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Now, how did he know that?

No, I haven’t touched this Loughner situation. It’s pretty sick. Or the yapping dogs of the left who immediately used it for political gain. That’s just as sick but in a different way. Or the idiot in Congress who wants to outlaw crosshairs and target symbols because of it. Not even Glen Beck’s dare to political leaders to “sign the pledge” decrying violence driven by political disagreement.

I did run across this bit over at Moonbattery a few minutes ago ...

When this event first happened, the local sheriff got on TV an identified the shooter as Jared Loughner. He pronounced the guy’s name properly as “Lockner”, even though at first glance most Americans would read it and say “Loffner”. Sheriff Dupnik then shot off his mouth and blamed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for this wretched act of mayhem.

But how did Dupnik know? Hmm ... it turns out that the good sheriff actually knows little crazy Jared, and has been dealing with him for ages. Writes a Tuscon native ...

The sheriff has been editorializing and politicizing the event since he took the podium to report on the incident. His blaming of radio personalities and bloggers is a pre-emptive strike because Mr. Dupnik knows this tragedy lays at his feet and his office. Six people died on his watch and he could have prevented it.  He needs to step up and start apologizing to the families of the victims instead of spinning this event to serve his own political agenda.

Jared Loughner, pronounced by the Sheriff as Lock-ner, saying it was the Polish pronunciation. Of course he meant Scott or Irish but that isn’t the point. The point is he and his office have had previous contact with the alleged assailant in the past and that is how he knows how to pronounce the name.

Jared Loughner has been making death threats by phone to many people in Pima County including staff of Pima Community College, radio personalities and local bloggers. When Pima County Sheriff’s Office was informed, his deputies assured the victims that he was being well managed by the mental health system. It was also suggested that further pressing of charges would be unnecessary and probably cause more problems than it solved as Jared Loughner has a family member that works for Pima County.

... and more here, wherein this blogger notes that just one prosecution for these threats would have shut the guy out of NICS forever. That means no guns.

... and then back to Moonbattery, where a commentor refers to “whole language”, which is a “new” method of teaching reading skills to students that doesn’t seem to put much emphasis on spelling, grammar, or structure. Radical leftist Mad Hatter Noam Chomsky is behind it ... because, as you’ve read 100 times this weekend, “words mean nothing”. Interesting.

This is not completely off the press radar; Reuters carried a bit of it the other day. So, the guy has been threatening to kill people for some time. And nobody pressed charges? Ever? No arrests were made, ever? Wonder why. The above links have an answer, but I can’t say if it’s THE answer.


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et tu, Denmark?

H/T Europe News

A pretty good site that also tracks the muslim invasion of the west and Europe in particular.

A lot to read here and I recommend the link “confession” below.


By Diana West

The International Free Press Society, of which I am vice president. It is of urgent importance. It tells of the terrible turn of events in Denmark, which for years now has bravely spearheaded the West’s fights to save free speech, now and seemingly in perpetuity under assault from both the Marxian Left and the press of sharia (Islamic law)—and with zero support from diplomatic, governmental, or professional institutions in the United States, home and caretaker of the First Amendment. This appalling lack of support, which translates into a lack of courage and vision, is the main reason the assault of free speech continues to be successful. 

But et tu, Denmark?

There have been signs: for example, former Prime MInister Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s gratuitous slap at Pastor Terry Jones’ stated intention to burn Korans to mark the jihad attacks of 9/11 in September of last year; and the Danish paper Politiken’ s February 2010 apology for reprinting Kurt Westergaard’s Mohammed cartoon, which Westergaard, wonderful man, one month past the nearest-miss assassination attempt yet that sent him and his five-year-old granddaughter into his “safe” room (a reinforced bathroom with an alarm button), declared the newspaper’s apology a “setback for free speech.”

And so it was. But such events are more than “setbacks.” They fit into a terrible and even totalitarian climate of assault in which the Danish government, via its public prosecutor, as the letter states, is “waging a lawfare offensive against outspoken critics of Islam and Muslim practices.”

Last month, Danish MP Jesper Langballe was convicted of “hate speech”—“racial discrimination,” for having highlighted the pattern of “honor killings” in Muslim families. ( Here is his “confession.”)

Now in the crosshairs is my very dear friend and colleague, Lars Hedegaard, President of the Danish Free Press Society and the International Free Press Society. (A historian as well as a journalist and author, Lars took me on a special tour of Copenhagen, which I wrote about here.) On January 24 he goes on trial. His crime? Discussing the high incidence of family rape within Islamic cultures, which the prosecutor is attempting to outlaw as “racism.”

In fact, the Danish prosecutor is attempting to enforce Islamic “blasphemy” laws, which outlaw all criticism of Islam.

Jesper Langballe and now Lars Hedegaard have been targeted because they are Danes of courage and principle who refuse to lie down and shut up and let the “multicultural” Big Lies wash in and inundate their mental and moral capacities to that endpoint of totalitarian triumph where citizens become subjects, minions who no longer articulate or even recognize truth and morality.

In a world where mandarins of the Left and mullahs of sharia so conspire, we risk a kind of double-dhimmification in acquiesence, rendering civilization incapable of self-defense.



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Greece Downsizes Plans for Anti-Immigration Wall ….

I started to do this yesterday but got sidetracked.
Poor Greece. As if they haven’t enough self made financial grief, they’ve discovered they have a serious immigration problem.  Mostly illegal immigration.
So a week or two ago they said enough, they were going to crack down BUT ... apparently they have had to do a slight u-turn.

Meanwhile, Romania is really PO’d at France and Germany, and that govt. is threating to open the borders to illegals to flood the numbers that will eventually end up in Germany,France and most likely the UK as well. And Italy too.  Yeah. You read it correctly. They threaten to allow illegals because France and Germany are resisting the open border idea for Romania and Bulgaria, siting as their reason, the inability of both those countries to control crime and control the kind of people who are trying to come to the west.  Well, bravo France and Germany but unless some kind of agreement can be reached, there will be a flood of muslims, from Iran,Iraq, Afghanistan etc. As well as ... wanna guess?  Yup. Roma Gypsies. 

Western Europe is seeing an increase (if we believe the media and the govts. reporting) of a large number of criminal class and just shiftless people doing their best to come to the welfare states. The UK I believe being the most generous.  But it’s France and Germany (and now Greece) saying enough already. We need to stop the madness.  They do not think those open EU borders are so nifty at this moment, at least not the ones involving Romania and Bulgaria. Woo-Hoo.

But Greece has another problem and it’s with Turkey. Oh boy. When do the fire works start?

Be interesting to see how this recipe for self defense plays out over the next few months. 

Here’s a taste ...

Greece Downsizes Plans for Anti-Immigration Wall along Turkey Border

There are indications that instead of building a 206-km wall against illegal immigration along its land border with Turkey, Greece will construct a limited fence in one border section.

After in the last days of 2011, Greece’s Citizens Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis stated that the Greek government is considering fencing off its territory along its Turkish border to beat back the influx of illegal immigrants into the EU, on Monday new plan released by the Ministry, cited by DPA, indicated a project for building a 12.5-km-long and 3-m-high fence along the most problematic section of the Greece-Turkey border near the Maritsa river and the Greek town of Orestiada.

The Greek government seems to be backing away from its original plan, which Papoutsis described as similar to the anti-immigrant wall that the USA built along its border with Mexico, as international media and NGOs have slammed the idea over New Year’s weekend.

The only comments on part of the EU executive so far, the European Commission, have come from Michele Cercone, spokesman person for Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malstroem.

“Fences and walls have, in the past, proven to be really short-term measures that don’t help to address and manage migratory challenges in a more consolidated and structural way… [Greece] needs sound and long-term structural reforms and measures in order to better manage its border, address the challenges linked to migration flows and create a sound and efficient asylum system,” he said.

Cercone has pointed out that border control and the influx of illegal immigrants depend on the dialogue with the source and transit countries. He said the EC is negotiating with Turkey on the readmission of illegal migrants that entered the EU through its territory – even though an actual agreement is still not on the horizon.

In the period of just six months up till the end of November, 33 000 illegal immigrants have been detected crossing the Greek-Turkish land border. Most are from Afghanistan, Algeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Iraq.

Officials said over the weekend that, in 2010, an average of ‘200 refugees each day’ had crossed into Greece from Turkey.

Around 80 per of the illegal immigrants in the EU arrive via Greece. Large numbers then seek to reach Italy via ferry. There are currently an estimated 300,000 people living illegally in Greece.

Greece’s facilities for the detention of illegal migrants have been the matter of criticism by international human rights NGOs.


I know that some of you folks are better at this then I am. So tell me. Have I read it wrong?  Greece has to defend itself on a decision aimed at defending their own borders?  Is that it in a nutshell?


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only brief time for a fast question for bmews people

Have a few things to do but wonder if anyone has some answers re. gun and background checks in states.

This is prompted by the Tucson tragedy of course, and of course too I’m asked questions I can’t answer with regard to gun registration, buying and criminal checks.

Someone here has suggested that it depends on our states, as they understand the issue. The claim was made that in some states there was only a five day waiting period.  ???  That didn’t sound right to me as I thought I had read there was a rule somewhere about a two week waiting period while backgrounds where checked.

In my earlier days when I did own a gun, in my 20’s, nobody checked anything. And even later on when I lived in KY, when I bought a rifle and a hand gun, much older by then but still, there wasn’t any check I remember and there was no waiting period.
But that was many years ago so I have nothing to compare to or working knowledge of.

Perhaps some of you can fill the gaps so I can reasonably answer the question.

Unrelated ...

Morning papers today making a lot out of the sheriff’s angry outburst re. political vitriol in America, polarization and the use of target like symbols the TP used for political electioneering. 
It’s all crap of course and the idea of “targeting” your opponent never was intended or thought to be used as in killing anyone.
Very much coverage btw on the kind of language used and ppl making a big deal out of Mrs. Palin’s phrase , “Don’t retreat, Reload.”
Some other Republican lady had another phrase in the same sort of style and naturally these are being used as proof positive of how poisoned things have become back home.
In short ... it’s a mess and apparently now Republicans and the TP are scrambling to assure ppl that we aren’t out literally gunning for opponents. Well, most of us aren’t.


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calendar   Sunday - January 09, 2011

america is too damn civilized in spite of the tucson tragedy

My head is still wrapped around that miserable no good wanker who turned Tucson into a shooting gallery.  Brings out all the hate America jerks too.  They are now publishing some photos of victims, and honest to gosh people … I’m not a mawkish person at all BUT.  A little girl? A nine year old girl? She’s the enemy?  Jeesh.

Does Az. have a death penalty?  And even if it does … that’ll be dragged out for years.

Here’s a case of murder pure and simple, in broad daylight in front of countless witnesses.  Is a trial necessary?  No it is not.  Due process?  Screw that in cases like this.  Null and void.  He voided his warranty.

Deranged?  Could be.  Not responsible for his actions? BS! Yes he is and he should have been lynched by the crowd immediately. Or stomped to death if nobody had a rope handy.  That’s what would have been done in an age when splitting fine hairs wasn’t the norm, and some people really did lose any “rights” they may have had by the misery they brought on others, by violent acts like murder in cold blood.

I think too many people have become over civilized.  There should be limits to that set in stone.  A crime of this nature as well the Ft. Hood killings, should have immediate consequences. And by that I mean, an immediate death penalty and not too fast a death either.  Any lawyer who would defend these creeps should swing right next to their client.

Here’s something posted by an American at the Mail site.

This was a tragedy caused by a mentally unstable man. The efforts to demonize the Tea Party and Ms. Palin are unjustified. The Tea Partiers made our point in the 2010 elections, and are posed to make further points in 2012. They don’t need to eliminate our opponents with guns. We have the ballot.
- Gregory Baker, Odenton, Maryland, USA, 9/1/2011 14:28

Ten fuckin idiots red arrowed the guy. Ten. So far. Does that show ya how damned stupid ppl are? What did the man say that should have earned the down arrow?

I understand the grief of the congresswoman’s husband and family. But they’re blaming the TP and the Republican right, and the jerks on this side of the pond see that and they take up the call. Like it’s any of their business to begin with.
This whole things bothers me first because of the victims and especially a little girl with a life in front of her. And secondly what it does to our image around the world.  It feeds the greedy flame of anti American attitudes.

If any of it were factual I wouldn’t have any argument to come back with. But they are so misinformed and so certain they have it right, and damn few if any have ever lived in the states, it just makes me see red.
And the worst of all? The pits that bring on the RCOB?
Americans commenting on the Daily Mail site apologizing to the world. Like this ass hole from NY.

I would like to apologize for my country’s systemic racism.

Right. We’re so damn racist we’re the only white, western country with a black head of state.  Tragedies like this sure do bring the insects out from under their rocks.

Stupid damn bastards!


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this and that and eye candy by accident

OK first up and brief.

Piers Morgan Tonight premieres Monday, Jan. 17 on CNN at 9 ET/PT.
I’d like to see that only because I want to know if he’s really gonna try and lock horns with FOX, which he said he’d do in an interview.
He was aware he said, of the falling ratings of CNN, is aware of FOX and the right wing media and hopes to overcome the low CNN ratings.

In another interview, and why the hell he thinks it’s his bloody freekin business, he flamed New Yorkers who bitched about Mayor Bloomberg and the snow removal disaster recently. He went on to say that Americans are served portions that are too large and should cut down. He was I believe referring to the portions served in American restaurants.  You hear that a lot over here from ppl returning from a visit to the USA. They can not believe the portions our eateries dish up.
Well ,,, I don’t think we need any advice on the subject from that guy.
The thing I hate about him?  Damn it! He is likable. He’s charming. Or he can be. He’s also very full of himself in an odd way because he will make fun of himself but it doesn’t come off as fake.  Of course understand, he’s new to me this past year and then not all of the year. He’s also married to a beautiful woman. Journalist, Celia Walden.  And to give him his due, from the little I’ve seen and its been very little, he does interviews well. Maybe if I was watching a lot I might change that opinion.

Now then ... you will not believe what I found today. It’s another one of those, I really wasn’t looking for this.  Seriously. I was looking for this.

Greece Downsizes Plans for Anti-Immigration Wall along Turkey Border

There has been a big brouhaha because Greece publicly said, “ENOUGH” with all this damn illegal immigration. We’re building a wall damn it.
They didn’t cuss however. That was me. So ... that’s where I was going and even had the site. But when I clicked a link, I was not looking where exactly I was going and found this instead.  And isn’t she pretty? Know who she is?  Her name is, Romina Andonova, and she is Miss Bulgaria.


BULGARIA for heaven’s sake. Bulgaria?  Yeah. You mean the eastern European country of heavy set people and really unattractive women? Even coarse looking?  Yeah. That Bulgaria. Well, things have sure changed.



I’ll catch up on the Greek thing later.  I need to research Bulgaria and see if this lady is just a one off. Oh the things I have to look at for you guys.


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anti usa self styled experts on the usa claim palin and tea party responsible for az shooting.jerks!

Good afternoon BMEWS.

Some interesting stuff. Hell, it’s all interesting to me.
First of all, I’m not going to post the story about the wanker who shot the congresswoman.  I imagine by now you folks at home are seeing it all on TV over and over and over again. And the talking heads, and the victim photos.  I also imagine there are now new calls for strict gun control.
So no.  I’m not gonna post the article that’s in ALL the papers here.  But I will post this line from the Mail on line.

Nation with a history of shocking gun massacres

The Tucson massacre is the latest in a series of shooting massacres in America.

That’s how they see us folks. Not all to be sure. Not all.  But very many sad to say.

I had thought of just posting some of the comments readers are leaving on the Mail site.  Changed my mind about that tho. Not I confess out of consideration for you. But out of selfish thinking on my part cos if I posted those damned comments here, it would mean I’d get frustrated and pissed off every time I had to come back or post something new and scroll and then see again.  I have no idea where some people are getting facts and figures. One person claimed there were 30,000 deaths a year in the USA from the use of guns.  When I wrote in and asked for a source for that figure, I got 20 red arrows for my trouble.
Here’s what I said.

May I please say that as an American (living here temporarily), it is not the business of foreigners to lecture us on our possession of weapons, which are mainly held for hunting, shooting sport and self defense. The last because the police can’t. As a former resident of Tucson I can assure readers that nobody anywhere in Az. can walk into a supermarket and buy a gun. The statement made by a supposed insider is absolutely false. Also please consider that many have guns illegally. And that’s true in the UK as well although the numbers are less because so is the population. Fact is, most Americans do not own guns. But let one deranged nut case like this commit such an outrageous act, and suddenly it’s the wild west. Well, it isn’t. And I’d like to know the source of those huge numbers of deaths by gun in the USA posted here. I question those numbers. But regardless, it is not the business of anyone else anyway. Not as long as we remain sovereign, unlike some.

- jd peiper, winchester. UK, 9/1/2011 10:28
Click to rate Rating:  20

Another poster said that the media in the USA were censored. So I asked for the source of the posters info.
That earned me 18 red arrows.

Well, as I said, I’m not posting their comments but here’s the link to the story. Scroll down and read the comments of the uninformed and mostly anti-American hand wringers and be prepared to get very pissed off. Maybe some of you will post comments of your own but be warned, they’re very nannyish and so really personal insulting remarks made to posters won’t get through.

Oh ... btw.  They’re also calling for Sarah Palin’s head and The Tea Party (a terrorist organization says one) and the American right.  They’re bringing up the fact that Palin had cross-hairs on states and people and so deduced from that, that she and the TP were encouraging what happened in AZ.  These experts on America and American expressions don’t understand the term having someone or something in the cross-hairs, does not mean we are suggesting they be shot.
Not always anyway.  Here’s the maddening link.



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calendar   Saturday - January 08, 2011

Strike Two


The first unit died after 5 days. It went back. The replacement unit showed up this afternoon. Somehow I was sent one from the service tech. It arrived with the faceplate sheared off and half the buttons missing, even though the double box packaging was perfect. I’m not even going to plug it in. In went in the box broken, so it’s going back in the box broken.

There will be a rather emphatic phone call to customer service tomorrow. I wrote a red-hot letter, which I read out loud, then threw away. That’s usually the best approach in these circumstances.

I don’t know the build date for this one, but the serial number is double that of the first one. And the remote is way fancier, and the manual for the remote is dated December 2009. So maybe the first one had been sitting around the shop for years? Maybe because they knew it didn’t work???

I am starting to run out of patience.


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K-Cup Koffee?

I likes me my coffee. My usual brand is the Caribe blend, a latino style espresso that comes in a 10oz brick. Cheapest coffee on the market, but makes a nice robust, low acid cuppa when made at regular strength. I don’t make it as espresso, merely as good strong coffee. It doesn’t seem to have much longevity in the pot - it goes stale quickly - so I make up just enough for 2 mugs for me and 1 cup for her. So I don’t care too much about longevity either - those 2 mugs are gone in half an hour.

My wife’s office has one of those fancy Keurig coffee machines that take the little “k-cup” cartridge “pods” of pre-packaged coffee portions, so it makes every cup fresh and exactly the same. They had it out in the waiting room for the patients. She’s always going on about how wonderful it is, mainly because it only takes a minute to brew a mug’s worth, and because the little k-cups come in so darn many varieties, and she loves all the fancy-nancy flavors.

So anyway, the folks at the office used their machine daily for 2 years and then it stopped working. Turns out they never once cleaned out the machine, or ran some white vinegar through it to de-scale the pot. She brings it home Friday and wonders if I can do anything with it. Um, thanks. I’ll look at it Saturday.

So today I went and got a gallon of cheap white vinegar and filled up the tank, wiped down the little gizmo that holds the k-cups in place, cleaned out the needles, and went over the whole pot with some detergent in a sponge, followed by a rinse and then a wipe down with rubbing alcohol. Used a toothpick and a Q-tips for all the nooks and crannies. That got every last bit of dirt, grease, and old coffee grime off the pot. I then stood there in front of the machine and ran a gallon of vinegar through this machine one mug at a time ... and then, WTH, ran it through my old Mr. Coffee pot as well, with a filter to catch any bits. 13 mugs worth. Put the hot vinegar outside for 10 minutes to cool, then ran it through both machines again. The Keurig’s instructions say to leave the machine in standby mode for 4 hours, then to run several tanks of fresh water through it. That gives the vinegar plenty of time to clean out the inner water holding tank, and then get everything rinsed clean.

While I was waiting, I looked up any issues with the machine online, and found out 2 ways to reboot the unit when things go wrong: one complex method that is the coffeepot version of the old “Ctrl-Alt_Del”, the other method tells you where to smack the machine to make it go. I like that one the best!

So I do all that cleaning and rinsing, and now the pot works perfectly, no whacking or rebooting necessary. Here you are honey, take it back to work. “Oh, no, I don’t have to. They said they’re ordering a new pot anyway since this one was broken, so if you could make this work we could keep it.”

rolleyes  Great! Hey, if they can afford to throw away money that easily, maybe they can afford to give you a raise! rolleyes

So now I have a fancy-do $150 coffee pot, that works just as well as my $15 coffee pot.

These things are kind of popular, so I’m sure several of my readers have them. Can you tell me if they make economic sense? Or if the taste is so superior that the extra cost is justified? Or they even save time? I’m not going to leave this thing in 1500 watt power eating “standby” mode all day; I’ll turn it on in the AM, give it 3 minutes to warm up, crank out 3 or 4 cups of coffee, then turn it off. That’s about how long it takes my regular pot to brew things up.

I’m going through about 8 “8-cup” pots (ie 4 mugs worth per pot) of coffee a week, which uses no more than 1 10 ounce $1.99 brick of Caribe. I think that works out to 6.2¢ per mug. Once in a while I’ll have some of the flavored decaf the wife sometimes makes in the evening, but most of the time I avoid both decaf and flavored coffees. Are these k-cup things sold in real bulk (500) so that the price comes down?

PS: old guy rant: It sucks arabica beans that we’ve been downsized so damn many times that a “pound” of coffee now only weighs 10 or 11 ounces. And a “cup” is now somewhere between 4 and 6 ounces. GTFOH. No. NO! Sorry, a pound is 16 ounces, and it fits in exactly the same size can as the 11 ounces they sell today. And a cup is 8 ounces, even though almost everyone in America drinks coffee by the mugful, and that’s a 12 ounce pour. Sure, we’re using more coffee than ever before, and drinking better coffee than ever before: today’s Mr. Coffee style drip pots use more grinds per cup than the old school percolators. They also make a better tasting cup because the water isn’t boiled through the grinds endlessly. But there is no coffee shortage. We’re just getting screwed over by the industry, and they’re trying to hide that by downsizing the packaging and by downsizing the serving size. That way we “won’t” notice that the stuff that used to cost 85¢ per pound now costs $8 per pound.

PPS - one thing that I do like about this Keurig machine is that it has adjustable water temperature. You can set it for a maximum of 192°F, and actually get a hot cup of coffee. Neither McDonald’s nor Mr. Coffee will do that for you these days.


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calendar   Friday - January 07, 2011

Come over and join in me soft-touch Britain, says foreign squatter. And so they did. Look at this.

Here’s another story on the subject of how easy it is to squat on another’s property, here in squatters paradise.
The reason I’m posting this is because there’s a somewhat newer twist.

There are something like 14 or 15 photos that go with this article.

At first, when I read the hard copy this morning I was really angry with the slobs. Still not happy with them but, the reason they’re here and doing what you will read and see for yourself is .... the UK system of law that makes it so easy.  Called “Squatters Rights” I do believe. If wrong, Lyndon will correct me I know.

These folks are enabled and indeed encouraged by a lax and outdated system. They’ve no money we know of and no worries about the law (which I believe they know) or anyone coming after them with a gun.  So then, anyone surprised that they’re “Doin’ what comes naturally?”

This sort of thing could of course be stopped dead in it’s tracks very quickly. Take em out, tie em to stakes and burn slowly to the music of Spike Jones playing “My Old Flame.” Make a video, with sound naturally, and distribute to those places where they come from. In fact, make it public enough so that any would be squatters would know the eventual price of their (brief) squat. 
No need then for court time, no need for lawyers and appeals and judges having to pontificate. The savings in legal fees alone would be well worth it.

Oh yeah, I’d also send a bill to their home countries for waste disposal.

Come over and join in me soft-touch Britain, says the Latvian who traveled 1,500miles and ended up squatting in a £6m mansion

By Paul Bentley

With its ten bedrooms, marble bathrooms and modern high-spec kitchen it is a property fit for a top ­executive or celebrity.

But yesterday it was home to 30 Eastern Europeans who flocked 1,000 miles to London when they heard how Britain was such a soft touch for squatters.

The gang of immigrants are living for free in the £6million former home of an ITV boss in North London.

They left their home countries and moved in after friends told them the rights of squatters are so entrenched in the UK that it would be ‘almost impossible’ to force them out.

Many of the young foreigners, mainly from Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, broke through a window of the mansion on Boxing Day and have put up legal notices claiming it is their ‘right’ to stay.

They have plastered the property with posters threatening to prosecute anyone who enters without permission.

The ten-bedroom house in Highgate was owned until July last year by John Ormerod, 61, a director of several leading UK companies who also chairs the audit committee at ITV, and his wife Pamela, a magistrate.

The warning posters, on the door and windows, read: ‘Take notice. That we live in this property, it is our home and we intend to stay here.’

Once finely decorated, the house now resembles a refugee camp, with the 30 squatters, many of whom are jobless, littering the floors with ­rubbish and smoking drugs freely.

The gang, aged from 19 to 50, have been given a court order to leave by January 19, but they boast about their intentions to stay on – if they don’t upgrade to a bigger home nearby.

It was a Latvian calling himself ‘Jason Ruddick’ who first broke into the house. He had travelled to London because he had heard it was easy to live in mansions for free in the UK.

Some of the bedrooms have marble en suite bathrooms and Jason, who moved to the UK a year ago, has set up a makeshift office in one.

The jobless 21-year-old said: ‘I knew before I came that people live in squats and have legal protection.

‘Here we have heating and electricity all for free. The bills come in the post but they are addressed to the old owners. We don’t pay them.

‘There are four floors in the house. Ten bedrooms. There are three bathrooms with bathtubs and showers, a kitchen with all the cooking facilities, heating – and all the utilities are on. And there is a big garden with a swing. It’s really expensive to live in such a big house if you have to pay for it. But in the UK we get everything for free. Even food.

‘We always have a full fridge. We go to Iceland and get all the good food from the rubbish bins. It’s called “skipping”. We get sausage rolls, pies and beer from there. When one can is damaged they throw out the whole pack. It’s easy. I like it in Highgate. The area is nice. It is close to Hampstead Heath. If they make me leave I will find a bigger place in the area.’

Jason is from the Latvian capital of Riga, where he also did not work.

He said he chose to come to England because in other countries squatters are routinely arrested and hauled before the courts.

‘Here I can live in a big house for free,’ he said. ‘I was the first one here but I told all my friends about it. We tell everyone back home about it.’

PHOTOS HERE Lots of em.


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eye candy

Beautiful at 50.


Not easy passing up another photo of:

So if one is good, two must be 2wice as nice.

Gee, now I’ll never be able to see a photo of this Indian beauty without wondering who she’s trying to distract on stage.


See More Below The Fold


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Sir John Owen RIP

Sir John Owen, who has died aged 85, was a much admired High Court judge and presided at a number of ground-breaking cases.
Charming, even-handed and compassionate, he was also an exponent of Lord Denning’s judicial approach of not allowing the letter of the law to get in the way of justice.

A case in point was RvR (1991), in which Owen was the trial judge and which overturned the common law position that a man could not be found guilty of raping his wife.
The defendant was accused of attempting to rape his estranged wife after forcing his way into her parents’ house, where she had gone to live while seeking a divorce. He pleaded guilty after Owen’s unprecedented ruling that by the circumstances of their separation the wife had withdrawn her implied consent to sexual intercourse given upon marriage.

Owen’s decision was later upheld in the Court of Appeal by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Lane, who declared that this “common law fiction” had become “anachronistic and offensive” in modern society, and also by the House of Lords, where Lord Keith said that marriage was no longer “one in which the wife must be the subservient chattel of the husband”.

John Arthur Dalziel Owen was born on November 22 1925 at Stockport, then part of Cheshire. He had a religious upbringing and his Christian faith underpinned his approach to life and the law.

After Solihull School, he was commissioned in the 2nd King Edward VII’s Own Gurkha Rifles, and spent two years in India in the run-up to independence, which he came to see as not just inevitable but also desirable.

On one occasion he saved his men from an angry mob by showing a presence of mind well in advance of his 21 years. Encountering a roadblock consisting of eight young virgins, dressed in white and lying in the path of his armoured vehicles, he ordered a good-looking young Gurkha to walk forward and drop his trousers.

The virgins ran off screaming and the column moved on without a shot being fired.

A kind and generous character with a lively sense of humour, Owen was an accomplished raconteur and much sought after to give speeches. In retirement, he worked hard for a number of charitable organisations.

John Owen, who died on December 9, is survived by his wife and by their son and daughter.



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bouncing about

Not much of a post, more of a “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” than anything else. So read on if you’d like to join me in my ramble. It’s a dark snowy day, so I’ve included lots and lots of links for your browsing pleasure.

My previous bit about the gallons of water and the national debt led me some Google hits on the local lake. One of those was the interesting and professionally erudite geology pages (and the next dozen pages after that) run by USGS, which reminded me that the NJ Highlands are nearby. Well now, wouldn’t that be fun if I could say that I was a Highlander?  Alas, no. Where I live now is just a couple miles south of the zone (Reading Prong), and where I grew up in NY is in the hollow between the Reading Prong and Manhattan Prong. And the Palisades - that great cliff along the west bank of the Hudson River west of New York City, isn’t part of it, even though it actually touches the west side of the Manhattan prong. No, the Palisades are a diabase intrusion that came along 200 million years later.


Ach, crivens! I just missed, twice!

Oh well. It was a nice geology lesson though, even if it was rather confusing to me. Confusing to geologists as well: New Jersey is just as complicated and messed up geologically as it is politically. This tiny state has 4 distinctly different geologic areas and has been squished, stretched, bent, chewed up and flattened down by glaciers, upwelled and sedimented on forever. Being a mess is the natural state of this state!

But I didn’t want to let go of the highlands membership dream yet, even if a few hours spent refreshing my “stoner” skills left me scratching my head trying to remember the difference between a piedmont and an escarpement, but at least I knew the latter wasn’t an escapement. I’d always heard of this place, this thing, called The Atlantic Highlands. Wazzat? I dunno, lookitup! Maybe that would be a highlands I could be part of.

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the menace that is islam … the world in danger of an enveloping cancer

H/T Hudson New York

Find the most interesting and at the same time the most worrying things on the net.

Frankly, I don’t know what to say. What can I add to things written here over the past year and more on this subject?

I’ve also been hearing more of news from home. The papers here cover the US and so does the BBC radio news. And apparently similar thinking re. diversity and muzzies and make nice maybe they won’t hurt us if we smile at em attitudes are rampant home as well as here.

Don’t much feel like I have anyplace to run anymore.  Jerry Brown’s in office in my home state. Not sure I wanna return.  Jeesh. Depressing.
Take a look.

Muslim Christmas in Europe

“Another Offense Is ‘Claiming God Has a Son.’”

by Soeren Kern

Europe’s Christmas and New Year holidays this year were overshadowed by widespread Islam-related controversies in nearly every European country—conflicts that reflected the growing influence of Islam thanks to mass immigration from Muslim countries, and an ominous sign of things to come, considering that Europe’s Muslim population is expected to double by the end of the decade that began this week.

Some of the most heated multicultural dust-ups during the December 2010 holidays took place in Britain, where a Muslim group launched a nationwide poster campaign denouncing Christmas as evil. Organizers posted across Britain thousands of placards claiming the season of goodwill is responsible for rape, teenage pregnancies, abortion, promiscuity, crime and paedophilia. They said they hoped that the campaign would help to “destroy Christmas” in Britain, and instead lead to Britons converting to Islam.

According to the posters, Christmas is also responsible for paganism, domestic violence, homelessness, vandalism, alcohol and drugs. Another offense of Christmas is “claiming God has a son.”

The bottom of the poster declares: “In Islam we are protected from all of these evils. We have marriage, family, honour, dignity, security, rights for man, woman and child.” The campaign’s organizer, 27-year-old Abu Rumaysah, wants Islamic Sharia Law imposed in Britain and says he is not concerned about offending Christians. He says “Christmas is a lie, and as Muslims it is our duty to attack it.”

Coincidence.  Last night unable to read after eyes got too tired, I’d already been reading for hours (The Tudors ), I put down my book and turned on the radio.
The subject was forced marriages among muslims and they interviewed a few women who were willing to talk anonymously. One in particular told of the abuse after the marriage.  She finally ran away and is hiding she hopes, in another city.  There are one or two women’s help groups that are active but small and they have to operate with caution.  In one country with a large muslim population, their attitudes and laws are taking precedence over what the govt., itself muslim, have tolerated in the past.  Interviewing a female member or spokeswoman for a govt. ministry, when the subject came up of arranged marriage the lady being interviewed said there were only 3,600 forced marriages out of a population of 9 million, so that wasn’t so bad a figure. She didn’t seem to be bothered at all.  So much for ....

“We have marriage, family, honour, dignity, security, rights for man, woman and child.”

The Cancer of islam folks ... what follows are my edited excerpts from the linked source below.  I left out a lot of further info for space.
So then, how are things in YOUR part of the world?  Is America paying attention? 

In Britain, anti-terror police on December 20 arrested nine Islamists, aged between 19 and 28, during a series of dawn raids in London, Cardiff and Stoke-on-Trent.

Elsewhere in Britain, a Roman Catholic grade school faces being taken over by a mosque after it was revealed, on December 28, that 95% of its pupils are Muslim. Church leaders say it is no longer “appropriate” for them to run Sacred Heart Primary School, which has only six Christian pupils. Just 10 years ago more than 90% of their pupils were Roman Catholic, but now most are of Asian origin, do not speak English as their first language, and follow Islam.

The school in Blackburn, Lancashire, could be handed to the nearby Masjid-e-Tauheedul mosque, inaugurated in July 2010 by Sheik Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, an imam employed by the Saudi government and head cleric of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Sheik Al-Sudais has been banned from entering the United States. In a 2002 sermon he called Jews “the scum of humanity, the rats of the world, the killers of prophets and the grandsons of monkeys and pigs.” He has also called on Muslims to “kill Jews and American worshippers of the cross.”

In Cyprus, meanwhile, the interior ministry began issuing new biometric passports that contain a watermark sketch of a naked Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of Love. The image is modelled on a famous statue in the Cyprus Museum in the capital, Nicosia.
But some politically correct Cypriot diplomats say the depiction of a nude Aphrodite might offend Muslims. So far, Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis has stood firm, saying he has no plans to cover Aphrodite with an Islamic-style burqa.

In Denmark, police thwarted an Islamist terrorist attack in Copenhagen just hours before it was to take place on December 29.

In Finland, the 60,000-strong Muslim community chose the Christmas holidays to complain that there are not enough mosques in the country. Muslim activists say the existing premises of the Islamic Society of Finland in downtown Helsinki are too small for the country’s rapidly expanding Muslim population.

In France, police announced an innovative new approach to dealing with the annual ritual of car torchings by Muslim youths on New Year’s Eve. Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said that this year his agency would not immediately publish the number of cars torched overnight, but rather will release the data “later in the month” in a bid to stop the “unhealthy competition” that encourages Muslim youths to raise the number of torchings year after year.

Elsewhere in France, Jean-Pierre Cattenoz, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Avignon, said in an interview with Famille Chrétienne, a Christian magazine: “We are at a turning point in the religious history of our country. Gallic families, traditionally Christian, have on average two children. Muslims families living in France, have most often four, five six children. From this we can see that France will have a Muslim majority in twenty, thirty years.”

In Germany, the incoming head of the main airport lobby group, ADV, caused a stir on December 27 by demanding that the country’s transit authorities use racial profiling to weed out terrorists at security checks. Not surprisingly, the leftwing guardians of German political correctness are fuming.

Over at the European Commission in Brussels, unelected bureaucrats have decided to abolish Christmas altogether. The European Commission, produced more than three million copies of a 2011 daily planner for secondary schools that contains no reference to Christmas, but does mention Hindu, Sikh and Muslim holidays. The calendar also notes “Europe Day” and other key dates of the European Union.

In Holland, police on December 24 arrested 12 Somalis in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack during Christmas.

Also in Holland, Radio Netherlands reported on December 22 that a Muslim fundamentalist group calling itself Sharia4Holland (not to be confused with Sharia4Belgium) has started operating openly in the country. The group wants the “flag of Sharia to blow over the Dutch Royal Palace in The Hague.”

In Spain, the city of Barcelona decided that Christmas would be a good time to announce the construction of an official mega-mosque with a capacity for thousands of Muslim worshipers. The new structure would rival the massive Islamic Cultural Center in Madrid, one of the biggest mosques in Europe. An official in the office of the Mayor of Barcelona said the objective is to “increase the visibility of Muslims in Spain,” as well as to promote the “common values between Islam and Europe.”

In Sweden, a botched terrorist attack in central Stockholm on December 11 highlighted signs of growing Islamic extremism across Scandinavia. The bomber’s widow said her husband appeared to be a “normal Muslim.”

Also in Sweden, a Coptic Christian church in the town of Agnesberg near Gothenburg was forced to close down on December 24 after receiving threats from Islamic extremists (Coptic Christians in Germany have also received threats of attack by radical Muslims and have asked for police protection, according to the German tabloid Bild.)



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