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calendar   Tuesday - April 20, 2010

Situation Out Of Control

Somali Pirates seize 3 Thai fishing ships, 77 crew

1200 miles east of Somalia


red dots show 1200 mile range from Somalia

Attack Number: 2010/102

Date:Sun Apr 18 2010
Vessel Type: Fishing Vessel
Location detail: 1500nm NE of Mogadishu, 230nm west of Minicoy island
Attack Type: Hijacked
Incident Details: 18.04.2010: 0200 UTC: Posn: 09:29N – 069:18E: 230 nm WNW of Minicoy Island Indian Ocean.

Armed pirates in skiffs opened fire on a fishing vessel underway and ordered her to stop. Pirates boarded and hijacked the vessel and took her 26 crew members hostage. Vessel currently heading towards Somalia.

Somali pirates hijacked three Thai fishing vessels with 77 crew aboard more than 1,200 miles (1,930 kilometers) off the Somali coast, the farthest-off-shore attack to date, the EU Naval Force said Tuesday.

Pirates have expanded their range south and east in response to an increase in patrols by European and American warships off the Somali shore.

The hijacking of the three Thai vessels Sunday was almost 600 miles outside the normal operation area for the EU Naval Force, said its spokesman, Cmdr. John Harbour.

The EU Naval Force said the attack so far out at sea was a clear indication that the EU, NATO and U.S.-led anti-piracy missions were having a “marked effect on pirate activity in the area.”

“Once they start attacking that far out, you’re not even really talking about the Somali basin or areas of water that have any connection with Somalia,” said Roger Middleton, a piracy expert at the British think tank Chatham House. “Once you’re that far out it’s just the Indian Ocean, and it means you’re looking at trade going from the Gulf to Asia, from Asia to southern Africa.”

The three vessels — the MV Prantalay 11, 12, and 14 — have 77 crew onboard in total. All the crew are Thai, Harbour said. The owner of the vessels is PT Interfishery Ltd.


Prantalay Marketing Company Limited is a big player in the frozen seafood market. Their products are sold around the world, from Tops Supermarkets in the USA to Tesco’s in England. They also supply the sushi market in Japan. For 2010 their marketing campaign in their home nation of Thailand will push the health benefits of eating fish. “Good Health, Good Brain Nationwide With Prantalay in 2010”. Hey, in Thai this is a very cool slogan! The campaign will be driven by Prantalay CEO, medical doctor, former fishing boat captain, and parent company owner Dr. Tongchai [Tavanapong] along with their new brand icon Tai Gong Tongchai, which means Fishing Boat Captain Tongchai. Sort of like the Gorton’s of Glouster fisherman we’re all supposed to trust, except this guy is the boss.


Tai Gong Tongchai, where even the fish looks happy

Um, who cares about some fish flogger in Thailand, Drew? WTF? I mention just to point out that this pirate crap doesn’t go on in isolation. The impacts of it are everywhere, right down to the frozen food aisle in your local grocery store.

With these Somali bastards striking right off the coast of India, the danger area is now 4 times bigger than it was before. Too big to contain. Too big to patrol. And with just a tiny bit more range they won’t even have to rob or hijack ships any more. They can start land raids. The Seychelles, the Maldives, the Lakshadweep Archipelago are all inhabited islands, and all either within that 1200 mile arc or just a short bit further on. So is the British Indian Ocean Territory of the Chagos Archipelago, which just happens to include Diego Garcia. You know, that remote little island where we store B-52s and a few hundred spare nukes. Guarded by 6 Airmen and a dog, because it’s in the middle of nowhere and not at all at any sort of risk.

If no nation is willing to take them out on land, then I think it’s long past time to arm the merchantmen in the Indian Ocean. Long past time. 


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I am not supposed to be here doing this at this time.  Saw this story and it just begged to be posted. OUCH!

This trip is turning into a very stressful nightmare and we haven’t gone anywhere yet.  That volcano is spewing again, our flight has not been canceled as yet but, that is because the airline(s) are waiting to the very last possible minute before announcing fly or no fly.
So here we are, tickets paid for, made arrangements to store puter at a friend’s house, there will be NO electronic check in or eBoarding Pass. Which is going to mean a hassle at the check in with a zillion other ppl.  I suggested that we put the travel off for a week but we are not allowed to do that. Well, sure we can but we’d lose all the money paid.  Then there’s the hotel in LA that’s booked.  Then it gets worse because the car and driver we use for trips like this, is due to pick us up at 7am tomorrow morning.  If we get there and then the flight is canceled while we’re there, we’ll have to find a ride back here. But if it is cancelled we can then
refuse to fly at another date. If all that happens, I’ll give some VERY serious thought to a ship sailing to an American port and fly to CA from there.
In fact, if we do get off the ground tomorrow as sched., I’m seriously giving even more thought to NOT using the return ticket. Big deal.  I’ll try and find a boat coming back to England. And the more I think about that, the more appeal it has.
Gee, I’m old enough to remember when flying was fun and the stews all looked glamorous.  Ancient history.
Should know something by 5 or 6 pm England time. Frankly, I hope the top blows off that damn thing and I can relax for another week while looking for ships.
On the other hand this story reminds of the line, “So you think you have troubles.”

Surgeon cut off testicle ‘by mistake’

A patient lost a testicle during an operation because the surgeon cut it off by mistake, a General Medical Council (GMC) hearing has been told.
Dr Sulieman Al Hourani was only supposed to cut out a cyst, but removed the whole right testicle instead.

Dr Al Hourani was a locum surgeon at Fairfield General Hospital in Bury, Greater Manchester, at the time of the surgery in September 2007.
He is accused of misconduct and also of stealing medication.

It is alleged the doctor, who is now practising in Jordan and was not present at the hearing, also injected himself with a drug meant for a patient.
Sarah Prichard, counsel for the GMC, said the mistake was made as a nurse helping the surgeon turned her back to get a stitch.

When she turned around the testicle had been removed.



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calendar   Monday - April 19, 2010

A Minor Miracle

For the first time in a long time - maybe 15 weeks - my team took all 7 points at bowling league tonight. And, toot toot toot, I have to say it was mostly my doing. Instead of some lackluster 140-160 game, I just kept my head clear and let the ball do the work, and threw really well the first two games. 69 over for a 238 in the the first, even with one open frame, and we won that one by 100. 64 over for a 233 in the second, and we won that one by 108. Both games I had 6 strikes in a row in the mid game, but didn’t pick up the 7th. Mental pressure I guess. I’ve never made more than 6 in a row, even in practice. But I converted the spare, then went back to throwing strikes. 9 of them the first game! Come the third game, we all were tired, and we all screwed up. Both teams. I was going into the third with a 471, and knew if I could roll a 239 I’d have my first 700 series ever. Ever! Duh. I let my head get in the way, and the next thing you know I’m coming around the ball, I’m pushing the ball, I’m slanging my arm around. Geex. But everybody else was sucking too, so it was a low scoring shootout until the end. I recovered a tiny bit with a mark in the 9th and XX9 in the 10th, but I screwed the pooch so badly I finished with only a 150. Still, that gave me a 621, my second highest league series ever, and only my second 600 series ever. But game 3 was very close. It was right down to the wire, last game, 10th frame. Last bowler on each side. We’re down by about 8, and our anchor Mike is on a spare. He rolled a great strike. There guy rolled a strike, but on an open in the 9th. Mike rolled another strike. Their guy hit for 8, then missed the spare and got 1. With no pressure on him, as the game was now won, Mike rolled his last ball. And it hit like a one-winged duck. 5 pins down clean, 2 wobblers, and the 4 pin spinning ... spinning ... knocked over both of the wobblers as it went off the back of the deck, but one of those pins fell into the 9 which teetered, teetered, and fell against the 10. The 10 pin didn’t fall. No, it got gently pushed off the side, and dropped just as the bar was coming down. So it was the world’s slowest domino strike; Mike finished XXX and we won that game by a small handful of pins. It was a minor miracle.

This is the next to last week of the season, so it was the first position round. We’ve had a terrible season, going from a high of 3rd to our current 12th place. Out of 16 teams. But tonight’s win of all 7 was enough to push us up and over, so if we do well next week we could wind up finishing in tenth. Which isn’t grand by any stretch, but it’s back in the middle of the pack again.

I really have to learn to make my hand behave and my brain shut up. I screw up because I try too hard; I try to force things to happen. You can’t. Let the ball do the work, and just relax. At least my approach speed has evened out, and I’m throwing my line very consistently. If I can get my release in order, I can be back in the game and get 200s all the time. Well, if I can get some better percentages on those damn 10 pin leaves. Like almost everyone else, I hate that spare. I try to throw the angle, but once again my hand gets in the way and turns the ball in. And while that might be better than dumping it in the gutter 20 feet out, a miss is still a miss. The 10 ought to be a gimme. Gotta work on that.

Summer league starts in mid May I think.


Seein as I’ll be away for awhile Drew, I just couldn’t resist this when I found it. And I wasn’t even looking but when I met her she said she was looking for you.
LOL ...
Cheers from The Prisoner


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no confidence vote?

Latest Pew and Rasmussen Polls: 8 in 10 Americans do not trust the government

Gallup Poll: Congressional Approval Up 7% - Because They Left For Vacation!!

Rasmussen: Obama IMPROVES to a -11 rating

Gosh, these don’t seem like very good numbers, do they?

Nearly 80 percent of Americans say they can’t trust Washington and they have little faith that the massive federal bureaucracy can solve the nation’s ills, according to a survey from the Pew Research Center that shows public confidence in the federal government at one of the lowest points in a half-century.

This anti-government feeling has driven the tea party movement, reflected in fierce protests this past week.

“The government’s been lying to people for years. Politicians make promises to get elected, and when they get elected, they don’t follow through,” says Cindy Wanto, 57, a registered Democrat from Pennsylvania who joined several thousand for a rally in Washington on April 15—the tax filing deadline. “There’s too much government in my business. It was a problem before Obama, but he’s certainly not helping fix it.”

Majorities in the survey call Washington too big and too powerful, and say it’s interfering too much in state and local matters. The public is split over whether the government should be responsible for dealing with critical problems or scaled back to reduce its power, presumably in favor of personal responsibility.

After twice passing the increasingly unpopular Obama healthcare legislation, both houses of Congress, both controlled by Democrats, left town recently for another of their frequent recesses.

BAM! The overall approval rating of Congress shot from its near-historic low of 16% to a whopping 23%, according to Gallup.

OK, 23% is only whopping here when it involves Sarah Palin. For Congress, it’s pathetic.

In fact, the Congress led by Democrats Speaker Nancy “I Can Get My Own Plane Anytime I Want” Pelosi and Sen. Harry “Stop Calling Me Happy!” Reid has a lower approval rating than Darth Vader from the George “I’m Sure the Iraq Troop Surge Will Work” Bush years.

Which helps explain why nearly 20 House Democrats have opted for voluntary retirement now, rather than risk mandatory layoff come the Nov. 2 midterm elections, given the nation’s apparent antipathy toward incumbents these days.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 29% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -11.


Oh, and here’s a surprise for ya: 45% - 51% of Tea Party members are Democrats or Independents!

The Tea Party adherents broke down 28% independent, 17% Democrat and only 57% Republican. Not coincidentally, this bipartisan breakdown has been the way that Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin has often described movement members as “commonsense Americans” worried and angered by the over-reaching one-party control of Democrats in Washington these last 15 months, rooted initially in opposition to Obama’s $787 billion government economic stimulus package.

A new Gallup Poll out this morning of 1,033 finds nothing fringe about self-proclaimed Tea Party adherents; they are slightly more likely to be employed, male and definitely more conservative. But otherwise Gallup’s Lydia Saad writes, “their age, educational background, employment status, and race—Tea Partiers are quite representative of the public at large.

And I’m certain that we have Obama to thank for that!


Hey, it’s a start!

PS - I have to disagree with that last quoted part, but the article is talking about 3 different polls taken this weekend. Read the new Gallup Poll yourself: it sure looks like 43% Independent, 8% Democrat, and 49% Republican to me. Given that quibble though, Tea Party folks are getting 28% approval and 26% disapproval from the population at large, and their demographics are very very close to what an “average” American looks like. Bottom line: this ain’t no fringe group of extremists. It’s you and me and our neighbors: 17% of those polled said that they are part of the movement.


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Why Isn’t This News?

Cop Killing Terrorist Militia Conspiracy Stopped - 104 Arrested

Golly, that ought to be the title I think. WTH, it’s actually true too, unlike those 8 white guys from the high plains states led by that Democrat that got busted the other week.

104 Are Arrested in Connection With Crips-Bloods Alliance

The Flocc street gang had an unusual mix of members. It formed out of an alliance, law enforcement officials said, between two groups that have traditionally been rivals: the Crips and the Bloods.

As the gang muscled its way into the drug trade in Far Rockaway and South Jamaica, Queens, and police officers on foot patrols started proving a nuisance to their business, at least one of their members hatched a plan to shoot them from a rooftop, the officials said.

On Friday, law enforcement authorities announced dozens of arrests as a result of a two-year investigation into the gang that they said tied it to at least 2 murders, 11 shootings, a home-invasion robbery and the distribution of cocaine and heroin.

The police said 104 people had been arrested and 8 were still being sought. Investigators also seized 60 guns, including AK-47s, Uzi submachine guns and dozens of semiautomatic handguns and revolvers.

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and the Queens district attorney, Richard A. Brown, stood before a table covered with guns on Friday at 1 Police Plaza to announce the arrests. One of the guns displayed was referred to by the police as a 9-millimeter assault rifle.

A what?? You mean a Marlin Camp Carbine maybe?

The investigation also led to the arrest of Farrad Smith, 23, a former correction officer who the police say was storing weapons for high-ranking gang members. Police officers searching his Far Rockaway apartment said they found a 9-millimeter pistol that had been stolen from another correction officer, a 12-gauge shotgun and a loaded AK-47.

The police said they arrested the leaders of all four gangs tied to Flocc, including the person officials said was the leader of the entire operation, Gquan Lloyd, 23. He has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon and possession of stolen property. He was being held on $350,000 bail.

Yup, sure seems like a terrorist organization to me. Size large. And a criminal one. And very very well armed. And a conspiracy. With a plan to kill police.

So why wasn’t this all over the news? Could it be that they don’t fit the MSM/White House driven profile?

Fifteen years after the Oklahoma City bombing, the specter of domestic terrorism has returned to haunt the Obama administration, with a warning from the FBI that “home-grown and lone-wolf extremists” now represent as serious a threat as Al Qaeda and its affiliates, The Times reported on Saturday.

The warning, from the FBI Director, Robert Mueller, came as the former President Clinton drew parallels between the Oklahoma City tragedy and a recent upsurge in anti-government rhetoric, while American television audiences heard Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, describe the “absolute rage” that drove him to plan an attack that killed 168 men, women and children.

An FBI spokesman said Friday that Mueller was referring to right-wing extremist groups and anti-government militias, as well as American Islamists, in his testimony to the Senate committee that must approve the FBI’s $8.3 billion budget.

Last month federal agents arrested nine members of a Christian militia based in Michigan, calling itself the Hutaree. They have been charged with plotting to murder local police with a stash of guns, knives and grenades.

Since the passage of President Obama’s health reforms, the FBI has also made arrests in Seattle and San Francisco after death threats were sent to Democratic senators.

Nope, this alliance of gangs of bottom feeding scum, criminals, murderers, felons all ... just happen to be black. Just about all of them. And there ain’t no serious Christians in the bunch. Not a one. Therefore they can’t be any sort of terror threat, right? I’d say that outlook sounds racist, but we all know that word doesn’t apply here either. No, it’s just a criminal matter, and not even worthy of a front page story.

h/t to Ann Coulter


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Service Interruptus

Sorry about that ... BMEWS was down for an hour or so there. My ISP, Hosting Matters Inc, had to reboot their server and run a disk check. These things happen, and they happen dynamically, so the ISP really can’t let me know in advance.

Nice customer service from them, for sure. I sent in a Help! Help! email from my home account, and within a minute or two I had an actual reply, not just a service ticket.

But we’re up and running again, and that makes Pamelia happy. Very happy.


Oh goody, you’re back up!


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EU loses it’s one last remaining marble

EU: Vacation is a Human Right!

Government should pay for your travel expenses!


Brussels has declared that tourism is a human right and pensioners, youths and those too poor to afford it should have their travel subsidised by the taxpayer.

Under the scheme, British pensioners could be given cut-price trips to Spain, while Greek teenagers could be taken around disused mills in Manchester to experience the cultural diversity of Europe.

The idea for the subsidised tours is the brainchild of Antonio Tajani, the European Union commissioner for enterprise and industry, who was appointed by Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister.

The scheme, which could cost hundreds of millions of pounds a year, is intended to promote a sense of pride in European culture, bridge the north-south divide in the continent and prop up resorts in their off-season.

Tajani, who unveiled his plan last week at a ministerial conference in Madrid, believes the days when holidays were a luxury have gone. “Travelling for tourism today is a right. The way we spend our holidays is a formidable indicator of our quality of life,” he said.

Tajani, who used to be transport commissioner, said he had been able to “affirm the rights of passengers” in his previous office and the next step was to ensure people’s “right to be tourists”.

The European Union has experience of subsidised holidays. In February the European parliament paid contributions of up to 52% towards an eight-day skiing trip in the Italian Alps for 80 children of Eurocrats.

Tajani’s programme will be piloted until 2013 and then put into full operation. It will be open to pensioners and anyone over 65, young people between 18 and 25, families facing “difficult social, financial or personal” circumstances and disabled people. The disabled and the elderly can be accompanied by one person.

Horry clap, they’ve gone completely over the edge. You have the right to time off and a stay in a luxury spa resort, even if you don’t have a job to take time off from. They’ve gone nuckin futs!

When they decide that a brand new Audi S6 with all the trimmings is a human right, I’m moving. A black one, tinted windows, Blue Tooth, bitchin’ stereo, big engine. Yeah, I’m entitled. It’s my right.

Utopia: It’s all fun and games until someone has to pay the bill.


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calendar   Sunday - April 18, 2010

A test Post

A Hero By Any Other Name


One beef, one lamb: doner kebab shops stay open all night in Germany

Hero? Not that kind, the other kind. What, like a sandwich? Yup. But it’s spelled gyro. Pronounced “yee-roh”, not “gy-row” or “gee-row”, and which sounds awfully close to “hero”. How about that: a chunk of some kind of bread, filled with meat and veg, goes by nearly the same name the world over. At least in places where they’ve invented meat and bread.

Of course, in some parts of the world they just have to be different, and call a gyro a doner kebab. Why a “kebab”? Same reason why it’s a “gyro”: it means meat roasted on a spit. The spit turns around, um, gyroscopically? It gyrates? And kebab, or kabab, or kabaab ... it’s all the same idea ... is the spit that the turning roasting meat is on. Nothing new under the sun, whether the word is originally Turkish, Persian, Arabic, whatever. My bet is that “kebab” is older than any of the languages. It really means “we won’t go hungry tonight, woo-hoo!!”

So what’s the difference? Well, a proper gyro is slices of lamb sausage, or highly seasoned lamb, cooked on a spit and then stuffed into a flat bread with big chunks of onion, tomato, lettuce, and sauce. Sauce made from yogurt and dill. And a doner kebab is slices of lamb sausage, or highly seasoned lamb, cooked on a spit and then stuffed into a flat bread with big chunks of onion, tomato, lettuce, and sauce. Um, a different kind of sauce, also made from yogurt. Just no dill. See? Major, total difference. Worth fighting wars over, no doubt.

The whole idea ... greasy hot meat wrapped up in a slab of unleavened bread, with some veg ... has been around forever. Diomedes probably go them to go at 2am when his wine bowl was empty. Cold meat, and actual slices of yeast bread were a European variation. They had knives, but not enough fire. Sauce not included, or onnaside, aka au jus. A sammich is a sammich. A handmeal, whether your culture has invented forks and chopsticks yet or not. Eeeh, gimme extra sauce widdat!

And there is no real difference between pita bread and plain old naan or other kinds of flatbread either. Same stuff, or close enough. It’s just that the Indians never figured out that you can open a pocket in the middle. Their loss.

Gyros hit the USA in the early 70s. Now doner kebabs are taking over Germany. And I can’t blame them. Who wants the wurst when you can have the best? And nothing beats hot greasy food at 2am once all the bars have closed.

So all that was old, ancient even, is new again.


mmm, make mine lamb please!

Doner kebab becomes Germany’s favorite fast food

BERLIN — Forget about bratwurst, currywurst and other kinds of sausages — doner kebab, or shawarma, has overtaken traditional German fast food as the country’s favorite snack on the go.

First brought to Berlin by Turkish immigrants in the 1970s, the grilled meat snack that comes wrapped in a pita bread with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions and different dressings, is now being sold everywhere in Germany from the Baltic Sea to the Bavarian Alps.

Students and late night revelers relish it as much as construction workers, children and foreign backpackers on a tight budget.

“We assume that doner kebab is the Germans’ favorite fast food by now,” said Yunus Ulusoy, an expert from the Center for the Study of Turkey in Essen, who has done extensive research on how the ethnic specialty conquered Germany’s culinary mainstream.

The secret behind the doner’s success story is not only its satisfying grilled taste, Ulusoy said, but also the big portions and its affordability — a regular doner in a pita costs only between 2.50 euros and 5 euros ($3.30 to $6.70).

The veal and chicken sandwiches are more popular than pizza, hamburgers, French fries and even classic German sausages, according to a poll by German Men’s Health magazine from 2008.

“We can actually no longer speak of Turkish food, because the Germans like it even better than the Turks,” said Ulusoy.

Some 15,500 doner places in Germany sell about 400 tons of doner meat every day, according to ATDID, the Association of Turkish Doner Producers in Europe. About 60,000 workers produce, cut and process the hearty delicacy with annual sales of 2.5 billion euros ($3.3 billion).

Horry Clap, you know it’s gone viral when a sandwich has it’s own personal trade organization. Next thing you know they’ll be a PAC, and then the scandals will break when the DMSM (Deustch Main Stream Media) finds out Angela Merkel is a doner recipient. What, like hearts and lungs and stuff? No, just choice thigh meat. Well roasted, extra spice. Sauce onna side.

image VS. image

This post has been a test of Firefox 3.5.9. They’ve been after me for 2 weeks to update. I threw out FF 3.5.8 because it would not let me post, preview, or comment. That seems to have been fixed. Unfortunately, the installation wizard does NOT let me specify what directory I wanted the browser put in, so this one overwrote the older one. Fortunately it seems to be working Ok, otherwise it would have been a royal pain to uninstall .5.9 and hunt down and re-install .5.6.

Hungry yet? LOL

Arrgh, an update on the update update! 3.5.9 installs, and the very first time I fire it up, it tells me to upgrade to 3.6.3. What. Ever. Fine. So I just went through the whole damn process all over again, but with the same results. As long as I can post here, I really don’t care about their other fixes. And I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. [crosses fingers, presses UPDATE button].


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Surge The Surge

Taliban Signals Willingness to Talk Peace With West

The supreme leader of the Taliban, Mullah Mohammed Omar, has indicated that he and his followers may be willing to hold peace talks with western politicians.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, two of the movement’s senior Islamic scholars have relayed a message from the Quetta shura, the Taliban’s ruling council, that Mullah Omar no longer aims to rule Afghanistan. They said he was prepared to engage in “sincere and honest” talks.

A senior U.S. military source said the remarks reflected a growing belief that a “breakthrough” was possible.

“There is evidence from many intelligence sources [that] the Taliban are ready for some kind of peace process,” the source said.

At a meeting held at night deep inside Taliban-controlled territory, the Taliban leaders told this newspaper that their military campaign had only three objectives: the return of sharia (Islamic law), the expulsion of foreigners and the restoration of security.

[Mullah Omar] is no longer interested in being involved in politics or government,” said Mullah “Abdul Rashid”, the elder of the two commanders, who used a pseudonym to protect his identity.

What a lying sack of shit. This is a new low even for them. Or a new high, in the “just how stupid is the US President, really?” game that Amadumbjihad seems to be winning, year after year.

So all this cave-living camelphile is asking for is COMPLETE VICTORY, and then everything will be hunky-dory. Not what I’d call being “willing to talk peace”. Sounds more like he’s asking for our surrender.



Mullah Omar. Wonky eye, wonky brain

Abdul Rashid said: “We didn’t have the capability to govern the country and we were surprised by how things went. We lacked people with either experience or technical expertise in government.

“Now all we’re doing is driving the invader out. We will leave politics to civil society and return to our madrasahs [religious schools].”

And guess who runs/enforces sharia and sets out the edicts and fatwas? My gosh, the leaders of the madrasahs!! What a coinky-dink!

President Drew would have another 75,000 combat troops over there Monday morning. With major air and ground support. 200-500 B-52s ought to help. What? Whaddya mean we don’t have even 200 B-52s? 100? What? Not even 100? Damn. Ok then, napalm. Gotta have a few million gallons of napalm, right? WHAT??? Not a drop? Sheex. Cluster bombs? What? Oy vey. Horry Clap, who the EFF has been in charge the last couple of decades, a buncha pussies?? Whachu gonna do, drop flower petals on them? It’s time for operation Iron Rain fer cryin out loud.

If the Talis are “willing to talk peace” it means they’re on the ropes. Which means it’s time to up the offensive 1000% and annihilate every last one of the bastards. Win, then go home.


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“…incite extramarital sex in society, which increases earthquakes…”

Maybe. But it’s not the fault of women…


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calendar   Saturday - April 17, 2010

They Never Learn

Global Warming Does Not Mean The Arctic Is Now The Jersey Shore


Where do they find these people?

Yet ANOTHER warmist needs arctic rescue after nearly dieing from frostbite.

Yet another alarmist is nearly killed by global warming hysteria:

Tom Smitheringale ... was on his way to the North Pole, alone, when he fell through an ice sheet. He was close to death when he was miraculously rescued by Canadian soldiers… He wrote on his website: ”Had a bad fall into the ice today and came very close to the grave.”

He’s been in constant strife from the cold:

Last week he almost quit after excruciating frostbite in his fingers and thumbs forced him to call in an emergency rescue.

Smitheringale had intended, in fact, to demonstrate we’re in the grip of global warming:

Part of the reason Tom’s One Man Epic is taking place now is because of the effect that global warming is having on the polar ice caps… Some scientists have even estimated that the polar ice cap will have entirely melted away by 2014!

The very bestest part is that the story is carried by an internationally respected online newspaper. And they pretty much mock the crap out of these people. Go Aussies!!

stolen from CBullit via his link at Lemur King’s!


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When She Told Me The Earth Moved For Her

I didn’t realize that meant she was Iranian!

Leading Iranian Islamic Scholar: sexy women cause earthquakes.

No, seriously, I’m not making this up.

A senior Iranian cleric has claimed that dolled-up women incite extramarital sex, causing more earthquakes in Iran, a country that straddles several fault lines, newspapers reported today.

“Many women who dress inappropriately ... cause youths to go astray, taint their chastity and incite extramarital sex in society, which increases earthquakes,” Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi told worshippers at overnight prayers in Tehran.

Calamities are the result of people’s deeds,” he was quoted as saying by reformist Aftab-e Yazd newspaper.

Every post-pubescent woman regardless of her religion or nationality must cover her hair and bodily contours in public. Offenders face punishment and fine.

But this has not stopped urban women from appearing in the streets wearing tight coats and flimsy headscarves and layers of skilfully applied makeup.

Iran is prone to frequent quakes, many of which have been devastating.

The worst in recent times hit the southern city of Bam in December 2003, killing 31,000 people - about a quarter of the population - and destroying its ancient mud-built citadel.

The Bam earthquake was caused by a pair of Manolo Blahniks, right?

Oh noes, Allah save us, we are all gonna die!!


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More bothersome volcanoes

Question though, are cruise ships and shipping also effected by this big bad cloud of Icky?

- Rich K

First it was just an ash cloud. Then came the pumice ...

Carol sends in one of those emails, a Snope-able story with lots of pictures. Hey, who cares, because it’s about volcanoes, which seem to be giving old Peiper fits lately. Him and a few hundred million other folks over there. So here’s the bottom line Rich: SOMETIMES THERE IS NO ESCAPE. One kind of volcanic eruption or another, they can get ya if they want to.

Luckily, the one in Iceland right now is just a bit of crusty cloud. So far. These pics show the next step. A next step. Doesn’t always happen this way. Is it coming? Who can say? But remember that this is the place that formed Surtsey back in 1963, and that eruption lasted three and a half years!.

Iceland - it’s just like Hawaii, only without the nearly naked natives, the surf, the nice weather, the sunlight, the tropical paradise, the pig roasts and other great food, or the poi. And you won’t get leied there either.

Anyway, here’s Carol’s ”Journey To Adventure” style email.

A yacht was traveling in the south Pacific when the crew came across a weird sight. Look at these photos and try to imagine the thrill of experiencing this phenomenon.




NO!  This is not a beach


It is volcanic stones floating on the water.







Then this was spotted, ash & steam rising from the ocean.

And, while we were watching…






A brand new island formed…


Can you imagine the thrill of being the first & only people to see a new island being formed when there was nothing there before?


You don’t hear the term Nuée Ardente much anymore. Instead we get told the more technical pyroclastic ash cloud. While both terms refer to the almost the same thing - the dark, roiling, fire filled cloud of rapidly expanding and descending poisonous death shot forth from an eruption, “pyroclastic ash cloud” lacks the romance of the earlier term. Up close and personal, volcanoes are evil things straight from Hell. But from space, or from miles and miles away at sea (and upwind too!) they are awesome and beautiful. Nuée Ardente also means the cloud that goes up in the air, though strictly used it does not apply to the current situation in Iceland.

Best part of college was taking Geology and studying volcanoes. Funnest and 2nd easiest class evah!


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See now?  Here we are with an aggravating story that I’ve avoided all week. Can’t ignore it any longer and feel compelled to share this idiocy.

It’s exactly this type of verminous scum that someone like me would use the dreaded ‘N’ word about.  But then I have to make myself think a bit more.  Yeah, she’s still a nigger and there’s no doubt about that.  But who encouraged her?  Who taught her? Who put ideas into an otherwise empty but thick skull? Who?  I’ll tell ya.
Stupid white libtard jerks.  This whole civil and human rights thing has gotten so far out of hand, that a bitch like this can actually make a court case against the defense dept and the army based in part on one of the holy ‘isms.’ You know the one. Begins with R.

Whenever one of these life forms doesn’t get their way or decides they’ve been insulted, idiot white folks cave in so fast, anyone nearby gets pneumonia from the breeze they cause.  Lets be clear about one thing. It isn’t all black folks who think this way or act this way. I suspect they are damn well embarrassed by others of their color who do.

The charge of racism against the army was brought because ... are ya sitting down?

The service refused to fly her sister from another country to baby sit for her.
And so that little thing has been in the courts for a few years now.  Her fault? Nope. She is just playing the system for what she can gouge because she has been allowed to. Who by?  Stupid white people. Who else?  She has been led to believe that whatever her little black heart wants she can have because to deny her is .....  R A C I S M!  She’s been led to believe that but come on. Do you think she really does?  Course not. But she has been schooled and probably from childhood, to understand how frightened dumb honkey white liberals are when it comes to being accused of anti anything. Especially anti black.  Even when it isn’t true. And if it is true sometimes as we know it has to be, my money is on what I see as a provocation to be that way.  That is, anti-black. In other words, ppl like her and the silly white bastards who support and allow her actions and others like her, bring on the very thing that the left leaning uber liberal bleeding hearts are trying to avoid. They have managed to make racists out of many people who weren’t that way inclined.

Which brings us now to the other dreaded “ism.” S E X I S M !  Oh yeah. And sister sexual harassment. 

Her commanding officer told her that the Army was a ‘ war-fighting machine’ and ‘unsuitable for a single mother who couldn’t sort out her childcare arrangements’.

The panel awarded Miss DeBique £15,000 plus interest of £2,016 for hurt feelings after it earlier ruled she suffered sex and race discrimination.

OK I’ll get outta here and let you read the whole thing unedited by me. See what the idiot panel deemed race discrimination and harassment.
We can be thankful they didn’t allow her the full sum she was suing for.  Btw ... take a look at the photo here. This is what the woman thinks is sexy.
You couldn’t make it up.

Single mother soldier who claimed £1.1m over childcare left her baby for two years

By Dan Newling and Kathryn Knight
Last updated at 11:44 PM on 16th April 2010

Her demand for more than £1.1million from the Army for sex discrimination would have enabled single mother Tilern DeBique to return home to her poverty-stricken Caribbean village in triumph as a rich woman.

Yesterday, however, the former corporal was having to revise her plans after a tribunal ruled she should receive only £17,016.

The 28-year-old from St Vincent, who calls herself SexyT on the internet, was told she made ‘an error of judgment’ in refusing a job in a family-friendly base where there were childcare facilities.

Tilern DeBique, who is known as SexyT on the internet, claimed £1.1m over childcare, but a tribunal ruled she should receive only £17,016

Miss DeBique, whose daughter Tahlia is now four, had argued that she was forced to choose between a military career and her child.

Yet the Daily Mail has discovered that while portraying herself as a devoted single mother, she has in fact spent nearly two years apart from her daughter after dispatching her to the Caribbean to live with her sister.

Tahlia was just three months old when she was handed over to her aunt Sonia. It was almost a year before Sonia took the child back to the UK to

be with her mother. And less than a year after that, Tahlia was back in St Vincent.

So what is the true story of the woman who poses on MySpace in a see-through top suggesting: ‘Give me a shout sometime’, and became embroiled in a three-year legal battle with the Army which cost the taxpayer an estimated £100,000?

This is not a short read but I would urge all to please read the entire thing. Beside being informative and interesting, it’s also a sterling example of how far into the stupid well too many white folks have fallen into.

Here’s the link.

When you’re done with that, see this one.  The writer doesn’t have it all correct as she says the panel in the end showed “common sense” or like words. You tell me. Where did common sense come into this?

After all, how could the Ministry of Defence have the temerity to expect a single mother to appear on parade when she couldn’t find appropriate childcare?

And how could the Army refuse her modest request for her sister to fly halfway around the world to look after her daughter?

this ludicrous loophole (imposed by Europe)

Given the recent history of similar tribunal claims - for example the £484,000 paid to an RAF typist who injured her thumb - Ms DeBique had every reason to believe she’d hit the jackpot.



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