When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

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“the best part of waking up … “

What’s that I smell? Could it be ... coffee??

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a little perspective



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The Problem With Walls

The problem with walls ... is that you have to watch both sides of them. You can’t just build one and then walk away. Bad things tend to happen to them.


Paleoswinians blew up the 40 foot high wall between the southern Gaza Strip and Egypt. Hundreds of thousands of them raced into Eqypt to buy food, clothing, and cigarettes.

RAFAH, Gaza Strip - Tens of thousands of Palestinians on foot and on donkey carts poured into Egypt from Gaza Wednesday after masked gunmen used land mines to blast down a seven-mile barrier dividing the border town of Rafah.

UN personnel said they estimated the number of Palestinians who entered Egypt to be 350,000.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced that he had ordered his troops to allow Palestinians to cross into Egypt because they were starving.

Starving huh? Then explain this one:

“We want to buy food, we want to buy rice and sugar, milk and wheat and some cheese,” Abu Taha said, adding that he would also buy cheap Egyptian cigarettes.

Abu Taha said he could get the basic foods in Gaza, but at three times the cost.

Sounds more like bargain hunting to me. What, was Egypt having a half off sale?

The border breach was a dramatic protest against the closure of the impoverished Palestinian territory imposed last week by Israel.

Jubilant men and women crossed unhindered by border controls over the toppled corrugated metal along sections of the barrier, carrying goats, chickens and crates of Coca-Cola. Some brought back televisions, car tires and cigarettes and one man even bought a motorcycle. Vendors sold soft drinks and baked goods to the crowds.

I wonder if that crazy haired guy from NOLA was leading the charge?

An off-duty Hamas security officer who identified himself as Abdel Rahman, 29, said this was his first time out of Gaza. “I can smell the freedom,” he said. “We need no border after today.”

There’s a joke in here somewhere ... Israel calls up Egypt and says, “Remember how we said “Let my people go”?, well it took a few thousand years but we’ve changed our mind. You can have them back!”

Hamas, which took control of the coastal territory last June after a stand-off with Fatah, has denied that its men set off the explosions that brought down as much as two-thirds of the 12-km wall in the early hours.

But a Hamas border guard interviewed by The Times at the border today admitted that the Islamist group was responsible and had been involved for months in slicing through the heavy metal wall using oxy-acetylene cutting torches.

That meant that when the explosive charges were set off in 17 different locations after midnight last night the 40ft wall came tumbling down, leaving it lying like a broken concertina down the middle of no-man’s land as an estimated 350,000 Gazans flooded into Egypt.

The guard, Lieutenant Abu Usama of the Palestinian National Security, said of the cutting operation: “I’ve seen this happening over the last few months. It happened in the daytime but was covered up so that nobody would see.”

Asked whether he had reported it to the government, he replied: “It was the government that was doing this. Who would I report it to?”

Gah ... I’m depressed. I’m so sick of the crap, everywhere you turn. Israel will get a big fat black eye over this one no doubt. Cuz they “forced” Hamas to use cutting torches for months to pre-slice the wall so that a mere 17 landmines could blow down miles of it today ... that’s right, they forced it ... by responding to an endless rain of missiles being fired at them for years by these feral freaks by shutting off power a couple days ago. This kind of Mobius Logic just makes me throw up my hands. No doubt Condi The Bravetm will be over there in a flash, chiding the Knesset for their horrible inhumane behavior. Dumbshit.

It’s a damn shame the Izzy’s don’t have a dozen miles of Instant Wall they could replace this with. Let all the little animals run to Egypt then put a new wall back up. “‘Right of Return’? What’s that?”

Read all about it at Atlas Shrugs

and at the Times UK

and the Jerusalem Post

and even Yahoo News


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National “Hug your guns and thank god you’re an American” day

As noted at View From The Porch, today is John Moses Browning’s birthday. Born 153 years ago, “St. John” was one of the most prolific and talented firearms designers who ever lived.  With 128 gun patents to his name, you probably own at least one firearm or cartridge that he designed.

big_us_flag  image big_us_flag

PS - you can still buy the rifle he’s holding


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Stay involved in government and watch the bastards … every minute. - Allan C. Kelly

"Stay involved in government and watch the bastards in Washington every minute.” - Allan C. Kelly

The Skipper’s famous quote applies to the Several States as well. Keep your eyes open folks, always try to cut through the bullshit, and don’t buy what they tell you until you can prove it yourself. It’s an awful lot of work, but if you don’t, then there’s this old expression about “a new one born every minute” that could apply to you.

The blogosphere is often a circular thing. Information goes back and forth and around and around, and sometimes things just fall into place with a little added input from the readers. Such is the case with reader Bill, who commented on Geek With A .45’s posts the other day on that idiotic NJ electoral vote law. Thank you Bill, and thank you Mr. Geek, for keeping a cool head and using your brains. On the other hand, I posted in full RCOB mode, and damn but it felt good to do so!!
And thanks to Mr. C for bringing it to my attention. The blogosphere is a big place, so I don’t get to visit my favorite places every day.

pasted from Geek With a .45’s blog:

Quote: {emphasis mine}
BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State 5
of New Jersey:

1. (New section) The State of New Jersey hereby enacts into
law and enters into the “Agreement Among the States to Elect the
President by National Popular Vote” as set forth in this section, and
substantially as follows:

From NJ’s new Electoral College law. (pdf), brought to my attention by the Barking Moonbat Early Warning System *.


No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, ...
US Constitution, Article I, section 10, brought to my attention by Reader Bill.

Reader Bill points out that the NJ law may be expressly unconstitutional. I’d like to believe that; I think it is too. However, you can expect the legislators to split legal hairs over this, since no other states are actually named, nor is any actual agreement signed. No, they just violate the spirit of the prohibition by making a law that says “when we see other states doing it, we’ll do it too.” So it looks to me like this NJ law, put in place to do an end run around the Constitution, has another Constitutional end run built right into it. Double duplicity? Not an amazing feat from the state that brought you Pay-To-Play and legalized Double Dipping for government pigs feasting at the taxpayer trough.

What say you? Is this an Agreement or not?

PS - I wonder if I’m a triple geek? I’m pretty sure I own 3 .45s if you limit “.45” to only mean firearms chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. If you open that definition up to include any cartridge using bullets of that approximate diameter then my geek count goes up ... and up ...



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calendar   Tuesday - January 22, 2008

un frickin believable

It costs about $50,000 a year to send your kid to Tufts University. Click on the link to the University’s homepage, just to see what your money will buy. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

No idea what this “99” stuff is all about? Why, it’s the wondrous number of the names of Allah, each of which embodies some super attribute of his.

While Muslim leaders, businessmen, and comic book aficionados have given the comic book their blessing as well as their money—a whopping $7 million has poured into Mutawa’s company, Teshkeel Media, since 2003—not all are as excited about this new genre of Arab entertainment.

Banned by Saudi Arabia’s religious censors, the 99 has received criticism from Islamic clerics who say it goes against the Muslim religion in its personification of the powers of Allah and its attempt to create new myths that combine the word of God with a more Western storyline.
Al-Mutawa - who is seeking to raise an additional $50 million and announced a partnership four months ago with Marvel Entertainment Inc. to market other comics, paperbacks and magazines in the Arabic language - recalled that he stressed the need for positive images:

“I appealed to investors, ‘If we don’t do this, no one else will come in to help.’ “

I wonder if Tufts does refunds?


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fred quits

breaking news at CNN, Fox, etc.

Fred Thompson Quits the GOP Race

Nothing more really needs to be said ... it would be conjecture anyway.

So long Fred, and thanks at least for trying.


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Cops capture “Fish Bomber” terrorist??

via Michelle Malkin and others.

Cops hook another homegrown terrorist?

This is a truly bizarre story. It would be funny as hell if these wasn’t so much danger involved.

A naturalized citizen, Ivaylo Ivanov, tells cops somebody shot his fingertip off. NY cops wonder about that, cuz genius here tells his story to the cops while wearing a bullet proof vest. Cops question him and it turns out he did it to himself. Cops go to the guys apartment in Brooklyn and find an “arsenal” and a pipe bomb factory. Under further questioning it comes out that “9 fingers” Ivanov is the guy who has been vandalizing the local synagogues, even though he claims to be Jewish himself, and was trained by Mossad. He explained to the cops that he was going to use the bombs to go fishing.

Crazy enough? But wait, there’s more! Stoopid shares the apartment with Michael Clatts, a medical anthropologist, who just happens to be an Associate Professor at Columbia U, where he specializes in the study of spread of infectious disease. Clatts can’t be located, but he might be out of the country - either in Puerto Rico, or in Vietnam where he’s researching HIV among young intravenous drug users. Who tend to share needles, you know. Ivanov has a previous arrest record including charges of drug paraphernalia possession, including hypodermic needles. And there’s still more! Ivanov may have been deported a few years back; cops are unsure at this time.

It reads like bad fiction, but it’s true. Anti-Semitic vandalism, fish bombs and AIDS. All discovered due to stupid gun handling. If this Clatt guy is innocent ... IF ... then he really needs to learn to pick better housemates.

NY Times article,
NY Daily News article,
NY Post article 1,
NY Post article 2

Ivanov, who has five prior arrests for petit larceny, was nabbed Sunday morning after accidentally shooting himself in the hand, which was heavily bandaged at his court appearance.

Bloody and sporting a bulletproof vest, he approached two cops on Montague Street.

Cops evacuated a string of posh Brooklyn Heights brownstones yesterday after a cache of weapons - including pipe bombs, sniper rifles and crossbows with arrows - was found in a duplex shared by an ex-con and a prominent AIDS researcher from Columbia University.  A bloodied Ivaylo Ivanov, 31, approached officers at about 1:15 a.m. around the corner from 58 Remsen St., where he lives with his roommate, who is often overseas for work, police sources said.  Ivanov told the cops he had been shot in the hand by a stranger, and he was taken to Long Island College Hospital.
There, he changed his story and admitted he shot himself - apparently while cleaning one of his guns, the sources said.  When cops searched his fourth-floor apartment, they found six pipe bombs, sniper rifles, a handgun, shotguns, a crossbow with arrows, silencers, bomb-making equipment and other weapons - prompting an immediate evacuation of the building and others on the historic, tree-lined block.

The Brooklyn ex-con arrested for stashing an arsenal of weapons in his posh apartment confessed to another crime yesterday - blanketing his neighborhood with swastikas last fall, police said.

The revelation was the latest twist in a bizarre story that features a man who, police said, shot his own finger; a sizable weapons collection, including pipe bombs and a sawed-off shotgun, found in an apartment in one of Brooklyn’s most exclusive neighborhoods; and a prominent H.I.V./AIDS researcher and medical anthropologist, who owns the apartment.  The hate crimes had unsettled local residents, many of whom awoke on the morning of Sept. 25 to find swastikas and other slurs scratched, scrawled and spray-painted on cars, playgrounds, synagogues and building facades. Crude fliers reading “Kill All Jews” were strewn about.  At one point, 20 detectives were assigned to investigate the case, and though they zeroed in on a suspect almost from the start, there was not enough evidence to charge him.  According to a police official, Mr. Ivanov said his acts of vandalism were a result of “bad judgment” and “rage.”

Ivanov told cops he had the arsenal “for his own personal safety,” police said.

Mr. Ivanov told investigators he intended to use the bombs for fishing; but, given his admission that he painted swastikas on synagogues, investigators became concerned he was planning violence.

The relationship between Mr. Ivanov and the owner of his apartment at 58 Remsen Street, Michael C. Clatts, remained unclear on Monday. Mr. Clatts, 50, could not be located, and some who have worked with him said they had no idea who Mr. Ivanov was.  Mr. Clatts’s colleagues at the National Development and Research Institutes, a nonprofit group based in Manhattan, were disbelieving that he could have any connection with wrongdoing. The police said they did not know of any link between Mr. Clatts and Mr. Ivanov’s weapons.  “This does not fit with my knowledge of him,” Don C. Des Jarlais, a research fellow at the agency, said of Mr. Clatts. “He’s an anthropologist.” The police had also not reached Mr. Clatts as of Monday night. He directs the organization’s Institute for International Research on Youth at Risk and is believed to be traveling, one official said. He could be in Puerto Rico, where he is a university professor, or in Vietnam, where he is conducting research on H.I.V. risk among young intravenous drug users, according to a colleague.

Alan Brasunas, a co-op board member at the 58 Remsen St. brownstone, confirmed Clatts owned the apartment and lived there with Ivanov.  “One has to assume Michael must have seen something at one point,” Brasunas said. “It’s not a huge apartment.”


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calendar   Monday - January 21, 2008

Religion of Peace my Ass - your daily horror story

Iraqi suicide bomber sent by family to kill his uncle

Details emerging in the investigation into a teenage suicide bombing near Fallujah on Sunday suggest the boy was dispatched by his family on the mission and took advantage of tribal ties to pass through tight security

The 15-year-old attacker was carrying a box of candy at a gathering of tribal members to celebrate the recent release of a relative, Hadi Hussein, who had been let go after more than a week in U.S. custody, officials said. Hussein, his brother and four guards were killed in the blast.

Col. Faisal al-Zubaie, the city’s police chief, identified the bomber on Sunday as Ali Hussein Allawi, who had traveled with his mother from the northern Sunni area of Samarra to visit relatives.

Allawi’s father was considered a senior al-Qaida in Iraq member in Anbar, but fled the area nearly a year ago after learning he was on a wanted list of insurgents compiled by the Awakening Council, al-Zubaie said. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Police rounded up 22 uncles and other relatives in the aftermath of the bombing, releasing all but five after questioning.

“During investigations those five gave confessions, including that the boy’s mother told him ‘God be with you and we will meet in paradise,’” al-Issawi quoted the suspects as saying.

In Iraq your own mother takes you to a family get together so that you can blow yourself up to kill your uncle. This is family?

“Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world. And all of us against the infidel.—Leon Uris, “The Haj”
people, I know I’ve been saying it for years, but you really need to read this book


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Aww for the day



“The friendship between 5-month-old female baby primates Nia and Irma, and cubs Dema and Manis, has blossomed at the Taman Safari zoo where they share a room in the nursery.

After being abandoned by their mothers shortly after birth, the four play fight, nipping and teasing each other, and cuddling up for a shared nap when they are worn out.

“This is unusual and would never happen in the wild,” said zoo keeper Sri Suwarni, bottle-feeding a baby chimp on Wednesday. “Like human babies, they only want to play.” The four have lived side-by-side for a month without a single act of hostility, she said.

source 1 , source 2


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So now ya have to be careful how you speak to the thugs and punks on the street.  If they don’t kill you, they’ll have you arrested.
It really isn’t funny. 

Pensioner who shouted at yobs ends up in cells
Sunday Telegraph

Last Updated: 1:44am GMT 19/01/2008

A pensioner who stepped in to stop youths throwing stones at ducks on a canal was arrested by police.

Bill Marshall was expecting officers to investigate his complaints about being repeatedly taunted by the gang. Instead the 73-year-old great-grandfather was taken to a cell and accused of attacking the teenagers. Mr Marshall, who has a heart condition and diabetes, was left distressed and angered by the arrest.

The retired miner said that he thought the police had been responding to his complaints about anti-social behaviour by some local youths."I was quite happy to invite the officer in but then he said I was being arrested and taken to the station accused of assault,” Mr Marshall said."I thought it was a joke at first but then I realised he was perfectly serious."The officer ordered me to take the laces out my shoes as I was being arrested for common assault.

I didn’t know what to think. One of the yobs said I had hit him and so they took his word against mine. I might have lost my temper and shouted at them, but I did not hit anybody."I just lost my temper - I think any normal human being would have done after being spoken to like that."There’s a different mentality out there these days and you have to be so careful what you say. There is no respect these days, particularly for older people.

It took 73 years for an idiot to put me in jail. All I did was try to stop these louts throwing rocks at the ducks on the canal."I felt degraded spending time in that cell. I can’t believe I ended up in jail at my age. I’ve never seen the inside of a cell before and I don’t want to see it again. The police seemed to automatically assume I was guilty instead of talking to me first."Mr Marshall of Worksop, Notts, had complained to police that he and his wife, Margaret, 72, had been targeted by the gang in recent months. He said: “It started for us with kids ringing the doorbell. When my wife opened the door one of the boys was making really lewd gestures.

“Mr Marshall’s brush with the law began a week before Christmas, when he spotted the group of teenage boys throwing bricks at the ducks as he walked along the banks of the Chesterfield Canal.He shouted at them to stop. He said he received abuse from the gang and shouted back in anger but did not touch or hit any of them.When police arrived at his home two weeks later he assumed it was in response to complaints he had made about anti-social behaviour in the village.He was shocked to be arrested and taken off to the police cells.

After waiting two hours for a duty solicitor to arrive, Mr Marshall was interviewed by officers who later released him pending further inquiries.Now police have dropped any charges and apologised.Chief Insp Glenn Harper of Nottinghamshire Police said the arresting officer acted correctly but added: “I will ensure the necessary training needs are addressed.”


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A couple of weeks ago I posted my story on the Health and Safety lunacy and it’s extremes here in the UK.

Well, here’s some more.  It never ends.

Put away your arms, drama group is told
By Richard Savill

Last Updated: 1:43am GMT 19/01/2008

A village amateur dramatic group performing Robinson Crusoe has had to tell police about the use of plastic swords because of health and safety fears.

The Carnon Downs Drama Group, at Perranwell, Cornwall, must lock up its two plastic cutlasses, six wooden swords and a toy gun when they are not in use and appoint a “responsible guardian” for them.The group said it informed police about the use of replica weapons after studying new health and safety guidelines and new legislation to crack down on violent crime.

Later this month, about 700 people are due to attend six performances of the group’s pantomime, featuring several swashbuckling sword fights A co-director, Linda Barker, said: “In some scenes pirates hit each other with frying pans and saucepan lids but there’s no problem with them."We have got several wooden and plastic swords, two plastic spears and a gun that cost £2 from a joke shop. But now we need to keep them locked away.

“The National Operatic and Drama Association said it supported the new policy because “it enables weapons to be used safely and legally in theatrical performances”.


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Pat Condell Rips into the Canuks

Candian Speech Police - Look Out


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THE GREAT ESCAPE, BRIT HERO OF THE STORY PASSES AWAY.If you saw the movie with Steve McQueen you might have thought the hero was American.  In a way I suppose all those guys who tried it knowing the odds and knowing their enemy, were heros. 

Hero made 13 wartime bids for freedom
By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent
Last Updated: 11:13pm GMT 19/01/2008

Bertram “Jimmy” James, described by one military historian as Britain’s greatest war hero, escaped from 13 German prisoner-of-war camps and was one of 76 officers who escaped from Stalag Luft III on the night of March 24, 1944.

Fifty of them were executed on Hitler’s orders after being recaptured, but the RAF squadron leader survived the war and outlived the century, to die peacefully on Friday, aged 92.

Although he was recaptured, he was sent to Sachsenhausen concentration camp, from which he escaped again, only to be caught again after 14 days on the run.

The British officer’s adventures in Germany began in May 1940 when his Wellington bomber was shot down over the Netherlands, which had recently been overrun by the Nazis.

The military historian Howard Tuck, a close friend of the veteran, said that James had dug the first RAF escape tunnel of the war, at Stalag Luft I, in Bart, in 1941.

“He was the country’s greatest living war hero. He had a truly remarkable life,” said Mr Tuck. “This guy was truly unique and he was the finest gentleman anyone could ever meet. To me, he represented not only an era, but a type of Englishman you rarely meet. He was honest and funny, and I used to talk to him like he was 25.”


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