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No Al, it ain’t the same

This is my contribution to the blogswarm. This story needs to be told and retold until a grassroots swell rises up and overtakes the MSM. We’re just starting to see such a thing happen with Obama and his hateful preacher. Now it looks like some people have finally had enough of Al Sharpton. Finally, finally some voices within the black community are starting to be heard that he’s gone too far. Too bad my voice doesn’t count for much. As a suburban white guy, I would have tossed his lying ass back in the Poughkeepsie gutter 20 years ago with the Tawana thing. 17 years ago I would have sent him to the scrap heap over his part in the Crown Heights affair. And there have been countless instances since then. I feel he is a rabble rouser, a race-baiter, a con man, and a hater. Another “reverend” cast from the same mould as “reverend” Wright, only with a bigger mouth and better fundraising skills. He’s a charlatan and an agitator, and his only purpose is to Keep Hate Alive because he makes money off of it.

Ok, here’s the situation. Two crimes occurred in Florida. On New Year’s Day in Boca Raton, two underage teenage girls went out drinking with 5 older teenage boys. Things “got out of hand” and now

five teens are charged with sexual battery on a helpless person because the then 13- and 14-year-old female victims had downed repeated shots of vodka. According to the teenage boys, at least one of the girls asked in her drunkeness to have sex. Asked repeatedly. Prosecutors recently amended charges so the teens cannot argue consent as a defense. The teens face of a maximum of 30 years in prison.

I’ve read in some comments that this is another case of “humper’s remorse”, which I will not comment on, but from what little I have read it does appear at least possible that this is a junior high school version of “Girls Gone Wild”. Except in Florida that’s a crime. So a hot drunken orgy becomes a statutory gang rape. I don’t even know who provided the booze. The girls? The young men involved all posted bail.

The second case, which happened last summer, is the infamous Dunbar Village gang rape. If you haven’t heard of it, this is another one of those horrendous crimes that makes you want to take a flamethrower to the entire human race, that such mental sickness could exist. A woman and her son were brutalized, gang raped by 10 thugs for 3 hours, beaten, robbed, and burned with chemicals. After cramming a bar of soap into the woman to clean up the evidence, her assailants poured household cleaners over her and her son, and the only reason they weren’t burned alive was because they couldn’t find any matches. And further horrors were perpetrated that you’ll have to go read the link to find out about. I just gave you the light stuff. What makes this horror even worse was that it happened in a Projects neighborhood, and all the neighbors heard what was going on and did nothing. For hours. Get a load of the screen clip from the MSNBC website, and read the caption - this woman gets my vote for Most Heartless Bitch of the Century:
Only half of the scumbags have been caught so far. Not only did they leave DNA evidence at the scene, along with fingerprints, they also took cell phone pictures of the crime as it happened, to share with their friends. Real pillars of the community. Those that have been caught remain in jail, waiting to be tried as adults. They range in age from 14 to 18.

The first crime I described was committed by white boys against white girls. The second crime was black on black, in a neighborhood that is almost exclusively black. The first case has a reasonable possibility of not being an act of deliberate criminal intent, the second case was perhaps 50 felonies committed as part of the same event, and was without question done on purpose. Hell, they even took pictures of themselves, to show how baaad they are.

Two weeks ago Al Sharpton pushed it too far. According to Al, with the backing and support of the NAACP, both these cases are the same, and should be treated the same, and it’s deliberate racist behavior that’s the only reason the Dunbar bunch are not free on bail.

WEST PALM BEACH — The Rev. Al Sharpton and NAACP activists stood outside the State Attorney’s Office Tuesday morning, protesting what they say is disparate handling of black teens accused in the rape of a Dunbar Village woman and her son and white teens from suburban Boca Raton accused in the rape of their drunk friends.

Sharpton said the black teens remain jailed and the white teens are free on bond, despite them committing the “same act.” “To have different reactions to the same set of circumstances is a crime in itself,” Sharpton said.

What a fuckwit. No, I take that back. He can’t have a functional “wit” to make such a statement. What a moron.

The grassroots movement has started. The Reverend Doctor Renita J Weems, at her blog Something Within posts

This mass open letter is a call to action for all black people who care about the safety and welfare of black women and children in America. If you are concerned about the recent developments about Dunbar Village, please copy the post below, and email it to all of your friends and coworkers.


and suggests that people make their voices heard:


Al Sharpton and the NAACP are banking on the belief that you and I will be just like this black woman’s neighbors. Join me by saying NOT THIS TIME. We will not turn a deaf ear to when we hear calls for help from one of our sisters and brothers who are being victimized.

Stop the NAACP and Al Sharpton’s National Action Network from committing this disgrace in our community. Just this once, let’s stand up and be counted by saying that we demand safe neighborhoods for our women and children.

Here is what you can do:

1. Spread the word. Forward this email if your conscience and concern have been raised. Send it to every concerned black citizen that you know.

2. Demand an explanation from your local NAACP chapter about this case. Cancel your membership to these organizations, and write a letter explaining that you will return when they prioritize the public safety needs of black women and children.

3. If you do not belong to these organizations, call and write them to tell them of your outrage and displeasure:

NAACP National Headquarters
4805 Mt. Hope Drive
Baltimore MD 21215
Toll Free: (877) NAACP-98
Local: (410) 580-5777

National Action Network
Rev. Al Sharpton
106 W. 145th Street
Harlem, New York 10039

If you know an African American reporter or a black radio talk show host, forward this story to them and ask them to follow up on it.

She already has nearly two dozen black blogs running with this. Feminist blogs are chiming, along with black community cultural websites:

There’s no doubt in my mind that the four teenagers who are accused of gang-raping and sodomizing a Haitian immigrant in West Palm Beach, Florida for three hours straight last June and forcing her to perform oral sex with her 12-year-old son at gunpoint need help of the psychological kind.

What they don’t need, however, is help in being sprung from the Palm Beach County Jail. Yet that’s exactly what the Rev. Al Sharpton is demanding for those defendants, who range in age from 14 to 18.

Last week, the good reverend showed up in West Palm Beach to denounce the denial of bail to the defendants, saying that they are being treated differently from five white teenage defendants from Boca Raton, Florida who are accused of raping two middle school girls after a night of hard drinking on New Year’s Eve, but who were granted bail.

Sharpton needs to choose his battles more wisely.

Regular bloggers are climbing aboard too, because this manifestation of stupidity transcends race and gender issues. Fuckin Al exists only to piss gasoline on the fire, and folks have reached their limits. In the old days it would be time for the tar and feathers. These days what we do is spread the word and convince others, convince everyone, that this fool does not speak for me. Quoth the Rachel:

those two set of circumstances are not the “same”, asshole. Deal with it. That’s why there’s a “different reaction”.

So, Sharpton and the NAACP once again prove that facts, reason, logic, and real justice are the last things on their list of priorities. The good news is that many blacks are seriously pissed off about it.

I am glad that people are finally waking up. Let’s put “reverend” Al in the same lockbox as “reverend” Wright, and throw away the key. I am overjoyed that black groups and women’s groups are speaking up about the horrors of this crime. I support them fully. It breaks my heart that such a pestilential shit hole as Dunbar Village could even exist in the US. Burn it down. It’s a little slice of Hell, right off the beaches.

hat tip to Dr. jeff


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A man convicted of a terrorism offence has been released 17 days early under the scheme to reduce jail overcrowding, the government has confirmed.

Yassin Nassari left Wakefield Prison on 11 February 2008, after being jailed last summer for three and a half years.

He was arrested in May 2006 at Luton Airport carrying what police said were blueprints for a rocket in his luggage.

The Ministry of Justice said Nassari had met the release criteria because he was not guilty of serious violence.

Under the terms of the government’s early release scheme, prisoners are eligible to leave prison 18 days earlier than normally expected, if they had been jailed for less than four years and not committed a serious violent offence.

Planning one doesn’t count I suppose.  Hell, we all of us make a habit of carrying rocket blueprints and martydom docs etc. All in a days work.

Nassari, 28, from Ealing in west London, was convicted in July 2007 of having articles of use to terrorists.

Scotland Yard detectives had arrested him at Luton Airport after he arrived on a flight from Amsterdam. They found a computer hard-drive in his luggage including documents about martyrdom and weapons training.

They also found a blueprint for a home-made Qassam rocket, used by Palestinian militants to target Israel. Experts told his trial that the blueprint was detailed enough to manufacture a rocket. Detectives also linked Nassari to extremist websites and chatrooms.


See More Below The Fold


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Researchers Play Tune Recorded Before Edison :  WELL YEAH BUT …..

Yes I know ... my source is the NY Times.  Well, sort of.  A friend in Belgium who shares Jazz (early pre WW2) and sound stuff, sent me the story.
I think it’s amazing. There’s even a drawing of the machine from the period.
However ..... I strongly believe that Edison did more then merely “improve” on an 1860 invention that WAS NOT intended to playback sound.
Edison planned a device that would record and playback and he achieved that. I also doubt he was even aware of this other machine because it did not playback. 

Never the less .... this really is an interesting story, with sound btw.  But that sound was only brought about due to being extracted by modern technology. Which takes nothing away from the original invention, in France. 

The 19th-century phonautograph, which captured sounds visually but did not play them back, has yielded a discovery with help from modern technology.

Published: March 27, 2008

For more than a century, since he captured the spoken words “Mary had a little lamb” on a sheet of tinfoil, Thomas Edison has been considered the father of recorded sound. But researchers say they have unearthed a recording of the human voice, made by a little-known Frenchman, that predates Edison’s invention of the phonograph by nearly two decades.

The 10-second recording of a singer crooning the folk song “Au Clair de la Lune” was discovered earlier this month in an archive in Paris by a group of American audio historians. It was made, the researchers say, on April 9, 1860, on a phonautograph, a machine designed to record sounds visually, not to play them back. But the phonautograph recording, or phonautogram, was made playable — converted from squiggles on paper to sound — by scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, Calif.

“This is a historic find, the earliest known recording of sound,” said Samuel Brylawski, the former head of the recorded-sound division of the Library of Congress, who is not affiliated with the research group but who was familiar with its findings. The audio excavation could give a new primacy to the phonautograph, once considered a curio, and its inventor, Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, a Parisian typesetter and tinkerer who went to his grave convinced that credit for his breakthroughs had been improperly bestowed on Edison.

Scott’s device had a barrel-shaped horn attached to a stylus, which etched sound waves onto sheets of paper blackened by smoke from an oil lamp. The recordings were not intended for listening; the idea of audio playback had not been conceived. Rather, Scott sought to create a paper record of human speech that could later be deciphered.

But the Lawrence Berkeley scientists used optical imaging and a “virtual stylus” on high-resolution scans of the phonautogram, deploying modern technology to extract sound from patterns inscribed on the soot-blackened paper almost a century and a half ago. The scientists belong to an informal collaborative called First Sounds that also includes audio historians and sound engineers.

A LOT MORE HERE > including sound from 1860 ... astounding!


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Time magazine features Britain’s violent youth

Must ask Drew how he got the wrap thing on his posts. ???
Anyway .... caught this in todays paper.  I’ve been posting on this subject and related for awhile, much surprised Time magazine has it covered like this.  The problem here ppl can not be overstated.  It is very,very serious.  However, I’d no idea that it was enuff so to catch the eye of a major American magazine.

imageGonna have to get a hard copy to see what and how it’s covered.  The one thing I have a problem with is the “Unloved” aspect.  So what’s ta love?
And frankly I think it overlooks the fact that, as some of you here have stated, there just simply are those who are evil. And many do not come from broken
or damaged homes. Many are not “abused children.” They enjoy the beating and the killing.

By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent
Last Updated: 2:56am GMT 28/03/2008
The front cover of its international edition

pictures a “hoodie” and mugshots of other young men over a Union flag.

Its headline reads: “Unhappy, Unloved, and Out of Control - An epidemic of violence, crime and drunkenness has made Britain scared of its young.”

The weekly magazine, which goes on newsstands today across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, cites a survey by the children’s charity TS Rebel which found last year that more than a fifth of Britons avoided going out at night rather than risk encounters with groups of intimidating youths.

A 3,200-word article, spread over several pages, comments: “It’s easy to see why. The boys and girls who casually pick fights, have sex and keep the emergency services fully occupied are often fuelled by cheap booze.”

It reports that British youngsters drink far more than their European counterparts, are more frequently involved in violence, are more likely to try drugs and that English girls are the most sexually active in Europe.

“Small wonder, then, that a 2007 Unicef study of child well-being in 21 industrialized countries placed Britain firmly at the bottom of the table,” the article states.

The magazine, which has a circulation of four million, will also feature the article in its US editions, providing further embarrassment to the Government.
for more:

heehee, sneaky Drew LOL
But I’ve taught him, so from now on we can expect really cool layouts from Peiper. If he ever gets over the p-na-monia or tuberculosis or whatever horrible chest ailment he’s got that’s keeping him in hospital. C’mon Peiper, heal. Heal!!


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calendar   Thursday - March 27, 2008

Not a Bleg

I was thinking of writing a post about getting yourself back in good financial condition. Working title “Grab Bootstraps, Lift”. I’m “between jobs” right now. Duh, own up Drew, your IT career is over. It’s been too long now. So I’ve been looking, and looking, and looking. Anyway, I’ve realized that you can make nearly as much, possibly more, than a decent career in cubicle world. The world of service is alive and booming. Why do you think the USA is wall to wall Mexicans??? If you want work, it’s out there, whether you pay taxes or fly under the table as so many folks do. All it needs is some effort, a good attitude, and a willingness to do a better than average job. That’s how you get people coming back, because so many other folks do crap work these days.

The woman who lives next door to my mom does one of these “I’ll run your errands for you” businesses - $150 an hour. Day-um! And she has plenty of work.

Anne McGovern and a friend, Ginny Hanley, started the firm in September. They charge about $150 an hour to run errands, do shopping and gift wrap, mail Christmas cards, pick up dry cleaning, do grocery shopping and decorate homes around Bergen County, N.J., and Rockland County, N.Y., near New York City.  And they’re completely booked for the holidays,

Anne and I went to high school together, class of ‘78. Two organized ladies and magnetic stickers for the side of her mini-van. Instant business, just add effort. And the $150 rate was 3 years ago. Hope they charge by the minute!

I’ve had a small but regular income running a vacuum around a couple doctor’s offices once a week. I’ve got a good vacuum and I’m good at it, so the pay per hour is nearly equal to what I used to make writing code. Those power couples with the two fast paced careers don’t have time to go anything, but they have lots of money. Right now I have lots of time, but no money. And I’m a nice guy who shows up looking presentable and acts polite, and is always willing to go the extra mile. Plus, I’m good with tools, and a natural at solving problems. I’m a bit fussy, and I can’t stand a half assed effort. So my work might be a little slower, but it’s a lot better. If you can swallow your pride, there is money out there by the hatfull. Go and get some.

I haven’t posted in the last two days because I’ve been working. See, the BMEWS bill needed to be paid. This blog costs about 83 cents a day, and, honestly, I didn’t have the spare cash. But I got a phone call ... “Do you do windows?” Why yes, I do! More than that, I do them right, and I have all the right tools! So I made a nice deal with this rather affluent couple, got out the squeegee and the rags, and cleaned all 70 windows in their lovely sprawling home. Took me a day and a half, because I did superlative work. Every single window was scrubbed and wiped at least twice, cleaned the sills and surrounds, used brand new towels to protect her furniture and carpets, used up 40 clean rags. Every window in the house is uttterly spotless, inside and out. Even the skylights and the windows in the basement. Any old drunk could have slapped the squeegee around and had a basic version of the job done in 6 hours. Was it worth it? Damn right it was. “Give me a handful of your business cards for my friends” says nice Mrs. Two Cadillacs in the Three Car Garage. “And I want you back in the fall”. If I can get two or three dozen regular customers like her, I’ve almost got a new career.

So it took me a day and a half, but I earned the money to keep BMEWS running another full year, and that’s after taxes. 12 hours. Right now I’m one tired SOB, and I’ll be using the Lotil Cream (it really works) on my roughed up hands again tonight. Yeah my hands took a beating going in and out of the strong detergent and ammonia solution all day. But you know what? I feel damn good about myself right now. Nice to have a little pride again. I did a perfectionsit job, much more than the customer expected. Which could explain the 20% tip she laid on me. A tip!! Whoo Hoo!!!!

I’ll try to get some blogging done tomorrow. I’ve only got one “Handy Andy” job tomorrow, replacing the sliders in a big file cabinet. But I can bill $75 for a couple hours work, and it will get paid with a smile and a thank you. I tell ya, fixin’ and cleanin’ could be a gold mine. People don’t have the time, and they don’t have the skillz. I do. Cha Ching for me baby.

Thanks to Peiper and Mythusmage for filling in, putting something up for the regulars to read. Good work guys.

And To All A Goodnight!


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The First Stage of Political Adjustment

I’ve just now realized how much the liberal reaction to the Obama revelations resembles the stages people go through when they learn they’re going to die, and die soon. Right now we’re seeing people going through denial. “It’s not true.”, “The right is making it up.”, “He didn’t inhale really listen.”, “He doesn’t really believe that.”, and so on and so forth. Time and time again we’re hearing people say that it can’t be true, and rejecting any evidence that it is true. They’ve just been told that they’re going to croak soon any dream they’ve had of a better way/revenge on those awful, evil Republicans aint going to happen, even if Obama gets elected. In many cases we’re seeing people going through full blown psychotic breaks as the new revelations war with previously held beliefs.

See More Below The Fold


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Schools to be forced to keep quota of problem pupilsNicola Woolcock

Successful schools will be forced to take a share of disruptive pupils to prevent them from monopolising the best-behaved children, the Government announced yesterday.

Ed Balls, the Children’s Secretary, said that schools which excluded pupils would have to accept the same number that had been expelled by another school. This “one out, one in” policy would prevent oversubscribed schools from dumping badly behaved children on to their less successful neighbours.

OK guys, Now if you think the above is pretty fraken STUPID with all sorts of Moonbat potential ... Youse Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!
And you might not even believe it.  Yeah, I know a month ago I said I already had the story for the Moonbat of the Year Award it was so dumb.
Well, I was surely wrong.  Here my newest choice for that award.  See if you don’t agree.



Pupils aged 10 monitor teachers’ skills

By Julie Henry, Education Correspondent
Last Updated: 1:31am GMT 24/03/2008

Pupils as young as 10 are sitting on interview panels and rating teachers on their lessons as part of Government plans to give them a “voice” in schools.

Teachers have complained of “the lunatics taking over the asylum” as children in thousands of primary and secondary schools have been drafted in to interview new staff.

Teachers’ lessons are also being rated by specially trained pupils who monitor teaching quality. The children are encouraged to give feedback on the classes.

Unions will this week condemn the trend as a “dangerous” attack on the status of the profession.

“The balance of power is bound to be altered if pupils are allowed to go around judging staff,” said Chris Keates, the general secretary of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers.

“It is an abuse of the concept of ‘student voice’ and will undermine the relationship between pupils and teachers. Staff are coming to us who have had 15-year-olds sitting at the back of the class and told them afterwards that the ‘pace of the lesson was not quick enough’.”

One case reported to the NASUWT involved a teacher who was offered a post after being interviewed by a panel which included a pupil. Some weeks later, when she reprimanded the child in class, he said: “Don’t forget I interviewed you. You got the job because of me.”

Schools Council UK, an independent charity which promotes children’s participation in school decision-making, estimates that 40 per cent of secondary and primary schools involve children in part of the interview process.

It is common for candidates to teach a lesson and for pupils to give feedback to the headteacher. In some schools pupils actually sit in on the interview, while in others prospective teachers will be questioned separately by pupils.

About one in 20 schools allows pupils to rate lessons but the trend is growing.

At George Mitchell School, in Leyton, east London, a group of pupils has been appointed as “consultants” who observe teachers at work, attend departmental meetings and advise on classroom seating and displays.

Children observe lessons in pairs every few weeks, producing lists of teachers’ strengths and weaknesses.

Giving pupils a greater say in how schools are run is part of the Government’s Every Child Matters agenda.

Ofsted inspectors expect all schools to have some form of student council and schools must consult pupils on issues such as behaviour policies. Advocates argue that involving children in decision-making will improve their behaviour and motivation.

Jessica Gold, the chief executive of Schools Council UK, which has trained pupils in a number of schools to observe lessons, defended the trend.

“Teachers value the feedback they get from pupils,” she said. “It is not about inspection-style observations, it is very much a co-operative process. It allows pupils to take a more mature perspective of the lesson.

“Teachers can sit down with pupils and say, ‘How am I responding to gender, do I give you enough time to answer?’ and this can inform how they teach.”

However, a recent discussion on a teachers’ forum revealed that many are far from enthusiastic. One said: “Children need to know who the authority figures are, for their own good, not have the boundaries blurred further.”


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Must Have Been All That Hot Air

Ok, where’s Al Gore this week? Anybody know? It’s not my turn to watch him. I’m wondering if he’s been waaay down South, lecturing to all those stupid migrating penguins. Because

Huge Ice Sheet Set To Break Off Antarctica

because of


which means


Ach, crivens, aren’t we done with this crapparoo yet? And didn’t this reporter get the word that it’s now Climate Changetm so the greenies can still have their pet issue whether things get warmer or colder? Gawd, like get with times already. Making no mention whatsoever that the ice sheets in Antarctica have been at record levels this past year, we get another go at scare-mongering from CNN, the world leader in biased reporting. Amazingly, they couldn’t find some way to blame it on Bush. Hold your noses folks, here we go again:

Massive ice shelf on verge of breakup

(CNN)—Some 220 square miles of ice has collapsed in Antarctica and an ice shelf about the size of Connecticut is “hanging by a thread,” the British Antarctic Survey said Tuesday, blaming global warming.

“We are in for a lot more events like this,” said professor Ted Scambos, a glaciologist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Scambos alerted the British Antarctic Survey after he noticed part of the Wilkins ice shelf disintegrating on February 28, when he was looking at NASA satellite images.

Late February marks the end of summer at the South Pole and is the time when such events are most likely, he said.

Hold it right there buddy. First off, it’s nearly the end of March. Got an update for us? Has it broken off yet? What, no? You mean you waited almost 4 weeks to run a story about impending disaster and it hasn’t impended yet? Kinda makes me wonder. Secondly, we all noticed that last line. What passes for heat down in the land of the never ending ice cube has had all summer to work its magic, and now is the time for the ice sheets to break up. A little. As usual. Of course, fall and winter follow quickly on the heels of summer, so if this thing hasn’t broken off yet it’s probably refreezing as I write this. It’s starting to look like this is a story of desperation, your very last chance to cause a panic by pointing out a looming disaster that hasn’t happened, even though it’s perfectly normal for this kind of thing to happen right about now, so this non-event is neither looming nor a disaster. Pwned. Alarmist Ice-hole.

“As of mid-March, only a narrow strip of shelf ice was protecting several thousand kilometers of potential further breakup,” the group said.

Oh, the poor brave ice. Putting its freeziness on the line to save Mother Gaia.

Scambos’ center put the size of the threatened shelf at about 5,282 square miles, comparable to the state of Connecticut, or about half the area of Scotland.

That’s a lot of ice. Somebody better tell Tony Sinclair to get down there with an entire armada of tanker ships filled with Tanqueray Gin, ASAP! But it’s just a tiny little piece of the whole. Hardly a fingernail pairing’s worth, compared to the whole works. And that’s the “threatened” part. 220 square miles worth is what actually broke. Nada. PS - I never realized Scotland was that small. I’ve never been there, but the Scots always seem a bit larger than life, so I guess I just assumed their country was a bit larger too.

But with Antarctica’s summer ending, Scambos said the “unusual show is over for this season.”

So what’s the point of this story then, other than to try and scare us? We’ve all seen those Calving Glacier films on National Geographic. Impressive, stupendous, but in the overall scheme of things, who gives a rat’s ass?

Scambos said the ice shelf is not currently on the path of the increasingly popular tourist ships that travel from South America to Antarctica. But some plants and animals may have to adapt to the collapse.

“Wildlife will be impacted, but they are pretty adept at dealing with a topsy-turvy world,” he said. “The ecosystem is pretty resilient.”

Crivens, squared! The guy even admits it. It’s not happening, it’s not a threat, and the one or two fish that might get bonked on the head by passing icebergs can deal with it. Shut up already!

CNN. The first name in agenda driven news, even when it isn’t really news.


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update on dirty Detroit Mayor

Kwame Kilpatrick Update

Ok, I’ll admit right up front that I don’t read Debbie Schlussel. I have read a few of her articles in the past, and they’ve seemed, um, a bit alarmist quite forthright. I’ve also seen stories that say she gets really upset if anyone links to her or quotes from her stuff. Internet Urban Legend? I don’t know. I’ll only quote parts of two paragraphs from her article, so let’s see if I get emails from her lawyers.

However, if even a small part of what she’s alleging is true, then the charges brought yesterday against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick are just the tip of the iceberg. It sounds like he was running the city like his own personal gangsta fiefdom, complete with violence and corruption, controlling both the police and the courts. How could this happen and it not be news? Do we have any readers from Detroit or the surrounding areas? Clue the rest of us in please - is this the biggest coverup since Monica, or is Debbie going over the top with this?

As I’ve written, this isn’t just about lying under oath. It’s about a party that took place at the Manoogian Mayoral Mansion, at which two strippers performed, and were later assassinated. It’s about a cover-up of that party and the later drive-by shooting of one of those strippers, Tamara Greene a/k/a “Strawberry” by police bullets. It’s about the Mayor’s Ms. Thang wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, walking in on Strawberry en flagrante delicto with the Thuggish, Pan-Islamist Mayor (many of whose family members are in the Nation of Islam) and beating the stripper with a baseball bat, giving her a concussion (for which the stripper was rushed to the hospital), and the subsequent cover-up.

it’s about a corrupt, lying Republican Michigan Attorney General, Mike Cox, who claims to be a conservative, but is just another operator in the same Wayne County political machine as the liberal Democrat Detroit Mayor. Republican Attorney General, Cox, covered up the party, what happened there, and the resulting execution-style assassination of two strippers who performed there. And Cox stopped Michigan State Police at every turn as they tried to investigate--all while he called it “an urban legend that never happened” (which he knows is false).

Ok, that’s a reasonable amount of “fair use” quoting, so if this piques your interest, go to her column and read the rest.

Update, sorta:I got a comment and an email directly from Ms. Schlussel, and I’m not even bleeding. (/sarc) Actually she was quite nice. She’s been on this story for several years now, and it’s quite a scandal. I guess I’ll add her to my list of daily reads, and I’ll ammend this post to a nicer tone. 


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EU forces passengers on and off the buses: Moonbat Alert, Moonbat Alert!  Alert,Alert

This is so dumb I really can’t believe anyone would try to enforce it here for buses. As the Brits would say, It’s daft!
But .... it’s also the law.  As dictated by Brussels which is where (for those yanks who do not know) the liberal left wing Brits have moved their capital.

By Lucy Cockcroft
Last Updated: 10:53am GMT 25/03/2008

Bus passengers who travel along a route of more than 30 miles must get off the vehicle midway through their journey to comply with new EU laws.

The law has been described as a “farce” The Brussels ruling dictates that drivers must pull over and let everyone off their bus after 30 miles, to ensure they do not spend too long behind the wheel.

Western Greyhound, a bus company operating in rural Devon and Cornwall, is among those affected.

Its Newquay to Plymouth route has been split in three, even though a single driver is used for the entire distance.

The driver is obliged to pull over and ask everyone to get off before the route number on the front of the vehicle is changed, and all the passengers are invited back on board.

Passengers have been told they must buy three tickets to complete the route, and they must also break their journey twice.
Western Greyhound managing director Mark Howarth said: “It’s a farce. We have to kick customers off as soon as the driver hits the 30-mile limit.

“Often it’s in the middle of nowhere. The passengers think we are crazy.
“We’re caught up in something aimed at long-distance truckers.”

Liberal Democrat transport spokesman Norman Baker has written to Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly asking that bus companies are able to opt-out of the law.

He said: “These rules don’t stop buses running more than 30 miles.

“All they do is inconvenience the passengers who have to keep getting on and off. It’s like an Ealing comedy.”

Long-distance coach journeys are exempt from the law.



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Muslims ‘to outnumber traditional churchgoers’

Maybe I should repost last weeks new map of europe and uk.
Hmmm ... wonder how my wife would take to burka.  I’ll have to ask.  Or better yet, get back home to USA soonest. Ya think?

By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent
Last Updated: 3:05am GMT 25/03/2008

The increasing influence of Islam on British culture is disclosed in research today that shows the number of Muslims worshipping at mosques in England and Wales will outstrip the numbers of Roman Catholics going to church in little more than a decade.

Projections show Muslims are to outstrip Catholic Sunday worshippers by 2020

Projections to be published next month estimate that, if trends continue, the number of Catholic worshippers at Sunday Mass will fall to 679,000 by 2020.

By that time, statisticians predict, the number of Muslims praying in mosques on Fridays will have increased to 683,000.

The Christian Research figures also suggest that, over the same period, the number of Muslims at mosques will overtake Church of England members at Sunday services.

Church spokesmen point out, however, that a growing number of Anglicans worship at other times of the week.

The projections show that, if the Churches do not reverse their historical decline, there will be more active Muslims than Christians in Sunday services across Britain before the middle of the century.

The figures, based on Government and academic sources and the latest edition of Christian Research’s Religious Trends, come amid growing tensions over the place of Muslims in British society.

They follow fierce rows over the extent to which Islamic law should be recognised and over claims that “no-go” areas for non-Muslims are emerging in parts of the country.

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, provoked criticism by saying the introduction of some aspects of sharia into British society was “unavoidable”.

The Bishop of Rochester, the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, faced death threats after writing in The Sunday Telegraph that Islamic extremism was turning some communities into “no-go” areas “where adherence to this ideology has become a mark of acceptability”.

Peter Brierley, a former Government statistician who edited the latest Religious Trends, said that the continuing growth of the Muslim population since the 2001 census would have significant implications for society.


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calendar   Monday - March 24, 2008

Let’s play spot the media spin

It’s even more fun than playing “name that party” when reading news stories about elected officials who get caught with their pants down. Spot The Spin makes you figure out the story that the media isn’t telling you. This one is pretty easy. Think pirates and hijackers. Envision a map of the Suez Canal in your mind. Egypt on one side, and who-could-it-be on the other. Now read the story and take a guess what the real story probably was ...

US cargo ship opens fire in Suez canal, 1 dead

Cairo: An Egyptian was shot dead and two others wounded in an incident involving a US-flagged cargo ship crossing the Suez Canal towards the Mediterannean Sea, reported security officials late Monday.

After sunset, a motor boat carrying three Egyptians approached the ‘’Global Patriot’’ with the intent of selling products when the ship opened fire on it with tracer bullets killing Mohammed Fouad and wounding two others, said an Egyptian navy official on customary condition of anonymity.

A police official in Cairo, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the incident, adding that some 100 other boat vendors had since gathered near the cargo ship and were demanding an investigation into the shooting.

There is a ‘’Global Patriot’’ registered to the New York-based Global Container Lines and, according to the company Web site, the vessel trades between the United States, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the East Africa.

Company representative Homruz Shayegan told AP by telephone from New York that he had no information on the incident. A spokesperson for the US Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain also had not heard about the event.

According to the Egyptian naval official, the ship had sailed from Dubai and was transporting used military equipment. It had completed crossing the canal and was in a waiting area, known as the Zenobia Lighthouse, in preparation to enter the Mediterranean when the incident took place.

Am I jumping to conclusions, or what? An entire containership filled with second hand, relatively untracable “military equipment”. I bet $100 against half a cup of camel piss that this was an attempted hijacking. Doesn’t matter if the fellahs in the rowboat were real Egyptians, or Pali-terrorists playing dress up. A container ship of weapons, sailing right by the sand dunes they recently blew up miles of wall to get at. It’s a no brainer, I think. But that’s not how the media will report this story, at least for the next several days.

We were just talking the other day about armed merchantmen at sea, and suddenly a US vessel sprouts machine guns, with tracers no less!

UPDATE - pics and some unusual info below the fold

See More Below The Fold


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Network Solutions: Chicken Littles or Secret Islamists?

US ISP Caves In To Maddened Horde

American Internet Service Provider giant Network Solutions takes down webiste scheduled to run anti-izzy Dutch film. Network Solutions then proceeds to load up the now unused domain with lots of islam oriented advertisements. 8 of the 10 ads that are listed there. Think they’re trying to send a message?

An American internet provider has moved to ban a website on which a Dutch MP was planning to host an anti-Islam film portraying the Koran as a “fascist” book.  Website host Network Solutions suspended http://www.fitna com, the online venue that Geert Wilders, an anti-immigrant Dutch MP, has planned to show a short film condemning the tents of the Mulism faith. {DrewNote: I also condemn their tents. Stinky piles of musty camel hair, crusted with sand, loaded with fleas. Considering what Coleman, Kelty, and The North Face have for sale these days, there just is no excuse. Oh wait, did they mean to write “tenets”? Oh. Never mind.} Mr Wilders had planned to imagebroadcast a 10 minute movie comparing the Koran to Mein Kampf on the internet site following the refusal of broadcasters to screen the film amid fears of a violent international backlash across the Islamic world.

“Network Solutions has received a number of complaints regarding this site that are under investigation,” said a statement by the internet provider.

The decision by the US website host to bar material deemed as harassing, hate propaganda, threatening, harmful or “otherwise objectionable” follows calls across Europe for the anti-Islam film to be banned.
Mr Wilders has promised to find another outlet to put his film “on the internet quickly” this week

So, what do you think; good business sense, cowardice hiding behind PC, or secret supporter of the mujahedeen? It isn’t even a bet that whatever server hosts this film is going to get hammered with every virus, trojan, spam campaign, denial of service attack, etc., in the world. It’s the digital way of shouting down your opponents so no one can hear their words. Very similar to campus lefties stealing the college newspapers because they disagree with some article that gets written. If Wilders does find a host, they had better have a damn good firewall and security system. He can’t even give the video away, since YouTube will ban it in a heartbeat.

This is what Political Correctness brings us to. Free Speech, Denied. It isn’t like comparing pisslam to Little Adolph’s Big Book of Hate is anything new; every year you read that Mein Kampf is on the best seller list all over the arab world. And since your average Achmed isn’t exactly a big reader, there has got to be a few similar themes that keep Herr Schicklegruber’s meistervork selling year after year. It can’t be just hating on the Jooooos. That’s everywhere over there.


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