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tats and piercings, self mutilation?  some more thoughts on the subject.

Gee, had no idea when I posted that story with regard to the moonbat job hunting with a face full of studs, that it would engender so much interest and argument.  I haven’t changed my position on the subject and I don’t suspect any of you have either.  However, I found this today and thought it explained a bit and there are links at the site with tons more info if anyone is interested.  Meanwhile, I haven’t found any follow up on the story although she apparently has Facebook and Myspace accounts. 

Tattoos and Body Piercing: Adolescent Self-Expression or Self-Mutilation?

Understanding ourselves through pop culture.
by Lawrence Rubin and Michael Brody

Lawrence Rubin, psychologist and counseling professor, is co-author with psychiatrist Mike Brody of Messages: Self Help Through Popular Culture.

Dr. Michael Brody is a practicing child and adult psychiatrist and Chair of The Media Committee of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Contemporary adolescent and young adult culture has embraced tattoing and body piercing, ostensibly as a form of self-expression. It seems that if not tattooed themselves, there are very few degrees of separation between any adolescent and someone in their life who bears a tattoo or is pierced somewhere on their body.  Sports stars, rock stars and movie and television icons are covered in images and piercings; but we expect that of them, for they are in the public eye.

When a recent news piece highlighted a young woman who received 56 star tattoos on her face after only requesting three, I was moved to ask the question as to whether this phenomenon, as well as multiple and multi-site tattoos and piercing is really just a socially sanctioned form of self-mutilation?!  I am, of course, driven to reflect deeply on this as I am after all, a psychologist and a tattooed one at that.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry released a statement in 1999 in which they listed tattooing and ‘excessive piercing’ along with picking, burning, head-banging and cutting as possible forms of self-injury.While this may seem somewhat of an alarmist conclusion to many, especially those who are tattoed and pierced, the AACAP is not the first on the block to reach this conclusion. In mainstream professional journals, including The Journal of Psychosomatic Research (2006, volume 6, issue 4), Adolescence (2002, volume 37, issue 147), The Journal of Adolescent Health (2005, volume 36, issue 4), Deviant Behavior (2009, volume 30, issue 6) and Pediatrics (2002, volume 109, issue 60), tattooing and body piercing have been associated with dangerous and sometimes lethal risk-taking behavior, eating disorders, self-loathing, substance abuse, depression and social alienation.

These findings and interpretations may well be valid, particularly for the samples upon which they are based. Certainly, we have all witnessed young people swathed in images, both benign (butterflies, roses and hearts) and horrific (skulls, demons and swastikas), and wondered “what the heck could they have been thinking...if they were thinking at all?!” And what about those who have gone to incredible lengths to virtually change their appearance by tattooing whiskers and cat’s eyes over their own, in addition to having their incisors sharpened. And then there are the real over-the-top instances where someone will surgically implant horns on their forehead, and permanently paint their faces to mirror those of demons?

Are these all instances of self mutilation, especially in the case of multiple or full-body art and piercings of everyting from nostrils, tongues, belly-buttons, earlobes and eyelids (favorites among teen girls) to nipples, genitals and everything in between.  All of these hurt, to a lesser or greater extent, depending on the place in the case of piercings and tats, and the amount of time the body is exposed to the unrelenting ink-bearing needles.  And I must admit, of the 4 tattoos I have received, they hurt! You would think; however, that a little tat here or a little ring or stud there can’t be compared side-to-side with repettitive self-inflicted razor wounds, beer chugging, street racing, and the myriad of other creative ways young people abuse themselves and flirt with danger, if not death?

Might there be alternate, less pathological explanantions for this tsunami of seeming self-desecration? At a most basic and benign level, perhaps tattooing and piercing are simply forms of self-expression, a means of marking ourselves in a society that fosters, both wittingly and unwittingly, anomie and anonymity.

Perhaps, as postmodernists might argue, this self-marking is a means of asserting mastery and control over our boides, and anchoring ourselves, quite lterally during a time of life when the only constant is change. Maybe it is not self-mutilation, but rather self enhancement and adornment, a means of saying “I am’ in a way that is heard...body bling!  And don’t forget the socio/anthropological possibility that tats and piercings may demonstrate loyalty, affiliation or be a ritualistic rite of passage. For some, it may simply be the rush of adrenaline that accompanies a self-chosen and self-controlled moment of physical pain.
You decide for yourself




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Bulletproof PC?

Sometimes the far left comes up with a good one. Well, by “good one” I mean an idea that is totally stupid but very difficult to criticize. This one makes me want to grind my teeth in rage because it’s so wrong, but it’s not going to be so easy to bust on it.

Latest Comic Book Superhero: A Muslim In A Wheelchair

Comic book fans will soon be getting their first glimpse at an unlikely new superhero—a Muslim boy in a wheelchair with superpowers.

The new superhero is the brainchild of a group of disabled young Americans and Syrians who were brought together last month in Damascus by the Open Hands Intiative, a non-profit organization founded by U.S. philanthropist and businessman Jay T. Snyder.


The superhero’s appearance hasn’t been finalized, but an early sketch shows a Muslim boy who lost his legs in a landmine accident and later becomes the Silver Scorpion after discovering he has the power to control metal with his mind.

Sharad Devarajan, co-founder and CEO of Liquid Comics whose company is now turning the young people’s ideas into pictures and a story line, said the goal is to release the first comic book—launching the disabled Muslim superhero—in early November in both Arabic and English.

Snyder says he was inspired by President Barack Obama’s effort to reach out to the Muslim world in his January 2009 inaugural address. Last month, Snyder flew 12 disabled Americans to Damascus to meet their Syrian peers, and one of their main goals was to come up with ideas and story lines for the new superhero.

Oh gag me. Maybe this won’t be so hard after all. Can you say “gross manipulation” boys and girls? How about “acts of desperation”?

Devarajan found the young people’s imagination to be quite amazing.

“Each of their ideas was so originally distinct, whether the Syrian kids or the U.S. kids,” he said, adding that perhaps because of their disabilities, the young people think as individuals without being influenced by outsiders. One girl, for example, wanted to have the power to combine the energy of the moon and the sun.

Devarajan said it was noteworthy that none of the young people wanted the hero’s power to be something that cured their disability.

“They were empowered by their own disabilities, and they should not be seen as a source of weakness,” he said.

The dozen Americans were selected after a national call for applications by The Victor Penada Foundation, a non-profit educational organization that promotes the rights of young people with disabilities. They included youths who were blind, deaf, using wheelchairs, or suffering from Down syndrome, autism, and cognitive disabilities.

The Syrians were invited by the Al-Amal school for the disabled whose chair, Asma Assad, the wife of Syrian president Bashar Assad, spent an afternoon meeting with the youngsters.

“It must be every child’s dream to create a superhero,” the Syrian first lady said in a video provided to the AP. “But I really do hope that we can bring our powers together—our human powers together—to be able to make a difference.”

Ok. I can accept RollerBoy and his super cool Wheelchair of Justice. Why not? That’s a positive message. And there is nothing wrong with a disabled superhero. Lots of people are disabled, kids included, so why not make a superhero that’s easy for them to identify with? And there is no reason that the superhero has to be a white guy. Heck, there have been plenty of superheros in the past who weren’t. Sure, make one who is middle eastern. Who cares? Granted, it’s a bit saccharin that he lost his legs in a landmine explosion, but that’s the real world. It happens, and it happens to children a lot in certain parts of the world. Awful, but real. The first issue is going to have to cover the boy’s accident, so it will be really illuminating who they show planted the mine in the first place. Want to bet the planters name is Ben-David?

But what is the point of specifically focusing on the fact that this one just happens to be a muslim? That I don’t see. I don’t think it ever played into the story lines that Captain America was Pentecostal. Is jizzlam going to play a central role in the story lines? Is his Transformer-like wheelchair named Al-Buraq or something? Does it fly like a magic carpet? Will the Silver Scorpion be out there righting wrongs by manipulating metal with his mental powers causing Jewish settlement housing to collapse? Maybe he’ll knock down skyscrapers filled with little Eichmanns just with the power of his mind. The odds that he’ll mind-ray the executioner’s sword into slag as it’s just about to behead or behand some captive being subject to jihad or sharia is pretty damn slim.

I think this is one of the more disgusting attempts of islamo-pandering I’ve ever seen. You can take the Cindy Sheehan “moral high ground” all you want, but don’t build an outhouse there and try to make us believe it’s a mansion.


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An Unusual End To An Unusual Life

Segway company owner dies riding two-wheeled machine off cliff

Jimi Heselden, the owner of the Segway company, has died after riding one of the two-wheeled machines off a cliff and into a river.

The multi-millionaire businessman, 62, fell into the River Wharfe while inspecting the grounds of his North Yorkshire estate on a rugged country version of the Segway.

The Segway is a motorised scooter which use gyroscopes to remain upright and is controlled by the direction in which the rider leans.

A passer-by found Heselden alongside his Segway in the Boston Spa area at about 11.40am on Sunday.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said today: “Police were called at 11.40am yesterday to reports of a man in the River Wharfe, apparently having fallen from the cliffs above.

“A Segway-style vehicle was recovered. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

imageThe off-road version of the Segway is their XT model. It has much bigger tires than the urban i180 model and weighs a little more. It can handle dirt and gravel roads and drive across fields. They sell for about $5000 and are good for 10-12 miles of use between charges. The Segway was invented by Dean Kamen and Heselden acquired the company earlier this year. Segway sales have been significant but not as great as originally hoped for. Perhaps under Heselden the company was set to head in a new direction.

I think this incident may be only the second Segway fatality ever anywhere. They don’t go very fast, you’re already standing up when riding, and your feet are only a couple inches off the ground.

Heselden, a former miner, made his fortune by inventing a folding cardboard box to put dirt in. Perhaps his original idea was to clean up the mine tailings areas, but the rugged box soon found widespread usage and is now known as the Hesco bastion.

The former miner made his millions from defence contracts. He created a unique portable wire cage water containment system which when filled with earth and sand proved a major defence against bullets, missiles and suicide attacks.

His founded his first company HESCO Bastions with his redundancy pay when he was laid off from the mines. The wire cage systems developed by Bastions have become standard military equipment for Nato as well as American and British forces.

The hesco barrier or hesco bastion is a modern gabion for military fortification. It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, and used as a temporary blast or small-arms barrier. One of the less heralded life- and labor-saving devices of war.

Originally designed for use on beaches and marshes for erosion and flood control,the hesco bastion quickly became a popular security device. In general, it takes far less labor to build a Hesco barrier than an equivalent structure made with sandbags.


RIP Mr. Heselden. Your invention has saved an awful lot of lives and property.


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calendar   Sunday - September 26, 2010

United Nations to appoint space ambassador to act as first contact for aliens visiting Earth

I suppose this isn’t news back in the states.  Perhaps those of you in New York and New Jersey have heard it. But I just caught this only a few minutes ago.
Now then, not being a rocket scientist or even close to that rarefied state, I really can not say for certain, can I, that there is no other intelligent life out there.
Personally of course, I very much doubt it and the old question arises.  If there are, why haven’t they been in touch?  Oh I see. Their still looking for the same thing we are. Just a matter of time before we find each other. 

Not to worry however.  Our most favorite institution in ze whole of ze verld is on the job. You betcha.
The UN has it covered.  You aren’t surprised.  The only question now is ......  what budget are they gonna allow for this?  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
And if they are out there, how can we be sure we want to meet em.  They may not conform to the si-fi image. What if they’re all liberals? 

The downside for real?  The unfunny part?  Read on. 

United Nations to appoint space ambassador to act as first contact for aliens visiting Earth

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:53 PM on 26th September 2010

If aliens ever land on Earth there will no longer be any confusion over who will greet them with the news the United Nations is set to appoint an astrophysicist to be their first human contact.

Mazlan Othman is expected to be tasked with coordinating humanity’s response to an extraterrestrial visit, if ever required.

The 58-year-old Malaysian will tell a conference next week that with the recent discovery of hundreds of planets orbiting around other stars, the detection of alien life is becoming more and more likely.


The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day human kind will received signals from extraterrestrials,’ she said.

‘When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject.

‘The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination.’

Plans to make Unoose the coordinating body for dealing with alien encounters are set to be debated by UN scientific advisory committees.

If the idea is backed it will then head to General Assembly.

Professor Richard Crowther, head of the UK delegation to the UN committee, admitted recently: ‘[Ms] Othman is absolutely the nearest thing we have to a “take me to your leader” person.’

In April though Professor Stephen Hawking warned that the alien contact, if it ever comes, may not be as friendly as has been hoped.

In a documentary, the 68-year-old scientist said he imagined aliens arriving in ‘massive ships’ and could try to colonise Earth and plunder the planet’s resources.

‘We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet,’ he said.

‘I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.’

He added: ‘It would be ‘too risky’ to attempt to make contact with alien races. If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.’

source in the twilight zone


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moonbat award to:  The London Borough of Barnet ….  this is one for the ages folks …


OK BMEWS ........
Only three months and some days left to the year.  Anything can happen to alter things, but by gosh and by golly this bit of MOONBAT nonsense just has to rate as the dopiest thing of year. 
Unless something even more pc and stupid comes along, and I can’t see it against this, I hereby nominate for MOONBAT of The Year the following jerks.

London Borough of Barnetbat my nominee but I might not have the final word.
If you have a link to a legitimate happening and site that reads dumber after you read this, then send it to us.  But I think this one is hard to beat.

The council has determined in its infinite wisdom, just what is and isn’t funny with regard to MIL jokes.  Here. Take a peek.

Sense of humour failure: Council slaps ban on mother-in-law jokes for being ‘offensively sexist’

By Chris Hastings

Have you heard the one about the council bosses who can’t take a joke?

Mother-in-law jokes, once the bedrock of British comedy, have been banned by the London Borough of Barnet because they are ‘offensively sexist’ and disrespectful to ‘family elders’.

In a council publication, staff are told not to indulge in the gags. 

The booklet, Cultural Awareness: General Problems, warns: ‘Humour can be incredibly culture-specific, and is very open to misinterpretation or even offense [sic] by other cultures. And don’t forget when you don’t know what people are laughing at, it is very easy to imagine that they are laughing at you.’

The guide, obtained by The Mail on Sunday through a Freedom of Information request, adds: ‘British mother-in-law jokes, as well as offensively ­sexist in their own right, can also be seen as offensive on the grounds that they disrespect elders or parents.’

The ban has been greeted with a mixture of anger and bemusement.

Dom Joly, the comedian, broadcaster and author, described the advice as ‘completely insane’.

He said: ‘All comedy is basically about taking the **** out of someone. You either ban it all and end up living in a place like North Korea or you leave well enough alone.’

Mother-in-law jokes have been around since Roman times. Satire VI, written by the Roman Juvenal in the first century AD, states: ‘It is impossible to be happy while one’s mother-in-law is still alive.’

As well as Les Dawson and Bob Monkhouse, the jokes are associated with a string of comedy stars including Peter Kay and Joan Rivers.

In one sketch, American comedienne Ms Rivers tells the audience she has just cremated her mother-in-law. She adds: ‘Perhaps I should have waited until she was dead.’

Les Dawson’s contributions included: ‘I can always tell when the mother-
in-law’s coming to stay  .  .  .  the mice throw themselves on the traps.’

The 12-page guide is used by Barnet in taxpayer-funded equality and diversity sessions for its staff

It also highlights other cultural differences and potential areas of misunderstanding. It says the ‘closed finger and thumb’ gesture, used by Britons to indicate something is good, is offensive to the French as they use the same gesture to signify worthlessness.

Staff are also told that travellers don’t like to bathe in still water and that most Britons would never eat dog or horse, even though they are delicacies elsewhere.

source, the sunday mail

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Friday - September 24, 2010

Tattooed woman ‘told to put bag over head by Jobcentre’.. a major moonbat award?


Or did this slag know she’d never pass muster. Look, I went looking but couldn’t get hired anywhere.  BENEFITS anyone?

How can any sane person honestly looking for work, show up like this?  And if she’s really serious, then it’s true that almost an entire generation have lost the idea of decorum, shame, embarrassment etc. Oh yeah. Common sense too.  Outside of a freak show, who would hire this disgusting creature?

A woman with 30 tattoos claims she was told to ‘’put a bag over her head’’ when she went for a job interview.


Hayley O’Neil, 23, - who also has 20 body piercings - says was also advised to ‘’stand behind a wall’’ when she asked a job centre official what post she could apply for.

She eventually left the Job Centre Plus centre in Blackburn Lancs in tears without any interviews lined up after the advisor concluded: ‘’Who would hire you looking like that?’’

Miss O’Neil, who got her first tattoo from her mother as an 18th birthday present said: ‘’I just felt so humiliated. I couldn’t believe what this guy was saying.

‘’I said I could take the piercings out but they look a lot worse when they are out.”

“The guy said: ‘on first impressions do you think anyone would hire you?’ He said: ‘look at it this way if you were to stand behind a wall - or put a paper bag over your face do you think you would have a better chance?’

“He then backtracked and tried to say that he was sorry and hoped I wasn’t offended but I was.

“He talked to me as though I was just going through a phase in my life, but this is my lifestyle choice, and this is who I am.”

However a spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions denied any inappropriate remarks had been made during the interview, adding “Job Centre Plus offers standard job hunting tips which include dressing appropriately when going for an interview or visiting a potential employer.”



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a short update of sorts on yesterday re. story of home takeover by immigrants …

This photo was added today and I thought I’d share it because ....

If the lady who found her home occupied by a bunch of immigrants had turned up with any kind of weapon, she’d have been in a jam for certain.
You can’t even threaten to go and get a knife without answering to the police.
That of course only applies to white, anglo saxon citizens who as a rule are pretty law abiding.  They are also soft targets for creeps and cops alike.

The woman shown here answered to nobody ...  And she damn sure wasn’t arrested for having a knife in public. 

the face and weapon of thieving, squatting immigrant scum. 

from the Daily Mail, UK


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sick and decaying Britain ……….

Things to do and the weather is miserable ... damp,misty English chill in the air ...  Bogged down with a project and took a break and found this. Said screw the break I just had to share this thing.  It’s mind boggling maddening. 

Earlier this week one of the top cops in the country said they’d lost the streets to the punks, who now rule. It was sort of interesting but nothing the public hasn’t known for some time. In other words, nothing new but confirmation of the known.  Especially the victims and the families of.

Today, there was an example of just how much the bastards (yobs to Brits, thugs/punks to us) really do rule.

This is the headline that went to the story.

Police ‘have lost the public’s trust’: We’ve retreated from the streets and broken our contract says Yard chief

One of the side stories that went with is is this and it is NOT the worst.

How yobs were allowed to run riot


Graham Lukes from Glenrothes is having trouble with his neighbours but says no action has been taken

‘Neighbours from hell’: Graham Lukes and his partially-blind wife Christine have seen the peace and quiet of their suburban community torn apart

In the three years since their ‘neighbours from hell’ moved in, Graham Lukes and his partially-blind wife Christine have seen the peace and quiet of their middle-class suburban community torn apart.

From the outset, the ‘dysfunctional’ family of council tenants seemed to take pleasure in making their lives a misery.

First it was interminable noisy late-night parties, then intimidation and verbal abuse.
Bags of rubbish were dumped over the fence, attracting rats.

Bottles of urine were thrown into their pristine garden, and cars were driven recklessly, at high speed, around the square outside.

Mr Lukes, 64, made repeated complaints to police and the council but no action was taken.

The children terrorised the neighbourhood - but he realised there was little point reporting the problems, so he and Christine, 61, simply had to endure them.

Then last week, in the middle of the night, a tin of pink emulsion paint was dumped over his two-year old silver Chevrolet and the tyres deflated.

Mr Lukes called the police and explained what had happened, expecting that finally some action would be taken.

Astonishingly, he was told no crime had been committed. The paint could be washed off, the officer said, and the tyres reflated.


No freekin crime?  Then WTF do they call crime here?  Oh right. My memory plays tricks.  Insulting a protected minority, burning a koran, using the ‘N’ word or the term WOG, questioning if travelers belong wherever they settle. The list is longer I believe.
Wanna hear read worse?  Some of the “dysfunctional families are .....

“PROTECTED FAMILIES.” Can you believe that?  I read but have no idea if it’s actually true.  Protected from what and from who?  The police?
But everything I have just posted above is still not the reason I stopped what I was doing to boot the puter and post this. The following is really a foul, disgusting and very sad commentary on the state of things here.  It isn’t as though this happens everywhere.  And naturally things like this will be well covered by the press. Every day. What makes it so god damned bad is that so far, it is not controlled sufficiently.  If at all.  The punks laugh when they are arrested, and brag to friends and foe alike. They are almost immune.  It’s rare indeed when one of them gets what is coming to him.  Meanwhile there is a gaggle of civil rights lawyers at beck and call to see that the rights of the thugs are not violated.  And don’t even think gun.  Just having one illegally can find you in a very bad fix.  Unless of course you’re a minority member or a yoot of tender age at 13 or 15.

This bothers the hell outta me .......

Tormented to death: Pensioner, 80, dies after she falls into manhole trap set by yobs who made her life a misery

By Daily Mail Reporter

An 80-year-old woman died after sick yobs removed a manhole cover from her driveway and she plunged into the hole in darkness.

Jenny Ward, who still worked on a market stall selling jewellery, had been plagued by a gang of youths who smashed the windows of her home and taunted her for several months.

The thugs’ campaign of harassment eventually ended in tragedy when the pensioner returned home and fell into the trap late one night.

Her cries for help went unheard for three hours until she was finally rescued by firefighters.

After spending a month in hospital and enduring an operation on her foot, Mrs Ward went to live with a relative, but took a turn for the worse and died in hospital on September 8.

Blackpool coroner’s office said Mrs Ward died after a blood clot formed in her lung caused by deep vein thrombosis.

However, friends and neighbours of the pensioner, who had run a market stall in Blackpool for 50 years, said she had never recovered from the campaign of torment and her fall into the manhole.

They have accused police of not doing enough to deal with anti-social behaviour and urged them to find those responsible.

They said that in the weeks leading up to the manhole incident she been scared to return to her home on Shetland Road, because a gang of around ten to 15 teenagers would gather regularly outside her home.

her fall into the manhole

Here’s an old lady still working at age 80.  Chances good the thugs who did this are collecting “benefits.” I’m certain you would not bet against that.
Here’s an old lady, alone and afraid because she was getting verbal abuse and she had her windows smashed by yoots.  Scum of the worst sort. This old woman didn’t deserve what happened to her or the treatment she received at the hands of criminals. She will not be their last victim.  You can take that to the bank!


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calendar   Thursday - September 23, 2010

GOP: A Pledge To America

BMEWS readers:

This is a little update on the post I put up last night.

The GOP has released the official version of it’s Pledge. It’s a 48 page Acrobat file with lots of pictures and fancy fonts and stuff; the document is 135MB large.

You can download it, or read it online, at the GOP webpage here, but with millions of other folks trying to do the same thing, it’s going to take a long time.

So I made up a quickie page and put a copy there. Go there and download it, then read it and think things through. There’s a lot more in there than the tidbits I posted on last night. This is life or death for the Republican Party, so I think it’s worth a bit of study from everyone who is going to vote.

Here is the link.

I’ve got more sanding and painting to do today, so I won’t have a chance to study it until later this afternoon. So let’s get the conversation going this evening and for however long after that it takes to decide if this is genuine and if it’s what we need or if it’s what we want.

UPDATE: I reloaded the file and made sure that it can be read if it downloads completely. It takes a while, so be patient.



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brits arrested for burning the koran. oh boy. here we go again. maybe.

Our community is one of mutual respect, says one official. Uh huh. that’s bullS. it’s enforced acceptance under law! 

Haven’t heard (yet) any of the usual put on staged muslim anger.  But isn’t arrest for a petty thing ott? Or maybe it isn’t petty.
I don’t believe there’s any crying need to burn the damn thing.  Solves nothing and I’d be willing to bet that the muslims who we see demonstrating over almost anything, are faking outrage so they can justify having fun by rioting.  Gives em an excuse.  I don’t personally care one way or another if some dudes burn it, but don’t see it as amounting to much.  What I do find interesting is that you can be arrested for it. 
Lets see, steal a persons home by moving in and changing locks. OK? Check. All clear there.
Hurt feelings violate rights? Yep. check
Burn the koran?  NO. Arrest? yep.

Something really is wrong with the picture.

Six arrested over ‘Koran burning’

Six people have been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred after videos emerged on the internet apparently showing copies of the Koran being burned.

Officers detained two men on September 15 and four more yesterday and all six were bailed pending further inquiries, Northumbria Police said.

‘’The arrests followed the burning of what are believed to have been two Korans in Gateshead on September 11,’’ the spokesman said.

In a video still accessible on YouTube, six young men in hooded tops or wearing scarves over their faces can be seen pouring petrol on a book and setting it alight, before burning another.

On the video, which appeared to have been filmed behind a pub, they cheer as the first book bursts into flames.

Northumbria Police said the men were not arrested for watching or distributing the video, but on suspicion of burning the Koran.

Gateshead Council and the force issued a joint statement to stress that community relations in the area were good.

It said: ‘’The kind of behaviour displayed in this video is not at all representative of our community as a whole.

‘’Our community is one of mutual respect and we continue to work together with community leaders, residents and people of all faiths and beliefs to maintain good community relations.’’



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eye candy

Checked mail, found this from Drew. 

Oh my, oh my.  I do like this lady.  Never saw her before I opened my mail.  Thanks Drew. Just somethin’ else to add to my lust list huh?  lol.




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Lithuanian squatters ‘snatch ANOTHER home while owner is out’ ….

America, this is what happens when lefty hand wringer, bleeding heart, pc. bed wetting liberals take control of your country and your borders. With the help of course of the EU because it is open borders we have that helps drive this.  Of course, just so you know, “squatters” here are nothing new and are always hard to dislodge.  It’s a maddening thing that brings down that curtain of red mist.

For many years, almost 20 in fact, my wife’s mother lived in fear that somehow squatters would learn of the house next door, and that it was empty all that time.

She used to keep flowers in baskets on the front porch, flowers in the windows inside, and had lights on timers in the house to make it look lived in.

The owners who lived in London were very wealthy (the daughter of the house married a Harley Street Heart Surgeon) and they kept the heat on yr round and all utilities.  The MIL would collect the mail and forward on any bills that came.  The lawn was taken care of every two weeks by a landscape service and hedges trimmed as needed.  In the winter the MIL used to take her washing next door to hang and dry as the old place had central heat.
Squatters could easily have taken the place over had they known.  And damn little to be done about it.  My wife says that in the ‘80s it was even worse. Her description is epidemic. 

The property was sold and the house shown here demolished. Very sad to see the old place go. It would have been a squatters delight had they but known.
Very large modern and ugly house now occupies the space.  All brick with stainless steel gutters and no character.

Gang of Lithuanian squatters ‘snatch ANOTHER home while owner is out’

By Daily Mail Reporter

Mother-of-one Angie Belalij, 37, claims squatters moved in to her home after she moved out to allow renovation work to go ahead

A gang of Lithuanian squatters are moving into people’s homes and changing the locks while they are out.

George Pope, 72, took his dogs for a walk and returned to find a family had moved in and changed the locks.

And now it has emerged Angie Belalij, 37, also lost control of her home when illegal tenants allegedly moved in after she left to allow renovation work to go ahead.

Police and the council say they are powerless to act unless they have a court order requiring the squatters to be evicted.

The deadlock leaves the authentic residents in limbo and facing a potentially costly court battle to reclaim their own home.

They fear bogus estate agents are watching their homes and waiting for them to go away before moving in illegal tenants.

Mrs Belalij, a mother-of-one, was having her home in Barking renovated and so moved out.

But when she returned, she says she found a family of Lithuanians had moved in. They have now been living there for five months.

‘I went round to see the builders and we found squatters in the house,’ she told the Express.

‘When I said to them “Why are you here, this is my house”, they got in my face shouting at me that they had rented it and they had rights.’

A picture taken outside the property yesterday showed a young woman clutching a sharp kitchen knife, leaning over the gate.

Mrs Belalij says the squatters claimed they were paying £600-a-month to live there.

A printed notice stuck to the window cites the Criminal Law Act 1977 and threatens to prosecute anyone who enters without permission.

Because the squatters have refused to leave, they can only be evicted if the residents go to court.

Would you not call it a home invasion robbery? Is this place fuckin crazy er what? 


Landlords cannot legally evict squatters without going to court. Police and councils have no power to act so even though squatters have no legal right to stay, you cannot physically remove them.

Landlords will have to pay up to £1,500 in legal fees to fund civil action.

Homeowners can go to the country court and apply for an interim repossession order if they do so within 28 days of their home being taken over.

A judge may grant an order which must then be served on the illegal tenants. If they refuse to move within 24 hours, they can be arrested.

The order is not permanent and a hearing will then be held before a judge to decide rightful ownership.



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calendar   Wednesday - September 22, 2010

Fool Me Twice, Shame On ME

GOP Legislative Agenda for 2010

Stained With Tea, or just Messing Their Britches?


Rank-and-file House Republicans get their first glimpse at the GOP legislative agenda tonight, one day before the leadership team showcases the plan during a press conference and small business roundtable at a lumber warehouse in suburban Virginia.

The game plan is culled together from the Republicans’ “America Speaking Out” initiative, which solicited the online input of Americans for two months earlier in the year.

The GOP plan is divided into five, distinct policy areas: 1) the economy, 2) government spending, 3) health care, 4) government reform and 5) national security.

FOX was granted the opportunity to view the document ahead of its scheduled release.

The highlights in the economic area include:

- A move to “permanently stop all job-killing tax hikes.”

- A plan to award small businesses a tax reduction of 20 percent of business income.

- A reining-in of government “red tape.”

- A repeal of “job-killing business mandates.” This specifically refers to a provision in the health care law that requires businesses to report to the IRS any transaction over $600. Small businesses argue the requirement is cumbersome.

The highlights in the government spending area include:

- An immediate reduction in all federal spending and a cancellation of all unspent stimulus money.

- A cut in government spending to pre-stimulus and “bailout” levels.

- The imposition of a “hard cap” on discretionary spending, meaning the government can’t go above a certain level.

- A request to hold weekly votes on spending cuts.

- “End TARP once and for all.” That’s a reference to the Troubled Asset Relief Program, which Congress approved to assist banks and financial institutions with liquidity in the fall of 2008.

- Demand a net hiring freeze of all “non-security” federal workers.

The highlights in the health care area include:

- A move to “repeal and replace” the health care reform law and instead approve medical liability reform legislation.

- A call to make the “Hyde Amendment” permanent. The Hyde Amendment is named after the late-Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL). Congress reauthorizes the Hyde Amendment every year. It builds a firewall that ensures that federal dollars are not used for abortion services.

The highlights in the government reform area include:

- A requirement that all bills lay over for 72 hours in the House before being voted on.

- The mandate that all lawmakers writing legislation must include a clause in the measure demonstrating that the bill would be “Constitutional” if enacted.

- An effort to prevent non-related bills from being packaged together.

The highlights in the national security area include:

- A requirement that all troop funding bills be “clean.” In other words, that legislation must be free of any extraneous issues.

- The demand that terrorism suspects be kept off U.S. soil.

- A call to impose sanctions against Iran unless certain security conditions are not met.

Some have likened this document to the “Contract With America” that Republicans wheeled-out on the steps of the Capitol in September, 1994 before the midterm elections. Republicans won 54 seats that year and secured control of the House for the first time since the 1950s.

The Contract With America was a list of ten specific bills that the GOP promised to pass in the first 100 days if they won control of the House.

The House eventually okayed all Contract With America items. But most of the 10 died in the Senate.

Looks to me like the RHINOS are in a ruckus. They want to stampede, but don’t know whether to run away or run things over. The Tea Party has them just as frightened as the Democrats.

GOOD. Put your money where your mouths are, fat boyz. We gave you the reigns with your Contract With America ... and you fucking muffed it. I’m still waiting for those term limits Newt. You worthless poser.

I want to see 500 BILLION in cuts and eliminated spending between today and November. Do that and some of you might - just might - survive the election. Do nothing and you’re gone. And that ball had better keep right on rolling for the next 2 years, and loooooong after that.

Message to the GOP: until you prove it 2400%, two dozen times in a row with NO WOBBLING EVER we are going to assume you are the same lying sacks of progressive socialist fat-cat shit that you’ve been for the past 10 years.



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No Kidding

Less ‘made in USA’ puts security at risk

The decline in American manufacturing is risking the country’s security, experts will tell a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

Manufacturing industry experts will appear at a National Security Oversight Subcommittee on Capitol Hill tomorrow to examine the effects the decades-old downturn in U.S. manufacturing may have on the country’s national security.

The committee also will examine the problem of reliance on substandard and sometimes counterfeit foreign-made parts, a dependence stemming from the drop in U.S.-made products, a depleted manufacturing workforce, and outdated technology. That reliance could place the lives of American soldiers at risk, according to information released by the subcommittee.

“We have allowed our industrial base to deteriorate for the last two to three decades. As a result, just in national defense terms, our supply lines for strategic parts and materials have been stretched around the world,” said Jeff Faux, founding president and distinguished fellow of the Economic Policy Institute.

“As you watch globalization move the manufacturing base offshore, in essence you are moving the defense base offshore,” said Robert Baugh, executive director of the AFL-CIO, “This is dangerous”.

Both Faux and Baugh will testify Wednesday.

The nation’s manufacturers are being seduced by China where they can get more for their money due to an undervaluation of their currency, illegal subsidies, and a lack of enforceable laws regarding, worker rights, and environmental and health standards, Baugh told CNN.

Said Faux, “We have a national security policy that is not connected to our economic policy and an economic policy that is not connected to our national security policy.”

I’ve been saying this for 20 years or more. It’s national suicide.

h/t to Rich K I believe. Nothing wrong with a reasonable amount of imports. But if you don’t grow almost all your own food, develop almost all your own energy, make most of your clothing, most of your medicine, and damn near all your military equipment, then your country is at risk. I’d put steel and lumber at 75% for minimal self-sufficiency too.

Amazing that CNN would run such an article. It’s like, like they’re tired of being cheerleaders for Obama’s Destroy America Now policies.


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