Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

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Fred Alert

Fred Thompson PACs it in

Is this the big news his emails have been teasing me about for almost a week now? I’m not sure how to react.

Dear Friend,

The challenges America faces may appear overwhelming.  But you and I both know that if we adhere to the founding principles of individual liberty, federalism, and truly limited government, there is no obstacle the American people cannot overcome.  But the forces driving our country away from those First Principles are strong.  They demand an ever-increasing growth in government, higher and higher taxes, and a judiciary that makes law and social policy instead of sticking to the wisdom of the Constitution.

It’s clear that we need men and women in Washington and in the statehouses across America who believe, as we do, in the fundamental principles of limited government restricted by enumerated powers.  That is why I an announcing the formation of Fred PAC, a political action committee dedicated to helping elect candidates who stand for the principles you and I hold dear – principles that are the only sure salvation for America.

Please visit our website at Learn how you can help. Your support and assistance has meant a great deal to me and my family as we defended America ’s First Principles.  I know that in the days ahead we will continue in the fight for a strong, free, secure America … together.

Thank you for all you do.

Welcome to Fred PAC.  And to my many old friends, welcome back.

I formed Fred PAC to help identify and support candidates on every level who support a platform of conservative, principles-based leadership and policies.  I’m working for Fred PAC with one overriding mission; to secure the future of our country and preserve the freedoms you and I and millions of our fellow citizens hold so dear.

We conservatives need to elect men and women at every level of government who will develop and promote the kind of innovative, free market and principles-based policies that led our great nation to the pinnacle of western civilization.  We conservatives need to shake-off the few recent past defeats and remember that when we go directly to the American people with solid facts and honest solutions founded on the principles of the Constitution, we win.

We know that the founding First Principles are the solution to most of our problems and challenges.  I truly believe that given the choice, if you care about judges who will make decision based on the Constitution, not their political leanings, if you care about shrinking a bureaucracy that will take more of your money while doing less for you, if you care about the security of homeland and the defense of freedom at home and abroad, then the choice is clear.  We need to act.

The American people are waiting for us – you, me and all of us to value liberty and individual freedom – to step up.  I welcome the challenge and I hope you will join me in this historic and crucial effort.

So I guess that’s the big Fred News. Now let’s see if he will actually be true to those First Principles he keeps mentioning, and not just send money to every Tom, Dick, and Sarah who has an (R) beside their name. And if there should ever actually be such a thing as a Conservative Democrat, let’s really see what FredPac will do then.


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I found this site in a computer magazine tonight.  I think stereotypes exist because there is almost always a bit of truth buried somewhere in them.
But I also think they can be unfair and a bit overdone. I guess that’s human nature.
Whatever, this is funny.

Funny Videos | Funny Cartoons | More Video Clips


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I knew it would happen. So did you.

You simply can not trust the dirty gooks in North Korea to keep their promises. Ever. Period. Can’t anyone in DC accept the truth that this country is an ENEMY? Which means they will lie to us and cheat every chance they get? Duh!  Now let’s do the right thing: “accidentally” have all the ships sending them food and heating oil make a left turn at Albuquerque and send the cargo to Los Angeles. Tit for tat. Let them starve and freeze.

North Korea starting to rebuild nuclear reactors

South Korea says it has confirmed that North Korea started work to restore its nuclear facilities.  The Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that South Korea, the United States and other members of the six-party group of countries are working closely together to determine how to respond to the North Korean move.  Earlier Wednesday, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK and Kyodo News agency reported that North Korea started putting its Yongbyon nuclear facility back together Tuesday, days after it halted disablement work.

North Korea claims the U.S. has not held up its end of a nuclear disarmament deal because it has not removed the North from a list of state sponsors of terrorism.

WASHINGTON — North Korea, after halting the disassembly of a key nuclear center, is now putting the facility back together in violation of the United States’ conditions for improved diplomatic relations between the countries, U.S. officials told FOX News on Tuesday.

The motive isn’t clear but sources say North Koreans likely are reassembling nuclear facilities at Yongbyon partly to protest the United States’ delay in taking the country off its list of terror-sponsoring nations.  “They’ve been threatening this move for some time,” one U.S. official told FOX News, adding that until now the threats were seen as merely a way for North Korean officials “to express their anger.”

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK and Kyodo News agency also reported Wednesday North Korea has begun putting its Yongbyon facility back together, days after it halted disablement work. Even now, piecing the facility back together is seen as a “symbolic gesture” because so much already has been taken apart, though the United States is taking the developments seriously.

Another U.S. official told FOX News that North Korea’s intent might be “to put further pressure on us.” The cooling tower is gone but the reactor could be back in operation in two to three months, the official said.

Oh gosh, we haven’t taken them off of a list of names fast enough, so they’re going back to making atomic bombs. Yeah, those two actions balance each other. Not.


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As if Conservatives had any doubts

Bolton Supports Palin

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton says Sen. Barack Obama’s criticism of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s lack of foreign policy experience could backfire, insisting the presumptive vice-presidential nominee’s executive experience would serve her well in the White House.

“I don’t understand why the Obama campaign would want to make that an issue, which to me just calls attention to his own lack of experience in foreign policy,” Bolton told WND at the Republican National Convention.
“No ticket ever has every quality in both candidates that it wants,” Bolton said. “And the main thing is who’s going to be president on January the 20th, because I don’t think we can afford having somebody who’s not ready from day one.”

Bolton also argued that if the Republican ticket wins, Palin will have an opportunity in the administration to increase her knowledge and involvement in foreign affairs.

“I think you put your strength at the number one position and groom your successor in the number two position,” Bolton said. “You don’t do it the other way around.”

Well, yeah. Of course. But that awareness only comes to people who think logically and have a bit of common sense. We are talking about Democrats you know.


the mustache of truth


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Palin cartoons








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Just how darn stupid can people get? Well as it happens, very stupid. Very stupid indeed.
For one example and there are many here, this woman is calling about a grey squirrel in the belief that the greys are rare.  Good Grief Charlie Brown. I’m not a Brit and even I know it’s the RED that’s near extinction. Driven there by the more aggresive greys.  But that isn’t the issue.  These folks are calling 999, the Brit equiv. of our 911 with the silliest damn things and of course they tie up the line when they do.  So really, this isn’t funny and isn’t being posted under humor.  Some people ... $£"£"%&&^$

At the link below, you will find a lot more of the same and worse.


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Yesterday I received some news that someone in the music industry had died.  He was one heck of a super picker, as musicians are referred to in Nashville no matter what instrument they play.  He was also a heck of a good actor. He was Jerry Reed.  Long before I ever met the man, I was playing his records when I was a DJ.  I also MC’d one of his shows a time or two and got to know him that way.

Once we moved to the Nashville area I’d visit his office on Music Row on the odd occasion.  He was two months older then I am. He was born in March of ’37, I was born in May of same yr.

What a loss it is. Truly.  Jerry was a picker’s picker.  And he was a very funny man as well and did lots of novelty songs. He stared with Burt Reynolds in the Smokey movies and sang the theme.  He was also in The Survivors with Robin Williams and Walter Matthau. I thought he stole the movie.

A memory I will always carry was a private concert with only the two of us. OK, it wasn’t actually a concert and it wasn’t planned. 
Between shows he went to his dressing room just off the stage area where he’d finished a show in open air. Hot KY. summer and no cover on the stage.
Everyone who ever played there complained about that, and Loretta Lynn once almost fainted.  So anyway, Jerry Reed went to the dressing room and I followed about 15 minutes later thinking I may as well get an interview for our station while I was there.  I’d MC’d his show and saw no problem.
But I never got to ask.  When I knocked and walked in he was practising and doing runs and I simply stood there like a deer caught in headlights.
Honest.  I was memorized. I was awed by this guy and never asked for an interview and didn’t even think about it.  There was more then an hour between shows, in fact I think now it was a couple of hours. But anyway, there were just the two of us and he played and played and I wouldn’t have been able to think of questions anyway.  I’ve always been in awe of talent which made me the very worst person to try and do an interview anyway. So I stood there and listened to a great guitar master and entertainer.

Sad .... RIP Jerry.  Til now I hardly appreciated how damn lucky I was to be there.


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Washington shooting rampage leaves six dead .  Here we go again. Cops should have wasted this guy.

Oh great. The bastard gives up and cops let him live. WHY?  He’s worthless and useless. He could be used for medical experiments to further science and medical knowledge.  Or used for surgical students to practise on instead of poor dumb animals who’ve hurt no one.

It happens on this side of the world as well.  Oh, poor sick boy held with warning about high risk but, we’ll let him out to see how he does.
How the SOB does is kill six ppl.  Why is time and effort and taxpayer money being spent on sub-human life forms like this?  So now six people who never saw him before are dead before their time, while this scum will get a lawyer at taxpayer cost of course.  RCOB.

Washington shooting rampage leaves six dead
Six people were killed and two injured when a man in north-west Washington state went on a shooting rampage, leading authorities on a high-speed car chase before turning himself in.

By Catherine Elsworth
Last Updated: 8:03AM BST 03 Sep 2008

Lead shooting suspect Isaac Zamora is escorted by police after turning himself in.
A female police officer answering an emergency call was among the dead.

The victims were killed at different locations in Skagit County, north of Seattle, authorities said.

The female officer was killed after answering a call to a home near the small town of Alger where a disturbance had been reported.

After she failed to call in, back-up was sent and discovered her dead at the scene. Another person was also found dead in the house.

In a nearby house under construction, authorities then found two builders, also shot dead. Another victim was found a few doors away.

A driver was also killed on a major road as the gunmen fled police. A motorcyclist was wounded and another police officer injured when a bullet grazed his arm.

After the shooting in the Alger area, the gunman fled along a highway, reaching speeds of over 90 miles per hour as police gave chase. The road was closed causing massive traffic jams as investigators scoured the area.

The suspect turned himself in about two and a half hours after the first shooting was reported. Authorities said he was known as “someone with a mental illness.”

The Seattle Times quoted Department of Corrections officials who identified the man as Isaac Zamora, 28, a non-violent offender with convictions for theft and drug possession who was on a “high risk” list because of his mental health problems.

A DOC spokesman told the paper Zamora was released from jail a few weeks ago.


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Film @ 7. Reads like a movie. Nothin’ for me to add here.

British engineer swims jungle river in escape from Gambia
A British engineer who was being held in Gambia accused of illegally mining uranium has broken out of the country in a daring escape.

By Nick Allen
Last Updated: 1:38AM BST 03 Sep 2008

Charlie Northfield, 48, fled the capital Banjul and then evaded a series of police check points as he made an audacious dash through the West African jungle for the Senegalese border.

He shaved off his hair and beard to evade authorities and hid in a series of vehicles on the 125-mile journey to the Senegalese capital Dakar.
Mr Northfield said: The most frightening part was reaching a river that I had been told would be shallow enough to walk through Photo: ALAMY

At one point, his 4X4 suffered a puncture on a hazardous road through the bush and he had to swim across a flood-swollen, crocodile infested river with his clothes in a bucket.

A British-based private security firm, which had helped sneak Mr Northfield out of Banjul while he was effectively under house arrest, managed to smuggle him across the border despite his passport having been confiscated.

They then supplied him with temporary travel papers and flew him to Morocco and on to London.

The father-of-three, originally from Plymouth in Devon, was detained on February 18 after authorities in the West African country accused him and his employers, Carnegie Minerals, of commercially mining titanium, iron ore and uranium using their licence for excavating mineral sands.

Mr Northfield was charged with “economic crimes” and spent 10 days in Gambia’s notorious Mile 2 prison before being released, without his passport, on bail of £250,000. He had been under effective house arrest for six months.

His case has since been backed by the legal charity Fair Trials International, which called for his return to the UK and said the charges against him “flew in the face of common sense and all available evidence”.

Mr Northfield arrived back at Heathrow 72 hours after first being bundled into a car outside his house in Banjul.

He said: “It was unbelievably scary. I’m a normal bloke so the situation was completely out of the ordinary for me, like something in a film.

“I was driven in a few different taxis and we passed through several police check points. The driver sorted things out but I was worried someone would recognise me as my face had been plastered on the front pages of their papers. Luckily I had a good shave and cut my hair so I looked a lot different.

“The most frightening part was reaching a river that I had been told would be shallow enough to walk through.

“It was swollen and quite fast-flowing so I had to strip off, put all of my belongings in a bucket and swim across pushing it in front of me.

“The river was about 50 yards across and I was swept another 100 yards downstream. By the time I reached the other side I was completely worn out.”

The escape was set up by Profile Security Services, a British-based private security consultancy run by ex-army officer, Captain Martin McGowan-Scanlon.

He has known Mr Northfield for 20 years and worked in countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Equatorial Guinea.

He said: “Charlie is a very relieved man. It has been a long journey. The regime in Gambia had used him as a pawn in its disagreement with his employers. He was not escaping justice, he was escaping injustice.”

Carnegie Minerals had been operating in Gambia since 1999, digging mineral sands which are sent to China for use in construction. Mr Northfield went to manage the project last October.

The charges against him and the company related to “understatement” of the value and content of mineral exports between 2006 and December 2007. Officials accused them of illegally mining uranium, titanium and iron ore.

Carnegie strongly refuted the charges, saying that titanium and iron oxide were components of mineral sands, while uranium was only found in trace elements and could not be economically extracted.

A spokesman for Carnegie refused to comment but denied the firm had helped or arranged for Mr Northfield to be smuggled out of Gambia.

Mr Northfield, originally from Plymouth, normally lives in Thailand with his wife Neung and children. Back in Plymouth he celebrated with a glass of wine.

He said: “I had been to court 13 times but they were no closer to starting the trial and I had a strong sense they never would be.

“We had tried negotiating with every available authority but to no avail and I was feeling desperate.”


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British soldiers kill 200 Taliban in Afghan dam operation

A major secret British operation to boost the economy in Afghanistan’s Helmand province has been completed after a force of 5,000 troops fought for a week to drive a huge dam turbine through Taliban lines.
By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent
Last Updated: 7:11AM BST 03 Sep 2008

Escorted by attack helicopters, armoured vehicles and men of the Parachute Regiment, the trucks trundled into Kajaki Photo: PA / REUTERS

British commanders estimate that more than 200 Taliban were killed as they tried to prevent the convoy of 100 vehicles from getting the machinery to Kajaki hydroelectric dam where it will provide a significant increase in energy for up to two million Afghans.

The operation has been described as the biggest of its kind since the Second World War.

For the last five days the force has fought through the heart of Taliban territory to push through the 220 tonne turbine and other equipment that included a 90 tonne crane to lift it into place.

With a third turbine fixed at Kajaki it will mean that the extra electricity could double the irrigation output allowing farmers to plant two crops of wheat a year. With a dramatic rise in world wheat prices this could crucially mean that it becomes more profitable than producing opium which would deprive the Taliban of a major source of revenue.

Escorted by attack helicopters, armoured vehicles and men of the Parachute Regiment, the trucks trundled into Kajaki.

For the first 50 miles of its journey from the southern city of Kandahar the convoy was protected by American and Canadian troops. But for the second 50 mile leg through Taliban strongholds more than 3,000 British troops were needed to fight off the insurgents.

Lt Col Dave Wilson, of 23 Engineer Regiment, said the operation was the most significant “route clearance” operation since the Second World War with the sappers freeing the route of mines and improvised bombs.

“It was a huge achievement,” said Lt Col Wilson. “It was carried out through some of the most heavily mined areas of Afghanistan.”

While medics had prepared for casualties, commanders said there was only one wounded among the British, American, Canadian and Australian troops who took part in the operation - a British soldier was crushed when a trailer collapsed on him.

“As a template for the rest of this country, it’s shown that when we want to, at a time and a place of our choosing, we can overmatch the Taliban, no question,” said Lt Col James Learmont of 7 Para Royal Horse Artillery.

In order to win over villagers in some areas, British forces held meetings with locals to negotiate the convoy’s passage, and paid $25,000 in compensation to one community for disruption.

The Taliban had agreed to maintain a ceasefire in some areas but violated the deal, British commanders said.

The Chinese-made turbine will be installed as part of a project funded by the American development agency USAID to increase the output of the Kajaki power plant.

Chinese engineers already on the ground will install the equipment, which will boost the capacity of the plant, built in 1975, to three turbines with an output of 51 MegaWatts. Around 1.8 million Afghans are expected to benefit from the project.

“The opposition said it would never happen but it did,” said Lt Col Rufus MacNeil. “If you want a mark in the sand for Afghan reconstruction, then this is it.”

The scale and complexity of the operation has given those serving under the 75,000-strong, NATO-led force in Afghanistan an opportunity to boast about cooperation at a time when critics say the coalition lacks strength and coherence.

The turbine, split into seven sections each weighing between 22 and 30 tonnes, was flown on Russian transport aircraft into Kandahar, once a Taliban stronghold in the south and now the headquarters for Canadian operations.

It was then put on giant trucks and began its voyage last Wednesday, travelling at barely 3 km an hour.


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Sarah Palin’s daughter’s ‘redneck’ boyfriend adds to McCain campaign woes .

Don’t shoot the messenger. 

This is the story reported here from Brit covering things in USA election.

I don’t normally boot at 7am but wanted to get this posted early.  Other stuff online as well on other topics has me convinced I shouldn’t be allowed to read the paper or boot a puter when I haven’t any Valium or Xanax handy.  I just know the left here is gonna make a big deal out of it.
Anyway, these kids (and they are that no matter the maturity) are really too young to become parents. Don’t ya think?  Had Miss Palin and friend never heard of, “The Pill.?” Golly. Loretta Lynn told all who would listen to it, all about it. And all in a song!  Oh well.  I wish em good luck. They’re gonna need it.  Even with money, altho it’s a great cushion, will only go so far.  Luck counts as much.

Levi Johnston, a self-described “------’ redneck” who does not “want kids”, is set to join Sarah Palin’s family at Republican convention.
By Toby Harnden in St Paul
Last Updated: 4:51AM BST 03 Sep 2008

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. Christian conservatives accuse Democrats of using Miss Palin’s pregnancy to discredit her mother Photo: AP
The bad-boy image of Levi Johnston, 18, the boyfriend of Bristol Palin, 17, added to the pressure surrounding Senator John McCain after his decision to choose Mrs Palin as a running mate in the Republican bid for the White House.

The details follow the disclosure that, as late as 1996, Mrs Palin, 44, the Governor of Alaska, had been a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, which wants a vote on whether the state can secede from the United States.

There were also reports that Mrs Palin, who has portrayed herself as a fighter against corruption and a doughty opponent of wasteful government spending, secured $27 million (£15million) in federal funds for the small town of Wasilla, where she was mayor until two years ago.

Democrats seized on the claims about Mrs Palin as evidence that Mr McCain had poor judgment because he had failed to vet her properly.

However, senior McCain aides said that a vetting team had been in Alaska before the Arizona senator made his choice. “You can’t confuse secrecy with lack of vetting,” said one adviser.

A dozen McCain aides have been sent to Alaska to help Mrs Palin’s family and to rebut the claims against her.

Some Republicans linked to the attacks believed that Mr McCain had sacrificed thoroughness in the vetting process so that secrecy could be maintained.

The surprise choice of Mrs Palin could make or break Mr McCain’s battle for the White House. Republican activists are delighted that a strongly anti-abortion mother of five who is an avid hunter has been chosen.

But Democrats scent blood and believe they can paint Mrs Palin as “Dan Quayle in a dress” – the description applied to her by Karen Thurman, a former member of the House of Representatives.

Mr Quayle was chosen as George W Bush’s running mate in 1988 after a cursory vetting process failed to find serious weaknesses in his character and record.

(ok, help me out here ppl. I knew his record wasn’t much but I’d never heard about some weakness in character. ?? But then, I wasn’t paying much attn.)

Christian conservatives have covered Mrs Palin with praise for supporting her daughter, who is five months pregnant and is due to marry Mr Johnston. There has been criticism of Democrats and the media, which is being accused of exploiting a private issue.

“They have been using this 17-year-old girl as a battering ram against her mother and against social conservatives,”
said Gary Bauer, a leading evangelical and former Republican presidential hopeful.

“It’s disgraceful. All families wrestle with these issues and try to teach their kids the best they can. But children make mistakes. The whole pro-life movement is built around helping women in crisis pregnancies. We don’t judge these women. If we did, they wouldn’t come to us.”

Associated Press reported that Mr Johnston plans to join the family of the Republican vice presidential candidate at the GOP convention.

Levi Johnston’s mother said her 18-year-old son left Alaska on Tuesday morning. Sherry Johnston also said there has been no pressure put on her son to marry Bristol Palin.

“Absolutely not,” Sherry Johnston told reporters outside the family’s Wasilla home. Johnston said the two teens already had plans to marry before they knew she was pregnant.

On his MySpace page, Mr Johnston, an avid ice hockey player, proudly declares: “I’m a ------’ redneck” who would kick ass if anyone gave him trouble. I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing,” he said on the social networking the site.

Poignantly, in the one part of the site where it asks about children, he wrote, “I don’t want kids.”

The web page was removed yesterday and appeared not to have been accessed for a year.

Bill Sturdevant, coach of the Wasilla Warriors ice hockey team, told the New York Daily News: “He was a good kid to be around, with lots of friends. He was well-liked.”

Last year Johnston had to pay a $370 bail after state troopers caught him catching salmon out of season in Moose Lake, a popular Alaskan fishing location.

(Isn’t that a hanging offense in Alaska? Quick, get a rope.  Jeesh.  Is the enemy stretching things in their never ending search for evil doers on our side?)


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calendar   Tuesday - September 02, 2008



Fred Thompson just delivered the best political speech in his life. He spoke for half an hour about McCain. I’ll have more details in a while, but I don’t want to miss Leiberman when he comes on.

Fred ripped the daylights out of Obullshit and the current dem controlled congress. He praised McCain and Palin, and noted that (with the possible exception of Teddy Rosevelt) that’s she’s the only person in government who’s ever known how to field dress a moose. But when speaking of McCain/Palin’s platform of reform, he missed an opportunity: the way to clean up government is the same way you dress out a moose: first you grab the big asshole and cut it right off. Then rip the guts out and spread the ribs to let some of the hot air escape. Ok, that’s a bit gross, so maybe he didn’t miss it after all. You could see the speech tired him out, and he was on the edge of tears, along with a lot of the crowd, describing what McCain went through at the hands of the commie vietcong.

Find Fred’s talk on YouTube. Watch it. Link it. Memorize the zingers and use them as often as you can. Great job Fred.

“Some Washington pundits and media big shots are in a frenzy over the selection of a woman who has actually governed rather than just talked a good game on the Sunday talk shows and hit the Washington cocktail circuit,” Thompson said. “I say give me a tough Alaskan Governor who has taken on the political establishment in the largest state in the union — and won — over the beltway business-as-usual crowd any day of the week.
Spending at home that threatens to bankrupt future generations. For decades an expanding government ... increasingly wasteful and too often incompetent. To deal with these challenges the Democrats present a history making nominee for president.

History making in that he is the most liberal, most inexperienced nominee to ever run for president. Apparently they believe that he would match up well with the history making, Democrat controlled Congress. History making because it’s the least accomplished and most unpopular Congress in our nation’s history.

Together, they would take on these urgent challenges with protectionism, higher taxes and an even bigger bureaucracy. And a Supreme Court that could be lost to liberalism for a generation.
This is not reform. And it’s certainly not change. It is basically the same old stuff they’ve been peddling for years. America needs a president who understands the nature of the world we live in. A president who feels no need to apologize for the United States of America. We need a president who understands that you don’t make citizens prosperous by making Washington richer, and you don’t lift an economic downturn by imposing one of the largest tax increases in American history.
Now our opponents tell you not to worry about their tax increases. They tell you they are not going to tax your family. No, they’re just going to tax “businesses”! So unless you buy something from a “business”, like groceries or clothes or gasoline ... or unless you get a paycheck from a big or a small “business”, don’t worry ... it’s not going to affect you. They say they are not going to take any water out of your side of the bucket, just the “other” side of the bucket! That’s their idea of tax reform.
Let’s be clear ... the selection of Gov. Palin has the other side and their friends in the media in a state of panic. She is a courageous, successful, reformer, who is not afraid to take on the establishment.

Sound like anyone else we know? She has run a municipality and she has run a state. And I can say without fear of contradiction that she is the only nominee in the history of either party who knows how to properly field dress a moose ... with the possible exception of Teddy Roosevelt. She and John McCain are not going to care how much the alligators get irritated when they get to Washington, they’re going to drain that swamp.

I haven’t found the video yet, but the transcript is here at CNN

Joe Lieberman’s talk was pretty good too. Transcript here, also at CNN (Fox, you’re a let down!)

I don’t have to tell you that we were blessed in this country to have a great generation of founders. And they foresaw the danger of this kind of senseless partisanship. In fact, our first president, George Washington, in his farewell address, warned that the spirit of party could be the worst enemy of our democracy and enfeeble our government’s ability to do its job.

My friends, I think tonight we can say that President Washington was absolutely right. The truth is, today we are living through his worst nightmare in the capital city that bears his name. And that brings me directly to why I am here tonight. What, after all, is a Democrat like me doing at a Republican convention like this?

Well, I’ll tell you what: I’m here to support John McCain because country matters more than party.
If John McCain was another go-along partisan politician, he never would have led the fight to fix our broken immigration system or actually do something about global warming. But he did.

As a matter of fact, friends…

... if John McCain is just another partisan Republican, then I’m Michael Moore’s favorite Democrat.

And I’m not. And I think you know that I’m not.

Sen. Barack Obama is a gifted and eloquent young man who I think can do great things for our country in the years ahead, but, my friends, eloquence is no substitute for a record, not in these tough times for America.

In the Senate, during the three-and-a-half years that Senator Obama has been a member, he has not reached across party lines to get accomplish anything significant, nor has he been willing to take on powerful interest groups in the Democratic Party to get something done.

And I’d just ask you to contrast that with John McCain’s record of independence and bipartisanship, but let me go one further. And this may make history here at this Republican convention.

Let me contrast Barack Obama’s record to the record of the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton, who stood up to some of those same Democratic interest groups, worked with Republicans, and got some important things done, like welfare reform, free trade agreements, and a balanced budget.

Ooh, I just love how he twists the Clinton knife in the Dem’s backs. PUMA! PUMA! PUMA! You made the wrong choice LOSERS!! Mwaahahahaaa!!

VIDEO SNIPPETS HERE. Servers are a bit overwhelmed!


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Going Through the Email, Finally, Part 4

Barstool Economics

Sometimes I get email from other blogs and websites. Link me! Link me! Sometimes it turns out Ok, sometimes it’s a con, once in a great while there’s a virus waiting there to pounce. This site is safe, although I’m not sure where the real content is hiding. I think they’re just trying to sell bumper stickers. Hey, good for them. It’s what Americans do. But they do recycle the most excellent Barstool Economics story that we first saw when the MSM meme was “tax cuts only help the rich”. It’s still true, and it’s still worth a read.

Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this:

The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing.
The fifth would pay $1.
The sixth would pay $3.
The seventh would pay $7.
The eighth would pay $12.
The ninth would pay $18.
The tenth man (the richest) would pay $59.

Go visit and see how the story turns out, in case you’ve forgotten.



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Going Through the Email, Finally, Part 3

And where would we be without Rancino’s ability to scoop up great graphics from everywhere? BMEWS readers are the best!



Peiper, the “G” stands for Governor, m’kay? grin




Don’t be offended: in this case USMC stands for

Unqualified Stuttering Marxist Celebutard


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