When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

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800 mile round trip and dead wrong.  Adventure of thick headed libtard “activist”

I don’t think about bulls much if at all. Unless they pop up in the news as something unusual.
I like animals generally, I am partial to cats and dogs. Big dogs. Not those damn small barky dogs that our newest neighbor has. 

Anyway, like the guy in this story I am opposed to bull fighting and think it’s even more barbaric then I am. And that’s saying something. I can not see the point of making an animal suffer, and I also think ppl who can watch it and get enjoyment from it are the worst of people.  So when I read about a fight where the bull gets the better of man I tend to cheer for the bull.
Now then, having said all that, I am not an “activist” of any kind.  That seems to be a new sort of professional designation.  I think most often ppl who describe themselves as such are also lefties.  It just seems to be that way. I might be wrong.  You’ll correct me if I am I know.  These self styled “activists” almost always have a sort of uniform. The wispy beards and sometimes (but not in this case) wire rimmed glasses. They often go overboard on the subject and make life difficult for others, while pursuing the object of their passion, dismissing any thought that they might , just might, be mistaken.
Like this jerk.  Here’s a guy looking for something that didn’t exist.  Typically liberal.
In fact, when informed of the error he insisted he’d read things right and remained unconvinced.  Once a libtard makes up what passes for a mind, it’s super glued there forever.  Or so it seems. 
So how can I be sure this guy is a lefty libtard?  Well, would a conservative drive over 400 miles to do this?  Maybe. But doubtful given this particular example.

The danger of taking poetry too literally

As a fervent animal lover, Paul Hurt has dedicated much of his life to exposing those he sees as glorifying bullfighting.

By Richard Alleyne

So when the Sheffield-based former teacher heard one of his prominent targets was making a public appearance in Suffolk, the 414 mile journey was no object.

Packing his van with leaflets and supplies, he set off on a two-day trip through torrential rain to picket a village literary festival where Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney was holding a reading of his poems.

He even slept in the vehicle overnight.

There was only problem, Heaney is not a supporter of the blood sport.

Paul Hurt, who spent hours protesting before his error was pointed out, was a victim of reading too much into poetry.

Jonathan Reekie, Aldeburgh Music chief executive who organised the event, said: “Mr Hurt obviously has very strong beliefs against bullfighting which I wholeheartedly understand and support.

“But unfortunately he has come to the mistaken belief that Seamus Heaney supports bullfighting and that is simply not the case.

“He is one of the world’s great poets and as everyone who loves poetry knows, he uses images and associations that are in no way meant to be literal.”

Mr Hurt, 62, a retired science teacher , is a veteran of animal protests being a member of Compassion in World Farming and an anti-fur activist.

He is also a lover of poetry and felt that lines from Heaney’s 2006 poem Tate’s Avenue and a 1976 essay on WH Auden were proof that the Irish poet was a lover of bullfighting.

Mr Hurt, 62, a retired science teacher , is a veteran of animal protests being a member of Compassion in World Farming and an anti-fur activist.



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Buggin Out


I hate you stinkbugs
Oh yes I do
I will Drione™ your ass
And Sevin™ too
I’ll watch your death throes
And think it’s swell
Oh stinkbugs
Burn in Hell

It’s that time of year again. At the end of the summer the little bastards seem to swarm, hanging out on outside walls and windows. Are they getting ready to breed? I don’t know. I don’t care. But I do know that they’re beginning to look for sheltered nooks and crannies to overwinter in. And our condo has vinyl siding, which seems to be made up of nothing but nooks and crannies.

I stepped out on the front balcony tonight and the little horrors were all over me. They are pretty heavy bugs, and each one is about the size of a dime. So you can really tell when they land on you. And their wings rustle with a deep drone ... brrrrrrr ... sounds like they’re the size of sparrows when you have one in your room at night. Ick. And they fly at night too. And they stink. P. U. Not just when they sense danger. All the time, but even worse when they get upset.

So I got out the Drione™ puffer and went at it. Did all the corners, all the little openings on the edges, all around the slider frame and underneath the toe kick. And while I was at it I must have squashed 3 dozen. You have to take that Drione™ dust on faith. It’s not a knockdown poison. You puff some out, the bugs walk through it, and within minutes - or hours, or a day or two - they curl up and die. But the poison powder also has a stimulator in it, so when the bugs get in it they get hyperactive. This makes them die faster, in theory. All I know is that suddenly they were all over the place. I’m expecting a crunchy carpet of corpses by tomorrow. At which point I’ll probably spray Sevin in the grooves for the sliding door’s glass. Hell, I’ll put up duct tape, sticky side out, if I have to. It’s war.


UPDATE: Use the right tools to do the right job. But first, know your enemy.

Stink bugs come in several varieties. There is the green stink bug, the southern green stink bug, the brown stick bug, and now we have the lousy Chinese import Halyomorpha halys, the East Asian Brown Marmorated stink bug. And it’s accidental introduction point was Allentown PA, not too far away, just 9 years ago. They have quickly spread all across the northern parts of America, right out to the Pacific Coast. That’s the kind that I have here, and they are tougher to kill than the green varieties. The good news is that around here they only breed once, or at most twice, a year. Unlike the dixieland stink bugs that can breed 5 times a year. The bad news is that they destroy crops, especially fruit, and do a bang up job on several kinds of ornamental shrubs too. The icky news is that like all stink bugs, they love to sneak into your attic and hide out over the winters. In flocks. Swarms. Satanic multitudes.

“marmorated” refers to their coloring. It means “veined or streaked like marble” and is similar to “brindled”. These particular bugs here are gray-brown, but are darker in the middle and have white spots out at the edges. So, marmorated they may be, but they still have to die.


the marmorated stink bug, another crappy import from China

A whole bunch of internet research shows me that straight up pyrethrins like Drione™ are not the best solution. Oh they work, but you shouldn’t drive screws with a hammer. Find a screwdriver. Looks like the screwdriver of choice is bifenthrin. It’s a synthetic pyrethroid that is non-toxic to people and pets when dry. Bifenthrin is a long term residual and is one of the best termite control agents on the market. It does a great job on cockroaches too. Farmers spray their crops with the stuff. Landscapers use it to control bugs in your lawn. For stink bugs, several studies have shown that a dilute strength of around 0.06% will kill these bastards with a 95% confidence level. That statistical talk for “git ‘er done”. And you get exactly that dilution when you mix an ounce of Bifen I/T in a gallon of water.

But there may be an even better way. Recent research has shown that a combination of bifenthrin and imidacloprid is far more effective than either one used alone. Imida-what? Imidacloprid is an acetamiprid. Who? It’s a neonicitinoid. What? Dammit, speak English!!  It’s synthetic tobacco juice, m’kay? Tobacco juice has been used as a pesticide ever since some colonial American took a chaw of ‘baccy and spit the juice on a bug, which up and died.

Both neonicitoids and pyrethrins kill bugs by short circuiting their central nervous systems. So they go crazy until they collapse. And twitch to death. Cool. But because bugs are much simpler life forms than pets and people, theses insecticides don’t have much effect on us. Imidacloprid is classified by the EPA as a Group E pesticide which means no evidence of carcinogenicity has ever been found. Farmers use the stuff all the time to control chewing pests that eat their crops. As far as I can tell, right now there are no pesticides on the market that combine both these ingredients, but patents have been applied for and efficacy results are turning up. So it’s really just a matter of time.

The Asian stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), also commonly known as the brown marmorated stink bug, is an insect pest that can be a significant problem in back yards and gardens. Originally from Asia as its name suggests, the Asian stink bug can damage and kill plants and may destroy fruit crops. It can also produce a horrible odor when disturbed or crushed. To protect your vegetables, flowers and shrubs, get rid of this pest if it’s infesting your property.

It has now been unexpectedly found that an insecticidal composition containing bifenthrin and acetamiprid, results in high knockdown and mortality rates when applied to general household pests. A preferred liquid insecticide composition ... is comprised of from 0.001% by weight to 0.12% by weight of bifenthrin and from 0.001% by weight to 0.20% by weight of acetamiprids .

Sweet. I like high knockdown rates. Spray ‘em and watch ‘em drop. Time for me to go out on the balcony and count the casualties. The war goes on.


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I couldn’t let this one slip by

Today is 09/02/2010. 9/02/10. 90210!

I think that calls for a Shannen Doherty picture or two. Dear little Brenda Walsh. Back before she was completely crazy. Before all those bar fights and arrests. Mostly. Even back before the boob job? Well, maybe not back that far, and some say that never happened. But back before she got the boot in season 4 for being impossible to work with*. Before the Playboy spread. But if you’re a guy and the 90s was your coming of age decade, you probably remember Where You Were. When suddenly in season 3, Brenda got boobs. Life altering television event. I have no idea what happened to this show after she left it, because I did too. Heck, I only rarely had the volume turned up anyway.


* hey, the same thing happened on Charmed a few years later. And that show was never the same either. And Punked too? I don’t remember.

See More Below The Fold


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( the title is a nice big acronym for Peiper, who loves to figure such things out )

Beating a Dead Donkey

Economic Miss Advisor Romer Retires

In a farewell speech, outgoing White House economic adviser Christina Romer touted the success of the stimulus package Wednesday and urged lawmakers not to shy away from more deficit spending to keep the momentum going.

The only “surefire” way to boost demand, she said, is to “spend more and tax less.”

That assessment, though, clashes with the claims of congressional Republicans who say dismal economic news of late underscores how ineffective the stimulus has been—and the need to change course.

You betcha: quadrupling the national debt in just 2 years is the way to go, even though we have nothing to show for it. So let’s do it again, only harder. Does the left ever have any new ideas? This is the same song and dance they’ve played a million times before. It don’t work. Not for the schools, not for an economic stimulus, not for nothing.

Coupled with a run of bad news out of the housing market, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday that construction activity dropped for the third month in a row.

August employment numbers due out Friday are not expected to show any drop in the jobless rate.

Romer acknowledged that the Recovery Act failed to keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent, as she once predicted, but said the problem was that the recession got worse than anticipated before the stimulus had a chance to do its work.

“Given our long-run fiscal challenges, any additional support should be done in a responsible way. ... Most actions, however, should be paid for over time with future spending cuts or appropriate future revenues,” she said. “But concern about the deficit cannot be an excuse for leaving unemployed workers to suffer. We have tools that would bring unemployment down without worsening our long-run fiscal outlook, if we can only find the will and the wisdom to use them.”

She listed small business tax cuts and state fiscal relief as positive measures.

What what what? Cutting taxes is a good idea? Turn in your natural hemp sandals lefty. Them are Conservative concepts.

But let’s borrow more money now, and sell our great-grandchildren’s future down the river so we can pump up some more failing leftwing institutions. Don’t worry, President Obama has sworn that, now that we’re all broke and out of a job, he’s going to make employment his “central responsibility”. You know, when he’s not too busy playing golf, or campaigning behind the scenes at more than arm’s length for fellow Democrats ... since being seen in public with TOTUS is the kiss of death.

But for the rest of you peasants who don’t dig into the news, Newsweek has you covered. Don’t you know that Romer’s plan coulda shoulds mighta worked, if only it had cost double or triple, and if only that evil genius chimp moron Bush hadn’t screwed up the works?

Christina Romer, the chair of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, marked the end of her tenure Wednesday with a speech at the National Press Club in Washington. Romer, who is credited with leading the way on the stimulus package passed in February 2009, tried to explain her thinking then and why the stimulus didn’t work as well as she’d expected. With the economy still struggling to get back off the ground, Romer leaves the post with a bit of a cloud over her head. But is it deserved?

Romer’s bleak speech—and her seeming lack of any strong ideas for fixing the situation—were enough to ruin lunch for Washington Post wiseguy Dana Milbank. But put in perspective, what’s much worse than the loss of appetite is the 4 million jobs lost over the last 18 months.

Dana Milbank, The Washington Post:
That’s not Romer’s fault; the financial collapse occurred before she, and Obama, took office. But she was the president’s top economist during a time when the administration consistently underestimated the depth of the economy’s troubles—miscalculations that have caused Americans to lose faith in the president and the Democrats.

The issue was that the stimulus was too small, says columnist Joshua Green. But that’s not Romer’s fault: she said so from the start, but her ambitions were stifled by the political operators in the White House, and the result has actually been a worse political outcome than if they’d listened to her.

Joshua Green, The Boston Globe:
Her arguments for a larger stimulus went unheeded ... The White House insists that it could not have gotten a larger stimulus through Congress, a debatable claim. But by twice neglecting to try, it has staked its fortunes on a policy that has visibly fallen short on the issue of greatest concern, the economy.

Say what you will about her policies, Jacob Goldstein of NPR says admiringly, her frankness about just how little she and her colleagues understand about the current recession was refreshing, if perhaps a bit unnerving.

Jacob Goldstein, NPR/Planet Money:
Christina Romer ... wasn’t shy about how much economists don’t understand about the nation’s economy. It’s always refreshing to hear experts admit uncertainty—even if it’s a way to explain earlier predictions that didn’t pan out.

Horry Clap. Hey, all you idiots, let’s all stand in a circle and play with guns. Surely, nothing could go wrong, right?

It’s not like the whole damn country hasn’t been telling this clown parade that they’re going in the wrong direction ...


So the wise academic had it all wrong the whole time. Who knew? Who would have guessed? [um, almost everybody with any connection to reality and an IQ higher than their shoe size?]

Here ya go ... this sums up the whole situation from beginning to end:

Romer is leaving the administration to return as an economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

( Yes, it tells us everything, including the fact that the Fox News reporter has the writing skills of a 4 year old. )


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Arabic multicultural update

I’ve been exploring the usenet groups and found a gem:

It has much that I’ve been looking for––mainly old CDs that have been lost or damaged. Stuff by Kitaro, Keiko Matsui, Coyote Oldman, etc. Hard to find around here, and most of it is out-of-print. Also tried some new items just because whoever uploaded it made it sound…interesting.

Somebody posted “Arabic fiddle. VERY GOOD!” I took a chance and tried it.

It was indeed VERY GOOD!

An album (CD?) by Vanessa. That’s all the info I had. Oh, had the album’s name––Longa V.

I searched Bing and YouTube. Found her!

Please enjoy Vanessa Nassar!

That is the kind of Islamic/Arabic culture I enjoy. The Muzzies should export more of this and fewer Jihadists. I think we’d all be better off. I also got a kick out of the Arabic ads afterwards.

A little more on Vanessa Nassar:

The beautiful young Vanessa was just nine years old when she started playing violin, her music is a fusion of occidental grooves and oriental spirits.

Vanessa is the most anticipated violin player in the Middle East. It’s not actually hard to figure out why, it’s because underneath her beautiful look, lies individual musical virtuosity and the sharpest of ears for what a global audience wants to hear.

Vanessa is an entertainer and sees no shame in that. She is a genuinely genre-defying act, willing to go beyond category to explore the joy of music regardless of the cultural hamstrings that restrict the creativity of so many classically trained musicians.

An explosive live performer, Vanessa stared in an intensive touring program that has taken her around the middle-east several times already, where she especially shined in Khmissa Festival even though she hasn’t released yet her first album and music video: Longa V composed by Sami Bitar and directed by Yehya Saade.

Her album that will soon be released is set to bump high figures into the stratosphere.

See More Below The Fold


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Just a guy with a metal dectector, ancient lantern found , estimated to be 1700 years old ..

Here we go again.  The Romans sure left a lot to be found.  Photo at the link source below.

This is for us who dig this stuff. 

Metal detector find was 1,700 year old Roman lantern

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:33 PM on 2nd September 2010

An Roman lantern made of bronze, believed by experts to be the only one of its kind in Britain, has been unearthed in a field by a metal-detecting enthusiast.
Although rather battered on discovery it has been painstakingly restored and is now on display in Ipswich Museum.

The unique artefact, which dates from between the 1st and 3rd century AD, was discovered by 21-year-old Danny Mills at a detecting rally near Sudbury, Suffolk. Mills reported the find to local archaeologists and the landowner later donated it to the regional museum.

Conservator at Colchester and Ipswich Museums, Emma Hogarth, who restored the object said it is a rare and exquisite example of craftsmanship.
Archaeologists say the British Museum in London holds only fragments of similar finds and its closest complete double was found at the Roman city of Pompeii in southern Italy.

Suffolk is known to have been dotted with plush Roman villas and country estates in the 2nd century and experts speculate it could have been used by a rich landowner to move between his villa and its outhouses at night.

photo and more

There’s that name again. Pompeii.  My neighbor was there and suggests Oct. as a good time to go.  Giving it lots of thought. Health permitting.


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Italians move travellers out and bulldoze illegal camp BUT, they pay em to leave. bulletsBcheaper

Maybe Italians too are beginning to get serious.  But paying ppl to leave, who don’t belong in your country to begin with, is appeasement of a different kind.  There’s nothing to stop them coming back.  A firing squad might work but short of that, not much else.

Damn, what a fuss was created when the Germans marched into Danzig.  Maybe the allies could have offered the Germans cash to leave the countries they invaded.

Everyone could have chipped into a pot of gold and said, here. Help yourselves but please don’t come back. 
Hey, you don’t know it wouldn’t have worked.  Nobody tried that approach. And we can all see how well it works today. uh huh.

We cannot allow these illegal camps to exist. Whoever comes to Rome must have somewhere defined to live or they must be on a legitimate site. We need to be able to control our territory.

Gypsies cleared out from outskirts of Rome following crackdown order by mayor

“The stench in the summer was stomach turning”

By Nick Pisa

Italy has become the latest country to begin a clear out of illegal Roma Gypsy campsites - just days after France began a similar controversial policy.
Twenty Roma travellers who had set up homes in camper vans and caravans were moved on from their site after being offered a paid for one way trip back to Romania.

The clear out took place at an illegal camp on the outskirts of Rome, which was then bulldozed by city council staff after mayor Gianni Alemanno announced the crackdown.
‘In order to rapidly achieve this objective we have created a special task force of 200 people who will deal with this situation. Twenty people cleared from one site have accepted a financial offer from the council to help pay for their return to Romania.

‘We have already had reports of a rise in the number of French registered cars parked at these sites.’
TV footage of the clear out at the camp at Quartaccio on the edge of Rome, showed a bulldozer knocking down a precarious looking shelter made out of wood and cardboard.
The area was covered in rotting rubbish and packs of wild dogs could also be seen scavenging for food while children played nearby as parents looked on at the destruction.

However not all appeared to have taken up the offer from Rome council with one Roma gypsy interviewed saying: ‘I’m not going to Romania. I’ll just set up camp somewhere else.

‘It’s worse in Romania - why would I go back?  ‘Lots of others ran away as soon as the council teams turned up and they will do the same as me.’

Italians view Roma Gypsies as responsible for soaring crime rates and mayor Alemmano’s ‘Operation Nomad’ as he has called it has been warmly welcomed.
Local resident Valeria Franco said:”It’s about time something was done about the Roma Gypsies.

‘The whole area was just a mess and the stench in the summer was stomach turning.’



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Global Warming Weather Report ….

I see it got to be 88 in Joisey today ....  Been pretty nice here, a warm spot found in front garden of house but otherwise, I’m wearing a quilted flannel shirt.

I’ve been telling folks it’s been cooler here last few yrs but some who insist the sky is falling say otherwise.  Maybe cooler here but hotter somewhere else. OK, doesn’t that balance things out?  What the heck, I am not taking things too seriously.

However, it transpires that I was correct, without any scientific study on my part, to just know things were NOT warmer here this summer.  Hey folks, when you’re wearing flannels to bed at night, in August, you don’t need to get any more scientific then your own personal experience to realize things are on the cool side.  Which was a welcome plus this year.

Hot it was not… farewell to coldest August for 17 years

By Ryan Kisiel

It should have been the height of summer, but was notable only for its low temperatures.

The UK has just endured its coldest August for 17 years, which was marked, say forecasters, by a complete absence of ‘hot days’.

The month also saw the lowest single-day August temperature for 23 years, with it falling to 55f (12.8c) in Edgbaston, Birmingham, last Thursday.

And several ‘notably’ cold nights were recorded last week.

An exceptionally cloudy period in the South East of England put something of a dampener on the holiday period as heavy rain fell across large swathes of the country.


On an entirely unrelated subject .....  Business section of paper reports Burger King having $$$$ trouble and can’t keep up to McDees.  Brit company said to be interested but no confirmation from them.  Yet.  Gee.  Burger King?  We live in sad times. But we can console ourselves that McD is okay. So far.


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Good way to start the day.  With a laff cos it’s all downhill from here.

This aired on the BBC in 1986, and I’m just finding it.  Bet there’s tons of gems out there just as good.
This is funny and is in the true spirit of Brit sense of humor.  Slapstick ... 

Ripped from Dutch tv show called ‘Zomergasten’


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calendar   Wednesday - September 01, 2010

A Prayer in your Heart and Money in your Pocket

I believe is was the current *sshole Attorney General Holder who stated: we are a nation of cowards about race.

The only cowards in my lifetime have been n*ggers like Eric Holder. I’ve been discussing ‘race’ for my whole 50+ years. Some of my best friends have been n*ggers. (sorry Wilfred, didn’t mean to ‘out’ you like this...) I might also add that I’ve two half-bros and a half-sis out there. So black is family to me.

This is NOT a ‘racist’ country. Otherwise, how do you explain the popularity of Oprah (okay, if you CAN explain that, get with me...), Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, and: the late, great, Richard Pryor:

Where has AG Eric Holder been? The discussion has been over for over 30 years. Do you think I’d laugh if I was ‘racist’?

So why did I post this? I just spent a few hours listening to the ‘complete Warner Bros. recordings of Richard Pryor. I’d forgotten how funny (and how vulgar) he was. It’s taken me a couple of hours to recover from my laughter…


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Sort of Thai

I am really creating some aromas in the kitchen tonight

Take 1 3/4 lb pork loin, cut into 3/8” thick slices and then into cubes. Put it in a medium mixing bowl.
Add 3 cloves garlic
1 - 2 Tsp Thai red curry base
about 3 Tbl freshly ground ginger (call it 3/4” inch ground off of a golf ball sized ginger node)
1/4 Spanish onion minced
splash of olive oil
plenty of ground black pepper

Mix it around by hand, cover, set aside. After having marinaded about an hour on the counter, stir fry the pork in a medium pan with a generous splash of olive oil. Brown it nicely but don’t cook it to death.

Start some rice. If using jasmine rice, rinse it several times first. Boil up the right amount of water, throw in 1 tsp salt, stir. Add the rice to the boiling water, stir it around 1 minute, turn off the heat and cover it. The rice is done when you can hold the sides of the pot with your bare hands, about 40 minutes.

5 fist sized new potatoes, quartered. Yukon Jacks or Easterns work well here. Wash them and boil them for about half an hour, until not quite done. Drain and allow to cool. When cool, squeeze the skins off, then cut them into smaller chunks.

1 medium head of bok choy, cleaned. About a pound. Cut off the base and chop it up. Use the greens, but discard the tips if they’re wilted. Throw it in a wok or a big frying pan and soften it for a few minutes under high heat.

2 big handfuls of fresh green beans. Wash, trim the ends off, and cut into thirds.

chunk up the rest of the big Spanish onion.

Chop up a full bunch of green onions after discarding the very bottom of the bulbs and the roots.

About 2 carrots, peeled and sliced into medallions. Or one generous handful from the pre-washed little bag of carrot “coins”.

Half a little jar of red curry base. Put this in the big frying pan along with 2 14oz cans of coconut milk. Start it heating slowly, mix it together. Add 3 Tsp fish sauce, stir. Add in 1/4 cup of Sriracha chili sauce for some heat. Add 3 Tsp palm sugar, or 2 Tsb of white sugar. Stir. Taste. Add more curry base and another splash of fish sauce. You don’t want it too thin, about like American heavy cream, and you don’t want it too salty. Add a cup of water or chicken stock. Keep heating it. If you want it a little sweeter add some Tabasco Asian sauce, which is the same as Thai table sauce, or any of those sweet & hot chili sauces in the international section of your grocery store. When it just starts to bubble, add the potatoes, the onions, the carrots, the pork. Simmer over low heat for about 15 minutes, stirring every few minutes, then add the green onions. Cook them for about 5 minutes then add in a great big handful of freshly chopped basil. Stir, then ladle out the rice and serve it up.
The carrots should still be a bit crisp, and the bok choy just softened.

Feeds 5 easily. Or 3 really hungry Thai food lovers.

Yum. It’s got some spark, but it isn’t close to lethally hot. If you like your green beans squeaky, add them a few minutes later instead. Looks like Tami only threw in half the green onions at the last minute. It still came out just fine. I would recommend adding 2 tsp of fish sauce to the marinading pork next time.


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It’s a puzzlement…

Why is it that the Leftists support Muslims?

I’ve seriously puzzled over this.

And then… as I stepped into the shower this afternoon, a possible answer came to me:

Sharia law is exactly what liberals want! Group law vs. individual law.

Follow me:

Liberals apply the law NOT to benefit the individual but to protect a group. If, as an individual, you are not a member of the ‘protected’/favorable group, the law does not apply. You’ve obviously cheated the ‘protected’ class. The SNOFU has done this constantly during his regime. Just remember how he treated the GM/Chrysler bond-holders.

(SNOFU: Situation Normal: Obama F@cked Up)

Sharia law does the same: it protects a special group, not an individual. If you are not a Muslim, by definition you’re a cheating, lying scoundrel.


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Just say NO!!

Nothing Islamic or Muslim should even be in NYC! Especially an Obamosque. Why?

Was there anything ‘racist’ on 9/11?

NO! An alleged ‘religion’ declared war on the West. Islam is not a religion; it is a political party masquerading as a religion.

However, if they want to build an Obamosque in NYC, then I demand a Catholic cathedral and a Hebrew-Jewish Temple (and, btw, a Mormon Temple) in both Mecca and Medina. I also demand unrestricted access to both ‘cities’ by non-Muslims.

Just in the alleged interest of ‘outreach’ and ‘inclusion’.


Right!… machinegun

Seriously, I just wanted to remind you, and especially those who may have been too young to remember, why we are at war against Islam (again…sigh…)

BTW, the video is best viewed full-screen. You get the full effect of the planes hitting, and the people jumping…

9-11 is coming up and we are actually arguing over a mosque being built?

Get real! Don’t argue… t’would make a nice target!


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 09/01/2010 at 03:59 PM   
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More Bowling!

Yes, yes, it’s time for winter league already!

We finished off summer league 2 weeks ago, and wound up in 3rd place ... and collected our massive $19.25 per person prize money. Killer. But it was fun, and that’s what matters.

I got out and practiced twice in the week off between seasons, and spent considerable effort trying to clean my collection of balls and get the oil out of them. Lots of detergent and alcohol later, and they may actually be Ok. A new set of fingertip inserts in one ball, and I’m good to go. I thought. No, the balls seemed to be slipping off my hand. Bad. So I got out the thumb tape tool and put some fresh tape in the thumbholes. And kept right on doing it; one ball now has 4 layers of tape inside. A loose thumb is not good. Sure, you’d think that would mean you could get your thumb out nice and easy, and that’s true. But you want your thumb to come out easy only when you want it to, not when centripetal acceleration pulls the ball off your hand. So with those extra layers of tape, I’ve got a more secure grip. And it turns out that that allows me to put a whole lot more action on the ball. I’m liking that. Nearly double the number of revs I was doing before, and I can now “git ‘er out there’ easier, several feet past the dirt and mess up at the foul line.

Result? Over the summer I was struggling terribly, and managed to drop my average down to 165. First night of winter league, where I have a 170 average, I threw a 542, which is a 180 average - 10 points better.

Then I got called in to be a long term sub for the Miller Lite Tuesday league - I’ll be bowling for free for 8 weeks, perhaps a lot longer - and the first night of that one I threw a 556, which is a 186 average. It would have been over 190, but I blew a few right corner spares. I’ve given up trying to use a special ball and a special throw for that corner, and am just using my strike ball and throw, so I have to learn the new line. Just going 6 boards to the left doesn’t work, because that puts the ball out into the dry way too soon, and it winds up coming back too much, missing either the 6 or the 10 by a frustrating hair. So I’m trying for a more centered line that’s deeper into the oil. I’m pretty close, but those 3 opens in game 2 probably cost me a 600 series. I made all of them in the 3rd game and rolled a 213.

My Monday team went 2-5, boo, poor showing. I don’t know how my Tuesday team fared. 2 of the 5 guys on the other team were bowling for average, and that league uses the 3-6-9 method for calculating entering average, plus their handicap is individual, 80%, based on a 240. Too complicated for me, so I’ll let the Secretary figure it out. But at least the Tuesday league uses your book average for the first 9 games, unlike the Monday league that just uses it for the first 3. I think using the book average for the first 9 or 12 discourages sandbagging, and it encourages getting your bowlers to practice a bit before league begins. All I know is that I’m one beer down to Rick, who was on the opposing team last night. We’d bowled together in this league 3 years ago, and we’re both subbing there now, so we went head to head for beers. He got me twice, I got him once. And that was scratch; Rick is 40 points better than I am, book. I shoulda gotta handi!

Somewhere around mid-season Miller sends the Miller girls around to all their leagues. T-shirts, prizes, free beer, and some amazingly good looking young women in really tight sexy referee outfits. Hope my subbing lasts that long!



Posted by Drew458   United States  on 09/01/2010 at 10:46 AM   
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