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calendar   Tuesday - September 07, 2010

A warning from the Vatican.  Muslims will become a majority in Europe.

It isn’t new to anyone I don’t believe.  We know their birth rate is on a par with vermin. Oh, that’s a surprise. But hearing it from the Vatican who also are critical of the move in France to ban burkas and do go on a bit about muslim rights, well.  It’s an interesting admission.  And btw, why do so many of them want to settle in the decadent godless west, where women are free to do as they please, and people are free to argue with authority and even question the churches.  People in the west are even, gasp, free to not believe in any religion and even worse, say so out loud.  All this freedom ....  What muzzie would want that for their children?
This is really an awful place all you true believers in islam.  And oh btw, we eat pork and like dogs. We even have dog shows. And show pigs too. Yeah really.
You’re right.  Go home now while you can still save yourselves from damnation and the insidious temptation of western culture.

oh say ... on the way out, please take the Romas with you. Thanks.

image WOOF!

European Christians must have more children or face the prospect of the continent becoming Islamised, a senior Vatican official has said.

By Simon Caldwell
talian Father Piero Gheddo said that the low birth rate among indigenous Europeans combined with an unprecedented wave of Muslim immigrants with large families could see Europe becoming dominated by Islam in the space of a few generations.

“The challenge must be taken seriously,” said Father Gheddo, of the Vatican’s Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions.
“Certainly from a demographic point of view, as it is clear to everyone that Italians are decreasing by 120,000 or 130,000 persons a year because of abortion and broken families – while among the more than 200,000 legal immigrants a year in Italy, more than half are Muslims and Muslim families, which have a much higher level of growth.”

He said: “Newspapers and television programmes never speak of this. However, an answer must be given above all in the religious and cultural fields and in the area of identity.”

The priest blamed Christians for failing to live up to their own beliefs and helping to create a “religious vacuum” which was being filled by Islam.
He predicted that Islam would “sooner rather than later conquer the majority in Europe”.




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What about my human rights, asks woman beaten unconscious ….

Should you need any further proof that the world has become a most illogical place where down has become up etc., this maddening course of judicial madness, what other word can be used here, sums things up pretty well.

Of course it isn’t the only story like it where the “rights” of the criminal creep are zealously guarded while the victim cowers in fear, frustration, disillusionment and anger.  I’d bet any one of us could come up with something like this at least once a day, in almost any country in the world today. Let me amend that. In all western countries.  And ain’t this a bitch.  Western countries as I write this are trying their hardest to turn China away from the death penalty. They are trying to convince the Chinese that our way of criminal justice is better then theirs.  Hmmm. Don’t know. Maybe.  It’s sure better for the criminals and that’s a certainty.

Read on.

What about my human rights, asks woman beaten unconscious by asylum-seeker ex-lover freed by immigration judge

By Katherine Faulkner

A dangerous criminal who has no legal right to be in Britain has gone on the run after a judge ruled that to detain him would violate his human rights.
Failed asylum seeker Kawa ali Azad, who carries knives and is described by his ex-partner as ‘completely unbalanced,’ was granted his freedom from an immigration centre in March.

Azad, an Iraqi Kurd, who has six convictions for violence, immediately breached the bail terms of the release by failing to appear at a police station to have an electronic tag fitted.
He then breached a lifetime restraining order by making threats against his ex-partner. Police have had to move her and their son and give them a new identity because of his repeated harassment.

Azad, 34, has now been on the run for more than five months – and police admit they have no idea where he is.
They are so concerned about the risk he poses to his ex-partner Tania Doherty that she has been ordered not to visit family and friends and to carry an ‘abduction pack’ with the details and DNA of her son of four, in case he is snatched.

Miss Doherty, whose new name cannot be disclosed, says she is terrified he will return to kidnap their son or hurt her family – both of which he has threatened.
‘I just cannot believe he was released,’ she says. ‘I am disgusted.

‘He has attacked me in broad daylight and threatened to kill me and members of my family. I really fear for my son.’
Azad has been convicted of a string of violent offences, as well as dangerous driving, since he arrived in Britain.

When Miss Doherty ended their relationship in 2006, he battered, harassed and assaulted her for two years. This culminated in an attack in which he beat her unconscious as she sat on a beach in Eastbourne with their son before attempting to snatch the boy.

Azad was jailed for 12 months after the attack. Following his release from prison the Border Agency tried to deport him and he was flown to Baghdad airport.

On the run: Kawa ali Azad has been on the run since March after an immigration judge freed him
But Iraqi authorities refused to accept him and he was sent back to Colnbrook immigration removal centre near Heathrow.

more story and photos HERE


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calendar   Monday - September 06, 2010

Someone please explain this to me. “ Couple fined for getting off train early” ?????

I went to check on something and saw the headline. Well naturally after seeing Couple fined for getting off train early I had to read the article. which as you see is very short and comes from Yahoo News.

A couple have had to pay a £114 fine after getting off a train two stops early.

By Paul Johnston

Emma Clark and Davyd Winter-Bates were travelling to Southampton from London with South West Trains when they decided to get off two stops early at Eastleigh.

When they handed over their tickets at the station, they were told they were each being fined £57 because they had not stayed on the train until their destination.

The fine was twice the standard fare of £28.50.

Miss Clark told The Sun: “It is utter madness. I could understand being fined if I had stayed on the train two stops beyond my destination.”

A spokesperson for Stagecoach, which owns South West Trains, said the couple had been fined because they were using discounted tickets, costing £6, which do not allow passengers to break their journeys.

In a statement, they said: “Leaving a train early is not allowed on heavily discounted tickets. The fine is double the standard single fare.”

By Paul Johnston

A couple have had to pay a £114 fine after getting off a train two stops early.

Emma Clark and Davyd Winter-Bates were travelling to Southampton from London with South West Trains when they decided to get off two stops early at Eastleigh.

When they handed over their tickets at the station, they were told they were each being fined £57 because they had not stayed on the train until their destination.

The fine was twice the standard fare of £28.50.

Miss Clark told The Sun: “It is utter madness. I could understand being fined if I had stayed on the train two stops beyond my destination.”

A spokesperson for Stagecoach, which owns South West Trains, said the couple had been fined because they were using discounted tickets, costing £6, which do not allow passengers to break their journeys.

In a statement, they said: “Leaving a train early is not allowed on heavily discounted tickets. The fine is double the standard single fare.”

YHOO I see got the story from the SUN.  Hmmmm. I always suspect things that come from that site. 
Seems kinda bizarre.  What difference should it make if they got off two stops early?  Even with discounted fares.



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How I spent my holiday

The Latest Project

Mrs. 458, having Had Enough, has decided that Something Must Be Done. The little bathroom in this place has had a carpeted floor since the unit was built 34 years ago. In all that time it’s likely that the carpet has never been cleaned, just vacuumed. Wall to wall carpet in a bathroom is a stupid idea to begin with, but par for the course here. I swear the builders went out and searched for the laziest and least intelligent people they could find to build these condos.

So it was decreed that a nice tile floor would be installed. One that was watertight and could be sanitized. So I got out the claw hammer and ripped out the carpet, pulled off the pad and all the zillions of tacks and staples that were used to hold things down, and immediately found something strange ...


The toilet appears to be resting on a chunk of 2x10 that’s been cut into the floor. Huh? What on earth for? And it’s apparent that the wood is getting a bit manky, and that there have been (or is) some bit of leakage around it. I am baffled why anyone would do this. Why not just rest the bowl on the concrete, even if a bead of caulk was needed between bowl and floor? I had an idea, but could only prove it on the next part of the job.

If you put down a tile floor, you want the floor beneath it to be both sturdy and level. We’re on concrete slab here, so the sturdy part is taken care of. But level? Well, that’s another story entirely. I got out my big level and a marker, and found that the floor slab slopes down 7/8” of an inch to the corner by the doors. And it isn’t an even slope, as the crack in the slab that runs across the whole thing testifies to. My guess is that the builders used a narrower joist under one part “by accident” or that they didn’t do a very good job (hah!!) of getting them all to the same height. That left one edge of the slab unsupported, and it cracked. And the crack runs right under the front of the toilet. So instead of sistering up a couple floor joists with the new ones laid down properly and then installing another slab, they cut out a chunk of concrete under the lav and put in a chunk of wood. The wood was probably originally a little thicker than the slab, so the toilet would rest on it. And carpet would hide any vertical offset from sight. Mr. Holmes would not approve. [ Have you seen this latest home improvement TV show? Holmes on Homes it’s called. We are in love with it. This ace builder goes around to all these houses that were built like crap, job where the contractors ran out halfway through the job, and he and his crew fix things up by doing the job right. The garbage work some contractors do is mind-blowing. And these projects passed ( or somehow avoided ) code inspection. The only way I could improve the show is if they outed the contractor and the inspector. Those folks ought to be fired, or at least shunned. Yeah, the show would need an extra big legal team, but so what? ]

So the next step is to get the floor level. We got a few bags of that self-leveling thin cement and went to work. Today we put down the first bag, to fill in the worst part of the angle. First we had to put damns across the doorways. I cut them from some scrap lumber and covered them with wax paper, and the Mrs. helped put them in place. This will keep the thin cement from leaking out. We also rolled on a good coat of that latex bonding liquid first, and let it dry overnight. This helps the self-leveling cement stick to the slab better.


Then we mixed up a 50lb bag in a big plastic tub and poured it on. The bag says the stuff will cover quite a large number of square feet in a 1/8” layer. 12 square feet in a 1/2” thick layer. Ours covered a triangular area about 30” x 48”. Call it 5 square feet. That shows you how much slope the itty bitty little 60” x 67” floor has.


There was no point in feathering the edge of this pour, or even of troweling it smoother. The next layer will cover it right up, and be about 1/4” thick. That one I’ll smooth out. The next bagful should also cover quite a bit more floor, as it will be thinner. I guess I should be prepared for that, and have the toilet out and the wood block replaced ahead of time. I’m going to buy several new wax donuts for the bowl, because this is the only bathroom we have. I want to minimize “down time”, so if I have to take the toilet in and out several times as the project progresses, that’s okay. That’s still better than begging a potty break off of the neighbors. Embarrassing.

Tiles will go on when the floor is leveled and the new concrete is dry. The bag says this stuff needs 16 hours to dry, but we’re giving it a day and a half. We’ll go visit the relatives for a bit, so at least we’ll get some holiday in our holiday weekend.


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OBIT of a Battling Brit … Only Flynn could have played this guy if a movie had been made …

And when I say “battling” oh boy is that NOT simply a matter of speech and expression.  Wanna talk about your derring do ....

A sailor with a very funny sounding name.  Kinda reminds me of A Boy Named Sue who had to be tough.

Take a look.  And btw ... the photo I placed here is a dummy made in pow camp to fool the German guards. Even had working eyes. 

Lieutenant-Commander Tony Bentley-Buckle , RIP

Lieutenant-Commander Tony Bentley-Buckle, who has died aged 88, spent the last 18 months of the Second World War as a prisoner-of-war in Germany, when he and his fellow inmates of Marlag-O, a PoW camp for naval officers in northern Germany, built a man-sized dummy called “Albert RN”.


The dummy was hidden in towels and carried in its component parts to the wash house outside the camp, where it was assembled. It was then carried back into camp in the midst of the marching men, leaving one man to hide in the latrine while the Germans made their headcount. Later the hiding man would emerge and make his escape.

Bentley-Buckle was the camp’s watch repairer and lock picker, and he made the mechanism which enabled Albert’s eyes to blink and move, giving added realism to the dummy. In 1953 a highly fictionalised version of the episode was made into a film, Albert RN, but Bentley-Buckle’s true wartime adventures, behind enemy lines in Italy and Yugoslavia, were even stranger than fiction.

Anthony William Bentley-Buckle was born on August 13 1921, a child of empire whose early years were spent in Belgium, England and Ceylon, where his father was a tea planter; he was brought up largely by his maiden aunts. Educated at Ampleforth, he was sent out into the world with a caution about “the danger of women”.

Bentley-Buckle joined the Navy in January 1939, and his first ship was the elderly light cruiser Dunedin, on the Northern Patrol between Scotland and Iceland .

So many senior officers were away from Dunedin that Bentley-Buckle, while still a cadet, was ordered to board a Swedish cargo vessel which, after examining her manifest, he decided to take into Kirkwall. The Swedish captain refused to co-operate and took to his bunk, so Bentley-Buckle took her safely through the minefields into harbour.

Vice-Admiral Max Horton (then commanding the Northern Patrol) was so impressed that he recommended Bentley-Buckle for accelerated promotion.

On another occasion, when Bentley-Buckle boarded the passenger ship Drottingholm, he puffed out his chest and put his cap at a jaunty angle, only to be greeted by an American passenger who screeched: “Gee, honey, isn’t it a crime to send kids to war.”

Later, while serving in the battleship Revenge, he broke his arm and was landed in Durban to recover. After a few weeks he was made drafting officer, responsible for selecting officers and men for different appointments.

He immediately drafted himself home and nearer to the war.

After volunteering for special service, Bentley-Buckle was trained as a beachmaster at HMS Armadillo, the combined operations school at Loch Long, and took command of G Commando, Royal Navy.

The beachmaster’s task was to take control of the beach during amphibious landings and determine, often under heavy fire, when to call in landing craft and to order troops and supplies to advance inland — at this point the beachmaster outranked everyone else.

In June 1943 Bentley-Buckle was the first man ashore at Pachino, during the Allied landings on Sicily, and his commando took charge of the beach at Reggio during the crossing of the Strait of Messina.

At Reggio he met General Montgomery standing on an amphibious landing vehicle, haranguing the troops and blocking an exit from the beach. Much to the amazement of the soldiers gathered around, Bentley-Buckle ordered Montgomery to clear the beach. “Who in the hell are you?” demanded Monty — and when Bentley-Buckle told him he was the beachmaster, the scowling general departed inland.

After reaching Termoli on the Adriatic coast BB, as he had become known, volunteered to command a mixed flotilla of surrendered Italian torpedo boats and local fishing vessels operating behind enemy lines to rescue British PoWs who had escaped from custody after the collapse of Italy.

BB undertook nine trips, six of them on successive nights, navigating his craft in the darkness to precise rendezvous between Termoli and Ancona. Asked to bring back a German prisoner for questioning, BB set up a fake road diversion. Soon a German dispatch rider on his motorbike, following BB’s signs, drove directly onto the beach where Bentley-Buckle was waiting.

On his penultimate mission he torpedoed a German supply ship, and on his last he landed near Venice a priest who claimed he could round up many more prisoners who were hiding in the city.

Bentley-Buckle was mentioned in despatches for his skill and enterprise in rescuing prisoners from the coast of Italy

He then set up a base on the island of Lucin Piccolo, on the Yugoslav coast. A week later the Germans counterattacked and, after a brief but bloody resistance Bentley-Buckle was captured and taken to Pola.

Whilst being taken inland, he jumped from a lorry and rolled into the undergrowth. He was shot in the hand but hid until nightfall, when he approached a farmhouse and — after throwing pebbles at the window — was admitted by a couple who fed him and gave him a change of clothes.

Next morning he was taken by partisans over the hills into Trieste, where he was betrayed to two plain-clothes SS officers. Bentley-Buckle promptly seized one of their pistols and shot both men, but ran into a German army check point where he was arrested.

After a brutal interrogation, which included a beating by five German SS women, he was left with a damaged hand and swollen testicles; he was scarcely able to crawl.



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Jonathan Livingston Seagull ……….

Welcome back. I think. 

Had other plans for first post till I saw this. Nice photography and I really enjoy this sort of thing.

I believe this is the second time in a matter of months that this has happened.  That is, a smaller less lethal winged warrior has landed on another bird of prey.
Maybe it happens a lot more but there are no cameras to capture the moment.
Whatever, I never tire of this.

Eagle is ambushed above for his supper above Norwegian fjord

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 11:44 AM on 6th September 2010

This is the moment a brave seagull decided to take on an eagle mid-flight in a battle for fish.

Soaring over the Norwegian fjords the sea eagle was not expecting trouble as it scanned the deep water below for a meal.

With its razor sharp beak and talons the huge bird of prey swooped down for its catch of the day.

However, before it could grab the fish, it was subjected to an astonishing attack by a seagull which landed on its back.



HERE for the final chapter ...


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calendar   Saturday - September 04, 2010

Wanted: young men, single, and free

Jobs available.

I don’t qualify: I’m no longer young. I’m no longer single. And back when I was young and single, I was not ‘free’.

No experience? They’ll accept young trainees.

If you qualify, these girls want to hear from you!

Happy Labor Day weekend!!

As usual, jobs are available, no Americans willing to do the work… grin


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Holiday Weekend


Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend, and with luck you can back to work Tuesday.


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Remember The Grace L. Ferguson Airline and Storm Door Company?  Not exactly the same but ….

Not much posting from me this wkend unless back early enough Sunday ....

Not even supposed to be here this late but ride is held up and I just HAD to get this one in.
It reminds me that this is after all, Barking Moonbats, right? Trust me, read the whole thing at the link.  BTW ... this airline doesn’t fly in the USA I hope.
Ppl use it cos it’s supposed to be dirt cheap.  Hmm. Dirt and cheap. About sums it up.  Unless forced to, and based on what ppl who have flown with this airline say about it, there’s no way in hell I’d ever fly with this group even if it were free. 

As you will read, the head guy here once suggested that making passengers pay to use the john was a good idea and he tried to push for it.
Gives you some idea of what’s out there flying these days.  Sure, I can understand no frills and budgets etc.  But this guy is beyond the pale. Here’s his latest suggestion making news here.  Although one person in comments has suggested he isn’t serious but trying to get free advertising. And I guess he is.

Let stewardesses land the plane in a crisis, says Ryanair boss: Airline wants to ditch co-pilots

By Sean Poulter

Ryanair’s ever-controversial boss has called for the second pilot to be dumped from the flight deck of aircraft to save money.

Michael O’Leary suggested air stewardesses could be trained to take over and land the plane in the event of a crisis.

The idea is the latest in a long line of cash-saving wheezes from the budget airline boss who once suggested, apparently seriously, that aircraft could fly with standing-only areas for passengers.

Mr O’Leary suggested ripping up the existing safety regime in a magazine interview.

‘Why does every plane have two pilots? Really, you only need one pilot,’ he said.

Suggesting flying a plane was little more difficult than playing a computer game, he said: ‘Let’s take out the second pilot. Let the bloody computer fly it.’

Asked what would happen if the single pilot suffered a heart attack, he said one of the cabin crew would be trained to land a plane.

‘If the pilot has an emergency, he rings the bell, he calls her in. She could take over,’ he told Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

But the idea was immediately ridiculed as a dangerous fantasy by pilots.



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calendar   Friday - September 03, 2010

That’s Earl, Folks!!!

As the rapidly diminishing hurricane Earl heads up the Atlantic seaboard, doing little to no damage, and just inconveniencing 70 million people for a few days, I thought I’d share our piece of it.

We got a tendril of the storm. One. Heading south around sunset. Slowly. Not a drop of rain, not a puff of wind.


Let’s write this one up as a good disaster preparedness exercise for everyone. 


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Banjo for a Friday afternoon

Along with a bit of harmonica, some mandolin, a bit of sitar and some tabla drumming.

What more could you want?

Oh. Ok.

... and including a sexy blond who gets at least a B+ in wiggling. One with a pretty good voice too.


Equal opportunity? Something for the ladies?

Fine. We’ll put some guy in the video too.

How about tennis pro Rafael Nadal?

Complaints? [crickets chirping] Didn’t think so.

The same tune comes in English, but I think the lyrics are better in her first language.

But hey, it’s all about the banjo. And about Peiper not speaking Spanish. So nobody tell him what “Que soy gitana” means. 


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I am not the most tech savvy person here, as Drew will confirm.  So when I find something I think is pretty easy and especially if I can handle it, I am most pleased.

It’s fair to say most everyone here is already way ahead of me concerning tech things.  Maybe you already know about this but I just discovered it for the first time and thought it could be useful to some of you.  ??  So far I haven’t had need of it for which I am grateful, so I can’t tell you if it actually works well or not.But it’s free and it looks good.  If it’s new to you as well ... maybe I’ve done a good thing posting it.

Microsoft FixIt Center.

It’s a centralized tool that gives access to ALL of Microsoft Support Center automated fixes in a single tool. Select the problem and apply their fix.

This not to say I am looking forward to problems I can solve by using this, just to see if it works. 




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One for Old Cat Man

Every time you use your cell phone, another honey bee dies


Indian Scientists: Mobile phones responsible for disappearance of honey bee

The growing use of mobile telephones is behind the disappearance of honey bees and the collapse of their hives, scientists have claimed.

Their disappearance has caused alarm throughout Europe and North America where campaigners have blamed agricultural pesticides, climate change and the advent of genetically modified crops for what is now known as ‘colony collapse disorder.’ Britain has seen a 15 per cent decline in its bee population in the last two years and shrinking numbers has led to a rise in thefts of hives.

Now researchers from Chandigarh’s Punjab University claim they have found the cause which could be the first step in reversing the decline: They have established that radiation from mobile telephones is a key factor in the phenomenon and say that it probably interfering with the bee’s navigation senses.

They set up a controlled experiment in Punjab earlier this year comparing the behaviour and productivity of bees in two hives – one fitted with two mobile telephones which were powered on for two fifteen minute sessions per day for three months. The other had dummy models installed.

After three months the researchers recorded a dramatic decline in the size of the hive fitted with the mobile phone, a significant reduction in the number of eggs laid by the queen bee. The bees also stopped producing honey.

The queen bee in the “mobile” hive produced fewer than half [the eggs] of those created by her counterpart in the normal hive.

They also found a dramatic decline in the number of worker bees returning to the hive after collecting pollen. Because of this the amount of nectar produced in the hive also shrank.

Ved Prakash Sharma and Neelima Kumar, the authors of the report in the journal Current Science, wrote: “Increase in the usage of electronic gadgets has led to electropollution of the environment. Honeybee behaviour and biology has been affected by electrosmog since these insects have magnetite in their bodies which helps them in navigation.

Tim Lovett, of the British Beekeepers Association, said that hives have been successful in London where there was high mobile phone use.

“Previous work in this area has indicated this [mobile phone use] is not a real factor,” he said. “If new data comes along we will look at it.”

He said: “At the moment we think is more likely to be a combination of factors including disease, pesticides and habitat loss.”


There has been an increase in the number of thefts of hives across the world and in Germany beekeepers have started fitting GPS tracking devices to their hives.

GPS enabled hives? Wouldn’t that EM also mess them up? Seems a little counterproductive. I’d just bolt the things down, or maybe mount them with a big spring loaded boot. Touch the hive and the boot kicks it over ... and woe be to the would-be thief when 68,000 pissed off bees come out.

But honeybee loss is a big problem.

If honey bees become extinct, human society will follow in four years

- attributed to Albert Einstein

In the US, bee keepers are experiencing unprecedented die offs of bees some losing as much as 80% of their colonies. Commercial beekeepers in 22 states have reported deaths of tens of thousands of honeybee colonies. So far the cause remains unexplained and somewhat mysterious. It is being called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and is causing agricultural honeybees nationwide to abandon their hives and disappear and raising worries about crops that need bees for pollination. It’s a kind of mass suicide in the bee world. “There have been cases where there have been these die-offs of bees before, but we have never seen it to this level,” said Maryann Frazier, a Pennsylvania State University entomologist. “One operation after another is collapsing.”

Bees have done quite well for millions of years, in the last 60 years that began to change. In recent years, beekeepers have been losing 25 percent of their hives each winter. Thirty years ago, the rate was 5 percent to 10 percent, said Keith Tignor, the state apiarist for Virginia.

Studies have suggested that the electromagnetic radiation affects the internal navigation system of the honey bee, causing it to not be able to return back to the hive. The bees then die off, because they are not able to do their normal activities. This premature dying off of the bees causes the fruits and vegetables to not grow as normal, simply because pollination does not occur. This affects the harvest, which can have a significant impact upon the world’s food stores now and in the future. This bee phenomenon has been seen all over the world from North America to Asia and this can have significant repercussions for mankind.

Cell phone use has grown exponentially for the last 20 years, and the shift to ever higher frequencies (850Mhz, 900Mhz, and now 1900Mhz) may be a factor as well. Base stations for hands-free cordless phones are 10 times more powerful than in the past.

“At the beginning of the present century, 3G (third generation) mobile phone systems became publicly available, leading to a surge in popularity of mobile phones, and many more phone towers.”

We may be drowning in a sea of electromagnetic pollution, and the bees are the first casualties.


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same old same old but a slight twist … welfare mom demands two houses.

Wouldn’t you think that somewhere along the line someone would figure out that having that many kids might be a problem on their income. Or lack of. But what the heck, the taxpayer will take up the slack.  On the one hand some of us worry about the declining birth rate among white natives, but these folks seem to be producing with no trouble at all.  In fact, that’s about all they do. Reproduce.  And their offspring will likely be no better. The hand that rocks the cradle .......

Mother of 10 living in three-bed council home demands TWO houses next door to each other ‘because we need more room’

By Daily Mail Reporter

A mother who lives in a three-bedroomed house with ten children and her partner has called for officials to give her two adjoining homes to accommodate her large family.

Donna Harrison said she has been asking social landlord Incommunities to allocate her family a bigger house for five years.

In response, the organisation has said it has a ‘very limited’ supply of homes with four bedrooms or more, several of which she has refused to move into.

Miss Harrison, from Bradford, moved into her home six years ago with five of the children and has since had another child.

She also cares for three other children, as well as her partner’s daughter. 

The 34-year-old, who shares a bedroom with a son, daughter and partner, said: ‘I can’t cope, there’s no room in the house for the kids.

‘I have got four girls in one box room. I have had to put a partition up in one bedroom so we don’t have boys and girls sharing together.

‘They are always fighting over the bathroom.

‘We have taken on three extra kids and no-one’s given us any help. Nobody helps at all and I don’t get anything for free, not even free school meals.

‘I have put my name down for a few places. When people have got ten kids they should knock two houses through for them.’

Her partner Fabian Bland, 41, a delivery driver, said: ‘When the children have their friends round it’s like a kindergarten in here.’

Miss Harrison was offered a choice of four four-bedroom Incommunities homes in 2008, all of which she turned down saying they were not big enough.

She was offered a large private sector property through Incommunities’ guarantee scheme, which she refused.

An Incommunities spokesman said: ‘Since the stock transfer of homes from Bradford Council in 2003, Incommunities has not carried out any conversions of two or more homes into one to accommodate the needs of a larger family with children.

‘Such a scheme would be dependent on two large adjoining homes both being available at the same time and also funding considerations.

‘We are actively working with the tenant and other agencies to help best meet the family’s individual housing needs. Unfortunately, larger family-sized homes of four bed and more are very limited.

‘We always advise people looking for rented family-sized accommodation to be flexible in terms of the location and also consider other housing providers.’

Bradford Council housing officer Andy Bebbington said: ‘We have been to visit the tenant to offer advice and support but there is a shortage of large social housing properties. We are taking steps to address this problem in the long term.’



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