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calendar   Tuesday - February 26, 2008

Science Fiction becoming science fact

In Larry Niven’s Ringworld books, Louis Wu was a “wirehead”; a “current addict” who had an electrical implant hooked up to pleasure centers of his brain. Jacking into his “droud” he could bliss out for days on end. Later on this concept evolved into a “tasp”, a sort-of weapon like a stun gun that could disable people by instantly sending them to that happy place. We’ve seen similar devices in Sci-Fi films, from Barbarella, to Woody Allen’s Sleeper, to the more recent Demolition Man. The idea goes back a long way, probably at least to accupuncture and sexy back rubs. Heck, we even feed a similar idea to our children! You remember that twisted cartoon Ren & Stimpy, when Stimpy invented the Happy Helmet?

Ren: “Hey! What is this thing? Get it off of me!”
Stimpy: “It’s the happy helmet, Ren. Now you’ll always be happy! And this is the remote control. And I use this dial to control how happy you are!”
Ren: “You sick little monkey! Why I oughta-”

Now it looks like the real thing is almost here. At this point, the device needs wires attached, but I’m certain it will be wireless in just a couple years. Welcome to the future. Here comes the


An evening with your remote is about to be revolutionized.  In just two to three years, you may be erupting into orgasm with the simple touch of a button. A new gadget — the “Orgasmatron” — basically promises a near-instant orgasm by targeting your lower back.

When anesthesiologist Dr. Stuart Meloy was working on a device for treating chronic pain, I’m sure he wasn’t thinking that his spinal cord stimulator could one day treat orgasmic dysfunction. But soon after powering up an electrode that had been placed into the spine of a woman with chronic back pain, the patient began moaning and hyperventilating. She not only reported decreased pain, but an orgasm!

Meloy decided to conduct a study of 11 women, six of whom had never had an orgasm and five of whom had lost the ability to orgasm. Ten of the 11 were stimulated by the device’s electrodes, which were implanted into the bottom part of the women’s spinal cord (the 11th participant never used her device during the nine-day trial). Using a remote control, Meloy stimulated the device’s electrodes, which fire impulses to the brain in blocking pain signals.

The women who had had orgasm at previous points in their lives interpreted the signal as an orgasm.


Stuart Meloy, whose spinal implant causes orgasms in most women, has patented the device and tested it on several women and men a couple of years ago. Now he needs to go through another round of tests as he preps the device for FDA approval to treat “female orgasm dysfuntion,” defined simply as an inability to have orgasms. Here’s a diagram of how it works. A small box about the size of an Altoids tin is attached to two thin wires that snake under your skin and attach to the nerves in your spine responsible for sexual pleasure. Send electricity through the wires, stimulate the nerves, and watch the hot results.

According to an article last week in the Los Angeles Times:

Women who have used the device say they feel as if their clitoris and vagina are actually being stimulated, to quite realistic effect. ("One woman asked me, ‘Would it be considered adultery if I gave the remote control to someone other than my husband?’ “ Meloy says.)

Some volunteers also report fleeting episodes of clenched foot muscles, Meloy says, probably a result of electrical pulses leaving the spine and stimulating nearby motor nerves. (He wonders if the phenomenon might somehow be related to a common orgasm description: “My toes curled.")

And when the device’s pulse intensity is cranked up to maximum, Meloy says, some women find their vaginal and rectal muscles squeezing rhythmically in time with the pulses, even before the orgasmic finale.

Meloy says he has also implanted two impotent men with the device. Both volunteers were able to achieve an erection, he says, and reportedly had powerful ejaculations.
Design work is underway to get the cost of the procedure down to about $12,000—roughly the price of breast implants, Meloy says.

He plans to shrink the size of the internal processor to the size of two sticks of gum and the external processor to roughly the size of a belt pager, all while ensuring that the system is durable enough to withstand shear forces of typical use.

Before Food and Drug Administration approval could be granted and the device sent to market—Meloy estimates that’s probably still two or three years away—the new design will need to be tested in another study, he says. But there will be no animal testing phase. “I don’t know how to ask animals, ‘Where do you feel the tingling?’ or ‘Do you want a cigarette?’ ”

And here you were, only worrying whether your work job would become obsolete because of technology. Not to worry. Most men will still hog the remote control.

LA Times article
geeky sci-fi blog article
FoxNews article


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safety reminder for journalists … um, I mean reloaders

All you gunnies have seen stories like this before. Here’s another one. You can’t be reminded too often. Watch everything. Verify everything. Never assume anything. Like the carpenters say, measure twice and cut once. Luckily the shooter involved is going to live. He only lost part of his hand.

A bit of info for non-reloaders: there are several hundred different kinds of gunpowder on the market. Each one burns at a slightly different rate than the others. Each one may be perfect for one kind of cartridge but dangerously wrong for another kind. Unfortunately, some very different kinds of gunpowder have similar names. This is a case of what happens when you don’t pay attention, and use “#7”, a very fast pistol powder, instead of “Reloader 7”, a medium speed rifle powder. Had the shooter used “sp 7”, a rather slow rifle powder, not only would the gun not have blown up, the bullet would have barely made it out the end of the barrel. Another thing that made the situation worse is the rifle itself. The Marlin 1895 is a well made modern rifle based on an old design. It is plenty strong enough to handle the pressures generated by any sane loading of the cartridge it is chambered for, but it will break when those pressures get to the insane level. This accidental loading may not have blown up in a stronger rifle, but then again it may have. Steel is only so strong, and these pressures are approaching the burst strength of even the best steel.

here’s the original in a gun forum

Accurate #7 is not Reloader 7




Just a little reminder ... pay attention ... be careful ... don’t be a dummy ... or a statistic.


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calendar   Monday - February 25, 2008

Well … fine.

While not quite up to The Onion‘s standards, IMAO does one on the obamamessiah and has me LMAO.


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Don’t bet on it

CNN: “North Korea lifts nuclear veil”

CNN Editor’s note: CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour recently toured North Korea’s nuclear plant. CNN was one of only two U.S. news organizations at the facility.

So before the article even begins I have 3 major reasons not to believe it: It’s from the Norks, it’s CNN, and the reporter is the Persian princess socialist/terrorist sympathiser Christiana Amanpour.

YONGBYON, North Korea (CNN)—The North Koreans haven’t seen this many Americans since the Korean War, but they are pulling out all the stops.

CNN was one of only two American news organizations ever allowed to visit the main nuclear facility at Yongbyon.

For a nation President Bush labeled as part of the “axis of evil,” it was not an impressive sight: a dilapidated concrete hulk, built with few resources back in the early ‘80s.

Isn’t that cute? And oh, of course, look how BUSH LIED.

But it did produce plutonium, enough to make a few bombs and to test-fire a nuclear weapon 18 months ago.

But it was only a couple little bombs. They couldn’t hurt hardly anybody! And let’s ignore that it’s uranium that gets used for an atomic bomb, while it’s plutonium that gets used for the much more powerful hydrogen bomb. Nothing to see here, move along.

Today is a very different story though. North Korea shut down Yongbyon last summer under an agreement with the United States and four other nations in the nuclear disarmament negotiations. We were shown the extraordinary sight of heavy metal pipes, chopped down and laid on the ground: They had been part of a coolant loop that sent steam to the turbine generators to produce electricity.  We saw the distinctive bell-shaped cooling tower, just a shell, the inner guts of the system cut out. We saw the vital nuclear fuel rods being removed and neutralized under 20 feet of water.  And we even were shown the reprocessing plant where plutonium was extracted from the rods, plutonium that was used for nuclear weapons, the chief engineer admitted. Parts of the plant are now dismantled, wrapped in plastic and put into storage.

Idiots. You saw exactly what the NorKs wanted you to see, and believed whatever they told you. It could have been anything wrapped in plastic, and that could have been an old plant they took you too. When dealing with these guys “trust, but verify” becomes “assume it’s a scam until you can absolutely it prove otherwise”.

And there are American technicians from the Department of Energy on-site helping with all of this. It seems a far cry from the hostility conjured by the axis of evil.

Maybe merely hearing about the wonders of Obamamessiah have healed their broken souls, and now they’re our best buddy-buddies. Yeah right. As for the technicians, check their bank balances and their voter registration cards. Sah-ree, but the bullshit does run that deep.

For all of this, North Korea expected a million tons of heavy fuel oil, a lifting of sanctions and removal from the U.S. list of terrorist sponsors. This has not happened yet, so North Korea has slowed down the disabling process at Yongbyon.

Holy crap, you mean Bush did something right? Not a grain of wheat, not a drop of oil until a geiger counter stays dead flat over the entire country.

CNN, the most gullible name in news. When it suits our purposes of course.


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NAUGHTY CIA MUST ANSWER TO amnasty intl. and civil rights groups.

Renditions row after CIA plane lands in UK

By Duncan Gardham Security Correspondent
Last Updated: 2:04am GMT 25/02/2008

A fresh row erupted over the use of British air bases by US authorities as it emerged a plane used by the CIA has landed at an RAF airstrip in the past week.

A Gulfstream IV jet, identified by Amnesty International as a plane linked to the US intelligence agency, landed at RAF Northolt in west London.

The jet, registration N134BR, which flew from Morristown, New Jersey, to Britain, landed on Wednesday and returned on Friday. It was also seen at Luton airport in January.

See now here’s just one of the places I come unglued.  The SOBs publish the plane ID and a big deal gets made.  But we don’t even know for certain, and we shouldn’t, why the plane landed here.  But okay let that go for a minute.
Here’s where I get a bit miffed.  Alright, homicidal re. amnasty intl. and yes I would given a chance.  Here’s another totally unrelated story that has to do with planes.

Plane crashes into couple’s garden

Last Updated: 9:05am GMT 25/02/2008

An elderly couple who had a lucky escape after a plane landed in their garden told their unexpected guests “thanks for dropping in”.

Eileen Watling, 71, and her husband Alfie, 83, were settling down on Saturday to watch a bank heist movie on television when the Cessna light aircraft, carrying two passengers, landed nose-first in Eileen’s conifers. original newspaper article here

Did you notice the photograph of the plane’s wing?  The paper BLOCKED OUT the plane ID number. Least that’s the way it looks. But they just HAD to publish the ID of the CIA plane?  That bothers me.
Maybe I’ve gone off the rail again but I see red every time I see the amnasty name.  I don’t think I’d be allowed to post what I’d like to do to that thorn.

Back to the main story:

The plane was listed in a 2006 report by Amnesty, which said it believed the aircraft was being used for the transfer of prisoners by the US. At the time, the Government admitted aircraft chartered by the CIA had landed 14 times at RAF Northolt and RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire between October 2003 and May 2004, but denied they had been used in the practice of rendition.

There is no suggestion there were prisoners on board on this occasion but a new review of the so-called “torture flights” is taking place after David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, last week admitted to Parliament two flights had stopped at the British base of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

A Foreign Office spokesman refused to comment on individual flights but said: “The two flights from the US already identified are the only ones we are aware of.”

The practice of “rendition” involves the legal transfer of prisoners from country to country but “extraordinary rendition” involves by-passing the legal process to move prisoners, allegedly in order to facilitate torture.

Mr Miliband told the Commons last Thursday Diego Garcia had been used to refuel two “rendition’’ flights. One flight stopped at Diego Garcia on the way to the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, while the other was bound for an unspecified country, possibly Morocco.

Mr Miliband said he was “very sorry indeed’’ to have to correct previous statements made by Tony Blair and Jack Straw in 2005, 2006 and 2007 denying rendition flights had stopped on British soil.

Right you are. We can not have these flights that violate the terrorist’s human {?} rights.  OK, “suspected” terrorists. Freekin’ left wing libtard bastards.

The cases involving Diego Garcia had not been disclosed before due to an “error’’ in an earlier US records search.

In each of the two cases, the aircraft involved had been carrying a single detainee - neither of them British - who did not leave the plane while it was at Diego Garcia.

Shami Chakrabarti, the director of the civil rights group Liberty, said: “It should not be down to plane spotters and citizen activists to keep track of these activities.”

“There should be a full and independent inquiry into this country’s role in state-sponsored terrorism.”

source article


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A not too flattering photo in the hard copy of today’s paper.
The headline read the gloves are off but I really haven’t a clue what that means.
What has she been doing last couple of months. Sleeping?
Whatever ....
This is the report in a major Brit paper today.  They cover USA wall to wall.

Hillary Clinton ready to attack Obama

By Alex Spillius in Washington
Last Updated: 2:03am GMT 25/02/2008

Hillary Clinton has made her sharpest attack so far on Barack Obama, signalling a week of bruising campaigning ahead as she tries to salvage her bid for the White House.

The former First Lady lost her temper after being shown two pamphlets distributed by the Obama campaign in Ohio: one about her health care policy, the other about her support for Nafta, the free trade agreement signed by her husband, Bill, when president and now loathed by blue collar workers.

At an impromptu press conference, Mrs Clinton held the fliers aloft and declared: “Every Democrat in Ohio ought to be outraged. Shame on you, Barack Obama.

“Meet me in Ohio. Let’s have a debate about your tactics and your behaviour in this campaign.

“Enough with the speeches and the big rallies and then using tactics that are right out of Karl Rove’s playbook,” she added, referring to President George W Bush’s former strategist who specialised in negative campaigning.



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calendar   Sunday - February 24, 2008

Moonbats have tough choices for their own special candidate

Another entry in the “I can’t believe the crop of idiots running for president” category. Let’s not forget the Green Party’s other possible candidate, Moonbat #2 herself, Cynthia McKinney. She’s out to give old Ralph a run for his money. And boy, is she fired up!!


source link

College Park, Md. ( - Former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) said her bid for the White House as a Green Party candidate won’t hurt Sen. Barack Obama or Sen. Hillary Clinton’s chances for being the first African-American or woman U.S. president, respectively, because U.S. elections have been corrupted.

“Basically, what you are suggesting is by participating in the Democratic process the Green Party is going to become, quote, ‘the spoiler,’ “ McKinney told Cybercast News Service at a rally Tuesday at the University of Maryland. “It is impossible to become a spoiler based on past experience when one examines the past.

In a speech given to a small but enthusiastic crowd at the university’s cultural center, McKinney referred to the Reconstruction Party platform, a grassroots organization in New Orleans spawned by Hurricane Katrina, to explain her presidential goals.

McKinney cited the war in Iraq, poverty, homelessness, and other issues as “Hurricane America” and showed a graphic photo of an illegal immigrant who died in a border-crossing accident.

McKinney said all immigrants should receive amnesty, because coming to America to support their families should not be a crime and these workers are an economic necessity.

During a question-and-answer session following her speech, one supporter asked McKinney what caused her to leave the Democratic Party.

“When the Democrat majority could have voted to stop war funding, they didn’t,” McKinney said. “When the Democrat majority could have instituted a ‘livable’ wage, they didn’t. When the Democrat majority could have rolled back the Patriot Act, the Secret Evidence Act, and the Military Tribunal Act, they didn’t.

“I’d had enough of ‘didn’ts’ and wanted to be with people who would,” she added.

McKinney is one of several Green Party candidates seeking the party’s nomination. Former Green Party nominee Ralph Nader has not decided to run for president, but he won the Green Party nomination in the Super Tuesday California primary nonetheless.

Gosh, we’re gonna have a big fight in the Green Party too! When are the debates? Ralph vs Cynthia ... I gotta see this! Well, after I get drunk first LOL

Note: spare your poor old heart and keep your blood pressure in check. DO NOT click on the Reconstruction Platform, where Cynthia lists her DEMANDS. Demand #3 will give you an anuerism.


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Wind turbines make really poor weed whackers

If you’re going to install these things, please make the effort to trim the bushes first!


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Nader for President!?

Ralph Nader enters presidential race

WASHINGTON (CNN)—Ralph Nader is entering the presidential race as an independent, he announced Sunday, saying it is time for a “Jeffersonian revolution.” “In the last few years, big money and the closing down of Washington against citizen groups prevent us from trying to improve our country. And I want everybody to have the right and opportunity to improve their country,” he told reporters after an appearance announcing his candidacy on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Oh boy, this is great! Will he be able to do to Obamalama what Perot did to Daddy Bush back in ‘92?

This marks his fourth straight White House bid—fifth if his 1992 write-in campaign is included.

Ralph is going for the record, currently held by that old time commie Gus Hall.

“A Jeffersonian revolution is needed in this country,” he said.  “Dissent is the mother of ascent,” he said. “And in that context I’ve decided to run for president.”

I though descent was the mother to ascent ("I get knocked down, but I get up again")? Or is Disshat the mother of Asshat?

Nader, who turns 74 this week, complained about the “paralysis of the government,” which he said is under the control of corporate executives and lobbyists.

Can’t really disagree with him there. Maybe corporations would feel the need to have less influence (representation) if they stopped paying taxes?

Nader was criticized by some Democrats in 2000 for allegedly pulling away support from Democrat Al Gore and helping George Bush win the White House. Nader has long denied that portrayal of his candidacy.

No connection at all. And it’s only coincedence that Brittney’s “Oops, I did it again” is going to be his campaign themesong.

Obama said Nader “is a singular figure in American politics and has done as much as just about anyone for consumers.” “He seems to have a pretty high opinion of his own work.”

Nader called Obama “a person of substance” and “the first liberal evangelist in a long time” who “has run a good tactical campaign.” But he accused Obama of censoring “his better instincts” on divisive issues.

Ooh, baby, I can feeeeel the love from here!

There you have it, folks. Ralph “monkey wrench” Nader, back in the ring. Can’t wait to see him at the general debates. I’ve got to wonder just what voters are going to swarm to his side though. All the hippies are more concerned with their 401Ks at this point, and to the younger generation this guy is older than dirt.

news source


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calendar   Saturday - February 23, 2008

America Today

Neighbors want tax break for living next to sex offender

source, via Insty

SOUTHBURY CT - Neighbors of a convicted sex offender living in Southbury are seeking tax breaks on their homes.

Some two dozen homeowners in the Fox Run Drive area believe their property values dropped last fall when David Pollitt moved to his sister’s home in their neighborhood.

They tried but can’t force Pollitt to move out, so they have asked the town to reduce their property tax assessments by as much as 17 percent.

They argue the presence of a registered sex offender has lowered the sale price of their homes.

The 54-year-old Pollitt was released in October after more than 24 years in prison for a series of rapes and moved to Southbury.

Gee, don’t it just figure? They can’t force an ex-con out of their neighborhood, so now they’re looking for some angle to get some money out of it. “Oh, we’ve been so wronged! Look how we’re suffering! See how much potential money we’ve lost if we decide to sell our homes and move away from this horrible situation!” Gak. How truly American: if I can’t get my way, then show me the money.

No word from the courts on how wide the “zone of devaluation” might be. If this case doesn’t rightfully defenestrated, I wonder if judges will come up with a precident setting devaluation chart like we used to see for nuclear blast radii:

simple littering: 0 feet
jaywalking: 2 feet
shoplifting and possession of small amounts of dope: 5 feet
DWB: 30 feet
illegal dumping of non-toxic waste: 40 feet
grand theft auto: 50 feet
burglary: 100 feet
murder in the second: 300 feet
arson: 400 feet
murder in the first: 500 feet
unspecified “hate crime” or making a coworker “uncomfortable”: 1000 feet
sex offender: 10,000 feet

Hell, this could keep a battalion of lawyers busy for the rest of their careers!!

Peeps, this just ain’t right. That’s not how things are supposed to be. I ran across a website the other day that claimed it could map the location of felons living in your neighborhood. While it did generate maps with all sorts of push-pins in them, and each pin had a name and crime associated with it, I found it rather incomplete. I know the guy living in the next building over did some time for something, and he didn’t come up on my local map. But still, this isn’t right. Do the crime, do the time. And that’s it. When someone has “paid their debt to society” they literally have. In my opinion their name is clear.

If folks are so concerned about repeat offenders or recidivividison or other words I can’t spell that mean “once a thief, always a thief” then don’t let the creeps out of jail. I grew up with the whole Criminal Rehabilitation movement. It was liberalism in a nutshell. It didn’t work, because the only way it could work was with constant coaching, solitary confinement, and a huge dose of hellfire religion. Now we have prison overcrowding, plea bargaining, early release, Meaghan’s Law - totally unconstitutional IMO, and today we have this story.


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Where We Are Today ?


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use of Internet filtering is heating up in Europe

use of Internet filtering is heating up in Europe

Europe makes moves towards Internet censorshipMikael Ricknas

February 22, 2008 (IDG News Service) A debate over the use of Internet filtering is heating up in Europe. Privacy advocates and carriers are going head to head with authorities.

In Finland, programmer Matti Nikki is under investigation for publishing a secret list of domains that authorities had allegedly censored in an effort to stop the spread of child pornography. Nikki published his list to prove that the system was being abused, and was himself censored as a result. The Finnish chancellor of justice has received a complaint about how the police handled the matter.

The authorities distribute their list to the country’s 20 largest Internet service providers (ISP), which then block access to the sites. The rest of Finland’s 200 ISPs haven’t implemented the technology, so protection is far from complete.

The problem with filtering is that it is a very blunt tool, according to Swedish Internet activist Oscar Swartz.

“I have seen the list Nikki published, and it includes links to sites with regular pornography, so they shouldn’t be censored,” said Swartz.

The Finnish police force is aware of the problems with filtering.

“The technology we currently use works well with sites that only include child pornography. To filter sites with a mixture of content, we need to use other technologies as well,” said Lars Henriksson, chief superintendent at the National Bureau of Investigation.

Finland isn’t the only country where the temperature is rising. Danish authorities recently decided to block file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, after pressure from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). Stockholm-based Tele2 AB decided to fight the court order. So far, it is the only ISP that has been ordered to shut off access to The Pirate Bay, but IFPI has plans to expand the blocking.

Other organizations are starting to show an interest in the use of filtering, including mobile network operators. They are banding together to combat the distribution of child pornography.

“We are here to tackle a very disturbing and damaging phenomenon,” said Craig Ehrlich, chairman of the GSM Association, a group of mobile network operators, launching the initiative at a conference in Barcelona, Spain, last week.

The use of emotional issues to justify the introduction or extension of censorship worries some.

“It’s easy to ignore the negative aspects of filtering and censorship when talking about something so universally disliked as child pornography,” said Swartz.

But state censorship proposals don’t stop there: European Union Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini called last September for ISPs to block access to Web sites hosting information about bomb-making, and U.K. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said in January that she wanted action taken against sites that encouraged terrorism, including social networking sites.

Such actions could have wider consequences: “If the EU starts to filter sites related to piracy, terrorism and child pornography, it will have some serious effects on the freedom to communicate,” said Swartz.


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calendar   Friday - February 22, 2008

GOP Update

Tom Tancredo to drop out of GOP race?


Oh yeah, that Conservative guy with the borders issue. Somehow I thought he dropped out months ago.

No word yet on Duncan Hunter. Or Ron Paul. They’re still in it to win it, which will require huge helpings of magic fairy dust at this point.

The combined total number of delegates for Tancredo and Hunter ... is zero. At least Ron Paul can say he got a few (14), though I’d bet he doesn’t get any more.



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HOME OWNER SUED FOR JUNK MAIL …. this really wins some sort of twisted prize!

Got up early as I do every morning, took the morning Telegraph from our mail slot in the front door, took in the milk which they still deliver here to your front door, and many other items offered by the dairy, brought the milk into the kitchen and popped it in the fridge, put some water on the hobb (stove to us yanks)
and opened the paper to the front page.

I haven’t even had my coffee or any other part of breakfast yet.  Soon as I saw this bit of total lunacy ... I had to boot and blog.
Unfreekin’ believababble.  Well, no. It isn’t at all.  Is It?

Home owner sued for junk mail injury
By Richard Alleyne
Last Updated: 2:03am GMT 22/02/2008

A home owner is being threatened with legal action after a woman claimed she trapped her hand in his letterbox while delivering unwanted junk mail.

Joy Goodman, a cake decorator, is seeking damages for personal injury and loss of earnings, claiming the top of her right index finger was severed when she delivered the mail. She claims she needs compensation because she is now unable to carry out her intricate job.

But the home owner vowed to fight the case. Paul O’Brien, 44, a self-employed engineer from Leeds, said: “When I received a solicitor’s letter I thought someone was having a laugh. I actually told them they had sent it early. April Fool’s Day is still six weeks away.

“I just cannot believe someone who came on to my property uninvited, to put junk mail through my door that I didn’t want, can now sue me because they hurt themselves.”

He added: “There is nothing wrong with the letterbox. I haven’t altered it or done anything to it. It’s just like every other letterbox on this estate.”

Mrs Goodman declined to comment, saying only: “It is in the hands of my solicitors.”

A law expert said that householders had limited duties of care to people who went on to their property such as delivery people or postmen.

These duties of care include not having such things as bare electricity cables sticking out, but were not likely to extend to a letterbox providing it was a standard model.

here’s the link >>>


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  专业从事中文配音和外文配音制作,北京名传天下配音公司   北京名传天下专业配音公司成破于2006年12月,是专业从事中 中文配音 文配音跟外文配音的音频制造公司,幻想飞腾配音网领 配音制作 有海内外优良专业配音职员已达500多位,可供给一流的外语配音,长年服务于国内中心级各大媒体、各省市电台电视台,能满意不同客户的各种需要。电话:010-83265555   北京名传天下专业配音公司…
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The Brownshirts: Partie Deux; These aare the Muscle We've Been Waiting For
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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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