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Coming to a street near you, maybe yours? Ax murderer walks out of open prison. Kops looking.

First thing needs doing is deleting liberals, liberal courts and judges and then, re-instate the death penalty and use the damn thing.

“Time spent in open prisons affords prisoners the opportunity to find work, re-establish family ties, reintegrate into the community and ensure housing needs are met.”

Oh right you are.  Give scum like this guy the very things he took away from his victim.
This kinda crap just ticks me off.  Maybe because I don’t understand any of it.
Well anyway ... this is the state of things here and my bet is it’s the same everywhere else as well.

An axe murderer has gone on the run from an open prison after he was given leave to work for a charity.

By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent
21 Jul 2009

William Reddican, 56, who was convicted of murder in 1981, failed to return to Sudbury open prison in Derbyshire having been allowed out to work in the village.

Despite having been released into the community on Saturday, police have now warned the public that he should not be approached.

Reddican was jailed for life after he killed Byrom Clarke, 62, in Cheetham, Manchester, in December 1981. The judge called him a “dangerous and violent” individual who carried out a “savage, premeditated murder with the utmost ferocity”.

Reddican was released from a life sentence on licence but was convicted of assault at Trafford magistrates in February 2005 and sent back to prison. He has been serving his sentence at Sudbury Open Prison in Derbyshire.

He is the second inmate to escape from custody at the prison this month, after a 35-year-old man who was serving a sentence for attempted murder walked out of Sudbury and did not return.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “All those located in open conditions have been risk assessed and categorised as being of low risk to the public.

“Time spent in open prisons affords prisoners the opportunity to find work, re-establish family ties, reintegrate into the community and ensure housing needs are met.

“For long-term prisoners these are essential components for successful resettlement and an important factor in protecting the public.”

Reddican is described as 5ft 10, medium build, with receding brown hair and green eyes.

He was 28 when he committed the axe attack. He denied murder but was found guilty after a trial at Manchester Crown Court.

The trial heard that Reddican, armed with an axe he had bought earlier for £3.60, went to Mr Clarke’s house in Cheetham looking for his girlfriend. She had left him and had been staying there with a friend. He struck Mr Clarke a “large number of times”across his head and face. He died instantly.



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The govt here, which I heard was broke, is giving the French almost $30,000.000.00 to search illegals ON THEIR SIDE of the channel. Wait a minute. Hold the phone.  Lyndon.  Can you explain that?  Maybe things done differently here. (?) People are trying to sneak into the UK, they are in France but trying to come here.  So the Brits PAY the French to do something they should be doing anyway?  My head has just become a spinning top. 

Years and years ago, way before BMEWS and the younger folks here, a brilliant politician here name Enoch Powell, warned about immigration, the open door, and especially the kinds of immigrants they were gonna get.  His ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech about the dangers of mass immigration cost him his job and career. 

Calais migrants ambush Britons at knifepoint in terrifying ‘highway robberies’

By James Slack and Ian Sparks
Last updated at 8:19 AM on 21st July 2009

Migrant gangs in Calais are targeting British holidaymakers in terrifying ‘highway robberies’.

Would-be illegal immigrants are forming human roadblocks to force motorists passing through the French port town to stop.

People are then robbed at knifepoint by the migrants, who are desperate for funds to help them sneak into the UK.

Last night police in Calais issued a warning to the nine million Britons a year who pass through Calais - the equivalent of 25,000 every day.

They urged motorists to keep their windows closed and doors locked until they are safely inside the ferry terminal.

Officers said they had received several reports from holidaymakers of having to ‘run a gauntlet’ of migrants between the town and the ferry port.

One British couple reported being forced to stop by bedraggled refugees on the port approach road last week.

A Calais police spokesman said: ‘Frontier police received a report from a British couple who said the gang formed a human chain across the road to stop them.

‘Around six of them then surrounded the car and waved a knife in the male driver’s face and demanded cash. He threw his wallet out of the window and sped off. The refugees fled into the woods on foot.’

Police said several days later another British family ploughed through a refugee roadblock, knocking down and injuring one of the migrants.

Robert Moncrieff, 80, following in a car close behind, said: ‘There was a refugee lying in the road who looked injured. He was surrounded by several of his accomplices.

‘We drove straight past and when we reached the port, the driver told us the refugees had tried to flag him down but he had driven through them and knocked one over.’

The police spokesman added: ‘We advise drivers to drive slowly at anyone blocking the road, giving the clear intention you do not want to be stopped.

‘If the road remains blocked, keep the windows closed and doors locked, and call the police. Drivers should take any opportunity to drive away once the road is clear.’

He added: ‘We are stepping up security and police patrols in the area around the port, especially over the busy summer months.’

Since the closure of the Red Cross refugee centre at Sangatte in 2002, would-be migrants have been sleeping rough in and around Calais while they attempt to sneak on board cross-Channel trains and ferries.

There are currently around 2,000, many living in a squalid camp known as the Jungle, which the French government has said will not be cleared away until next year.

In April immigration minister Eric Besson vowed to bulldoze the litter-strewn shanty town - where a London journalist was raped by a migrant last year - after admitting it had become a hotbed for people smugglers and criminal gangs.

But he has now said the camp must remain in place until it can be dismantled ‘in a dignified manner’.

French politicians have blamed Britain for the return of migrant camps to Calais.

The mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, said the lure of the UK’s ‘enormous’ state handouts to asylum-seekers was the reason why thousands of foreigners are using the French port as a staging point to get across the Channel.

Mrs Bouchart said the UK Government’s policies were ‘imposing’ thousand of migrants on the town, costing the local economy millions of pounds.

Earlier this month, Gordon Brown agreed to give France £15million for new technology to search vehicles heading for Britain.

In return, France undertook to step up the repatriation of illegal immigrants.

Last night a UK Border Agency spokesman said: ‘We are confident the French authorities will take any action necessary to protect those travelling back to Britain.’


Oh I love this line.
“the camp must remain in place until it can be dismantled ‘in a dignified manner’.”

Why? There isn’t anything at all dignified about the vermin there.  A few heads stuck on pikes in full view might discourage others.
The west is definitely too civilized for its own good. 


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Off yesterday ...  problems,problems and it kinda looks like there might be continued water supply problem with the new house being built next door.

I could write about it again, and I will do later.  One of those things where I really have to get a photo and right now the construction crew are there.
Will wait till 4pm when they leave.
Meanwhile .....

Who is this fellow and why is he shouting?

I found this nifty site: and yes, it is political. No it isn’t liberal.
Now why there’s a connect between that and the site this is on, Warning Signs , I don’t know.

I admit I get a bit lost in numbers and charts that aren’t related directly to the stock market market the Q’s.  But I understand this okay. Oh boy do I understand this.

Call Him Irresponsible

By Alan Caruba

Is it just me or does President Obama look and sound more desperate with every passing day? He thought he could fool all of the people all of the time and it turns out that he can’t.


Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 12, 2009. That’s when a Washington, D.C. protest march is planned. Led by FreedomWorks, their website says they will be joined by many other national co-sponsors such as the National Taxpayers Union, Americans for Tax Reform, Young America’s Foundation, and Tea Party Patriots, to name just a few.

This is why the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

I doubt that President Obama will be among the speakers that day, although he has been out on the stump of late trying to convince Americans that things will improve if the government is given control over the nation’s health system. He’s already nationalized part of the auto industry, a major insurance company, banks, and probably little Bobby’s lemonade stand in front of his home.

Obama’s relentless assault on the private sector of the nation’s economy can be seen in the following percentages of the Gross Domestic Product: Healthcare represents 17%, energy is 9.8%, and financial services are 8% of GDP. These are the sectors that have been targeted for takeover by the Obama administration. It adds up to 35% of GDP!

In May, columnist Robert Samuelson, writing in Investor’s Business Daily, asked “Just how much government debt does a president have to endorse before he’s labeled ‘irresponsible’?”

“The GOVERNMENT has done this to us. Obama has exponentially increased the problem.” ( Warning Signs)

See the rest of this editorial here > WARNING SIGNS


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calendar   Monday - July 20, 2009

New Career Path?


Dawn Patrol. Ok, mid-morning patrol. We wanted our tea and biscuits first, all right?

Yup, I think I’ve found the perfect job. Move to New Zealand, and build brand new WWI airplanes, to meticulous original specifications using authentic materials and methods, and then fly them at airshows. And get paid for it. Hella yeah, it can’t get much better than that!


20 years worth of progress. A partial screencap from the web site.

You can easily spend several hours over at The Vintage Aviator just looking at the pictures, playing the videos, reading, and dreaming. Unlike the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, a place I visited as a small child and where I first fell in love with old planes, The Vintage Aviator is an actual production company. If you want a Spad, or a Fokker DVII, or a whatever, they will build you one. All it costs is lots and lots of money.

The Vintage Aviator Ltd. is a New Zealand Civil Aviation approved aircraft restoration and manufacturing company.
“Our primary aim is to build WW1 aircraft, engines and propellers to the same exacting standards they were originally made over 90 years ago.”

Oh somebody catch me. I’m gonna swoon.


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Two Hours And Thirty Minutes To Go

40 Years Ago Today, Mankind First Landed On The Moon


You can follow the whole mission in “real time” over at We Choose The Moon, who has done an excellent recreation. Once the whole mission is complete, you will be able to go back and forth to all the points along the mission path, but for now it’s “live”; you can listen in to the radio communications and watch the well done graphics. Plus there are all sorts of links to still photos, etc. has more, along with about a million other web pages.

If you were born after 1964 this probably doesn’t mean much to you. But for those of us old enough to remember it, this event just about brought the nation to a halt. This was the ultimate achievement, the culmination of an American dream. Back in the early 60s, when our rockets could barely get off the ground, JFK had challenged us to do it in under a decade. And we did. And it was done without massive computer power on board. This was the biggest “FTW” ever, to put it in today’s terms.

Go and watch. Relive the dream. And leave it for tomorrow to wonder where that country went, and why.

partial screen capture from We Choose The Moon


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calendar   Sunday - July 19, 2009

‘Evil destruction’ of a happy family.  Read this and watch as a blood red curtain descends

Has the fuhrer state finally come to Britain?  Should we be shouting Seig Heil now?

OK, so maybe I might be a tad over the top but wait.

See if you can read this story without becoming totally pissed off big time in sympathy with this mom and dad.
I could hardly believe what I was reading.  And why should this bother me so much?
I think the answer might be my sense of fair play and justice and utter hatred of the kind of ppl I call, Hitler’s Little Helpers!
Freeken butt-wipes.

It just festers and bother the hell outta me and similar happens here on a regular basis.
It’s beyond me how this sort of thing can happen and take so long to resolve and in fact this case is not finished yet.
Fuckin’ commie/nazi fruitcake bastards.

Time for my blood pressure meds.

‘Evil destruction’ of a happy family
A system involving social workers, police and courts took a child away from loving parents for no apparent reason

By Christopher Booker
Jul 2009
Two weeks ago I reported as shocking a story as this column has ever covered. It described how a loving family was torn apart when the parents were arrested by police on what turned out to be wholly spurious charges, so that their three children could be taken into care by social workers. As reported on another page, it now seems this awful episode has come to a happy ending.

However a new case has lately been surfacing, if anything even more shocking. This also involved the arrest of two parents and the abduction of their child by social workers, in a story so bizarre that, at last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Gordon Brown was asked about it by the family’s MP, Charles Hendry, who has long been concerned with the case because the mother is a vice-chairman of his local Conservative Association. The family’s horrified GP says that, in 43 years of medical practice, he has never “encountered a case of such appalling injustice”.

I first planned to describe this case in April, but was pre-empted by the draconian reporting restrictions on family cases, which, for reasons which will become tragically clear, have now been partly lifted.
The story began in April 2007 when “Mr Smith”, as I must call him, had a visit from the RSPCA over the dog-breeding business he ran from the family home. He had docked the tails of five new-born puppies – a procedure that had become illegal two days beforehand. Unaware of this, he promised in future to obey the new law.

Three days later, however, at nine o’clock in the morning, two RSPCA officials returned, accompanied in cars and riot vans by 18 policemen, who had apparently been tipped off, quite wrongly, that Mr Smith had guns in the house.

Armed with pepper spray, they ransacked the house, looking for the nonexistent guns. The dogs, released from their kennels, also rampaged through the house. When Mr Smith and his wife, who was three months pregnant, volubly protested at what was happening, they were forcibly arrested in front of their screaming five-year-old daughter “Jenny” and taken away. Two hours later, with the house in a shambles – the dogs having strewn the rabbit entrails meant for their dinner across the floor – social workers arrived to remove the crying child.

Held for hours in a police cell, Mrs Smith had a miscarriage. When she was finally set free, she returned home that evening to find her daughter gone. It was the beginning of a barely comprehensible nightmare.
Her husband was charged with various offenses connected with the dogs, including the tail-docking, but was eventually given a conditional discharge by a judge who accepted that he was “an animal lover” who had not been cruel to his dogs.

Far more serious, however, was that the social workers seemed determined to hang onto the child, now in foster care, on the sole grounds that they had found the house dirty and in a mess (the “animal entrails” played a large part in their evidence). This was despite the testimony of a woman Pc (who had visited the house a month earlier on a different matter) that she found it “clean and tidy”. Two hundred horrified neighbours, who knew the couple as doting parents of a happy, well-cared-for child, were about to stage a protest demonstration when they were stopped by the police, on the social workers’ instructions that this might identify the child.

For more than two years the couple have been fighting through more than 100 hearings in the courts to win their daughter back. From a mass of evidence, including psychiatric reports and tape recordings made at meetings with her parents (only allowed in the presence of social workers), it is clear she has been desperate to return home. It is equally clear that considerable pressure has been brought on the child to turn her against her parents.
One particularly bizarre psychiatric report was compiled after only an hour-long interview with the little girl. When she said she had once choked on a lollipop, this was interpreted as signifying that she could possibly have “been forced to have oral sex with her father”.

After Mrs Smith alone had been subjected to four different psychiatric investigations, which came up with mixed findings, she refused to submit to a fifth, and this apparently weighed heavily with the judge who last December ordered that “Jenny" should be put out to adoption.

In the Appeal Court 11 days ago, Mr Justice Bodey ruled that, because the mother had refused that fifth test, indicating that the parents put their own “emotional wellbeing” in front of that of their child, the adoption order must stand. When this judgment was reported, an independent social worker, who had earlier been an expert witness in the case, wrote to Mr and Mrs Smith to say he was “horrified” to learn that Jenny was “not back in their care”, having assumed for over a year that “she must have been returned home”.

Their equally horrified GP, saying that he had never “encountered such a case of appalling injustice”, wrote “the destruction of this once happy family is in my opinion evil”. So shocked was their MP, Mr Hendry ,that he last Wednesday took the highly unusual course of raising the case with the Prime Minister at question time. Numerous others who know the family well have expressed similar dismay. One neighbour, herself a former social worker, whose own daughter often played with “Jenny”, said: “I worked with children in social services for 25 years and I have never seen anything like this. It is disgusting.”

What is clear in this case, as in so many others, is that a system involving social workers, police and courts in what is an obviously very close alliance should yet again have left a happy, loving family destroyed for no very obvious reason. Almost equally alarming is the way that system manages to shield itself from the world, through reporting restrictions which it claims are designed to protect the children but which too often end up by protecting only the system itself.



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More stupid stuff because this place has people who spend lots of time thinking things up. And get $

They get paid for it.

Alright, most of us here and in fact I dare say all, are dead set against a compensation culture. Which I do not think this is.
But it is compensation.

I had never heard about this sort of thing before. It just never dawned on me that victims of crime would get money from the state for being victims.
Never thought about it. 

I guess we all would feel sympathy for a rape victim or any victim of a serious crime.  And difficult I think if not impossible (for me anyway) to begrudge someone who has been the victim of some of the crimes I have read about since moving here.
Yesterdays papers for example had a story about some poor young girl going home (yes, sober) from a school prom, who was set upon by 6 thugs and raped.
Sickening to read maybe but think of what that kid is going through right now.  So I could hardly object were she to receive money.

Now comes the reason for this post.

It’s been decided by the ppl in power that some victims may not get as much as they might, if say they have had dealings with the law.
Now then I’m not talking about crime.  A speeding ticket (ok, that’s against the law) in your past will do it.

See what you think.  Makes no sense to me but then nobody asked.

Victims of violent crime are receiving reduced payouts if they have previously been convicted of minor offences, including traffic violations, it has emerged.

19 Jul 2009

Crime victims have always faced deductions from the cash they receive from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) if they have previous criminal convictions, on the grounds that their character makes it “inappropriate that a full award or any award should be made”.

But previously those who had been fined £250 or less or received a conditional discharge received compensation in full, as their conviction was not taken to reflect on their character.

An amendment introduced by Justice Secretary Jack Straw last November has now removed this exemption, meaning that deductions must be made for any unspent convictions, including driving offences, unless there are “exceptional circumstances”.

According to the Mail on Sunday, victims with unspent motoring convictions on their record could see compensation payouts reduced by as much as £1,650 in a rape case, £4,950 for an assault resulting in the loss of a leg or £37,500 for very serious brain injury.

In a murder case, surviving relatives could see compensation reduced by as much as £1,650 if the victim had been convicted of a driving offence within the past five years, said the paper.

Shadow justice secretary Dominic Grieve said: “People will be astonished that ministers are targeting victims of crime simply because they may have committed minor traffic violations - for which they have already paid the penalty - while prisoners released early are being given compensation for the food and accommodation they would have received free.

“The idea that a rape victim or the parents of a murdered child should have their compensation docked for a speeding conviction years earlier is a revolting proposition.”



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Three people missing after two homes plunge over cliff during landslide. More photos at the link.

Not exactly my usual stuff but just came across this. Scary.

Three people missing after two homes plunge over cliff during landslide

By Daily Mail Reporter

Three people are missing after a lakeside cliff collapsed, sending two houses plummeting into the depths of a disused mineshaft.

The incident, which happened in the German town of Nachterstedt early this morning, saw a 350-metre stretch of shoreline collapse. One home was completely destroyed, and another split in half in the catastrophe.

Around seven other homes, now just a few feet from the drop, had a narrow escape.


There had been heavy rain in the area, but experts say the mining activity had probably made the land unstable.

The stretch of land which collapsed into the lake is believed to be 350m long and 120m wide.


ok, will someone tell me in feet or in miles what 350m and 120m are? I never got the hang of km or meters or any of that stuff. Never had need of it.


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Paedophile. You might be suspect, maybe not. Prove you aren’t. Or pay $100 and pass Go. Dumb stuff.

So then, you’re a writer perhaps of childrens books. Or maybe a journalist or a rocket scientist and you volunteer to speak to children in assembly in school.
Sometimes it could be one of those talks where adults tell kids about their job and what they do etc.

Well, now in the interest of child safety people who talk to the kiddies from a stage where there are teachers and maybe parents, ppl who answer the question the children may have, now need to be vetted BEFORE they are allowed to talk to the kids.  From a stage even. Got to make sure there is nothing smacking of child abuse in their background.  So far I suppose it’s ok. ?? Seems reasonable enough to check on people. Maybe.  But the vetting folks do ask a lot of questions
AND ... here’s a fly in ointment.

The person being vetted must pay about $100 for the vetting. In Brit money it’s something like £64.00.
I’m telling you about this as background to my first post for today. 

Potatoes and paedophiles: Why are we so afraid?

By Suzanne Moore
19th July 2009

The other day I went to a school to talk to a group of delightful 11-year-olds about journalism. They rustled their packed lunches while I talked about my working life. Most of them had not considered journalism as a career. Their headmistress asked, as I was leaving, if they now would, and a sea of arms shot up, so it was well worth the trek.

It was part of a project called ‘lunch and learn’ where kids – who have often never seen the adults in their lives working – get to hear about all kinds of jobs.

It’s undoubtedly a laudable scheme, though I was rather disturbed by the children’s interest in whether I had met Piers Morgan or not. But you can’t have everything. At no point was I alone with any of kids. But anyway, I have already been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau in order to take my own child on a school trip.

I have mentioned the ludicrousness of this procedure before, so I was very glad to see Philip Pullman refusing to be vetted in this way.

It’s very easy to write him off as some prima donna who thinks writers are superior beings, but Pullman was a teacher himself and has been outspoken about civil liberties in the past.

What he is objecting to is the fundamental notion that we are guilty until proven innocent that now governs all official thinking – thus all adults are potentially predatory paedophiles. He sums up the mood of much Government legislation and the new Independent Safeguarding Authority checks when he says ‘the basic mode is not of trust but of suspicion’.

He is backed up in his campaign by Anne Fine, Anthony Horowitz, Michael Morpurgo and Quentin Blake. Most schools would be delighted to have any of these children’s authors visit and many successful writers do this for free. Do they need to be made to feel like criminals for their goodwill?

The children’s laureate Anthony Browne has said writers should not be treated as special, and I agree. The problem here, though, is this blanket policy of what Fine calls ‘governmental idiocy’.

Most of us can understand why teachers and those in regular contact with children need to be checked. After the Huntley murders something had to be done. Actually all the warning signs with Huntley were there: several women had been to the police with rape allegations, but the police did not follow them up or put them together.

The Independent Safeguarding Authority, which has so far cost more than £16million, is not the way to stop the likes of Huntley. Its inflexibility is costly. Its price is a culture of fear.

Why do people who are never going to be alone with a child need this? Why do parents? Why live in continual denial about where the worst and most regular abuse happens? In the home, not in public places. Do we need more Baby Ps to remind us of this dreadful fact?



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calendar   Saturday - July 18, 2009

And now there are 2

WWI Veteran Henry Allingham, 113, dies


LONDON – The world’s oldest man, 113-year-old World War I veteran Henry Allingham, died Saturday after spending his final years reminding Britain about the 9 million soldiers killed during the conflict.

Allingham was the last surviving original member of the Royal Air Force, which was formed in 1918. He made it a personal crusade to talk about a conflict that wiped out much of a generation. Though nearly blind, he would take the outstretched hands of visitors in both of his, gaze into the eyes of children, veterans and journalists and deliver a message he wanted them all to remember.

“I want everyone to know,” he told The Associated Press during an interview in November. “They died for us.”

Only a handful of World War I veterans remain of the estimated 68 million mobilized. There are no French veterans left alive; the last living American-born veteran is Frank Woodruff Buckles of Charles Town, West Virginia.

“It’s the end of a era — a very special and unique generation,” said Allingham’s longtime friend, Dennis Goodwin, who confirmed Allingham’s death. “The British people owe them a great deal of gratitude.”

As near as I can tell, there are still two men left alive who served in that conflict. England’s Harry Patch, 110, and America’s Frank Buckles, 108. Time marches on; let’s hope that the lessons learned in the mud of France have not been forgotten.

Just last month, in June, Mr. Allingham became the world’s oldest man:

2009 June 19

Henry Allingham, the last surviving founder of the RAF, has become the world’s oldest man the Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed.

At 113 Allingham, one of two remaining British World War I veterans, is the oldest British man ever. Born 6 June 1896 he is also the sole survivor of the Battle of Jutland and has seen the reign of six monarchs.

When asked how he had lived so long, Mr Allingham, who held the Legion d’Honneur, said: “I don’t know if there is a secret, but keeping within your capacity is vital.

He jokingly attributed his longevity to “cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women”.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said: “The Queen was saddened to hear of the death of Henry Allingham.

“He was one of the generation who sacrificed so much for us all.

“Her thoughts are with his family during this time.”

full obituary is here.


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Classics for the Weekend

They may be nuns, but they’re still French at heart. An adorable advertisement for rubber cement.


I took the video down because it auto-starts, and I’m getting tired of hearing it every time I refresh the page.


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calendar   Friday - July 17, 2009

Read The Bill

Obama To Outlaw New Private Health Insurance Policies

Let’s see if some of the sleeping sheep will wake up now.
Can they figure out YET that this assbiscuit is a fuckin COMMUNIST???

Investor’s Business Daily: It’s Not An Option

When we first saw the paragraph Tuesday, just after the 1,018-page document was released, we thought we surely must be misreading it. So we sought help from the House Ways and Means Committee.

It turns out we were right: The provision would indeed outlaw individual private coverage. Under the Orwellian header of “Protecting The Choice To Keep Current Coverage,” the “Limitation On New Enrollment” section of the bill clearly states:

“Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day” of the year the legislation becomes law.

So we can all keep our coverage, just as promised — with, of course, exceptions: Those who currently have private individual coverage won’t be able to change it. Nor will those who leave a company to work for themselves be free to buy individual plans from private carriers.

From the beginning, opponents of the public option plan have warned that if the government gets into the business of offering subsidized health insurance coverage, the private insurance market will wither. Drawn by a public option that will be 30% to 40% cheaper than their current premiums because taxpayers will be funding it, employers will gladly scrap their private plans and go with Washington’s coverage.

The nonpartisan Lewin Group estimated in April that 120 million or more Americans could lose their group coverage at work and end up in such a program. That would leave private carriers with 50 million or fewer customers. This could cause the market to, as Lewin Vice President John Sheils put it, “fizzle out altogether.”

What wasn’t known until now is that the bill itself will kill the market for private individual coverage by not letting any new policies be written after the public option becomes law.

IBD found this commie stinker in just 16 pages. What do you think might be hidden in the other 1000 pages?

Source Link to IBD

Oops, it’s too late!

(AP) – 3 hours ago

WASHINGTON — A second House committee has approved health care legislation that President Barack Obama is seeking.

The vote in the House Education and Labor Committee was 26-22. A few hours earlier, the Ways and Means Committee passed its portion of the bill.

Democrats are hoping to push the entire measure through the full House for a vote by the end of the month, but to do that, they still need approval in the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Republicans are methodically seeking to strip out many of the central provisions of the bill, but have been outvoted consistently.

READ IT AN WEEP. Go to page the bottom of page 15:

(a) GRANDFATHERED HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE DEFINED.—Subject to the succeeding provisions of this section, for purposes of establishing acceptable coverage under this division, the term ‘‘grandfathered health[Discussion Draft] insurance coverage’’ means individual health insurance coverage that is offered and in force and effect before the first day of Y1 (as defined in section 100(c)) if the following conditions are met:
(A) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the effective date of coverage is on or after the first day of Y1.
Subparagraph (A) shall not affect the subsequent enrollment of a dependent of an individual who is covered as of such first day.

So, whoopty do, you can enroll your kids if they aren’t already in your plan. But you the citizen CAN NOT CHOOSE to join a different plan after this bill becomes law. Yeah baby, land of the free!!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/17/2009 at 12:20 PM   
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m’kay so. here’s the deal. store robbed and robbed and owner says no more service to certain ppl.

The “certain people” of course being in this case, Romanian Gypsies or at least eastern European Gypsies.

So after being robbed over an 18 month period and being pretty sure he now recognizes the types, he decides to put a sign up saying he will not allow Gypsies in his store.

Along came a spider (the Keystone Kops) and sat down beside him and told him he must remove that offensive hate sign or face charges himself.
Apparently he has committed a ‘race’ crime.

The way it works here see is .... they (gypos) have ‘rights!’ Yup.  The taxpaying store owner?  Bah. Screw him.

Dance Gypsie, Drink Gypsie, Steal Gypsie .......  Oh yeah. Forgot. That last one wasn’t in the original song. Was it? Should have been.

Jeweller given police warning for banning gipsies after string of raids on his shop

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 2:49 PM on 17th July 2009

A respected jeweller has been given a police warning for ‘racially offensive’ conduct after banning gipsies from his shop in the wake of a series of raids by an Eastern European crime gang.

Michael Plant, 62, repeatedly called in officers after the foreign thieves - believed to be Romanian travellers - stole pieces from his jewellery shop in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Mr Plant reacted to the string of thefts with a sign in his shop window reading: ‘Sorry, we do not serve Eastern Europeans or Gypsies.’

Shortly after posting the sign, he was served with a warning from a senior police officer demanding he take it down, or face prosecution for possible race hate charges.

Despite inquiries police have been unable to trace the thieves.

Mr Plant has run the M&M Plant shop with his Austrian wife Monika, 62, for the past 22 years.

Today, he said: ‘I’m not racist, but the fact is I have been targeted repeatedly by Eastern European criminals and I should have a right to say which people come into my shop and not face allegations of racial discrimination.

‘I should be able to choose who I serve. That’s not just Eastern Europeans - if someone comes in drunk they will not be served either.

‘All I want is some common sense approach to what we have. The police are reactive rather than proactive to crime, they wait for it to happen before they solve it rather than the other way round.

‘I think these Romanians and Eastern European criminals are letting their fellow countrymen down. Obviously I don’t think all of them are bad, but how can I distinguish who is good and who is bad?

‘I’ve got a foreign wife and we have foreign friends. But some people coming in to this country illegally seem to have more rights than me.’

The series of thefts at Mr Plant’s store started 18 months ago, with the most recent last Saturday when a man’s gold wedding ring was stolen.

‘They always say they’re Spanish, but they aren’t. I speak more Spanish than them,’ he added.

‘They use distraction techniques like a child running around, and they get away with your stock. One morning I lost nine bracelets, worth well into four figures.

‘I think they must pass our name around because about every five to six weeks I get another group of people, two or three to four, sometimes with or without children. Their English is very poor. They always have gold teeth.

‘The men always dress very flamboyant with suits, they look as if they are trying to fit in with pointy shoes on, but unfortunately they go over the top and fail.

‘They come in and ask for something and we usually haven’t got it. Last Saturday we got a visit from another ‘disadvantaged’ pair from a ‘disadvantaged’ group and the result was that we lost some jewellery to them.

‘They’re quicker than Paul Daniels. It’s a couple of hundred pounds and that’s under my insurance excess.’

Officers were alerted to Mr Plant’s sign, posted on Monday morning, after a tip-off. He then got a warning from senior officers shortly afterwards offering him ‘words of advice’ about the message.

He said: ‘This sign was written in anger after the robbery. I feared we would get more in that afternoon. I just put it straight up on the door. One Saturday we got some in in the morning and some in the afternoon.

‘I emailed the local Inspector to say what I had put up on the sign and I was told to take it down immediately.

‘I put up another sign which actually said Romanian and East European Gypsies. It’s actually saying nothing, but the police are now taking offence to the word “gypsies”.

‘I’ve reported incidents to the police in the past. I’ve had several robberies over the years and the capture of criminals is very low.

‘I’m sick and tired of a country where if I put a sign on the door, I’m told I’m in flagrant disregard of the discrimination act, which would result in me going to high court being given a fine and a slap on the wrist and end up with a criminal record.

‘I bet if these people are caught for stealing, they probably wouldn’t even go into a magistrates court. They would just get a fixed penalty fine and that would be paid by one of the human rights organisations. The tax-payer pays for it all.

‘I’ve spoken to various people, including foreign friends of mine, and they seem to agree that the whole country is belly-up.’

Police said the Mr Plant had fallen foul of the Race Relations Act which recognises gypsies and travellers as ethnic groups.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: ‘Police received a report that a shop was displaying a sign which contained writing that was deemed to be offensive.

‘Officers have spoken with the owner of the shop. He has been advised that the notice is offensive and he has since removed it. We take all complaints of this nature extremely seriously.’


‘We take all complaints of this nature extremely seriously.’
Nice. How about taking freeken robbery seriously too. Oh, that’s going a bit far.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/17/2009 at 10:36 AM   
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Police allowed to take Hallowe’en and summer solstice off work. This doesn’t surprise you, does it ?

Welcome to modern England where political correctness is so pure, so invasive, so dictatorial, SO FULL OF SHIT, that every little group everywhere no matter what has .... RIGHTS!  Where everybody is recognized as something and has a claim on the system.

I guess it would be a bad place if nobody had any rights at all.  But come on.  Some things are really just made up stuff on the spur and you know they are.
Simply say you belong to some group or other and you automatically have the right to make claims on behalf of said made up cartoon with the force of law behind you.  Except for known unpopular things like, being anti diversity, anti multi culture etc. Oh yeah, and now btw parents may “lose the right to boycot school sex lessons.” Now I’m not a parent and so can’t really take a side as one and speak like one.  But even so it seems to me that parents should be able to decide at what age their children should be formally taught that subject.  And I do realize that for some parents there would never be a time.  How did the world make it this far btw?  Well I’m gonna avoid that subject because it isn’t where I started.

I caught this rather bizarre article and ....... and ....  ??  Here. See if it seems reasonable and logical to you. In todays world, I guess it’s simply par for the course.

So then, how about law abiding Neo Nazis who are breaking no laws, not encouraging violence or abusing police, what if a group of them want to celebrate publicly, April 20th.  What then?  AND ... they want April 20 as a day off.  What then?
Don’t accuse me of being silly on that because frankly this world is soooooo far gone now that I can actually see a civil rights lawyer arguing the case for them.

Right. Now I’ve said that I really should be honest and expose all cause to do less would be mis-leading on my part.
Truth about me is ....  I’m a dinosaur.  I was brought up in a very different time, have a hard time with change and in fact don’t much like change except where computers are concerned.  I have a hard time understanding new fangled religions and things like ebonics and kwanza and view this in the same light.  I might be very mistaken and wrong to do so.  But, well. Sorry.  It all seems like fakery to me.  ??
Which wouldn’t be at all fair to those who quite honestly believe what they say they do. How can I judge?  I guess I do because it human nature.

OK ... I hear thunder. LOUD!  I usually unplug when that happens. Will wait another minute or two.

Pagan police officers in Britain have been given the right to take eight days off work a year to celebrate “religious holidays” including Hallowe’en and the summer solstice.

By Nick Allen
Published: 12:30PM BST 16 Jul 2009

It follows the setting up of a Pagan Police Association to represent officers who worship nature and believe in many gods.

Pc Andy Pardy, a leading Pagan officer from Hertfordshire Police, met with Home Office officials this week to push for more recognition for pagan officers.

The neighbourhood beat manager, who has been an officer for the past seven years, is a heathen which means he worships Norse gods, including the hammer-wielding Thor, the one-eyed Odin and Freyr, the god of fertility.

Pc Pardy told Police Review magazine: “Paganism is not the new age, tree hugging fad that some people think it is. It is not the clandestine, horrible, evil thing that people think it is. A lot of people think it is about dancing naked around a fire but the rituals are not like that.

“It involves chanting, music, meditation, reading passages and for pagans the practices are seen to have the same power as prayer does for Christians. Most pagans practice some kind of conservation work as well to give something back to the planet.”

Hertfordshire Police allows Pc Pardy the eight pagan holidays off each year, including Hallowe’en, which signifies the Pagan new year, and the summer solstice in June.

The days are deducted from his annual leave but because of his religion the days off are set in stone.

Superintendent Simon Hawkins, of Hertfordshire Police, said: “While balancing operational needs, the force’s religion and beliefs policy gives all staff the choice of re-allocating the traditional Christian bank-holiday festivals to suit their personal faith.

“This has been very well received from a number of faith groups, including Muslim and Jewish.”

A spokesman for the Home Office confirmed the meeting with Pc Pardy.

He added: “The Government wants a police service that reflects the diverse communities it serves.

“It is down to individual forces to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the religion or beliefs of individual officers, as far as operational requirements permit.”

There were 30,500 pagans in England and Wales in 2001, according to the Office of National Statistics.

Last year the Home Office introduced the pagan oath for use in the courts.

It is not known how many Pagan police officers and staff there are in the UK.

Another officer, Pc Andy Hill of Staffordshire Police, is a practising Wiccan, a pagan witch. He has founded Pagan Police Group UK, a website for pagan police officers and their families.

He said: “Wiccan has always been a bit of a taboo religion, there are lots of misconceptions around it. This is nothing to do with black magic or devil worshipping. It is working with nature for good.”



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/17/2009 at 08:44 AM   
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