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Have Islamists infiltrated the Defense Department?

This was forwarded to me by a friend who recently finished a couple of years in Iraq. My friend is in Army Intelligence and is obviously on some intelligence-related Yahoo groups. He’s currently stationed in Germany.

At his request, I’ve deleted all identifiers from this post.

All I can say is that with this kind of idiocy at the Pentagon, including having an Islamic extremist on the staff of the Deputy Defense Secretary, we are doomed to lose the war.

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oh such fun

I live in a condo park. The place was built 30 or more years ago. The geniuses who designed the place sided the whole complex, all 33 buildings, with the cheapest rough milled wood lath they could find. Then they hung it vertically, so that the edges would catch all the wind and rain. Needless to say, many folks here have had water leakage problems. It wasn’t until two years ago that any of these units even had gutters. Because they aren’t pretty. A big bunch of brain surgeons, right? So we got gutters finally, but they fired the guy who ran that project because he put in industrial size gutters, which are nearly double the size of your standard homeowner size. But they do a great job, and should have lastest for decades.

Well, they’re mostly gone now. The condo association decided to reside the whole place in modern insulated vinyl, and replace the brand-new gutters with smaller ones that “are more aesthetic”. Fuck that, they worked. So now they’re being sold for scrap. So right now we have even more Nicaraguans running around here than usual, tearing the place apart with saws and hammers. Fun, fun, and more fun.

It’s just extra special that they started the time exactly when the carpenter bees swarm. As luck would have it, our building is the first one to get the treatment. We’re getting all the wood siding torn off, replacement plywood undersheathing where necessary, a fully taped Tyvek wrap, and Alcoa Structure EPS siding on top. Top of the line stuff. Cost per unit: $10,000. Youch. And we got a brand new roof last year. Gosh, if I could get the landlord to paint and put in new carpet, that would be awesome ... except the rent would shoot up so much we’d have to move. We might anyway ... I figure the rent is going up $100 per month to pay for this, and it’s a falling renters market around here.


The big brown thing hanging down in the middle used to be a brand new industrial sized color coordinated gutter. Now it’s scrap metal.


Hey, that’s MY house!


A taste of what is to come. I just hope we get new fascias too, as the old ones are wall to wall carpenter bees underneath.


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Al Sharpton Gets Arrested

NEW YORK (WABC)—Protesters are on New York streets objecting the verdicts given in the Sean Bell shooting trial. Reverend Al Sharpton has been arrested at the Brooklyn Bridge as part of the protests.

Eyewitness news has learned NYPD has made dozens of arrests, including Rev. Al Sharpton as a result of the protests. Also arrested were Bell’s fiancee Nicole Bell, Trent Benefield, and Joseph Guzman.

“Today we want motorists to think about how three people were shot 50 times by officers,” said Rev. Sharpton.

The following disruptions occurred due to the protests.
There was large crowd in front of Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side. Traffic is blocked on Park Row approach.

Protesters were arrested in the intersection and being put into a police bus.

Protesters had blocked access to the Manhattan Bridge on Brooklyn side.

Protestors had blocked access to the Midtown Tunnel on East Side. There have been 19 arrests there.

The Holland Tunnel has reopened on the Manhattan side.

Protesters had blocked access to the Triborough Bridge in East Harlem. Eyewitness News is told at least 30 people were arrested there.

Protesters had blocked access to the Queensborough Bridge on Upper East Side. 29 arrests were made at the Queensborough Bridge location.

While the demonstrations are expected to be peaceful-- they are also expected to put pressure on federal authorities.

Protestors have hit the streets this afternoon. This event is designed to get out their message.

“It’s about multiple gatherings to show real concern, so the federal government will have to deal with the public outcry and say, “wow people are so upset in New York”...feeling the civil rights are at risk here, that we have to look into this in a serious way,” Rev. Al Sharpton said.

They want federal prosecutors to take over the Bell case after the acquittal of the three detectives involved in the shooting.

Six key sites, five in Manhattan, are the targets for the protest, which is designed unabashedly to lead to some arrests.

At Police Headquarters, hundreds of protesters gathered in the plaza. They marched to the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge and kneeled to be arrested.

At the House of the Lord Church on Atlantic Avenue, protesters gathered inside. They marched to the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge to disrupt trafffic.

Damn, this is just Civil Disobedience. Which means he’ll be out in an hour or two. I was hoping he got nailed for fraud, or tax evasion, sellin crack or runnin hos. Rats. But it is major Civil Disobedience; the protests blocked traffic for tens of thousands of vehicles, maybe more. New York City is solid traffic for miles in every direction in the late afternoon.

If you aren’t familiar with the Bell case, it’s another one of those “NY City cops shoot a black guy, therefore it’s murder” situations, in which the number of rounds fired is amazing, and nearly more important than the shooting itself. (That the guy Bell was only hit twice is mostly ignored.) Ignored is that Bell and his pals were totally wasted, and tried repeatedly to run the cops over. As an attorney for the Bell family said in response to the report, “No matter what his blood-alcohol level was, he’s a victim.”

Mr. Bell’s supporters say that the case is another in a line of police shootings of unarmed black men that have occurred in recent years, and is emblematic of a pattern of abuse of police power in the black community.

Two of the officers charged in the Bell case, Detective Isnora and Detective Marc Cooper, are black. (ed note: but they’re po-lice BLUE before they’re black, right?)

The case may offer the judge the possibility of what in legal circles is sometimes called “splitting the baby,” named for King Solomon’s proposed solution to the case of two women who claimed to be the same child’s mother.

In a criminal trial, splitting the baby is to find the defendant a little bit guilty and a little bit innocent, which tends to please the interests of neither the victim nor the accused.

In the verdict in the Bell shooting, the baby is an eight-count indictment against three detectives, and there are plenty of places for Solomon to cut.

On Nov. 25, 2006, after leaving his bachelor party at the Club Kalua in Jamaica, Queens, Mr. Bell tried to go back inside to retrieve a hat and was confronted by a stranger.

Detective Isnora and others were working at the club in an undercover operation, and Detective Isnora said that during the exchange that followed, he heard Joseph Guzman, a friend of Mr. Bell’s, say, “Get my gun.”

Detective Isnora followed Mr. Bell, Mr. Guzman and another friend, Trent Benefield, to Mr. Bell’s car, where he said he showed his police badge, clipped to his collar, and shouted, “Police! Don’t move!” Mr. Bell drove his Nissan Altima into Detective Isnora’s leg and into an unmarked minivan driven by Detective Michael Oliver. Mr. Bell backed up and hit a gate, and then hit the minivan again.

The officers opened fire — with Detective Oliver firing 31 shots — killing Mr. Bell and wounding his friends.


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Best Line Of The Day

... comes from Maggie’s Farm, in a very tiny post called Political Euthanasia about the low chances Hillary has of winning that thing, and whether she should just quit now.

As some wag noted somewhere re the Kentucky Derby, “The filly comes in second and is euthanized; Big Brown wins.”


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I’m a bit confused on how to title this post. Should it be



When You Can’t Blame Bush, Blame Rush

Obama Camp Credits ‘Operation Chaos’ for Clinton Lead in Indiana
Barack Obama’s campaign issued an e-mail on Tuesday night that appeared to relegate Hillary Clinton’s lead in Indiana to efforts by Rush Limbaugh to wreak havoc in the Democratic presidential primary contest.

In an e-mail entitled “The Limbaugh Effect in Indiana = 7 percent,” Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton wrote: “According to the latest exit polling data, 17 percent of voters in the Indiana primary today said they would vote for John McCain in a Clinton/McCain match-up. Forty-one percent of that number is constituted by people who voted Clinton in the primary but also indicated they will vote for McCain in the general election. That comes out to just under 7 percent of the primary electorate the number that may be attributed to a Limbaugh Effect.”

“The Limbaugh Effect” referred to “Operation Chaos,” which the conservative radio talk show host launched early in the primary season to create “balance” in the 2008 primary contest after he said liberal influences helped John McCain emerge as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Limbaugh has said his scheme to tilt the Democratic primary exceeded his expectations.

“I see the Obama campaign is saying Operation Chaos accounted for a 7-point bump for Hillary in Indiana. I think they are just jealous that I out-organized them,” Limbaugh told FOX News Tuesday night. “I am extremely proud of Operation Chaos volunteers. I never doubted they would triumph and it is a delight to see.”

Sen. Barack Obama took a major step to securing his party’s presidential nomination Tuesday when he decisively beat Clinton by 14 percentage points in North Carolina, 56 percent to 42 percent, with 99 percent of the precincts reporting.

Clinton narrowly defeated Obama 51 percent to 49 percent in Indiana with 99 percent of the precincts reporting. The Clinton campaign was hoping for a larger win in Indiana to boost its argument that she is the better general election candidate.

Can you believe it? A Democrat complaining that a primary is dirtied up. By Republicans obviously, but he only voted Present on that issue didn’t say that explicitly. Hey, this is what you get with your “Let every vote count, let every voter vote” ideals: sometimes it’s going to backfire. And it looks like Rush is doing a real good job of mobilizing the base to get out and vote so that the two of you keep on beating up on each other. Gee, what a shame.

I don’t watch Rush, or even have the ability to listen to him on radio - no AM in my house - so I’m not up on his Operation Chaos, but it seems pretty obvious. If you are a Republican and your state allows you to vote in the Democratic Primary, then get out and vote for whichever one of these Meatballs of Marxismtm is behind in the polling for your state. That way they’ll stay fairly balanced, and have to keep fighting it out, and spending lots of money, all the way to the ugliness of the DNC convention. (allow Drew a few minutes to look stuff on online). NOPE, I was WRONG. Operation Chaos is about keeping Hitlery in the race:

imageOperation Chaos was born primarily for the purpose assuming Obama was going to be the nominee at the get go of this.  He needs to be bloodied up politically since McCain is not going to do it. Since the Republican Party is not going to be on the field in this way, somebody’s gotta bloody up Obama.  The only person that can do it is Hillary, and she can’t do it if she’s not in the race—and so the purpose was Operation Chaos was to keep her in the race and to have her bloody up Obama in the process of staying in the race.  I’m talking about politically. 

And, lo and behold, it’s happened.  This is the crucible of chaos.  Look at what Operation Chaos has forged.  Mrs. Clinton now is threatening to obliterate Iran.  She says she gonna break up OPEC.  She wants to hold the money brokers responsible for the alleged recession.  She says she gonna renege on NAFTA.  She’ll take what she calls the excess profits from Big Oil.  And she’s going to do all that while hunting and downing shots of Crown Royal followed by a beer.  None of that, not one of these Clinton promises would exist were it not for Operation Chaos.  The train would not have come off the tracks of the Obama campaign, were it not for Operation Chaos.  The Jeremiah Wright stuff and all that, yes, that would have happened, but nothing could have done anything about it because Mrs. Clinton would have been effectively out of the race, not able to mount a campaign.  So we’d be in a far different spot today than we were so the purpose of this is to keep this going—exactly what’s happened. 

And not only do we have chaos in the Democrat ticket and the Democrat race and the Democrat race; we’ve got chaos in the Drive-By Media.  Chaos has sprung up all over this campaign.  That was the objective, and I need to issue a sincere thanks to all of you commandos, volunteers, and operatives for one hell of a job.  I know how hard this has been for those of you to go out there and follow orders and actually vote for a Clinton.  You have had to trust me that I know what I’m doing here and that that will not end up harming you or us, and I appreciate this trust that you have invested in me, your commander-in-chief.

So there ya have it. Get out there and vote for the smaller loser to keep the bigger loser from winning too soon. Hey, it worked for Howard Stern and Sandgina, and you know American Idol is far more important then mere politics. So I guess I ‘ve answered my own question ... the proper title really ought to be



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calendar   Tuesday - May 06, 2008

People send me emails

two_thumbs_up And sometimes they’re just awesome !!

From: *******
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 8:44 PM
Subject: man’s alternative to waxing

Please watch carefully .


He’s NOT smarter than a 5th grader!!!!

man’s alternative to waxing

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Osamie the Commie?

Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas

This is what I’ve been saying for months. Dreaming of his father, little Barry wants to be just like daddy. And mommy, come to think of it. Moonbattery and Nice Deb put it all together and cross every “t” and dot every “i” except for the very last one. Communism is as far left as you can go, isn’t it?

Communists for parents. Communist backers today. Associates with actual anarchist bomb throwers. Trained by communists. Favored by Marxist dictators. Weblog run by communists. Communists on his campaign staff, at least in Baltimore. 20 year member of a pro-Marxist church. Follow the links and read; it’s too easy to connect the dots because they’re only 1/8” apart.

If it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, walks like a duck, swims like a duck, flies like a duck, dives like a duck, and hangs out with ducks, then it’s probably at least a waterproof chicken that swims really well. Or maybe the pond is just so polluted you can’t tell what kind of birds flock there. Yeah, that’s it.



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Huge Black Hole Kicked Out Of Universe, Hillary Loves The Concept

Since Steamboat McGoo is on a road trip this week and thus unable to blog, I figured I’d try my hand at his style of posting. Hey, this is fun!

Black Hole Catapulted Through Space

A colossal black hole has been spotted exiting its home galaxy, kicked out after a huge cosmic merger took place.  The event, seen for the first time, was announced last week. When two colliding galaxies finally merge, it is thought that the black holes at their cores may fuse together too.  imageAstronomers have theorized that the resulting energy release could propel the new black hole from its parent galaxy out into space, but no one has found such an event.

“We have observed the pre-merger stages of black holes,” said Stefanie Komossa of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, part of the team that made the new discovery. “But we haven’t seen the actual merger event.”

Komossa and her team have now detected the consequences of such a merger: a 100-million-solar mass black hole in the process of leaving its home galaxy.

“The consequence was that the merged black hole, the final product, the new black hole was expelled from the galaxy,” Komossa said.

The team’s results are detailed in the May 10 issue of the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Our own Milky Way contains the debris of the many smaller galaxies it has brushed against and devoured in the past. And it hasn’t stopped munching away at its neighbors: It is currently absorbing the Sagittarius dwarf elliptical galaxy.

The Milky Way isn’t the top predator though, as our giant neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy, is expected to devour the Milky Way in about two billion years. The future resulting elliptical galaxy has already been dubbed “Milkomeda.”

Though colliding galaxies rush towards each other at hundreds of kilometers per hour, the interactions can take hundreds of millions of years to complete.

This game of celestial bumper cars is driven by the gravitational pulls that galaxies exert on one another. Typically the first sign of a collision is a bridge of matter connecting two galaxies as gravity’s first gentle tugs tease out dust and gas. As the outer reaches of the galaxies begin to interact, long streamers of gas and dust, called tidal tails, sweep back to wrap around the galactic cores.

The only thing missing from these articles is some vector info about the runaway black hole. Since they don’t tell which way it’s going, that can only mean that it’s headed straight at us. We’re all gonna die!!!

To make you feel a little better while you ponder your doom, here is some smut.

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Is Newt’s Plan 2 little 2 late?

I got this in my email this morning, as I’m sure many of you did:

My Plea to Republicans: It’s Time for Real Change to Avoid Real Disaster
by Newt Gingrich (more by this author)
Posted 05/06/2008 ET
Updated 05/06/2008 ET

The Republican loss in the special election for Louisiana’s Sixth Congressional District last Saturday should be a sharp wake up call for Republicans: Either Congressional Republicans are going to chart a bold course of real change or they are going to suffer decisive losses this November.  The facts are clear and compelling. Saturday’s loss was in a district that President Bush carried by 19 percentage points in 2004 and that the Republicans have held since 1975.  This defeat follows on the loss of Speaker Hastert’s seat in Illinois. That seat had been held by a Republican for 76 years with the single exception of the 1974 Watergate election when the Democrats held it for one term. That same seat had been carried by President Bush 55-44% in 2004.

Two GOP Losses That Validate a National Pattern

These two special elections validate a national polling pattern that is bad news for Republicans. According to a New York Times/CBS Poll, Americans disapprove of the President’s job performance by 63 to 28 (and he has been below 40% job approval since December 2006, the longest such period for any president in the history of polling).  A separate New York Times/CBS Poll shows that a full 81 percent of Americans believe the economy is on the wrong track. The current generic ballot for Congress according to the NY Times/CBS poll is 50 to 32 in favor of the Democrats. That is an 18-point margin, reminiscent of the depths of the Watergate disaster.

Congressional Republicans Can’t Take Comfort in McCain’s Poll Numbers

Senator McCain is currently running ahead of the Republican congressional ballot by about 16 percentage points. But there are two reasons that this extraordinary personal achievement should not comfort congressional Republicans.

First, McCain’s lead is a sign of the gap between the McCain brand of independence and the GOP brand. No regular Republican would be tying or slightly beating the Democratic candidates in this atmosphere. It is a sign of how much McCain is a non-traditional Republican that he is sustaining his personal popularity despite his party’s collapse.

Second, there is a grave danger for the McCain campaign that if the generic ballot stays at only 32 % for the GOP it will ultimately outweigh McCain’s personal appeal and drag his candidacy into defeat.

The Anti-Obama, Anti-Wright, and Anti-Clinton GOP Model Has Been Tested—And It Failed

The Republican brand has been so badly damaged that if Republicans try to run an anti-Obama, anti- Reverend Wright, or (if Senator Clinton wins), anti-Clinton campaign, they are simply going to fail.
This model has already been tested with disastrous results. In 2006, there were six incumbent Republican Senators who had plenty of money, the advantage of incumbency, and traditionally successful consultants. But the voters in all six states had adopted a simple position: “Not you.” No matter what the GOP Senators attacked their opponents with, the voters shrugged off the attacks and returned to, “Not you.” The danger for House and Senate Republicans in 2008 is that the voters will say, “Not the Republicans.”

Republicans Have Lost the Advantage on Every Single-Issue Poll

A February Washington Post poll shows that Republicans have lost the advantage to the Democrats on which party can handle an issue better—on every single topic.  Americans now believe that Democrats can handle the deficit better (52 to 31), taxes better (48 to 40) and even terrorism better (44 to 37). This is a catastrophic collapse of trust in Republicans built up over three generations on the deficit, two generations on taxes, and two generations on national security.

House Republicans Should Call an Emergency, Members-Only Conference

Faced with these election results, the House Republicans should hold an emergency members-only meeting. At the meeting, they should pose this stark choice: Real change or certain defeat. If a majority of the House Republicans vote for real change, they should instruct Republican Leader John Boehner and his team to come back with a new plan by the Wednesday before the Memorial Day recess. This plan should involve real change in legislative, communications, and campaign strategy and involve immediate, real action, including a complete overhaul of the Congressional Campaign Committee. The House Republican Conference would then vote for the plan or insist on its revision.

If a majority of the House Republicans are opposed to acting then the minority who are activists should establish a parallel organization dedicated to real change. This group should focus its energies on creating the changes necessary to survive despite a conference with a minority mindset that accepts defeat rather than fights for real change (which is what we had when I entered Congress in 1978).

Nine Acts of Real Change That Could Restore the GOP Brand

Here are nine acts of real change that would begin to rebuild the American people’s confidence that Republicans share their values, understand their worries, and are prepared to act instead of just talk. The Republicans in Congress could get a start on all nine this week if they had the will to do so.

What Is at Stake
No Republicans should kid themselves. It’s time to face up to a stark choice.  Without change we could face a catastrophic election this fall.  Without change the Republican Party in the House could revert to the permanent minority status it had from 1930 to 1994.  Without change, the majorities of Americans who support the Republican principle of smaller, more efficient, smarter and fairer government will be in for a rude awakening.  It’s time for real change to avoid a real disaster.

The “May Day Massacre”: Can Liberals Govern in a Global Economy?

Despite the poor outlook for conservatives in our elections this November, there is encouraging news from across the Atlantic. The conservative wave sweeping Europe hit England last week when the liberal Labor Party suffered its worst local election results in 40 years.

Boris Johnson became the first Conservative Party member elected mayor of London when he defeated Labour candidate “Red” Ken Livingstone. In contests for more than 4,000 local seats across England, Conservatives captured 44 percent of the vote, compared to 25 percent for the Liberal Democrats and just 24 percent for Labour.

This Conservative victory in England comes on the heels of a history-making rout of the Communists and the Greens in parliamentary elections Italy two weeks ago. And the Italian results follow center-right victories in France (Sarkozy) and Germany (Merkel). The countries of so-called “old” Europe are turning away from the liberal high tax, big government policies that have crippled their economies and are turning toward pro-growth, pro-competitive center-right solutions.

All of which raises the question: Can the Left successfully govern in a modern, global economy? The voters of Europe seem to be saying no.

Your friend,
Newt Gingrich

I like Newt. He’s smart, well spoken, and pretty much fearless. And it’s always so much fun to watch him bitch-slap Alan Colmes around whenever he appears on Fox’s Hannity & Colmes show. Human Events dot Com sends out these Letters From Newt every week or so, and they all follow a similar format: Gloom & Doom, followed by I Have Some Ideas, followed by But There Is Hope. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It gets your attention and makes for a good read. But I’m wondering if what Mr. G. is proposing here isn’t much more than a suggestion to pick the low hanging fruit a day before the whole crop spoils. This letter tastes like a wake up call for GOP politicians to Make It Look Like You’re Doing Something when what we really need is politicians who are actually Doing Something. Better yet, we need politicians who are Doing The Right Thing, Always.

Repeal the Gas Tax for the summer: Well, WTH, why not? Federal revenues are already much higher than projections, so why not scale them back a bit? But it’s low hanging fruit. Why not eliminate federal tax on fuels forever?

Redirect the oil being put into the national petroleum reserve onto the open market: This one you have to look at very carefully. He is not saying we should empty the national reserve, only stop putting more in for the time being. Putting more oil on the US market will ease the supply a tiny bit, which will keep the prices from escalating so fast. Is there enough oil going into the national reserve so that a redirection would cause a “glut” on the national market, enough to drop prices? I don’t know, but every gallon helps, right? But this is also low hanging fruit. The bold move would be to overturn idiotic enviromental laws - easy to do if you label the ‘gas crisis’ a National Emergency - and get some drilling and pipeline building going. Yes it would make for a big old fight in DC. So what? You want to push it to the limit? Put the question to the American people in November as a national referendum. But spend the summer battling it out in Congress, and whip your press monkeys into getting the word out - the right word - each and every day. That’s a lot of work, but it’s work that needs to be done. DO IT. More nukes, more drilling, more refineries. Toss the greenies a sop or two and fund a wind farm and a solar farm somewhere. That’s money down the hole, but in the grand scheme of things it won’t amount to much. Add the Exploit Our Resources plank to the GOP platform and nail it down good and hard.

Introduce a new bill to replace another new bill: Um, whatever. Isn’t this how Washington works anyway? Maybe Newt’s bill is better than the Warner-Lieberman bill. Duh, how can it not be, seeing who the authors of the other one are? But if you just substitute one dreary bit of paper for another, nobody is going to notice. Get the word out, get the word out, get the word out. Most people don’t have a clue about which bill says what, and even those of us that make the effort to look them up have a hard time reading them. GovSpeak is a very hard language for outsiders to understand.

Establish and earmark moritorium for one year: One year? Geez Louise, talk about low hanging fruit; this apple is sitting on the ground already. How about Eliminate Earmarks Forever? How about Total Transparency For Earmarks? How about changing the culture in DC from all the reps trying to steal as much of the pie as they can to hand it over to their lobbying masters, to a much better and far more patriotic culture of sweating bullets trying to figure out the right thing to do, then doing it, and getting rid of all the bullshit?

Overhaul the Census: Ok, why not? This $1.3 billion failure to develop a handheld computer is an embarassment, when every mid-size or larger store in America already has such devices for taking inventory. And what is the census if not an inventory of the citizens? I’d bet the solution could be as simple as a single piece of paper with some bar codes on it that reflect race, age, income bracket or whatever the Census folks feel the need to collect. And old Newt is missing the point here I think. Just who would be using that hand held computer if not the 600,000 temporary workers who will be executing the Census? Um, duh? Or did I misunderstand this one? But it does point out the fact that even the more obscure branches of the government are spending huge amounts of money, often to no avail. We’re not getting that $1.3 billion back. It’s already been spent on a fruitless (sorry) attempt to re-invent the wheel. Again.

Fix the FAA air traffic control system: Um, sure. But I think Newt has put on his rusty armor, saddled up old Rozinante, and is aiming at the local air powered grain grinders. Updating the ancient air control computers has been an issue for, what, 20 years now? Would GPS work? Yes but. What happens if a plane’s transponder fails? What about the little planes or the older ones that don’t have GPS? How is this going to identify and track enemy aircraft, or hijacked aircraft that have turned their transponders off, like on 9-11? What’s wrong with actual radar? The military has radar systems that can track and analyze incoming mortar rounds, and a mortar round is about the size of a loaf of bread. Surely that level of tech could be scaled up and integrated to make a much better system? And honestly, what’s wrong with having a few thousand air traffic controllers, at least as backup for the computer system? I want them around, especially if Microsoft has a hand in any new software design. Blue Screen of Death and a forced reboot is not acceptable here, not ever. But this is another Newt example of a relatively small scale fix of another often overlooked part of the overwhelming octopus of government. It’s an expensive fix too, but some kind of overhaul is desperately needed. I think that’s his point: DO SOMETHING. And let the people know you’re doing it.

Declare English the national language: Hey Newt, national referndum time again. But it will pass with at least 85% of the vote. Get the word out, especially about the cost savings. And they’ll be legion.

Protect the Worker’s Right to a secret ballot: Huh? What? Oh, I remember. This is the bit about people in a business voting on whether they want a union or not, right? And the Dems are in bed with the unions (what else is new?) who want such a vote out in the open. Low hanging fruit. Secret ballot will always sell to the American people, but you have to get the right word out: look how the Dems want to take away even more of your privacy, what would the next Presidential election be like if they got their way on this one? Again, it’s his call to Congress to Look Like You’re Doing Something Right. But it’s a call that’s really needed. This bunch hasn’t got a damned thing done it seems, and they’ve got the lowest approval rating of any Congress ever. Lowest. Ever. Half the approval rating that Bush has. Half!! Both sides of the aisle.

Remind Americans That Judges Matter: Well, no shir shitlock. But there’s a problem here. The Dems have been blocking judicial nominations for 7 1/2 years now, and now you want to do something about it? Yes, it’s a good idea. But finally doing it now, right at the edge of the electional abyss, might just backfire. The time to do it was Day 1 and every day since then. And get the word out that you were doing so. Funny how the Dems could block these nominations even back in 2002 when the GOP had majorities in both Houses and held the Oval Office. If you shout about this now people will only be reminded of how bloody spineless and useless this crowd has been for the past nearly 8 years. It’s a great idea, but you’re going to have to take your licks on this one, because up to now y’all get a great big FAIL for your efforts.

Without change, the majorities of Americans who support the Republican principle of smaller, more efficient, smarter and fairer government will be in for a rude awakening.

Newt, we’re awake and we’ve been awake. And after watching your buddies turn into pork covered fat ass Socialists for these past years we’re feeling very rude.  You’ve got an uphill battle here, trying to get this crew to turn over a new leaf in a believable way. Hell, you need to turn over the whole damn tree. And to do that you’ll have to uproot it. Seeing as how your main man McCain, who now HAS to be seen as the voice of the party, is perceived as little more than an angry mainstream Democrat at best, you’re going to have to do more than come up with a handful of milksop ideas that make it look like the GOP folks are getting things done. Because most of us are having a damn hard time even believing that they’re even Republicans. And an even harder time believing that they’re at all effective.

My advice is to vote them all out at the primary level. Get rid of every incumbent GOP Congressweasel and Senacritter and vote for the new guy IF he’s running on a real Conservative platform. And if your party is merely backing the incumbent because they’re the incumbent, then that chump is going to be out in the cold. Sorry. But most of us don’t see a difference any more between the RINOS in office who act like Democrats, and the Democrats vying to replace them. Too Little Too Late Newt. Maybe we’re cutting off our nose to spite our face, but the current “leadership” has got to go. You’ve had two full years since the 2006 debacle to figure this out and I don’t see that happening. So buh bye. It’s really hard to believe the Dems could be any worse, though they will be. So it’s downhill either way, which is why an unknown empty suit named Obama is doing so well with his empty message of Change. Because ANYTHING seems to be better than what your cronies have given us. ANYTHING. Picking a couple apples out of the mud and calling yourselves farmers isn’t going to wash. Real Change, Smart Change, Real Fast, Right Now. Or else you’re all history.


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THEIR DUTY WAS TO SAVE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN :  Some Brit History worth reading!

I believe this is an excerpt from his book.
It’s one heck of an interesting story and speaks well of what once was.

by, Neil Oliver

On February 26, 1852, HMS Birkenhead, the iron-hulled, ocean-going paddle steamer carrying soldiers to the front line of the eighth Xhosa War, along with their families, was two days away from its final destination of Port Elizabeth. At around 2am, it ran full tilt on to a submerged reef off the coast at Gansbaai near Cape Town, instantly flooding the sleeping quarters of scores of men. Most of them were drowned where they lay. At least three miles from land, they were in water known to be thick with Great White sharks.

Captain Salmond, thrown from his bed by the impact, appeared moments later, half-dressed. As quickly as he made it to the deck, Lieutenant Colonel Seton emerged too, in his night clothes, his sword belted around his waist. He gathered his officers to him then told them that all hope lay with their ability to maintain order.

The manner in which he chose to do this was the measure of the man and the army that had made him. “Gentlemen, would you please be kind enough to preserve order and silence among the men, and ensure than any orders given by Captain Salmond are instantly obeyed,” he said.

Although he never actually used the words “women and children first”, Seton made it clear just who would be taking the first places in the available lifeboats. Wives cried out for husbands, and children for their fathers, but there was nothing else for it. Nothing like this had ever been done before, aboard a naval vessel or any other. Previously when all hope was lost it had been every man for himself. Here, aboard the Birkenhead, the past was erased and the future shaped.

Fearing the worst, Seton positioned himself at the foot of the gangplank leading aboard the first lifeboat and drew his sword. He was ready to repel any would-be boarders - but not one man stepped out of line.

Instead, they remained where their officers had told them to be. Some in night clothes, some half-dressed in their uniforms and some naked, they had come to order. Shoulders back, eyes front and chins up, they looked into the starry southern sky while the women and children were rowed away from the sinking vessel.

The steamer then broke her back upon the reef. She started to lean crazily, but still Seton called for order from his officers and men, willing them to hold their places. And there they stayed, neatly in their lines as the deck bucked and slid.

Not a man broke ranks, though the deck rose beneath them and only the sea and the sharks awaited. The officers took up the call, too, urging their men to hold the line. And so they did. Green youngsters they might have been when they boarded the Birkenhead, but they were men now. Their last remaining duty was to preserve the lives of the women and children and that was what they were going to do.

As the water rose around them, and while the women, children and youngest of the soldiers looked on from the little boats, the officers and soldiers shook hands with one another and said goodbye. One man’s voice rose above the din of the ship’s dying: “God bless you all,” he said. “God bless you all!”

In all, more than 430 men died that morning. Captain Salmond was killed when one of the ship’s masts fell on top of him. Lieutenant Colonel Seton was last seen among his men, and perished along with most of them. Every single woman and child was saved.

News of the loss did not reach Britain until April - but reports from the survivors ensured a place in legend for the officers and soldiers who had given their lives for the sake of the few. When the King of Prussia, Frederik Wilhelm, later the first German emperor, was told of the events, he ordered that an account of it be posted in every barracks of his army. This, he said, was the standard of behaviour he expected from his men.

By their actions, Seton and his men changed maritime protocol for ever. The cry of “women and children first” is more properly described as the Birkenhead Drill. This, then, is their memorial and their greatest monument.


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calendar   Monday - May 05, 2008

Another hole in the sole

While BO and the Shrilldabeast continue to shoot themselves in the feet with mere bullets, Juan McAmnesty shows them both how it’s really done, and uses a grenade launcher instead. I think his foot is permenantly lodged in his mouth, but nobody can tell since his head seems to be so far up his ass. Oy gevolt, this is a Conservative?

The John McCain campaign celebrated Cinco de Mayo today by launching a Spanish-language version of its website–and announcing that McCain will speak at the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza.

ARLINGTON, VA—U.S. Senator John McCain today issued the following statement on Cinco de Mayo as his campaign announced several new Spanish efforts:

“Cinco de Mayo commemorates an important moment in the history of Mexico’s path to freedom. On this day in 1862, a small group of Mexican troops overcame overwhelming force to win the Battle of Puebla.  Today, we join together to remember the sacrifice that these Mexican patriots endured, as well as the struggles of all those around the world striving for freedom. We recognize as well the important friendship that exists between our country and Mexico, and celebrate the many contributions Mexican-Americans have made to our society, culture, security and economy.”

The Cinco de Mayo statement can now also be found on the Spanish section of the official campaign website at, which the campaign launched today. This part of the website will feature regular updates in Spanish throughout the election.

Finally, as part of his commitment to talking with all Americans during this presidential campaign, the McCain presidential campaign announced that John McCain will attend the La Raza Annual Convention in San Diego on July 14, 2008.

This guy just doesn’t learn. At all. Ever. And he’s the best hope we have. Seriously. Which makes me want to cry into my cervesa. We are so doomed.

Oh, just in case you’ve forgotten what La Raza and MECHa is


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And around we go … again!

Is Obama Hiding Secret Muslim Upbringing?

Here we go again folks. All that was old is new again. Let’s drag out the old allegations and examine them once again. Is this a dirty trick by Hillary? Is this a McCain attempt to throw more confusion into the DNC race? Is this the evil BushCo VRWC blog in their ninja pajamas tyring to stir up trouble AGAIN?

Or is it a more than legitimate question? One that was asked months and months ago when BOs halo was still gilded, and thus such a horrible question was too impudent to even be considered? Well, considering the depths “reporters” will go, while pretending to be a Baptist minister no less, to ask questions of McCain, I’d say this one was fair game, and it’s high time it was given a serious and honest answer, with a slew of facts to back it up.

Well respected Blogger Daniel Pipes asks the question in today’s Jerusalem Post and again in his own blog. Lots of background that you already knew:

Do I give a poo if BO is or used to be a muslim? Not really, but I’m not too thrilled with it. But I care if he’s been lying to us about such a basic aspect of his life. And if he’s a Christian now it means that he is an apostate muslim. And you know what the penalty for that is, right?

Sheesh, what a mess. Will this bit of dirt from his past actually stick?


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Was that on the menu?



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Plant Rights?

Rancino sent me this link several days ago, to the story about the Swiss ethics panel that has decided that plants have rights. I declined to write about it at the time, because i thought it was either a hoax or a misapplied extension of religion. While I really appreciate Rancino and the other readers who send me links - thank you thank you! - I think I saw through to the heart of this article in a flash. I replied to Rancino that

Is it the Hindus or the Buddhists who feel that all life has a soul, but assign a “lesser soul” to plants and animals? All life is sacred to them, but somewhere there is a realization that life consumes other life. That’s just how it is and we are part of that. So thank your Gods you have something to eat, and offer a small prayer for the souls you must consume. But feel no guilt for partaking in the way of life. On that note, I think I’ll go apologize to the flank steak in the fridge, and the bottle of BBQ sauce next to it that was made from plants. Oh, and the poor little yeastie beasties that gave up their lives so that I might have some beer. Thank you little critters. Now -you! Yes you! In mah belly!!

Which cracked him up but he still felt I was full of it. Who, me? smile

Now that the whole blogosphere is chewing on this tasty story, I felt moved to actually back up my assertions. Here ya go:

Nature is cyclic. What comes around goes around. The circle of life. These three religions all appear to be based on the extension of that concept; the soul, the life force, is part of the same cycle, but one assisted or held back by karmic maturation. Ok, I’m no expert on these faiths. I just looked the stuff up today, so I could be quite wrong, but I picked up a lot of this from working with loads of Indian people in the IT world. Quite a lot of it makes sense, but it only seems right to me if you don’t push things to an extreme.

Ok, several billion people believe plants have some spiritual aspect, with some awareness of the world. If a lifeform has awarness and a soul, does it not then also have rights? (avoid the abortion issue here please, we’re not talking about that though there is a MAJOR parallel). If not rights, then shouldn’t these lives be treated with at least some respect, and not destroyed indiscriminately? I think that’s the idea the worldly Swiss ethics committee is developing. I think it is more than a stretch however. You do not have to push recognition of life to the extreme of “endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights”, because if you do the next step is creating laws to protect those rights. And that would be kinda silly, though we do call in the EPA and the Endangerd Species Act when things get too far out of control.

I disagree with the Plants Rights philosophy. I don’t deny that plants and animals are alive. Being aware of only this iteration of my life, I can’t speak to the Wheel Of Souls ideas. But I won’t deny the other truth about life either: all life sustains itself by taking life from other things. Amoebas eat other amoebas. Many plants create poisons that keep other kinds of plants from invading their space. Many plants are destructive parasites, like clinging vines that grow up trees yet choke them to death. Animals eat plants. Animals eat animals. That’s the way of the world. That’s always been the way of the world. Avoiding being Of the world is not something people can do and still be alive at the same time. If you buy into the Swiss conclusion then it is your duty to starve yourself to death. I ugess that’s what all the bloggy yelling and screaming is about. I’m not screaming because I spent 10 minutes and thought a little deeper about it. However, if you utterly reject every aspect of the underlying concept the Swiss were expanding on (ie the rights of living things), then you can’t really argue against cannibalism. You’ve got to find that balance point, and that’s a personal and cultural development.

There is nothing wrong with respecting nature. Killing animals, and even plants, for no reason is not right. However, people and animals, being higher on the awareness pyramid, can be thought of as karmic instruments to the rest of the world. It’s what we do; it may even be one of our hidden duties. So my swatting bugs because they annoy me, mowing the lawn because the grass is too long, or even tearing out some plants because I don’t like them anymore and want to replace them with a brick patio could just be me helping turn the old Wheel. You can’t prove me wrong.

I think I’ll go down to the kitchen now and do my karmic duty.


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