When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

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Neo-Nazi jailed indefinitely over racist bomb plot. But many get less for more then just plotting.

I have no problem with this guy being put away.  His solution isn’t just counter productive, it’s certifiably mad at the least and supremely dangerous at worst.
Now then, that should not be taken to mean I disavow the idea of using vigilantes in some cases.  For example.  There are two very evil and feral ‘youths’ age 10 and 11, that have finally seen the inside of a court. You may recall I wrote about them some months ago.

They tortured near to death, two other young boys, burned them, slashed them, forced them to commit sex acts, tried to set fire to a little girls hair, have done robberies and burglaries and vandalism AND, tried hanging with wire one of their victims.  Just kids having fun.  And they were busy at this sort of thing for awhile till one of the victims almost died.

Ppl had been complaining about them for a long time but cops and social services did nothing.  One of the little bastards in fact was supposed to report himself to the courts as he was on bail, imagine that, at age 10, but he couldn’t attend as he was otherwise occupied beating and stabbing another kid at the time.
And how stupid could the authorities have been to think he’d report in on his own?

Well, smirking they entered court last week and due to their tender age the public isn’t allowed their photos but even worse , and get this.
They will be out of jail by age 18 if not before and if that isn’t bad enough, upon release they will be fully protected and will have their IDs hidden from the public, and will be moved somewhere, ALL AT PUBLIC EXPENSE and at the cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds.  Now I wrote “jail” here but at their age it isn’t jail as we know it.  I just can’t recall the term I saw used.

Some number of years ago, some may recall this, another couple of young boys here enticed a todler away from his mom while she was shopping.  He was not much more then a baby.  They tortured and then killed him.  They were given LIFE. HaHa. Life as you and I know doesn’t mean that at all.
They are out and free.  I think they were released in 2003.
And so I whole heartedly support the use where needed, of Vigilantes.

In the case of the two monsters mentioned at the beginning of this rant, at the least their eyes should be removed. Be pretty hard to do harm then and it’s no less then they deserve.

There’s another breaking story today with regard to a woman who planned and then stabbed to death her two teen aged daughters (age 16 and 13) multiple times. One was stabbed 39 times.  She did it to hurt her ex-husband and get even with him. 

So all that brings me to this post regarding this dickhead who planned but never got as far as actually doing the evil deeds he had in what passes for a mind.
He’s jailed inefinately.  Actually, if you take a look at his photo, you might agree that anyone looking like that should not be free to walk the streets.

Oh btw ... two other “youths” were arrested last week who were planning a Columbine copycat massacre but on a larger scale.
I wonder how soon they’ll be declared cured and out walking among us.
Stay Tuned.

Neo-Nazi jailed indefinitely over racist bomb plot
Neil Lewington, a neo-Nazi who was about to launch a racist terror campaign on the streets of Britain, has been jailed indefinitely.

Lewington, 44, wanted to emulate his far-right heroes, Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh and Soho nail bomber David Copeland.
The unemployed electrician, of Tilehurst, Reading, kept video compilations about their attacks at his home.
Police discovered a bomb factory in his bedroom after he was arrested by chance at Lowestoft railway station, Suffolk, for drunkenly abusing a female conductor.

When he was stopped and searched at the station in October last year he was found to be carrying components for two “viable improvised incendiary devices”.
Anti-terror police then raided the home where he lived with his parents and found evidence that he planned to make tennis ball shrapnel bombs to target Asian families, along with detonators and explosives.

They also discovered a notebook entitled “Waffen SS UK members’ handbook” with a logbook of drawings of electronics and chemical devices.
The link between his extremist views and interest in explosives was illustrated by a note reading “compressed thermite grenade vs Paki front door”.
He also wrote a chilling “mission statement” in which he boasted of two-man hit squads attacking “non-British people” at random.
Lewington told one woman that “the only good Paki was a dead Paki”.

He was today at the Old Bailey given an indeterminate sentence for public protection and told he must serve at least six years in jail after being convicted of having explosives with intent to endanger life and preparing for terrorism.
Lewington was also found guilty of two charges of having articles for terrorism including weedkiller, firelighters and three tennis balls, two counts of having documents for terrorism, and one allegation of having explosives.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said: “This man, who had strong if not fanatical right wing leanings and opinions, was on the cusp of embarking on a campaign of terrorism against those he considered non-British.
“In addition to his extreme views on race and ethnicity, the defendant had an unhealthy interest in bombers as well as bombings.
“He admired, and might soon have emulated, the bombers about whom he possessed two compilation video tapes, had he not been captured, albeit quite fortuitously.”

Judge Peter Thornton said: “You are a dangerous man, somebody who exhibits emotional coldness and detachment. You would not have been troubled by the prospect of endangering somebody’s life.”
The judge said the devices Lewington was found with at Lowestoft were made “to a very high standard” and all that was needed to set them off was to wire up the igniters and timers.

“These were dangerous firebombs, meticulously constructed, all set to go,” said the judge.
What police found at Lewington’s home was a “veritable store of components for explosives and incendiary devices”, including nearly 9lb (4kg) of weedkiller, pyrotechnic powders, fuses and igniters.

While he had selected no specific target to attack, he “clearly had in mind” Asian and black people, said the judge.
He also made disparaging reference to “retards” and sometimes after a few drinks “slipped into racist mode” while chatting to shocked acquaintances.
The judge told Lewington: “You were in the process of embarking upon terrorist activity. You were going to use or threaten action involving either serious violence to people or serious damage to property.

“This action was designed to intimidate non-white people and it was for the purpose of pursuing the ideological cause of white supremacy and neo-fascism, albeit in a rather unsophisticated way.”


Just to show you folks just exactly how things are here .....  take a look at this, from the Times.

See More Below The Fold


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Frost over Terry Prachett

It’s 5:00 AM, there’s a nasty thunderstorm overhead, and I’m posting about Terry Pratchett.

God will get me for this.

An interesting interview with Terry Pratchett.

A) I believe this is the first time I’ve seen him without his hat.

B) the interviewer is David Frost, who I’d assumed was long dead. [If I were Richard Nixon, I’d have made sure of it… (just kidding, maybe…)]

Well, here you go: David Frost’s interview with Terry Pratchett.

One of my favorite Pratchett quotes: Granny Weatherwax on ‘progress’: “Progress just means bad things happen faster.”

I like to quote that to liberals who try to use the ‘progressive’ moniker.

Appears to be quite true under the Obama regime.

Methinks the USA needs regime change now!

UPDATE: embuggerance-a very minor problem - not the end of the world, but the world would be better without it.

Source: Urban Dictionary


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“Now for something completely different…”

So… I’m 49+, pushing 50, and have never seen the movie Grease. (Hell, I’ve never seen Saturday Night Fever either. Odd, since I love Olivia Newton-John. But I detest Vinnie Barbarino.)

However, I’ve seen clips and heard the music. Which is why I loved this Home Improvement episode.

Home Improvement was one of the few TV shows the wife and I would watch together. Yes, Tim Allen is funny, but Patricia Richardson looks too much like my wife for me to not like it. Especially in this clip.

(Psst: Don’t let my wife know that Patricia Richardson looks like her… especially in leather… wink )

Don’t forget to catch Wilson’s ‘appearance’.


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calendar   Sunday - September 06, 2009

A visit to Theo brought up these …. and dee devil make me post em here.

H/T /




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Germany Avoids Criticizing Radical Islam & Radical … Germans have sure lost it ….

This is another one of those very long reads.
Don’t know as I could do better and most likely not. It’s an important issue BUT ... I do wish they could make these things shorter.
Which is not to say that it isn’t worth reading. It sure is.


Apologists throughout history have never achieved anything. They have at most strengthened the forces of evil and delayed their demise. Biased economic success is temporary. It is built on sand. Only human rationale is solid and eternal.

Germany Avoids Criticizing Radical Islam & Radical ...

By Sami Alrabaa

The German media and some German public figures are soft, too soft, on radical Islam and avoid critics and critique of this violent “religion.” The audio-visual media invite only uncritical talking heads. The print media publish only articles by apologists of Islam. Here are some examples:

The recent confession of the four Muslim terrorists, also called the “Suaerland Group,” who were planning to kill as many Americans in Germany as they could, was hailed by the judge, state prosecutor, and the media. The devastating terrorist attack prepared by these men was foiled from a tip by the CIA, which the German media depict as not abiding by the law and acting against human rights.

The German media and some German politicians hailed the confession and deliberately ignored the ideological/religious sources of their attack, namely the Koran and Hadith, which incite Muslims to kill non-Muslims.

In an interview with Al Arabiya TV (August 16th), Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a leading politician of the Green Party in the European Parliament, presented radical Muslims as “part of a socio-political religious movement across the world, like the RAF, the German terrorist group we had in the 1970s.”

Cohn-Bendit argued that a dialogue with radical Muslims must be established, also with the Taliban. He reminded his interviewer that he (Cohn-Bendit) and the former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer used to sympathize with the RAF. They took to the street and threw stones on the police. “As the Green Party was established as a radical social ecological movement, I joined the party. Little by little, the Green party was accepted by the German political establishment, and now it is a full-fledged political party.” Cohn-Bendit added.

Also, Cohn-Bendit praised Turkey for reconciling Islam with democracy.

The truth of the matter, the AKP, the Islamic party that is ruling Turkey is slowly but steadily Islamizing Turkey. It is also true that Islam is against democracy and formation of parties. Both the Koran and Hadith reject democracy and the formation of political parties. According to a recent poll, the ultimate aim of Islamic Turkey is Sharia, and this what the majority of Turks inside and outside turkey want to see established.

To add insult to injury, Cohn-Bendit said the maiming and killing of innocent people “has nothing to do with Islam.” And radical Muslims are fighting a justice war against their oppressors. He also argued that foreign troops must leave Afghanistan and Iraq and “leave the people of these nations in peace.”

In other words, fanatic Muslim regimes in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia must be left alone, rule against human rights and export terrorisms. Hence Cohn-Bendit and his ilk have joined the Muslim chaplains on Muslim media.

Further, Cohn-Bendit suggested that Islam “be modernized and can be modernized, like all other religions.”

Cohn-Bendit’s “arguments” about Islam is merely wishful thinking. Radical Muslims strongly believe that the Koran – which includes numerous passages that are diametrically opposed to modern human rights – is the “word of Allah.” They are also convinced that Sharia, which primarily includes the Koran, must be introduced everywhere. Appeasing radical Muslims implies ultimately accepting their Sharia. And “modernizing Islam will eventually lead to scraping the Koran or reducing it to a few pages, something which radical Muslims vehemently refuse.

Contributions of critics of radical Islam are rejected by German media. For example, The German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung published on July 10, 2009, an article by Alaa Al-Aswani in which he twists facts and argues that the West is ill-informed and biased toward Islam. “Westerners are misinformed about Islam, therefore they hate Islam and hate Muslims,” Al-Aswani says.

Read all of it here >> EUROPE NEWS


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Irish Prime Minister still confused on issue of Eu entry.

So says this reporter and it looks like she may be right.

Last year the Irish voted NO to the EU.  BUT ..  the folks in Brussels didn’t like the result, and so now the Irish are going to have to vote all over again.
In fact, in less then a month.  Can hardly wait.  If the Irish repeat the original result, it could cause much damage to that bloated pack of euro-windbags.
Guess we’ll wait and see.  At the moment, based on reading here, the Irish economy is not doing as well as hoped and in worse shape then it was during that original vote.

Hey .. a sudden thought. A flash of brilliance late in the day.

Maybe we (USA) could adopt whatever kind of legal mumbo-jumbo the EU uses to force an election due to being unhappy with original results.
We could say wait ... some minds have changed and we need another presidential election to correct the mistake made by those folks who voted in the guy who is there now.  No huh?  OK, just a thought. I suppose it could work against us as well.
Guess we’ll all have to stay tuned till the next election.
Meanwhile ....

Twenty-nine days until the Irish are forced to vote again on Lisbon, and the Irish prime minister still can’t give more than muddled answers about what is in the treaty.

By Mary Ellen Synon
Sunday Mail

The latest opinion poll in Ireland shows a swing away from a Yes vote in the Lisbon referendum—hardly surprising given that the political leaders campaigning in favour of Lisbon are showing the intellectual finesse of the Three Stooges.

Earlier this week, Brian Cowen, the prime minister, showed he didn’t know enough about the treaty to answer a straightforward question on how the treaty would affect employment policy in Ireland.

Now Enda Kenny, the leader of the main opposition party, Fine Gael, has stumbled over the contents of the treaty. Yesterday he was launching his campaign for a Yes vote. Asked about the proposed switch to ‘double majority voting’ under Lisbon, Kenny tried to claim that it would boost Ireland’s ability to block new EU laws that could hurt Irish business and industry.

Wrong. Under Lisbon, Ireland will lose 40 percent of its power to block legislation.

What is scary for Ireland is that Kenny is set to head the next government—another opinion poll this week shows that 85 percent of the Irish do not approve of how the present Fianna Fail-Green coalition is running the country.

So the man who will soon be leading his country’s negotiations in Brussels imagines he is going to increase his bargaining muscle if he persuades his countrymen to vote Yes, when in fact his muscle will be sliced almost in half.

I may owe the Three Stooges an apology for this headline. I doubt even they would tolerate as big a knucklehead as Kenny.


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And another one down

... another one gone, another one UNDER the bus ...



Good thing it has oversize tires. You can fit more folks underneath that way

VRWC members, give yourselves a small pat on the back. One down, several dozen to go. This is only the beginning!

Racist, communist, reactionary, truther, and all-around general America hater VAN JONES quits.

Gee, I hope I had something to do with this. All those emails and phone calls must add up. I wonder what the magic number is that breaks the camel’s back?

Van Jones has “resigned” his post as the Obama administration’s Green Jobs Czar.

In his statement, released early this morning — over the Labor Day weekend, curious timing that — he made the dubious claim he had been “inundated with calls — from across the political spectrum — urging me to ’stay and fight.’” But black-hearted “opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.”

Now, he finds himself under the bus, with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and other Obama associates who embarrassed the president by leaving a paper trail of the extremism that unites them. But his departure can’t bring closure. Jones is a racist, anti-American, self-described Communist with a soft-spot for cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal and an unshakable notion that 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina were conspiracies. ... He once likened his rage to those who join guerrilla forces. He was so devoted to Messianic statism that he once said green jobs would “repair our souls.” (I feel defiled even quoting that line on a Sunday.) Everyone who voted for Barack Obama has to ask himself how he managed to tap Jones as “czar” over an entire sector of the U.S. economy.

Malkin has more ...

Bay Area Marxist/Truther/Mumia-supporting race hustler-turned-environmental justice guru Van Jones has resigned from his post as Barack Obama’s green jobs czar.

In classic Team Obama style, Jones blames an orchestrated “campaign” of “lies and distortions to distract and divide.” Get ready for the coming media/left-wing martyrdom of Jones. Never mind his own apologies and weasel excuses for his radical views.

Hell, everybody has more. Even CNN ... guess which way they lean?

Presidential adviser Van Jones has resigned after coming under fire for signing a controversial petition in 2004. The petition called for an investigation of whether government officials deliberately allowed the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to occur.
Van Jones speaks during the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, in August.

Van Jones speaks during the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, in August.

The White House issued a statement late Saturday saying that Jones was giving up his post at the Council on Environmental Quality, where he helped coordinate government agencies focused on delivering millions of green jobs to the ailing U.S. economy.

Jones, who issued an apology last week in which he denied agreeing with the petition, said he was a victim of opponents of President Obama’s push for reform of health care and energy policy.

“On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me,” Jones said in the statement. “They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.”


Jones also was criticized for using a vulgar expression to describe Republicans earlier this year, before he joined the Obama administration.Jones also was criticized for using a vulgar expression to describe Republicans earlier this year, before he joined the Obama administration.

Just say NO to czars.

Keep saying NO to communists, anarchists, radical activities, stinky hippies, and leftwing moonbats.

Hey, that’s the whole damn administration, ain’t it?



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Windfarms? We might as well use hamsters on treadmills.

Another good one from one of my favorites.  I doin’t always agree but then I’m not supposed to. But I try and find something on this subject every wkend, as it touches all of us in one way or another.
And btw, welcome to our German readers and congradulations on leading Europe in the hoarding of the old style light bulbs.  The bulk buying that almost stripped the stores here were bought it turns out, by Germans and exported.  Why do I bring that up here.
Well that’s quite interesting.  You see, it was a German tree hugging planet saving minister in the EU, that instituted this whole ban the bulb thing to begin with.

Anyway ... Heeeeeerrrs Peter.  (Hitchens)

The lightbulb purge will have a piffling effect on energy consumption, nothing like enough to justify the expense and inconvenience forced upon us. I suspect that it has been designed specifically to advance the cult, to make believers feel good about themselves rather than to do good – the main aim of all false religions.

Windfarms? We might as well use hamsters on treadmills
By Peter Hitchens
The Mail on Sunday

A weird and irrational cult has us in its grip. If the Mormons or the Moonies started taking over the BBC and the Government, which then harangued and persecuted us into wearing funny underwear or getting married in mass ceremonies, we would – I hope – rise in revolt.

Irrational choice: Even Stirling Castle has not escape the new windfarm madness

But the ‘Man-made Climate Change’ fanatics are applauded and praised, even as they force us to abandon perfectly sensible electric lights, and instead subject ourselves to strange, flickering substitutes, simultaneously worse and more costly than the ones they replace.

There is worse to come. The same people wish to compel us to rely for our power on windmills, million upon million of them, as if we had never discovered more efficient and reliable ways of generating electricity.
Irrational choice: Even Stirling Castle has not escape the new windfarm madness
And they are succeeding. Few areas in Britain are now unthreatened by deranged projects to install intrusive, gigantic wind-farms on prominent sites.

This must be one of the first instances of a civilisation voluntarily and consciously going backwards. We might as well rely for our economic and industrial future on tens of millions of hamsters pattering frantically round treadmills. Hamsters only do this by night. Windmills only make electricity when it is windy. See the problem?

For most of us, the truth has yet to sink in. Our old lightbulbs still function, or we have stockpiled a few. And the nuclear and coal-fired power stations which keep our country going have some years yet to run before they wear out or a Brussels decree shuts them down for ever.

But the time is not far away when we will find the irrational opinions of these maniacs being forced upon us unpleasantly in our daily lives. The lights will be too dim to read by. Then they will go off for long periods of the day or night. Our computers will be down much of the time.

The well-off will buy expensive generators and our suburbs will be like Baghdad, with smelly, noisy, petrol-driven motors bursting into life every few hours as the central power shudders and fails.

Even if the prophecies of the man-made global warming cultists were proven, which they aren’t, these measures would be an idiotic response to the problem. Nuclear power, as the French well know, produces no carbon emissions and also ends dependence on Russia for gas and the Middle East for oil. And it works in a dead calm, too.

The lightbulb purge will have a piffling effect on energy consumption, nothing like enough to justify the expense and inconvenience forced upon us. I suspect that it has been designed specifically to advance the cult, to make believers feel good about themselves rather than to do good – the main aim of all false religions.

Why don’t we resist? Partly because, once again, there is now no major political party which speaks for common sense



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calendar   Saturday - September 05, 2009

Just amazing how far this culture will go to screw itself … don’t believe it?  Take a look.

I went to the Saturday Mail looking for a specific story I found in the hard copy edition, when I saw this latest bit of lunacy.

While I may not like what they do, that is travelers/gypsies, lets face it.  They are empowered by pandering, appeasing, frightened politically correct town councils.  Who , let us not forget, draw their pay from taxpayers which generally does not mean gypsies.  But somehow, it’s gypsies who seem to be served.

Perhaps I should not say this as I have no experience with European countries on this subject.  But I’ll say it anyway.
It’s only a guess but .... I think England is the ONLY country that will actually put up with this sort of thing without a fight.  They have become that intimidated
by the civil rights lobby.  That plus their own innate feelings of overboard fair play and willingness to bend over backwards.

Anger as council closes road so travellers can hold wake for ‘two weeks’
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:02 AM on 05th September 2009

A council has come under fire after it closed a road to allow a group of travellers to hold a wake.

A brazier fire is burning in the middle of a country lane so the dead person’s belongings can be destroyed in what is a traditional traveller ceremony that can last up to two weeks.
But local residents are angry that West Sussex County Council has shut Blackboy Lane in Fishbourne instead of asking the travellers to move their ceremony elsewhere.


Villager Bob Kerby, 63, told The Sun: ‘There’s one law for us and one for them. We pay our taxes and are entitled to have access to the road. It’s also an inconvenience for emergency services.’
The ceremony started - without the council’s permission - on Tuesday. The road had originally been kept open forcing drivers to swerve around the fire and piles of logs.

But West Sussex County Council then closed a 30ft stretch citing ‘safety reasons’.

A spokesman said: ‘Concern was expressed that a metal drum containing a fire had been placed on the highway verge outside a house where we understand the personal property of a recently deceased member of a travelling family was being burnt according to a tradition.

‘The fire was declared safe but because of a truck parked while members of a travellers’ family watched over the drum, we have put a temporary road closure in place for road safety reasons.
‘This has cost less than £100 and only involves a stretch of road less than 100metres in length and with a very short diversion, so there has been full access at all times.’

More than 200 travellers are expected at the shrine to mother-of-seven Lena Lay, 55, before her funeral takes place next Thursday.
Residents fear the mourners will park on grass verges causing more traffic problems.
Mrs Lay’s unemployed son John Chapman, 34, said: ‘We never let the fire go out because if we do we believe the devil will come and take away our souls.’
Police said the travellers have not been moved on as no crime has been committed.

Travellers are given lengthy funerals to allow relatives and friends to travel from all over the world to take turns to surround the deceased’s bed so their spirit is not angered at being abandoned.
The deceased’s possessions are destroyed, normally by being thrown into a fire.



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Just a very short read but says an awful lot.
I keep telling myself that I don’t need to post traveler stories after the many already done. But little bits like this just can’t be ignored.
Pity the day when and if this crap comes to American shores. And never say never guys.  Age taught me that.  And left wing, hand wringing libtards.


By Richard Littlejohn

Following the admission by the Government that so-called ‘travellers’ are free to ignore the planning laws and must be allowed to jump the queue at NHS surgeries comes further evidence of preferential treatment.
Once a group of people is classified as a vulnerable minority, there’s no limit to the largesse available - or to the jobs created for Guardian readers.
St Austell council, in Cornwall, is advertising for someone to cater to the special needs of female gipsies.

‘Housing Services are seeking to appoint an experienced female support worker to join the Gipsy & Traveller Liaison Service… to provide housing-related support to gipsies and travellers living on residential sites and on unauthorised encampments.

‘The post-holder will require a knowledge, understanding and empathy of cultural heritage and diversity issues experienced by this client group.

‘They will be able to demonstrate a practical approach to supporting individuals in accessing services and enabling them to maintain their lifestyle choice within local communities.

‘The post-holder will be required to have access to a car for the delivery of the service to clients living across the entire county.

‘Please note that this advert is for female applicants only, as there is a genuine occupational requirement for a female post-holder in order to accommodate the cultural heritage of gipsies when providing access to services for female gipsy clients.’

Salary is up to £21,306 a year. I hope the people of St Austell remember that next time the council bleats about ‘lack of resources’.


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Out of sight out of mind. Til now.  Hadn’t thought about this aspect. Wonder if there’s anything to it, or has this guy been talking to Elvis?

Kinda sorry the Russians dropped the letters, KGB.  Had a certain sinister ring to it that FSB just doesn’t have.


Russia ship mystery editor flees
A journalist has fled Russia after suggesting the Arctic Sea cargo ship that was apparently hijacked in July may have been carrying illegal weapons.
Mikhail Voitenko said he had been told to leave Moscow or face arrest.

The editor of Sovfracht, an online maritime journal, fled on Wednesday, saying he may not be able to return as his life would be in danger.
Eight men, mainly from Estonia, have been charged with hijacking and piracy over the case.

The men are suspected of seizing the ship and its 15-man Russian crew after raiding it disguised as police.
The alleged hijackers were taken to Russia after the ship was spotted 300 miles (480km) off the west coast of Africa on 16 August.

Secret shipment
Mr Voitenko - who was among the first to cast doubt on official explanations about the ship’s disappearance - told the BBC it was nonsense to suggest pirates had been involved.
Instead he suggested the ship may have been carrying a secret shipment of weapons as part of a private business deal by state officials.
Speaking to the BBC from Turkey, Mr Voitenko said he had received a threatening phone call from “serious people” whom he suggested may have been members of Russia’s intelligence agency, the FSB.

The caller told Mr Voitenko that those involved in the mysterious case of the Arctic Sea were very angry with him because he had spoken publicly, and were planning on taking action against him, he said.
“As long as I am out of Russia I feel safe,” Mr Voitenko told the BBC. “At least they won’t be able to get me back to Russia and convict [me].”
He also said Nato knew exactly what had happened to the Arctic Sea.

A Nato spokesman said the alliance had been in contact with Russia throughout the crisis, but would not say anything more.
The FSB refused to comment on the allegations.
Observers have questioned why the alleged hijackers would risk seizing the Arctic Sea in one of Europe’s busiest shipping lanes for a relatively inexpensive cargo.



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calendar   Friday - September 04, 2009

some weekend eye candy, of sorts, just for the fun of it. There are problem though.

I happened to be at Theo Sparks place tonight and saw this.
I thought I should bring to everyone attention how little attention to detail has been paid here.

I couldn’t help but notice the picture frame, which looks not too straight on the wall and then that lamp shade.  It isn’t straight either.
Anyone else notice that lamp shade?  No?  ok.

So go over to and click the enlargement so you can see that stuff too.  I know you’re anxious to do that so I’ll say g’night.



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Everyone should fast for a day ‘to understand Muslims’ so says the nutcase mayor of london

And guys .... he’s a conservative. Well, somewhat.

Instead of comments from me, here’s what a few Brits have had to say about this wonderful idea.

We understand them perfectly. Unfortunately do-gooders and the people in government don’t.

Just as, if we go to their originating countries, we would have to abide by their rules and regulations, it should be the same here, whatever their religion or nationality.

We are sick and tired of being walked all over by anyone and everyone, and no one listens to us, the majority, which will in the end cause something far worse.
- Gerry, England, 04/9/2009


Dear Boris,
I have no intention of fasting for a day to “understand” Muslims. They don’t want to understand me and I don’t want to understand them any more than I already do. I already understand that according to Muslims, I have to do as I am told, am not allowed to think for myself, and walk three paces behind my lord and master. NO THANKS.
- grannigrump, bolton,lancs,england,


Thanks Boris ! !.You’ve convinced me even more to vote for the B.N.P in the next election ! !.
- JohnB, Bristol.UK., 04/9/2009


Everyone should fast for a day ‘to understand Muslims’, says Boris Johnson
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:07 PM on 04th September 2009
London Mayor Boris Johnson today encouraged people to undergo a day of fasting to help understand their ‘Muslim neighbour’.

He said Muslims in the capital were ‘challenging traditional stereotypes’ to show they wanted to be part of the mainstream during a visit to the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre.

Mr Johnson’s visit coincided with the holy period of Ramadan in which participating Muslims fast from dawn until sunset.
Boris Johnson arrives at the East London Mosque with his Director of Communication Guto Harri this afternoon where he talked about the need for greater understanding of Muslims
He said: ‘Whether it’s in theatre, comedy, sports, music or politics, Muslims are challenging the traditional stereotypes and showing that they are, and want to be, a part of the mainstream community.

More...Muslim community leader arrested for ‘making up BNP kidnap story’

(You gotta read this BMEWS)

‘That’s why I urge people, particularly during Ramadan, to find out more about Islam, increase your understanding and learning, even fast for a day with your Muslim neighbour and break your fast at the local mosque.

‘I would be very surprised if you didn’t find that you share more in common than you thought.’

He added: ‘Muslims are at the heart of every aspect of society. Their contribution is something that all Londoners benefit from.

‘Muslim police officers, doctors, scientists and teachers are an essential part of the fabric of London.

‘Islamic finance is contributing to the economy by changing the way Londoners invest, save, borrow and spend.

‘There are valuable lessons that people of all backgrounds can learn from Islam such as the importance of community spirit, family ties, compassion and helping those less fortunate, all of which lie at the heart of the teachings of Ramadan.’



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The inconvenient truth about ozone-puncturing , Did someone mention climate change?

I’d subscribe to this newspaper for Richard Littlejohn alone. Sure, can see on line for free. But I’ve a long addiction to actual print on paper, with which I can curl up on a sofa or in bed.  Even with a laptop it is not as comfortable. So then ... even for Americans this may prove an interesting bit of reading.
I do not recall any major paper I ever read in the states, that calls a spade a spade in quite the way Brit papers do.  Or at least some journalists, like Littlejohn.
I enjoy the invective and the raw insults which trust me, are well deserved. And not just because they are directed at the liberal left.  The jabs are well founded and hit the nail dead center.

In the great debate about nonexistent global warming, this freeloading, flatulent, frequent-flying fool is about as relevant as the polar bear on Fox’s glacier mints.

Two Jags is Littlejohn’s name for the former fat head deputy PM, John Prescott.  Brits are still paying dearly for things he set in motion some yrs ago.
Currently, he’s reincarnated himself as a climate change guru and devoted follower of Al Bore.  So that alone tells my American friends something about two jags. Right. he owns two.

Initially, I was only going to post a few lines by Littlejohn. But then couldn’t see how I would do that as everything here deserves to be posted and read.

The inconvenient truth about ozone-puncturing Two Jags
By Richard Littlejohn

The preposterous figure of Two Jags has apparently been reincarnated as something called the Council of Europe’s ‘rapporteur’ on climate change. That’s a new one on me. Wasn’t the dwarf in Time Bandits called Rapporteur?


I’ve no idea what a rapporteur does, but I would imagine it involves a lot of first-class air travel, five-star hotels and lobster suppers. There’s probably a bird thrown in, too.
Two Jags is flying to China this week to deliver a lecture on global warming. That’s right, he’s jetting halfway round the world and back to talk about the need to cut carbon emissions.

Don’t these people have any idea how ridiculous they are?
What astonishes me is that anyone, especially in my trade, takes him seriously. Two Jags is a circus act. Come to think of it, the dwarf in Time Bandits had considerably more gravitas than Prescott.

Yet, in some quarters, he’s treated as a proper person. Yesterday’s Independent carried an interview with Two Jags, in which he announced that Europe’s target of cutting emissions by 80 per cent was nowhere near tough enough. The paper even ran an editorial praising Prescott’s authenticity.
The only thing authentic about this old fraud is his ocean-going, ozone-puncturing hypocrisy and self-importance.

I didn’t christen him Two Jags without reason. This was the man who insisted on having not one, but two ‘gas guzzling’ limousines.
He had his wife chauffeured 200 yards along the seafront at the Labour conference so her hairdo wouldn’t get windswept. Pauline’s creosote-thick hairspray has probably done more damage to the atmosphere than a fleet of SUVs.

Two Jags took a helicopter back to central London from the rugby league final at Wembley and commandeered an RAF flight to turn on the Blackpool illuminations.
After giving a speech on the importance of public transport to the railwaymen’s union in Scarborough, he made an ostentatious display of boarding a train home.

He then got off at the next station, where his driver was waiting with the Jag to convey him back to London in air-conditioned, eight-cylinder, 15-miles-to-the-gallon luxury.
Once he returns from China, he will embark on a tour of Britain, lecturing schoolchildren about global warming. We can assume he won’t be travelling by bike.
When he was ‘in charge’ of the environment, he was so concerned about the delicate eco-balance that he ordered tens of thousands of houses to be built on flood plains.

Yet now we are asked to believe that he is a born-again Al Gore. According to the Indy, he is the brilliant global player who brokered the Kyoto deal in 1997 and ‘is now returning to a major role in climatechange politics’.
All you need to know about the Kyoto ‘deal’ is that the rest of the world ignored it, while here in Britain it has been used as a catch-all excuse for everything from the extortionate tax on petrol to fining people £500 for putting out their dustbins on the wrong day.

In one sense, I suppose you could argue that Kyoto was a success, since the world has actually been getting colder over the past decade, despite China opening a new coal-fired power station every five minutes.
That inconvenient truth has not deterred the climate-change industry-from cranking up the rhetoric, inventing ever-tougher targets and dreaming up an exciting range of new rules, fines and punishments.

Britain’s ridiculous obsession with ‘man-made global warming’ has prevented our building a new generation of power stations.

As a result, we are facing the looming prospect of rolling power cuts in the not-too-distant future.
But you won’t find a forest of windmills in the back garden of Two Jags’ turreted mansion.

Just as Al Gore consumes enough electricity to power a small town and flies by private jet to deliver his lavishly rewarded pieties on polar bears, so Two Jags, too, thinks that cutting your carbon footprint is for the little people.

This week, The Guardian - which is The Independent with adverts - carried a spread about everyday people who were doing their bit for the planet.
They boasted about how they were going to eat more root vegetables, wear thicker undies and travel by train not car.

A more self-righteous, self-flagellating bunch you’d be hard-pressed to find outside of, er, the pages of The Guardian.
But even though I think they’re all barking mad, at least they are prepared to make some kind of self- sacrifice in pursuit of their quasi-religious crusade.
Two Jags was conspicuous by his absence. While those poor, deluded saps are turning down the thermostat, shivering in their thermals and eating their own toenail clippings, you won’t catch him chowing down on turnips or taking a slow boat to China.

Our esteemed ‘rapporteur’ will relax in the rear seat of his limo or at the front of the plane, tucking into the finest food flown in from around the world. And to hell with the ice caps.

He will continue to leave a trail of yeti-sized carbon footprints as he tours the globe lecturing the rest of us on how we’re all responsible for razing the rainforests.
In the great debate about nonexistent global warming, this freeloading, flatulent, frequent-flying fool is about as relevant as the polar bear on Fox’s glacier mints.


FYI:  The Guardian is a VERY LEFT and VERY LIBERAL paper and follows the party line, without any questions.

Comrade Commie-sar Prescott, a very wealthy man himself after a lifetime of union activity and politics ...
has in recent years called for a culling of the rich. Not in those words of course but pretty damn close, insisting that welfare housing needs to be set up in more afluent areas so that the ppl enjoying the fruits of their own labor MUST live among the less fortunate.  Except of course for Comarde Prescott.

See More Below The Fold


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