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I saw the original article under news bulletins in The Telegraph but do not have any link.
Therefore, you will I trust take my word for it that I haven’t the imagination to make this up.

So the old fool is 76. So what?  If he’s that doddery he shouldn’t be allowed off a leash.  Yeah, harsh. I probably don’t mean that or I won’t 10 minutes from now.

Here’s what happened.

A 76 year old who killed a woman when he knocked her down while driving a mobility scooter was not prosecuted due to a legal loophole.

Lillian Macey, 90, died in hosp. after being knocked down by a reckless fuckin idiot.

The jerk’s driving was deemed “careless” by authorities, however he can NOT be prosecuted because …Mobility scooter users cannot be prosecuted for careless driving.

So some poor old woman dies and he gets off all because a loophole is way freeken more important then a life.

I kinda feel like tossing out the rest of the newspapers and shutting down this damn slow moving puter.

Oh btw … Long as I’m upset with the world. Have you folks read the latest from Wal-Mart?  I found and then lost the damn article but will hunt again.
Seems Sam’s stupendous olde company is joining the green movement but big time.
WM never does things small really and they are apparently going to investigate companies that supply them to determine how gween they are or lose doing business with WM.

Yeah … maybe I will throw away the rest of the damn papers and close. 



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ZIEGFELD GIRLS .... 1908 - 1920

My idea and ideal of glamour and sex appeal. Oh to have seen these beauties in their day, on stage in one of his follies.  I don’t think I like the modern term, “Eye Candy” for these women. I see them all as somehow above that.  I think I need to have a new category.  Maybe, Glamorous Women?  There are so few.
Anyone have any other category suggestions?





In those days with this style, the ladies could NOT take deep breaths and they fainted a lot.


I shamelessly borrowed these at StumbleUpon where I discovered I had an account. ? Who knew?  Seems I’ve had it since ‘08. I think.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Friday - September 18, 2009

A society that is subdued by its insatiable lust for pleasure ……….

"PLEASURE” in this case taking the form of imagined mass killing in copycat crime by teens.

Dear Fellow Americans,

You might be somewhat pleased to learn that our beloved country is not the only country with idiots for jurors.
Lawyers the world over have long been able, as I have mentioned before, to make the worst appear to be the better cause.
It’s their thing and quilt or innocence have nothing to do with it. It’s the love of the hunt.

Well, this week the UK has proved how well lawyers can actually screw with reality and paint a word picture that only a group of totally brain dead, gullible idiots would buy.

True, I was not in the court room. True, I only have the info reported in the papers. True finally that I wasn’t in the jury room to hear what they heard and talked about.  Did I need to be?

Here’s a couple of punks, would be killers who their lawyers say, were only up to teen age high jinks.  It was all imaginary. They really weren’t gonna try and pull off a Columbine type school mass-a-kree. No sir.  T’was merely teen age fantasy.  You know guys. Just like when you and I were very young and 18 or so.  That’s what young boys fantasize about right?  Kicking heads (literally) after shooting people.  You must recall surely that other schoolboy dream about cutting off a teachers legs and dropping her or him in a vat of acid.  You all remember that, don’t you?
Sure ya do.  We didn’t wanna be Errol Flynn or pitch a no hitter or pass a long one in a brilliant football blitz.  No indeed. We wanted to be Jack The Ripper.  FANTASY MY ACHING FOOT! 

Fantasising about mass murder - hardly the ‘frivolity of youth’!

By Richard Littlejohn
Last updated at 11:59 AM on 18th September 2009

This column is always quick to criticise the police and the CPS for bringing frivolous cases to court.
But don’t expect me to join the chorus of condemnation over the two teenagers accused of plotting a Columbine-style school massacre in Manchester.
If ever there was a prosecution in the public interest, this was it, even though it took a jury only 45 minutes to return a verdict of not guilty.

That probably says more about the members of the jury than the evidence laid before them. I’m not arguing with the verdict, but that doesn’t mean the case should not have been brought.
Over three weeks, the Crown produced plenty of evidence to support the contention that Matthew Swift and Ross McKnight were planning a bloodbath at their school to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Columbine massacre in the U.S.

McKnight told a terrified fellow pupil that he intended to shoot as many people as possible.
After she reported it to police, officers who raided the teenagers’ homes discovered hate-filled diaries, newspaper cuttings about shootings and bombmaking manuals.

In Swift’s bedroom they found a safe containing details on how to use acetone peroxide as a detonator, along with plans and maps of the school.
There was also a pad on which was written: ‘Project Rainbow, Ground Zero...Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold will rise again.’ (Harris and Klebold were the Columbine killers.) Swift wrote about being the reincarnation of Harris.

His collection of reading material included Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf and The Turner Diaries, said to have inspired the Columbine murderers. Police also found two films about school shootings, Elephant and Zero Day.
The pair had bought combat clothing and backpacks and made mobile phone videos of themselves allegedly experimenting with explosives. They boasted in their journal about staging ‘the greatest massacre ever’.

While McKnight fantasised about shooting schoolmates ‘one by one’ and kicking their heads off as he walked past, Swift talked about killing a teacher, cutting her legs off and throwing her into a tank of hydrochloric acid.
The defence maintained all this was simply ‘teenage angst’, pure escapism, mere juvenile bravado. The jury even laughed when McKnight’s father said his son was full of ‘hare-brained schemes’.
Though McKnight and Swift were found not guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and cause explosions, they are guilty of rank stupidity and recklessness.

McKnight made a ranting phone call ‘confessing’ to the plot. His lawyer says he wasn’t serious because when he made the call he was out of his skull on a cocktail of drink and drugs. Bless him.
Their headmaster said they were lovely boys who were never in any trouble. That’s what we were told about the 7/7 bombers, too, after they killed 52 people and injured hundreds of others.

Listening to defending counsel, you’d have been forgiven for believing that Swift and McKnight were innocent victims here, not architects of their own ordeal. Step forward the bold Roderick Carus QC, for McKnight, who declared after the verdict that the trial was a huge waste of money.
‘This was an unnecessary, heavy-handed prosecution against two lads who could have been dealt with in a more sensitive way,’ he said. ‘I would hope the prosecuting authorities make more allowances for the frivolity of youth in future.
‘Why could they not have taken them to one side, slapped them on the wrists and said: “Don’t be silly boys, now go off and enjoy your careers in the Army”?’

Run that by me again. They want to join the Army? They might not be guilty, but these two shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Armed Forces.
The military wouldn’t want any truck with disturbed young men who, by their own admission, boasted about staging a school massacre. This trial has at least done the Army a huge favour.

Admittedly, he’s got a job to do, but does Mr Carus seriously believe that fantasising about mass murder is nothing more than ‘frivolity of youth’?
Plenty of teenage boys fantasise about female teachers, but not cutting their legs off and dipping them in hydrochloric acid.
As for the case being a waste of money, if it brought home to these stupid boys the sheer wickedness of their fantasies and discouraged other Columbine wannabes, then it was worth every penny of the hundreds of thousands of pounds it is said to have cost.

The police and the CPS were on a hiding to nothing. Just imagine if they’d ignored the evidence and Swift and McKnight had acted on their fantasies, with all the carnage which would have ensued.
The authorities would have been slaughtered, if you’ll pardon the expression.
There would have been questions in the House, wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the Chief Constable of Manchester would have had to fall on his sword as a basis for negotiation.

As for the jury, we can only speculate on the speed with which they returned their verdict.
Three weeks in court is a long time, but you might have thought that, given the gravity of the charges, they could have given their deliberations another few minutes, if only to make the defendants sweat a bit longer.

Was it really necessary for the jury to stay behind after the verdict, waving and smiling? This was a serious criminal case, not the finale of Britain’s Got Talent.
The carnival atmosphere which followed their release was a symptom of a society which has gone soft in the head.
Here were two defendants who’d had a lucky escape. Another day, another jury, who knows?

Both boys were on remand for six months before the trial, and McKnight’s father says they have been through ‘purgatory’.
Good. Let’s hope that Swift and McKnight have had time to reflect on their stupidity and culpability in this circus.
They had their day in court and were found not guilty. But the police and CPS were absolutely right to bring it to trial, even if the jury didn’t think so.
Better safe than sorry.


H/T Turtler for the headline I used but he wrote first, and I have a feeling I’ll be using it again.


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Today’s hedonistic, anything-goes-culture

I wasn’t planning on posts today, busy moving furniture, tricky back and all. It was late and I remembered Drew taking time out to earn a living and so here I am.  In truth, there has been so darn much going on the last few days, I don’t see how I could have avoided posting anyway. Insane stuff and none too funny.  I find it so hard to cope with the direction I see our countries going. But wait, for now I live here in the UK and so write about stuff here and bring things to your attention coz they bother the hell outta me.  Add to that I imagine the same happening in America as well with political correctness far from dead.

Earlier this week Socialite Clare Irby, a descendant of the Guinness family and a strikingly pretty young woman, was brought up on charges of outrageous behavior on a long distance flight of some 11 or 12 hours.


Seems she was traveling with her two year old, was pretty damn drunk, and started making out with another passenger while his girl friend was asleep nearby.  According to reports for people who saw and how could they miss it all, the two were indulging in things usually seen on a movie screen. Not as a rule on a plane live in living color. She had trouble with her kids diaper which was full and shouted at an attendant to “get this shit off my hand.” She claimed she could recall none of what people were talking about and anyway she had some opium and between that and the drinkys onboard well ......

She was arrested upon landing for being drunk.  Apparently there isn’t any law about the other stuff when flying mile high?  I have no idea BUT ...
she beat the drunk rap.  How’d she manage that? Come on. A plane full of people who saw her behavior.  The attendants she abused and swore at.
Well .... a very odd sort of loop hole.  Was she drunk?  Well, yes and no.  Huh?

She was a disaster the first 6 hours of the flight. She was out of it.  BUT .... by the time the airplane entered British airspace some hours later, she was sober.  So people, she was not drunk during the flight in Brit airspace and so .... she walked.

Wait a minute, I’m not done yet. There’s another story that’s worse or if not worse, just shows what’s become of our culture and what’s now the norm.

Girl, 16, who sparked mob attack on police escapes jail

Girl, 16, who sparked mob attack on police after they told her friend to pick up burger wrapper escapes jail

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 4:52 PM on 18th September 2009

A teenage schoolgirl who launched a savage attack on two police officers in a row over litter escaped a prison sentence today.

The 16-year-old exploded into a frenzy of violence when police asked her friend to pick up a burger wrapper in Croydon, south London.

A mob surrounded the officers as they struggled to control the girl and they were pushed, kicked and punched to the ground.

Judge Stephen Waller said the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has shown no remorse for her actions.

Speaking at Croydon Crown Court, he said a prison sentence could not be justified because of her age and previous good character.


And if you think this is bad in any way (and it’s possible some don’t) Stay tuned for my following post.

Finally .... My apologies to Turtler in case it upsets but.
Turtler made a comment on an all together different subject from the ones I’m posting here, and I am taking him a bit out of context but what he said rings so true for this stuff I just had to include it with this post.

A society that is subdued by its insatiable lust for pleasure reveling in ignorance of the greater machinations, and the other sees knowledge be washed out for the public good. Both seem to be edging into the realm of reality at a disturbing rate. I mean, they might not have begun to burn books and much on TV is educational, but take a look at what direction the content is going:

Knowledge washed out for the public good sure does remind me of the recent call to play down patriotism. Or stage the Battle of Trafalgar on an anniversary without mentioning the French and referring to their fleet as, the blue fleet instead of the French fleet. Just a couple of examples.

Excerpt from Francis Gilbert
Daily Mail for Friday, Sept.18,2009

Tragically, today’s hedonistic, anything-goes-culture actually encourages extremes of bad behavior..

Seldom in history has sex been so trivialised and cheapened.

Mr A was a thoroughly creepy character, who was prone to touching his female pupils in an inappropriate way.

He particularly liked fondling their bottoms, and winking and smiling at them as he did so. And this wasn’t just every now and again - I witnessed it on a daily basis.

But while his behaviour was undeniably disturbing, there seemed a general reluctance by the head or anybody else to confront him about it.
The reason, I suspect, is that he was not British and that school managers were keen to avoid accusations of racism.

Through internet pornography, trashy magazines, music with highly-sexed lyrics, exploitative films and sniggering advertisements, even very young children are being pitchforked into a depth of sexual knowingness more extensive and damaging than anything we have experienced before.
And not just the children. Adults, too, are being coarsened in a way that would have bewildered our grandparents’ generation.
Sexual gratification bereft of any kind of loving content is presented to us as as good and necessary.

Start young. Have plenty of partners, the more the better. The message is relentlessly drummed home. 
And in school? Don’t expect children to be taught the virtues of restraint, or the importance of fidelity.
Lessons in class stress that one kind of sex is as good as another, that it is wrong to be judgmental, that marriage is just one kind of relationship, no better or worse than any other.
So let’s hand out the condoms and hope for the best.

Indeed, girls, who increasingly lack father figures and other meaningful male role models, can start seeing all men as someone to flirt with - even when that man is their teacher.
The reckless sexualisation of young children, a reluctance to emphasise the need for responsibility, unlimited pornography and a general lack of moral seriousness… having sown the whirlwind, we are now reaping the consequences.
And from our elected leaders comes no solution at all.

Not only have they signally failed to encourage the moral dimension in such matters, they now seem intent on wrecking what is left of the proper relationship between adults and children.

The proposed new £36 million scheme to vet all adults who work with children and vulnerable people won’t stop paedophiles.
Nor will it prevent immature and selfish teachers having ‘romances’ with their pupils.

All it will do is impose an absurd bureaucratic burden on the 11 million helpers - mums assisting in the school run, dads who give up their time to coach the football team - who keep the system running.

Gilbert has 20 years of teaching experience, has written a book, and this article should be seen in it’s whole.
This is a very edited version. Read all of it HERE


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calendar   Thursday - September 17, 2009

Duh Oh

Iran Has Nukes!

Nuke agency says Iran can make bomb

VIENNA – Iran experts at the U.N nuclear monitoring agency believe Tehran has the ability to make a nuclear bomb and worked on developing a missile system that can carry an atomic warhead, according to a confidential report seen by The Associated Press.

The document drafted by senior officials at the International Atomic Energy Agency is the clearest indication yet that those officials share Washington’s views on Iran’s weapon-making capabilities and missile technology — even if they have not made those views public.

The document, titled “Possible Military Dimension of Iran’s Nuclear Program,” appeared to be the so-called IAEA “secret annex” on Iran’s alleged nuclear arms program that the U.S., France, Israel and other IAEA members say is being withheld by agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei — claims the nuclear watchdog denies.

It is a record of IAEA findings since the agency began probing Iran’s nuclear program in 2007 and has been continuously updated.

The information in the document that is either new, more detailed or represents a more forthright conclusion than found in published IAEA reports includes:

• The IAEA’s assessment that Iran worked on developing a chamber inside a ballistic missile capable of housing a warhead payload “that is quite likely to be nuclear.”

• That Iran engaged in “probable testing” of explosives commonly used to detonate a nuclear warhead — a method known as a “full-scale hemispherical explosively driven shock system.”

• An assessment that Iran worked on developing a system “for initiating a hemispherical high explosive charge” of the kind used to help spark a nuclear blast.

In another key finding, an excerpt notes: “The agency ... assesses that Iran has sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable implosion nuclear device (an atomic bomb) based on HEU (highly enriched uranium) as the fission fuel.”

ElBaradei said in 2007 there was no “concrete evidence” that Iran was engaged in atomic weapons work — a source of friction with the United States, which has sought a hard-line stance on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

Well no shit Sherlock. What kind of weather sealed rock have you half assed nitwits been living under the past 8 years. One, if you haven’t figured out YET that the muslim cocksucker Mohamed El-Baradei is turning a blind eye to Iran ON PURPOSE then you’re so damn stupid you ought to be one of Ocumstaina’s czars. HELLO, is anybody home?

Anybody with an active brain cell knew damn well that “oh no no no no, we are only wanting to make the bad atoms for electricity!” was a CROCK. We all knew it, I don’t give a fuck what some traitorous report said. Iran = Crazy Ass Motherfuckers In Charge = working night and day to make nukes. What, you think Saddam was in that shit all by himself back in 1990? Hell to the No!

We’ve known for YEARS that that goat molester in Pakistan GAVE the crusty fingered mullahs WORKING PLANS.

Oh, but president mumblemouth BOOOOOSH showed us a report that said that Iran had given up the “weaponizing” research years ago. NO SHIT. Because all you need is some dynamite and some synchronized blasting caps. Then just add 2 35 kilo bits of 80% U235, one shaped like a rod, the other shaped like a close fitting cup (or use your own rough anatomical reference here). Blast them together inside a cylinder and they go BOOM, and it’s goodbye Hiroshima!  Except in this case, Tel Aviv.  Any design more modern than that will be more efficient, and need less fissile material for the same amount of bang.

Timmad doG, nobody fuckin listens. Nobody can call a spade a fuckin spade, and recognize that Iran is the goat fucking ENEMY. And now, it’s too late. Because the entire world government is a bunch of dickless chickenshit cowards.

What, you say this news report, leaked, only hints that Iran MIGHT be able to build ONE now? Don’t be an idiot. They already have a dozen. But, oh no, lets all get around the table, because Achmed Done Jihad says, Ok, we can talk about our atomic energy program now ... because all the fall TV shows in Iran suck chunks, and they need a fresh sitcom to laugh at!

Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your breath. Just whip up a few million gallons of some 72 hour nerve gas, and wait till the wind in Iraq is blowing to the east, then dump all of it over the mountains. Otherwise you’ve lost. And the entire “War On Terror” will have been a total waste of time, money, and lives, and we’re right back to Ground Zero again. Yeah, the 9/11 kind of Ground Zero too. Especially with Chairman Comrade Asswipe in command down in fece DC. We’re fucking done, m’kay? You were all too afraid to grasp the sword to take out a mad dog, because you might get some bad press from those other ENEMY AGENTS - The MSM and the “No Evidence” traitors. And now it’s too fucking late, and you can’t stop the rabid dog’s teeth any time he wants to bite any one of you, anywhere. LOSERS. And he’s GOING to bite. Because he wants the world to end. Because he believes in the 12th Imam. Don’t you pay attention?

The document also says Iran already could trigger a nuclear blast through “methods of unconventional delivery” such as in a container on a cargo ship or carried on the trailer of a truck.

ElBaradei last month urged Iran to cooperate with IAEA efforts to probe allegations of a weapons program.

That Aug. 28 report noted that the information on Tehran’s alleged weapons program shared by board members “need to be addressed by Iran with a view to removing the doubts ... about the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program.”

But in an indication that ElBaradei also is concerned, he departed from the cautious language characterizing his Iran reports last week.

He told a closed meeting of the IAEA board that if the intelligence on Iran’s alleged weapons program experiments is genuine, “there is a high probability that nuclear weaponization activities have taken place — but I should underline ‘if’ three times.”

See? This Baradei chump is STILL their running dog. He shovels out the shit, and you bust your jaw out opening it as wide as you can so you don’t miss a tiny chunk of last night’s corn. And in Tehran they’re rolling in the aisles, wetting themselves, laughing till they puke. And you’ll believe every word of it. “underline ‘if’ three times”. What an assclown.

Here’s the link. I’m so damn pissed off I’m getting off the PC. Screw the news. Screw the weather. Screw politics. It doesn’t matter. Go out, get drunk, get laid, party on. You’ve got at most 3 1/2 years to live.

This was NOT inevitable. When the west first learned them crazies were playing with radioactives, they should have bombed the living crap out of the site. The next time they started up again, bomb the site and 3 major cities. Lesson learned YET? No? Then next time we bomb 10 of your cities, then violently embargo your entire nation until 1/4 of the population has starved to death. Figure it out now?


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This is dedicated to Drew… He’s the Man!

… I expect I’ll shortly be banned from posting…


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Life happens…

Have you ever noticed how all the best songs are the sad songs?

For instance, Harry Chapin did two of my favorite songs in the 70’s, Cat’s in the Cradle, and this one, Taxi:

I think, as we grow older, we’ve all had something similar happen to us. Might be at a class reunion, might happen as Dan Fogelberg relates:

Sad, yes?

But, you know? I wouldn’t change a thing. I think I just sometimes grieve over what might-have-been. But just remember, look at what you have!

And what Obama wants to take away…


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EU: is Britain still a sovereign state?

EU membership has led to deep constitutional changes in the UK. But it would be wrong to say that we have been robbed of our sovereignty, says Philip Johnston. Our government has been an accomplice all the way .

By Philip Johnston
Published: 7:00AM BST 17 Sep 2009

Before Edward Heath signed the Treaty of Rome in 1972, all laws affecting the people of this country were made by their own directly elected parliament. The UK’s accession to what was then called the Common Market transferred sovereignty over a good deal of law-making from Westminster and Whitehall to Brussels.

There are many who did not realise that this was part of the deal. They thought Britain was signing up to a free trade area that would also entrench the peace that Western Europe had enjoyed in the decades after 1945. But the “ever closer union” envisaged in the treaty required greater harmonisation of laws in order that each member state should operate on the same basis as far as possible.

The constitutional upheaval caused by membership of what is now the EU was the greatest in the country’s history since the Glorious Revolution of 1688. For almost 300 years, the “old constitution” was self-contained and largely immune to outside influences.

All this changed when we joined the EEC. As Prof Anthony King observed in his book The British Constitution: “Not only did Parliament cease to be sovereign, Britain itself ceased to be an old-fashioned sovereign state. The fact of being a member of the EU permeates almost the whole of the British government – to a far greater extent than most Britons seem to realise.”

How great remains a matter of debate. Oddly, those who are the most enthusiastic supporters of the EU seek to play down its influence on our lives while those who loathe it see its tentacles everywhere.


It’s a lengthy read and so I’ve cut it here but the link above will take those interested to the remainder.

Now then, I am no diplomat, I am not trained in the law or treaties or anything else that has to do with this issue. But I read the papers, hear debates on radio, listen to people when the subject come up.

As I see it, the Euro powers that be are building (or trying to) a socialist super-state. Maybe it didn’t start out that way, and I doubt that really I do, but I think the end result will be that anyway.

I may have gripes with democracy but to some extent a democracy does have (I am led to believe) checks and balances I don’t think I recognize in the EU. 

They are for the most part an unelected body, a commission, and they decide policy and laws that are put together by bureaucrats and then rubber stamped by a euro parliament.  A parliament without powers as I understand it.

All one needs to do is change the names to understand what I’m trying to say.  Change the names and wallah, you have what socialists love.
A centralized socialist dictatorship.  Think about it.

Commission translates as === Politburo
Council of Ministers translates as === Central Committee

Ladies and gents ... welcome to The European Union of Socialist States.


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Britain and France were never meant to be on the same side. From a former diplomat.

The Telegraph is running a series of double page articles over the next couple of weeks, that have to do with this damned European Union of which England is a member.  It has been quite an interesting and lengthy read so far, and educational.
This is merely one tiny portion of one part of one page.
Lyndon will LOVE this but I hope you’ll find some interest here as well.

rosbifs Nope. I haven’t a clue what those letters stand for.  But Mr. Collard does and I guess maybe that’s all that matters. (said with sarcasm)
But never mind.  This is interesting.  Except that I didn’t meet the charming people he refers to as I didn’t keep the same company he did and more likely still does.

EU: Britain and France were never meant to be on the same side
During my time in the Foreign Office it was my aim (achieved) to go through my whole career without setting foot in Brussels.

By Tim Collard
Published: 7:30AM BST 16 Sep 2009

I have always imagined Belgium’s capital as a homogeneous Europhiliac monoculture, where thoughtcrime can be sniffed at fifty paces and UKIP can’t get served in the bars. Europe was strictly for those of high career aspirations and even higher boredom thresholds, and I had neither.

My main experience of Euro-diplomacy was at our Embassy in China, where I sat on the EU Coordinating Committee, where we “coordinated” our position on issues of common concern. This opened my eyes to the realities of EU “partnership”; genuine transnational politics is still some way away.

If the Germans’ dog-like devotion to all things EU reflects a sincere commitment to the renunciation of war in Europe, the French seem to see the EU as a continuation of the Hundred Years War by other means. Among the strategic priorities of French foreign policy, getting one up on the rosbifs is certainly prominent.

It starts with the eternal battle over language. It is written in the sacred scriptures of the EU that English and French have equal status as working languages, and all French diplomats are under instructions to conduct business in French when it is their turn to chair anything. This of course triggers passive resistance; our diplomats are all supposed to speak French, though some don’t and others conceal it, and the French are doing well if they can get 10 minutes into the meeting without everyone lapsing into English. The arrival in 1995 of various Scandiwegians sealed victory for Britain, as most of them couldn’t manage so much as a parley-voo, and no doubt the struggle is now utterly hopeless.

Dealing with China presented endless opportunities for one-upmanship. In the early Nineties it was all about holding a unified line on trade sanctions against China after Tiananmen Square. As at that time the Chinese only bought anything if we lent them the money to do so at negligible interest, these sanctions didn’t hurt us much, and the French took the hardest line in enforcing them. This was, naturellement, because they had found a devious way round them, involving fudging dates on contracts, and wanted the rest of us bound all the tighter.

When China’s economic situation improved, our hosts became worth sucking up to. Since 1990 the EU had brought an annual resolution before the UN Human Rights Commission condemning human rights abuses in China. In 1997 this position was being reviewed; not because the human rights situation had improved, but because the rewards available for sucking up certainly had.

The declared aim was to arrive at a united EU position. This proved difficult to achieve, and negotiations stretched over the rest of the year. But with a united position all 15 of us would benefit equally; it became steadily clearer that the Quai d’Orsay wanted to contrive a competitive advantage.

Deadline day drew near with no decision reached; all the blocking moves came from Paris. By this time one or two partners, principally the Dutch and Danes, had committed themselves to tabling the human rights motion, and as one of them (I forget which) held the rotating presidency, the proposal was formally put.

Once more than half of us had agreed, the French announced that they would not sign up, as no proper agreement had been reached. The Germans and Club Med chancers rushed to join them. Thus the French advantage was obtained, and the Dutch and Danes got a good commercial kicking from the Chinese.

All attempts to remonstrate with the French for this behaviour were brushed aside with Gallic insouciance. I was reminded of this episode when Tony Blair was persuaded to concede on the UK contributions rebate in return for a promised review of the CAP, with Chirac smirking away and saying afterwards that he would make sure the review didn’t change anything.

I’m no francophobe; I love the country, the charming, cultured people, the relaxed attitude to working, and the browsing and sluicing. But we were never meant to be on the same side. As for real EU partnership, we’ll never see that this century.


Next Up:

EU: is Britain still a sovereign state?
EU membership has led to deep constitutional changes in the UK. But it would be wrong to say that we have been robbed of our sovereignty, says Philip Johnston. Our government has been an accomplice all the way .


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Jesse Jackson is a prince of a man. Right. For my next magic trick ……

Have you folks seen this by now. Funny stuff. Yeah. I’m late posting it. So much going on. So for those who haven’t seen it ...

Jesse Jackson named prince of African tribe
Jesse Jackson has inherited the title of prince of the Ivory Coast kingdom of Sanwi from the late Michael Jackson.

The American pastor and onetime presidential candidate was honoured at a ceremony with Amon N’Douffou V, king of the Agni people of the Krindjabo kingdom.

The crowning ceremony was attended by bare-chested women.


He looks pretty happy and sorry about the blurred image. Had to scan it from paper. However ... here’s the uncovered on line version.


The king rules over a million members of his tribe, which venerates Michael Jackson after making him their prince after he visited the kingdom in 1992.

Villagers deep in the rainforest launched a search for a successor to the singer who was crowned prince of the Agni people 17 years ago.

The tribe held an extravagent two-day royal funeral for Michael Jackson. Traditional dancers and lookalikes of the dead singer paraded before the king and 2,000 mourners.

Tribal chiefs appealed to the US embassy to press Jackson’s family to bring his body to the west African country for a burial in accordance with the local tradition of the Sanwi kingdom.

Jesse Jackson was on a three-day visit to the Ivory Coast, invited by the association of “Young Patriots”, who are supporters of President Laurent Gbagbo.

He found himself feted by the tribe and has now inherited the the title of prince - or son - of the Agni from the late star, who was not a relation.

Krindjabo lies deep in the tropical rainforest in the southeast of Ivory Coast. Most people survive by subsistence farming or hand-panning for gold.

While I think the whole thing is pretty damn silly and good for laffs, I suppose that tribe takes it seriously. But MJ? That freak? Jeesh.


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calendar   Wednesday - September 16, 2009

still at it

On the job site from 7:15am to 5:15pm. I was going to stay later but I ran out of clean dry rags.

Things I don’t want to here:

So, Mrs. Rich Lady, how long have you lived here?

“Oh, almost 5 years now.”

When was the last time you had the windows done?

“Oh, we’ve never had them done before. We had so many other projects going, we figured we’d just wait. But I just couldn’t stand them anymore.”

So, you’ve been cleaning them yourselves?

“No, we never bothered. We’ve just been so busy!”

No wonder this job is going slow. 5 plus years of dirt, spider webs, dead bugs, sawdust from the cedar shake roof, paint overspray, barbeque smoke, pollution, etc. But I’ve said it before, nobody is going to pay me for a regularly done job. They only call me in when it’s time for desperate measures.

So I got 30 out of 48 windows on the downstairs done today on the outside. I had to break down and go to a 3 bucket system, prewash, wash, and rinse. It’s going slow, but the results are great. And I am learning to hate privet hedge. People grow these things, and keep them trimmed so they stay below the windows. But they don’t think past that, and let the bush grow within a couple inches of the house, and let it grow 4-7 feet thick at the same time. So it’s a tough obstacle to work around. Or over. Or something. Yeah, sure, get out the poles, which I did. But it doesn’t do as good a job. So I fought my way behind the bushes and did things right, and now I’m all scratched up. And I gashed the back of my thumb too. I reached into a bucket to grab a tool, and ran up against the window scraper. That’s a squeegee-like tool that holds a 6” long double sided Sheffield razor blade. Sharp. Mucho sharp. And “waterproof” Band-Aids aren’t. But they are when they get an overwrap of duct tape! I think I’ll just leave that on for a while.

Ok, running laundry now. An entire washload of no lint huck rags and microfiber cloths. I tried the bargain ones this time around. They are the same kind you’d get in the dollar store. Not bad, but no where near as good as the imported ones from Germany.

Must remember to take the 8 foot stepladder tomorrow. Which means I’ll have to get up even earlier, so I defrost breakfast now, have another glass of glug, put stuff in the dryer, and be off to bed. By 8:30. Gak. This crack of dawn stuff sucks!


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Islam respects women? Hmmm, this judge says so while sending rapist to jail. ? Go figure.

Yeah no kidding. 
Strange bit of logic at play here. Funny what we can find on the net even when we aren’t looking.

‘You have turned to Islam and this promises well for your future, particularly as you are now an adherent of a religion which respects women and self-discipline.’

I’m finding it hard to believe that The Mail got this report correctly. ????? 

Rapist praised by judge for converting to Islam

By Daily Mail Reporter

Chelmsford Crown Court

Sentenced: Rapist Stuart Wood was found guilty of rape at Chelmsford Crown Court (pictured)

A judge lambasted a rapist for claiming his victim was a liar - then commended him for becoming a muslim.

Judge Anthony Goldstaub QC sentenced Stuart Wood for seven years for the attack, then told him: ‘You have turned to Islam and this promises well for your future, particularly as you are now an adherent of a religion which respects women and self-discipline.’

Speaking at Chelmsford Crown Court, Judge Goldstaub strongly criticised Wood, 34, for pleading not guilty at his trial which meant his victim was put through the ordeal of having to tell 12 strangers ‘the most intimate details’.

‘This she did with dignity and courage,’ said Judge Goldstaub. ‘You, through your counsel, called her a liar and suggested she had invented rape.’

The judge added that Wood, who had previous convictions for indecent assault on underage girls and for violence, had shown no remorse and still protested his innocence about the attack in August last year in Colchester, Essex.

He added that Wood had achieved the humiliation he intended on his victim.

Wood, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

He was jailed for seven years for rape, nine months for ABH and three months for common assault, making a total of eight years. He will be on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.



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How conservative pranksters made idiots of Obama’s favourite left-wing charity .

Perhaps some of you have already seen this.  Lyndon did and passed it on to me. I missed it coz I didn’t check everything, every day as I promised myself I would do.
So,, H/T to LYNDON and thanks again.

This is good folks. Really good. The reporting and the writing. What’s bad of course is the subject.

There were a number of comments on the site as always, but this one in particular (Thanks again to Lyndon for directing me there first) is of huge interest and so I’m posting it as well for all to see.

My postings might be light today. Will have to see as day goes on.

I have written a lot on other blogs about voter fraud. That the biggest fear of all is that future elections have been irretrievably rigged. That fear comes from knowledge of the years-long and completely insidious George Soros financed effort to elect far left secretaries of state. Secretaries of State for the individual states are the officials who are in charge of the voter rolls, policing the election voting venues and doing the vote count. This is the single official most able to rig elections (Al Franken, anybody?). And the single high state official most unknown to and uncared about by the public. So it doesn’t take much to get in a far left candidate, since very few in the public pay any attention.

How does this fit in with ACORN? Well, have we all noticed that ACORN has been hired for voter registration in all the states? And, until yesterday, had we noticed that ACORN was going to do the next census count? Do we all realize that not only does that census count control where government moneys are disbursed, but also that population count also is used in figuring the boundaries of Congressional districts. Did we have any concern that for the first time ever, former ACORN-lawyer President Obama has pulled the census count out of the Department of Commerce into the White House?

Call me crazy, but that sounds like a scheme to perpetrate massive vote fraud to me. (If there is a particular reason for having the census in the White House, the President hasn’t explained. And of course the press hasn’t asked.)

In the previous thread I listed many of my concerns about Obama. The census and election rigging should have been on that list, and probably as the biggest concern of all.

Incidentally, as of last night, the film maker may be subject to charges in the State of Maryland where it is illegal to tape record (i.e., the audio on the camera) someone without their consent. Don’t know how that will play out.

One last thing: my strongest reaction at seeing the ACORN videos was surprise that the ACORN employees were so knowledgeable and smart at gaming the system. I am a lawyer (who doesn’t practice and hates the litigiousness of society and the whole trial lawyers-tort bar - so don’t yell at me). So as I watched the videos, I kept thinking that those ACORN employees missed their calling and should have gone to law school!

Comment posted by: MSHER1

Just seeing the name, George Soros, makes me see red. No pun intended. That foreigner who has done so well for himself on our shores has been a recognized danger to America and has worked actively against the USA for years, is still alive and breathing and living well. WHY?
Why has he been allowed to continue his unwelcome breathing?  Can’t someone, somewhere nail that bastard?  Guess not or it would have been done by now.  Darn!

How conservative pranksters made idiots of Obama’s favourite left-wing charity ACORN

By James Delingpole
September 14th, 2009
The Telegraph

A skinny white prostitute and her pimp turn up at the office of Barack Obama’s favourite US “poverty action” charity ACORN (Association of Community Organisations for Reform Now). They want advice on a few problems, like how best to bring over a “couple” of - well, 13, actually - underage girls from El Salvador to work in this brothel they’ve got planned, without attracting too much heat from the authorities. How can they get a mortgage, how should they deal with their tax affairs, how do they legitimize their immoral earnings and so on?

ACORN’s expert advisers are more than happy to oblige, as this hilarious video - first posted at the BigGovernment site - reveals.

Hilarious because, of course, the footage is a stitch-up. It was filmed with a hidden camera and acted out by two very brave young US investigative journalists - Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe, keen to expose the dubious moral standards of the radical left organisation. (Using methods not unakin to those advocated by Obama’s preferred leftist agitator Saul Alinsky)

Since then they have struck twice more. First at one of ACORN’s Washington DC offices. Most recently in New York - where, among the advice they were given was to hide their illicit gains in a tin and bury it in their back yard.

A neat little scoop which has already caused several heads to roll at ACORN, and, as Toby Harnden reports today has led the US Census Office to break its controversial links (for chapter and verse see Stephanie Guttman’s blog on this) with the notorious organisation. But is it really any more significant than that?

Well, of course, those on the liberal-left would have you believe not. It’s just another of those typical right-wing smear campaigns that conservative “nut jobs” like Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart have so cynically concocted to discredit Democrats in general and the saintly Obama in particular.

Naturally I beg to differ. As something of a professional conservative nut job myself, I find that one of the hardest struggles of my daily existence is persuading the world that I’m not in this game just to be wilfully contrarian and I’m not in it because I’m a heartless, evil bastard who is never happier than when crushing the aspirations of the poor, the disabled or anyone from an ethnic minority.

The reasons I’m a conservative are a) because I do care actually and b) because I’ve seen the alternative and it sucks.

For a shining example of b) look no further than these ACORN video exposes, which show exactly what’s wrong with practical socialism. 1. Big government takes your hard-earned money. 2. It spends on it an organisations like ACORN so rotten to the core and with values so inimical to your own, that frankly it would easier if you’d taken 40 per cent of your income in a big suitcase down to the nearest housing project, allowed yourself to be mugged - and cut out the middle man.

James Delingpole


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/16/2009 at 07:13 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - September 15, 2009

Multiculturalism: Europeans’ Guillotined From Their Cultures. Is America next? a must read.

If mass immigration continues adding 200,000 more people from disparate cultures from around the world into the USA monthly and well over 2.4 million annually—they will displace our national language, our culture and our way of life.

The United States speeds toward becoming a dysfunctional, unstable and hopelessly multicultural civilization. The metaphor of the Tower of Babel explains our plight.

And that’s how the article at Europe News ends.  BMEWS, you just have to read this.

Multiculturalism: Europeans’ Guillotined From Their Cultures

By Frosty Wooldridge

If you look at the horrendous social consequences growing in France, United Kingdom, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Canada and elsewhere—you cannot wonder who dreamed up the concept of ‘multiculturalism’. Did they take into account human nature? Anthropological realities? Different tribes? Antagonistic cultures?

Immigrant citizens now bomb subways in England, trains in Spain, riots in Sweden and create growing slums in Amsterdam.
Given enough time, every human tribe attempts to become dominant. By sheer numbers, cultures work toward power. Notice that major religions like Catholics attempt to become dominant.

You may observe Mormons sending their kids out across the world for two years to add more numbers. Muslims invaded Europe centuries ago, but suffered defeat. Today, Libya’s Kaddafi said, “Allah smiles upon us in that we do not need to bomb or conquer Europe. Islam will become the dominant culture by mid century by peaceful immigration.”

Sweden, called the most successful society on this planet, recently suffered horrific clashes from its growing Muslim population that hates Jews. Instead of enjoying a tennis match with Israel in Malpo, Sweden, Swedish-Muslims firebombed and threatened to kill the Jews. You may see the results of multiculturalism here.

If not for those Muslim immigrants, the tennis matched would have been enjoyed by all Swedes! With 70 percent unemployment among Muslims, crime exploded, rapes tripled--but the local Islam imam said, “The best Islamic state in the world is Sweden!”
If you look into British society, you find two distinct and separate sections of once peaceful England. Muslims don’t like the British and the British tolerate the Muslims.

The same separation occurs in France. A French reader, Brigitte, said. “I believe the unfettered immigration into the USA is but one aspect of the “divide and conquer” rule of imperialism. As long as immigrants from all over the world are permitted to remain in the US, the “living space” (Lebensraum of the Nazis) they occupy--is denied English-speaking U.S. citizens.

“The multiculturalism that is being promoted creates resentment in the Anglo-Americans, which they dare not voice because it’s not politically correct to do so. It exists nevertheless and is building pressure and could one day find expression in brutality, perhaps mass slaughter, towards all aliens.

“Meanwhile the Puerto Rican Day parade is only one of a great number, each country having its own day and parade to display nationalistic and cultural pride in their country of origin and woe to whoever grumbles.

“This two-part policy is effective in feeding resentment on the part of the Anglo-Americans, contempt for the Anglos on the part of the immigrants, and thus the success in keeping all people of different origins estranged from one another is achieved.

“As long as Anglo-Americans are kept down by the multicultural ideology, they will not find common ground with the aliens, or alien-looking people. So the unity that would give strength to the people (united we stand) will never happen and imperialism will flourish. Here in France it’s just the same.”

My Mexican antagonist, Subcommandante Pedro read my latest column. He responded:

“In Boulder, Colorado, where I formerly taught school-rich, white, liberal mothers, driving $50,000 SUVs, sported bumper stickers that read, “Celebrate Diversity”. However, they drove their kids to all white schools away from legal immigrant enclaves that overwhelmed area schools.”

“Stupid, racist, lazy white cows! It is because of idiots like this that La Raza will emerge victorious. These are the dumbasses that voted our beloved Obama in on a landslide. Don’t worry Mr. Frosty, when the time comes these will be the first to go. They’ll probably still be talking about the “joys of tolerance” as the guillotine drops. Dumb stupid honkeys! God Bless America LMFMAO (Second “M” stands for “Mexican")!” Cordially, SubComandante Pedro, MeCHA Brown Berets Infiltration Brigades, LA, Alta CA, Aztlan

Another reader said, “In my view until we speak from our historical voice as the founding Nation of this country we do not have the standing that is necessary to even be listened to let alone have any power and influence. Especially concerning the all important policy of immigration! We are now the only community that has no name and no standing in the current environment of radical transformation of the U.S.! We are under a savage assault in every sector that determines a peoples’ identity and past! It is led by our own institutions and leaders. The ideology and game plan is one crafted by these transnational ethnic/religious elites.

“Now we have the parent of our Democratic Republic, England, trying to stamp out the capacity of the native English to defend their country, civilization, identity, and past against the assault meant to destroy all of these Nation building and preservation dynamics and values!”

This reader wrote, “Your efforts and the knowledge you give to people is very appreciated. There are not many honest men as you left anymore it seems--not on the subject of the illegals--since the profits are so vast and so enticing.

“I am a student at one of the biggest illegals running factories probably in the nation. The school is Metropolitan State College of Denver. I have been sworn at in online classes, and insulted. The professors are so in the agenda of the college that they allow even profane comments to be made to students who say anything even remotely against their agenda for the illegals. If you are a Caucasian--you better be prepared to denounce your ethnicity in order to survive at Metro and get that precious little degree.

“Everyone who is ‘White” at Metro is terrorized--they are all frightened to be put out of the college if they don’t say what is demanded. You know, how the “Whites’ have caused untold suffering to minorities since the beginning of time--and now we must understand and accept our new incoming people--the onslaught of the illegals for the profiteering, looters and robber capitalists.

Read the rest HERE


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