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Probably the most haunting video you will see today. In 2004 Robert Ballard returned to the wreck of the RMS Titanic…


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I guess you would call this a Push Poll?


Hey, at least you get a chance to vote on it!

brought to you by the good folks at DUR!


For Americans and other foreigners: this is a crosswalk signaler. I think.


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Humpback Whales Make Amazing Comeback: Climate And Diet May Be Key

A bit of learning for a Saturday. Why turn on the TV when BMEWS can bring you the latest bits of science and nature to help you entertain your 4 year old?  This is from an email I got from Knowledge News. Sign up for just $39 you can get access to all sorts of interesting stuff, forever.

Species Safety In Numbers?

Whale watchers worldwide got a bit of good news this week, with the release of a new study that says humpback whales are making a comeback in the North Pacific.

According to the study, the number of whales in the North Pacific may have reached 20,000 for the period between 2004 and 2006. That’s up from a total of fewer than 1,500 whales 40 years ago, when humpback hunting was banned.

Experts still worry that some humpback subgroups are taking longer to bounce back, but one described the news as “definitely very encouraging in terms of the recovery of the species.” It’s certainly enough to make us want to dive in for a closer look at one of the ocean’s marvelous mammals.

Other experts are thrilled that the humpback’s number have increased so dramatically, and wonder weather climate change and dietary change may have something to do with it. “A humpback cow only calves once every 7 years. She gives birth to a single calf, and that calf isn’t ready to breed until she’s 10 years old. Considering the standard rate of infant mortality among even the higher mammals in the wild, something unusual must be going on. To get these kind of numbers in just 40 years means that not only are the females surviving more than we expected, they must be growing faster and breeding younger. Slightly warmer seawater from climate change means the whales have to spend less energy to stay warm, and that helps. But that isn’t enough; they must be getting much higher levels of protein in their diets than you would normally get from eating a ton or so of krill every day.”

imageUproarious Rorquals

Humpbacks hail from the family of whales called “rorquals,” which includes the fin whale, the sei whale, and the blue whale, the world’s largest animal. Blue whales can grow to 100 feet (30 meters) and weigh up to 330,000 pounds (150 metric tons), bigger than any dinosaur we’ve yet discovered.

At 45 feet (14 meters) and 80,000 pounds (36 metric tons), humpbacks aren’t nearly as big as cousin Blue. But they can really sing. In fact, according to a 2006 study, humpback whales sing grammatically, combining sounds into phrases, and phrases into songs, according to complex rules called a “hierarchical syntax.” It’s similar to our ability to combine words into clauses and clauses into sentences.

Humpbacks can dance, too. They are among the most acrobatic of whales, sometimes leaping entirely out of the water. Such breaching is common among males during mating season, when humpbacks migrate from polar feeding grounds to tropical breeding grounds. It’s also during mating season that humpback males sing their syntactically sophisticated songs, presumably in pursuit of humpback gals. Until recently, breaching had only been observed in the breeding grounds. Recent whale studies though have found humpbacks breaching in the ice littoral areas on the edge of the polar regions. That’s the edge of the pack ice which in the spring becomes a morass of small bergs and chunks of ice. Humpbacks have been observed breaching right next to smaller pieces of the flow, and sometimes even striking the edge of them without apparent injury. Needless to say, 36 tons of flying whale hitting a bit of ice sheet sends the ice tumbling. Humpbacks are also known to “hover” by resting vertically at the surface with their heads protruding from the water. It is thought that this lets the humpbacks have a look around above the water. Breaching may let them see even further, possibly in an attempt to spot schools of fish feeding at the surface nearby. This is a very hotly debated subject amongst whale researchers.

Straining for Snacks

Like all rorquals, humpbacks are baleen whales. They feed by taking huge mouthfuls of seawater--literally tons of it--then forcing the water out between hundreds of plates of baleen (a.k.a. “whalebone") that hang from the roofs of their mouths. The baleen plates work like a sieve, letting water out but keeping krill and other munchable marine life in.

To catch that seafood dinner, humpbacks sometimes use a special technique called “bubblenet.” First, one or more humpbacks swim in a circle beneath a school of fish, blowing bubbles that float up to form a wall around their prey. Then the humpbacks swim up through their “bubblenet,” slurping the fish-filled water as they go. Bubblenetting is a typical humpback feeding behavior. In the polar regions a pod of whales will often bubblenet around smaller pieces of loose pack ice. The very warm airbubbles are thought to confuse and dislodge small fish and other creatures that use the ice as cover.

Lunge feeding

Humpback whales have yet another ingenious way of getting thier dinner called lunge feeding. Instead of slowly trawling along processing thousands of gallons of seawater for the occassional shrimp, humpbacks also engage in this type of nearly hunting behavior. Whether alone or in pods, whether used with a bubblenet or not, tropical or polar, sometimes humpbacks will dive deep, turn around, and race towards the surface. As they get there they open their mouths wide and snap up whatever they find. Whale research scientists are very impressed with lunge feeding. “There are some fish that live near the surface. If the whales were to come up behind them the fish would sense it and dart away. It’s like trout and mayflies, only much much larger.  Lunge feeding lets the whale catch much bigger creatures we ever realized, especially when they are in a pod in the arctic and making bubblnets. The old idea of the giant gentle humpback getting by on enormous amounts of plankton may just have to be tossed overboard.”

It’s clever, and tremendously effective. A humpback whale can catch, and eat, as much as 3,000 pounds (1,360 kg) of food in a day. But that’s not too surprising--coming from a creature smart enough to sing in syntax. Every year brings exciting new discoveries in the field of whale science. Subscribe to Knowledge News today so you can stay informed!

UPDATE !! Breaking News: researchers find the humpback’s secret protien source.

See More Below The Fold


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Splodeydope wannabe ‘splodes himself. Twice. Screws up both times

This in itself is nothing new. Hardly even newsworthy. The reason AQ needs some many martyrs to answer their call to instant glory is because at least half of them blow themselves up in training. Or while making their bomb. Or while selecting fashion accessories to go with the suicide vest. The last hashish hacking human hemmoroid we wrote about put on his bomb belt and tripped while going downstairs. And landed on the detonator. Whoopsie daisy!

No, this story is new because the bungling blow up action figure was new to the glorious Party of the Pedophile. Heck, this guy isn’t even a member of the victimized Little Brown People race. No, he’s a white guy. An Englishman. In England. Who converted to Islam only recently. And his first act of devotion was to try and set off several bombs in a restaurant at lunch hour. In England.

Funny, I looked really hard at Fox, CNN online, and scanned through the TV channels. Not. One. Word. Na. Da.

Exeter explosion at Giraffe restaurant: man injured is suspected Islamic extremist

A suspected Islamic extremist has attempted to attack a restaurant in a shopping centre in the middle of Exeter.

Nobody in the restaurant was injured in the explosion apart from the bomber.  The man suffered cuts to his eye and facial burns in the attack when his device went off in the toilets of the restaurant in the brand new, £230m Princesshay centre.  Police sources believe the man was arming a bomb when it partially exploded in his face. He then tried to detonate a second device in the crowded street outside the restaurant.  Bomb disposal teams have recovered canisters of a sodium-based homemade explosive, it is understood, and there were reports that nails may have been part of the devices.

Patrons at this tony new eatery were wonderfully English about the whole thing. Bless them!

He said: “I heard a noise which sounded like a gunshot and at first I thought it was a kitchen accident of some sort. “About a second afterwards there was another identical sound and maybe a second later a third.
“They evacuated us very calmly and there were people still eating while the explosions took place but who left their meals and went out.

Another diner, who would only be identified as Trudy, said: “It was definitely an explosion, it sounded like the lights were exploding. There was a lot of glass. I think it came from the toilet. There was concern, I wouldn’t say there was panic, everyone got up and the staff were very good getting everyone out.”

Pardon me, I hate to be a bother, but there seems to be a bit of an explosion going on in the loo. Would you mind terribly if we asked you to move to the veranda for a short while? We’ll be serving tea and biscuits there in a trice.

I want to know how this guy could go from Anglican to Extremist so darned fast. It’s tough to buy a car over there that accelerates that quickly.


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Well … I thought it was funny

PC Police Force Hildabest to Apologize, Again

Stupid people. No sense of humor at all. Can’t anyone tell what a joke is anymore? Or when somebody is cracking wise? Dur.

Sen. Hillary Clinton said Friday that she regretted comments that evoked the June 1968 assassination of Robert Kennedy as part of her explanation for why she was staying in the presidential race late into the primary season.


Earlier Friday afternoon, she told the editorial board of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader that “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it,” she said.

c’mon Hil, show some brass. I know it was a joke. Because it would take that kind of miracle for you to win the nomination. Because you offed your pal Vince Foster. Because you secretly wish there was another James Earl Ray out there, or at least some member of the Arkansas Mafia who realizes your royalty and could “rid you of this troublesome priest”. I can see the humor. Granted it’s rather dark humor, but you’re really poking fun at yourself and the hole your candidacy is in.

But no, she can’t do that. That would be honest. Forthright. Can’t have that. Instead she tries a bit of CYA later in the day -

Later at an event in Brandon, South Dakota, she said, “earlier today, I was discussing the Democratic primary history and in the course of that discussion mentioned the campaigns that both my husband and Sen. Kennedy waged in California in June in 1992 and 1968, and I was referencing those to make the point that we have had nominating primary contests that go into June. That’s an historic fact.”

But the PC Police didn’t buy it. Not only have you offended his Messiahness by making this thinly veiled threat against his life, you’ve gone on the offensive and now claim that the reason all the little people are upset is because they’re stupid -

Clinton’s campaign manager, Maggie Williams, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that people may have “misinterpreted what she meant.”

And you’re right, because they are. Therefore you’re double damned. So stop speaking anything remotely like the truth, and just make up a new lie, or at least a significant misstatement of facts -

“I think people have short memories,” she said then. “Primary contests used to last a lot longer. We all remember the great tragedy of Bobby Kennedy being assassinated in June in L.A. My husband didn’t wrap up the nomination in 1992 until June. Having a primary contest go through June is nothing particularly unusual.”

Primary contests didn’t used to last a lot longer. They ran into June because they didn’t start until February. Of that year. By far and away, this has been the longest campaign in the history of the US, followed by the mostly standard primary season. Only a few states actually moved their dates up. Places like Michigan and Florida. You’ve heard of them, haven’t you?

I’m not going to bother writing about what Obullshit’s camp said. Typical whiney baby poo-flinging episode. Who cares? 


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Aarrgh, Pirates!

Ransom Paid?

NAIROBI, Kenya - Somali pirates on Friday released a UAE-owned ship they captured a week ago, a regional maritime official said.  The owners of the MV Victoria told the East Africa Seafarers Assistance Program that the ship was released Friday and is now traveling with a handful of Somali soldiers on board to ensure its safe passage, said Andrew Mwangura, who is the coordinator of the program.

Marwan Shipping and Trading Company, based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, owns the MV Victoria, but the vessel flies a Jordanian flag, Mwangura told The Associated Press.

He said he did not know under what terms the pirates released the ship.

But you can bet they weren’t let go because they said “pretty please”. Where oh where are the “world marines”? Somebody ought to send in the blue helmets and clean this place out.

Piracy is rampant along the 1,880-mile (3,000-kilometer) Somali coast, which is the longest in Africa and is near key shipping routes connecting the Red Sea with the Indian Ocean. There have been more than a dozen pirate attacks this year alone.

On Thursday, South Africa’s U.N. Ambassador Dumisani Kumalo said that U.N. experts monitoring a 1992 arms embargo in Somalia are currently investigating the links between piracy and arms trafficking. The experts are also investigating allegations that pirates received “active support” from government officials in charge of the ports, Kumalo said in a report to the U.N. Security Council that was released by the world body.

Last month, the United States and France introduced a U.N. resolution that would allow countries to chase and arrest pirates off Somalia’s coast. The resolution came in response to the increase in attacks this year and last year compared with 2006 when they had dwindled.

Resolution my arse. Let’s use up all those excess cluster bombs we aren’t allowed to use anywhere else.


I’ve got work to do, so you may not hear much from me for the next 4 days. I’ll try to post something, but I’m going to be one tired puppy when I get home. Yeah, I’m working the holiday weekend. Nothing new there for me.


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Better Role Models

Rancino sent me this the other day, but I had trouble with the video. Now that it’s been ‘Tubed, I can paste it up. Nice work Mike The Marine. His video turns the decent (and starting to be overplayed) Nickelback tune on it’s head.



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Perfect Irony

I get a lot of email. “I wrote this post on my blog. Please link me.” Most of it is ... less than excellent? This one is worth taking a look. It isn’t that long, but it will make you think, if you think Socialized Medicine may be part of the Change we all need to Hope for.

Ted Kennedy’s Cancer Treatment Under Socialized Medicine

Because, let’s face it, socialized medicine / universal health care has been one of Teddy’s raisons d’etre for many years now. What if he had pushed it through, and the US healthcare system was very much like what they have over in England? Not exactly schadenfreude, though it’s hard not to feel a little smirk of “serves ya right” when reading Duane’s post:

Ted rides to the nearest hospital and his ambulance parks outside the building, but he is not unloaded. Instead he sits. And sits. And sits. For nearly five hours, Kennedy waits in the ambulance, “in a holding pattern”, waiting to be allowed in the hospital. He can’t be allowed in because the hospital can’t treat him immediately, and they have a government mandate that says patients have to be treated within four hours of admission. So rather than being treated right away, Kennedy is stacked outside the hospital in an ambulance. During that time, other 911 emergencies are left unattended by his ambulance because it is being used to meet government regulations.

Go over to the All American Blogger and read the rest. And leave a comment. Tell him BMEWS sent you.


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Senate subpoenas oil execs once again. SSDD.

John Lowe, Executive Vice President, Conoco Philips Company:

I cannot overemphasize the access issue. Access to resources is severely restricted in the United States and abroad, and the American oil industry must compete with national oil companies who are often much larger and have the support of their governments.

We can only compete directly for 7 percent of the world’s available reserves while about 75 percent is completely controlled by national oil companies and is not accessible.

While all oil-importing nations buy oil at global prices, some, notably India and China, subsidize the cost of oil products to their nation’s consumers, feeding the demand for more oil despite record prices. They do this to speed economic growth and to ensure a competitive advantage relative to other nations.

Meanwhile, in the United States, access to our own oil and gas resources has been limited for the last 30 years, prohibiting companies such as Shell from exploring and developing resources for the benefit of the American people.

Senator Sessions, I agree, it is not a free market.

According to the Department of the Interior, 62 percent of all on-shore federal lands are off limits to oil and gas developments, with restrictions applying to 92 percent of all federal lands. We have an outer continental shelf moratorium on the Atlantic Ocean, an outer continental shelf moratorium on the Pacific Ocean, an outer continental shelf moratorium on the eastern Gulf of Mexico, congressional bans on on-shore oil and gas activities in specific areas of the Rockies and Alaska, and even a congressional ban on doing an analysis of the resource potential for oil and gas in the Atlantic, Pacific and eastern Gulf of Mexico.

The Argonne National Laboratory did a report in 2004 that identified 40 specific federal policy areas that halt, limit, delay or restrict natural gas projects. I urge you to review it.

No kidding. Gosh, you mean the oil companies don’t have free reign to drill willy-nilly and suck the lifeblood of dear Gaia whenever and whereever they want? I’ve heard that taxes make up 6 times as big a slice of the price of a gallon of gas as do oil company profits. Could this be true???

As usual, the anal ostriches of the Senate are doing something about the high price of gas. They’re yelling at the oil companies and threatening windfall taxes. This is nothing new. I swear they do this every 3 or 4 years, and have been doing it since I was 11 years old. And it’s always the same questions, and the same answers, and the same awareness of issues: The oil companies make a lot of money because they sell an enormous amount of product. If there is any price fixing going on, it’s in the international market; profits on oil are lower than profits in most other businesses. Oil prices could be lower if the companies could exploit more of the resources we know we have, but a zillion federal laws are in the way. This is the exact same song and dance that’s been going on for generations.

Go read the rest if you want, at Power Line. Or at Malkin. I’m just throwing up my hands. Michelle reminds us that this is a standard Democrat tactic, but for extra fun, now we have John McCain getting on board with them. Such a Republican old Maverick is. Not.


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Yeeeee Haaaaaw !!!

Out-friggin-standing. ht/t to Kim’s.

big_us_flag  FREE GUN WITH EVERY PURCHASE !!! big_us_flag

Now that’s what I call an American company! Woo hoo!!!


A Missouri car dealership is triggering interest by offering customers free guns or gasoline with any purchase, and despite the skyrocketing price of fuel, patrons are going for the guns.

“We are aware of the gasoline and crime problem in America,” states an ad on the website of Max Motors. It goes on to note it “wants to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

“What we’re doing is giving everyone who buys a new or used vehicle a free handgun,” said Mark Muller, the dealership’s owner. “We have guns to display, but we can’t actually give them a gun, so what we do is give them a coupon for a local gun dealer here in town so they can pick out any gun they want. We recommend a semi-automatic.”

The certificate is good for either $250 at Alton Arms or for $250 worth of gas. Muller told WND no one has chosen the gas so far.

Wait, stop cheering for just a second. It gets even better!

“Six people came by – a bunch of long hairs who think the ‘60s are still going on, and who obviously don’t have jobs,” Muller said. “We all went out there with our cowboy hats on and told them we’d stomp ‘em, and they left.”
When asked if Sen. Barack Obama’s recent comments about people clinging to guns and religion inspired the promotion, Muller said yes.

“My next promotion is to give away a free King James Bible to any Muslim that converts to Christianity,” he said.

The only thing I can find wrong with this promotion is that it isn’t big enough. $250 doesn’t get you much of a gun. I don’t know how close to the bone this dealer’s deals really are, but $500 would get you a much better pistol. 


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Barack Obama juggernaut ‘will crush John McCain’, report from USA based Brit reporter

No comment from meself cept ta say ... might I be better off staying here when the time comes?  You know, just in case this reporter is right.
Scary stuff.  We need a catagory for “scary stuff” Drew.

US elections: Barack Obama juggernaut ‘will crush John McCain’By Toby Harnden in Des Moines, Iowa
Last Updated: 11:53AM BST 22/05/2008

Senator Barack Obama has established a battle-tested 50-state grassroots organisation and fundraising “juggernaut” that will crush John McCain in November, according to his senior advisers.

With the Illinois senator declaring himself “within reach” of the Democratic nomination after achieving a majority of the pledged delegates - those allocated by vote - on Tuesday, his campaign has already pivoted to preparing for the general election against Mr McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee.

Although publicly heaping praise on Hillary Clinton, Mr Obama’s Democratic rival, and carefully avoiding putting pressure on her to drop out before the final states vote on June 3rd, the Illinois senator’s staff is impatient to launch a full-scale offensive against Mr McCain
But they believe that the ferocious fight Mrs Clinton has put up has helped them build an organisation of unprecedented strength.

“I don’t think John McCain realises what he’s in for,” said one adviser. “We’ve created a juggernaut,” said another, “and it’s going to overwhelm him.”

They cite their internet fundraising operation, the grassroots organising network that secured victory over Mrs Clinton by winning a series of caucus states and hundreds of thousands of idealistic young volunteers as crucial advantages over Mr McCain.

Democrats have attracted colossal numbers of new voters - in just seven primary states in March and April, some one million new party members were registered.

At Mr Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago, the focus is firmly on the general election. Even on primary day on Tuesday with contests against Mrs Clinton in Kentucky and Oregon a large sign in the open plan office announced: “Countdown to Nov 4th -167 days”.

Joe Trippi, a Democratic consultant who pioneered some of the successful grassroots and internet techniques when he ran Howard Dean’s campaign in 2004, said that John McCain is already in “deep, deep trouble” because of a poor organisation and an anaemic fundraising total of about a fifth of the $500 million raised by Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton.

“Obama’s got the strongest organisation in history because of what he’s done with the internet and plugging volunteers into the paid organisers operation. McCain’s team is in a shambles. He has no organisation and no grassroots fundraising operation.”

More than 100 staff and volunteers, the majority of them in their 20s and dressed casually, work in the Obama headquarters, leased from the consulting firm Accenture on the 11th floor of a downtown skyscraper.

The atmosphere is akin to that of an internet start-up company - relaxed but with an earnest calm. Only a handful of senior staff have glass offices and there is none for Mr Obama himself, who drops in every time he returns to Chicago.

Although Mrs Clinton scored a 35-point victory in Kentucky, Mr Obama’s comfortable double-digit win in Oregon put him a whisker away from securing the Democratic nomination. On Thursday, he begins a three-day trip to Florida, a key swing state that is a must-win for Mr McCain.

Mr Obama has quietly begun to take over the Democratic party. Paul Tewes, who masterminded the Iowa victory in January that stunned Mrs Clinton and set Mr Obama on the path to the nomination, is expected to expected to run the party during the general election.

There have also been overtures to key members of Mrs Clinton’s staff.

David Axelrod, Mr Obama’s chief strategist, is understood to have held talks with Patti Solis Doyle, a senior Clinton adviser who was ousted as her campaign manager in February.

Mr Obama’s advisers believe he can win in states such as Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, New Mexico and Missouri that President George W. Bush won in 2004, though they concede they have work to do in Michigan and Florida, where he has not campaigned extensively because their primaries were disallowed by the party.

“We’ve become a very tested organisation, “said Robert Gibbs, Mr Obama’s communication director and his closest aide after Mr Axelrod. “We’ve built organisations in every place int his country. We don’t have to start building anything from scratch.

“Once we become the nominee, that’s going to be tremendously important for the fall [autumn] because as we’ve seen in the last two presidential elections, it’s all about turnout. We think we can not only expand the map in terms of the states in play but also expand the electorate within each one of those states.”

Mr Obama’s campaign team has been remarkably stable with his inner circle of Mr Axelrod, Mr Gibbs, David Plouffe, the campaign manager, and others remaining unchanged.

In contrast, Mr McCain has sacked or lost a string of senior aides, when his campaign ran out of money and virtually collapsed last July and again this month when at least five advisers left because of conflicts over their lobbying for businesses and foreign governments.

This week, Mark McKinnon, Mr McCain’s media adviser, stepped down because, as he said last year, electing Mr Obama would “send a great message to the country and the world”.

Mr Trippi said: “Obama has been battered, beaten, screamed at, yelled at, kicked and - nothing, totally unflappable, his staff’s unflappable, no schisms. McCain has imploded twice. So you have to have more confidence in Obama’s ability to put a team together and keep it together.”

Alex Conant, spokesman for the Republican National Committee, warned the Obama campaign against complacency.

“Between now and November, Barack Obama will have tough time explaining his plans to raise taxes and negotiate with state-sponsors of terror,” Mr Conant said.

“It’s telling that even on verge of clinching the nomination, so many Democrats continue to have serious concerns about his inexperience and weak judgment. Republicans are unified and pleased with the great contrast voters will have in this election.”


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Proactive Pre-emptive Moonbats

Leftard Talking Head Says Teh Election Was Fixed.
6 Months Before It Happens!

Is this the MSM getting ready for a blow-out loss for their darling Obama? Sure looks that way to me. Once again, the left cries foul because they were unable to rig the election sufficiently in their favor.

NBC’s Mitchell Suggests Republicans May Cheat Obama in November

During MSNBC’s live coverage of the Kentucky and Oregon Democratic presidential primaries on Tuesday, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell seemed to take seriously suggestions by Hillary Clinton “loyalists” who argue that Republicans in control of the election process in some red states Barack Obama hopes to carry may deny him a “fair vote” in the November general election. Mitchell: “Other Clinton loyalists, but realists, say that that electoral map is a stretch in one regard: There are ... Republican governors and Secretaries of State, if you will, Katherine Harris-type election officials in those states. ... [Obama] has to go up against the establishment, which would be Republican, and he has to figure out a way to get a fair vote, if he’s the nominee, in those red states.”

These losers are so high. They’ve all gone paranoid from smokin crack. And - you guessed it - here it comes again, the Lie That Won’t Dietm:

During an interview with Lisa Caputo of the Clinton campaign, Caputo commented that the possibility of Clinton winning the popular vote among Democratic primary and caucus voters while Obama wins the delegate count reminds her of the 2000 election. Matthews then contended that Al Gore “may well have won the election” if he had requested a statewide recount instead of “just a couple of counties” because Gore might have won most “intended votes.”

Oh Chad, are you still with us? Didn’t we give you the lethal injection you so richly deserved years ago? Unbelievable. Go read the rest here, if you can stomach it. 8 solid years and these morons haven’t changed their retarded tune by a single note. “Selected not Elected”, and elections rigged against them. Because it is simply impossible that people wouldn’t vote for Obama.


PS - Katherine Harris did her job. She upheld the laws of her state.


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Riverside , California …. Have they finally destroyed those glorious orange groves on Victoria?

All in the name of progress of course and lets face it, profit really.

There’s an area in Riverside,Ca. that was slowly being ground under even as I was living there.

Orange groves.  At certain time of the year the smell of those orange blossoms was like heaven.  Covered a large area once.

Anyway, one street in particular was Victoria Ave. Or is it Blvd.?  Can’t recall.  I believe it was named for Queen Victoria and if I’m wrong I’m sure someone will tell me.  So, this street ran .... ? ... gee.  I don’t know how many miles from one end of Riverside to the other.  This being Calif. of course, the center divider
was planted with rose bushes between the palm trees.  Very scenic.

But little by little I had noticed the groves being destroyed.  I’m glad I left for Palm Desert before the the final bell tolled for Victoria and the groves there.

I guess there just wasn’t enuff profit anymore, especially as so much is imported these days.  And btw, when I speak of those groves I’m going back to about 1989 or ‘90, which is when I left Riverside for the Desert at Palm.  So heaven only knows what’s become of them in all this time.

I’m reminded of that area of Riverside because over here in the UK, there is much worry over what’s to become of what the Brits call, “The Green Belt.”

The green belt here was supposed to be inviolate, at least that’s my understanding.  There’s only so much paving over an island can stand, and now there are ppl suggesting , oh perhaps it’d be okay to destroy just a small amount of the belt.  For housing.  Especially in many areas, low income housing.  That’s double talk for council estates. Welfare housing. 

But even without that, once you start the process there isn’t gonna be any way to recover the beautiful parklike land that’s destroyed in the name of something that spelled another way says “profits.” Profits for ppl who couldn’t care less about this beautiful place.  And please do not make any mistake about one thing that rankles in both UK and USA.  Immigration.  Uncontrolled, unlimited immigration.

Altho the powers that be deny it, that’s the leading cause of all the demands for housing. Even if it means destroying forever parts of England that will never be recoverable.

Lyndon did a better rant on this then I have.  I just happen to remember those wonderful groves in Riverside and here I am reading about similar vandalism in the name of housing/profits here in UK.


Posted by Drew458   United Kingdom  on 05/22/2008 at 10:18 AM   
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Knife crime is epidemic, top judge claims

I think the judge speaks true BUT, how long will this feeling last?  I’m a cynic.  Why’d it have to go on so long with so many dead?  Oh hell, I don’t care if the gangs and hoodies wipe each other out.  Unfortunately tho, too often civilians get caught in their crossfire or walk thru what they see as their “turf” and bingo. Another victim.

If they’re so eager to fight, why not bring back the coliseum fights between members of the criminal class.

Anyway ... Drew already posted the remedy needed to stop the “epidemic” and if these judges would only read BMEWS their problem might get solved.

By Richard Alleyne
Last Updated: 8:59AM BST 22/05/2008

Knife crime has escalated to “epidemic proportions” and has to be “confronted and stopped”, said Sir Igor Judge, the President of the High Court Queen’s Bench Division.
Sir Igor, speaking as he was dealing with four unconnected cases at the Court of Appeal, said courts should be imposing the “most severe” sentences appropriate.

The judge, sitting with Mr Justice Griffith Williams and Mr Justice Saunders, dismissed three challenges to knife crime sentences, but allowed a fourth by a man caught with an axe during a Royal parade.

The judge’s stern remarks, mirroring public concern over rising knife crime on the nation’s streets, are likely to result in stronger sentences being passed in cases of knife-related crime in the future.

“Carrying a knife or offensive weapon without reasonable excuse is a crime which is being committed far too often by far too many people,” he said.

“Every weapon carried about the streets, even if concealed from sight, even if not likely to be used or intended to be used, represents a threat to public safety and public order.

“That is because, even if carried only for bravado or carried for some misguided sense that it would be used in possible self-defense, it takes only a moment of irritation, drunkenness, anger, perceived insult, or something utterly trivial like a ‘look’, for the weapon to be produced.

“Then you have mayhem, and offences of the greatest possible seriousness follow, including murder, manslaughter, GBH, wounding and assault.

“Offences of this kind have recently escalated. They are reaching epidemic proportions. Every knife or weapon carried in the street represents a public danger and, therefore, in the public interest, this crime must be confronted and stopped.

“The courts will do what they can to reduce and, so far as it is practicable, eradicate it. In our view, it is important for public confidence in the criminal justice system that the man or woman caught in possession of a knife or offensive weapon without reasonable excuse should normally be brought before the courts and prosecuted.

“Even if the offender does no more than carry the weapon, even when the weapon is not used to threaten or cause fear, when considering the seriousness of the offence, courts should bear in mind the harm which the weapon might foreseeably have caused.

“So, the message is stark: this is a serious offence and it should be treated with the seriousness it deserves.”

The judges dismissed three appeals for sentences to be cut but reduced the six year term of Daniel Bleazard, 34, of Adelphi Road, Huddersfield, to five for carrying an axe as he pushed through crowds to get to the front as the Queen passed by St George’s Square in Bradford on May 24 of last year.


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