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calendar   Wednesday - June 04, 2008

Police given more time to question stabbing suspect

Yesterday under comments and in answer (sort of) to a question, I quoted an article and posted the link wherein the paper reported that a 30 yr old man was being held for the killing of a girl, just turned 15.  It was reported then, that he was her “boyfriend.”

Well, this is getting a bit involved cause things seem to have changed since yesterday afternoon.

In another unrelated crime story, a 17 yr old beat and raped a pregnant woman ON THE VERY DAY HE WAS RELEASED from custody. He had a record of 43 previous convictions.  But the miserable bastard was out free cause of a lack of secure hosp. beds.
I am not going to post that entire story. If you’re interested, here’s the link. But I think this country really,really,really needs vigilante justice. 
Judgey thinks poor boy is ill and needs long term care.  SOB needs a rope and slow death.

By John Bingham
Last Updated: 12:01PM BST 04/06/2008

Police have been given extra time to question a man suspected of stabbing choirgirl Arsema Dawit to death in a lift as she returned home from school amid claims of stalking and harassment.

The 21-year-old Eritrean man, known as Thomas, can now be held until Thursday morning after magistrates in Greenwich, east London, granted detectives a warrant for further detention.

Arsema, 15, and her family complained to police just over a month ago that the man, whom she met through her local Eritrean church - where she sang in the choir - had assaulted and threatened to kill her in a McDonalds restaurant.

Officers did not speak to the 15-year-old until 12 days after the claims were lodged and were still investigating when the “quiet” and “beautiful” teenager was murdered on Monday in a lift in the block of flats where she lived near Waterloo station.

Family friends have accused the police of failing to protect her, claiming officers told Arsema’s mother that they could “do nothing” to detain the suspect.

The Metropolitan Police denies suggestions that it did not act to protect her but has begun an internal investigation into whether its handling of the case was “fit for purpose”.

Arsema was stabbed up to 10 times in an assault so violent that part of the handle of the knife had broken off when it was discovered embedded in her side.

She was found covered in blood by a neighbour who had called the lift to bring her nine-year-old daughter home from school.

She was dressed in the uniform of Harris Academy, the school nearby where she was described as quiet and well behaved.


The 21-year-old suspect was arrested on Hungerford Bridge shortly afterwards.

Simon Tesfaghiorgish, a friend visiting Arsema’s family at their home near Waterloo station in south London, said the girl’s mother had contacted police “a number of times” after an alleged attack on April 16.

He said: “He beat her and threatened to kill her. He wanted a relationship.”

He added: “The mother, she reported it to police a number of times. They said they couldn’t do anything.”

Scotland Yard confirmed that on April 30 an allegation that Arsema had been assaulted and threatened with death was made.

The claims were investigated, but the victim denied knowledge of the incident.

A spokesman said: “We continued to investigate the circumstances of the incident and Arsema’s mother was subsequently contacted on the May 19. The investigation was still being progressed when Arsema was tragically murdered.”


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Today’s History Lesson


“Oops. Must’a gotten the wrong hat...” - Bullwinkle

“And now for something you’ll really like!” - Rocket J. Squirrel.




Posted by Christopher   United States  on 06/04/2008 at 11:35 AM   
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Up in the air, junior birdmen!

As today’s Google header title points out, today it the 225th anniversary of human flight. Sorta kinda. Mostly. Way back in 1783, those two famous Frenchmen, Jacques-Etienne and Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, built and flew a hot air balloon for the very first time in front of witnesses. They had flown one 7 months earlier, by accident. Nobody else saw it take off, and when it landed the superstitious peasants thought it was some kind of demon attacking them so they chopped it up with farm tools. So today, June 4th, is the official anniversary of flight.

The two brothers then set about building a contraption 3 times larger in scale (27 times larger in volume). The lifting force was so great that they lost control of their craft on its very first test flight on 14 December 1782. The device floated nearly 2 kilometres (about 1.2 mi). It was destroyed after landing by the “indiscretion” of passersby.

The brothers decided to make a public demonstration of a balloon in order to establish their claim to its invention. They constructed a globe-shaped balloon of sackcloth with three thin layers of paper inside. The envelope could contain nearly 790 m³ (28,000 cubic feet) of air and weighed 225 kg (500 lb). It was constructed of four pieces (the dome and three lateral bands), and held together by 1,800 buttons. A reinforcing “fish net” of cord covered the outside of the envelope.

On 4 June 1783, they flew this craft as their first public demonstration at Annonay in front of a group of dignitaries from the Etats particulars. Its flight covered 2 km (1.2 mi), lasted 10 minutes, and had an estimated altitude of 1.600 - 2.000m (5,200 - 6,600 ft). Word of their success quickly reached Paris. Etienne went to the capital to make further demonstrations and to solidify the brothers’ claim to the invention of flight.


It would be several more months until a larger balloon could be built that would carry people. But on November 21, the first free flight occurred, carrying aloft Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Francois Laurent, the Marquis d’Arandes, and the rest, as they say, is history.

225 years later ...





Posted by Drew458   United States  on 06/04/2008 at 08:33 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - June 03, 2008

Awww Crap

A message to our military:

Wherever you are, whatever campaign you are in, whatever project you are working on. It’s time to surge the surge, and ramp things up as hard and as fast as you can. Because you have 7 months. Just 7 months. To win. To find victory. To defeat whatever opponents you are up against. Because in 7 months Obama will be sworn in as President, and then it’s all over. So fight now, win now. Win overwhelmingly, so that when the spineless communist takes over and gives half of it back, we still have a victory.

A message to John McCain:

Johnny boy, you better get your tired old ass in gear. In a huge way. If you can’t fight him, if you won’t dish the dirt, if you won’t show the world what an empty suit the Obamanator really is, then it’s over. Not just for you, but for the rest of the country. You’ve been a fucking weiner so far, with your Let’s Play Nice attitutude and your Lefty viewpoints. If you can’t come out of your corner swinging, now and for the next 5 months, every hour of every day, then you don’t stand a chance. NOT ONE. So what’s it gonna be Johnny? What’s it gonna be?

Tonight we stand at the brink. Will the future hold at least the resemblance of freedom, or are we about to plunge into the ultimate Nanny State of Socialism For Your Own Good? Another era of Carterism, and malaise, and kowtowing to shitstained asswipe countries not worth an Alpha Strike. Another era of utter pridelessness, of endless guilt and apology, of destroying the greatest free market society that ever was to achieve some bullshit “green” goal the rest of the world only pays lip service to. 8 solid years of bending over to every asinine demand any islamic makes anywhere. And do you really think our blacks are going to step up when one of their own is in the White House? Think they’ll all get careers and suddenly become hard working outstanding members of the community? Guess again. It’s going to be party time, time for a 40 and a blunt and getting me some, every day, everywhere. That’s my guess. I don’t have all the answers, but my little crystal ball is saying “run for the hills”. If we elect this utterly inexperienced nitwit to lead us, then we deserve whatever foolishness befalls us. If we elect the other nitwit, then the best we can pray for is holding even with where we are today, which is not exactly a society full of robust individualists.

Obama fever. Catch it. Because it’s a fatal disease.

End times folks. End times.


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All your air are belong to us

Remember the Fairness Doctrine? The one that the libtards in and out of Washington want to resurrect? The theory behind the Fairness Doctrine is:

radio stations could be regulated in this way due to the limited spectrum of the public airwaves.

Source: Wikipedia. The airwaves are held, by government, in trust for the public.

It was, in other words, a government-created scarcity that justified government regulation. Much like the government-created gasoline scarcities under Nixon and Carter.

Now a whacko Goremon named Mary Wood is asserting that the air is held in trust by the government.

University of Oregon law professor Mary Wood is tired of waiting for government officials to take action on global warming. So she’s devised a new legal tool to hurry them up.

Drawing on her background in both natural resources and property law, Wood has developed a theory that claims the atmosphere is an asset that belongs to all but is held in trust by the government. The government has a legal obligation to protect that trust from harm, she argues, just as financial managers have a legal obligation to protect the monetary assets in their care.

I’m sure that BMEWS readers have figured where this is going…

“The main problem with climate is that no government is taking responsibility for it and our government is sitting idle while this catastrophe is unfolding,” Wood said.

“There’s no other body of law that requires the government to act. But a trustee has to act to protect the body of the trust.”

Yep. And the laws are already on the books. No need to debate!

From theory to practice

Greg Costello is one of the public interest attorneys evaluating Wood’s proposal as the basis for potential lawsuits. He thinks it could be a successful legal strategy because it’s grounded in a widely accepted principle of common law.

“Public trust doctrine is a doctrine everybody learns in law school. It goes back to Roman times,” said Costello, executive director of the Eugene-based Western Environmental Law Center.

“It’s a theory that seems well-suited and perhaps ideal when you’re talking about who owns the atmosphere.”

Be afraid. Be very afraid.  machinegun

Dick: The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers and environmentalists.
Cade: Nay, that I mean to do.

* William Shakespeare, Henry the Sixth, Part II


HT: Neal’s Nuze

cross-posted at my blog Something’s Rotten


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Lattice Lattice Everywhere, none left to cut or stain




Done. Finally. If I never see another drop of Cabot New Redwood Brown it will be too soon. Same goes for lattice. E - nuff!

I took these pics with a very wide angle lens that seems to shrink everything. The railing sections are actually 8 feet apart; both of these decks are quite large.


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Microsoft warns users off Safari …..  oh great. I just posted raving about it.

Well, it is FAST!  but I just caught this and since I posted about Safari, I thought I should bring this to your attention as well.

Microsoft warns users off Safari
Posted by Miya Knights at 11:17AM, Tuesday 3rd June 2008

‘Carpet-bombing’ interoperability flaw leaves Windows users open to malicious attacks when using Apple’s Safari browser, the Windows maker claims.

Microsoft has taken the rare step of warning users of its operating system (OS) off rival vendor, Apple’s Safari browser due to a flaw in interoperability that could leave them open to malicious attacks.

The Safari bug, originally brought to light in mid-May by security researcher Nitesh Dhanjani plays on the fact Safari can automatically download certain files without a user’s permission.

If a Windows OS user visits a hacked website using Safari, a vulnerability in how XP and Vista handle executable files on the desktop can be exploited to litter the victim’s desktop with executable files containing malicious code.

In a rare step, Microsoft issued a security advisory last Friday that also confirmed the Safari flaw is dependent on the Windows OS vulnerability regarding executable files on the desktop.

And Aviv Raff, another researcher has also claimed a second Windows flaw could actually allow a hacker to run unauthorised software on a victim’s computer.

Although Apple did not respond to an IT PRO request for comment, it has been widely reported that it may not see the flaw as seriously as Microsoft does. Dhanjani said that, when he alerted Apple to the flaw, the Mac vendor responded that it did not see the bug as a security issue. “Apple does not feel this is an issue they want to tackle at this time,” he wrote in his blog.

He reproduced Apple’s response, which read: “Please note that we are not treating this as a security issue, but a further measure to raise the bar against unwanted downloads. This will require a review with the Human Interface team. We want to set your expectations that this could take quite a while, if it ever gets incorporated.”

Apple’s seemingly nonchalant reaction has attracted criticism from the security community, where consumer IT security advocacy group has said Apple should “reconsider its stance”.

This latest issue comes six weeks after the discovery of a denial of service (DoS) vulnerability in the iPhone version of the Safari browser.


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May not be exactly the place for this but, it’s Tech and it’s interesting

It’s interesting for those like myself who aren’t too familiar with things on the geeky side.

It’s been months and I’m still struggling to understand HTML and various other Drew type stuff.
So anyway ... I stumbled on something I found in a computer magazine over here.  And btw, they really do have good pc mags here.

So, altho some may already know about this but since I only just found it, I’m to assume there might be others like myself finding things new in Tech that even I understand.

Animoto dot com and it is awesome.  They have a free and a pay version and you can get a quick 60 second video and then see their blog with more info.

I suppose if you’re very much advanced with videos and photos and photo editing etc., maybe they’re too basic for ya.  Tell you what tho.  I’d love to buy stock if they had it (don’t know), that’s assuming I discover a gold mine or somethin.’

And then I found:


A company that it turns out is based in France.  I heard that groan guys but come on.  Neat software that’s free doesn’t have a nationality.
Specially if the audio is a lady with a cute accent that’s understandable.

I suppose those with some experience already know about this too.  But I didn’t until I visited Animoto.  And they also offer ,

Convert between different graphic formats

Configurable compression/resolution ratio

Support file formats: Jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff etc

Support Digital Camera RAW formats: Canon .CR2, Nikon .NEF , .MRW Minolta

Handle single picture or batch mode

Customizable templates for renaming files

You can add your own watermark file

Reduce size photos perfect for web publishing/share photos by email
Integrate in windows explorer or works as a stand-alone application

Fast processing
Import directly from your memory cards

Save history of destination folder
Variable options and settings for advanced users

Multilingual support (available languages...)
Optimized for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

I’m at the still learning and it’s damn hard stage so all this stuff impresses me.  Especially when I find I can understand some of it.
(except that damn HTML thingy. )

Finally ......  I discovered the Safari browser today. WOW! it is fast.  Now then, is there anyone out there using a Mac or Safari on a PC that can tell me
how the heck you get shortcuts on the toolbar for websites you visit often?  Like BMEWS?  Use Firefox or IE (which I’d rather not) and easy enuff to drag the link up there.  Not so in Safari.


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Today’s history lesson



Posted by Christopher   United States  on 06/03/2008 at 06:49 AM   
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Islamic extremists should get therapy …… (That isn’t a joke people. It’s being suggested here)

I just can not put any comments in here.  Drew? You out there?
I’m not even gonna say how stupid I think it is. Just that it is.  But then, the Brits (many) are very liberal thinkers and mean well. Meanwhile, the slime will bury em one day in the future with enuff of this touchy-feely crap.

Islamic extremists should get therapy, Home Office tells local councils

by James Kirkup, Political Correspondent
Last Updated: 9:00AM BST 03/06/2008

Islamic extremists could escape prosecution and instead receive therapy and counselling under new Government plans to “deradicalise” religious fanatics.

The Home Office is to announce an extra £12.5 million to support new initiatives to try to stop extremism spreading.

The central element of the Home Office plan is a new national “deradicalisation” programme that would persuade converts to violent and extremist causes to change their views.

Controversially, the new plan makes clear that people who fall under the influence of violent organisations will not automatically face prosecution.

Instead, the presumption should be that some such individuals would face therapy and counselling from community groups instead of criminal charges.

Documents being distributed to local councils explain that many people who get drawn into extremism have often suffered some sort of personal trauma or crisis that makes them vulnerable to exploitation.

“We do not want to put through the criminal justice system those who are vulnerable to, or are being drawn into, violent extremism unless they have clearly committed an offence,” a Home Office report says.

“It is vital that individuals and communities understand this and have the confidence to use the support structures that we shall be developing.”

Most of the new funding will be set aside for grants to community groups that challenge the messages of violent extremists should be supported.

The plan includes a suggestion that local councils should map their areas religion, surveying and recording the faiths and denominations of local residents.

New guidelines for councils say: “A deeper understanding of local communities should be developed to help inform and focus the programme of action - this may include mapping denominational backgrounds and demographic and socio-economic factors.”

The Home Office has told councils they must be prepared to ask police to vet anyone involved in projects that receive government anti-radicalisation funding.

If a group is found to be promoting violent extremism, local agencies and the police should consider disrupting or removing funding, and deny access to public facilities, the document added.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: “A key element of our strategy aims to stop people getting involved in extremist violence.

“We are investing at local level to build resilient communities, which are equipped to confront violent extremism and support the most vulnerable individuals.”

Shadow home secretary David Davis said of today’s publication: “This is pointless when the Government is fuelling the problem it is seeking to solve with its draconian approach to 42 days.”


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calendar   Monday - June 02, 2008

In honor of Ted Kennedy

Teddy has so much compassion for those trying to cross the Rio Grande



Posted by Christopher   United States  on 06/02/2008 at 07:41 PM   
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U.S. accused of holding terror suspects on ships (do we care? I sure don’t.)

Don’t ya just love when they say, “citing sources?” Who exactly. Schmucks never say.  They make it all up and the USA always has to be the villain.

Reuters - 1 hour 3 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has been secretly detaining terrorism suspects aboard floating “prison ships,” a British legal charity charged on Monday, but the Pentagon described the report as inaccurate.

The charity Reprieve, citing sources including U.S. military officials, parliamentary bodies and former prisoners, said it believed the U.S. government had operated as many as 17 shipboard prisons, particularly in the Indian Ocean region.

( This must be yet another one of those ass wipe lefty anti-USA groups. Never heard of em before this. Screw em. I wish we could take out these sort of mindless lying bastards.  And even if they weren’t lying, I’d like to see em dead anyway.  I really do hate these ppl. )

“Prisoners have been interrogated under tortuous conditions before being rendered to other, often undisclosed locations,” Reprieve said, adding that it would issue a detailed report later this year.

Department of Defence spokesman J.D. Gordon called the report “inaccurate and misleading.”

“We do not operate detention facilities on board Navy ships. DoD detention facilities are in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo,” he said.

The United States has denied torturing terrorism suspects, but a Justice Department report last month cited FBI agents as warning that some CIA questioning techniques were “borderline torture.”

The military has acknowledged holding John Walker Lindh, a U.S. citizen accused of being a Taliban and al Qaeda supporter, on ships after his capture in Afghanistan in late 2001.

Lindh was held on two ships, the Bataan and Peleliu. The government says he was given medical treatment and was not tortured. Gordon said the ships were a considered safe place to question Lindh away from the battlefield.

Reprieve named three others, including Australian David Hicks, as suspects believed to have once been held on U.S. “prison ships.” It cited a former prisoner held at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as saying about 50 others were held on the Bataan.

Gordon said fewer than 10 terrorism suspects were held, on the Bataan and Peleliu, in late 2001 and early 2002. He also dismissed Reprieve’s count of up to 17 ships as misleading. (Reporting by Randall Mikkelsen, editing by Alan Elsner)


Posted by Drew458   United Kingdom  on 06/02/2008 at 02:21 PM   
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Well, Here we go again.  Teenage girl stabbed to death in London

body found in an elevator.  it just goes on and on and on. 

From Times OnlineJune 2, 2008

Teenage girl stabbed to death in London(David Bebber/The Times)
The stabbing is the latest in a string of violent acts in London

A schoolgirl has been stabbed to death in South London, the latest in a string of young knife victims in the capital.

The 15-year-old girl was found with multiple stab wounds in a lift in flats near Waterloo Station. She is believed to have been on her way home from school and was still wearing her school uniform when she was discovered.

A woman and her child discovered the girl’s body was found after calling the lift while returning home.

Police were called and pronounced her dead at the scene in Matheson Lang House, Baylis Road, Southwark. An air ambulance was sent and paramedics reached the flat within four minutes of the call but were unable to revive her.

A spokesman for London Ambulance Service said: “Sadly, despite extensive efforts to resuscitate the patient, she was pronounced dead at the scene.”

A total of 15 young men have been killed in knife and gun attacks since January. In May three teenage boys were killed in incidents involving knives and guns.

Sharon Moore, a neighbour of the victim, said she believed she was from Somalia.

“You think you are fine once you are in the building, this is the last thing you expect… I’m extremely shocked because once I’m in the door and I get in I think I am safe,” she said.

She said residents in the flats were given fobs on Friday as part of measures to tighten up security. “I feel very insecure and afraid for my children and for the other children in the block,” she added.

Victoria Burke, who works at Buffer Bear nursery opposite the block of flats, said: “We’ve never had any trouble around here before. I know there’s a lot of gangs of youths but not to the extent where you would think this would happen.”

Police said that a man in his 30s had been arrested in connection with the incident. A murder inquiry has been opened and the area around the flats has been sealed off. The man was arrested in Lambeth, South London. The killing is not believed to be gang related.

The girl’s family have been informed of her death.


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Hillary Clinton’s aides prepare to concede

Are you guys hearing this at home? 
Folks this side of Atlantic just LOVE Rama-Lama

By Toby Harnden in Washington
Last Updated: 1:55AM BST 02/06/2008

Senior advisers to Senator Hillary Clinton have prepared the ground for her to abandon her 2008 presidential ambitions within days and not dispute the Democratic nomination all the way to the party convention in August.

Although she won by a wide margin over Barack Obama in yesterday’s Puerto Rico primary - with 85 per cent of the vote in, she was leading by 36 percentage points - the former First Lady made no mention in her victory speech of taking her fight beyond this week.

Instead, she made a final appeal to some 178 uncommitted “super-delegates” - party officials whose convention votes are not tied to the primaries - that she would be the stronger general election candidate against John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee.

“The decision will fall on those leaders in our party empowered by the rules to vote in the Democratic convention,” she said in San Juan. “I do not envy you the decision you must make.” She needs some 90 per cent of the 178 to back her, which is almost certainly a vain hope. << for the rest of the story if interested.


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