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More on the pope because .... 

I find it supremely interesting that while the pope is speaking about the religious rights of Christains and of course his own flock, the homosexual tide along with their allies are threatening to swamp his visit with protests and in fact want to have him banned.  What bloody cheek.
Where are the four thousand the protest groups say they will raise, when it comes to muslims taking to the streets or these unholy islamic preachers spewing hate and calling for sheria law in a country that does not belong to them. Where are they then?  What an easy target the pope is for these cowards.  You know damn well and probably they have already thought of it, that if they protest muslims, they are likely to get a boo-boo.  The pope on the other hand, won’t get physical.

Catholic adoption agencies will be forced to make a choice between what they believe religiously wrong, ie. adoption by same sex couples, and simply shutting their doors.  One or two it’s been reported, already have.

Lets say the pope is wrong to begin with for stating his opinion. Lets carry it further.  Let us say his position is all wrong from the getgo. He is not preaching hate.  He isn’t calling for the UK to convert to Rome. He doesn’t even call for the death of ppl who deny god.  In fact, he prays for them.  Why then should his visit be blocked by these soreheads?  These easily offended blockheads who look under their beds each night no doubt, thinking the odd one off insult might be lurking there.  BTW ... although he talks otherwise, the leader of this queer group of folks does not speak for all homosexuals.  There actually are some who agree with the pope on some major issues. 
Here’s a quote and the link to the whole very interesting editorial is HERE

First, it needs to be asked loud and clear: why would any gay people hoping to adopt children go to a Catholic agency? They don’t need to.

Rightly or wrongly, these days gay couples invariably have first place in the queue for an adopted child from state-run agencies because politically correct local authorities are attempting to make up for the years when gays were barred by the law from being adoptive parents.

Pope facing protests in Britain over his attack on Labour’s equality law

By Steve Doughty

Historians said it was the first direct intervention in British politics by a Pontiff in 300 years.

For centuries, Popes have avoided any comments on domestic politics to free British Catholics from the smear that they are loyal to a foreign power.

The National Secular Society yesterday signalled it would organise protests among gay groups, feminists, pro-abortion campaigners and victims of sexual abuse by priests.

‘He has already indicated that he will attack equal rights and promote discrimination.’

Prominent gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said: ‘The Pope’s criticism is a coded attack on the legal rights granted to women and gay people.

Benedict XVI said in his lecture that the effect of some equality legislation ‘has been to impose unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance-with their beliefs’.

‘In some respects it actually violates the natural law upon which the equality of all human beings is grounded and by which it is guaranteed,’ he said.

Miss Harman, in Cadiz for a conference of women’s ministers, said: ‘We have never insisted on non-discrimination legislation applying to religious jobs . . . however, when it comes to non-religious jobs, those organisations must comply with the law.’

more at the source here

This loony tune so badly wants EVERYONE to be her idea of equal, she is demanding that city councils and other bodies have numbers of women and racial minorities in jobs even where there aren’t the numbers to support her demand. For example, a town or village somewhere that just does not have the number or perhaps no muslims or black ppl and perhaps not a lot of females interested in office. No matter.  They MUST by her lights be represented anyway. Even if it means going outside the area to find them. 



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This has NOTHING to do with this post but my mind won’t let go of something.

Brit election I think in May AND ..... the conservative numbers are not as large as they were a few months ago.  Not that the cons here are all that much to brag about but at least they are not Labour (Party).  It is scary beyond words at the possibility of another leftist Labour Party govt., especially with that screaming loon, Harriet Harperson, Comrade Commissar of Equality.  Also ... Gordon Brown, the current PM, is so desperate that he has announced that he will push to extend the vote to ....  16 year olds. SWEET 16

So that’s off my chest, now back to our regular posting schedule.

I’m posting this editorial because first it makes interesting points and also because it falls right into something Wardmama here at BMEWS has commented on.

Back home in the USA you might not know who the ballplayer is that’s referred to here but really that doesn’t matter.  For a frame of reference think Tiger Woods.  Pretty much the same thing but the twist with this disreputable fellow is, not being satisfied with cheating on his wife, he had an affair with the girlfriend of a close friend and team mate.  Some friend.  And his wife btw is no bow-wow either.  Sure, as a male I understand needs and drives etc.  But surely there should be limits or a code of honor or ...  ?  I’m looking for another word here.  Fidelity?  And oh yeah.  The guy is also captain of his team.  So now the team is split between those who “understand” and don’t care, and those who think it might be normal to cheat but not steal a friend’s girlfriend, and all the rest. 

I think Miss Pearson and Wardmom nailed it well.  Rewarding bad behavior only encourages more of the same and while that’s going on, the standards keep getting lower and lower.

This toxic WAG virus is infecting our young

By Allison Pearson
Last updated at 8:06 AM on 03rd February 2010

Every night, my son falls asleep with John Terry. Tucked up under his Chelsea duvet, wearing his Chelsea pyjamas, Tom dreams of being captain of his favourite team - dogged, doughty, rich, an invincible defender, an England legend.

Oh, and a liar, a cheat and a sexually incontinent slimeball. The Small Boy doesn’t know about that bit yet, though I’m finding it increasingly hard to swipe the morning papers before he sees them.

Following his affair with Vanessa Perroncel, a family friend and underwear model - what else? - there are calls for Terry to stand down as England captain.

Fans are worried that tensions between Terry and Wayne Bridge, Miss Perroncel’s former boyfriend, will damage team morale during the World Cup in June.

Let’s be practical here, folks. If England players were to be excluded on the grounds of crude or ungentlemanly conduct, who would be left on the pitch? The manager, that’s who.

Wayne Bridge has been cast as the poor, wronged bloke in this seedy story. But, according to Shalimar Wimble, one of Terry’s Trollops who have come tottering out of the gutter in their six-inch stilettos, it was to a house owned by Bridge that the England captain took Wimble for regular sex sessions.

Looks like Wayne was more than happy to aid and abet his mate’s rampant infidelity. Until it was his WAG that Terry bagged.



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who’d have thought the name Nicholson and ‘eye candy’ might be a match?

Ok so it isn’t weekend women but it’s kinda hard to resist.  Even if she wasn’t the daughter of this guy. But since she is and since I can’t wait for the weekend, take a look.  I sure do hope she has the talent to go with the looks, because often times being the kin of a famous parent can work against one.

Jack Nicholson’s daughter gets big acting break as friend of teenage surfer who lost her arm in shark attack

By Daily Mail Reporter

Jack Nicholson’s daughter is following in his footsteps with a big screen appearance in a biopic about surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack.

Budding actress Lorraine, 19, was spotted filming scenes in a bikini in Hawaii yesterday as shooting began for the new film, titled Soul Surfer.

She plays best friend Alana Blanchard, who was with Hamilton on the day a 14ft tiger shark ripped her left arm off at her local beach in Kauai.

image image

I didn’t think many if any would be interested in the whole article, and why would ya, but here’s the link to the source anyway.



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Psychotic Annoyance TV


the not-quite reality reality show

Cindy and Heather and Katie are all pregnant! Their lives are a mess! If Katie “wins” she can really use the prize money; that’s why she got pregnant. Which one should get the abortion? You decide! VOTE NOW!!!

How’s that for Concept TV? Gosh, you think they’re doing it just to piss EVERYONE off?

Turning abortion into an online game show
By Kathleen Parker
Sunday, January 31, 2010

At first glance, bump-the-show sounds like a reasonable response to “Bump,” the show—a new, faux-reality Web-based docudrama featuring actors trying to decide whether to have an abortion.

Think Jerry Springer meets Oprah meets “American Idol” meets Dr. Oz meets . . . America’s conscience. For the decision to abort or not to abort is up to you, dear audience.

Has the shark just jumped the shark?

The idea for the “show,” which launches Monday, was inspired, of all things, by Barack Obama’s commencement address at Notre Dame University last year. When the president said he wanted “to find ways to communicate about a workable solution to the problem of unintended pregnancies,” executive producer Dominic Iocco conceived “Bump.”

He and co-executive producer Christopher Riley want to see whether stories can succeed where four decades of rhetoric and politics have failed. They fashioned their experiment in a way that would be most appealing to the wired, reality-show generation.

I’d make some remark about Hollywood scraping the bottom of the barrel, but that would be rather trite. But, O.M.G!! Is this where the edge of the “annoyance art” universe is? Is this just soooooooo trendy as to be outside the comprehension of anyone over 22 who doesn’t live in LA? Or is this actual entertainment for a generation of soulless zombies, for whom human life is utterly meaningless, and this is actually a sitcom to them? This seems just half a step away from Running Man, or throwing Christians to the lions. Only half a step.

Ok, maybe two steps, since the “actresses” aren’t actually pregnant. But the concept is chilling. YOU are Caeser. Thumb up, or thumb down? Harden the populace to other’s suffering. No compassion, just death. Load up the Carousel as fast as you can. And give Obama the credit! Death Panels, indeed.

Or is the concept actually valid? Break the taboo, get it all out in the open, force the discussion. Do we need to do that? Seems to me for 37 years we’ve had very vocal opponents on both edges, while the vast majority dwelt somewhere in the middle, realizing that this was a maximum private personal issue, and just kept their mouths shut. But maybe we need to drag it out once again, and get everybody all worked up. Everybody. Because, you know, we’ve solved all the other problems in life and politics, and we need some kind of distraction. Things are just too boring these days.


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Letters From Littleton


Those sails that strained so full bent into the battle -
that broad bow that struck the surf aside, enlarging silently in steadfast haste, full front to the shot -
resistless and without reply -
those triple ports whose choirs of flame rang forth in their courses, into the fierce revenging monotone,
which, when it died away,
left no answering voice to rise any more upon the sea against the strength of England -
those sides that were wet with the long runlets of English life-blood,
like press-planks at vintage, gleaming goodly crimson down to the cast and clash of the washing foam -
those pale masts that stayed themselves up against the war-ruin, shaking out their ensigns through the thunder, till sail and ensign drooped -
steep in the death-stilled pause of Andalusian air,
burning with its witness-cloud of human souls at rest, -
surely, for these some sacred care might have been left in our thoughts -
some quiet space amidst the lapse of English waters?

Nay, not so.
We have stern keepers to trust her glory to - the fire and the worm.
Never more shall sunset lay golden robe on her, nor starlight tremble on the waves that part at her gliding.
Perhaps, where the low gate opens to some cottage-garden, the tired traveller may ask, idly, why the moss grows so green on its rugged wood;
and even the sailor’s child may not answer, nor know, that the night-dew lies deep in the war-rents of the wood of the old Téméraire.

a poet for an art critic
a look inside a lost world


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Taxi drivers accused of racism over St George stickers. Can’t do anything without offending some.

image image image image

It isn’t a long article but it naturally caught my eye.  So now under some circumstances, the English flag can be seen as offensive and oh my. Even, dare I say it here?  racist.  (whispered) Jerks.

Taxi drivers who put up St George stickers in their cabs saying they speak English have been accused of racism and warned they face suspension.

A group of drivers of licensed cabs in Southampton put up the signs because they claimed passengers complained to them that some drivers cannot speak English.

The matter came to a head in a meeting with drivers and the city council last week when some drivers told the council of the alleged problem.

Now the city council has said any cab that has the sign or a St George flag put up will have their licence suspended if they do not take them down within seven days.

read the rest HERE


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The Pope has made an unprecedented attack on the Government … pay attention to this.

Not fit for much in the way of posting today. Must be the weather.
Then I read this.  POPE & POLITICS. At first I didn’t pay it much attention.  But after awhile, seeing the comments ppl were making and hearing the issue debated on radio, I got to thinking this was more important then I first thought.

There are some folks who claim the pope has no business making any comments re. govts. anywhere. I’m not Catholic and I’m not religious either but, I’m not too sure about that last opinion.  Why shouldn’t the pope make his feelings known?  It isn’t as though it’s the old days when he could galvanize an entire country to do Rome’s bidding.  And I am not so sure he doesn’t have some valid points to make.  You don’t like what he has to say fine.  Then debate the issue without getting nasty.

The homosexual community have spoken out and many have even suggested that his planned visit here should be banned.  And these are the folks always banging on about rights and freedom of speech.  Oh right.  Freedom to express their views but damned if they want others to have the same privilege.

Lets be very clear on something.  The pope’s comments are NOT directed at that community solely.  He has spoken on a number of issues. 
Can anyone tell me why a Catholic school or a Baptist or Jewish school, should be bound by law to admit those who do not in any way share the faith or religion of a school?  And btw, many a non Catholic has received a pretty good education at Catholic schools. 

What most of this has to do with is that nut case Harriet Harperson (Harman) and her “everyone MUST be equal” crap.  It is she and her agency and the govt. that seem intent on interfering in religious schools and dictating to them.  And one really oddball thing about a lot of this is, many of them are not even religious themselves.  But they’re quite willing to tell the religious how their schools should be run, all in the name of ‘equality.’

Pope’s intervention sparks equality bill row

That’s the headline at the link above.  But what “intervention?” Is having an opinion and speaking out as head of a church, intervention?
Maybe it is.  It appears to be open to debate among quite a few people.

This is just one of the issues.

By staff

Catholic pastors are preparing for their biggest confrontation with the government in years after the Pope encouraged them to take on Harriet Harman’s equality bill.

Benedict XVI has warned the legislation, currently working its way through parliament, imposes “unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities”.

It could strip the Catholic Church in Britain of its ability to discriminate against homosexuals in employment matters and even force them to allow women into the priesthood.

Here are a couple of reader comments on this I found at the Telegraph.

Of course the Pope should comment. I am not a Roman Catholic but this government law is just one more assault on our freedoms. How ridiculous that anyone could consider it reasonable that someone who rejects and even opposes Christian values should be able to insist on working for a Christian organisation. This is a direct attack on the freedom to believe and associate with others who believe the same. I would not find it at all objectionable for a Muslim organisation to insist that its employees should all be Muslim.

I am Reformed and certainly do not agree with Roman Catholic Doctrines; nevertheless, one must ask, why is it that the Archbishop of Canterbury fails to speak out on moral issues with clarity? Is it because he is so liberal and is happy with the staus quo? He certainly gives the impression that he is “wishy-washy” in his theology, and fails to make an impact on society as a whole, far less politicians.

In any event, as I posted elsewhere today in the DT, the Equality Bill is not merely Harriet Harman’s desire; rather, it’s an EU diktat.

But not everyone agrees of course.

If the church cannot stop discriminating it is not serving its purpose, not following the inclusive teachings of the bible but off on its own sick perverted dogma. In our society we need to stop discrimination and the church should be leading that, not continuing to insist of legal permission to discriminate.

“to drive religious belief and practice into the sphere of the private only” Isn’t that where it belongs anyway? Worship whatever you want but don’t try to push it on me. Gay is not a choice. You are born that way or not. So to discriminate against it is the same as discriminating against someone for having a different skin color. It doesn’t make them worse or better just different.

Naturally enough my favorite is this one, no surprise.

I wish the press would stop the misuse of the word GAY. If they mean homosexual or lesbian then say so .

The comments are quite interesting and can be found HERE


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a reason to cheer


This story was first published by McClatchy May 23, 2007. A week before that it had appeared on Eric Alterman’s blog at It makes the rounds every few years. So the ceremony has been going on since 2003 at least. And, of course, the casualty numbers are much much higher now.

PLEASE BE AWARE that the “Did you know that? The media haven’t yet told the story.” was added later by someone downstream. Those are not the words of LTC Bateman, nor does “The media haven’t yet told the story” make a whole lot of sense, since author Galloway writes for a newspaper ... ipso facto, he IS the media. But to be fair, this is not something widely known. Of course, there are those that deny that this event even exists.


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Green Nukes

Getting a lift from LiFTeR

Liquid Floride Thorium Reactors


graphic from

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have neighborhood nuclear reactors, each one hardly bigger than a tractor trailer? Wouldn’t it be amazing if these reactors took in a radioactive substance at the front end, produced electricity for low cost, and what was left over couldn’t be made into bombs? That’s how the LFTR system works:

Benefits of The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor

# Burns up existing highly radioactive waste from light water reactors.
# Burns Uranium 235 or 233 fuel in the thermal spectrum allowing 98% burn-up.
# Liquid salt allows Xenon poison to be removed continuously.
# Breeds fertile Thorium into fissile Uranium 233 for insertion in the core in a closed cycle, onsite chemical separation process removes need for expensive isotope separation.
# Liquid salt high melting point allows for much smaller containment structure, no steam to contain.
# High temperature allows for use of combined cycle reheat Brayton turbine machinery improving efficiency to 50%, air cooling sufficient.
# High temperature also permits elemental breakdown of water to produce hydrogen for production of ammonia nitrate fertilizer, dimethyl ether diesel fuel, and methanol gasoline fuel.
# High negative temperature coefficient of reactivity, salt expands and contracts making reactor self regulating, no control rods needed.
# Fuel already tested and certified from HRE-2 in late 1950’s, 10 year certification process waived.
# Potential 30-50% specific cost reduction compared to existing LWR facilities.
# Proliferation resistant due to Uranium 232 contamination in Uranium 233 core, hard gamma emitter makes bomb use impossible.
# Freeze plug feature, passively safe reactor design.
# Scalable from 100MW semi trailer size to typical 1GW large plant size.
# Abundance of Thorium is 400 times greater than fissile Uranium 235, 3 times greater than Uranium 238.
# Specific high level actinide waste is 1/30 of conventional LWR and has 300 year decay time vs. 10,000 year.
# Platinum, Americium, and Strontium 90 decay chain products are highly valuable and useful to medical industry.


It turns out that this isn’t really new technology. The same guys who figured out how to make nukes figured this out back in the late 40’s and 50’s. But the idea got shelved, because you couldn’t make bombs out of the leftovers. They made a thorium reactor just for fun, and used to run it 5 days a week. They shut it down every weekend because nobody wanted to work the OT to watch the thing. But it worked just fine, and started up easily again each Monday morning. And then the idea was put away and forgotten about.

Thorium is very common stuff. The US has hundreds of thousands of tons of it. India has so damn much of the stuff, they have beaches made of it. Thorium is not a highly radioactive element, nor is it fissile. That means it doesn’t go boom - it can’t attain a critical mass. But put enough of it in one place, get it primed and running with some highly radioactive materials like U233, and it generates lots of heat. Enough heat to melt salt. And all that heat can generate lots of steam, and power turbines with it. And if the reaction gets too hot, it shuts itself down.

I’m not a nuclear scientist, and I don’t understand too much of the advanced chemistry. I first heard about Thorium reactors in last month’s Wired magazine, but it turns out that the rest of the world has been working on this for decades.

Here’s a little video that I found at How Stuff Works, and there are several other helpful videos at that link.

You can get an actual nuclear physics lecture on thorium reactors here. It runs a full hour.

Loads and loads of links all over the internet on this topic, but here is an important one: thorium may be the only way left open to us, due to the latest dictate from Lord Obama:

Recently it was reported in Defense Daily that the White House Office of Management and Budget has moved to remove all research in fast-spectrum fission reactors from the DOE budget. This in turn prompted an outcry from the Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu, who stated:

“Prohibiting research and development on fast reactors under the fuel cycle research and development budget line effectively selects the once-through fuel cycle as the only fuel cycle to be pursued in the United States”

With all due respect to the Secretary, there is another option. This is precisely the fork in the road that visionaries like Wigner and Fermi saw back in the late 1940s. If you pursue closed-fuel cycles based on uranium (and predominantly uranium-238) then Chu is right--the fast spectrum reactor is the only option for a closed-fuel cycle, since only in the fast spectrum can U-238 be productively consumed.

But...if you consider thorium as the basic fuel, as Wigner advocated, then you can have a closed fuel cycle WITHOUT a fast spectrum reactor, since thorium can be productively converted to energy in a “slow” neutron reactor (called a thermal-spectrum reactor) and thorium is the only option for this approach.

Be aware that the Obama administration has not said WORD ONE about this technology. They think they’ve just put the screws to the whole nuclear paradigm. But after years and years of research by other countries, this technology may be about to become mature. And it costs a whole lot less too, far less even than coal. So when this idea starts to spread, the White House can’t claim credit.

And we right wingers may have to eat a dish or three of crow on this one, because the same folks we’ve been beating on with hockey sticks are also behind LFTR:

Excitement has recently been rising about the possibility of using thorium as a low-carbon way of generating vast amounts of electricity. The use of thorium as a nuclear fuel was extensively studied by Oak Ridge National Laboratory between 1950 and 1976, but was dropped, because unlike uranium-fueled Light Water Reactors (LWRs), it could not generate weapons’ grade plutonium. Research on the possible use of thorium as a nuclear fuel has continued around the world since then. Famed Climate Scientist James Hanson, recently spoke of thorium’s great promise in material that he submitted to President Elect Obama

It may be worse than I think. It may be that the greenies have all been working on this for ages, and we just haven’t been paying attention. Many of the articles I’ve found on this subject are also soaked with Gaia-love Climate Change Carbon Offset shit that you’d think the Sierra Club wrote them.

A thorium reactor is different. And, on paper at least, this radical new technology could be the key to unlocking a new generation of clean and safe nuclear power. It could prove the circuit-breaker to the two most intractable problems of the 21st century: our insatiable thirst for energy, and the warming of the world’s climate.

BY THE END OF this century, the average surface temperature across the globe will have risen by at least 1.4˚C, and perhaps as much as 5.8˚C, according to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
The principal culprit is carbon dioxide, a gas that even in quite small quantities can have a dramatic impact on climate, and has historically been present in the Earth’s atmosphere at relatively low concentrations.

Hey, at least crow is a renewable resource. And with enough Tabasco sauce they probably taste Ok.

All sorts of links ...

I do believe this is the very first time BMEWS has linked to HuffPo. And I think I’ll get a pass on the slice of humble pie with a side of extra crispy black bird. I’ve always been in favor of nuclear energy, but I’ve never specified what those reactors run on. And it still pisses me off that the greenies put Three Mile Island and Chernobyl in the same sentence together as if they were equivalent events. Not true. Not true even by 4 orders of magnitude. But I’ll try to put that aside. Thorium may be the way to go; it looks like some reactors can even be retrofit. Why pollute or put people at risk when you don’t need to?

Heck, we hardly even need to mine the stuff. A gigawatt coal fired power plant produces lots of coal ash, and that one plant’s annual heap of ash contains about 13 tons of Thorium.

For the year 1982, assuming coal contains uranium and thorium concentrations of 1.3 ppm and 3.2 ppm, respectively, each typical plant released 5.2 tons of uranium (containing 74 pounds of uranium-235) and 12.8 tons of thorium that year.

This is really starting to sound like the Golden Apple. 


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A bit of weird, with girls

When Snow Bunnies Go To War

The internet is a large place, with lots of strange corners. Usually I leave it up to folks like Steamboat McGoo to explore those dark recesses, but he doesn’t have time for everything, so here is a small follow up to his WTF3 post from the other day.


And of course there is a video. You might like the post-battle X-ray bunny sex scene.

All of which shows that when there isn’t much to do in Iceland, people get up to some strange shiz. Naturally, this troop has their own web page, and another 8 examples of their oddness. And you thought today was just going to be another routine Monday.


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Take my word for it, the lady (for once) is funny.

This regards an English study that says there is NO ‘G’ spot after all.  And all those years spent looking for the darn thing.  Of course, only a woman would actually know.

Ah but ... the French say ... Oh yes there certainly is one ....

Funny contorversy.  Suzanne Moore of the Mail writes;

The G-spot? I stand a better chance of finding my Hoover

Last updated at 10:51 PM on 30th January 2010

You are extremely lucky to have me here at all as I have important things to attend to that even I can’t do in Waitrose. (Waitrose, an upscale supermarket)
Pressing matters!

A few weeks ago we got the reassuring news from British scientists that the G-spot is a myth – but last week the French stealth-bombed us with the news it does exist.

What’s worse is it’s up to women to find it ourselves.

Of course. We really have little else to do. I know that being a French woman requires an enormous effort – that’s mainly why I am not one.

All that grooming, only eating one square of chocolate, drinking politely, not minding your bloke having countless affairs, compulsory lingerie duty and now this?

Though the G-spot was originally discovered by a German, Ernst Grafenberg, it has been firmly taken back into the hands of the French.

It’s like the space race really – only er...deeper.

Instead of the Americans and the Russians competing, we now have British and French teams struggling to conquer and name that strange terrain that is the female body.

It may as well be Mars, the way our bits are spoken of. I imagine the average guy will soon need a satnav before he goes near a woman.

I am quite looking forward to it.

That and the drugs, as surely we are nearing the time when sex cannot occur unaided without chemicals, machines, manuals, instructions.

Never mind kids, we need adult sex education for the standards now required.

It’s quite a chore, but then I am English. Apparently – and I am not making this up – ‘a group of gynaecologists gathered in Paris’ have described the British approach to female sexuality as ‘totalitarian’ .

So who will own this ‘bean-sized erogenous zone’? Obviously not actual women.

The French have called British research based on genetics and observation too absolute. Theirs, of course, is much more mysterious.

We can’t find our collective G-Spot also because of our Protestant pragmatism. We have the wrong attitude towards sex.

Sure. But doesn’t it all amount to the same thing – an entirely mechanistic view of female pleasure? A button to press and then whoosh?

This is exactly the model that the drug companies are pushing, too.

The holy grail of female Viagra is funding a lot of this nonsense.

Forget foreplay, self-knowledge, skilful lovers, variety or even preferring someone who has done the washing-up – the idea that a pill could be popped that bypassed all this is the lucrative goal.

This is the reality of our sexualised culture: lots of unsatisfied women.

The fantasy remains the multi-orgasmic porn stars.

This explains the appeal of the G-spot. It’s an answer to that awkward question – and I don’t mean ‘What ARE you doing down there?’, I mean what do men and women expect from each other?

The French love ambiguity. They also expect women to want to improve themselves non-stop.

The chief organiser of this vital conference said women can only now find whether they have a G-spot if they take steps to ‘cultivate’ it.

Then it will become more and more functional. But if you can’t find it, it won’t exist ‘as a consequence’. Rather like my vacuum cleaner.

This is quite fantastic. We do need some kind of inner space probe. Women of Britain, find your mythical G-spots, rise up and let’s show the French what we are made of, even though we aren’t quite sure. We could have a war.

Or we could just lie back and think of England. And understand that the obstacles to female pleasure may involve more than location, location, location.


We’ve found the G-spot, say the French (of course)


Sorry lads, the search is back on again.

Weeks after British scientists announced that the elusive G-spot does not exist, the French have begged to differ.

A meeting of gynaecologists in Paris denounced the British study as fundamentally flawed and accused its authors of disrespecting women.

Across the channel - quick to defend their nation’s reputation as better lovers - say the Brits were just unable to find the spot.

Viv’la France?

So on this happy note ,,, I’m outta here for tonight.

Stay Tuned


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 02/01/2010 at 12:49 PM   
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Inequality in Britain isn’t down to class but brains. But the left wants to make it something else.

Maybe Ms. King from my previous post should read this. Bet she hasn’t.  She more then likely reads the Guardian and believes it all.  (for folks in USA, the Guardian is a very far LEFT paper.)

I won’t post all of this here but it is an interesting editorial. 

It has been claimed by many that the Brit PM and his party I should add, have been playing the class thing as though those less fortunate in lower incomes say, are there mostly because they are not being given the opportunities to better schools, jobs etc.  The process didn’t start with the PM I don’t think although Lyndon can fill that in for me.  I think the former street brawler who was the Deputy PM under Tony Blair, John Prescott, had a lot to do with that. Long story I’ll muddle if I try and go into all of it. 

Then we have Harriet Harman (referred to as Harperson) the minister of equality. She wants everything to be equal and everyone to be included.
She comes from a very posh very wealthy background, I have read.  What is it about rich folks who want to fit right in there and be one of the poor?
Being on good terms with ppl is fine but when you go so far as to try and drop your natural accent exposing a good education and start talking less posh just to “fit in with working class folks” well, says a lot doesn’t it?  I can not think of a conservative that would think that way. Least I hope not. Seems to be an affliction of the left.

By far the best predictor for income and status is your IQ at 10 or 11, rather than your social class,

By Alasdair Palmer

The National Equality Panel, set up by the Government to examine inequality in Britain, published its findings last week. And surprise, surprise: it found that there is a lot of inequality in Britain. People from poorer backgrounds do not usually achieve as much as people from richer ones.

That this is a basic fact of life in the UK is certainly true – although it is not true, as the NEP report claims, that we are significantly more unequal than most other Western countries. The differences are marginal. Even in the places it cites as egalitarian utopias, Sweden and Denmark, it is still the case that who your parents are has a very significant effect on how your life works out.

Indeed, no country anywhere comes close to the egalitarian ideal of ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their background, has exactly the same chance to succeed. And there is a very straightforward reason: people everywhere care more about themselves and their immediate families than they care about everyone else. We all devote our efforts and ingenuity to promoting our own and our families’ interests rather than those of “society as a whole”; when the two conflict, we prioritise the former. That’s why every attempt to achieve a society in which each person is treated in exactly the same way not only requires state coercion of the most extreme kind, but also always ends in abject failure.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 02/01/2010 at 11:16 AM   
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WANTED!  disabled princesses for Disney just to placate one left wing meat head

No matter what some folks try and do and believe they have done an ok thing, there’s ALWAYS some unsatisfied ding-a-ling who asks why there isn’t more.  In this case, Disney criticized by former senior policy adviser on equalities and diversity,who obviously doesn’t have the brains to get a regular job, is on their case coz Disney hasn’t yet featured a disabled person.  And what a job classification.  Advisor on equalities and diversity.  In plain engrish I think that means the person holding that title gets to decide what is and is not equal, fair and diversified..

Wish I were running Disney.  Just for a day or two. Just long enough to tell these pc jerks to get stuffed.  Don’tcha just hate those pc, diversified bastards? 

Disney attacked over lack of disabled princesses

Its new film The Princess and The Frog features a black princess, but Disney has still been criticized for its alleged lack of diversity.

By Richard Eden

Disney has been praised for breaking down barriers by featuring its first black princess in the film The Princess and The Frog. Oona King, who was Gordon Brown’s senior policy adviser on equalities and diversity, is not satisfied, however.

“You never see disabled people,” the former Labour MP complained at a screening at the Mayfair Hotel in London. “When are you going to see a Disney film with a disabled character in the lead role? Tell me that.”

( Tell me that she asks as if the company is spending her money to produce films.  As if the company owes her any sort of explanation. You can tell she really does take that for granted, that the company should somehow answer to her instead of their shareholders. Anyway, listen up you stupid slag.  Disney is an AMERICAN COMPANY!  Go somewhere else with your equality and diversity questions. Meat-head!)

King is clearly on a mission in her new role as Channel 4’s head of diversity. “I think all of the media has a problem,” she said.

“If you look at the members of the media’s cultural network, all British broadcasters, none of us do well in terms of diversity.The people making film and TV have to really get their act together.”

King, who was defeated at the last general election by George Galloway, added: “Where we have made progress is having black people and other under-represented groups on the screen, but we still don’t have black people making films. I can’t think of the British Spike Lee.”


No black ppl making films?  Maybe so but perhaps there isn’t the call or maybe they’re working successfully outside the nanny state. She can’t think of a Brit Spike Lee.  Wild guess on my part but ... MAYBE THERE ISN’T ONE.  Doh.  Invent one then.  It isn’t the fault of the industry if there are no Lees available here.

Good grief Charlie Brown.  Defeated by Galloway?  Gallaway?  Holy cow. Either the electorate is really barmy beyond what I thought or ,,,,, or ,,,,, ?  Defeated by .. ?  I must have read it wrong. But no. There it is in print.  And she’s advising Ch.4? Oh good.
By her reasoning and she’d be right on technicalities, EVERYBODY is under-represented.

WHAAAAAA.  I WANNA COME HOOOOOOME !  This pace is driving me sane.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 02/01/2010 at 10:30 AM   
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