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You’ve seen this before, but not quite this way or quite this much.

Hi Mommy and Daddy ... guess what I learned in school today? 

Jeesh ...

Headline in the Mail quotes the UN saying:

TEACH PUPILS AGE FIVE ABOUT THE SEX ACT.  Now that was the headline in the hard copy. Teach the actual sex act to a five year old?
What the hell is the point of that? Five?  Are they freeken mad?  Have those loony tunes finally and totally lost it?
In the past they called for sex ed. which I thought (and so did you) was outrageous. But this is the first time they’ve spelled it out in exactly this way.

How’s a baby supposed to take that in and understand that sort of thing? 

Here’s the on line version.

Children as young as five to learn about masturbation and abortion under new UN guidelines

By Kirsty Walker
Last updated at 7:55 AM on 10th September 2009

Children as young as five should be taught about explicit sex acts, according to guidelines from the United Nations.

The advice also calls for youngsters to learn about abortion, same-sex relationships and sexually transmitted diseases.

The draft report on sex education has been compiled by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.
Children in school

Too young? Children as young as five could be taught about masturbation if UNESCO guidelines are followed.

The guidance is due to be issued to governments, local authorities and education bodies around the world by the end of next month.

But it has provoked an international outcry. Critics claim that addressing the issue of masturbation, which is contained in the plan, is too explicit for young children and removes the responsibility of parents to teach their own children about sex.

The guidelines break down suitable topics for discussion into four age groups. Among the most controversial recommendations are for teachers to begin discussing subjects such as masturbation with children from the age of five.

They recommend teachers should discuss the idea that ‘girls and boys have private body parts that can feel pleasurable when touched by oneself’.

The guidelines also recommend young people should learn about the ‘right to and access to safe abortion’. The report is intended to help countries improve sex education and sexual health, especially in the developing world.


“ESPECIALLY THE DEVELOPING WORLD” Got it. This would be the same world that has been developing for ALL OF MY LIFE. And it still hasn’t developed. It just produces more babies that the west then feels obligated to feed. Though I’ve no idea why. Really. Never thought I was obligated to em. Still don’t.  If the UN wants to really help, they should find a way way to quietly sterilize the populations of , The Developing World , so they don’t develop any further.


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‘pocket money’ thug paid not to steal… is jailed for knifepoint robbery


Just doesn’t make a G-D bit of sense does it?  But of course it did. This is England.  NOT, “This is London” as in the radio broadcasts of the war years.
No, this shit is England today where multi-culture and diversity are everything.  Where English history is criticized and belittled, where the English language itself isn’t much encouraged or it seems that way. This is England 2009 where one idiot politician who actually heads a party once suggested ppl should, “hug a hoodie.” A country of ASBOs (Anti Social Behavior Orders) where young thugs and street punks try to earn one and wear it as a badge of honor.  This is an UNARMED except for the punks and killers, place where it was thought to be a really neat idea to pay a thug NOT TO STEAL.
Imagine that.  And horror of horrors what do you suppose happened? You won’t guess so I’ll spill the beans.
The criminal broke his word.  Yeah I know. Hard to believe.  After accepting the bribe he went out and robbed people anyway.
Just what in the heck is this world coming to when authorities can’t count on the word and promise of a criminal?

Fuckin Idiots!

Look I’m sorry for the bad language and it doesn’t make me look very smart I will grant you that.  But stuff like this just makes me boil and see red.
How in the world with all sorts of evidence to guide them, could authorities begin to believe this might work?  Bribes for thugs?
Oh heaven forbid they should find the money for libraries or child care or anything else but this, this, stupidity.

“Britain is the one sinking ship where all the rats have stayed!”

Soft justice fails as ‘pocket money’ thug paid not to steal… is jailed for knifepoint robbery

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:23 PM on 10th September 2009

A scheme which saw a teenage robber handed £60 a week not to steal by the Government has been exposed as a dismal failure after he was jailed for a terrifying knifepoint robbery.

Career criminal Casey Bowen, 28, burst into a shop in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and subjected staff to a terrifying raid in May.

He punched a customer in the face and forced two members of staff to open the shop safe before stuffing the cash in a plastic box and cycling off.

Bowen was given the moniker ‘pocket money boy’ in 1994 when he was handed a £60-a-week incentive not to steal - after he was arrested a staggering 37 times in two years.

But after forking out £1,560 of tax payer’s cash in just six months, social services stopped the payments after it emerged his offending had got worse.

Bowen, of Churchdown, Gloucestershire, was paid to go on trips to Birmingham and London, visits to the cinema, the zoo, football matches and the seaside - but continued to offend.

And on Tuesday Bowen was jailed for five-and-a-half years at Gloucester Crown Court after admitting robbery.

A spokesman for social policy think tank Civitas said: ‘It was an enormous experiment which ended in utter failure. The 1990s scheme was a total disaster.

‘Young offenders were pampered when they should have been forcefully dealt with.’

Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley, told the Daily Express: ‘I hope the namby-pamby do-gooders take notice of this.

‘Instead of having money and goodies thrown at them, offenders should be punished for their crimes.’

Sentencing, Judge Martin Picton told the yob he nearly jailed him for life under a public protection sentence.

He said: ‘This was a very serious offence. You committed a grave robbery when armed with a knife, causing terror to your victims.

‘Wielding a knife like that created an obvious risk that someone could be badly injured.

‘If you ever commit an offence like this again in the future that will be it; it will be a public protection sentence.’

Balaclava-clad Bowen burst into the shop in Whaddon, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, on May 28 before staging the brutal raid.

He was arrested after police found him hiding at a nearby house.

Bowen ordered staff Philip Clements and Jemma Giesdorf to open the safe and fill a plastic box with cash.

The court heard that Miss Giesdorf has been left so traumatised by the robbery she refused to work without a security guard.

Bowen has previously absconded from children’s homes all over the country, including the top-security Aycliffe home in County Durham where he got into trouble for assaulting staff.

In 1996 he got his second custodial sentence in two months for a 3am burglary at the Cheltenham home of a 100-year-old woman.

He stole her jewellery box and £40 and got just three months after his barrister pleaded with the judge: ‘He is only just 16 and it is far too early to give up on this young man.’

Aged 19, he was jailed for burgling the homes of two elderly women and was told by the judge: ‘You have a dreadful record and nothing seems to have stopped you so far.

‘Your own hardships are no excuse for burgling other people.’

In May, Bowen admitted threatening to kill police officers and their children after he stole alcohol and threatened staff at a Cheltenham supermarket.

He was jailed for a week for a similar offence last October.

In July 2005, he was jailed for a year for harassing a former girlfriend by bombarding her with 800 text messages.

Bowen’s younger brother, Clinton, was dubbed ‘Canal Boat boy’ after he was given a supervision order with a ‘specified activity’ - a three-month cruise with an organisation called Care Afloat, costing £1,100 a week.


his barrister pleaded with the judge: ‘He is only just 16

Right.  First we kill the lawyers!


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H/T Tundra Tabloids and Europe News

A note about this video.  It has sub-titles of course, it is interesting as is the whole subject.
My settings made the Tundra Tabloid site near impossible to read. You may have better luck. Europe News easier and here’s their link to this story

Free Speech Loses in Finland: Helsinki Councilman is Fined 330 € For Insulting Islam

Tundra Tabloids 09 September 2009

Helsinki District Court delivers
verdict to Jussi Halla-aho:


You shall not insult Islam and its prophet!

It was to be expected. The Tundra Tabloids was asked just yesterday by someone living outside of Finland, what the outcome of the trial would be. Responding that it would be too close to tell, but the gut feeling however, was that most likely Jussi Halla-aho would receive a fine. That’s was indeed the case, as the District court in Helsinki fined the City Councilman to pay 30 day fines amounting to 330 euros.

This judgement by the Helsinki District Court violates the very essence of what “Freedom of Speech” stands for; the right to say out loud, that, what people do not want to hear. As an American who has been living in Finland for the past 22 years, I’m appalled at what just took place.

The Finnish judicial system just violated the sacred right of every Finn to speak his or her mind freely, on any given subject, no matter how polite or offensive that speech might be. From now on, and in no unclear or uncertain terms, the Finnish state makes itself the sole arbitrator of what kind of speech in Finland is permissible and what is not. Big Brother has spoken.

Prosecutor, Simo Kolehmainen, Chief Prosecutor, Jarmo Kalske, Prosecutor Mika Illman, Minster of Justice, Tuija Brax, you all are traitors to your country, and for that the Tundra Tabloids holds you all in contempt.

So, it is the personal opinion of the owner of this blog, The Tundra Tabloids, that the central figure of Islam, the person that Muslims revere and worship around the world and here in Finland, their “prophet Mohammad”, was in fact a pedophile by today’s standards, and it’s the continued intention of this blog to keep pointing out that fact, that the founder of Islam was indeed a pedophile, and that many of his faithful followers till this day, adhere to that institutionalized religious practice of Islamic inspired pedophilia.

City Councillor Jussi Halla-Aho of the True Finns Party has been found guilty of defamation of religion by the Helsinki District Court. He was ordered to pay a fine of 330 euros. However, the court dismissed a charge of inciting hatred against an ethnic group.

Prosecutor Simo Kolehmainen said Halla-Aho had publicly defamed the Islamic faith in his blog writings. Halla-Aho had also written derogatory statements about Somali immigrants on his internet site.

NOTE: Here is the video again of the Halla-aho interview just after the court trial ended on the 28th of August.


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Hero who saved 30 lives by tackling suicide bomber. Routine stuff for battling Brits.

Well, maybe not so routine.  This is one one brave act and the guy is surely a genuine hero in a world of few. Certainly none among the political class.
Anyway, this soldier has carried on the long tradition of his service.
Well done sir.

Hero squaddie who saved 30 lives by rugby-tackling suicide bomber to get military cross

By Daily Mail Reporter

A Royal Marine is to be awarded a Military Cross after saving up to 30 lives by ‘rugby-tackling’ a suicide bomber.


Sergeant Noel Connolly was serving in Afghanistan last November when a bomber rode towards his troop on a motorbike packed with 150lb of explosives.

Sgt Connolly dived on the bomber, grabbed him by the shirt and hauled him from the bike before he was able to detonate the explosives.

But the modest 41-year-old from Manchester insisted he ‘wasn’t brave’ and even tried to keep the feat a secret from his family.

He said:  ‘I was near the school when I caught a fleeting glimpse of a motorbike. I told all my lads to expect a bomber.

‘The motorcyclist looked lost. He turned the bike around up the track and came back.

‘I grabbed two lads and went to intercept him. I had no idea if he was the bomber. The only way of finding out was to challenge him.’

The sergeant then stepped into the road and ordered the man to stop.

‘He stalled the bike and started pushing it away from us. He stopped, straddled it and turned to face us,’ he said. ‘As I got to within 10 metres, there was a loud crack from halfway down the bike.

‘That’s when I saw a small toggle switch had been fitted to his handlebars. As soon as he went for the toggle again I rushed him. I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and hauled him off.’

The motorbike’s frame was found to contain 154lb of explosive. The bomber was handed to police and later jailed for 18 years.

But Sgt Connolly, who serves with 3 Commando Brigade, insisted: ‘’I’m not brave. Someone had to stop him.’
mary connolly

He played down his heroics so much that he did not even tell his family. Then, when the story emerged, he begged his sister not to tell their 81-year-old mother, Mary.

The award is expected to be announced tomorrow with other recipients of honours for gallantry and meritorious service.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said most of the Operational Honours and Awards list are predominantly from the 3 Commando Brigade Task Force that deployed to Afghanistan in 2008, but it also includes others involved in operations in Iraq and in the UK.



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One ass-wipe reporter with an ego from the N.Y.Times ignores warning and one Brit soldier dies.

If the newspaper can be believed, this reporter was not only a hostage once before, on this occasion he was warned before hand NOT to go into a particular area as it was controlled by the Taliban.  But go he did anyway because he thought he was guided by a higher authority. His own damn ego.
So now his interpreter is dead along with a Brit paratrooper and a couple of civilians.
Maybe I have it all wrong and need to be re-educated here.
Is it a military priority or even their job, to try and rescue a newspaper reporter in a combat zone?  Isn’t that somehow blurring their function somewhat?

A lot more to read and tons to see at the link below. It explains it all.

One dead para, one dead translator, two dead civilians: Why DID Brown authorise raid to save reporter who ignored warnings?

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:17 PM on 10th September 2009

Hostage negotiators and military officials today expressed shock and anger over Gordon Brown’s decision to approve a high risk special forces raid to free a British journalist when talks for his release had already begun.

The operation in Afghanistan also provoked fury among Army chiefs who told of their dismay that a British soldier had died saving a hostage who they said had repeatedly ignored danger warnings.

A group of Afghan journalists also slammed Nato forces for rescuing the reporter while leaving their colleague to die.

Reporter Stephen Farrell, 46, was freed unharmed, but his translator Sultan Munadi was killed along with a paratrooper, two civilians and a Taliban commander.

Mr Farrell, left, with his interpreter Sultan Munadi, right, interview and film a wounded man in a hospital in Kunduz on the day before they were captured, Friday, September 4

Military chiefs said Mr Farrell apparently ignored warnings from Afghan police and village elders not to venture into the Taliban-controlled area where he was taken hostage.

One senior military source said: ‘When you look at the number of warnings this person had it makes you wonder whether he was really worth rescuing, whether it was worth the cost of another soldier’s life. In the future special forces might think twice in a similar situation.’

Scroll down for Stephen Farrell’s account of the decision to go in

Another military source added: ‘This reporter went into this area against the advice of the Afghan police. So thanks very much Stephen Farrell, your irresponsible act has led to the death of one of our boys.’

Robin Horsfall, a former SAS officer, told Channel 4 News: ‘Some questions will be asked if a journalist has behaved in a reckless fashion and put them in this position. There’s going to be some resentment.’

There was also frustration at military planners of the operation. Hostage negotiators believe they were ‘close’ to freeing Mr Farrell and Munadi.
Enlarge Stephen Farrell

‘I am comfortable with my decision’: Stephen Farrell wrote in the New York Times today of his ordeal

A diplomatic source in Kabul said there was no indication the kidnappers wanted anything more than money. ‘The plan was to keep negotiations local. But then MI6 charged in and, with next to zero knowledge of the local situation decided to launch an operation.’



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Not bad enough my mail forwarding service in CA. which we have paid $130.00 a year for is lax and send us mail with rebate check more then A YEAR OUT OF DATE. (2007) Not bad enough that our mail forwarding service sends us a jury summons ... JAN. 2008 and mostly no doubt because the dummy never thought to write AIR MAIL on the envelope ... not bad enough all that crap.

Now there’s this.  And I haven’t a clue yet but will check, how it will affect mail leaving the country.
Like I really need the aggro at the freeken moment.

I know this bit of local news won’t interest the many here at BMEWS and so I don’t expect many if any comments. I’m just a mite frustrated and thought I’d take the angst out here. Grumble.

Oh right. That check for a refund we had was for $153.00 and we had 90 days to cash it. It is dated April of 2007. Nice, huh?  Grumble!

Millions of letters stuck in the post as unions create strike rota to keep country’s deliveries paralysed

By Sean Poulter
Last updated at 11:01 AM on 10th September 2009

Tens of millions of letters are sitting undelivered after rolling strikes brought chaos to the postal system.

Some 20,000 Royal Mail workers are on strike, paralysing parts of the network.

The backlog in London alone could run to 20million items. Some families have not received deliveries for ten days.

Millions of items are said to be sitting in sorting offices in the Bristol area, 500,000 in Peterborough and 250,000 in Leeds.

The walkouts will be stepped up over the next few days to affect a vast swathe of the country.

Union leaders claim the backlog is already bigger than in the last national strike in 2007, which cost businesses an estimated £300million.

The strikes are causing serious hardship and inconvenience to consumers and businesses.

Those waiting for credit card statements are receiving them so late they are being hit with penalty charges.

Utility bills are being delayed, bringing warnings of disconnection and legal action. Small firms are unable to complete orders and have been particularly badly hit.

Wildcat strikes have led to a build-up of mail in sorting offices

The postal workers have been going out on strike on a rota basis, with the result that at least one part of the national system is always at a standstill.

This minimises the loss of pay for those involved while maximising the disruption.

They accuse Royal Mail of provoking the action by ‘bullying’ staff over its cost-cutting modernisation plans.

But the company denies this and insists the cuts are vital to stave off losses.

It also says it is time to end a series of costly Spanish Practices dating back to the 1970s, such as allowing a postman to go home if he finishes his round early.

Also in the firing line are automatic overtime if mail volumes reach a certain level, guaranteed overtime at Christmas, and the right to refuse to work outside particular rounds or postcodes.



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calendar   Wednesday - September 09, 2009

Muslims, islam and cartoon anger, A documentary you may not have seen.

I came across something tonight and want to share it here.
It’s a video BUT ....  It runs a shade over 52 minutes.  Originally there was some text as well but I can not figure out how it was lost or where it went.
Which doesn’t matter anyway because the video is one heck of a story.

Normally I won’t watch one thing that runs that long. Just don’t have the patience and sitting in from of a monitor watching one thing taxes my concentration no end.  But this thing really held my attention and I believe it will hold yours as well.

I did not post the video here due to it’s length.  So here is the url and please let us know your reactions to it.

Watch closely. They mention but under emphasize the fact that the ‘grand imam of Copenhagen’ actually created the most offensive cartoons himself in order to create outrage in the Arab League. Most do not know this and in some ways it doesn’t matter. But it is important to know.


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The Islamic Colonisation of England.

H/T Islam in Action

Just another example of the slow decay of a once proud nation, not by outside forces. But the 5th column at home that makes it possible.
See the link please and view the photos of this latest desecration of English history and tradition and property.  Courtesy of not the muslims but instead the far left appeasers who make it all sooooo easy.

Heaven help America, and people ... buy more guns!

ISLAM IN ACTION is a site dedicated to exposing the worldwide issue of Islamofascism. The owner of this site is not calling for any violence or harassment of Muslims. He is looking for political solutions. One being putting a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

Genocide: How Islamic Colonisation Destroys Your Heritage

The bloodless genocide and ethnic cleansing of the British people and culture continues apace with the latest example being the ripping up of a century old Christian cemetery to make way for a mosque in Manchester.


The grave desecrations, being carried out with a large Komatsu earthmover in the graveyard of the St John the Apostle and Evangelist church at the corner of Holmfirth Street and St John’s Road, is part of the re-opening of this nineteenth century church as the Dar-ul-Ulum Qadria Jilania “Islamic Centre.”

A sign on the door says clearly that the “Islamic Centre” is already “open for prayer” — showing that by Islamic centre the colonisers actually mean mosque.

The conversion of this church (founded in 1845 on a site donated by Sir J. W. H. Anson) into a mosque has been made possible by the displacement of the local indigenous British population by waves of Third World immigration into Manchester.

As this policy gathered pace under successive Tory and Labour governments, the numbers of Third World colonisers grew to the point where they have now totally displaced the indigenous population.

As there were no more white British people in the local area, the Grade II listed status church closed down — only now to be re-opened as a mosque.

This church — formerly the largest Church of England parish in Longsight, was the only one in the area with a graveyard.

These Christian British graves — the only remnant of the now ethnically cleansed British people in the area — are obviously offensive to the Muslim colonisers, who have brought in the earthmoving machine to smash up the gravestones which are being literally crushed to rubble.

St John the Apostle and Evangelist church is a real time history lesson of what will happen to Britain unless the insane multicultural Lib/Lab/Con genocidal policies of mass Third World immigration are not only brought to an end, but reversed.



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A Protest Attacked; A Blogger Threatened With Execution. all in the name of anti-fascists.

H/T The Brussels Journal

Readers, this is a lengthy but VERY worthy read. I have not posted all of it here so please see the link at the end.
Not at all surprising that the ppl who SHOUT about being anti-fascist and form groups calling themselves anti this or that, aren’t anti at all. All they are about is the stifling of any opinion not their own.  Call someone, anyone, a fascist and all argument is meant to be shut down.
Anyone critical of islam in any shape or form is, a fascist.  Fine. If that’s the case then I’m a died in the wool fascist.  These folks really fool no one and I’m pretty certain they know that as well.  Unfortunately they seem to have the numbers and the power to shut down anyone or any group who see things in a different light.  And the west has allowed this cancer to grow and to multiply at it’s core.  I greatly fear there will be an awful price to pay down the road.

So then, please read ALL of this. And read the threat at the end (link) and read the claim that this is now a muslim country.

From the desk of A. Millar
Wed, 2009-09-09 09:37

Emotions are running high in parts of Britain. Only a couple of weeks ago, rumors that a “Right wing” group was planning to march through the Bury Park region of Luton were spreading through the Muslim communities of the city. This turned out to be false. When no one turned up, the Muslim youths that had congregated attacked the police, throwing missiles and hurling abuse [video]. 50 extra police had to be drafted to contain the situation.

Last week, as it became known that the so-called English Defense League (EDL) was planning to protest in Birmingham, Mohammad Naseem, chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque, told Muslims to “vent their feelings” at the EDL march, though he apparently believed that the police would separate the protestors and counter-protestors.

Dr. Naseem had also told his followers to form alliances with other counter-protestors, including with members of other religions and socialists. Such advice was ill advised, and probably unnecessary. Socialist – and especially Trotskyite – organizations have formed alliances with Islamist groups over the last few years, and have amassed tens of thousands of demonstrators across the country, in support of the terrorist organization Hamas. Even when they face no opposition, socialist leaders stoke the passions, and their protests almost invariably end in chaos. The police are often violently confronted. Retail property is smashed up. And Jews have been threatened and even assaulted.

The main socialist street protesting organization is Unite Against Fascism (UAF). Its supporters include Labour MPs, the head of the Conservative Party David Cameron, but its tactics and alliances (for example with extremist Muslims) have been questioned, even by those on the Left. David Toube lamented in the Leftwing Guardian not so long ago, that, “with its sectarianism, silence on antisemitism and blindness to Islamist Jew-hatred, Unite Against Fascism just isn’t up to the job.” Writing about the UAF’s recent demonstration outside of the “Whites only” British National Party’s annual festival, Lucy James, a research fellow at the Muslim-run Quilliam foundation, criticized the UAF’s tactics, saying that the “protesters soon became violent,” and that “protests become ineffective when they descend into thuggery and hooliganism.”

The English Defence League is composed of working class football fans. They are mostly – or perhaps they are all – White. They are roudy, wave flags and placards, and chant “England, England, England.” By most accounts, however, they are not violent. They also claim to oppose Islamic “extremists,” rather than all Muslims. At their recent Birmingham demonstration – held in the first week of September – one man was photographed holding a sign reading “No More Mosques,” which would seem less discriminating. However, others held signs reading “Say No To London Mega Mosque,” “Islamic Extremists Out: Make Britain Safe,” and “Jihadist Choudry! Leave OUR Children Alone.”

The “Jihadist Choudry” is Anjem Choudary, a prominent extremist Islamist, and head of Islam4UK – a reincarnation of the organization al-Muhajiroun, which was disbanded after British authorities threatened to ban it, following a number of high profile terrorist attacks and attempted attacks by its followers, including the so-called “shoe bomber” Richard Reid (who attempted to blow up an American Airlines jet) and Asif Hani, who blew up a café in Tel Aviv.

The UAF contends, however, that the EDL is composed of “racist and fascist thugs” whose core members are also members of the BNP. The UAF even turned up to an EDL demonstration in August with “Stop the fascist BNP” placards. For its part, the EDL carried placards with “We are not the BNP[,] and we are not racist” and “English Defence League[:] Black and White Unite.”

One photograph published in the Daily Mail also shows a group of EDL demonstrators at the recent Birmingham demonstration holding up a large Israeli flag – a statement, surely, against the anti-Semitism of the so-called “anti-fascist” coalition. The Israeli flag is routinely burned in pro-Hamas demonstrations in Britain, organized and dominated by the same Leftist and Islamist cadre as turned out to meet the EDL protest, and who burned the Union Jack in front of them.

Burning the British or Israeli flag is not an act of “anti-racism” or “anti-fascism.” It is provocative. (One need only imagine the reaction if EDL members had burned an Islamic flag.)



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And people actually want the government to take over this industry? Horry clap. What was that definition for insanity? Doing the same thing time after time, but expecting a different result?


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Discriminattion against Britain’s middle class a top government priority says minister

Oh yeah. Think I’m joking?

BMEWS’s Lyndon can tell you lots more about this comrade commie-sar but this article will say lots till he does.

I’ll never understand the ppl who come from the backgrounds they do, especially the more wealthy, who turn around and then want to destroy the class they come from.  So often the ones with a bit of cash seem embarrassed by their wealth and insist on apologizing for it.  Jerks!
Anyway, this isn’t funny as Britain sinks more into the socialist red swamp.

Harman puts class war at top of the agenda

By Ian Drury
Last updated at 1:39 AM on 09th September 2009

Harriet Harman will vow to press ahead with plans to make every authority legally bound to close the gap between rich and poor.

Proposals which would effectively force public bodies to discriminate against Middle Britain will be a top government priority, Harriet Harman will say on Tuesday.

Labour’s deputy leader will vow to press ahead with plans to make every authority legally bound to close the gap between rich and poor.

Privately-educated Miss Harman - the niece of a baroness - will say schools, hospitals, town halls, and the police would have a ‘socio-economic duty’ to boost services in deprived areas.

She will renew her pledge at an event on how to implement the proposals, which have been nicknamed “SOCIALISM IN ONE CLAUSE.”

Under the Equality Bill, which brings together nine major laws, policies that currently consider race, age, gender, disability and sexuality are to be extended to include social background.

Miss Harman, the minister for women and equality, will say: ‘We have put in as clause one in the Equality Bill a duty to narrow the gap between rich and poor.

‘Evidence underlines that whether it’s educational attainment, income, or housing, those from the most deprived backgrounds tend to do worse.

‘This is what the socio-economic duty is designed to challenge.

‘So the new duty will attack one of the most fundamental and stubborn of all the determinants of inequality and ensure public bodies take the action they can to tackle it.’

Under the plan, NHS trusts will be required to focus services, such as anti-smoking clinics, at those in run-down areas where smoking rates tend to be higher.

Education authorities will be expected to draft policies which stop children from poorer backgrounds missing out on the best schools.

Police patrols would be targeted at deprived estates instead of the suburbs.

Transport bosses would be ordered to provide free shuttle buses between hospitals and deprived neighbourhoods where there are few buses and low car ownership rates.

But critics warn the better-off would see a squeeze on their access to everything from healthcare to school places.

They warn it could further entrench class differences and lead to an explosion in discrimination claims.

Harman puts class war at top of the agenda

By Ian Drury
Last updated at 1:39 AM on 09th September 2009

Harriet Harman will vow to press ahead with plans to make every authority legally bound to close the gap between rich and poor.

Proposals which would effectively force public bodies to discriminate against Middle Britain will be a top government priority, Harriet Harman will say on Tuesday.

Labour’s deputy leader will vow to press ahead with plans to make every authority legally bound to close the gap between rich and poor.

Privately-educated Miss Harman - the niece of a baroness - will say schools, hospitals, town halls, and the police would have a ‘socio-economic duty’ to boost services in deprived areas.

She will renew her pledge at an event on how to implement the proposals, which have been nicknamed “SOCIALISM IN ONE CLAUSE.”

Under the Equality Bill, which brings together nine major laws, policies that currently consider race, age, gender, disability and sexuality are to be extended to include social background.

Miss Harman, the minister for women and equality, will say: ‘We have put in as clause one in the Equality Bill a duty to narrow the gap between rich and poor.

‘Evidence underlines that whether it’s educational attainment, income, or housing, those from the most deprived backgrounds tend to do worse.

‘This is what the socio-economic duty is designed to challenge.

‘So the new duty will attack one of the most fundamental and stubborn of all the determinants of inequality and ensure public bodies take the action they can to tackle it.’

Under the plan, NHS trusts will be required to focus services, such as anti-smoking clinics, at those in run-down areas where smoking rates tend to be higher.

Education authorities will be expected to draft policies which stop children from poorer backgrounds missing out on the best schools.

Police patrols would be targeted at deprived estates instead of the suburbs.

Transport bosses would be ordered to provide free shuttle buses between hospitals and deprived neighbourhoods where there are few buses and low car ownership rates.

But critics warn the better-off would see a squeeze on their access to everything from healthcare to school places.

They warn it could further entrench class differences and lead to an explosion in discrimination claims.


Have no problem helping those in honest need.  But while some things (like communism) may look good on paper and well meaning folks chip in and do their best, when a comrade like Harman suggests insists on a series of ‘solutions’ it’s time to watch and question.  Not that folks will all like the answer.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/09/2009 at 08:27 AM   
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Girl’s moment of terror as sex attacker drags her screaming from street ‘like an animal.

Ho-Hum. Just another schizophrenic nigger oh whoops I meant Nigerian national loose on streets.
A guy with a record and known for this, but he was out there walking free as you please and actually being accepted (apparently) as a real live human being.
If someone is schizophrenic and there’s proof of such, then why the hell aren’t they put down in the same manner as a rabid dog? Of what possible use can they be outside medical experiments?  They are totally worthless otherwise. They are useless and a drain on the public purse.  Why is it the responsibility of the public to see to their well being?  OK, if anyone thinks I’m a bit OTT on the subject fine.  Then invite em over to your house but keep them well away from ours. Please. Just tell us where to send the flowers when the nut case turns on you and yours because Elvis told them to.

There is NO earthly reason to support or keep these sub-humans alive unless farming for healthy organs.

Teenage girl’s moment of terror as schizophrenic sex attacker drags her screaming from street ‘like an animal’

By Daily Mail Reporter

This is the terrifying moment when an innocent teenager is dragged off the street by a would-be rapist.


The 18-year-old woman had been out with friends near King’s Cross when she was grabbed by the man and dragged along the street ‘like an animal’.

The victim was pulled into a side street and forced to the floor when a passer-by heard her screams and came to her aid.

Powerfully built schizophrenic Samson Bello, 23, admitted two other sex attacks on women committed within hours of this one.

He was sentenced yesterday at Southwark Crown Court and received a detention order under the mental health act to be detained indefinitely.

In total he pleaded guilty to four charges, three attempted rapes and one count of kidnapping with intent to commit a sexual offence.

The images of the attack were released today as it emerged that murder squad detectives tracked Bello to his home using CCTV.

They were able to pick up his attacks on cameras located in the street and then follow him on CCTV as he caught two buses home.

Analysis of the cameras on a 149 night route showed Bello, a Nigerian national who has lived in Britain for 10 years, alight at a stop in Hackney, east London.

Detectives flooded the area with CCTV images of the suspect in a distinctive white jacket asking residents if they recognised the man.

As they were doing so Bello walked out of his basement flat and was stopped by two officers. He admitted that the image was him.
Trail of images: Bello on a 149 night bus after the attack on the 18-year-old, who had been out with friends near King’s Cross

Bello, who has a history of mental illness, launched his first attack on a 16-year-old girl in Marylebone High Street at 3.30am on March 29.

The victim said she was grabbed by Bello who told her: ‘Come with me. If you scream then I’ll hurt you.’

She was pulled into an alleyway and assaulted before a passer-by intervened. Two days later Bello went on the rampage attacking three women in three hours.

A 24-year-old woman was attacked in the Prince of Wales Passage off Hampstead Road at 12.30am. The Spanish woman fought back and the attack was interrupted by a passer-by.

At 2.45am the 18-year-old was attacked as she walked along Pentonville Road. At one point she smashed a bottle of beer she was carrying and attempted to slash Bello but he was too strong for her.

Twenty minutes later a 20-year-old woman was attacked opposite the British Library. In this case she managed to struggle free and run off.

Police say officers watched hundreds of hours of CCTV to piece together Bello’s movements on the night.

Bello was first spotted on film as the suspect in the case on 4 April and arrested five days later.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Lansdown said: ‘The volume of CCTV cameras in central London was a significant factor in solving these offences quickly.’

Sentencing Bello, Judge James Wadsworth QC told the impassive defendant: ‘You have pleaded guilty to a serious campaign of attempted rape.

‘I have read the impact statements of the ladies concerned and they show what a terrifying affair this was.’

He said had it not been for his mental illness he would have been ‘looking at a life sentence in all likelihood for these very nasty offences’.

But in view of his condition the ‘most appropriate disposal’ was to detain him indefinitely under the Mental Health Act.

Outside the court, case officer Pc Paul Woodham of the Met’s Serious Crime and Homicide Unit said: ‘Bello is clearly a very dangerous person who made no attempt to cover his tracks or disguise himself in any way.

‘These crimes were quite blatant and could easily have resulted in a far worse outcome in each case.

‘I would like to praise the bravery of both the victims and those members of the public whose intervention saved those they helped from a far more serious fate,’ he added.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/09/2009 at 07:32 AM   
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I won’t comment on this coz I can’t improve it. He’s worth reading every day and I do.

Old is not “Dead”

By Alan Caruba

The most troubling aspect of President Obama’s insistence on so-called healthcare reform is the way the proposed changes will harm the interests of those on Medicare or Medicaid, all 65 years and older.

In the interest of “reform” it is clear that healthcare for the elderly will be rationed in terms of what will be covered with age a factor in whether one’s life will be saved or not through medical procedures.

Americans are now living to an average age of 78 and, of course, many are living much longer. My Mother lived to 98 and my Father to 93. Both required medical procedures towards the end of their lives and, good Democrats that they were, both appreciated the protection and benefits offered by Medicare.

I am just shy of age 72 and quite healthy. Given the genes passed onto me by both parents, I expect to live at least another twenty years, but more importantly, I expect to be writing that long as well.

I got to thinking that many now officially considered “old” at 65 made considerable contributions, often based on the fact that age had equipped them with invaluable experience.

At age 65, Winston Churchill became Britain’s Prime Minister. He is credited with leading his nation to triumph through World War II.

Others at the same age made their mark. William Henry Seward, the U.S. Secretary of State, purchased Alaska from the Russian Czar for less than two cents an acre. William Jennings Bryan, a three-time candidate for the presidency represented Tennessee in the famed Scopes “Monkey Trial.” Defending Scopes, legendary attorney, Clarence Darrow, was age 68.

George Cukor directed the Broadway show “My Fair Lady” and Laura Ingalls Wilder published the first of her popular eight-volume series, “Little House on the Prairie”, both at age 65.

At age 66, Michaelangelo completed the “Last Judgment” fresco in the Sistine Chapel and Secretary of State George Marshall announced the post-WWII European Recovery Plan that saved Europe from Soviet ambitions.

Richard Wagner composed his opera, “Parsifal” at age 69 and Noah Webster published “An American Dictionary of the English Language” at age 69. He had worked on it for 22 years and it became one of the best-selling books of all time.

At 70, Golda Meir was elected the Prime Minister of Israel. Nicolaus Copernicus was 70 when he published the result of 30 years of research, “On the Revolution of the Celestial Spheres”, that changed astronomy thereafter.

Ronald Reagan, age 73, was reelected President of the United States and many of both political persuasions wish we had his wisdom and guidance these days. It was Reagan who said, “Government is not the solution, it’s the problem.”

At age 76, Thomas Jefferson began designing the buildings and curriculum of the University of Virginia. Giuseppi Verdi composed “Falstaff” at the age of 79. Actress Jessica Tandy won an Oscar at age 80 for her performance in “Driving Miss Daisy.”

I could cite many more examples, but I will close out by noting that Winston Churchill, at age 83, published the last of the four volumes of his “A History of the English-Speaking Peoples.”

Old is not “dead”, but the assault on America’s older citizens by the Obama administration will hopefully die in the chambers of Congress. If not, America’s “senior citizens”, Democrats, Republicans, and independents, will teach Obama the power of the vote in October 2010 and again in 2012.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/09/2009 at 07:07 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - September 08, 2009

Van Jones

The “Deserver” got what he deserved

I’ve posted incoming emails before. This one was an outgoing email. Thanks to Pal2Pal for the tip off.

Not just a communist. Not just a racist. Not just a far left termite bent on destroying the system from within, aka Alinky’s Rules For Radicals. No. Worse than a Truther, Van Jones is a Deserver. 9/11 was “the chickens coming home to roost”. Sounds familiar? You betcha.

Here’s him saying just that on 9/12/01:
in text, perhaps slightly misquoted:
on video:

A recurring theme of the speakers was the brutal violence committed by or supported by the United States government on a daily basis. “The bombs the government drops in Iraq are the bombs that blew up in New York City,” said Van Jones, director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, who also warned against forthcoming violence by the Bush Administration. “The US cannot bomb its way out of this one. Safety at home requires justice abroad.”

That’s his view: America DESERVED 9/11 because of it’s bombing of Iraq. Except ... we weren’t bombing Iraq. Gulf War 1 had been over for a decade, and only rare and occasional reprisal bombings were done against Saddam’s DAILY attempts to shoot down our airplanes.

So, having read that, now read the analysis to gain this insight into the White House: Van Jones is NOT A RADICAL to them. He thinks just the same way they do, and sees the world from the same perspective.

and then

and finally

“What kind of careless, lame-brained goofball appoints such a person to high office?”
( )

Having watched the rise of Van Jones, why did Team Obama nonetheless “recruit” him into the White house? Because what Jones says and believes is well within the range of what Obama believes, and thus not jarrring to him and his crew.

If Jones is now beyond the pale, it is only because the Obama crowd finally hears him through the filter of a controversy. When Obama and company heard him only through the filter of what they believe, there was no controversy because his statements—e.g., his attack on Israeli “occupation” dating back to 1948 and his claim that “U.S. tax dollars are funding violence against people of color inside the U.S. borders and outside the US borders”—are not particularly controversial to Team Obama.

This, of course, is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright phenomenon all over again. Wright’s racist, anti-Israeli, anti-American statements didn’t jar Obama while he was sitting in Wrights’s church for 20 years because they were not that different from what Obama believes.

And you wonder why posts like this next one are becoming more frequent? I don’t.

PS - America bought itself another MILLION weapons last month, bringing the total to about 13 million purchased since the election. On top of the half billion or so we probably already had. (oh please. How many million M1s and M1 carbines, M1903, M1903a, Krags, 1895 Winchesters, and Trapdoors did the DCM dump on us? You think those guns have just evaporated? Hell no.)

It is a real low-ball estimate that there are now 5 guns for every 4 people in the land, even though some continue to say that only 1 person in 4 owns a firearm. (if I had to bet, and you could get a real count, I’d say 2 guns per citizen, maybe 2.5. Seriously) Which means - even using the “official” estimate, all us gun owners have about 5 guns each. Yeah, that sounds about right. Many of us own at least 5 for each family member. Let’s see ... small CCW pistol, big ass hunting pistol of .357 or higher, rimfire rifle, shotgun, bolt action high powered sniper weapon deer rifle with telescopic sights, other scoped bolt rifle for deer, mid powered lever action rifle, mid-powered milsurp rifle, aka truck gun, military style semi-auto. Hey, I did say “at least” ya know.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 09/08/2009 at 09:17 PM   
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