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calendar   Thursday - May 22, 2008

MAJOR MOONBAT ALERT!!  Activists want chimpanzee declared a person


A British woman is leading a court challenge to have a chimpanzee declared a “person” so the animal can enjoy “human rights”.

Paula Stibbe and a group of Austrian animal rights activists want the European Court to declare that the ape, who they have given the name Matthew Hiasl Pan to make him sound “more human”, legally declared a person so she can be appointed his guardian.

Mrs Stibbe wants the declaration so she can take care of the 26-year-old chimp if the bankrupt animal sanctuary in Voesendorf, south of Vienna, where he currently lives, is forced to close.

The European Court of Human Rights case comes after Austria’s Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling against the group - known as the Association Against Animal Factories - who wanted a trustee appointed for Matthew so Mrs Stibbe could look after him using money pledged by a benefactor.

The court ruled the chimp was neither mentally impaired nor in danger, which are the legal grounds required for a guardian to be appointed.

“We appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, because everybody is entitled to a fair trial, even chimps,” said Martin Balluch, the group’s president.

He said humans and chimps had so much DNA in common, that the court should declare Matthew a person.

“This question is of paramount importance,” said Mr Balluch, who said he would use expert opinions from prominent scientists, anthropologists, lawyers and philosophers in the case.

Mr Balluch said activists wanted to ensure the ape, which was captured as an infant in Sierra Leone in 1982 and smuggled to Austria for use in pharmaceutical experiments, is cared for if the shelter was closed.

Matthew, and another chimp at the sanctuary, cost about £4,000 a month to keep and while a donor has offered to pay for the upkeep, under Austrian law, only a person can receive gifts. Matthew is expected to live until he is 60 and activists say only a “declaration of personhood” would ensure he was not sold for profit.

OK, I understand their well meant strategy but, it’s still >>>>> bat


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Crime so awful, so depraved and immoral and silly, I don’t know if y’all are ready for it.

"T’aint Funny McGee” Crime is Crime after all and we can’t make exceptions.
(for you Yanks, that’s $600)

Mother fined £300 for putting bins out early
By Urmee Khan

Last Updated: 4:07AM BST 22/05/2008 |

A woman has been fined nearly £300 for leaving her bins out a day before they were due to be collected.
Zoe Watmough, 22, left the bins, a grey one and a green one for recycling, outside her home on a Wednesday ready for collection the next day.

Council officers issued her with a £75 fine claiming that the bins had been put out 24 hours before they were due to be emptied.

But the mother-of-three refused to pay and ended up facing magistrates in Bolton, where she was fined £125 and ordered to pay £125 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Speaking on Wednesday, Miss Watmough said: “I am flabbergasted at the outcome. All I did was put my rubbish out the night before it was due to be collected.

“Surely households up and down the country do that every week. The next thing I knew, I got a letter from the council which said I was getting a fine. There was no way I could afford to pay it.”

She added: “Everybody in this area puts their bins out the day before collection. I don’t see what the problem is. I have not hurt anyone, caused any obstruction or even littered the area. The fact is, I can’t afford to pay the fine.”

The court heard that Miss Watmough had already been sent a warning under environmental health rules by council officers who spotted her bins on the street on a Tuesday last November. Officers claimed that the bins had been put out 48 hours before collection.

Bolton council said it was pursuing prosecutions over bins left on streets because of the number of arson attacks by youths.

A spokesman said: “Officers visited on Jan 23 to find bins belonging to Miss Watmough on the public highway. On this occasion no other bins from neighbouring properties were in the street.

“Miss Watmough was issued a fixed penalty notice for failing to return her waste bins to her property. This penalty was not paid in the specified time period of 14 days and legal proceedings were initiated.”

Disputes between residents and councils over bin collection are increasingly common.

Last week Barry Freezer, a 73-year-old retired milkman, mistakenly put cabbage stalks in with his garden waste and was reprimanded by Norwich city council. Binmen claimed that the trimmings were kitchen rubbish.

The same council had refused to empty the bin of partially-sighted Lenny Woodward, 95, because he put a ketchup bottle and an empty coffee jar in the wrong bin.

“Everybody in this area puts their bins out the day before collection. I don’t see what the problem is.”


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This is what you get when lawyers run the government

House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved legislation on Tuesday allowing the Justice Department to sue OPEC members for limiting oil supplies and working together to set crude prices, but the White House threatened to veto the measure.

The bill would subject OPEC oil producers, including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela, to the same antitrust laws that U.S. companies must follow.

The measure passed in a 324-84 vote, a big enough margin to override a presidential veto.

The legislation also creates a Justice Department task force to aggressively investigate gasoline price gouging and energy market manipulation.

Are they out of their ever loving minds? How terminally stupid can you be and not fall over dead? Yes, OPEC is nearly a monopoly. We’ve known that for 35 years. So what? Yes, they are a massive cartel that has the world by the nadgers. This is news? Of course they are fixing the prices and fixing the amounts delivered. You can’t do anything about it, other than invading their countries. That’s it.

And just how do you think “our friends the Saudis” are going to react to being sued for price gouging? How about “Ok, never mind, we’ll sell our oil to someone else.”?

This is another example of our do-nothing government wasting time and money just for appearance’s sake. It’s bad enough this utterly useless measure was even considered, yet alone worked on. But when it came down to voting, an awful lot of “Conservative” Republicans went over to the other side and supported this “We’re all victims, let’s sue somebody to make things fair bill. Hope you clods are wearing comfortable shoes in November, because it’s walking time.

The way to energy independance is two-fold. First, you move heaven and earth to maximize your own production. Second, you do whatever you can to eliminate or minimize aspects of your own economy that run on imported fuels. It isn’t that hard to figure out. Yes, it’s going to require some sacrifices. Tough. Fucking. Shit. And it might cost you some money. Too bad. And you might rail against it like a cranky 2 year old because it’s an evil Socialist Agenda Taking Away Your Rights. Well, there may be some truth in that. But one thing you can say for Socialism is that it gets things done much faster. And we need solutions. In place. Yesterday. But let’s keep things in balance too; we just might have to put up with a bit more pollution for a few years. An endangered specie or two might go bye-bye. Again, that’s just too bad. Let’s shoot for “good enough” instead of only be willing to accept perfection.


Some Ideas That Will Work But Will Not Be Popular


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calendar   Wednesday - May 21, 2008

A Blogvertisement

Putting the DAM back in JDAM


brought to you by Military Motivator Blogspot, a nice place to find lots of military motivator posters.


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naughty bits


more graphical excellence from Rancino


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calendar   Tuesday - May 20, 2008

It will never be done

The condo siding project continues. We’re going into Day 17 of “it will only take 2 weeks per unit”. The crew of illegals has lost a lot of time to rain, and to changing plans. Instead of doing one building at a time until it’s done - front, back, and sides - they change their minds and started on 2 buildings. Now they’re working on 3 I think. All I know is the place is a disaster area. Nobody can park, nobody can use their garages, we have overflowing dumpsters full of construction waste everywhere, and the mess here when the crews are at work is unbelievable. We’ve got scaffolding running here, there, and everywhere, over our doors, in front of our garage, etc. Aiy yai yay. It’s starting to get to us. Please please please STOP RAINING damn it, so these hammer monkeys can actually get some work done. Thank you.

Sorry about the blurs on the pics. It’s water. Because it’s STILL FUGGGIN RAINING.




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Summer Bowling League, week 2


We got burned. Lost the 1st game by 100. Lost the 2nd game by 3 - Rex threw a gorgeous 268 with 9 in a row, but it wasn’t enough. Lost the 3rd game by some; I stopped looking after the 7th frame. Guy on the other team threw a 279. Summer league ... just for fun. Yeah right. And we gave them 23 pins???

So now we’re at 50% after 2 weeks. Rats. I feel responsible for at least half of it; I can’t roll my average even anymore. I’m getting really tired of sucking. REALLY TIRED.

And I’m having trouble with the damn ball again too. I hate it. It’s just too long for my game. I need something shorter. Maybe a Gravity shift, and get it drilled to hook super hard. There are only two ways I can get this damn NVS to break: roll it old lady slow, which is not me, or toss it using a side hand release for maximum revs. Yeah, but those revs are 90 degrees off of my natural track. No, I want a ball that I can throw with reasonable force [ie a full swing] that will grab on medium oil league conditions. Not the burnt to a crisp BS you get in the daytime. Actual league oil levels.  It’s not that I run down the approach. I don’t. I’m walking slowly as far as I can tell. I don’t even lift my foot for the first step, I just slide it, maybe a shoe length. But I can’t do a pushaway from knee level and keep my timing right. And I try so hard not to muscle the ball. But I want to. I have to fight that desire always.

This NVS came with a 4000 grit polish finish. I’ve taken it down to 1000 grit in hopes of sanding some length off of it, but all the rougher finish does is smooth out the arc. And I don’t want a smooth arcing ball. Down and in, break hard, boom. I want to be able to release from the middle of the approach, plus or minus a couple boards, and throw out over the 3 arrow, and perhaps as far outside as the 2 arrow and a little, and have the ball come back. I can put the ball down any line pretty consistently, but I can’t get this thing to work right for me. Maybe I’m using the wrong lines.

After my third idiot throw that went to the 7 pin, I took off my WristMaster brace I’ve been using, bent it in half, and threw it away. I’ve spent the last 3 years training my arm NOT to twist from the shoulder but from the wrist. Can’t do that with a wrist brace. But when I turn from the shoulder my hand pushes in a good 5” and the ball goes way the #&!% to the inside. For. Get. That. It’s not worth it for the extra revs I get with the brace.

So if I get rained out of work tomorrow I’ll take some cash and go roll 20 games. Ok, more like 6. Practice getting my thumb out, not that I understand how to do it. Practice locking my elbow and wrist nice and straight. Practice a full follow-through. Practice giving the pins the evil eye. Maybe that’ll help.

Gosh, I so love to bowl. But it’s nearly as frustrating as golf. Sometimes I feel I should bring my .45 and just shoot the damn pins. No question I can knock them down that way. 


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Not a beer

First chocolate martinis. Now, it’s non-alcoholic beef flavored beer. For your dog.


Now a man really can have a beer with his best friends. And their canine buddies are lapping it up.
Having seen her two dogs jump at the chance to catch a drop of beer, Elise Schumacher decided to make a drink suitable for her four-legged friends.

So the Sydney mother invented Dog Beer, which is just like real beer but without the alcohol.

“It’s DB, just like VB, and the slogan is, ‘Shout your best friend a beer’,” Mrs Schumacher said. “Dogs really love human beer but it’s bad for them.”

The hops in beer can cause dogs to have seizures while the carbon can lead some to die.

In an effort to keep her family pets happy, Mrs Schumacher, owner of Paws Point store in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, decided to design a canine-friendly beer.

After researching how to brew her own beer, the mother of two then had to taste test the beef flavours.

“I have drunk it,” she said. “It tastes like beef and smells like beer.”

While unlikely to be served on tap at the pub, some dog-friendly cafes are stocking the brand.

“It is popular with male customers,” she said, adding that summer barbecues often prompted greater sales. “People pick up a few bottles for the dogs.”

And the best part about this beer is that customers don’t have to be over 18 to drink it.


No man who drinks beer owns a dog like this. Or its charming little sweater either

Ok, I get it. Beer isn’t safe for dogs to drink, though many do anyway, without any apparent side effects besides a nap. Hops = bad for dogs, just like chocolate. But what’s this “carbon” business? There is no carbon in beer. Carbonated, Ok. Isn’t that just bubbles?

Most dogs won’t touch hard liquor either. You just can’t do shots with your pooch. But beef flavoring? What’s the point of that? A dog that wants a beer, wants a beer, not a bowl full of drippings. Kinda stupid.

Now, I’m neither a doggy dietician, nor a brewer, but there are beers made without hops. Would they be safe?


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World Record Surpassed Today

Burj Dubai now world’s tallest building and tallest structure ever built

and they’ve got another 170 meters to go

As of today the Burj Dubai, a massive needle design skyscraper in Dubai, has been built past 650 meters tall. That’s more than 700 feet taller than the antenna masts on top of the Sears Tower. More than 30 feet taller than the tallest thing ever built in the USA, the KLVY TV antenna in North Dakota. More than 132 feet taller than the Chicago Spire.

When complete, the Burj Dubai will have at least 155 usable stories, with another 13 or more stories above that holding elevator machinery etc., followed by about 150 meters of antenna on top. The very top is rumored to be planned to be 819 meters (2687 feet) above ground level. That’s more than twice the height of the Empire State Building if you don’t count ithe ESB’s antennas.

Here’s a drawing that compares the Burj to other tall things. I put it below the fold because it’s rather huge.


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The Wrong Fix for a bad law

Chicago Alderman Richard Mell is a former hunter with an arsenal of weapons that reportedly features shotguns, rifles and pistols, including a Walther PPK of James Bond fame.  But there’s a problem.

Mell forgot to re-register the weapons as required every year by the ordinance that he helped to pass as one of the City Council’s most senior members.

So, what does an alderman do when he finds himself in violation of the law? He writes a new law. Mell has quietly introduced an ordinance that would reopen gun registration in Chicago and create a one-month amnesty for himself and other gun owners in the same predicament.

During the monthlong window, gun owners who attempted to re-register their guns between May 1, 2007, and April 1, 2008, only to be rejected on grounds the registrations had lapsed would be allowed to re-register without penalty.

A better fix for this ordinance would be ... ordnance. Take the poxy thing outside and shell it. Live in Chicago, Obama’s favorite city. Register your guns. All of them. EVERY YEAR. Bet it costs money too. Go take a flying fuck Chicago. 


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16,000 Tokyo Residents Evacuated for UXB


TOKYO - A fire official says more than 16,000 people were evacuated from a Tokyo suburb while an unexploded 1-ton bomb believed was defused.  The bomb was believed to have been dropped by the U.S. military during World War II.

The rusty bomb was defused by a team from Japan’s Self-Defense Force in Chofu, on the outskirts of Tokyo, said Tokyo Fire Department official Shigeru Ishikawa.

“Residents stayed at nearby public schools for evacuation,” Ishikawa said. About 16,490 people had to leave their homes for about two hours, he said.

The bomb, believed to have been dropped by a B-29 bomber, was found by construction workers in March.

According to the city, Keio Corp., which is performing work to lay underground rail lines, found the bomb buried 3.25 meters underground near railtracks in the city’s Kokuryocho area on March 27. The firm scanned the area with a metal detector after being told by the owner of the land that something had fallen from the sky during the war and had made a hole in a field.  The one-ton U.S.-made bomb is about 1.8 meters long and has a diameter of 60 centimeters. The bomb is believed to have been dropped by a B-29 bomber that had targeted a munitions facility in the city.

After the bomb was discovered, the Self-Defense Forces took swift measures to secure the area and a security company is monitoring the bomb around the clock.

If the bomb were to explode above the ground, it is estimated that shrapnel and debris could be scattered over a distance of about two kilometers, leading Mayor Yoshiki Nagatomo to judge it essential for residents to be evacuated.

Ah, Bubba Darwin, we miss you already. Just think how you could have “restored” this one.


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Afghan hijacker found working at Heathrow

All together now ... Screw,,, Britannia, uh ... no. those aren’t the words. Oh damn. I know the song from somewhere.

Afghan hijacker found working at Heathrow ‘ransacked travel agency in a rage’
By Sam Greenhill
Last updated at 10:18 PM on 19th May 2008

One of the Afghans involved in the Stansted hijacking was back in court yesterday - accused of ransacking a travel agency.

During a violent argument with his landlord, Nazamuddin Mohammidy allegedly hurled a metal chair, smashed a computer and fought with staff until police arrived.

The 34-year-old was one of nine men who hijacked an airliner in Afghanistan in 2000 before landing in Britain and threatening to kill all 160 passengers unless they were granted asylum.

The gang were jailed, but cleared on appeal and freed to live comfortable lives on benefits worth £150,000 a year.

Last week, it emerged Mohammidy was working at Heathrow as a cleaner and had been given a British Airways security pass.

The latest charge of assault was unrelated to either the hijacking or the revelation of his job at Heathrow, magistrates in Ealing, West London, heard.

Mohammidy is said to have stormed into the Pamzee Airlines travel agency in West London on December 13 last year and started an argument with owner Manjit Komal.

Mohammidy rented a room above the shop and Mr Komal was his landlord. Mohammidy was complaining about the heating not working, but Mr Komal said he had infuriated the other tenants by constantly turning the temperature up to 30c (86f).

The pair came to blows and an enraged Mohammidy allegedly grappled across the counter with Mr Komal’s 20-year- old son Amardeep and threw a chair at his head.

After the fight, Amardeep had a gash to his leg needing stitches and Mohammidy was bleeding from a wound on his forehead.

Olu Phillips, prosecuting, said: ‘In the course of the struggle, there was damage to property in the shop floor.’

A computer monitor, display case and a wall were smashed causing £2,000 of damage, he said.

Mr Komal told the court: ‘He came into the shop and I saw him throw a chair at my son. The chair hit him. They were holding each other and both fell on the floor. He was hitting my son.

‘I held his arm and put my knee on him and was calling to the staff to call the police. I saw blood on the floor.’

Sarah Lewis, defending, said Mr Komal and his son attacked her client. She said Mohammidy was a man of good character who had been making a justified complaint to his landlord about the heating.

(A man of good character? Oh right. A hijacker of planes.  Threatens to kill ppl. Sure thing. Lotsa good character here)

Mohammidy denies assault and criminal damage and the trial continues. Last week, he was at the centre of what the Conservatives called a devastating breach of security by being allowed to work at Heathrow.

His job cleaning BA offices did not give him access to planes but he did have a pass for secure areas. The pass has since been taken from him.

In 2001, Mohammidy, his brothers Ali and Mohammed Safi and six other Afghans were jailed for hijacking the Boeing 727 and flying to Stansted.
But in 2003 the Court of Appeal ruled the convictions were unsafe and the men were released.

They moved into large private homes in Hounslow with their wives and children. In 2006, the gang were given ‘discretionary leave’ to remain in Britain as Afghanistan was ‘unsafe’ to return to.


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Hide this post from your daughters

Hello Kitty Cell Phones Coming Soon


If you are one of those unfortunate parents whose daughter has been infected with the nearly fatal Hello Kitty virus, do not let her see this. I can guarantee you that this is going to be an expensive version of an otherwise normal cell phone. But if she sees it, or learns about it, then you will cave. You will buy one. A parent can only stand so much whining before they give in. And you will give in.

Mobile phones featuring the Japanese cartoon cat Hello Kitty have renewed the furore over young children’s use of the devices.

The issue splits the opinions of parents; those in favour say it helps them keep in touch with their children; those against cite fears over potential health risks.

In 2005, Sir William Stewart, then chairman of the Health Protection Agency and the National Radiological Protection Board, recommended that nine- to 14-year-olds should only use them for essential calls but, by last year, the average age at which a child got their first mobile phone was already down to eight.

The Hello Kitty phone will go on sale in July and, although it is not marketed directly at children, it is sure to add to the pressure on the parents of fans of the kitten to get their young child a mobile.


Sue Palmer, author of advice book Detoxing Childhood, said: “A Hello Kitty phone would concern me considerably. The products are very pink and very attractive to young girls.

“It is very irresponsible. They need a new market and they are exploiting children.”

And if it sells in Britain, it will be over here in a flash.

If your life happens to be overrun with all this Hello Kitty junk, you might find some relief here. It’s a blog run by a guy with several daughters. His wife and all his female relatives have the disease. Truly, he lives in Hello Kitty Hell.


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Al Gore go away, don’t come back another day

What the heck? It’s the middle of May. Summer is right around the corner.

It was 37 degrees out when I got up. We had the heat on last night. It’s been 20 degrees below normal for several days now; cold and wet like November. I swear I saw snowflakes last night. Snow in May? Sure, in Binghamton NY, the weather pivot* of the north east, the place where winter hides as long as possible. But in central western New Jersey? Crivens, we hardly even had winter this winter. There were weeks in January and February when it was this cold, but without the precipitation.

Personally I blame Al Gore. He’s got to be around here somewhere, forcing God to make the rest of us suffer from Al’s curse. Damn Global Warming. Now I have to dig out the sweaters again.

* weather pivot? Sure, watch the national radar map on the TV weather. Binghamton is located on the southern end of NY, along the east side of the “flat part” along the PA border, just west of the “wiggly part” that heads southeast down to New York City. Watch the cloud systems come east and make a turn as they pass over Binghamton. That’s why they get extra weather there; the clouds have to pile up to make the corner, similar to NJ drivers on an exit ramp. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens often enough.


Al Gore has been awarded ONE MILLION DOLLARS by the Dan David Foundation in Israel for alerting the world to the GW crisis. That’s right, Nobel Prize winner Al Gore. He’s right up there in history now with Paul Revere. Summna batch, that fargin icehole.

Al Gore received a $1 million prize on Monday for his environmental work from an Israeli fund.

The Dan David Foundation awarded the former vice president its annual “present” prize for alerting the world to the crisis from the overuse of fossil fuels. It also gave prizes in “past” and “future” categories. The Nobel laureate received the award at a ceremony at Tel Aviv University.

In his address, Gore said, “We do face a planetary emergency. The phrase sounds shrill to many, but it is unfortunately quite accurate.”

Gore said 10 percent of the prize would go to young researchers and the rest to the Alliance for Climate Protection, an advocacy group he confounded and which works to change public opinion worldwide about the urgency of the climate crisis.


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