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Still here


Everybody is sending me this picture, so I figured I’d better post it.

I’m doing my best to keep up with the emails, but I can’t post everything that gets sent to me. And I’m days behind in everything.

Rancino sent in the best St. Paddy’s Day joke ...

Patton staggered home very late after another evening with his drinking buddy, Paddy.  He took off his shoes to avoid waking his wife, Kathleen.

He tiptoed as quietly as he could toward the stairs leading to their upstairs bedroom, but misjudged the bottom step.  As he caught himself by grabbing the banister, his body swung around and he landed heavily on his rump.  A whiskey bottle in each back pocket broke and made the landing especially painful.

Managing not to yell, Patton sprung up, pulled down his pants, and looked in the hall mirror to see that his butt cheeks were cut and bleeding.  He managed to quietly find a full box of Band-Aids and began putting a Band-Aid as best he could on each place he saw blood.

He then hid the now almost empty Band-Aid box and shuffled and stumbled his way to bed.

In the morning, Patton woke up with searing pain in both his head and butt and Kathleen staring at him from across the room, arms crossed and scowling.

She said, ‘Patton O’Malley, you were drunk again last night weren’t you?’

Patton groaned and said, ‘Ah woman, why would you say such a mean and hurtful thing?’

‘Well,’ Kathleen said, ‘it could be the open front door, it could be the broken glass at the bottom of the stairs, and it could be the wee drops of blood trailing through the house. Sure and it could be your bloodshot eyes, but mostly ... it’s all those damn Band-Aids stuck on the hall mirror.’

Carol sends in some good advice ...

Rules for the Non-Military

*Dear Civilians, ‘ We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military.  For those of you who can’ t join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance:*

  1. The next time you see any adults talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem - kick their ass.
  2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest - kick their ass.
  3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second.
  4. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their ass.

  5. (GUYS) If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress uniforms (BDUs) or Jungle Fatigues, telling others that you used to be ‘ Special Forces.

    Collecting GI Joe memorabilia, might have been okay when you were seven years old, now, it will only make you look stupid and get your ass kicked.

  6. Next time you come across an *Air Force* member, do not ask them, ‘ Do you fly a jet? ‘ Not everyone in the Air Force is a pilot.  Such ignorance deserves an ass-kicking (children are exempt).
  7. If you witness someone calling the *US Coast Guard* ‘ non-military ‘ , inform them of their mistake - and kick their ass.
  8. . Next time Old Glory (the US flag) passes by during a parade, get on your damn feet and pay homage to her by placing your hand over your heart. Quietly thank the military member or veteran lucky enough to be carrying her - of course, failure to do either of those could earn you a severe ass-kicking.
  9. Don’t try to discuss politics with a military member or veteran. We are Americans, and we all bleed the same, regardless of our party affiliation. Our Chain of Command is to include our Comma! nder-In- Chief(CinC). The President (for those who didn ‘ t know) is our CinC Regardless of political party. We have no inside track on what happens inside those big important buildings where all those representatives meet. All we know is that when those civilian representatives screw up the situation, they call upon the military to go straighten it out. If you keep asking us the same stupid questions repeatedly, you will get your ass kicked.
  10. ‘ Your mama wears combat boots ‘ never made sense to me - stop saying it!  If she did, she would most likely be a vet and therefore would kick your ass!
  11. Bin Laden and the Taliban are not Communists, so stop saying ‘ Let’s go kill those Commies! ‘ And stop asking us where he is! Crystal balls are not standard issue in the military. That reminds me - if you see anyone calling those damn psychic phone numbers, let me know, so I can go kick their ass!
  12. ‘ Flyboy ‘ (*Air Force*), ‘ Jarhead ‘ (*Marines*), ‘ Grunt ‘ (*Army*), ‘ Squid ‘ (*Navy*), ‘ Puddle Jumpers ‘ (*Coast Guard*), etc., are terms of endearment we use describing each other. Unless you are a service member or vet, you have not earned the right to use them. Using them could get your ass kicked.
  13. Last, but not least, whether or not you become a member of the military, support our troops and their families. Every Thanksgiving and religious holiday that you enjoy with family and friends, please remember that there are literally thousands of soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen far from home wishing; they could be with their families.. Thank God for our military and the sacrifices they make every day. Without them, our Country would get it’s ass kicked.. ’
    If you ever see anyone either standing for or singing the national anthem in Spanish - KICK THEIR ASS.

Reader Christian lets the UK know that Global Warming’s “Mr. Hockey Stick” James Hansen is in Britain today to help protest the expansion of Heathrow airport. I wonder if cricket bats are a good answer to hockey sticks?

The director of a Nasa space laboratory will this week lead thousands of climate change campaigners through Coventry in an extraordinary intervention in British politics.

James Hansen plans to use Thursday’s Climate Change Day of Action to put pressure on Gordon Brown to wake up to the threat of climate change - by halting the construction of new power stations and the expansion of airports, with schemes such as the third runway at Heathrow.

The move by a leading American researcher is the highest-profile example to date of the way climate change is politicising scientists.

It follows last week’s climate science summit in Copenhagen where 2,500 leading climate scientists issued a stark warning to politicians that unless they took drastic action to cut carbon emissions, the world would face “irreversible shifts in climate”.

And Urkle and the unctuous garden slugs in DC? Don’t even get me started. Now they’re going to vote on passing a special 90% tax just to screw over those greedy AIG executives who took bonuses. So much for equal rights. So much for respecting contract law. Self-righteous fascist assholes ought to be lined up and flogged. And then flogged again because their idea is UTTERLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL: the bonus money is already paid, so such a bill would be Ex Post Facto. Even worse, such a specific tax on such a specific group would be a “writ of attainder” - revenge via taxation without the benefit of a trial or any legal charge - and that’s ALSO against the Constitution. So flog the bastards for even thinking in this direction, and then fire them.

“Bills of attainder, ex post facto laws, and laws impairing the obligations of contracts, are contrary to the first principles of the social compact, and to every principle of sound legislation. … The sober people of America are weary of the fluctuating policy which has directed the public councils.  They have seen with regret and indignation that sudden changes and legislative interferences, in cases affecting personal rights, become jobs in the hands of enterprising and influential speculators, and snares to the more-industrious and less-informed part of the community.” James Madison, Federalist Number 44, 1788

The damn bailout had specific provision that bonuses in pre-existing contracts were OK. So this is a media shitstorm over nothing ... which means it’s a smokescreen to hide something important. Like, perhaps the story of how billions of this money were sent overseas to bail out banks in France? But no, let’s watch Barney Fwank have another hissy fit over a few million in bonus money. Michelle Malkin has more if you can stomach this level of hypocrisy. I can’t. Including the news that it was Chris Dodd who put that clause in. That much gall ought to be fatal.

Was it a dumb move by AIG? You betcha. But they were told it was Ok. Is this phony outrage an even dumber move by the government? To the Nth degree. And the illegal bill they’re going to pass to “get revenge”? There aren’t that many levels of exponentiation to describe how wrong that one is. Every day it becomes clearer that government should stay the hell out of private business. Poorly run companies will fail. And investors will lose money. Damn shame. Welcome to life, no guarantees included.


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Just taking a break and lookin around and bingo. Found this.

You folks back home are ahead of my no doubt but if you haven’t played around with this yet, well, here ya go.
Have FUN.

Very clever and creative film.
You will get a choice as to which path these guys take by clicking on screen options box during the action.

My personal opinion but I think it has a very HIGH WOW factor.
See what you think.

Cheers and Good Luck.

And be sure and check out their The Alibuys videos.  Even better!


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What a difference in attitude between this wimp and the last post re. the postmaster insisting on English.

Sure, not the same kind of story but I’m willing to bet that when that other fellow immigrated to the UK from Sri Lanka he probably had to put up with real honest to gosh race problems. 

This turkey suddenly discovers after 29 years that he’s sensitive to expressions like “RAGHEAD?” He has suddenly found after working for the company for sixteen years, his liberal side?
He’s sooooooo disturbed by the use of Raghead that he needed to make an issue of it? Oh I’m sure the Arabs will shower him with kisses.
Freekin wuss!
However, what tipped this whiner over the edge was hearing from a co-worker that Scotland is a welfare state paid for by the English middle class.

Now I would not be in a position to know the truth or falsehood of that statement, being a foreigner myself and so not familiar with that issue.
But I’d hardly call it “racist” would you?

Here, you can make up your own mind.

The Scots pilot suing for racism after being told: ‘Your country’s a welfare state paid for by the English middle classes’

By Ryan Kisiel
Last updated at 1:55 PM on 18th March 2009
The Daily Mail

A Scottish pilot is suing British Airways over claims he was racially abused by his English middle-class colleagues.

Captain Douglas Maughan alleges he was sent offensive letters and called a ‘Jock’ who should go back to Scotland.

He claims BA had a ‘canteen culture of racism’ and that one captain referred to Saudi passengers as ‘rag-heads’.

The trouble started when Mr Maughan, 54, defended Labour’s economic record in a letter to the staff magazine BA News in 2005.

He said an English pilot, who he had never met, started sending him racially abusive letters and emails about his views.

In one three-page handwritten letter on notepaper from the luxury Singapore hotel Raffles, the pilot said: ‘Come Separation, will all Jocks f. off to that Welfare State (paid for by English middle classes)??? Please say yes.’

Mr Maughan is taking BA, the self-proclaimed ‘world’s favourite airline’, to an employment tribunal on the grounds he was victimised racially.

He said he regularly tried to alert senior management to the abuse, but was told it was a private matter between two individuals.

He added: ‘There was a time when we set off for Los Angeles with a large party of Saudis on board, who had joined us at Heathrow direct from the VIP lounge.

‘In the cruise, my captain suddenly embarked on an extraordinary rant about “ragheads”.

‘He got the word out twice before I stopped him by explaining he was going to be short of a first officer for the return sector if he carried on.’

Mr Maughan, who lives in Edinburgh, said he was on another trip when a flight officer complained to him that there were too many Asians living in Britain.

‘The captain turned to me and said: “I don’t suppose there are many of them up your way.”

‘I replied: “Well, there’s my wife.” After that, they had the decency to fall silent,’ he said.

‘There is a canteen culture of racism, especially between pilots, where they use gross racial terms.’

The pilot, who has 29 years’ flying experience including 16 years with BA, said it is only because the airline failed to react to his accusations that he is taking it to a tribunal.

Yesterday a judge at the employment tribunal in Watford dismissed three out of the four grievances Mr Maughan had claimed against BA.

The judge ordered him to pay £4,400 legal costs for the work BA did in defending the three allegations at the pre-hearing case review.

But he ruled the claim he was victimised racially would be heard at a full employment tribunal on June 11.

Mr Maughan still works for BA and has flown throughout the world on Boeing 777s. He returned from a seven-day trip to India on Sunday.

Speaking outside the court, Mr Maughan said: ‘As a captain, if I don’t take this stand against racism within BA, then how can you expect ethnic minority staff working in lower levels of the company to do so if they feel they are being racially abused?’

He added: ‘I want British Airways and its chief executive Willie Walsh to address this issue and put a stop to it.’

A BA spokesman said it would ‘vigorously defend’ the remaining part of his claim.

See More Below The Fold


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Too many people come here and expect Britain to change to suit them. But not this guy!


‘The fabric of the nation begins to unravel if we don’t all speak the same language. When I left Sri Lanka I left behind that country’s culture, customs and language. I have done my utmost ever since to be part of this country’s culture. Far too many people come here and expect Britain to change to suit them.

I’m standing up for Britain, says Sri Lankan postmaster who won’t serve migrants who won’t learn English

By Paul Harris
Last updated at 10:29 AM on 19th March 2009

There’s a huge Union Flag flying proudly outside Deva Kumarasiri’s house and it’s been there so long the edges are tattered and torn.

Nearby, another one flutters from the back of his favourite Land Rover as he drives to work as the local cornershop postmaster.

In case it’s not immediately clear, the Sri Lankan-born father of two – who fulfilled a dream to come to this country 17 years ago and took citizenship to make his life here – is proud to be British.

So proud, in fact, that he’s insisting all his fellow immigrants embrace our culture with the same enthusiasm as he does. Yesterday Mr Kumarasiri, who

taught his two daughters every word of the National Anthem, introduced a controversial regime at his post office counter.

If his customers can’t be bothered to learn English, he tells them, they must go away and learn it before he serves them.

His bold stand against nonintegration has sent a shudder of political correctness down whatever spine the post office has these days, and infuriated some local do-gooders who accused him of inciting division among the community.

But a few minutes spent with the 40-year-old Liberal Democrat councillor are about all it takes to establish his motives are pure – and that he’s driven only by a passion for the country he loves.

‘Nobody stands up for anything in Britain any more,’ he said.

‘It’s the best country in the world as far as I’m concerned, but the great country I once called Great Britain has changed a lot since I came here.

‘All I’m doing is telling people if they want to live in Britain, be British. Don’t boo our soldiers when they come home from Iraq. Don’t live your life without embracing our culture. Don’t stay here without making any effort to learn the language. And if you don’t want to be British, go home.’

He taught his daughters the National Anthem

Mr Kumarasiri runs the post office inside a shop in Sneinton, an inner city area of Nottingham that boasts a diverse ethnic mix.

He became so weary of customers expecting to be served without uttering a word of English that he took to telling them to go away and learn the language. It’s not exactly a ban, he says, because they keep coming back anyway.

But he tells those who make no effort to speak English they will need an interpreter if he is to give them a proper standard of service.

‘Our laws are written in English; our culture is chronicled in English. How can anybody understand that if they can’t understand English? I tell them if they don’t speak the language and they can’t be bothered to learn, then don’t bother coming here.’

Mr Kumarasiri, whose wife is a nurse, likes to call his regular customers ‘duck’ and ‘dear’, following local tradition.

‘The fabric of the nation begins to unravel if we don’t all speak the same language. When I left Sri Lanka I left behind that country’s culture, customs and language. I have done my utmost ever since to be part of this country’s culture. Far too many people come here and expect Britain to change to suit them.

‘An Asian woman came in here yesterday and I insisted she spoke to me in English. She replied she preferred to speak in her mother tongue, but I told her Britain was now her motherland and she should speak English.’

As we talk in his shop, an Eastern European woman silently presents a £299 benefit cheque at the counter to be cashed. A Pakistani man – berated earlier by Mr Kumarasiri for not speaking English, smiles as he struggles with ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

‘I decided to make this stand because I think too many Britons are afraid to talk out,’ he explains. ‘If they insist on everyone speaking English they are afraid of being branded a racist.’

Mr Kumarasiri grew up in a village outside the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo and learned English at school. He always dreamed of coming to England and worked in a garage, warehouse, shops and another post office before taking over this one in Sneinton.

He met his wife, Durga, here and both his daughters, Shahani, ten, and Heshini, eight, were born here.

He took a ‘stupid citizenship test’ at which he was asked questions such as what age he needed to be to buy cigarettes in Britain, and holds a British passport.

Back in his native Sri Lanka, he said, people were still proud to be associated with their former colonial ruler. ‘Still we have the pride that Britain left behind,’ he said. ‘The laws are still there, the schools are still there. The kids have courtesy. They have discipline. Here, all that is gone. Let’s bring it back.’


Anyone taking any bets as to when the first law suit will be filed for “Hurt Feelings?”


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This just appeared in Telegraph online ....

Nice footage ....

March 19, The Telegraph



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Obama plans to save America are Doomed, say the critics.

Interesting comment from one of the editors at the Telegraph.

President Obama has been in power for just over 50 days, but already critics believe his plans to save America from disaster are doomed.

By. Simon Heffer
The Telegraph

Even in the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, New York knows how to throw a party. For most of yesterday hundreds of thousands of people made a sea of green that paraded up Fifth Avenue to mark St Patrick’s Day. Tens of thousands lined the street to watch them. The all-day party, fuelled by imports of Guinness and whiskey, seemed the more intensely engaged upon as an escape from omnipresent financial gloom.

Away from the party, the mood in America’s cultural and business capital is more firmly anchored in stark reality, and quite different from the euphoria that pervaded it when I was last here, on election day. President Obama still enjoys the popularity that comes with not being George Bush, especially in a city top-heavy with Democrats. But his initial response to the global calamity that he found on entering the Oval Office has not inspired popularity’s more sober elder brother, confidence. Large constituencies, notably business, are voicing their scepticism openly. The President’s much-vaunted $787 billion stimulus package is being widely interpreted, even by some of those (such as Warren Buffett, America’s second-richest man) who openly supported Mr Obama for the presidency, as a serious failure. And we are only just past the first 50 days.

Mr Obama is lucky that his Republican opponents in Congress are disorganised, incoherent and without ideas of their own. The White House branded Rush Limbaugh, the populist talk radio host, leader of the opposition, following an assault Limbaugh had made on the President’s neo-socialist policies. This remark was designed not just to humiliate elected Republicans for their impotence, but also to attempt to terrify the American public at the thought of a man widely seen as a demagogue and an extremist leading a main political movement. It should worry Mr Obama that while the former part of the strategy has hit home, the latter hasn’t.

The main concern about the $787 billion package is that around $400 billion of it (estimates vary) is being used to buy off various Democratic constituencies, granting funding to local projects dear to the hearts of the congressmen whose votes were required to get the package through, and bailing out discredited banks and businesses that many feel deserved to go under. Only yesterday Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, asked for a change in funding rules to save the San Francisco Chronicle, an ailing newspaper in her own home town that has, by coincidence, loyally supported her. It is not impossible that her wish will be granted. This is what the Americans call pork-barrel politics, and there is enough pork in this scheme to keep pigs in business for decades. Another criticism of the package is that only 23 per cent of the money is expected to come on-stream this year, making a mockery of claims that the money was needed urgently to prevent meltdown.

With the aid of the conservative media, the public is being alerted to the pork – or to what are now being called the “tea parties” being funded by the $787 billion, but which will do no real good to any but a small minority of Democratic client-groups.

There is a rising consciousness here that money is being wasted, that Mr Obama is simply spraying it around, and that America is at risk of bankruptcy. Unlike in Britain – and this is the most refreshing aspect of coming here at this moment of crisis – there is a real, animated, exciting public debate about policy. It extends far beyond the normal political class. Instant books about the alleged failure of Obamanomics are flying off the shelves. Even more astounding, the doorstep-sized novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, the objectivist philosopher, published in 1957, is in huge demand. It tells the story of an America destroyed by high taxes and the dictatorship of welfarism, and which can be restored only by the triumph of capitalists and capitalism. The capitalists bring America to its knees by withdrawing their labour and their enterprise; in the end the socialists who have provoked this catastrophe beg them to re-engage. It was only a matter of time before educated opinion here would associate Rand’s fantasy with what is happening today.

Conscious that he has made mistakes, and conscious especially of the increasing perception that he is simply throwing cash at unreformed institutions in the hope that something will happen, Mr Obama is trying to raise his game. He had a soft target two days ago, when he joined in America’s outrage at the paying of bonuses to executives of AIG, the sinking insurance giant now buoyed by public money. This provoked further attacks on him from the Right. Why was he using US taxpayers’ money to bail out a company whose main investors were French, German, Swiss and British banks? And wasn’t he merely jumping on the bandwagon of attacking the bonuses to distract attention from his own policy failings – creating a bogeyman in the same way that Gordon Brown and Harriet Harman did with Sir Fred Goodwin last month?

Mr Obama has shown little evidence that he has connected with the tens of millions in his country for whom hardship is not theoretical.

Six hundred thousand people a month in America are going on the dole. Much of the $275 billion – perhaps as much as $200 billion – earmarked for the mortgage industry will go to shore up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac rather than provide direct support to those whose homes are being repossessed. The pawn shops, the half-finished and overgrown housing developments on the edges of towns, the roads to nowhere and the new proliferation of beggars and down-and-outs on the streets of New York (I have not seen so many here since the 1980s) are a growing testament to the President’s challenge. He has yet to prove he is equal to it.




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calendar   Tuesday - March 17, 2009

Citizen Whisperer

LOS ANGELES — Now you can call Cesar Millan the oath taker.

Millan, the Mexican-born star of National Geographic Channel’s “Dog Whisperer” was sworn in as a U.S. citizen Thursday morning at a ceremony in Montebello, Calif., the National Geographic Channel said in a statement. Millan, who passed his citizenship test earlier this year, has been a U.S. resident since 2000.

“This is the ultimate culmination of living the American dream,” he said.

The animal trainer, who shot to fame in 2003 when his series premiered on the National Geographic Channel, chronicled his childhood in Mexico and how he crossed the border as a young man in his book, “Cesar’s Way.”

Well good for him. Good for us too.

big_us_flag image big_us_flag


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No Recession At Ruger

I weighed all the factors, and decided that price and size won out, followed closely by quality and reputation. So I called up my gun dealer today, and told him I wanted one of those Ruger LCP pistols.

“Get in line” he tells me, “I’ve got 23 guys ahead of you, all waiting.”

So of course I added my name to the list. Then I went home and searched the internet, and found that this little gun just isn’t to be found, even at a mark up. And even the “super discount” prices are high compared to my dealer. [He doesn’t keep any stock, but orders what you want, and just tacks on a little profit for himself. He sells a lot of guns that way, and has no need at all to advertise anywhere.]

Take a look at Ruger’s stock. Yeah I know, for you savvy investors it’s a bit wobbly, but GOSH. This is what their stock looks like in the most bearish of bear markets.


Stock climbing, products back ordered up the wazoo, new products being brought to market all the time. Sounds like they’re not exactly floundering in this here recession.

I have no idea how long the back order is going to be. I once waited 15 months for a rifle, and it turned out to be worth it. Beyond worth it; that rifle is now worth 3 times what I paid for it 10 years ago. Since NJ only gives me 90 days to make a purchase - and the permit was dated 2 weeks before they even called me, the rats - I can’t sit around forever. Maybe there’s something on the second hand market that I might find interesting.


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Households to face ‘re-education’ visits for producing too much rubbish, says Big Brother.

And you think that things are hinky in NJ?

Minds a blank right now. Maybe up too long? This really floors me. No kidding.

Alright I do understand there are damn sloppy ppl about who are pretty careless. But overall, “re-education visits?”
That just smacks of Chairman Mao and little red books and Comrade Stalin and every other sort of mind control and more social engineering.
See, I do NOT see it ending there.  Once they can easily do one thing, why not a host more of other things? 

Remember Red Buttons, for those old enough?


What?  Ya think not?

Knock, knock: it’s the council bin snoops

Householders face ‘re-education’ visits for producing too much rubbish after microchipping of two million bins.

Steven Swinford
HOUSEHOLDERS are facing “re-education” home visits for producing too much rubbish after figures released under freedom of information laws revealed that councils have quietly microchipped 2m bins.

The chips can be used to record the amount of rubbish families are throwing away. Those recycling too little will be sent warning leaflets, then visited by council officials who will advise on cutting waste.

Details of the scheme resurrect the long-term prospect of a pay-as-you-throw bin tax, which many thought had died when councils failed to take part in government trials.

Councils in Oxfordshire hope to escape controversy by using the technology to educate rather than charge residents. But officials admit it could eventually pave the way for a full-blown bin tax.

South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse district councils have put microchips in 100,000 bins as part of a new £8m waste contract in which bins will replace sack collections from June.

The councils have also invested in sensors and weighing equipment that have been fitted to the back of each rubbish lorry.

As the bin is raised, the chip passes across an antenna fitted to the lifting mechanism that reads a serial number assigned to each property. The bin is weighed and information downloaded to a database that allows officials to see how much waste and recycling each household is putting out.

Officials will then use the data to target errant streets and households. They are also considering publishing league tables of the best and worst roads for recycling. The councils hope to increase recycling rates from 43% to 60%.

In June last year a similar trial of microchipped bins in South Norfolk failed after a series of computer problems and a 250% increase in fly tipping. South Oxfordshire, however, remains undeterred.

David Dodds, the council’s member for environmental services, said: “This will enable us to work out where recycling is happening the most and target people who are recycling less.

“Our teams will go out and leaflet first of all and in the end will call and say, ‘Are you recycling as much as you can, can we give you some advice on what you can do better?’ We’re about trying to do the best for the whole community.”

Some were worried about intrusive technology. “This is the kind of thing you’d expect from a communist state,” said Ann Midwinter, an independent councillor.

“I accept that recycling is important but does the council really need to go to these lengths?”

A survey of 200 local authorities using freedom of information laws found that 42 town halls have installed 2m microchips in their bins.



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GOP Critique

Yeah, What He Said

On Michael Steele:

He says the Republicans have given African-Americans “nothing.” THE PARTY THAT ENDED SLAVERY, that was instrumental in giving African Americans the vote in spite of everything Democrats could do to stop it? (Remember the schoolhouse door, Mr. Steele? Remember Bull Connor and his dogs?  Remember Robert Byrd THE DEMOCRATIC KLAN RECRUITER and his Senate filibuster of the Voting Rights Act?) The party that INVENTED affirmative action under Nixon?  THAT Republican party?  It wasn’t the Republicans’ ‘New Deal’ that destroyed an entire generation of black small businessmen and farmers, Mr. Steele. The National Recovery Administration that blacks in the Depression called ‘Negroes Robbed Again’ wasn’t a GOP invention.  If you’re going to lead this party, you should know these things.

What are we paying these people for?

Go read the rest.


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Wax off!

Geez, I didn’t know that New Jersey even had a state Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling. What will they think of next, a state Board of Tire Pressure Standards and Monitoring?

NJ to outlaw Brazilians?

No, not that kind. The other kind

A Brazilian? How many is that? wink

TRENTON, NJ - Things could get hairy in New Jersey this summer for women who sport revealing bikinis or a little bit less.

The painful Brazilian wax and its intimate derivatives are in danger of being stripped from salon and spa menus if a recent proposal to ban genital waxing is passed by the state’s Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling.

Cherry Hill salon owner Linda Orsuto said that women would “go ballistic” if the proposal passed. She said that some women would resort to waxing themselves, visiting unlicensed salons or traveling to other states, including Pennsylvania, in a quest to remain bare down there.

“The clients are going to freak,” said Orsuto, who owns 800 West Salon & Spa, on Route 70. “It’s a hot issue, and we’re going to have to do something.”

New Jersey statutes allow waxing of the face, neck, arms, legs and abdomen, but officials say that genital waxing has always been illegal, although not spelled out.

Regardless, almost every salon in South Jersey, from Atlantic City casinos to suburban strip malls, has been breaking the law for years by ridding women, and some men, of their pubic hair for $50 to $60 a session.

Jeff Lamm, a spokesman for New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs, said that the proposal would specifically ban genital waxing, and was prompted by complaints to the board from two women who were injured and hospitalized. One of them sued. Lamm said that the state only investigates infractions if consumers complain.

The Brazilian wax was born of necessity shortly after the infamous thong bikini emerged on the beaches of Brazil, said Monmouth County salon owner Valentina Chistova, who has blogged about the procedure.

“I really don’t know if the state can stop it at this point,” she said. “I know a lot of women who are hooked.”

The proposed new rule [N.J.A.C. 13:28-2.15] also prohibits licensees from performing permanent cosmetic applications or body piercing services, which are currently prohibited under N.J.A.C. 13:28-2.10. In addition to these practices, the proposed new rule prohibits licensees and shop owners from performing or offering to perform eyebrow and/or eyelash tinting, the removal of hair from the genital area, the removal of skin tags and teeth whitening or other services related to the beautification of the teeth. Licensees and shop owners are also precluded from offering ear candling services, which are defined as the placing of candles or any other device in the ear in order to cleanse and/or treat the ear or inner ear canal.

So I guess NJ has solved every other aspect of life if they have time to consider this nonsense in the legislature. Plus they want to make eyebrow tints illegal too. Give me a break. I’d like to take a great big tub of hot wax and apply it to Trenton. Maybe that will rip the fuzz off their brains.


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still alive

Arggh. Not having too much fun the last couple of days. No illness, no injury, but just drudgery.

Bowling was awful Monday night. I still can’t do it, and my average keeps going down. Just to rub a bit of salt in, the guy on the lane next to us threw an 837 series. That’s a 300, a perfect game, followed by a 279, which is one spare less than a perfect game, followed by a 258, which is two spares less than a perfect game. From the first game until the 8th frame of the second, he threw 20 strikes in a row. Well congratulations Anthony. The 837 was not his best series this season either. He’s thrown in the 840s. This guy routinely bowls at least a dozen perfect games per season, seemingly whenever he wants to. I think he might be 22 years old. Brat.

I think I might have to go on a gunpowder hunt for my father in law. He wants to start reloading for his .38, but can’t find the local powder shop. To be fair, it’s hard to find. Their address is actually the dressmaker’s shop next door. Go figure.

Spring seems to almost be here, which means folks are opening their curtains and noticing how gross their windows look. Time for me to run some ads and get the squeegee working overtime again.


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I’m curious to know if this has received much play in the states.  While it seems to stress the defense issue, I’m not too certain how this can be a good thing long term for the USA.  But then, that isn’t the concern and it doesn’t have to be the concern, of Europeans.  It’s their back yard and I can understand them being more concerned about those things that impact their lives here. Thing is, not EVERY single European and not a hell of a lot of Englishmen and women are all too crazy about their EU membership these days.  And an all powerful Brussels in a federal super state ?
Be interesting to see how that might play out.  I sure can’t see it being good for the USA, and silly as it may look to you reading this, in that kind of united superstate, as I imagine it, will there eventually be laws that a left leaning American govt. might think to follow?
I’m not claiming the sky is falling.  I’m not saying that will happen. The law thing. BUT ... seems to me it looks so much like a united world beyond the pointless UN.  Just a thought and perhaps over the top.  I just see things here and naturally project them and think if it will happen back home.

Barack Obama will back a federal Europe

America’s support for a more united Europe betrays both US and British interests, says Nile Gardiner.

By Nile Gardiner
Last Updated: 11:49AM GMT 17 Mar 2009

Barack Obama heads to Britain and Europe in two weeks’ time as the leader of the first U.S. Administration to wholeheartedly back the creation of a federal Europe. In contrast to earlier U.S. administrations, including those of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, the Obama administration is avowedly Euro-federalist in outlook, and is keen to help build a European Union defense identity as well as support the foundations of a European superstate in Brussels.

This dangerous shift in U.S. policy is a betrayal of both U.S. and British interests that will threaten the long-term future of the Anglo-American Special Relationship, weaken the NATO alliance, and undermine the defence of British sovereignty in Europe. It will also undercut opposition across the EU to the Treaty of Lisbon, including in countries such as Ireland, Poland and the Czech Republic, and may set the scene for a major confrontation between the Obama White House and a future Conservative administration in London.

Barack Obama must grow as a statesman if he is to lead the free world. A Eurosceptic Conservative government led by David Cameron, committed to halting further European integration, will find itself increasingly at odds with a left-of-centre U.S. administration that is actively working against the principle of national sovereignty in Europe. In light of this, the current enthusiasm of many British conservatives for the changing of the guard at the White House is hugely misplaced.

The Bush Administration was sharply divided over Europe, with then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice backing the European Constitution, but her pro-Brussels instincts were strongly opposed by key figures in the White House and the Pentagon. Bush himself was no supporter of a Franco-German dominated Europe, and worked hard to build up a counterweight of pro-American nations among the new EU members from eastern and central Europe.

In contrast, President Obama’s government will strongly back the European Security and Defence Policy, the Lisbon Treaty and the Common Foreign and Security Policy, and will seek to strengthen French and German leadership at the heart of a united European Union. It has appointed several prominent supporters of European federalism to key positions in the Pentagon and State Department, including the new Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Michèle Flournoy, and Philip H. Gordon, the next Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

Flournoy, who holds one of the most powerful positions in the Pentagon, is a leading supporter of U.S. backing for an EU defence policy, and co-authored a major 2005 study strongly advocating American support for a unified European defence structure. Gordon, who will be the most senior administration official on Europe, has written that America must “support the European project”, and that “the challenge for U.S. policy is to encourage Europe to develop the cohesion and capability to become a true transatlantic partner.” He is also a prominent backer of the defeated EU Constitution, and has pushed in the past for British membership of the Euro, warning the UK that “fully in Europe, Britain has every chance to remain America’s preferred and privileged partner. Marginalized from the EU, Britain could find itself less influential in Washington as well.”

The Obama Administration has already made major concessions to Paris over President Sarkozy’s decision for France to rejoin the NATO integrated command structure. The French have been given two major positions at the helm of the Alliance, a move that will significantly enhance the drive towards a European defence component within NATO. Vice President Joe Biden has clearly indicated that the United States will support “the further strengthening of European defense” and an “increased role for the European Union in preserving peace and security.” When he travels to Europe, President Obama is expected to deliver the same message.

Significantly, while wooing both continental Europe and Russia, the new U.S. administration has been largely indifferent to the Anglo-American alliance, with an appallingly handled reception for the British Prime Minister when he visited the White House earlier this month, and the recalibration of the special relationship as a “special partnership”. Even a bust of Sir Winston Churchill has been unceremoniously thrown out of the Oval Office. A distinctly undiplomatic State Department official involved in the planning of the Obama-Brown meeting was quoted by The Sunday Telegraph as saying that “there’s nothing special about Britain. You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world.”

There is a chance the Obama Administration will eventually wake up to the reality that American support for a federal Europe will backfire. Such a naive approach will not result in European countries spending more on defence, or in a more effective Europe. It would also undermine Washington’s ability to mobilize international coalitions. Under a unified EU foreign policy, U.S. allies would lose the freedom to decide where and when they can fight alongside America.

As they approach the transatlantic alliance, President Obama and his aides should heed the advice of a former prime minister and great friend of the United States who fought to defend the Special Relationship and maintain British sovereignty in Europe. As Margaret Thatcher put it, “that such an unnecessary and irrational project as building a European superstate was ever embarked upon will seem in future years to be perhaps the greatest folly of the modern era.”

Nile Gardiner is the Director of the Margaret Thatcher Centre for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC.



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People should not be allowed to watch them and so by banning same, perhaps the desire to watch them will disappear.

Young women should find other worthwhile pursuits to occupy their time and talents.  Not that young women have any right to enter beauty contests and pageants anyway.  Becoming a beauty pageant entry is certainly NOT one of the human and civil rights afforded to young women.  Where they ever got the idea that is was is troublesome.  No doubt they are all victims of disgusting immoral male attitudes and twisted male thinking.

Who knows how many young ladies have been forced to enter these sexist pageants against their will.
Surely they (young ladies) can’t possibly enjoy the attention they receive.

And where exactly does that leave girls and young women who do not fit the mold and could never hope to be considered for a beauty pageant?

Probably at the front of the anti-beauty pageant demonstration shouting insults and slogans and trying to disrupt others going about their own business which of course the demonstrators somehow believe is their business as well.

Do these usually very unattractive people have no jobs or other positive interests, beside telling others how to live or what should and should not be regarded as worthy of public attention and enjoyment?  And who are they, that believe they have the right to decide for other women what sort of leisure activity those other young ladies should pursue? 

What bothers me mightily is the idea that a handful of shrill disrupters of public order can bring such influence to bear, that indeed a pageant can be and has been, canceled.

Just what exactly gives them the right beyond voicing an opinion, to shut things down for everyone else?  Apparently the women who do enter and enjoy such pageants aren’t consulted.
Maybe that’s why Rush refers to people like that as femi-Nazis.
To which they take great insult but alas, the shoe just so happens to fit quite well.

I have seen one or two beauty contests in my many years.  Personally, I have found them somewhat vapid with a few exceptions. There are always exceptions.  Generally they are boring , mostly because the girls are required to show that they are made of more then just looks and should be judged they tell us, on their intellectual abilities and their ability to end world poverty and hunger and want.  To which I say BULL****.  I simply want to see her in a beautiful and glamorous ball gown and a revealing swim suit.  But not too revealing because too much exposure spoils the fantasy.  Women in gowns and bathing suits that strut across some stage are in effect, in show business.  And it is a Beauty Pageant after all.  I’m rather tired of the arguments made by the hairy arm and leg set that demand to be recognized for their mental agility.  Fine.  Then don’t enter contests you’ve NO hope of winning.  And I won’t ever enter Mr. America pageants or apply for a job that requires the IQ of a rocket scientist.

It’s really all about a pastime that’s enjoyable for many. But the few object because they can’t be a part of it. 

Still, one must in the end pity these poor creatures.  They will always be homely and shrill.
None has a hope in hell of becoming like Cinderella, a beautiful princess at the end of the story. 

And that’s what I think.  Which of course counts for nothing in this age of political correctness.  (PHOTO IS BUSBY BERKELEY CHORUS LINE)


A seaside town’s annual carnival beauty queen pageant has been scrapped after more than 50 years because organisers find it sexist.

Weymouth Community Volunteers, a charity who run Weymouth Carnival in Dorset, have given the summer celebrations a make-over with a more politically correct ‘Carnival Community Champion.’

Bosses believe the beauty queen competition is out of date and too restrictive as it is only young girls who get the chance to enter.

Sue Follan, the community volunteers’ manager, said: “We feel the competition is now outdated and does not promote equality of opportunity purely by the fact the competition is only open to women.

(Imagine that will ya. A beauty contest open to women. DUH. What a concept. When were beauty contests ever about equality? One always had to be just a bit more ‘equal’ then the others to win. What a screwed up country and screwed up thinking. )

“We have had so many suggestions as to what should happen this year that we thought we would throw it open to the community and reward someone that deserves to be recognized.

“The carnival queen contest is a closed shop that only applies to young, glamorous women and we think it is a time for a change.”

Residents are being asked to nominate a person who has contributed to community and charitable causes.

The winners will lead this year’s carnival procession in August and receive prizes.

Last year’s carnival queen Jamie Asquith, 19, said: “The contest is something I grew up with. There is so much history to it and I do not think it should be scrapped just like that.

“I have so many great memories as queen. I had a lovely dress and won some great prizes. I definitely think it should go ahead in the future.”

Paulette Adefakis, who was 17 when she was crowned queen in 1977 as Paulette Rogers, added: “I had a wonderful time. I was made to feel really special and felt very privileged.

“As long as there is interest in the competition I do not see any reason why they should stop it.

“A pretty girl leading the procession is part of the tradition of Weymouth Carnival. If they think it is outdated they should open it up to men as well and have a king of the carnival.

“I think they are killjoys for stopping it.”

Last week police had to remove angry protestors picketing the annual Miss University pageant in London.

Mayor of Weymouth and Portland Tim Munro said: “Some of our great traditions are rooted in the past and I think it will be a great shame if they scrapped the carnival queen.

“I was there last year and the queen and her attendants put on a brave face in the pouring rain. I would like to see it continue in the future.”



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