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calendar   Tuesday - December 28, 2010


I think I may have spent myself today. You know ... busy - busy and then exhaustion.  But still things to do.
Like ... posting eye candy cos something caught my eye and I got sidetracked.  Funny how pretty women can do that even when ur an old goat. They sure are distracting.  Like this young lady from Portugal. Now there’s a country we don’t associate with pin ups and cheescake and ..

Irina Shayk


image image


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islamist groups raided in three German cities, attempt to bring down German govt. charged

Has this been making any news in the US?  Surely Fox must have had it.  If not, take a look at this unsurprising bit of news.
In the days before anyone had so many hidden rights and before political correctness was imposed on a sleeping public, Germans and indeed American and Brits as well, would have known exactly how to deal with these sub-human life forms. And that’s all I’ll remark on the subject. For now anyway.

Although off topic perhaps I should just mention in passing that, it’s the snowiest December in a century in Berlin. Since we’re in Germany with this article I thought that global warming bit of news worthy of inclusion.

Islamist groups raided in three German cities

Published: 14 Dec 10 16:26 CET

German authorities on Tuesday mounted raids against two Islamist groups suspected of seeking to overthrow the government and establish a religious state, the Interior Ministry said.

The searches targeted homes and religious schools linked to Salafist jihadist group Invitation to Paradise (EZP) in the northwestern cities of Braunschweig and Mönchengladbach, and the Islamic Cultural Center Bremen (IKZB) in northern German port.

“The EZP and the IKZB are accused of opposing the constitutional order with the aim of replacing it in Germany with an Islamic religious state,” the ministry said in a statement.

The raids were part of a long-running investigation against the groups and had no link to warnings of potential impending terrorist attacks issued last month by Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, it added.

The groups reject parliamentary democracy and believe that Islamic law should replace the constitution, the ministry said.

“In a well-fortified democracy it is advisable and necessary not to wait for jihad in the form of an armed struggle before taking action against anti-constitutional groups,” the ministry said.

The raids will show whether or not government suspicions about the groups can be confirmed, it added.

A security official told news agency the Associated Press that officials had searched dozens of private homes, religious schools, a small publisher, and a store owned by EZP that sells traditional caftans and veils.

Meanwhile an EZP leader in Mönchengladbach condemned the raid, the news agency said.

“We’re sad about this raid, we haven’t done anything illegal,” Sven Lau said.

But the leader of the anti-Salafist initiative “Citizens for Mönchengladbach” told AP his group welcomed the searches.

“We are happy that the Interior Ministry moved so fast against them and hope that it won’t take much longer until the group will be banned altogether,” Wilfried Schultz said.

Residents in Mönchengladbach have held frequent protests against attempts to build a religious school there by the Salafist group, whose strict Islamist ideology has been linked to several terrorist plots.

Their message has been particularly appealing to young Muslim immigrants and converts, the news agency reported.



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unveiled, a 1-000-core-chip- will-make-desktop-machines-20-times-faster

Some headlines from the papers today and this one should interest the more tech savvy among you. Although all of us will always welcome faster PCs, isn’t there more to it?  Your ISP for example. I read that some are faster then others. 
What I can’t figure out at the moment is, if you have say EARTHLINK (ELNK) but AT&T owns the line being used, what might make ELNK any faster then AT&T?
And if there’s something they are using to make them faster, then why wouldn’t the ISP who owns the line have the same technology?
But the biggest wow thing I’m trying to understand is ... 1,000 cores?  OK, in less then a thousand words, what’s a core when we’re speaking of computers?
Can’t mean the same as the word implies, does it? But a thousand of em?  See?  I’m always awed by stuff I hardly understand.  Some ppl understand things instinctively, while the rest of us mortals must plod and scratch our heads and try harder. And feel not too bright. Sort of like a flickering light or maybe no light at all.

Scientists unveil chip which could make desktop computers 20 times faster

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:01 AM on 28th December 2010


Scientists have created an ultra-fast computer chip which is 20 times faster than current desktop computers.

Modern PCs have a processor with two, four or sometimes 16 cores to carry out tasks.

But the central processing unit (CPU) developed by the researchers effectively had 1,000 cores on a single chip.

The developments could usher in a new age of high-speed computing in the next few years for home users frustrated with slow-running systems.

The chip was able to process around five gigabytes of data per second in testing - making it approximately 20 times faster than modern computers.

The team was led by Dr Wim Vanderbauwhede, of the University of Glasgow, and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

The research scientists were able to make the processor faster by giving each core a certain amount of dedicated memory.

Dr Vanderbauwhede said: ‘This is very early proof-of-concept work where we’re trying to demonstrate a convenient way to program FPGAs so that their potential to provide very fast processing power could be used much more widely in future computing and electronics.

‘While many existing technologies currently make use of FPGAs, including plasma and LCD televisions and computer network routers, their use in standard desk-top computers is limited.


I wasn’t going to post as much of that story above as I did, but as Drew can tell ya, I tend to get quite wrapped up in things I’m not intended by nature to get wound up in. Thing is, I really love that stuff. It’s kind of like being in love with an unfaithful mistress.  Not that I have any experience with that either.

The other headline I thought I’d bring to our attention is:

The Big Thaw begins: Relief for Britons as Arctic air is replaced by balmy 12C breezes… but you’ve not seen the last of the snow

· December set to be coldest ever - a degree colder than previous record

· Fears ‘quick melt’ could lead to flooding in parts of the country

Not too bad today altho very misty and gray.  And cold. No, not a bad day at all when I think of humid summers and no air cond.


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christmas terror attack is foiled ….

Good morning or afternoon wherever you happen to be.
Back in the saddle again with stuff the papers keep displaying but it isn’t a joke. If it were, it would not be a funny one.

Reported earlier with regard to a group of sub-human muslim scum who were planning a series of murders and bombings here, well there’s now pics of some of the worthless bastards and more to the story as well.  So naturally ...

Oh yeah. Saw something and as usual I can’t find it now. Report that sadly America may now be exporting more muzzie filth terrorists then the UK. ???
Hey ... that’s what I read.  If true, then we have even bigger problems then the Brits and they do believe me have problems they are working on. They are not sitting still, even though their criminal system is no better then ours in the states.
I do not understand why these creeps can’t simply be terminated.  Look at those arrogant faces. Kudos to the people in law enforcement.  I wish though that newspapers would hold back some of the information so as to not help the enemy. Oh I forget. That’s only in a ‘real’ war. Right? 

For those who don’t know, The London Eye is a ferris wheel. A very big one and a tourist attraction.
Oh right. And speaking of which, a similar plot is uncovered in Germany where the scummy muslim filth have decided to topple the German govt. and establish a religious state. More on that a bit later. Just shows ya tho. Don’t it?

‘Plot to bomb London Eye’: Nine in court accused of planning Christmas terror blitz on the capital’s busiest landmarks

By Sam Greenhill


# Potential targets included the London Eye and Mayor Boris Johnson
# Anti-terror police arrested the men, aged between 19 and 28
# Some of the men are of Bangladeshi origin

Nine terror suspects plotted a Christmas bomb blitz in London, a court has heard.

Potential targets included the London Eye tourist attraction, the Stock Exchange and Mayor Boris Johnson, it was claimed.

The Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, two rabbis and the U.S. Embassy were also said to have been listed for possible attack.

Big Ben was allegedly visited, while the Palace of Westminster was among other key landmarks said to have received their attention. The Church of Scientology headquarters in London was also ‘observed’, it was claimed.

Targets for bombings had been agreed by the cell’s members before police swooped, Westminster Magistrates’ Court was told.

The suspects had also conducted live tests on explosives as part of their ‘unlawful and malicious conspiracy’.

Anti-terror police arrested the men, aged between 19 and 28, during a series of dawn raids in London, Cardiff and Stoke-on-Trent five days before Christmas.

The suspects sat in the glass-panelled dock as the court was given details of atrocities they were accused of planning for the festive season.

In court, the Crown opened the 105-minute hearing by spending half an hour outlining the allegations against the men. For legal reasons, further details cannot be reported.

I find that last line interesting. No details for legal reasons. Oh well if it’s something involving legal stuff ....
But it’s apparently okay right from 9/11 to now, to tell the world our ppl have the ability to listen to their phones.  I suppose that cat would have been out of the bag even without the press, given a little time.

Take a look at the likeness of these peaked nosed SOBs at the link.  Just lookin at em should prove it’s perfectly ok to terminate their breathing. I guess after a trial and a few years in prison, they’ll come out and be given benefits. And lord knows they’ll need the money cos explosives can be costly sometimes. As can guns on a black market.

source and more


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calendar   Monday - December 27, 2010

John Prescott should be used to choppy waters.

Yeah, I’m very one sided on the issue of the people who belong to the ruinous left.
Anytime I run across an unflattering photo of the people who took the Great out Gt. Britain, I can’t resist the opportunity to post a photo at their worst.

This fellow was once deputy PM and I guess as far left as you can get.  Seem he was doing a cruise ship gig recently and got sick. boo-hoo.

Considering his views or at least his public speeches, it seems somewhat hypocritical for him to have accepted a title.  The guy drips money but had vowed to stick it to the wealthy and squeeze them.  Having said all that ... I have to confess to some admiration for:

During the 2001 election campaign, Prescott was campaigning in Rhyl when farmer Craig Evans threw an egg at him, which struck him in the neck. Prescott, a former amateur boxer, responded immediately with a straight left to the jaw. The incident, overshadowing the launch of the Labour Party manifesto on that day, was captured by numerous television crews. Tony Blair responded succinctly, stating, “John is John”. However, a National Opinion Polls survey found that the incident appeared to do no public harm to Prescott, and may even have benefited his standing amongst male voters.

source: Wikipedia

Hey .. even if Mr. Evans had a legit gripe and I bet he did, the fact that Prescott didn’t roll over and make nice scores a point.

Given his early job as a ship’s steward and the ups and downs of his political career, John Prescott should be used to choppy waters.
But he may be finding his new role as a guest speaker on a luxury cruise liner surprisingly heavy going.

First of all, some of his humour was decidedly ‘below decks’ and didn’t go down at all well with his upmarket audience aboard the Queen Mary 2.
And now there are reports that Lord Prescott and his wife Pauline may have fallen victim to an outbreak of the vomiting bug norovirus.

The 72-year-old Labour peer, who served as deputy prime minister under Tony Blair, had been booked to give two talks in the ship’s theatre.

But it seems he has upset some passengers, who claimed he gave a stumbling performance, tripping over his words and losing his notes several times before launching into risqué jokes.

With Lady Prescott, his wife of 49 years, watching, he told bawdy anecdotes about his days as a steward, including the racy gifts he used to bring home for her. He told his captive audience: ‘I used to bring knickers back from the USA in boxes of seven, one for every day, didn’t I love? My favourite was the black pair for Saturday.’

Lord Prescott has been given a first class cabin on the liner. But since the speech, neither he nor his wife have been seen dining in the Queen’s Grill, reserved for first class passengers.

It is not known whether the speech so embarrassed Lady Prescott that she did not want to be seen in public with her husband, or whether the couple may have fallen victim to the outbreak of norovirus.

A spokesman for cruise operator Cunard confirmed that Lord and Lady Prescott were on board the ship, bound for the Caribbean.





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calendar   Sunday - December 26, 2010

A Double Challenge

So I’m over at McGoo’s, running down the 90 comments to his one weekly post. And I saw a note from Wicca so I followed it over to his blog, Red State Witch. Yup, there are guy witches these days. Not warlocks or sorcerers. So I cruised through a couple of posts, until I got to one about booze, which was put in there because the folks over at Hookers And Booze really haven’t done much booze reviewing lately, being far too preoccupied with the Spassfabrik Hookers. So I bounced over to H&B and found ... a totally NSFW post-holiday double challenge mid-week whatsit. Which they did not identify as such, so I stole it.


Why a double challenge? First, you have to actually find the whatsit.  Then you have to identify it. Good luck on both points, and a double challenge double hat tip to RSW and H&B. And to the never ending comment thread over at A&A II.

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Music To Be Snowed In With

imageHere is Diana Krall covering Tom Waits’ Temptation. If honey were human, it would look and sound like Diana Krall. 5’9” worth of leg, blond, voice, and talent; she’s been the driving force behind the resurgence of torch singers and jazz standards over the past decade and a half. Soft? Smooth? Warm? You don’t know the half of it.

YouTube has about 20 videos of her doing this song, but I chose this one because it has the strongest and cleanest sound. Even through the PC speakers she sounds good. She’s reason all by herself to own a fantastic stereo, and nearly all of her albums are very well recorded. On the hi-fi downstairs, you hit the Play button and she comes out of the speakers, sits in your lap, and purrs in your ear while leaning close enough so that you can feel her breathe. Drambuie and butter. Nice work if you can get it, and quite the challenge because she’s managing to play the piano at the very same time!

Ms. Krall has been married to Elvis Costello for 7 years now, and they have twin boys who just turned 4. I’m pretty sure they live somewhere up in Canada when they aren’t bopping around Mahattan. Who really cares? And honestly, I’d love her work if she looked like Barney the Dinosaur. But I’m so glad she doesn’t.


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Run Away!!

Yup, plans change. We got home here at 5 after midnight. That was not the original plan, but the weather wienies are going nuts. A “perfect storm” of 3 different snow systems is coming together “much faster than anticipated” and is going to hammer the Philly - NY - Boston corridor but good. Expectations of a foot and a half, maybe more.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A rare white Christmas in parts of the South was complicating life for some travelers as airlines canceled hundreds of flights, while snow was predicted for the nation’s Capital and travel authorities warned of potentially dangerous roads.

The National Weather Service said the storm could bring 6 to 10 inches of snow to the Washington region, beginning Sunday. The Weather Service was also forecasting possible Sunday snow for the New York and Boston areas, with overnight temperatures in the 20s and wind gusts up to 30 mph.

This must be an old weather post from Fox News today.

So we figured we’d be better off home, so after a few cups of coffee and a little post-dinner rest we got back on the highway and drove. Traffic wasn’t too bad, only a few holiday crazy folks. I really wanted to stay over, but the weather is the boss this time of year, and you do what you have to do.

Somehow I think my cousin’s plan to drive tomorrow from his home in Marblehead MA across NY to his sister’s place outside of Syracuse NY and then down to my uncle’s in Binghamton NY isn’t really going to work. A foot or two of snow can change your plans.

OTOH, if it doesn’t now snow like mad, I’m gonna be miffed. But I’ll be miffed here and just go and do my Sunday job, versus being up there and having to worry whether the storm will hit while I’m trying to drive back here with 2 million other post holiday drivers out on the roads. Yeah, I think we made the right decision.

Snow will spread east from the Tennessee Valley into the Carolinas Christmas Day, continuing into Sunday. Below are the accumulations we are forecasting with the heaviest totals expected to fall over North Carolina, including Raleigh and Charlotte.
From there, the storm rapidly intensifies just off the Mid-Atlantic coast. Snow will spread northward from southern Va. and the southern Delmarva Peninsula early Sunday morning into southern New England, Long Island, and the Delaware Valley by midday Sunday. This includes most of the Northeast Megalopolis, particularly New York City and Boston.

There remains uncertainty with the exact low track, which could keep the greatest snows east of Baltimore and Washington, D.C..

Sunday afternoon and evening, snow will intensify in southern New England. At this time, the period of heaviest snow appears to fall in the NYC metro area Sunday afternoon & early evening, and in the Boston metro area Sunday night. Expect maximum travel impact during these times!
Monday morning, heavy, wind-driven snow will continue in New England, including the Boston metro area. Lighter, “wrap-around” snow will linger, then end around midday from New York City southward along the Jersey shore.
Late Monday afternoon into Monday night, the most significant snow will pull into Maine. However, strong northwest winds in the storm’s wake could produce areas of blowing and drifting snow, making travel by car still quite difficult.

Yeah, this report is a bit more up to date than the first one.



We snagged all sorts of leftovers on our way out the door, including about 5 pounds of glazed ham. That may have been a good idea.

Very tired now. Long day. And so to bed. Merry Day After, and I’ll post when I can.


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calendar   Saturday - December 25, 2010

stunning images show US troops repelling a Taliban attack on a combat post, DEC. 25, 2010

Just came across my puter ...

We can be proud.  I’d love to see or hear what some of these grunts would say to the jerks who’ve made anti American comments following this article.

See more full screen HERE

Pfc. Kyle Garcia from Ridgefield, Wash., from left, Spc. Steven Galvin from Holstein, Iowa, Staff Sgt. Michael Bruzeis from Secaucus, N.J., Cpl. Brandon Sutton from Robards, Ky., Pfc. Nikolai Starr from San Antonio, Texas, and PV2 Thomas Alexander from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., of the 2nd Platoon Bravo Company 2-327 Infantry pose with a Christmas message at Combat Out Post Badel



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However, a very special and large THANK YOU to our regulars because without you loyal folks, we might not exist at all. 


Today is a day I thought I would take off and take a rest from the year’s madness. The stories that disturb and anger, the politics etc. Soon enough we’ll get back to that.  BUT .... something current came up this morning and don’t you know ... I feel compelled to share it. NOT because it’ll stir up any angst, but rather it might make you laugh out loud.  It had that effect on me. I think you will smile as well.  Not even an entire article. Just a brief line.  Here’s the headline.


Scientists now say that Melting sea ice is to blame for freezing conditions.

They don’t say exactly who the “scientists” are, but I just got a big chuckle out of that. And speaking of winter freeze and England .... here are some shots by some people.









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calendar   Friday - December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas To All

BMEWS will return after the holiday. Drew is too busy right now shopping, wrapping, doing dishes, doing laundry, gassing up the car, packing the bags and the trunk and getting ready to do the typical 400 mile 3 day holiday driving circuit.

Peiper is preparing himself for their annual Proper English Christmas. Goose and roast beef? And Christmas crackers! Jolly good!

Christopher is ... doing what Christopher does best I guess. He didn’t tell me what his plans are this year, but rest assured they will be awesome.

And to all a good night!


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calendar   Thursday - December 23, 2010

take a good look bmews … only in the west cos they they’re allowed to.

Just how much brains does it take for members of one religion, (islam of course) to go live in a Christian country and then attack the religion of the host country. AND ... get away with it.  Actually, they aren’t really all that dumb. But they know how stupid their host country has become, how weak and defenseless. 

My post is short but the article at the link below has more info.  Take a look at the poster. The muzzies have a web address there.

‘Christmas is evil’: Muslim group launches poster campaign against festive period

By Daily Mail Reporter

Fanatics from a banned Islamic hate group have launched a nationwide poster campaign denouncing Christmas as evil.

Organisers plan to put up thousands of placards around the UK claiming the season of goodwill is responsible for rape, teenage pregnancies, abortion, promiscuity, crime and paedophilia.

They hope the campaign will help ‘destroy Christmas’ in this country and lead to Britons converting to Islam instead.




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Extreme violence of this nature is rare, says a cop who should know better, or is an idiot.

Detective Constable Darcia Babb said: ‘This was an outrageous and prolonged attack on a defenseless victim by a gang of thugs.

‘Extreme violence of this nature is rare but when it does happen we will make sure those responsible are brought to justice.

Scuze me while I take some time off to figure out just what planet the lady constable is on. Not this one. Is she dizzy er what?  Crimes of this nature are most certainly NOT rare. And as for brought to justice, gimme a break. Justice?  She isn’t dizzy. She’s crazy. Gotta be. Justice?  For what these sub-humans with unpronounceable names did?  What justice? Where’s it hiding?  I saw it somewhere a long time ago. Must have got lost in the immigration shuffle along with the mad hatters that voted Labour and allowed those traitorous lefties to totally screw up the country and the police and the courts.

Take a good look at this ... and take a gander at the time these pukes will serve. A guy gets beat up this badly and some of the thugs are charged with,
violent disorder?  wtf! What’s with that?  And what the hell were the ppl in the restaurant thinking when they closed the door on the victim, afraid to allow him sanctuary. Jeesh what a fucked up world.

The way the headline reads, you immediately think they’re gonna be in jail for a long time. Not so cos it’s 20 years split up among the whole gang of punks.

Grab the link for a couple of photos of the sub-human scum. This is what England and most of Europe will one day look like.  I’m glad I won’t be around to be witness to it. But sure as hell it’s on the way. Can it be halted? Sure. Maybe. Depends on how serious the electorate get about crime. How far they are willing to go to set examples to discourage others.  Somehow, someway the people have to make lawmakers sit up and take notice.  It might be they have to organize vigilantes along the line of San Francisco in 1849.  String up a few lawyers who defend scum like these. Take out a weak judge or two. And by all means do away with some of the violent thugs who’ve been let out early and committed crimes while on release. You think I’m over the top?

In the news this week is a story of unimaginable horror.  The guy is called the Crossbow Cannibal.  He even ate one of his victims raw. How’s that for bad?
AND ...  he’s just another case where he could have been stopped had authorities not been asleep.  Another case also of some mentally deranged wacko who was deemed ok and safe to release, you got it, he killed a total stranger.  Want more?  Some punk darkie released from prison for violent crime, killed someone 6 months after his release.  You’ve heard it all before and many times I’d bet. Same crap but different names.

Just how much is the public supposed to be subjected to? And to add insult to injury, be expected to support these miserable bastards either on benefits or while in jail.  Why?  For what purpose?  Of what use can they be, unless used for medical experiments.

Gang who battered pedestrian with crowbar in brutal road rage attack jailed for nearly 20 years

By Rebecca Camber

A gang of thugs who stabbed a pedestrian in a road rage attack, torturing him with a crowbar, hammer and broken bottle have been jailed for almost 20 years.

A 30-year-old man was subjected to a brutal attack after almost being run over by a car as he left a popular Indian restaurant in Whitechapel, east London.

When the pedestrian swore at the driver in anger, he was confronted by three thugs who got out of the convertible BMW and another car following behind.

Rashel Hussain, 20, and his friends, twin brothers Jubhare and Taharak Hussain, both aged 21, battered the victim with a crowbar, causing serious injury to his left hand.

Terrified, the man ran back to Tayyabs restaurant - regarded as one of the best Indian restaurants in London - only to find himself trapped in the doorway as the doors had been locked by frightened staff.

Taharak knifed the man a number of times before running off with the others to get more weapons.

As the victim attempted to get help, stumbling towards the Royal London Hospital nearby, his attackers returned with a larger group of men who leapt on him.

Rashel Hussain battered him with a hammer, while another man, Shah Alom, 22, slashed him with a glass bottle and two others, Jubhare Hussain and Shofiqul Islam, 21, rained down punches on the defenceless man leaving him with serious neck, arm and thigh injuries.

The extraordinary onslaught of violence was caught on CCTV, which showed the bloodied victim desperately attempting to escape.

Horrified members of the public who witnessed the attack around 9pm on Sunday, May 30 this year called 999 for help.

Two police officers rushed to the scene and wrestled with the attackers, pulling them off the victim and saving his life.

Rashel Hussain was arrested at the scene while the others fled. But detectives later rounded up the other members of the gang.

On Monday they were sentenced to a total of almost 20 years at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Rashel Hussain, 20, was jailed for six years after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm and violent disorder.

Taharak Hussain, 21, got seven years for grievous bodily harm.

His non-identical twin Jubhare, 21, received a two year sentence for violent disorder.
Two other gang members, Shofiqul Islam, 21, got a two year sentence and Shah Alom, 22, was sentenced to 27 months for violent disorder.

source and more

Let me tell you just how frightened some are of the law and the police.  If you are aware of the “student” riots last month, here’s something you probably didn’t
know.  One of the very left groups, not all students btw, give points for damage to property, maybe 50 points for assaulting an officer, 100 points for injury and drawing blood. I haven’t a clue what they do with the points but what I’m saying is, does that sound like a society in control of itself? Does that look to you like a culture in charge?  Does that look like a country that’s pointed in the right direction?  Not to me it doesn’t.  Vandals do their best to rile and entangle the cops doing their job, bullying cops if I can use that term and it sure looks like bullying. But cops aren’t supposed to smack em down. It ok to spit at a cop and then sue the city if the cop defends himself cos as we all know, cops are all guilty all the time.  I really am sick to tears of all the BS flung about and the useless thugs of all colors running the show.  The state may be holding them off somewhat. But what the state is not doing, is fighting back.  They won’t even use water canon on rioters, I have read.  What does that tell you?

And I haven’t even started on the unions. I’ll leave that for another time.


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bad day at black rock? no, just the usual witch hanging in haiti.  send more money? yeah, sure.

They’d do the world a world of financial good if they just wiped out each other. What’s their purpose anyway?

I’m sure if only the white folks would do more and not hold em down .... yawn. Where’s Sharpton on this?

Haiti lynch mobs murder 45 accused of spreading cholera with sorcery

By Daily Mail Reporter

23rd December 2010

Lynch mobs have murdered 45 people in Haiti after accusing them of spreading cholera by using sorcery.

Most of the victims have been hacked to death with machetes or stoned in the streets before their killers set fire to their corpses.

The savage scenes have occurred across the earthquake-ravaged island over the last week.

Prosecutor Kesner Numa said that the dead were accused of spreading the disease in regions which had been unaffected by the outbreak to date.

‘We have had cases every day since last week,’ he said ‘People really believe that witches are taking advantage of the cholera epidemic to kill.’

Forty of the murders have been in the Grand Anse region, in the far south-west of Haiti.

While 2,500 people had died across the island since cholera broke out in mid-October, the area had been the least affected to date.

Despite millions of pounds of aid pouring in from around the world, very little has been done to either clear the devastation or begun reconstruction.


Meanwhile, idiot Frenchmen are seeing to it that their culture will be further diluted and forgetting something called genes.

Hundreds of Haitian children given chance of fresh start with adopted French families

By Oliver Pickup

These are the heart-warming pictures that show Haitian children being granted a new chance to make the most of their lives.

For these 318 youngsters are the lucky ones who will not be spending Christmas in their crisis-hit home country, but getting to know their new adopted families… in France.

The first two flights left Port-au-Prince, the Haiti capital, for Paris yesterday, after French Foreign Minister Michele Alliot-Marie sanctioned the adoptions on Saturday.

Really stomach turning, disgusting photos of white women kissing tar babies. Yuk. What are they thinking?  In time these things will turn on them. They will eventually regret this stupid bleeding heart do good addition to France, increasing the trials and troubles they already have. Stupid people. Like there aren’t any white babies in dire need anywhere in France?



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