several news sites have run articles as well.

So that was hours and hours “wasted”. I don’t really want to say wasted, because I went and read everything I could find, and marveled at the amazing size of it all. And the pictures are as good as it gets. But I gave up trying to essay this assay; all I can really do is point out the pages and urge you to go. It’s worth it.


I was feeling a bit punchy earlier. A bit of a chip on the shoulder kind of thing. If I’ve got that cold glint in the eye, and I’m whistling this bit of tune that sounds a little like a sea chanty, look out.
and I’ll learn you the art of war, if you’ll meet me in the morning!

33 years or so before the American Revolution, the English were having this nasty game of conkers called Who Shall Be King that pitted the house of Hanover against the house of Stuart (Stewart). Maybe you’ve heard of the Second Jacobite Rising? It pulled religion into the mix as well, and was a nasty mess for quite some time. Eventually the Krauts won.

Anyway, one of the more famous engagements in that disagreement was the battle of Prestonpans, near the coal fields on the banks of the Firth of Forth, not far from Edinburgh Scotland. On the one side, General Sir John Cope and his Hanovorian regiments. Foot, heavy horse, and artillery. On the other side, Bonnie Prince Charlie and a horde of slightly savage Highlanders armed with swords and machetes. Perhaps with a few French too, since he’d promised to bring a whole army of them with him. I think 7 actually showed up. Seriously. Seven. Such an uprising, right?


The battle started at dawn but was over in 10 minutes. It was a total rout. About 1000 redcoats were killed or wounded, and about twice that number were captured. The artillery was destroyed, the infantry was wiped out, all the supplies and money were captured, and the dragoons on horseback ran away. Huge object lesson there about training, logistics, and battlefield communication.

General Cope gathered up his surviving mounted troops and led them back to their base in the city of Dunbar (actually Berwick-upon-Tweed in Northumbria, 28 miles away). Since he was leading the column, this made him the only general in all of English history to be the bearer of the news that he himself had been defeated in combat. Oops.

Such was the magnitude of that defeat and the panic caused that a new verse was quickly added to the then new national anthem:

Lord grant that Marshal Wade
May by thy mighty aid
Victory bring
May he sedition hush,
And like a torrent rush
Rebellious Scots to crush
God save the King.

But by the time the ink was dry on that the political situation had changed again, so this 4th verse never really caught on. However, over on the Highland side, they put their version of the event to music and are still singing about it today. Johnnie Cope mocks the general, wondering if maybe he wasn’t quite awake yet, and figures the best thing he brought to the fight was a fast horse to ride away on. It’s the best version of “Oh, you thought you brung it? Nuh-uh! I don’t think so!” ever written, head weave included.

Cope sent a challenge frae Dunbar
Sayin “Charlie meet me an’ ye daur
An’ I’ll learn ye the airt o’ war
If ye’ll meet me in the morning.”

O Hey! Johnnie Cope are ye waukin’ yet?
Or are your drums a-beating yet?
If ye were waukin’ I wad wait
Tae gang tae the coals in the morning.


When Johnnie Cope he heard o’ this,
he thocht it wouldna be amiss,
Tae hae a horse in readiness,
tae flee awa in the morning

The Scotts dearly love this old tune. They’ve been singing it for over 150 years. Dozens and dozens of versions can be found out on YouTube. But not one of them is a regular version of the song, with the right mix of traditional musical accompaniment. I can find poetic readings. I can find heavy metal versions (and Scottish heavy metal is an acquired taste more challenging than Brussel sprouts!). I can find every wrong flavor of the song ever made, included one with two swishy fiddlers who repeat just one line over and over, but I can’t find one nicely done version. Several good attempts have the tempo cranked up to 11, when the song was originally only a quick march. Other versions have modernized the lyrics, and purged all the difficult Nac Mac Feegle-isms from the lyrics. [Nae King! Nae Quin! Nae Laird! There can only be woon thousan!] Which cuts the soul of it right out. Mostly actress (she played Charlotte Ryan on The Unit), sometimes folksinger, and Scottish Lass by choice Rebecca Pidgeon does a lovely formal version on her Four Marys disc (Chesky records, CD and DVD-audio), with all the proper burrs left on, but her tunes at YouTube are mostly blocked by one of those country code thingies. And this one isn’t out there anyway. Blast.

So having done all that research, and all that horrible listening, I gave up. No good version of the tune I can link to. Fuggedabowdit. So I went bowling. And we lost, 5-2. But they had to fight for every damn pin, so it was no cakewalk for our opponents. And that kind of losing I can live with. Especially since my team did quite well, and I rolled a 608.

An’ I’ll learn ye the airt o’ war, If ye’ll meet me in the morning.


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eye candy

It’s late, I’m tired, put up with wife’s ding bat cousin for a few hours today. Jeesh. I don’t dislike her. Exactly. It’s just that she’s so damn stupid. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone dumber.  Today is another legal holiday, and the new tax goes into force, I think tomorrow. Gas prices up for certain. So .... the gas (petrol) station near her wasn’t open and she wanted to fill the tank before the price goes up. Smart, yeah? Well ... the ding-a-ling drove 40 miles round trip and not on freeways but around the curves and the twists and turns of small town and village driving, looking for petrol. Couldn’t find anything and came back empty tanked. Well, not totally empty as she made it to our house for afternoon tea ok. That’s when she told us about her adventure.  Wife said she probably spent more driving and looking then she’ll save. Oh, says she. You’re right, aren’t you? It never occurred to me.  This is a woman who will ask you how to do something and end up talking right through your answer. She actually interrupts her own conversation while talking to you and it a sight to behold. Well not a sight really, more audio isn’t it?  Funny thing tho ... she is on top of the history of this place and the history of England in general.  She can quote you facts that you can check, she has a memory for that and it was once her job. So I give her credit for that. But in everything else ... total bone head.  We listened to a 20 minute story about how she found this wonderful pair of shoes recently.  Thing is, she sidetracked herself so often and repeated things she already said, that it took 20 min. at least.
She can not have a conversation without repeating over and over some small point or bit of info, as if saying it for the first time. One of these days I’m gonna record her and play it here. Maybe upload to YT. Be a comedy sensation.

Ah ...  speaking of sensational.  And this wasn’t planned. But I found one thing which led to another and came up with ......

Don’t know who she is, but of all the pix, this is my favorite tonight.

I don’t know who this lady is either. Sure do like her though.


ok ... I’m gone but get ready ...there’s just one more.

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Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 01/03/2011 at 02:58 PM   
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how many families does it take to ban santa?  only one if the family is … wanna guess?

I just this minute came across this story and it demands posting for your attention.
Just in case you haven’t seen this yet, and I know it’s well past Santa stories.  Or is it?

The Head Start Programme in Minnesota stopped Father Christmas from delivering presents to children, so that one Somali family would not be offended

America - beware - you are going down the same road as we in the UK have gone down - TURN BACK before it is too late, learn from our mistakes !!!!

- Owen A. Lott, Northern Compound, EU Stalag, Englandistan., 03/1/2011

So a handful if that many Somali muslim scum can come to the USA and bitch about a tradition Americans have had for years, and the school ....
hey wait a minute.

The article says one family. One?

Right. The state is Minn and we know the voters there are ,,,, are what exactly?  What do you say about an electorate that can make an Al Franken a senator?

Maybe the district our Santa is in, is liberal. Doesn’t matter.  This ONE turd world family of N ..  Nitwits.  No, not that cos they show they know how to play the system against us. So they can think, even though they aren’t really human.  And I bet ya they vote. And soon these insects will be joined by many other breeding insects who in turn will Vote.

Was a happier time when scum like this wouldn’t even dream of this much less move to our country. Or if they did and pulled this, they’d have been lynched.
Now there’s a good thought.

Father Christmas banned at children’s centre after Muslim family complained

By Daily Mail Reporter

Father Christmas has been banned from visiting a children’s nursery after a Muslim family complained.

For the last four years, Dennis Jackson has donned a beard and red-and-white costume to hand out presents at the St Peter’s Head Start Programme in Minnesota.

But this year he was told he wasn’t welcome after objections from a Somali family.

‘It kind of burnt me up,’ Mr Jackson said, after being banned by officials at the Head Start Programme.

They had told him ‘it was against some people’s wishes’ for him to make the half-hour appearances for two classes, for about three dozen children all aged three and four.

According to the regional coordinator for the Minnesota Valley Action Council, Chris Marben, at least one Muslim family complained of his visit.

When asked about banishing Father Christmas, Mrs Marben said: ‘We have Somali families in the programme. We’re respecting the wishes of families in the program.’

She added:  ‘Part of our challenge in Head Start is providing an environment where young children from many different cultures can all feel comfortable.’

Mrs Marden didn’t say how many objections were made, but said that program parents are surveyed annually to gauge their feelings toward holiday observances in classes.

She indicated that more than one objection would be sufficient to waive an observance.

Mr Jackson said he has played Father Christmas with children from other cultures before and they were fully comfortable with him - it’s just, in his opinion, some parents who are being unreasonable.

‘They’re not respecting the majority,’ he said. ‘My feeling is [objecting parents] can take their kids out of class for half an hour and let the other kids enjoy it. They should sacrifice, not rule.’



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 01/03/2011 at 01:18 PM   
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pssst. hey there. need money from the state? threaten suicide and win the lotto

How’s this for a lark boys and girls?
Want money from the state?
Threaten suicide.
You Win.

Well, not exactly a lark when you read the story.
I understand that there truly are people born with the wrong parts.
But does it have to take three marriages to three (I assume) unsuspecting women to come to terms with that?
You have to wonder about this fruit loop. Expression used in this instance to describe it’s thinking if genuine.

While I’m at it, what’s with the phrase, “gender realignment” all about? Why can’t they say what it is? A sex change operation.  Realignment I believe implies something a bit different. Doesn’t it?

She (he?) I guess now a she, accuses the NHS of leaving him half man and half woman because at age 40, the estrogen injections didn’t grow breasts. Every man’s dream. 
So what does that say about very unfortunate women who have had breasts removed due to cancer? Are they half women?  Judging by his train of thought, they may be.  Of course this character, who still looks like a male (and not a pretty one) in drag, believes she has a right of some kind to public money to make him/her as womanly as his deluded imagination will allow.

She’s a worker in a charity shop. Uh huh.  Probably not even full time and just hasn’t the money. But the taxpayer does. 

HALT! STOP! Give me your money or I’ll kill myself.

I guess that’s one way to collect your dream.

Transsexual’s fight for implants lands the taxpayer with a bill for £18,000

By Andrew Levy


A transsexual has won the right to have £8,000 breast implants – following a battle funded by £10,000 of legal aid.
Miranda Lee, 40, had gender realignment surgery costing £60,000 in 2009, paid for with NHS money.

The process was due to be completed with the breast augmentation, but she was then told the money would not be made available.
Miss Lee, who complained that she had been left ‘half man, half woman’, attempted suicide and has been on anti-depressants.

She decided to fight the decision and was granted legal aid in June.
Her case was heard by an NHS review panel last month, and it has now ruled in her favour.
The charity shop worker, from Southend, Essex, said she was delighted at the U-turn but wanted compensation for the stress of her ‘inhumane and insensitive’ treatment.
‘The way my case was handled was appalling,’ she said. ‘These people haven’t a care in the world about people. It’s all about money to them.’
Miss Lee, born Raymond Harwood, first felt she was the wrong sex when she was 16 but went on to marry three times and have two children.

Her last marriage ended in 2000 and in 2005 she went to her GP about gender realignment.

She began living as a woman in 2007 and had a series of operations at Charing Cross Hospital in London from July 2009, including having her male genitalia removed and her voice altered.

She was already receiving hormone therapy in the form of estrogen to help her develop breasts but this was not working, meaning she needed implants.

The East of England Specialised Commissioning Group, which had paid for the sex change out of a £700million annual fund raised from contributions from the 13 primary care trusts in the region, refused to approve the procedure.
Although it pays for a range of care, it said breast augmentation as part of a sex change was not part of its remit.


Just a couple of reader quotes from the Mail.

This is absolutely nuts! I’ve seen my local PCT struggle to cope with resources for people with genuine physical health problems yet a guy who cannot grow breasts is demanding surgery. There are thousands of natural girls out there who also can’t grow breasts! It’s not something that defines someone as female. I’ve got male friends with boobs! People like this make me angry that people will die through their selfish need to suck resources!

type 1 diabetic , uk, 03/1/2011 12:42

I find this unfair on women who like my self didn’t form a chest or have lost them due to illness or weightloss. I tryied in 2009 to have breast inplants on the NHS as I’m 23 and lost 6 and half stone which lead to me losing my chest, I got turned away from them though I suffer depression and “was” constantly wanting my chest back. Now I’ve decided to save up and buy my self a pair in the future, But I still find it wrong that the real women who have the right for a chest get turned away.

- I’m Here, Wales, 03/1/2011 11:22


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 01/03/2011 at 12:47 PM   
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