When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

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hillbilly metronome

Who cares if they’re actually German hillbillies? This is cute.


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Where is Al Gore?

Massive Snow Storm Slams Europe

12” in Finland and western Russia

5” in UK, temps plummet

Rain In Spain Falls Mainly As Snow

French confused, burn cars in Paris to stay warm

Reporters panic, forget how to count, how to tell time, and how to read thermometers!!

Snowstorm Disrupts Travel in Finland, Sweden, Russia
By Juho Erkheikki and Niklas Magnusson

Residents in Sweden, Finland and Russia were left stranded and without power for a second day as the year’s first winter storm pummeled northern Europe.

Flights were delayed in Helsinki and Stockholm as northern winds forced airports to shut runways. Snow blanketed the region and the wind blew what had accumulated since the storm hit yesterday. Thousands were without power.

The storm buried the region with up to 30 centimeters (11.8 inches) of snow, catching locals unprepared after last winter, the mildest on record. The bare ground then forced Helsinki and Stockholm residents to cancel outdoor activities such as skiing and sledding.

“This comes as a real surprise,” said Tomas Lindberg, 36, as he dug out his car in Helsinki and tried to get to work. “I had to fetch my snow shovel from the attic.”

Between Global Warming and the Coming Of The One, most Swedes never ever ever would have guessed that it would actually snow in late November. Uh. Huh.

Weather apocalypse hits Europe
An enormous cyclone has wreaked havoc across Europe from Scandinavia to the Balkans, bringing snow gales and claiming lives. In Russia, weather surprises during the weekend started with beating two climate records, for warmth and low atmosphere pressure, and ended with a tempest and heavy snow which brought destruction and left more than 130,000 people without electricity.

This weekend marks a rapid halt to the abnormally warm weather which lasted in western Russia for most of November.

Moscow and St Petersburg suffered the worst because of the gale, where heavy snowfall along with strong winds have killed one person and injured several others.

A man died in St Petersburg while sitting in his car when it was hit by six trees felled by the wind. 

They drive very large cars in Russia these days!

UK brought to standstill as five inches of snow falls in an hour

Severe weather warnings were issued by the Met Office for much of the south east of England, the east of England, the East Midlands and Yorkshire, with the freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall prompting fears of traffic chaos.

The heaviest snowfall was in Aberdeen, where 14 centimetres (5.5ins) of snow fell between Saturday and Sunday. Norfolk and Lincolnshire were the most affected places in England, with up to five centimetres (2.4 ins) falling in just one hour.

The lowest weekend temperature was reported in rural Oxfordshire, where it sank to -21F (-6 C) overnight on Saturday. With gritters and snow ploughs out in force, most major roads remained open, although the going was slow on minor roads and police received a high volume of calls reporting minor accidents.

If the temps drop any further, the UK Telegraph will start reporting them in Negative Kelvin!


snow on the ground at Tibbenham, South Norfolk

Even worse than the mayhem caused by a few inches of snow, every top football team in the UK go shut out this week!

The top five all scored a huge blank over a dull Premiership weekend. Fulham held Liverpool to a hard earned 0-0 draw at Anfield. Manchester United and Aston Villa drew a blank at Villa Park and Chelsea did the same at home to struggling Newcastle United.

Meanwhile Arsenal had a worst weekend losing 0-3 at Manchester City. All in all though it was a pretty much a non eventful weekend.

Several good little euro-socialists are displaying their capitalist roots

Both of Andorra’s ski areas opened at the weekend with up to a metre of fresh snow on upper slopes, which some resorts are claiming is the best snow conditions they’ve seen in 40 years.

On the Spanish side of the border Baqueria Beret, one of the country’s three largest resorts, also opened. All three resorts and a dozen others in Spain, several of which – including Formigal and Sierra Nevada - had already opened a week ago, are opening at least a week ahead of schedule.

On the French side of the Pyrenees, home to another few dozen ski areas, resorts are sticking more closely to their planned opening dates despite huge falls there, with ST Lary at one point reporting the biggest snowfall in Europe.

However a second major French ski area has opened, joining Tignes which has already clocked up two months of its 2008-9 season having opened in September. Val Thorens, Europe’s highest ski resort, opened on Saturday with an extensive ski test.

on the minus side, the Spainish and Portuguese local fishing fleets are grounded until the weather gets better

In the northeastern region of Galicia the strong winds combined with waves of up to five metres had forced most fishing boats to remain at port while they waited for better weather conditions.

Meteorologists predict the rough weather, which began on Monday, will last until at least on Friday.

This may lead to an acute anchovy shortage, so people are urged to stock up on frozen pizzas right away!

Here’s one of those silly maps that are only good for showing on TV with a pretty blonde in front of waving her hands around:
It looks like somebody crying and they have Spain running out of their nose, which could really hurt.

See More Below The Fold


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Obama Will Appoint Thousands to Government Positions

I received my new US Embassy newsletter a few days ago, and only was able to read some of it today.
I did read all of this, it isn’t that long, and thought there might be a bit of interest in this here.

Presidential Transition
Documents & Texts from
17 November 2008
Obama Will Appoint Thousands to Government Positions

By Michelle Austein
Staff Writer

Washington — President-elect Barack Obama will appoint thousands of people to important government positions in his administration, but more than 2.6 million employees of the federal government will continue in the jobs they now hold.

Each president appoints thousands of political officials, including such high-profile posts as Cabinet secretaries, federal judges and ambassadors. These and many other high-level appointments are subject to confirmation by the Senate. (See “Dozens of Advisers Will Guide Next U.S. President.”)

But not all presidential appointments are at a high level. Hundreds of young political appointees will be serving in entry-level roles in the Obama administration.

According to 209-page The United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions, published by the Government Printing Office, there are some 8,000 jobs that could be available in the next administration. The book, nicknamed the “Plum Book,” is printed every four years and designed to serve as a guide to those interested in learning about political positions.

The Plum Book was created at the request of President Dwight Eisenhower, who when taking office in 1953 wanted a list of all political positions. Today’s book lists each political job in the Bush administration, as well as the name of the person occupying the job and his or her salary. Some positions pay as much as $200,000, but most posts pay significantly less. Some jobs, like part-time advisory positions, pay just a few hundred dollars a year.

Even though there are 8,000 political jobs listed in the current book, Obama will not be appointing 8,000 people personally. Rather, many of those positions allow Cabinet secretaries and other officials to hire their own personal staffs. For example, the next secretary of state might want to select his or her own assistants. Additionally, the Obama transition team will be reviewing the list of jobs carefully and could decide to eliminate or add positions.

Political experts say about 3,000 of the jobs will be awarded by Obama and his transition team to those who helped with the campaign or are well-known for their work in specific fields appropriate to the positions.

A transition to a new administration does bring some new people to Washington, but the change has little impact on the employment of more than 2.6 million federal government workers. These workers, who are hired and serve at U.S. government offices around the world, continue in their nonpolitical positions. Most earn what is considered middle-class salaries by U.S. standards.

Many of these civilian employees have served at high levels through several presidential administrations. Because it might take some time for Obama’s new political appointees to begin their jobs, agencies have been identifying some of these career civil servants to serve temporarily in political appointees’ roles so that no important job is vacant.


Those who want to be appointed to the Obama administration might have to undergo one of the most stringent job application processes in history. The process also will be competitive — five days after the transition team posted a jobs link on its Web site,, about 144,000 applications already had been received.

Those under consideration for high-ranking positions must answer a seven-page questionnaire with 63 questions about their personal and professional lives. Applicants will have to provide significant details about their jobs and those of their spouses, their financial status and personal associations.

In what may be an indicator of changing times in an era of new technologies, applicants are expected to let the transition team know about their “Internet presence.” This includes information about their e-mails, Facebook pages or blog posts that could be deemed offensive.

One reason for the stringent application process is the Obama team’s pledge to reform Washington. Throughout his campaign, Obama promised to limit the role lobbyists and special interests play in influencing policy.

“President-elect Obama made a commitment to change the way Washington does business, and the vetting process exemplifies that,” Obama transition spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter told the New York Times.

As part of that commitment, Obama’s team implemented rules designed to severely limit the role lobbyists can play in the transition. Anyone hoping to work on the transition cannot have lobbied in the policy field to which they are assigned within the past 12 months or be involved currently with any lobbying work. Those assisting with the transition also are prohibited from lobbying the Obama administration for the next 12 months on matters on which they work during the transition. (See “Obama Team Severely Restricts Role of Lobbyists in Transition.”)

The president himself has some limits on his selections. For example, it is unlikely an Obama relative will be working in the federal government. Federal law prohibits a public official from appointing, employing or promoting a relative in an agency “in which he is serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control.”

The PLUM BOOK.  can be viewed on the Government Printing Office’s Web site.


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A riot broke out over plans to convert a building into a Christian church on Sunday

Muslims riot over plans for Christian church in Cairo

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:09 AM on 25th November 2008

A riot broke out over plans to convert a building in a Cairo suburb into a Christian church on Sunday.

Muslims and Christians clashed in Mataria after worshippers arrived for a service at the site of the planned church.

One man died in Aswan on the same day during a separate riot over the police killing of a suspected criminal. It is believed he died after inhaling tear gas.

Police in Mataria intervened when large numbers of Muslims and Christians faced off over a building which the Christians want to convert into a church. The police then clashed mainly with the Muslim side, they said.

In Aswan, about 450 miles to the south, riot police used tear gas against civilians protesting that a policeman shot dead a man in the town on Saturday.

Police said the man was a wanted criminal but the man’s relatives said a police officer killed him in error and then the police tried to cover up the incident, the sources said.

Thousands of people attended the funeral on Sunday, some chanting: ‘Illegitimate government, unjust government.’

In both cases people threw stones and bottles at the police. Two of the policemen were injured in Aswan and two in Cairo, and the protesters damaged shop fronts in both places, they said.

In the incident in Mataria, the confrontation between Muslims and Christians was the culmination of a long-running dispute over the plan to build a church there.

Residents said Christians had come from other parts of the city for the Sunday service at the building, which is not licensed as a church, and Muslims opposed to a church gathered against them. Some chanted: ‘We’re going to knock down the church’ and shouted slogans of loyalty to Islam, witnesses said.

Relations between Egyptian Muslims and the Christian minority, estimated at up to 10 per cent of the population, are usually peaceful, but unrest breaks out from time to time over new churches, conversions and inter-confessional marriages.


Photos and more story at link. Interesting though that they take for granted mosques here in the west. 


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USA DROPS ONE ON SCUMMY TERROR BOMBER, MPs calling for an investigation?

Another one bites the dust
By Richard Littlejohn
The Mail

Why on earth is anyone wasting their breath calling for an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the killing of a ‘British’ terror suspect in Pakistan?

Rashid Rauf was wanted for masterminding the liquid bomb plot, which brought chaos to our airports in 2006.

He died on Saturday when American missiles targeted an Al Qaeda camp in Pakistan’s tribal badlands, where he had fled to escape justice.

I’m surprised the usual bunch of useful idiots haven’t tried to claim he was at a wedding or taking part in a computer course.

But some MPs are calling this an ‘execution’ and demanding to know if British intelligence services were involved in pinpointing his whereabouts.

I certainly hope they were. That’s their job. In case those MPs haven’t noticed, there’s a war on - and Rauf was actively involved in plotting to kill as many innocent civilians as possible.

If he wanted to exercise his yuman rites, he was at liberty to return to Britain and argue his case in court. Those American missiles did us all a favour.



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This happened some few weeks ago, but only now sharing it.  You might find it to be an interesting read.  I hope so.
For those who do not already know, but wonder perhaps what a homesick yank is doing here, the answer is easy.
I was dropped on my head as a baby.  Never recovered.

Excuses, excuses.  Wife (English) and I sold off everything including a home we’ll never replace in Palm Desert,CA., and moved to England in April of 2004.  April 28th to be very exact.  When we left beautiful Palm Desert from the parking lot of The Elephant Bar, a truly GREAT eatery, and I do mean truly great, the outside temp. was over 112. 

We arrived in London at Heathrow in the rain and it was 54. It was probably the coldest 54 I’d encountered in my memory. A damp chill I couldn’t shake was what I remember most about that dismal day.

The reason for the desertion of my mother country was because my wife considered (correctly) that her mother was too ill and too frail to live alone any longer.  She was worried that alone, she wouldn’t last out the winter.  And no, there wasn’t any way to take the old dog back to the states.

So then, not being able to move England’s last living witch to America, we moved here to care FULL TIME for Her Wrinkled Wretchedness.
The burden/curse on my wife has been beyond what I am able to describe except to say frankly that I am watching my wife of almost 39 years, commit suicide by mother.  It is fair to assume I resent that.  I might not had the poo factory been a different person and not as manipulative when she was in better health.  Or more co-operative when she could be.  I suppose I could have overlooked some small things about her. The protruding teeth, the piggy blue eyes, the ugliness etc.  But in the end I just couldn’t overlook how stupid she is.

And now here we are, and here’s an installment from our latest life chapter. 
Living with mummy.




Yeah really. Wife and I must be real evil doers.  What a crock.

We aren’t taking the old dear’s ill health very seriously. Or not seriously enough. 

Over the last week the poop parade (that’s the MIL) got another urinary infection for which the doctor was immediately called and medication was provided.

Then .... she started wheezing and I never heard a wheezy chest before this.  Then, she started hallucinating BIG time. What a surprise that was.

She’d look at you and her speech was restored to almost perfect BUT ... it wasn’t you she was seeing or talking to. Creepy. Went on ALL night too. But she seemed happy enough with whoever’s company she was in.

She’s answering questions and asking them and laughing and said she’d just returned from London where she spent the day and would like some tea please. WHHHHAAAAA HA!  I never, ever saw anything like this before.  SHE’S LOOKIN STRAIGHT AT YA BUT SEEING SOMEONE ELSE!  And having a conversation with them.

So ... 2wice a day there are these ppl who work for an agency that supply people called “care givers” who are paid by Social Services.  They are called Care Givers and most times they do.  The wife’s mother paid for these services until her savings went below the required threshold.  It was at that point that the govt. got involved and now pays for the diaper and bath brigade.  However, these are NOT nurses in any way.

Most of the women and young ladies are very experienced doing this sort of thing. Changing diapers and sheets and bedding etc.  Some have worked in SS themselves or in hospitals.  Some are VERY OFFICIOUS TROLLS who somehow think they are also doctors. Two of these unfortunately are a mother and her homely skinny daughter.  The mom is normally in the office but has to fill in, and she is in charge of making the weekly schedules. Which she always copies from week to week. 

Wish there were a way to really paint the picture better.  The mother NEVER listens and furthermore doesn’t talk to you but barks AT YOU in rapid fire with a hard screechy like voice. The kind of voice and accent you’ll generally hear after the pubs close. Not at all that nice English accent you hear in many movies. 

So anyway, the daughter (Troll #1) is here one morning and hears the old woman’s breathing which as I said was wheezy. She had a chest infection.
These care givers are more or less rotated which is to say, although we may get the same ones, it might not always be at the same time every day. Troll #1 for example only works about 3 days. She’s a hairdresser and works in a beauty shop three days a week. But mommy got her trained and on the payroll.  Now Troll #1 thinks she’s a doctor. 

Well, two doctors in three days came to the house to look at PeggyPoop and she was given medications.  One doctor said that with regard to the delusions, that wasn’t a big worry at her age. 93. He sees it a lot. 

Enter Troll #1 next morning who arrived with an attitude. As soon as she “flounced” in here, she started to rant about how cold the patient’s room is, and she’s white as a sheet (she wasn’t) and was gonna die of either hypothermia or pneumonia. (she’ll live forever damn it) We needed to heat the room better.  Well duh ... the silly Moonbat came in wearing a tee shirt and a jacket. It was very cold that morning.

The patient is under two wool blankets and another lighter blanket topped by a down cover.  A flannel nightie plus a bed jacket and bed socks. But Troll #1 is cold. uh huh. She claimed the room was so cold her nose and hands felt frozen.  Too bad it wasn’t her tongue. 

So, this overly officious 20 something is going on and on and I tried to tell her, in fact I did tell her, that there were 2 doctors here already and she was on meds. One of which was only started the day before.  How quickly did she expect them to work?

Next day we got a call from SS (Social Services), would we mind awfully if they came out to our house to see how the old lady was doing as they had a report from the care givers that not all was being done that could be done.  huh?  £”!!$%*^&^#

My wife killing herself doesn’t count of course.  Well, SS doesn’t bother us and of course they are welcome to check. But the idea that, according to that one little creep, that we weren’t taking her condition seriously enough had us seeing red.  What more can we do that the doctors aren’t doing?  So I gave the SS person on the phone a rundown of the conversation including the fact that docs HAD been here and she was on meds yadda,yadda.  I then said I knew exactly who called them and if she were a guy I’d seriously paste her to a wall.  (And oh by the way, in point of fact, the old poop factory was actually seen by not two, but three doctors over the course of 7 days for three different ailments.)

So ... the lady I spoke to said she would contact the agency and tell them not to send Troll #1 to this house anymore for which I thanked her.
But ... of course the mother is highly pissed off at us now. And she sets the schedules.

The next afternoon which was Thursday, the time for the next diaper change is 6pm and two carers come over and one is Troll #2, Mommy Dearest. 

Have you ever seen anyone who walked with an attitude?  That’s the mom, Troll #2. In she came wearing a face like thunder and a blinding lack of intelligence, doesn’t say a word but marches straight through to the room where the wife’s mother is.  No usual hallo or hi-ya. A face set in stone and not pretty to begin with. She’s angry. You can see it.
Understand it was her daughter who sicked SS on us. We defended ourselves successfully , and she’s upset with us.  Go figure.

Now then ... on the morning calls when they also body wash her and have more to do, they are scheduled for 45 minutes.  But the afternoon calls are scheduled for only 30 minutes.  Not all that time is needed and the care givers are in and out of here in 10 to 12 minutes. 15 TOPS.  One of them can do the afternoon change in 8 minutes. She’s that fast.

Ah but Thurs. was different.  Mommy Dearest care giver, Troll #2, and another carer were here for the full 30 minutes. FIRST TIME they have taken all the time scheduled.  After they left ... my wife took a look at their log book in which something is written every visit and what they did and found etc.

The wife looked at the logbook, and found that Troll #2 had written into the record that the pad under the patient was soiled and needed changing.  But that’s what they are here for.  They get paid to do that Why didn’t they do it? 

AT ALL OTHER TIMES if there is some sort of soiling of that pad (which usually lasts a week and DOES NOT generally come in contact with bad stuff) if that pad needs to be changed, the women always ask us for another pad. Always. It’s been that way for a couple years. All of a sudden, a spiteful and vindictive screechy voiced bow-wow tries to write something in the log thinking I guess that we don’t look at those. 
So I wrote something under her comment.

Finally ...  Friday at 10am we got a house visit from SS.  The rep. spent an hour and a half here and gave us a clean bill of health, not surprisingly.  By The Way …. we left the pad for SS to see.  It needed NO changing.
My bet is however, that we’re gonna have a scheduling problem soon.  Maybe not but these folks can get very difficult.  They do not like being questioned and complaints about scheduling or late visits are met with anger. 

STAY TUNED!  I think this is gonna get interesting.  But I hope not.


Medical services are free but the NHS contributions take a far higher sum out of a persons pay here then is done in say the USA with Soc.Security payments.  The mil started working full time when she was 14.  No SS then but it did begin in 1948 I believe.  There was a ten year period when she stayed at home raising her two kids as women did in those days.  But when her husband died she had to return to work and did so right to retirement age.
So she did pay her way during her working years.

See More Below The Fold


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Well once again I’ve had to go through an article and strike the word ‘gay’ and replace it with the more accurate and truer meaning.  And believe me it is a bother to do that, but I am not gonna stop.  Damn it I want our language back.  Grumble.

Anyway ... this article from The Mail reminds me of the mantra of the homosexual community from some years ago when they were chanting,
“We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.” Interesting that they were using a more descriptive term for their behavior then.  And the public has gotten used to it. Some have.  The media certainly has and as I’ve said to the point of boredom, as long as they and the general public go along with the hijacking of the language and forcing people to get used to having it in public places as described in this story, then nothing will ever improve.  In fact, it’s a certain bet that things will only get worse.  How could they not? 

Mother and teenage daughter who stumbled on open air gay homosexual sex told to ‘use a different path’ by police

By James Tozer
Last updated at 7:46 AM on 25th November 2008

A mother shocked by seeing two half-naked men having sex while out walking the dogs with her daughter was told by police to take a different route in future.

Marie Cragg, 44, spoke of her disgust at the officers’ reaction and said she feared the woodland beauty spot would be turned into a no-go area for ordinary members of the public.

The men seen by Miss Cragg and her 18-year-old daughter Jessica were stripped from the waist down and carried on with their activities even after they knew they had been spotted.

‘I called the police and never heard anything back,’ Miss Cragg said.

‘Then later I was talking to the community officers, and they said they knew what goes on and I should change our walk.

‘You should not have to see that, should you? They can go into the woods and go wherever they want - it’s sick.

‘They saw me and didn’t care and just carried on. I could have been a childminder with kids. I would rather go past a gang of hoodies - they are making the place seedy.’

The encounter happened on a public footpath where Miss Cragg was walking the family dogs, Molly and Ruby, near their home in Penwortham, near Preston, last week.

It follows a briefing last month by the deputy chief constable of Lancashire,
Mike Cunningham, in which he called for police to turn a blind eye to outdoor sexual activity.

Under the Sexual Offences Act anyone who takes part in ‘dogging’, where couples meet for sex in car parks, and cottaging, where men meet for sex in public lavatories, face arrest for outraging public decency, voyeurism and exposure.

But Mr Cunningham, who is also a spokesman on homosexual issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers, argues that offenders should only be prosecuted as a last resort because of the potential impact on their lives of making their activities public.

Miss Cragg, who also has a 21-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son with her partner, said police already seemed too tolerant.

It is the second time this year she has caught a pair of gay queer men having sex in the area, which is near a primary school.

‘When it happened again I just said to Jessica, ‘Oh my God!’,’ she added.

‘I’ve got nothing against gay homosexual men, but why can’t they do it in the privacy of their own homes?

This is the path on which dog walker Marie Cragg saw two semi-naked men having sex. After reporting the incident, she was left stunned when police told her to ‘use a different path in future’

‘The park belongs to everyone and it’s just not right to say people going for a walk and enjoying the countryside should stay away.

‘Something needs to be done so law-abiding people can go there without having to see things like that.’

The area, known as Cheggy Hollows after the local term for the conkers collected there by generations of children, has a network of paths which has become a magnet for gay queer men seeking open-air sex.

Miss Cragg, a site supervisor at a primary school, said of the police presence: ‘They put signs up saying ‘police patrolling’ but you never see them.’

Lancashire Police insisted officers had attempted to trace the men but confirmed Miss Cragg had been advised to take another route.

Chief Inspector Jon Bullas said: ‘What this lady and her daughter had to endure is shocking to say the least. I am aware that police officers were at the location within 20 minutes but could not find the two men described.

‘We are continuing to patrol this area and need to make clear that this sort of activity will not be tolerated.

‘The lady was given advice by an officer to use a different route but I would like to emphasise that the path is not a no-go area.

‘If people are concerned for their own safety, we would recommend that they take a less isolated route, particularly if alone.’

(Has nothing to do with “safety” and all to do with decency and decorum.  What the heck ever happened to DECORUM?)


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calendar   Monday - November 24, 2008

Another Year Younger

I don’t usually do this, but she did “accidentally” drop this info in a comment or an email the other day, so ...

Happy Birthday Severa!!!



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Change You Can’t Believe In

Clinton, Round 3

Dick Morris in today’s Town Hall, pointing out that The One is staffing up with as many Clintonistas as he can find, and then giving Shrillary the Secretary of State job. Horry Clap.

Apart from the breathtaking cynicism of the appointment lies the total lack of foreign-policy experience in the new partnership. Neither Clinton nor Obama has spent five minutes conducting any aspect of foreign policy in the past. Neither has ever negotiated anything or dealt with diplomatic issues. It is the blonde leading the blind.

Yeah, no kidding. Here’s your Change and your New Way in Washington: a total recycle.

Morris then points out the underbelly of the Obama = Lincoln meme that has been going around

In each case, the president acted because to bolster his ties with the factions of his own party because he feared how he would fare with his party in total control of Congress. Neither the Republicans of 1861 nor the Democrats of 1992 saw the president from their own party as their natural leaders.

Peiper sent me a news clipping the other week from the UK; a full page article titled “A Lincoln for our time”. It was thoroughly disgusting.

There is another respect, too, in which American ideals, to which custodians like Lincoln clung in the face of bitter reality, have at long last been vindicated. Government “of the people, for the people, by the people” now has indeed a better chance of not perishing from the earth. For the election embodied the victory of democratic optimism over cynical manipulation.


Now we all know that Dicky has some real issues with the Clintons. He was their favorite whore for a long time, and he was the guy behind all those polls that showed Bill how to “lead” from behind to stay popular. But then he got fired. And he’s still mad about it. But Mr. Morris does point out that Obama is taking one huge risk here that is almost certain to undercut him.

While Obama was not the early favorite of his party, he does not need to defer so ostentatiously to those who fought him for the nomination. His general election mandate clearly entitled him to name who he pleased. But he has chosen to nominate men and women with no loyalty to him and no real stake in his future.

And, standing above all his appointees, like a president-in-exile, is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hang on tight people. It’s gonna be a helluva ride.


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They must not read BMEWS

Rachel Lucas writes today about the results of a civic literacy exam given to 14,000 college kids. And they failed. Miserably. As they always do, year after year. Pathetic. No wonder they all voted Socialist. And these are our best and brightest.

The even scarier part is that our elected officials score far worse than the college kids.

Americans Fail a Basic Test on Their History and Institutions is the third major study conducted by ISI on the kind of knowledge required for informed citizenship. In 2006 and 2007, ISI published the first ever scientific surveys of civic learning among college students. Each year, approximately 14,000 freshmen and seniors at 50 schools nationwide were given a 60-question, multiple-choice exam on basic knowledge of America’s heritage. Both years, the students failed. The average freshman scored 51.7% the first year and 51.4% the next. The average senior scored 53.2%, then 54.2%. After all the time, effort, and money spent on college, students emerge no better off in understanding the fundamental features of American self-government.

When the test is given to people at large, they do even worse.

Seventy-one percent of Americans fail the test, with an overall average score of 49%.

* Liberals score 49%; conservatives score 48%. Republicans score 52%; Democrats score 45%.
* Fewer than half of all Americans can name all three branches of government, a minimal requirement for understanding America’s constitutional system.

Bah, I did it in 3 minutes and I only got a 94. I am embarrassed. I missed the Lincoln-Douglas debate question because in my head I confused that with Charles Sumner’s speech. And “54 40 or fight” kept popping up in my brain for no reason at all. And then I missed question 30 because I forgot to think like government, and instead answered with what I would do in a similar situation. Silly me.

Here, go take the test yourself. One click per question, no changing your mind, no going back and double checking. You either know the answer or you take a guess. It won’t take you 5 minutes. Although some of the questions are difficult, and you have to read them carefully, I have very high expectations of all of you. Then go read the Summary and the Introduction and the rest of it if you want.

When Jefferson, Madison, and other leading Virginians signed the plan for the University of Virginia, they knew it needed to be compelling to the legislature that commissioned it. For the university to have a claim to state funding, it needed a public purpose. The principle still applies. Given that most citizens never attend college, what do they get from subsidizing it?

One benefit envisioned by Jefferson and Madison was that the university would preserve the nation’s memory and increase its general store of knowledge.

“And it cannot be but that each generation succeeding to the knowledge acquired by all those who preceded it, adding to it their own acquisitions and discoveries, and handing the mass down for successive and constant accumulation, must advance the knowledge and well-being of mankind,”


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After a long and successful run – the curtain is about to fall on one of the best sites in the blog world. 

THE OTHER SIDE OF KIM comes to a close on Nov.30, 2008.

The MC and lead personality in this highly acclaimed internet hit , Kim
du Toit is calling it quits and makes dark the stage he has occupied for the last seven successful years.

He does this without realizing apparently, that he is depriving his American audience of our right to pursue happiness (not to mention education in a world starving for same).  (note to peiper, call aclu. surely there’s a law somewhere they can make up.)

There will not says Mr. du Toit, be a revival.  He is adamant on that point.

Hard to imagine anyone filling his very large shoes.
Gone will be Weekend Women and Pre-Weekend Blahs, not to mention all those great reviews and editorials with regard to firearms and the education on that subject.  True, that last can be found anywhere I suppose.  But Kim made it personal, is the best way I can describe it.  He has a way with words I have enjoyed immensely. 

Knowledgeable and articulate on multiple subjects, an excellent guide in the blog world, Kim has selfishly decided he’d rather spend more time with his family and other personal endeavours, then with the family of fans that have adopted him.

I would encourage anyone not familiar with what I am talking about, if there are any of those out there, to hurry over to:
There’s just this week left.  After that, a very large hole in the world of Conservative blogs.


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Part One:  THE EXAM.

Something recommended for everyone over age 50, especially if there’s a family history of colon cancer.
I just wouldn’t want it done here in the UK again, if I have any choice. And I might not.  Nothing humorous about this subject but before I get into my experience with the procedure done here, I must say the following.

The Brit nursing staff and support people are top notch and more caring then are my fellow Americans. Hey, I am in a position to compare based on personal experience with the two.  So no offense is intended toward American nursing, where my experience after back surgery was dismal.  Now to be fair, my experience was in Riverside, Ca.  That was in ’91 and perhaps things have improved since then although the odds are against that.  And maybe while I had a bad time in Ca. things were the opposite say in Tulsa ,Ok. or San Diego. My experience at Baptist Hosp. in Nashville wasn’t exactly too affectionate either come to think about it.  But I have to tell you the Brit nurses are gold star performers and in spite of the scare stories about doctors mistakes and hospital infections, I tend to doubt that any nurses anywhere can match the care and concern and the training of the nurses here.  But there is a problem and it’s this.

Their guidelines regarding pain management, are as screwed up as a soup sandwich.  The very same people who write their asinine ONE SIZE FITS ALL MEDICAL REGS., also invented the famous submarine with a screen door.  This is the result of politicians getting into the micro-management of the health service.  Of course, this is all for your own good.  (Nanny knows best)

My exam was scheduled for 9am and by golly they don’t keep you waiting long.  In fact, unlike the hospitals and clinics back home, you don’t have to disrobe entirely and you can keep your shoes on.  In Ca. where last I had this procedure in ’04, they had me remove everything except socks.  I can tell you it was warmer doing it their way here.  A nurse even tied that silly hosp. gown that ties in back and is always too small or too open.  Mine wasn’t. They have you wrap a small sheet around your waist which makes you look like you’re wearing as dress.  Not that there was ever any doubt, but I would never have made a sexy looking female and my legs aren’t hot either.
So in I went to the torture dungeon.

I had a device stuck in my hand through which they administer the drugs for sedation and pain control.  Ouch.
You lay on your left side and they insert the camera and having had this done three times in the past, I had never experienced anything more then some discomfort.  Well, you’d expect at least that.  But I’d never had any pain.
Till this time.

I was told that the sedation wasn’t enough to put me to sleep (unlike USA), because the person doing the procedure might need to talk to me.  What? Was he gonna ask me for my opinion on the American election?  Oh, btw. The fellow doing the exam wasn’t the same doc who initially interviewed and examined me the month before this. But no matter.

For whatever reason, I sure felt the damn probe and I didn’t like it one bit let me tell ya.  Hmmmm.  I guess that proves I’m straight.  Whatever. The damn thing hurt like mad and I said so.  Unfortunately, their “guidelines” didn’t allow for any more pain killer or sedation.
Meanwhile he’s telling me stuff like, “you’re doing fine, you’re doing fine.”
Like bloody hell I replied.  Don’t you just hate it when you’re the one going through something and someone not feeling what you are tells you how well you’re doing.

So, I told him to stop the procedure, we were through, that’s it.
And he again told me that I was doing fine.

That’s when I lost it and said, “Get that fucking thing out of there. We’re done.”

I didn’t make any friends that day and the coffee and two dry and tasteless biscuits they give you after a long fast were pretty bad.  So much so that I didn’t drink the coffee or eat the biscuits. 

Some people just need more pain medication then others.  We are not all the same which the guidelines just do not allow for.

So then, how was your week?


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I’m not sure I know how to use words well enough to describe the past week, which saw me off line and feeling like a dog.
When the doctor asked me how long I’d been feeling like that, I couldn’t resist answering, “Ever since I’ve been a puppy.”

The rule is start at the beginning but that rule doesn’t apply here.
So I am starting this saga with PART TWO, first.
And to be honest, it really wasn’t funny although I suppose reading it might cause a giggle or two.  That’s because it didn’t happen to you.

On Thurs. Nov. 20th I had a Colonoscopy. No big deal really and millions of people over the age of 50 have had the experience.  Anyway, it’s the preparation for the exam that’s the pain in the butt really.  Or it’s supposed to be. But I’m way ahead of myself.  That’s part one.  Let me tell ya about Part two.


My wife picked me up after an exam at the hospital and we were home by 11:am.  By noon or thereabouts, something very strange was taking place.
Sort of a Kafka like experience except it wasn’t all of me turning into something else.  It was an appendage attached to my face.
Guys will get a handle on this quicker then any lady reading same.

So picture this fellas.  Had to use the loo (bathroom) and there I am standing over the bowl and my aim true when, my nose disappeared and in it’s place was a faucet.  With one hand below the water line and the other furiously trying to wipe the water running down my face with my sleeve, this was becoming a circus.  My eyes were watery and my nose was just leaking water like a tap was stuck open on slow but steady leak.

When I managed somehow to finish there, I came downstairs thinking it was all over. I sat at the table with a magazine when suddenly there were droplets on the page.  It had started again only now in addition to watery eyes, my right eye was actually dripping water down my cheek while my faucet/nose was dripping over my lip.  Add a damn headache to all of the above.

Pretty soon I’m blowing the old nose as well and I went through three boxes of man sized Kleenex and a large roll of toilet paper.  It wasn’t too long before the area under the nose was raw from all the wiping and so after each act of trying to clear a stuffy nose, I was putting Vaseline there.  How the heck can one have a stuffy plugged up nose when it’s leaking water at the same time?

How would I know.  Am I a doctor?  So I thought I would wait out Thursday and if things didn’t get better, I’d call my doctor Friday morning. 

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, I couldn’t sneeze.  I still can’t, but thankfully that tickle that says you are about to is gone for now.
Yeah, no kidding.  There was a constant tickle way up the nose and it was nerve wracking because it was telling me to sneeze.  I’m certain if I could have, I’d have felt better.  But I just couldn’t and the tickle kept coming back again and again.

I just couldn’t stay up and so went to bed with another box of Kleenex and took some Sinex for the stuffy nose thing.  That helped. But I also discovered something.

As long as I was laying prone or propped up reading in bed, the runny nose thing eased off quite a bit.  However, each and every time I got out of bed say to use the bathroom or come downstairs for a snack, it would start to run again.  In fact, it would start before I actually stood up.  Soon as feet hit the floor and I was in a sitting position, the water would run downhill.


Friday morning and with no change in the situation I called the doctors office, (referred to as a surgery here).  My doctor was in but he wasn’t making call backs that day (?) which is ok because first of all I don’t much care for the doctor I was assigned to, and anyway I haven’t seen him for 8 months.
I was told the duty doctor would call me back, and she did within a half hour of my call.

I told her everything I have written here (except that I didn’t care for my assigned doctor. I didn’t think she’d wanna hear that especially as he’s the senior saw bones there) and she said that there were some weird colds going around “at the moment” but she’s never encountered anything like what I was describing.  She also suggested that it was possible that I’d picked up a hospital born viral infection, and there wasn’t really anything she could do for me, even if I were seen by her.  She further suggested I might want to rub some Vicks on my chest.  Well I might not actually.
Finally, she said to “call back in a few hours if things didn’t improve.”
Huh?  What did she imagine they’d be able to do then?  An autopsy?

Stay Tuned:  THE EXAM, Part One coming shortly ...


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Volunteers make kimchi, a traditional pungent pickled vegetable, to donate to needy neighbors for winter preparation in front of the Seoul City Hall Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008. About 2,200 housewives made 130 tons (117 metric tons) of kimchi. Made with cabbage, other vegetables and chili sauce, kimchi is the most popular traditional food in Korea.

Considering that your basic kimchi recipe to make 4 pounds worth is 2 heads of brined napa cabbage, 2 long white radishes, a handful of chopped garlic, some green onions and 6 cups of hot pepper flakes, this event must have been one heck of an aromatic experience. And it only gets better when the stuff starts to ferment a few days later!


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